Survivor (2000–…): Season 39, Episode 3 - Episode #39.3 - full transcript

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Oh my... I can see my bones

The tribal molly went home and
Jason stayed. Yeah!

This proved to me that my tribe
Would play with me, but jack and

Jamal will be angriment it still
Was a total blind side.

do you guys want to talk?


I'll go with you.


I was blind sided.

I clearly was not a part of the
Vote, had no idea what was

Actually happening.

This was an eye-opener.

I know I have a lot of work to

Where am I at with the group?

it wasn't necessarily jack,
He's going to win this game or

Jamal he's going to win this
Game, they're threats.

It was they were petrified of

that make sense.

I was just surprised.

Like it's the game "Survivor."

are you smiling?


I mean, that was just amazing.

I really truly do want to
Rebuild these relationships with

Jamal and jack, but jamal is
Much harder than jack.

You do him wrong once, he's
Never going the come back to

You, so now I have to do damage
Control with jamal.

I don't know what to do.

We can't lose you two, because
Where would we be?

it is her fault they wasn't
Included, so I am the wild card




I'm in the happy that this

It doesn't feel good.

So forgive.

Don't forget.

I forgive the tribe.

I understand where you're coming


Not going to forget it.

you a morning person?

Do you like mornings?

no, I hate the mornings.

is that right?

all the girl goss?

one, two, three.

The women have a girls'

It's when all the girls get

On the outside it seems like a
Bonding experience.


but for me it's all an act.

That's really difficult for me.

I'm in my underwear, which I'm
Conservative by nature.

We don't show our bodies as

We cover up.

I'm here representing an entire
Community of people, and I don't

Know how people are going to
Feel about a 37-year-old married

Indian woman running around in
Her underwear.

But I have to make the girls
Feel as though I feel strong

About our alliance and that
Because we have the numbers that

And if that means being in my
Underwear, so be it.

oh, my god.

what are you guys thinking?

clearly the girls are really
Coming together and really


That worries me, because there
Are four guy, there are five


They can easily get together and
Say, we can just pick these guys

Off one at a time, what do we
Need them for, so we need to

Make sure that tribal dynamic
Does not happen.

here's the thing, though.

If we're going to sit here and
Talk as four guys, we have to

Make sure it stays with us,

how do you feel working with

I'm down.


if they bring you an idea...

they can talk about it.

At the end of the guy, they have

The guys never talk strategy
With me.

Now we're down in numbers and
Suddenly I'm a bro.

Y'all are stupid.

I know that aaron wanted me out.

So I can't trust him.

At this point I'm like, yo, I am
Going to work with y'all if july

Y'all want me to.

If the ladies have control of
The game, wonderful.

I'll work with the women.

I think after last night's
Tribal it was clear that jack

And jamal were naive.

I like nothing better than naive

there we go.

but it's a fresh start today.

I think my strategy moving
Forward is win-win.

I want it to be a win for the
Tribe and a win for me.

you don't need the magnesium,
Guys, just a little hint.

the win for me and the
Biggest win for the tribe for

Next vote is noura.

Obviously jack and jamal could
Be okay with it.

how about every time someone
Goes down the path, they bring

Back wood.

it would be statistically
Improbable to get on everybody's

Nerves, and she's accomplished

I'm going the lead people to
A decision that is best for them

That happens to be good for me.

Right now, next vote, five

If five people want to do
Something and have committed to

It, that's what happens.

The question is who goes home.


who are you thinking?

I think we can go 8-1 on
Noura and now one is upset.

noura is an easy vote.

I think it makes sense because
Noura is the one person that

Will maybe not stay with our

noura is our plan.

I think everyone is very
Excited about getting rid of

Noura, and if we have to think
About going the tribal having to

See a nice easy unifying vote,
But as someone who feels on the

Outs, I 100% reserve every right
To go rogue and do whatever the

Hell I think is best for me.

I just feel like I want to have

I want my moves to be mine and
Take back control of this game.

It's like I need to see it
Before I believe it now.

There's a lot of scepticism.

I don't want that to be --
it's noura.


dan has that quick-talking
Used car salesman vibe to him

That just makes you feel icky
When he's trying to get you to

Do something.

So right now I'm thinking that I
Could possibly make a move

Against dan.

okay, here's my pitch, you
Have expressed a little bit of

Discomfort, wariness of dan.

I think you've said that in the

I'm starting to get very
Squirrely about dan.

I think he's too quick talking,
Too kind of be garting --

Bogarting with his words.

I don't think he'll have my best
Interests at heart.

jamal made a valid point.

How about I talk to tommy, too?


I mean, dan is a suit.

He knows the game.

And he's too big of a presence.

Dan is not a bad move.

Would you vote dan?

this is a power move for

Are we doing it for us or jamal?

I love jamal.

I do, too.

jamal is coming on way too

say we don't go with this, do
We consider jamal?

I have the keep thinking,
What's best for me in the long


Jamal is extremely dangerous, so
Maybe jamal is the best vote for

My game.

let's get that sucker in

Let's go.

all right.

I'm going to have to go see.

go see the doctor.

oh, my.

I can see my bone.

Yep, yep, yep.

I can see my bone.

Yep, I can see my bone.

Guys, I'm getting really

Guys, I'm getting really

Today I go stab my hand right
Through to the bone.

So I got down on my hands and
Knees an I put my head down to

Make sure I didn't faint or hurt
Myself anymore.

And then the blood started
Oozing and bubbling out, and I

Could hear conversations behind

Nobody came to me.

I'm on the ground.

Not 15 feet away.

yeah, baby.

Anyone else, everybody would
Have rushed to them.

I think people just don't care
About me.

I don't think that it hurts
Anyone's game to show some


This is not a big deal.

Let's be real.

It's not a big deal, but I was

no big deal, just sit down.

you can tell when people
Don't want the play with you by

The way they treat you at camp.

If I would have chopped my head
Off, they wouldn't have


Each and every person on this
Tribe is dead to me.


oh, somebody is yelling.


we're being summoned.

oh, it's a note.

Oh, my god, it's a note.

Thank you.


breathe together as a tribe.

Vince must get on the boat and
Headed to island of the idols.

He will return to camp tomorrow

how did I get chosen?

at the island of the idols, I
Did have chance to win an idol,

But I lost that chance, but I do
Know it's a possibility to win

An idol there.

bye, vince.

so odds are vince comes back
With an idol, and we need to

Flush it.

he's going to go there and
Probably get an idol.

say he comes back tomorrow,
Do we try the flush it right


Then we just split the vote.




after vince left, we all
Looked at each other and the

Dumb-dumb I was, I opened my
Mouth as any "Survivor" would

Do, split the vote, that's smart
Thing to do, because if you're

Splitting the vote, one of those
People is the one you're

Splitting it against.

Was everybody thinking it, yes,
Did it need to be verbalized,


Dean blurts, oh, we split the

I knew in that moment, 100%,
It's me.

If vince comes back with an
Idol, I'm gone.

up until now I have not been
Put in a situation like this.

I am super worried that people
Will start formulating plans to

Go against me.

But this is what "Survivor" gods
Give you.


Maybe it gives me an opportunity
To change my game.


no way.

come and give me a hug.


how are you?

out pops boston rob and

I'm just like, what is going on.

come on, brother.

you're in shock?

yeah, I am.

I don't get star struck very
Easily, I don't, but you two are

Amazing players.

Sandra is a powerful woman of
Color who won twice.

I had to pull myself together.

I was like, oh, boy.

where you from, man?

I'm, sorry.

you don't know where you're

I've been watching you two.

So the see you in real life.

vince was instantly overcome
With emotion.

It's like a humbling feeling to
Know that we've been out here

Just doing the show and it's had
Such a big impact on this guy's


sorry, sorry.

it's awesome.

maybe a little awkward to see
A grown man cry, but I'm hoping

That they were able to realize
Just how influential you can be

In a game like this.

all right, vince.

Let me see if I can tell you how
It's going to work.

Everybody that comes to the
Island of the idols gets a



an your lesson today is about
Staying calm under pressure.

"Survivor" is full of situations
Where you encounter tons of


You know, your emotions have to
Be in check in this game.

So for your test, tonight you
Must sneak into the other

Tribe's camp and steal fire by
Lighting this torch.

You're going to have to get so
Close to them it's a big-time


If they don't have fire, you're
Going to have to figure out how

To bring us proof somehow.

If you return with fire and
Without getting caught, you earn

An immunity idol good for your
Next two tribal councils.

If you get caught, you lose your
Vote for the next tribal


The question is, do you have the
Confidence to attempt such a

Daring feat, or will you play it
Safe and pass up this shot at an


I feel like this is really an
Impossible mission.

It does scare me a lot to think
About how this is going to go

Down, but this may be my only
Opportunity to get an immunity

Idol at this point in the game.

I would just risk it and do

I'll take the test, yeah.

all right.

Let's get to work.

I got map of the other tribe's


You're going to get dropped
Somewhere over here on the


Three different ways to approach
Their camp.

It comes with a flag.

You can come this way or you can
Come through the back.

this is going to be your best
Bet, because we want you to be


What you see on map is small
Scale compared the what you

Actually have to do.

It's late at night.

In total darkness.

He doesn't know the area, the
Terrain where he has to go.

He may have to low crawl.

Hopefully you won't, but I'm
Going the teach you how to low


This one is going to be hard,
But I'm going to give him all my

Five years of military training.

the other thing is, with this
Torch, you're going to have to

Approach it low and almost
Parallel to the ground.

"Island of the idols" is like a
Survivor-style bootcamp.

Use your peripheral vision.

Be aware of your surroundings.

But in vince's particular
Situation, it was almost like a

Actual bootcamp.

look down.

we're teaching vince how the
Stay calm under pressure.

Approach the fire.

you go in.

sandra is taking it a couple
Steps too far, as usual.

in matter how silly it may

You need the make it happen.

Going into the other tribe's
Camp in the middle of the night

Without getting seen and
Stealing fire when one person on

Their tribe is sure to be awake
Is more than difficult.

Good luck, vince.

it's not going to be easy.

There's still nine people left
In the tribe.

I wish I could go with him.

and do what?

help him along the way, I
Don't know.

You'll make too much noise in
The bush.

you're crazy.

I'm stealth mode.

when I got to vokai, it's
Pitch black.

It's is dark out here, I can
Barely see anything.

Rain is coming down.

My shoes are making sounds a

And I see there is a structure

At this point I'm like, I'm

My heart is beating like crazy,
An I'm hoping that no one wakes

Up, because if they do, then I'm

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

what's wrong?

what's going on?

bad dream.


if I go in there and their
Fire is dead.

They ain't got nothing at all.

I realize they're a bunch of
Dummies on the other side and

They don't keep their fire dry.

So the best alternative for me
To collect as much ash as

Possible to let sandra and rob
Know that I did my best with

What I was given.

I adapted.

I unskew my water bottle and I'm
Just like shoveling cole into my


And when that is done, I just
Bust out of there.

I'm just little bitty old vince
With ninja skills.

Mission impossible.

I'm pretty sure tom cruise

Couldn't handle this.

I was calm under pressure and I
Still was able to sneak in and

Get remnants of what we had
Initially planned to get.

And I'm hoping they will see
That I have put in all the work.

all right, vince.

The lesson was to remain calm
Under pressure.

You physically went to their
Fire, and it was out.

it was out.

Few but you got ashes?

I did.

sandra, it's close.

he didn't get caught.

It's not his fault that it

It's not his fault that the fire
Was out.

you know what I like about

You adapted in the face of

I think we're going to call this
A win.



You earned it.

it's crazy to have this in my

This is what everyone dreams of

This idol is only good for the
Next two tribal councils.

So I just have to make sure that
I use it appropriately.

But this is wonderful to have
Power in the game.

Let's get to today's immunity

First things first, I've got the
Take it back.

Once again immunity is back up
For grabs.

For today's challenge, one
Person from each tribe is going

To swim out to retrieve a key.

The rest of the tribe will then
Dive in and climb up on to a

Teeter totter where you must
Balance as a group while

Retrieving two bags of puzzle

You'll then use the key to
Unlock the last set of keys.

First tribe to solve their
Puzzle wins immunity.

In addition you're playing for
Reward in the form of comfort.

oh, my god.

Just what we need.

cushions, blankets,
Chairs, a hammock.

keep going.

and a tarp.


losers tribal council
Where somebody will be the third

Person voted out of this game.

I'll give you a minute to
Strategize, and we'll get it on.

All right.

Here we go.

We have elizabeth swimming for
Lairo, janet swimming for vokai.

For immunity and reward,
Survivors ready?


It's elizabeth and janet in the
Water in the showdown role.

yes, janet.


Both women are ripping through
The water.

Elizabeth with a lead, but janet
Is staying right there.

you got it, janet.

elizabeth is going to
Get here first.

You've got the dive down now and
Untie that buoy.

Janet is at her net.

She dives down.

good job.

elizabeth is up.

An she's got the key that will
Open up an early lead for lairo.

You're good.

Go, lairo.

janet still
Underwater now.

here we go, janet.

we got this, janet.

janet back now,
Giving lairo a big lead.

Now you got to get everybody up
On the teeter totter.

The last person up is the person
Who must retrieve the bag.

Janet is going to go to the maps

This is a huge setback.

oh, my god.

go that way.

lairo now can take
Their time trying to distribute

That weight evenly on the teeter

come here a little bit.

there goes missy now.

She's going to have to work down
The beam to release that first


I'm safe.

I'm stable.

janet has the buoy!

Let's go, janet.

Kick it into gear.

You never give up on "Survivor."

come on, come on, come on.

you're good, vokai.

Vokai in the water.

They're back in it now.

Vokai is going to have to make
Up a lot of time and have to

Work together very well on that
Teeter totter.

too much, too much.

no, no, no.

now you have to

How much do you tilt that weight
So she can reach the bag.

Missy is close.


you have to get right
Out on that edge.

take your time.

she's got to untie it.

The more time she takes.

The more she opens the door for
Vokai, and that are quickly

Getting back in this.

come on, baby girl.

missy has the first

Drops it.

She's going the leave it there
And go for that second bag.

We've got a challenge.

Vokai gets on their teeter
Totter very fast.

They are making up time now.

walk out a little bit.

missy now making her way
Toward that second bag.

It is never over until it is

And this is far from over.

everybody on vokai now has

The hang of it.

come with me.

missy now, really
Dangerous move around tom who is

A big dude.

come here,.

missy is there.

Nice work by missy.

little more, little more.

A little more.

getting closer.

we got it.

We got it.

He's helping her.

That's how you got to do it.

You got to work together.

here we go.

kellee has the first
Bag for vokai.

Kellee trying to make up time,
Quickly moving past her tribe.

great job, kellee.

Keep doing what you're doing and
Take your time.

missy has her second

everybody jumps.

They still have one bag in the

Aaron is going that.

Lairo heading back now with both

It's lairo with the lead.

You guys are good.

Start working on the puzzle.

We have karishma and dean for

We have a spine.

They're building a fish.

There are four fins.

Fins will go in last.

Kellee stretched out.

She does it.

Get in.

the other way?

lairo has had a big
Lead, but there is a stalemate

Right now.

No progress being made.

Vokai, you're good.

Start working on the puzzle.

We have lauren and jamal for

right there.

after all of that
Effort, we are dead even now.


yeah, yeah, yeah.

dean with first piece
For lairo.

oh, yes.


jamal with first piece for

there we go.

lauren with another piece for

Once you start figuring it out,
You'll get a rhythm going.

Pieces are going the start
Jumping at you as they are for


Jamal with another piece.

look at the color scream.

Red on the right, green goes on
The left.

Come on.

another piece by

They were so far behind, it
Almost looked like it wasn't

Going the happen, and now they
Are in the alito.

turn it the other way, turn
It the other way.

karishma and dean
Feeling enormous pressure as

They have but one piece on their

right there, right there?

is this it?

Is this it, guys?

dean and karishma
With another piece, but they are

Still far behind.

Vokai kicking it into another

There's another piece.

You have to get it tocts, lairo.

jamal with another piece.

Down to their fin.

Lairo is dead in the water.



vokai very close now.


vokai has it.

Vokai wins immunity and reward
Sending lairo back the tribal


Vokai, congratulations.

Immunity goes back the your

Your reward in the form of
Comfort will be waiting for you

Back at camp.

No tribal council tonight.

Head down the steps.

Enjoy the night off.

Lairo, tribal council tonight
Where somebody will be the third

Person voted out of the game.

See you tonight at tribal.

I think what we're seeing
Right now is where the

Bottleneck is with this tribe.

It comes down to our ability to
Do puzzles.

Today we absolutely blew it.

Unfortunately karishma shot
Herself in the foot, but by

Vince going to the island of the
Idol, there's a lot left unknown

With what happened over there,
So for us vince is a top

Priority to go home.

when we got back from the
Challenge, people were mad that

We lost.

We had the big lead.

We should have won that today.

she doesn't do the puzzle.

there's a lot of thought
Going on that karishma screwed

Up in the challenge, but because
Vince was off at island of the

Idols and all likelihood has an
Idol, the target is on him.

Now we have to figure out
Splitting votes assuming that he

Has an idol.

We have to get vince, but we're
Weary of an idol.

so karishma?

He doesn't play his idol, he
Goes home.


We have to make sure it goes
Right down.

so the four boys are going to
Go karishma.

You five girls are going to vote
Vince, plus the idol?

I want the run through the

Right now the girls have the

The men are on the ropes.

Why would we go into the plan
That the men set up and put

Karishma up as a minority vote?

Vince has shown from day one
He's not going to go to the

Men's side.

I say we keep him for our

let's say there's six of us,
Five girls plus you, of those

Guys, who can you lose and still
Be okay?

my thing is tom is a
Liability when it comes to

Physical endurance.

Today homeboy was huffing and

aaron and dean are strong,
Young, athletic people, so dedo

We shoot for tom?

With the majority, there
Wouldn't be much bloodshed on

Anyone's hands.

So we have five girls plus
Vince, I'm down to get tom out,

Because if we write tom, the
Other girls will write tom an we

Can make that happen.

I don't want to see tom go.

He's become our dad.

He's an athlete.

We connect on a different level
Than all of the other players.

And I believe elaine feels the
Same, too.

We vote out vince, I think
That's our easiest vote.

I don't think anybody will be
Mad at that.

I am very nervous going the
Tribal council tonight.

Not only have I been on the outs
In the tribe for the past few

Day, but I also lost the puzzle.

What are your thoughts?

I think we just stick to the
Girls alliance and we can all go


only name people are willing
To write down are karishma.

mo, they're not, girl.

You have to push what you want.

what I want --
you can't just keep saying --

I want people the play the

but you can't keep saying

If you want someone, you right
Now, if you think you're at the

Bottom, you need to tell us who
You want out.

When you play with players like
Karishma who do not give you

Name, it gets me so riled up.

It's like, girl, you are the one
Who is on the chopping block.

Give us a damn name.

I don't know what to do anymore.

Honestly, she's an easy vote.

The only reason I want her is
For numbers.

I'm too old for.

This I'm different than

just vote tom.

you sure?


yesterday that test allowed
Me to see how well I work under

Pressure, how well I can keep
Calm when it comes to situations

Like this one today, and so I am
Going to bring my hidden

Immunity idol, because it's only
Good for the next two tribal

Councils that I go to, and if it
Turns out that I feel my name is

Coming up, that's definitely
Going to have the play it.


I'm thinking of the pros and

right now we're still tr-t
To figure out, do we want to put

The majority of the votes on
Vince with a back-up option of

Karishma in case he plays an
Idol, or tom?

the thing with tom, he's just
Chilling in the shelter.

He has no idea his name is being
Thrown around.

If we vote out tom, I still have
My girl alliance, the only issue

Is the guys coming back the camp
Mad at us because the girls put

All the votes on tom, but the
Tribe is basically being run by

The women right now, and I don't
Think the guys even realize it.

And vince, he's pretty aligned
With me and the girl, so I would

Be voting out a potential ally
In this game, and I don't want

The look back and think that's
Where I went wrong.

all right.

So, second tribal, you're not
Newbies anymore.

Tom, in the hours leading up to
Tribal, did you think this was

The same vibe as first tribal,
Or was there a different sense?

I felt a different sense.

We've had a great team, but
We've lost twice the same way.

We have led the physical
Portion, and we get to a puzzle

And we don't win.

When we have people step up and
Say, I'm going to do the puzzle

And then they don't do it,
That's disheartening.

I think people are starting to
Point fingers.

aaron, it looked like you
Were nodding in agreement.

it was frustratingment we

Deliver them a lead, and the
Last two puzzles, we're 0-2.

People need to step up and say,
I'm not good at puzzles, because

If every time this tribe has to
Go up against a puzzle, we're

Going the wind up back here.

karishma, you had a
Big reaction?

Did you feel a finger-pointing
At you?

you heard what tom had to say
And aaron had to say.

They were clearly pointing the
Finger at me.

I want to respond and say, this
Tribe has not seen what I can do

Athletically yet.

I'm 5'9".

I'm built very wide and strong.

I can probably pick chelsea up
And throw her across the room,

Not that I would every do, that
But I know when push comes to

Shove and it's for my tribe, I
Can push harder than anyone has

Ever seen and I know it.

is this coming from a
Place that this might be me

Going home and it shouldn't be.


Forget strength for a second.

There are so many other ways on
"Survivor" you can be an asset.

I snow sometimes maybe I'm on
The outs and I can understand

Why, I'm not necessarily like a
Lot of the people on my tribe,

I'm a little bit different and
It's hard for me to relate, but

That does not mean that I cannot
Be a strong ally in this game.

what is it about you
That feels different than the

Others on this tribe?

well, I'm older than chelsea,
Missy, and elizabeth, and I find

Myself sitting there as an
Audience member to their

Sorority at times.

And they know it as much as I
Know it.

it was never our intention to
Make you feel like that.

You're one of the girls.

And you have to remember that.

elizabeth, everybody
Here has already thought about

The end and a final three and a
Final five and a final seven.

So when does the game shift from
Keep the tribe strong to keep my

Tight group strong?

I feel like we're definitely
Approaching that.

If we want to move forward as
Individual players, we have the

Look at the numbers that we
Personally have and see if those

Are the numbers that will carry
Us to a swap or a merge or to

The final three, whatever it is.

tom, does that
Surprise you that only on day

Eight people are already
Thinking, maybe I just keep my

Group strong.

well, given that we've lost
Twice it doesn't surprise me at


I came into this thing with the
Goal to never lose a challenge

And already we've lost twice.

So I want the win.

We clearly have a problem.

I want the problem fixed.

elaine, no matter how
Many times I ask tom a question,

The answer has been the same
Thing -- I want to win.

I want the get rid of the people
Who are making us lose.

I kind of think that's just

Basically as long as he don't
Feel shafted, then he's giing to

Stay true to what he says.

To me that's important, because
Later on I feel like when the

Game moves forward or whatever,
You need that trust.

aaron, where are you
Right now in terms of I'm

Trusting my gut and I'm not
Going to let what I heard

Tonight influence me?

I'm 100% going in with the
Plan that I came to with my


Nothing has changed.

vince, have you been
Influenced at all tonight?

new york I mean, you really
Just have to trust the people

Who you have said you're
Connected with, and, you know,

Don't let the paranoia set in.

I think that's the biggest thing
That you can do for yourself

Here and that you and your
Allies, go with the plan and

Stick with the plan.

how about you, tom?

Have you been influenced

Or is this a lot of talk, let's
Get to it?

a lot of talk.

Let's get to it.

one second.

tom, what do you think is
Happening when you say this is

An act?

An act for who?

I understand why she's doing

She's scrambling so she thinks
She's on the hot seat.

So she wants to show that she's
Trying the change the plan.

And I don't buy it at all.

all right.

It is time the vote.

Elizabeth, you're up.

this was intended for vince,
But as someone once said, split

The vote.

I'll go tally the

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want to play it,

Now would be the time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

oh, my god.

first vote, tom.




Three votes karishma.

One vote tom.



That's two votes vince,.


We're tied.

Three votes vince, three votes
Karishma, one vote tom.


That's four votes vince, three
Votes karishma, one vote left.

Third person voted out, vince.

You need bring me your torch.

he's leaving with an idol in
His pocket.

vince, the tribe has

good luck, all.

well, you may suck at
Puzzles, but you're really good

At blindsides.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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From our next episode.

next time on
"Survivor," when romance

Blossoms --
oh, this is perfect.

me and chelsea, that's
Something that has to get


you must protect your

one of you muss go to the
Island of the idols.

this could blow up my game.

to your right.

I was just blindsided I guess
You can say.

I did bring the idol in my water

And I was thinking of being
Like, jeff.

First time in "Survivor"

I relied too much on the trust
That I had with the women.

It's an unfortunate situation,
And I think that really bit me