Survivor (2000–…): Season 39, Episode 11 - A Very Simple Plan - full transcript

Trust is tested when new alliances are formed but some old ones remain; lines are drawn in the sand after the family visit.

come on in guys

All right.

Well, there are a few

In this game.

oh, my god.

surviving a switch.

Making the merge, grafting your
Blindside and this moment right


I'm going to freak out.

time for some love.

Lauren, let's get your husband
Mat out here.

Cam out on, matt.


oh, my god.

I love you.

I can't believe you're here.

Oh, my god.

lauren, tell me about
This love affair.

Why matt?

he's so caring and
Compassionate, and think crazy

Thing I say I want to do, he's
Like, all right, babe, go ahead,

Do it, including this

I told him, I just want to get
To this molt.

I just want you to see me.

all right.

Give him a last hug.


I love you.

I'm going to win.

I'm going to win.

all right.

Tommy, let's get your girlfriend
Nicole out here.

Come on, nicole.



oh, she's beautiful.

tommy, what is that?

You're a big guy, athletic, and
Your body is trembling right


jeff, this girl has changed
My life from the second I met

Her, jeff.

nicole, is there
Anything about tommy that might

Surprise us, about his

I mean, as you guys can see,
He's very emotional.

He's so loving.

He has the biggest heart of
Anyone I ever met.

It shows right now.

I love him.

all right.

Give her a last hug.


karishma, you look

Like you're ready for some love.

Let's get your husband out here.

Drew, come on out.

Drew, come on out.

drew, does this give
You some kind of idea of

Emotionally how taxing it is
That there is no one to trust?

if four years I've never seen
Her like this.

I can't imagine what she's been

karishma, what's the
Feeling of having drew out here

Right now?

What is that rock?

It's like you're holding on the
Him like he's a stch statue?

out here, the hunger, the
Deprivation and everything, it

Can be so painful, but what can
Really breck you is loneliness.

And I feel so misunderstood out

And to know that I have this man
Who understands me an he chooses

Me, and I'm never going to ever
Let go of this.

I love you, too.

give him a last hug.

noura, let's get your
Sister lana out here.

Come on, lana.

That's a hug.

I'm proud of you.

that's all I ever wanted from

That's all I ever wanted from

noura, your sister
Just said, "I'm proud of you,"

And you said, "That's all I ever

I'm the big sister.

I want to be luke her.

In my adulthood, she's been my
Big sister.

I know I am impulsive and crazy
And, you know, e-mail noura.

I'm crazy.

An she calls it noura-mal.

give her a last hug.

this won't be the last hug.

that's the "Survivor"

All right, janet.

Let's get your husband out here.

Come on, john.

bring him out.

oh, janet.

our new grandbaby is a girl.

oh, really?


That's the signal, the pink

So you didn't know when you

I didn't know.

john, what it is
About janet?

Because we've seen her for 31
Days out here.

I've done some things.

she's a very strong woman.

There's in challenge she won't

She breaks through for women on
So many different levels.

She's an oceanfront lifeguard.

She was one of the first women
To be put on a beach.

Every time something comes up,
It doesn't matter that she's a


She's fine for anything.

I love you.

I'm so proud of you.

all right, dean.

Let's get your mom out here.

Come on, laurie.

look at that matching

how you doing.

so tell me.

You guys clearly have a really
Comfortable relationship


What it is about dean?

we've been through thick and

An he is loyal and faithful and
Just a lovable person.

boy, dean, it seemed
Like there was a lot unsaid

There in the we've been through
Thick and thin.

no, I had a childhood that
Kind of went like this.

I would come home in high
School, cry every night at time,

An she was there.

I don't know.

It all turned out all right.

the bond is clear.

Give her a last hug.

oh, dean.

seems like a good
Time to bring out the youngest

Person ever to be on "Survivor,"
Dan's son ryan, 13 years old.

Come on out, ryan.

go ahead, dan.

oh, my god.

you okay.

ryan, what was the
Journey like for you?

Young guy, flying across the
World into fiji.

How are you doing?

I'm great.

I'm so happy to see him here.

I can't believe he made it this

there you go.

Give him a last hug.

all right, elaine.

Let's get your girlfriend out

Come on, tanya.

good, good.

I love you.

all right, elaine.

Talk to me about this woman.

she's the toughest girl I

She's tougher than I am.

She puts up with me, jeff.

You know?

She's my rock at home.

Like I'm always so strong for
Everybody else, but she's what

Holds me together.

And she's got two kids prior,
And the oldest one is in college

Now and the youngest one is my
Best friend.


and they love us together and
I was scared when we first got

Together that they wouldn't
Accept us, and...

I love her more now than I
Did the day I decided I'd give

Her a chance.

all right.

Give her a last hug.

All right.

Let's get to it.

For today's challenge, you will
Be tethered to another tribe


You'll make your way through a
Series of obstacles and then

Attempt to land one sand bag on
A small wooden disk.

First the finish wins reward in
The form of love, more time with

The person who came so far to
See you.

We're going the draw for pairs.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

Lana, you're vcially impaired,

yes, sir.

What can you see?

Can can you see them from here?

are you guys cool if she
Rides shotgun with me?


thanks, guys.

Thank you.

I really appreciate it.

what's happening right now?

we're bringing her close so
She can see you.

Lana has a little bit of a
Vision issue, visually impaired.

thank you, jeff.

Thank you.

All right.

Here we go, for reward in the
Form of love, survivors ready?


come on, baby, let's go!

Let's go!

Let's go!

dan and noura off the
Fast lead.

Noura in the water trying to
Swim when you can just walk.

come on, noura.

it is dan leading the
Way with noura.

It is dean and elaine.

Down on the end we have karishma
And lauren.

And then tommy and janet.

We have our four pairs.

The biggest reward of the
Season, your loved one and a

Picnic on a beautiful beach.

noura, under here.

dean is through.

Trying to get elaine through.

Tommy is through, waiting on

There goes dean and elaine.

go, dean!

start digging.

There goes tommy and janet.

Noura still stuck.

You got the keeplu]jz for

Noura and janet through.

They can start digging now.

You got to get both your bodies
Under there.

It is lauren and karishma.

They finished dead last this
Entire challenge.

Now you got to get your bodies
Under this log.

Tommy going first.

Can he get through?

He's stuck.

There goes noura.

Noura stuck.

Elaine is stuck now.

Everybody is stuck.

come on.

lauren and karishma
The motion kicking in it.

You don't give up in this game.

Start digging.

you got it!

You got it!



Let's go.

dean and elaine are
First through.

Tommy waiting on janet.

You're good.

Start throwing that sand bag.

you're good.

first toss for

this way, this way, this way.

you got to run
Together to get that bag.

Everybody else still trying to
Get out from under that log.

This is a big advantage for dean
And elaine.

On and off.

Here comes janet and tommy.

They're going to be in this.

Let's go!

Tommy and janet.

Tommy launches.

A little long.

Elaine on and off.

so close!

karishma trying to
Get through.

Could they get back many this?


Karishma and lauren are through.

you're in this!

you can do it.

You're still in it.

here comes noura and

Just on and off.

you got this!

You're in this!

Yes, yes

everybody is in it

Dan and noura could win this
Challenge with one toss.

There it is!

Tommy lands it.

Tommy and janet win reward if
The norm of more time with their

Loved ones.

What an effort by everybody.

All right.

Look at these other survivors.

All of them fought for it.

Invite one other survivor and
Their loved one to join you for

A once-in-a-lifetime afternoon
should I say it?


dan, come on over.


More time with your pop.

All right.

Janet and tommy.

Pick one final survivor and
Their loved one.

You just saw the emotion really
Kick in.

you want to say it or you
Want me to?


lauren, come on over.

thank you, thank you.

I'm sorry, you guys.

thank you guys so much.

I love you.

all right, elaine,
Dean, noura, karishma, time to

Say good-bye to your loved ones.

I love you.

I love you, noura.

Tell the boys I love them.

sorry, guys.

all right.

Beautiful afternoon.

For the eight of you, grab your
Stuff, head out, enjoy the



karishma, is this
Potentially a defining moment in

The game?


It sucks to feel that you're at
The bottom and it sucks when you

Have that moment of clarity, and
I feel for anybody who has that

Moment because I know how it

Moving forward, let's all ban

We can put a wrecking ball to
Somebody else's head maybe.



Let's go.

elaine, dean,
Karishma, noura, grab your

I got nothing for you.

Head back to camp.

guys, I just want to say, I
Love you guys.

to win the family visit, it
Was like a shot of energy.

And seeing john and holding him,
It was absolutely awesome.

He's my rock.

You know?

isn't it crazy?

it has no idea.

seeing nicole, I just
Couldn't help but feel that love

And feel that warmth of home.

I became one of my little fourth
Grade girls and I even started


There's so much riding on.

This it's my job to get this

loved one, we don't want to
Talk strategy, but we have to.

Who is first?

I think elaine.

I think elaine.

why don't we tell noura?

split the vote between
Karishma and elaine?

once again to have our army
Against this rag-tag group of


I'm not afraid of this weird

dan, tommy, janet, and myself
Are in an alliance, and the

Other four are back at camp.

So they have the chance to put a
Plan together.

However, we have noura, who
Always tells everyone I'm her

Number one, and then there's
Elaine, who is not a strategist.

And we have dean, who is a
Numbers guy, who is desperate.

Then we have karishma, who
Everyone is mad at.

Do they have the numbers?


Can they do something?


Is it likely?


I want to say something, and
Can we talk?

I'm the only vokai that's here
With you dwois right now.

I have been loyal to these
People since the beginning.

I have shown my allegiance.

Now I know where I rank in that
Group, I am in a way the

Karishma, but I'm actually
Enjoyable to be around.

I'm funny, I'm providing.

I'm cutting coconuts.

I give up reward so they can eat
And kill me today

you're their bitch.

I'm their bitch.

this family business has
People revved up.

The one who felt it the moist is

She came back guns ablazing.

I came over here.

I was willing to bring our
Numbers back together, and

Lauren and tommy flipped over.

Dan, I was like, where's the
Love, man?

What happened to this?

noura was very vocal about
How upset she was.

There was airing of grievances.

Call it festivus.

There was an airing of
Grievances going on.

I am honest and loyal to
Fault, and here's the fault.

Here's the fault.

I was blindsided.

Not blindsided.

It bunched punched me in the

Kellee's, I have all these

And lauren, since day one, she
Doesn't do... They're ego


They want to be like, look what
I did, look what I did?

None of us want to be a pawn in
Their game and be someone who

Got them to the end.

And today I'm going to fast
Forward to the future and go

Back and finish up, for me, it
Was wonderful.

when there's a high emotional
Moment, people tend to tell the


We can literally control the
Next vote, because I will be

With you guys, and I'm a very
Transparent player.

With me, I take people to insane

I literally uplift someone to a
Point where he's rocking and he

Goes back to his ex-and I'm
Disposed of even though I go

Back to him.

noura, you're getting side

the point where my surrender

I'm inch I'm all the way in.

I'm not just saying.

This I want you to understand.

I am here with you.

I am here with you, elaine.

I am here with you, karishma.

We have to make a move.

They think it's going to be like
This, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh.

that was music to my ears to
See someone of a group I thought

Was so strong go against them.

what scares me the most is
Lauren has tommy wrapped around

Her finger.

we all know lauren is a big
Threat because she's very social

And she's most threatening in my

Are you willing to vote her out?

yes, I am.

Because I'm being played by

maybe it's time for me to
Wake up and say, dan and tommy

Don't have you in their final
Plan, because now would be my

Time to hop off that bus and get
On with the underlings and rise

On up.

what can we do?

what that said, there's only
Four of us, and there are four

Other people, so we drag in a
Fifth or we go out and find a

Hidden immunity idol and go
Create our own luck.

I don't think it will be

I'm thinking like we know, and I
Know an idol is back in play.

Two were played, at least one,
Was found in this jungle.

what does it look like?

it's blue, this big.

there is the thing call the
Very tick lar activating system,

If you say blue, blue, blue, it
Will activate our brains.

If you say it, we'll see it.

I know these idols are looking
The help us.

this is blue.

we're not going to have to
Dig and make so it hard.

It's going to be literally like
A gift.

Here you go.


you did it.

look what I found.

I found one.

There it was, sitting in the

Pretty as can be.

I picked it up and put it in my
Red nick pocket.

And that's where it's going to
Stay until I play the damn


I see it clearly.

Now I have to make my move, and
My sister said it, this is my

Crazy noura.

She always finds a way.

And my family knows that.

I am the epitome of "Survivor"
In my own life because the

Biggest, this is where it comes
To a close, the biggest obstacle

In my life has been me.

Am I going to be a sheep until
The end?

I'm not.

That's not who I am.

And that's why the game is going
To change today.

let's open a papaya.


come on in, guys!

All right.

First things first, got to take
Back the necklace.

Once again, noura.

Are you even going to turn

now I will.

Thank you, jeff.

once again, immunity
Is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
Going to stand on the small

Block of wood while stabilizing
A ball against an overhanging

Piece of wood.

If at any point the ball drops,
You're out.

Last person left standing wins
Immunity, guaranteed a one in

Seven shot of getting to the

Losers tribal council where
Somebody will be voted out and

Become the seventh member of our

Draw for spots.

We'll get started.

All right.

Everybody get on one foot.

Put the ball in the paint.

Grab both handles.

An we look good.

This challenge is on.

At this point everybody knows
The game is up for grabs.

Nobody can be totally certain
They're okay.

But that necklace solves that

Now sooner do I say that, dean
Is first out.

No shot at imhuntty.

Tommy drops.

He'll have no shot at immunity.

He's not safe at tribal.

Noura drops.

She will not get a third
Immunity necklace.

She's out.

We're down the five.

Janet drops.

You all right?


you sure?



Janet with hard tumble, but gets
Up like a weeble wobble.

Janet with hard tumble, but gets
Up like a weeble wobble.

Karishma drops.

She's out.

Karishma has no security at
Tribal council tonight.

We're down to lauren, dan, and
Elaine for immunity on day 32.

oh, god, I looked away.

I looked away.

I looked away.

dan drops.

We're down to two.

It is lauren versus elaine for


this is it, another
Showdown on "Survivor" right


Coming up on 15 minutes in this

I want that necklace, jeff.

earn it right here.

keep your focus on the ball.

elaine knows how good
It feels.

I want that necklace.

focus on the ball.

that's it.

You got the breathe through it

keep focused.

You're good.

You're both good.

elaine still looking
Very good down on the end.

Not much movement at all.

Not much movement at all.

Elaine still very solid.

my arms.

rest them against the

Don't look away.

Don't look away.

lauren starting to

Got to get it back.

do not look away.

That's what killed me.

lauren struggling

Can she recover for a second

Elaine drops suddenly.

are you kidding me?

lauren wins
Individual immunity.

I won?

you won!

Lauren pulls it out.

Once that ball dropped, we knew
Our easy target tonight,

Karishma, can go home.


anything can happen, but
Everyone wants her out, and

Tonight is the night that can
Get that done.


you did really good.

You should be so proud of

thank you.

I'm is happy to have this
Necklace on.

That's something that I've
Dreamed of doing since I was 11.

That is 18 years of dreaming, of
Having this on my neck.

And I have it.

I don't know if I needed it
Tonight, because I'm confident

In my alliance right now.

But this vote is one of the most
Important votes of the game.


So the idea for tonight is...

tommy, dean, me and you are
Voting together.

the strategy moving forward
Is to get the cat with nine

Lives out, which is karishma.

So we're going to put four votes
On karishma and three votes on

Elaine in case karishma found an
Idol again an we're feeling

Relatively confident because we
Don't feel like this motley

Anti-alliance has really
Assembled their forces in any

Real way.

long story short, you, me,
And dan are voting elaine.

And the rest on karishma.

that's smart.

janet told me their plan, but
After the loved ones visit and

Not getting the go on the
Reward, I felt on the bottom.

They're all in it together,
Tommy, janet, dan, lauren,

They're a strong four.

This is like lord of if flies.

They can promise you the stars
And the moon, and wine and dine

You and make you feel great, and
Then they're going to fricking

Get you.

karishma needs to go because
We can't keep dragging her


The closer she gets to the end,
The more we'll all start

Thinking we want to sit next to

this is a really big vote.

But it feels cool that I get so
Much power in it.


They came up to me.

It was me and janet.

This is how they're doing the

Janet and dan are going on you.

And she has something.

And tommy and lauren are doing


that means the four of us can
Vote whoever we want.

this is gold.

I know that four still want me
Out, but if they decide to split

The vote, the four of us can
Decide who goes home.

This is the break I've been
Waiting for.

All it takes is one tribal
Council for everything to


If they're doing 2-2, we have to
Put our entire four on one


all four on tommy.

unless you're told different.

everybody is voting for



noura, final four.

we're doing it.

we wanted to vote lauren out
Today, but she won immunity, so

The backup is tommy, because
That's her right-hand man.

It's going to work.

My concern is that noura is such
A fruit loop that she won't

Stick to the plan.

me, dan, and janet voting
Elaine, and you and elaine and

Everyone else karishma some that
Makes technically only 2-2.

but what if tommy has an

What if 3-1
no, not at all.

you don't think so?

one vote is not doing

well, duh.

But then what if karishma goes?

karishma is not going.

but what if elaine doesn't
Play it?


look, we found the idol.

You think there's twoné
That's absurd.

We can't plan for every little

That's when we start going

I agree.

So I want the rule this out in
My mind.

So if we
holy crap.

Noura is totally confused.

She can't even think through
Numbers straight.

Like, noura, it's easy.

Two is more than one, but no.

what if we did three on tommy
And one let's say dan.

we would do 2-2-1.

well, all right, so you're
Thinking it has to be all tommy.

four tommy.

and we have to trust

I do.

you're not worried about

I feel very good.

I am most worried about you?



noura is a loose cannon.

It's a very simple plan, but the
Way she was thinking through

Things, putting my faith in
Noura's hands is scary.


I'm sitting in the middle and we
Have been told to vote like


Karishma, karishma, karishma,


if noura isn't with us right

if noura flips.

They have four.

And that means whoever they pick
Goes home.


if we get through tonight
With karishma or elaine going

Home, we're sitting pretty.

But the one thing that could
Really mess that up was noura.

Noura has been a wild card since
Day one.

She's very like spur of the
Moment, goes with the flow, and

If she does something crazy, I
Don't have an idol.

I don't have a necklace.

I could be going home.

so what do we do for real?

we definitely want karishma.

but now is just crazy.

it's a tricky situation.

And all it takes is one little
Wrong decision.

And it's over.

Your dream is dead.

if we do this, there's no
Turning back.

I got an idol in my pocket.

I don't know if I should play
It, but my lesson from boston

Rob and sandra was don't

When you see an opportunity,
Seize it.

I'm going to go balls out and
See if I can make this move.

Go big or go home.

we'll now bring in
The members of our jury.

All right.

So let's start with the loved
One challenge.

Januaryet, when you dream of
Playing "Survivor," one of the

Moments you think about is, and
Then I'll be there long enough

For my loved one to get.

There you had that moment.

it was absolutely amazing.

The best part was like energy
That just fills you up.

karishma, the down
Side of winning the loved one

Reward challenge is you are
Playing with "Survivor"


You win, you get love.

You live people behind that

yeah, it is definitely
"Survivor" dynamite.

I mean, there's four people left
Back at camp all sharing the

Misery of heartbreak and misery
Loves company, so that could be

The dynamite that explodes in
Someone's face.

lairng let's

what's extrapolate mean?

you want a consistent game

this is how I played the

From start to finish.

I had a goal.

And this is what I did.

If it served me well great, if
It didn't, great.

elaine russia you
Concerned at all that since we

Sat down, it's been whispering.

apparently they got something
To say.

look at this.

tommy, tommy, I need to talk
To you right now.

I'm sorry.

to be on the bottom, they're
Trying to bring you in and vote

You out.

I know.

I'm sorry.

are you voting for me.

I don't understand what's

I'll be outspoken.

I'll say it right now.

I'll make it very clear and then
We don't have to do all this


Dean, since the day I met you at
Liar york you've shown me not

Once, not twice, three times I
Can't trust you.

Look, dean, elaine, and
Karishma, they're on the bottom,

They're trying to get in with
Our group, and I would actually

Consider leaving my crew to go
With you?

You're telling me come with us,
Let's do this ruse?

Now it's 110% never.

but what is the ruse?

What is the ruse?

what was the plan?

the plan was all three of
Them are going to vote tommy and

Elaine has an idol.

There you go.

out of control.

why did you tell me they
Would vote my name?

it's true, because after

so why are you all voting my

you wasn't.

Tommy wasn't writing my name.


elaine, you think the split
Is what matters.

you all was coming after me.

You were splitting the vote.

That's what noura told me.

why would you believe
Something like that

because you all came back for
The family thing and you were

Acting sketchy.

You didn't even talk to me.

if dean didn't tell me, I
Would have went home.

I was spraying this out.

And he didn't
but he did.

if he didn't say it, I would
Have went home.

I was going to pull you
Across here.

He got to it first.

He's sitting next to you.

before tribal she was with us

she was.

and you three
we vote and you would be


she has an idol.

I'm telling you.

you're telling me now.

noura, were you considering
Writing tommy's name down?

That's all I want to know?

when they presented it, you
Consider it.


give me a second.

noura got caught in a lie.

She's trying to talk her way out
Of it.

all right.

It's fine.

If you don't want to all day
Long she's with us.

Use logic.

Just use logic.

noura is a liar.

dan, I'm telling you the

All I want to do is get toll

when have you not trusted me.

I have always trusted me.

I have been telling you right
Now this is what's up.


they're taking advantage of
The situation.

now it all makes sense.

Now I'm seeing it.

I'm not writing your name.

lauren, put lauren.

I am.


I am.

how many times somebody lies
To you and then you let them get

Away with it and you give them a
Second chance?

One time.

If you get caught, that's it.



we're good.

I never doubted it.


damn, jeff.

noura, now that
Everybody else has stepped down,

How are you feeling as the one
Who instigated this?

I will say this, I did not
Instigate this.

Actually dean did when he
Started talking to tommy and

Smiling at him.

He's laughing, dean, don't look
At pretty dean.

He wants the lure you in with
His pretty face, but he's full

Of it.

I'm just speaking my truth.

I'm sorry.

jeff, you got to tell people
When they need to know things.

A lesson is learned.

are we ready to vote?


let's do it.

all right.

It is time to vote.

Janet, you're up.

I knew we couldn't trust her.

I knew we couldn't trust her.

oh, my gosh.

I'll go tally the

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want to play it,

Now would be the time to do so.

I'll play it for myself.

Sorry if it smells like feet.

this is a hidden
Immunity idol.

Any votes cast for elaine will
Not count.

I'll read the votes.

First volt, karishma.


One vote karishma, one vote


Two votes noura.

damn, noura, they screwed

she screwed herself.

three votes noura.


That's three votes noura, two
Votes karishma.


We're tied.

Three votes, noura, three votes


That's four votes karishma,
Three votes north main noura, on


13th person voted out,
Seventh member of our injury,


You need to bring me your torch.

sorry, karishma.

all of that talk just to vote
Out karishma.

karishma, the tribe
Has spoken.

karishma, the tribe
Has spoken.

I gotnology for you.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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From our next episode.

next time on survivor

When your head
Is spinning

now is a basket case, but who
Doesn't love a crazy woman?

and you roll the

Everybody is struggling with
Being dizzy, not only in this

Game but right now.

The game can turn upside down.

no one is coming for you and
They can't.

I need her out of this game
Because she's going to win.

this game was an opportunity
For me to learn about myself and

What love means to me.

When I saw my husband, I saw a
Love that's more powerful than I

Ever could imagine.

That's the love of being
Accepted for who you are.

I'm going to go home with that
Feeling in my heart for the rest