Survivor (2000–…): Season 39, Episode 12 - Just Go for It - full transcript

The 14th castaway is voted out and joins the jury.

you looking at something?

who thinks of that?

you're like a jealous
Girlfriend right now.

tribal council was crazy,
Because no one told me until

Tribal my name was getting
Written down, but then dean

Goes, oh, no, tommy, you're
Getting votes.

That moment saved my name
Because karishma was going to

Put my name down, noura, and

If dean didn't say, hey, where
Are your votes going, we would

Have voted the same way, I would
Have went home because the

Person that we're supposed to
Trust lied to us all day long.

I'm so mad at noura for not
Telling me until tribal council,

Because as an alliance member,
It's not that you just vote with

The person, but you protect that

I want to say one thing,
First of all, thank you all for

Keeping me here.


secondly, tommy, I'm telling
You, I was never going to put

You down tonight, an I'm sorry I
Let this all get the best of me.

I shouldn't have, but I was
Going the tell you in trial.

Dean is thick in the head
Because he proposed this.

There's no way I was going with

As soon as that happened, he's
In your ear, whatever.

now I have noura pleading for
My forgiveness, but I was so

Agitated, at that point I didn't
Want anything to do with her.


dan, dean pissed me off so

Dean messed up the whole plan.

And so everyone thinks it's my

I can't believe I considered
Working with this I go that I

Have said from day one cannot be

So dean has this prize pair of

It's like the cleanest,
Nicest-looking article of

Clothing on anyone in the game
Or in life.

You know what, I'm going to give
Him something annoying to end

His day on a high note for

So I literally put them at the
Top of the flag in a place where

He can't reach, because I'm
Taller than him.

So I put them there, because
There's a bunch of articles of

Clothing of all the lost souls
From the game.

Pun indidded.

And his soles are sitting right
Up top, next to go.

You're on the way out, whether
You know it or not.

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We go further, so you can.

When I should have kept it in my
Pocket, but, hell, I know I'm in


I was making sure I was going to
Be hire the fight another day,

That's the whole thing.

You got to be here to fight
Another day.

That means the immunity idol is
Back out here.

Now I got to do is find a need
Until a haystack within 24 hours

Or I go home.

an idol can shake everything

So right away in the morning, my
Girl janet and I, tommy and his

Mommy went on an idol hunt.

it's got to be around here.

everybody's idol searching,
But I want to get it before

Elaine or dean and even tommy,
To be honest.

This is all about me.

And I found an idol before.

I know what I'm looking for.

So I'm looking in all the areas
That I think an idol screams,

This is where I'm hiding.

An I go to one of the tree
Stump, and then I see this blue

Little corner.

And I pull it out, and I'm like
... It was like christmas

Morning as a nine-year-old.


You have found the immunity

The last time you can use this
Idol is when there are five

Players remaining in the game.

I'm so grateful and thankful to
Have an idol that could possibly

Get me to the final four.

It's just blowing my doors off.

Could you imagine me winning?

It's like it could happen.


we could be out here for
Hours, you know.

I'm just trying to find it.

why are they stopping and

talking about what?

look at them, look at them.


it looks like janet is
Showing him something.

Yeah, he's definitely you see
Them looking down at something,


They're reading something.

I really want to find the idol
Just to stir things up, but we

Found janet and tommy, and
They're stopped dead in their

Tracks, and they're looking down
At something.

I think they found it.

It sucks, but on the other hand,
Knowledge and information is

Power in this game.

So knowing that puts me in a
Good spot.

To me I love it.

Like who doesn't love a crazy
Woman, you know what I mean?

I think we can eat cold rice.


noura did it.

how did she proportion it in.

she's crazy.

that's really weird.

because noura is so crazy, it
Would make sense to get rid of

Her for peace of mind, but I
Know who public enemy number one

Is now.

It's me.

I'm going to win this game if
They let me get to the end, but

These people don't want to sit
Next to me.

They're coming after me.

I already know.

So I have to make moves to get
There myself.

I think tommy is going to go on
A run and win next few.

what do you mean in.

straight-up physical stuff,
He'll be to the end.

So as long as you have tommy,
You're good.

You won't have immunity around
Your neck, but if tommy wants

You to stay, you would.

the problem is nobody wants
To sit next to me.

well, dean and I don't think
Dan does.

My personal opinion is when they
Get down to four, like they're

Going to make you make fire.

oh, my god, you're so right.

because if you think they're
Going to let tommy drag his

Little friend along, you're

I trust tommy and dan, but
Elaine is making me think there

Is an all-boys alliance.

I'm worried about dean because
He wants my spot.

Dean wants to be close to dan
And tommy.

So elaine's advice prompts me to
Ask more questions.

Elaine was saying like dean
Wants me out because he wants to

Go to the finale with you and
That you boys are going to do a

Top three without me and that
For me to sit here and think

That you would actually take me
Is stupid.

stop right here.

I feel like you're a jealous
Girlfriend right now.


I would love to have janet,
Me, you, and dan.

We can't have janet there.

I'm scared.

after the last tribal
Council, coy have a bond with

Dean, so I told lauren I'm going
To take her to the final three,

But I'm rally not.

She's an amazing person, but
That's the reason I need her out

Of this game, because she's
Going to win.

no one is coming for you and
They can't.

That's what's great about this.

As a teacher, I don't get to
Lie, but here where you're

Allowed to lie, I guess I'm good
At it.

It's fun for me.

Here's the deal, lauren thinks
We're going with her.

But we can't have lauren.

She wins it.

lauren goes home.

The three guys.



unbeknownst to other people,
Dean is part of a final three

With me and tommy.

And if dean sticks with the
Plan, that final three makes the

Most sense to me.

But I'm not sure dean is
Somebody who sticks with plan.

no, no!

Oh, my god.

Come on over, guys.

sometimes it comes down to

Craw drawn one name that.

Person will come to the island
Of idols immediately.

do it, janet.

Draw it.

I old hole it.



damn, I knew it.

do it.

sometimes this game is left
Up to chance.

One out of seven shot, and it's

see ya, man.

that's crazy, especially this
Late in the game.

I would imagine it's the last
Trip to the island of the idols.

This could change the whole
Course of my game.

Something is finally coming my
Way and it feels really, really


I love "Survivor."

I love being out here.

It feels lying home to me.

I've been here so many times
Over the past two decades.

This is so good.

Sandra, this is almost done.

It's like riding a bike.

How is it?


and I'm back on.

I'm so excited to go to the
Island of the idols.

I mean, I already got the legacy
Advantage that jamal gave me.

So imagine if I can get an
Advantage that will drive me

Through to the end to the final

Psyched, man.

The captain of the boat drops me
Off and you start to see these

Big old figureheads, and there
Are t two of them are right

There to greet me.

Rob and sandra.

what's up,

It really felt like your
Childhood idols.

All you want do is ask for an
Autograph so you can bring it

Back and hang it on your wall.

This is like seeing michael
Jordan and serena williams.

we made some fish earlier,
You hungry?

I haven't eaten anything all

Thanks, god.

This is amazing.

good, right?

so how has the game been for

I feel really good.

Like we're about to pull
Something, but I backed out of

The blindside.

The goal being leave the other
Two, who wanted to do the blind

Side on the outs so that would
Be done at seven and six.

The reason I feel good about it
Is because I got something for


I think you guys had something
To do with that.

rob and I had to keep a
Straight facer because dean pus

Out a legacy advantage, and I
Know for fact that it's fake.

can you guys confirm that
This is real or not?

Only jeff.

I do think it's real, but I
Played it up like it was fake,

And I painted one with paint, a
Fake one.

An I played the fake one at

dean made a fake of the fake
Legacy advantage, an we're like,

This dude is brilliant.

Like who thinks of that?

now, this is what else I'm

It's a waste, and you know what,
Just to be safe, I may play it

Up to be like, everyone vote me,
And then I play this, then have

All the jury think that I was
Crafty enough and like saved my

Ass at six.

dean, it's never a good idea
To try to put votes on yourself.

Even if you had a real legacy
Advantage, which you don't,


It's within thing to get to the
End of "Survivor" 39 days.

It's another thing to get to the
End and win.


everybody that comes to the
Island of the idols gets a


Today your lesson is about jury

This far into the game, you have
To be thinking about it.

If you are able if make it to
Day 39, are you going to be able

To tell a story to this jury
That they're going to believe

And want to give you the $1
Million check.

It wasn't until I played a
Redemption they was able to

Figure that out that it's not
Only getting to the end, but how

You get there and once you get
There, can you get the respect

Of the people to write your name

you definitely have to do

You have to play up any bravado.

make your moves known.

You have to tell the story in a
Way that makes them feel like

You played the game the best.

they want to give the $1
Million to the best player some

If me, you and rob are all
Making the same moves, you have

To give remember estimate
Yourself from you have to

Differentiate yourself from
Everyone else.

now it's time for test.

If you're willing to wager your
Vote and you win, you have a

Choice between three advantages.

An extra vote, an idol
Nullifier, or an immunity idol

Good for the next tribal council
That cannot be played for


If you lose, you lose your vote
At the next tribal council.

The test is a simple game of
Chance, a coin flip.


A coin flip?


it's a game of chance.


This is a simple game of chance,
A coin flip that he can use to

Impress the jury.

If dean win, he can let them
Know he basically took fate into

His own hands and risked it all.

You know, at some point in this
Game, you have to take a chance.



everything in this game is
Risk versus reward.

exactly right.

so I want, if I can make it
To the final three, to say I

Made some big moves.

That can be a huge move.

tell that jury this story
Right here.

Rob and sandra offered me a

I had to risk my vote on a coin


you got to take a chance in
This game.

I risked it all on a coin flip.

it could be good.

it could be great.

here's what else I'm
Thinking, janet, we think she

Found an idol, so I'm leaning
Toward the idol nullifyer.

I think that does seem like a
Big move for me on the jury.

I think I have played a subtle
Low-key game, which I've been

Going for, but in order the
Highlight some risks I have

Taken, some strategy that I've

I think it's almost necessary
That I take this risk, as well.

I'm going to do it.

I'm on "Survivor."

I'm going to do it.

you're going to do it?

hell, yeah.


so you're risk your vote on a
Coin flip.

If you're right, you get an idol

If you're wrong, you lose your

that's right.

let's do it.

all right.


could be a $1 million.

no means I don't get it.

yes means you win.


dean, I hope you get it,

thank you, sandra.


You need moments of brilliance
To win "Survivor."

let's do it, man.

it might come early, it might
Come late, but at some point in

This game you have to take a

yeah, buddy!

that's amazing.

Give me a hug.

let's go!

Let's go!

you got your idol nullifier.

yeah, buddy.

This is something.

the fact that you took this
Chance, if it pays off for you

At the end, it could be the
Difference in playing one of

Those jury votes and pulling $1
Million in your pocket.

yes, sir.

it's awesome to have that
Lesson in jury manage.

It's opened my eyes up way more
To, damn, there are seven people

Left and you're this close to
Getting to the final three where

You're actually may have to
Manage a jury.

you're almost there, you're
Almost there.

thank you.

Have a good one.

Figure out how you think each
One will react to certain things

That you've done.

I feel like I have a clear plan
To win over the jury for $1


let's wave at him so he feels

when I'm on the boat
Returning from island of the

Idol, definitely nervous.

Like everyone who has returned
Has to go up and story time for

Everyone and say what happened,
What happened.

So I need to be crafty.

I was upset because there
Were no signposts.

You could give up your vote for
The next tribal only if you want

To play, risk it, and there is a
Game of chance, flip a coin.

If I won I could choose between
An extra vote that last me

Through six or an idol that
Needs to be played for someone

Else next tribal.


so I chose the extra vote
Until six, and I chose to play,

Flip, and nothing.

you flip it and it said no.

I flipped it and I said no.

next tribal only.

I told them it was only a coin

And then I told them I lost.

So a little fudge there.

But I think I went over pretty

was the extra vote something
You have to go find somewhere.

the extra vote, I don't know,
I didn't win.

you don't even know what it

moving forward I want to tell
The people I'm working with

About my idol nullifier, because
I want to come closer to them,

So if I can help them out, they
Can help me out, let's "Kumbaya"

Until the end of the game.

flip of the coin, I won an
Idol nullifier, and how it works

Is before the votes are read, I
Put it in the earn, an I need

The write down who to play it


Dean can play more than I

To be honest, I thought dean was
Just a goat.

I thought I could take him to
The end and he would make no

Moves, because dean doesn't

He sits there, smiles and puts
His hands through his hair.

But at this point he has the
Legacy advantage and the idol


the idol nullifier is clutch.

so what are you thinking in.

we stick with whoever you
Want at six, whether it be noura

Or whoever.

It gives us good options.

so it made me think that dean
Is actually much more of a

Player than I think.

I'm a little scared, because I
Was underestimating him and

Maybe he's got to go.

come on in, guys.

oh, no.

Dang it.

welcome to day 35.

First things first, lauren, got
To take back the immunity


March it over.

I'll get it back.

like the confidence.

Thank you.

Once again immunity is become up
For grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
Going to spin to unravel a coil

Of rope.

You'll then make your way across
A series of obstacle, collecting

One puzzle piece.

You will use that piece to solve
A survivor word puzzle.

First to finish wins immunity,
Guaranteed a one in six shot at

Getting to the end.

Losers tribal council where
Somebody will be voted out.

Draw for spots, we'll get it to.

Here we go.

All right.

Here we go.

For immunity.

now my heart is racing.

go, baby.

let's do it.


Tommy is whipping down this

Janet taking her time.

Elaine moving quickly.

You want to get there as fast as
You can.

Tommy is good.

Elaine is there.

You're good.

Elaine goes down.

Dan goes down.

oh, my god.

noura is down.

Everybody struggling with being
Disizdy, not only in this game

But right now.

It is tommy on the balance beam.

He has the start again.

Everybody now starting to get

go for it.

Just go for it.

everybody taking a
Moment to center themselves.

You got to get across that beam.

Trying to keep it together.

It is very narrow.

35 days of wear and tear really
Showing right now.


dean starting to work
On his puzzle piece.

Noura has hers untied.

let's go.

noura can start working on
Her puzzlen dean can start

Working on his puzzle.

Still got five people trying to
Get across that beam.

Lauren is good.

There goes dan.

He's good.

Tommy is good.

Elaine's good.

Janet's good.

Everybody is on their puzzle.

It is a seven-word phrase.

You're going the read it from
Top to bottom.

I'm in the good with words.

35 days.

You want the make it to day 36.

This is it right here.

What are the words you need to
Solve this phrase?

why can't I see this?

you're just looking
For any word to get you started.

So easy at home.

Can't they see it in it's right

Much tougher when it's you.

Everybody desperate, looking for
Some clue, some hint.

Everybody looking over
Everybody's shoulder.

This is not a puzzle that's
Going to slowly come together.

You're going to figure it out,
And it's going to be a race.

all of a sudden dean
Thinks he has something.

Dean with another piece.

Elaine with another piece.

He's going to solve very fast.

You cannot waste time.

Jeff, I'm done.

say it, dean.

this game will mess with your

dean has it!

Dean wins immunity!

Safe in the final six.

Cannot be voted out.

good job, dean.

dean, I had it.

you had it?

I had it before you.

I couldn't figure out how the
Switch the tom letters around.

Son of a gun.

I almost won.

I knew what it was.

I didn't solve it fast enough.

It makes me so mad, because I
Really needed to win today.

I'm pretty desperate right now.

But noura is so out in left
Field, you can't depend on her

To do anything.

So I'm voting for noura.

it will mess with your mind,

I didn't even think about the

I just saw that the g or
Whatever had a bank on the back.

dean, mr. Schisty himself
Ended up winning because they're

Going to vote me out as soon as
They come I don't want to go


It's day 35.

I got four days to win $1

I'm going to try to pick up
Some sticks.

I'm not going to quit.

Me and lauren still got a tight

Maybe I can get her to make a
Move and use me.

she's still going to be
Looking for an idol.

Unless she already has one.

you can see it in her face.

should we put all our votes
On her.

I feel like we should.

why not?

can we do that?

Let's just this that?


how is the water, elaine?

noura thinks we're going
After elaine because she's such

A threat, but in reality, plan
"A" is to get elaine out, but

Plan "B" is to put enough votes
On noura so if any idol played

Or any advantage is played,
Noura goes home, too.

You never know in this game.

You always have to have that
Plan "B" set in place.

we still want to throw one
Vote on noura is my question?

I think we have to.


so we all vote elaine.

let's do that.

Just in case something crazy

everyone will vote elaine
Besides dan.

Dan will put one vote on noura.

However, I feel like in the end
Dan and tommy high decide that

I'm too much of a threat.

I should have won that.

I messed up.



I'll do whatever to stay, you
Know that.

Whatever you feel like doing.

Right now you could either vote
Out noura or you can even vote

Out me.

tonight could be one of the
Last chances for me to control

The vote because the numbers are
Whittling down.

Dan and I have played this game
Together the entire time, but

What I'm worried about is you
Only bring people to the end you

Feel you can beat.

That's why noura scarings me.

It would be easy the take her to
The end.

what does your heart say?

Keep the peace?

why don't we do that?

What's wrong with that?

I know janet will be on

so if janet, myself and
Elaine decide to vote for noura,

She's going home, because dan is
Also voting for noura.

That gives us four.

I need to start building a

And I think this is something
That I can bring to the jury.

That's like do I want to be a
Survivor player that lays low,

Or do I want to be one that
Makes moves like the people I

Admire, like sandra.

I'm in the in trouble am I?


Not at all.


I believe in you.

see what I mean?

can you tell?


so what do we do?

noura does all the scheming
And I think that if I want to

Remove noura from the
Possibility of going to final

Three, because I want to be

And people may want to take
Noura instead.

If elaine was to stay, I think
My threat level is rally

Diminished, because one, she can
Start fire probably as fast as f

Not faster than I can, and, two
She can win immunity, and three,

She's a likable player.

But that makes her dangerous.

So tonight's a tricky vote.

And lauren and myself are the
Ones in charge making a



Dean won it.

we now bring in the
Members of our jury.

we now bring in the
Members of our jury.

All right.

Let's start with today's
Immunity challenge.

Elaine, you're already shaking
Your head.

I was pissed because I had
It, and this dude back here,

Yeah, he beat me to the punch.

Like I needed that.

You know what I mean?

I really needed that.

I felt like I was in a
Conversation, too.

Just take a look at who has been
Voted out recently, karishma,


dean is playing for the jury.

He paid attention.

I was sitting here with five
Purple folks.

so noura, where are
We in the game right now?

at tribal council.


Good answer.

right now it's kind of the
End is in sight, and people are

Thinking, how do I get by one
More day, but how do I end up at

The end.

So it's like, these two things
Are happening, but it's changing


tommy, players often
Talk about seven.

When there's seven left, that's
A pivotal moment.


Because when there are seven
Employers left, you only need

Four people to switch the tide
And change alliances.

So if these two feel like
They're on the bottom, they only

Have to find two people who feel
Like they're on the vokai bottom

And they can make something

so dan, it's still a
Very dangerous game right now.

even though there are only
Seven, there are still seven.

where I come from in
California, you hope you build a

Foundation to withstand an

Looking at our last tribal, our
Foundation had an earthquake.

When people fix the foundation,
You make it strong enough so the

Next earthquake you don't have
To worry about.

So unless this is the big one
Tonight, we hope our house is

Solid and the vote will be what
We expect.

elaine, I guess
You're not a member of this


I guess I'm a home wrecker.

That's what I'm up here calling

The bottom line is this: I have
Been called target from day one

From my own peeps over on lairo.

So why not just hang on the me
One more vote just to guarantee

Yourself one more spot.

elaine, that's what you do.

you're saying, hang on the
You because you're more likely

To be voted out before somebody
Else because you're a threat?


so if it's not you,
Who do you put it on?

well, my vote would go to

implying she's not a
Threat to win.

new york I think she's
Somebody you can take to the

End, but if she goes to the end,
Then janet is out.

If she goes to the end, then
Lauren might be out.

So by voting me out and keeping
Her, you're maybe taking a seat

Away from yourself.

who wants to sit next to
Elaine in the final three?

Raise your hand?


But it would be better to go
With me because you know I'm

Going home than to play with you
Where you're a wild card.

you're entitled to your

And I get you're on the outside.

Dean is immune and you have to
Come up with something.

I'm not coming up with

I'm telling it like it is.

If you think it's going to be
You next, you better do

Something tonight.

You are not going to have the

janet, elaine made another
Interesting point.

She is saying, ifeoe=u
Me out because I'm a threat,

Then any other threat better
Fear the same thing.


Elaine and I have a very similar
People view her as a threat and

People view me as a threat.

Everything that labor is saying,
She could be saying about me.

And everybody up here knows
You know, so it's a lot to think


lauren, you seem to
Be in agreement.

elaine has raised some very
Real concerns that I do have

About my position here.

And janet's position here.

elaine, this is what
You want to hear?

but I always prepare for the
Worst, because for me that's

What usually happens.

The glass is always half empty
With me.



that doesn't line up
For me just knowing and watching

You out here.

You do seem likable.

You do seem charming.

You do seem like a threat to

And yet you see the world so
Half empty.

I mean, I've had a rough way
To go, you know what I mean?

I have never been a real lucky

Just unlucky for some reason,
Other than getting on this,

Nothing good has ever really

And I come for the money, but
The more important part was

Coming for the adventure and
Figuring out who I was and

Dealing with my emotions and,
You know, just trying to put

Everything into perspective.

Damn, jeff.


well, have you had
Any perspective out here?

I just come out here and I
Had a lot of stuff on my mind


My mom passed away three months
Ago, an I've homicide a lot of

Long nights.

Trying to work through all that
And not getting lost in my own

Self, you know, I got a good
Girlfriend who is there with me,

And time is what I need.

I need time.

Because time heals all wounds.

A big lesson I've learned coming
Out here is I shouldn't take

Anything for granted because you
Never know.

So I've been fighting for 35
Days to stay in this.

And I'm going to keep fighting
Until you snuff my torch.

That's just how it is.

I don't want to snuff
Anybody's torch.

It's never fun.

I know.

jeff, just having a few more
Days on this earth than some of

The people here, there are times
In my life that I couldn't

Understand the tragedy, I
Couldn't understand the pain,

But I always believed that there
Was light on the other side.

You are going to find your way
Through your personal feelings,

Whether you stay here or whether
You close it out, that's

Secondary to what's going to
Happen up here and in here.

And I truly believe that for

I truly do.

appreciate it.

we love you, elaine.

that makes me not want the
Leave, you know what I mean?

Your dreams are still alive
Until you snuff more torch.

noo that is true.

And it is...

time to vote?

that's right.

Noura, you're up.

you're crazy as hell, but I
Still like you.

I'll go tally the

the anybody has a
Hidden immunity idol and you

Want the play it, now would be
The time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, elaine.



Two votes elaine.


We're tied.

Two votes elaine, two votes

That's three votes elaine, two
Votes noura.

14th person voted out,
Elaine, that's four, that's

Enough, you need to bring me
Your torch.

don't worry.

I'm good.

All right, peeps.

elaine, the tribe has

let's hug it out.

you got it.

I love her.

love y'all.

well, it's been 35
Physically taxing, emotionally

Draining days.

And if you think it's going to
Get any easier, think again.

Grab your torch, head back to
Camp, good night.

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there was one night I was
Fixing the fire, and I couldn't

See it was so dark.

Oh, my god.

Jeff's here.

we're all hanging out
Relaxing, and I see jeff.

And I literal think I looked at
Him like, this like a deer

Caught in the headlights because
I was so confused.

We don't really know what's
Going on.

All right.


I need to share some news.

good news, bad news, what?

Pi matter is pounding.

bad news.

where's dan?

I spoke privately with dan,
And I want to update you guys.

A decision has been made, and
Dan will not be returning to the


He won't be coming back the

He won't be on the jury.

He's gone.

dan has been removed from the

Not even go to the jury,

So in my opinion, very
Real-world things are coming

Into the game, and we need to
Process the fact that dan is

Gone, but then move beyond it.

losing the wrong person at
The wrong time can blow up your

Chances for $1 million.

Now the deck has rescrambled.

I now have to pick the cards up
And get going, because this game

Doesn't stop for anybody.

stay tuned for scenes from
Our next episode.

next time on the
Season finale of "Survivor,"

Prepare for battle, because it's
A fight to the finish.

d.K. Chillen has turned to
D.K. Villain.

I have a freakin' idol.

I need the use it.

there's in way we're going to
Leave them without one last


join us december

other than winning the $1
Million, I've experienced

Everything you could experience
On "Survivor."

You have to come out here and
Look yourself in the eye.

Sometimes people don't like what
They see, but I love me.

I'm proud of me.

I really am.