Survivor (2000–…): Season 38, Episode 12 - Episode #38.12 - full transcript

Previously on
"Survivor," at tribal council,

Devens saved himself.

I would like the play this
Hidden immunity idol for myself.

But victoria, lauren,
Gavin, and aurora had a back-up.


Ron, the tribe has spoken.

And ron grabbed the torch and
Headed to the edge of.


Well, that went especially
Well considering we weren't.

Together on that.

The last tribal council I
Blindsided ron.

That was probably the most guilt
Y I have felt voting.

Someone out.

I felt like I had to separate my
Heart from the game.

I saw those rones.

Now that he's gone, I think
All the focus just went straight.

Toward devens, because you know
Devens is the idol and advantage.

King right now.

Devens needs to go home.

Do you know who sent you that

I don't know who sent it.

It just said, "This came from
The edge of extinction."

I told everyone I got the idol
From edge of extinction instead.

Of vata beach.

I want to be the only one out
Here grinding and working to.

Find the idols.

That was anonymous?

For real?

It came from the edge.

If they think all advantages
Come from the edge of.

Extinction, that plays right
Into my hands.

I think I'm still on the bottom.

No one is coming to work with
Me, sap maybe julie because she.

Was blindsided.

I will have to get really clever
In any other way I can.

Manipulate the game.

That was a good night.

That was a good night.

The trash that came out.

At this point I'm happy.

I felt outcasted before, but
Now, for the first time, there.

Are people I can work with.

My alliance right now is between
Victoria, lauren, gavin, and.


All the advantages are gone.

You know, I truly do feel
Connected with my alliance, but.

Devens is a threat, and it's
Going to be more difficult than.

We thought to get him out.

And so devens is target number

I want him out!

At tribal last night, ron
Went home.

That was great.

But if I hadn't had that idol,
It was me going home.

I know the only way I'm getting
The final three is if I work and.

Get myself there.

The early bird gets the worm.

I have to find it before anyone

To get to the end of the game,
Like I'm going to have to do it.


Are you worried about devens,
You guys?

I am.

I'm always worried about Devens.

He's looking.

He's going to be looking all

One of us just needs the stay
With him.

Rick is a huge liar.

I mean, he didn't get gifted an
Idol from distinction.

He found the idol.

He was lying about the idol.

I can tell.

I think he found it here.

I have the hidden immunity
Idol from the original manu.

Beach up my sleeve.

So I know that idols do come
From this island, but nobody.

Else knows, so I'm definitely
Looking for the idol, but most.

Importantly, I want to make sure
That rick does not have one.

What's the word?

He's a little liar.

The idol was on this beach.

I know for a fact it wasn't

I hope there's one out here.

I need it.

You can tell me.

I don't care.

The vote still went against
Me, so I don't feel like I can.

Trust anybody.

I'm either going to protect me
Or I'm going to go home.

We'll see how it all goes I

All right.

I think the rice is almost Done.

I had it all worked out for
Everybody last night.

That was an awesome moment all


The last two manu standing.

I feel like it's idol or Bust.

I have to find the idol.

If I don't find it, I'm back at
The edge of extinction.

But I'm going to keep hustling
Until the end of this game.

But I'm going to keep hustling
Until the end of this game.

I am working harder than
Everybody else.

Please be an idol.

Please be an idol.


You found the hidden immunity

Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh.

Breaking news.

Another idol found.

And it was me.

I'm so excited.

I've been at the bottom for so

And that can be so defeating.

But I'm working as hard as I can
To bring the money home for my.


And I'm getting stronger.

And I absolutely feel strong,
And I know my family's going to.

Be really proud of me.

I am, too.

Come on in, guys!

All right.

Let's get to today's reward

For today's challenge, you're
Going the race out with a ball,

Toss it up and into an overhead
Trap, and then catch it on the.

Other side.

You'll then dig under a beam and
Race to the finish.

Once you have both balls, you'll
Attempt to land them on an.

Overhead perch.

First to finish wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


The win her be taken
By helicopter for a tour of.

These beautiful fijian islands.

A little perspective on where
You've been living for the last

32 days.

You will then touch down at a
Luxury resort poolside, chicken,

Pasta, seafood, open bar,
Chocolate mousse for dessert.

My god.

Worth playing for?

Yes, sir.

Yeah, man.

Let's draw for spots.

We'll get it on.

All right.

Here we go.

For reward, survivors ready?


First you got to toss that ball
Up into the trap.

Once it starts rolling and gets
Through the only and catch it.

Before it drops.

Gavin is good with his first.

Aurora has her first.

Both heading back for their
Second ball.

That's how you do it.

Brand-new leg on a survivor

This is hard.

Victoria lands one.

Got to get there to the end.

Caught it.

Nice catch by Victoria.

Devens is good.

Lauren in and out.

Here goes aurora for her second.

Aurora, can she catch it?

Yes, she's good.

Here's gaffigan for... gavin for
His second.

Gavin takes a big fall.

Can he save it?

Gavin falls again.

He's going to have to go back.

It's aurora in the early lead.

Now you've got to dig under that

Lauren finally lands one.

Got to get to the end.

She's good.

Julie still trying to get some

She's got it.

Can she get through?


Here comes devens.

Devens has his second.

Victoria has her second ball.

Gavin tripping, can he save it?

Gavin has his second.

He's good.

Aurora is first one through.

Gavin, devens, and victoria
Still digging.

There goes aurora.

She can start firing.

Gavin is through.

There goes devens.

Victoria is through.

Julie and lauren still trying to
Get back in it.

My god.

I can't get it in the freakin'

You got to land two
Balls on a very narrow perch.

Devens on and off.

Lauren has her second ball.

She's trying to get back in it.

Gavin has his first ball,
Working on that second.

He only needs one more to win

Aurora trying to get in it.

Devens still working to get in

Victoria has her first ball.

It's gavin on one end, victoria
On the other.

Aurora has her first ball.

We've got three in it now.


Devens, on and off.

Victoria could win it right


Gaffigan... gavin for the win.


And he does.

Gavin wins reward.

Great job, gav.

Gavin, come on over.

Good job, gav.

All right, gavin.

Day 32.

Six people left in the game.

You know what you're doing.

You're going to get a nice
Afternoon, a lot of food.

Now, choose one person to join

I'm basing this decision off
Of who hasn't been on the most.

Rewards and I feel like who has
Been struggling at camp pretty.

Hard here lately.

I got to go with my girl, v.


All right, gavin, you have one
More choice.

You're bringing one more person.

Who is it going to be?

No matter who you pick,
You're going to have three.

People who are sour that they
Weren't one of the ones chosen.

So I've got to go with lauren.

Lauren, come on over.


Instant reaction from
Devens an aurora.

Devens, what's going on over

I thought it would be aurora.

She's been the longest without a
Thing, just like vic.

I'm shocked that aurora
Didn't get picked.

It's a game.

I'm just hungry.

She's hungry.

All right, gavin,
Lauren, victoria, nice.


Once-in-a-lifetime experience on
"Survivor" plus a belly full of.


Julie, aurora, devens, got
Nothing for you.

Gab your stuff, head back to


Right now I am upset.

I have never really been part of
A big group in this game, and my.

Alliance had a chance for me to
Not be on the bottom.

But now I feel like I'm not good
Enough to be in a group, that.

People don't want me in it, and
It feels horrible.

Day 32!


Look at this.

Look at the water.

It's amazing.

You can't beat this.

My gosh.

Winning this reward is a
Life-changing moment for me,

Because I've only been in a
Plane twice.

I've never been in a helicopter.

We're turned on our side with
The door wide open.

It almost feels like a roller

Heck of a lot different than
Disney world.

Is that our camp?

That's aurora.


I chose to take victoria and
Lauren instead of aurora.

I'm sure aurora is hurt at my
Decision, but I hope that she's.

A smart enough player to know
She's still better off going.

With me, victoria and lauren
Over working with someone like.

Devens who has a clear shot of
Winning this game.

Look how beautiful.



Congratulation, guys.

It's the best reward.

Thank you, gavin.


It's great.

Enjoy it.

Us three have to stick Together.

Devens has to be next.


We have the keep going.

So if devens wins immunity
Tomorrow, what do we do?

I'd say julie.


You going to talk to aurora to
See where her head is at?

As of right now the three of
Us all agree that devens has to.


And gavin and victoria are
Thinking julie.

But I'm really worried.

Julie and I have been close kind
Of since right around the.


We have been building this

So I personally don't want to
Take julie out.

So I personally don't want to
Take julie out.

Hi, guys.

Welcome back.

Coming back from the reward,
I knew I needed to talk to

Aurora to assure her on our end
Nothing has changed.

The most important thing is
Moving together as a foursome.

I'm really sorry.

Aurora is just an emotional

So now I have to doubly reassure
Her that nothing has changed.

And, you know to, win this game
That it would be smartest for us.

To stick together.

Nothing changed.

We need the four of us to stay

I ode like devens first.

I know, that but I would like to
Get rid of julie as soon as.

Possible, so I think the final
Four doesn't change at all.

Well, here's the thing, it
Sucks because again I'm not.

Chosen when people are picking
People, and I've been on the.


I'm going to trust in the final

I have to have trust.

But what am I going to do,


So automatically victoria wants
To explain there was no ill will.

From their side being on the

Even if I have doubts, it is the
Most logical choice to stay in.

This alliance.

I just want to move forward to
Get out devens and julie.

So at this point I have to stick
With my plan.

So at this point I have to stick
With my plan.

Special delivery.

My god.

What is that?


Eric, my gosh, please.

I found thisi Flagpole.

You have been pushed further
Than anticipated, and you have.

Withstood the test.

This is the letter you wrote to
Yourself before the game.

My gosh.

Find a spot and remind
Yourself why you are here.

Try to remember all the good
Things waiting for you now at.


Don't forget you're one of the
Lucky ones.

What an adventure?

What a story to tell.

I started this journey not
Necessarily knowing exactly what.

My purpose was here beyond the

There's a part in this that says
This is every experience teaches.

You something.

This too has a purpose.

You have been through a hell of
A lot and never gave up.

You are a fighter.

You have already won.

I would have never realized this
Without this journey.

Be confident.

Be sneaky.

Be the ultimate survivor that
You are.

Get after it.

The entirety of the letter is
About how I want to play a.

Perfect game.

I failed at that.

But having the edge of
Extinction, the introspective,

The personal quest to find out
Who I am, how much I've grown.

And how much I've changed,
That's what I'm taking home.

It's not even worth the $1

That's priceless.

The only validation you need
Is from within.

You are a unique weirdo.

Do not be afraid to show it.

I'm a 44-year-old child, so
"Survivor" can have maturing.


With any lucky use my time out
Here to return to my girlfriend

Leah with a focus on turning our
Relationship into something even.


I hope this brings me a new

I hope to be more
Self-sufficient and independent.

I'm in the needy, but I can
Always be better.


I can't believe that.

I was so caught up on this you
Were voted out first, you're a.

Loser, but it took me so long to
Finally be proud of myself and.

Realize, wow, I am a survivor.


I have learned so much.

I would have never ever in a
Million years guessed it from.

Writing this that everything
Would just come full circle.

I mean, that's pretty cool.

And I'm still here.

I don't give up.

Six days left.

I'm doing what I can do.

My plan right now is I have
My idol.

Now I'm doing everything I am to
Totally mess with everyone else.

That I'm in camp.

With I can rest on day 40, but
Right now it's everything into.

The game.
You following around gives me.

The disconcerting feeling that
You might vote me out tonight.


We're afraid that devens has
Another advantage or another.

Clue or something like that.

So it looks like it's going to
Be another day of idol hunting.

And paranoia, which sucks.

I am having a ton of fun
Wearing these guys out.

I feel like a kid, or like a

Either one is just as fun.

Hiding behind trees.

I'm not jumpy like that.

I'm laughing all the way,
Because I know I already have.

What they're looking for, what
They're worried I have.

They don't have the endurance or
Drive to keep up, and I know.

It's driving them crazy.

Where is he going?

He's got nothing to lose
Right now.

You think he's just in the
Middle of the woods making.


Could be if he's given up

I think rick has gone crazy.

He disappears out of nowhere.

It's like hide and seek.

So we're just walking around
Aimlessly trying the find him.

I love making them paranoid,
Because it makes them mentally.

And emotionally exhausted.

It brings me joy, which gives me
Energy and it's going to push me.

Through this game.

Come on in, guys.

All right.

Let's get to today's immunity

Gavin, got the take back the

Thank you.

Thank you.

Once again immunity
Is back up for grabs.

For today's chang, you're going
To race to slide letter tiles.

Into target.

You'll then use two handles to
Transport those tiles through a.

Series of obstacles.

Finally, you'll use the letter
Tiles to solve a six-word.


First to finish wins immunity,
Safe from the vote, guaranteed.

To see day 35.

Losers, tribal council where
Somebody will be voted out.

Aurora, during the entire
Explanation, you were shaking.

Your head, moving your body.

What is happening right now?

I hate word puzzles.


I just want to win so badly, but
When you come in already.

Doubting yourself, it sucks.

Devens, that's
Exactly what you want to hear in.

This game.

Any doubt from any other player,


If they're all bad at word
Puzzles, I only have to be.


That's great for me.

All right.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

Good luck.

All right.

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


This first stage is a game you
Play in your backyard, sliding.


When you hear that clang, that's
A good thing.

When they start to clog out, you
Just got to grab them, bring.

Them back, and slide them again.

Devens getting them through.

Aurora doing all right.

Everybody is getting close.

Lauren is first through with all
Of hers.

She can start stacking them.

Devens has all of his.

Aurora is good.

Gavin has all of his.

Here goes lauren now
Transporting a pretty decent.


Yo you've got to get over two

You can move as many as you
Think you can carry at once.

Lauren finds out the hard way
That was a few too many.

She drops.

Got to go back.

Here comes aurora.

Here comes gavin.

Aurora has a big stack.

Gavin going more conservatively.

There goes aurora.

First beam is good.

Gavin is good with first beam.

Once you complete a phase,
You're good in that phase.

Aurora drops.

She's got to go back.

Devens is good.

Gavin drops.

Devens drops.

Nobody's gotten to the end yet.

Here comes lauren.

A smaller stack this time.

And she's whipping through it.

Lauren is first back with a few

Gavin right behind her.

Here comes aurora.

She's good.

Jeff, I'm playing.

Victoria has her
First pieces back.

Thank you, victoria.

Julie is good.

Devens is good.

Here comes lauren with a bigger
Stack this time.

Gavin once again staying small
And conservative.

Here comes devens with more.

Aurora drops again.

She's got to go back.

Gavin drops.

He's good.

Everybody is picking up the

Immunity on the line on day 34.

Lauren is good.

Victoria is good.

Julie is good.

Everybody heading back for more.

Here comes aurora.

She hates anything to do with

Except speaking.

I like to talk.

No gavin now going to go with a
Couple extra tiles this time.

Lauren back with more tiles.

Julie is getting the hang of
This quickly.

Here comes devens with his last
Letter tiles.

Gavin drops.

Lauren is good.

She goes back for more tiles.

Aurora with a huge stack of
Tiles, trying to make up some.


Devens has all his tiles.

He can start working.

Six-word phrase.

Aurora has her last tile.

She can start working.

You have been fighting for 34

Not going to quit now.

She's good.

Lauren has the last of her

It is devens, aurora, and lauren
Right now.

Like every word phrase on
"Survivor," it will be difficult.

And yet seem obvious when it's

Every second counts in this

Julie drops.

Those are seconds she cannot get

Here comes victoria with the
Last of her letter tiles.

She can start working.

Gavin is back.

I still have some more.

Gavin still has to go
Back for more tiles.

That's where the conservative
Approach is costing him time.


Julie is good.

Everybody back working on their
Word puzzle except for gavin.

So many words you could spell
With these letters.

Use your "Survivor" knowledge.

One phrase potentially worth $1
Million if you survive tonight.


Devens thinks he has something.

Don't want to say anything,
Because you don't want anybody.

To know, because you could get
This very fast.





Devens thinks he
Might already have it.

Not living on the edge tonight.

Devens wins immunity.

Yeah, baby!

Safe tonight at Tribal council.

Cannot be voted out of this


That was fast.

Devens, come on over.

Safe once again at tribal
Council, and I'm guessing 34.

Days in from the way you've been
Talking at tribal, this is.

Coming in very handy.

I would have been going home
Tonight if I didn't have this.



Victoria, gavin,
Aurora, lauren, julie, after 34.

Days, somebody will be voted out
Tonight at tribal.

Grab your stuff.

See you.

There congrats.

It won't be you.

Because I have the necklace,
I'm safe now.

I was target number one.

They're going to go for julie,
Who is the only person not in.

That four, the only person who
Might be willing to work with me.

At all, so I'm really hoping I'm
Going to find a way to keep her.

In the game.

Would you like the talk?

Would you like the talk in
The family room?

I would like the talk to Rick.

I know I'm next on the list.

So I think it only makes sense
That rick and I...

well, you're the only one who
Will talk to me, so I would love.

To talk to you.

Even if he has something,
He's not giving it to her, no.

Way in hell.

Rick winning immunity sucks.

I feel as though he is just that
Thorn in my side which will not.

Go away.

It's all going to be fine.

Julie is going to go home.

I really do trust my final Four.

Because we can't get devens out
Tonight, then the most logical.

Choice for the next vote is

He's probably telling her
Right now maybe they'll vote for

Aurora or something like that.

Maybe they'll flip and turn
Against her.

Tonight we're going to vote
For aurora.


I'm trying to figure out what
They're going to do.

I'm almost hoping that maybe
They'll turn on aurora on their.


They might think I'm a better
Bet in the finals.

Take the safe way out.

They might take the safe way
Out and turn on her.

I'm willing to work with rick
For the next vote, because I.

Don't really have many other
Choices, but I need more than.

Just the two of us.

Lauren is the only one I kind
Of... if she reaches out to me,

I would have to put my whole
Life in lauren's hands in terms.

Of somehow swaying them I'm a
Better pick to take to the end,

But I don't know.

I do have a good relationship
With lauren, but if lauren votes.

For aurora, we're still going to
Need someone else to vote aurora.

With her.

Rick's probably going for
Aurora, so I feel like I have to.

Put a vote on her.

If anybody else wants to make
That switch, I feel like I'm a.

Much better person for a final

She has better potential to win

She has a better chance at
Winning a fire-making chance.

I see it.

Moving forward with julie means
That I could possibly sit next.

To her at the end, and I think I
Have a better chance of beating.

Her than I do aurora.

I think that julie has become a
Very emotional player, and so I.

Don't think a lot of the jury
Likes julie.

I do not plan on putting my vote
On you.

I think I can convince gavin.


So I'm going to have to try
To convince gavin that his best.

Play is to not take aurora to
The end.

This is the kind of thing where
Letting julie go home looks.

Stupid to me.

I say we vote aurora.

You're my number one, so if you
Don't want to do that...

I'd rather have vick in on it
So she's not likely to flip on.

Us the next vote.

If she shuts it down hard, do
We still want to do it?

We'll get it figured out.

Let me talk to her first and
We'll go from there.

Lauren hit me with a
Conversation, do we really need.

To vote julie, the easy vote, or
Get out someone like aurora, who.

Is going to be a threat at the
Fire-making challenge or just a.

Threat to win that final
Immunity challenge.

I'm still down to vote Aurora.


Iauren was ready to roll with
It as long as I was.

She didn't need victoria's vote,
But that concerns me, just.

Because I am close with

Moving forward, I want to make
Sure victoria is in on this vote.

And she's okay with it, because
I don't want to rock the vote.

Were it needs to be rocked.

It's either julie or aurora.

Lauren thinks aurora.

I just think that's the wrong
Thing to do.

I trust lauren, but I'm with
Your 100%, because she was.

Willing to make the move whether
You were on board or not.

I said, new york I'm not doing
It without vick.

Iauren was ready to vote
Aurora with or without me.

Doesn't matter to her if I was
On board.

I do think she does want to
Go to the end with julie because.

She knows that's her best

If it's me and you, we can do
What we need to.

Now I feel like I'm in a bad
Spot, because at this point I.

Trust gavin, but I believe
Lauren is trying to work with.

So I just would rather have
Julie out of the game.

I mean, if you and I come
Back here it will be a big.


You're coming back here.

I know, I know, I know.

Julie is the only one who
Will work with me.

I should do anything I can to
Keep her in the game.

She's also someone that I
Wouldn't mind sitting next to in.

A final three.

So I'm going to have at least
One were to tricks up many I.

Sleeve to go along with my

It gives me an opportunity to
Make a splash at tribal council.

And maybe make this four-person
Alliance of aurora, lauren,

Gavin, and victoria turn on each
Other tonight just to have them.

Looking at each other like that
Will further a smile on my face.

The more confused they are, the
Better it is for me, because.

When people are confused and
Paranoid this this game, they do.

Crazy things.

That's exactly what I need them
To do.

We'll now wring in
The members of our jury.

We'll now wring in
The members of our jury.

So devens, you win immunity
Today and the first thing you.

Say is," I was going home
Tonight without it."

What happened when you got back
The camp and you weren't going.

To be the one going home?

There were some unhappy faces
When I got back the camp.

I think only myself and jelly
Were happy I won immunity today.

I think plans got a little

Julie, is that the
Feeling, that it's you and.

Devens against the world?


After the last tribal council
Where ron got blindsided, it was.

Very clear there is a
Four-person alliance going on.

Here that devens and I are not a
Part of.

What was the feeling
For you at camp this afternoon.

Knowing devens is safe?

Was it just a shift to you?

I mean, yeah.

Nobody really wanted to talk to
Me today.

So when we got back the camp, I
Immediately asked to speak to.

Devens, because for me, I was
Completely on the outs.

Aurora, is that a
Known fact by everybody?

It's very known.

It's also known that I've been
Very vocal that I want devens.


I think he's played a great

Anyone in this game will lose to

And I will say the same thing

I want him out.

Victoria, it's
Interesting that you can get.

Laser focused on one person.

Is there any danger in that?

I don't want to say that
We're in the looking at the game.

As a whole just by focusing on
Devens, but he has played a good.

Game, and his winning has always
Come in clutch.

I think it's a collective goal
That devens should go home.

That's best for everyone's game.

Gavin, are you part
Of the "We" as well.

Are are you all focused on

Devens is the center of
Attention, because we keep.

Getting these opportunities to
Get him out and we can't make.

The most out of them.

So it is frustrating in a sense,
But in our defense, he's the.

Master of disguise.

We've been trying to follow him
Around the make sure he's in the.

Finding other idols.

I mean, he's everywhere all
The time.

He's literally hiding in Trees.

I was right behind devens at
One point, and me being the.

Idiot I am, I turned around and
He was gone.


I'm like kaiser sosa.

He's a crafty fella.

When they want me the most,
They can't find me, meanwhile, I.

Can find a lot of interesting

Aurora, what do you
Read into that?

I have learned not to listen
To 90% of the things devens.

Says, but I completely respect
Everything he is doing.

He is out here giving 100%, and
To me that just gives me more.

Energy to keep going after him.

Devens, there's a lot
Of attention on you, and you're.

The one person who is safe.

Thank goodness for that.

But I'm getting frustrated,
Because there are four people.

That have taken control of the

Really it's three.

Aurora, whether she wants to
Admit it or not, is clearly on.

The outside, but anyway, I feel
Like tonight it's a great.

Opportunity to try to take some

Because of that, I'm going to
Help out my friend julie.

Tonight, and when the time
Comes, I'm going to play my.

Hidden immunity idol that I did
Find when people weren't.

Following me!

And then julie andry going to
Vote together for vick, gavin,

Aurora, or lauren.

So that's our plan tonight.

Try to take back some control in
This game.

Gavin, big statement.

Devens pulls out something, says
It's an idol and he's going the.

Play it for julie and he's
Targeting one of the four of.


That is a big statement.

I believe him.

He's proved he's loyal to the
People that back him up, and...


How can you not be nervous?

I'm definitely nervous.

Lauren, this is Do-or-die time.

Look around.

There are only handful of people

Yeah, it's just like the fear
Factor of it.

He tells you one thing.

He does another thing.

And if I was him, why not?

You get julie on your side and
You take someone out that you.

Don't want to sit by at the end.

And so I don't feel as
Comfortable as I did walking in.

It's still also an if.

If it's an actual idol.

It's in a red piece of paper
Which is the same color he.

Pulled out for the last one.

In this tribal is over, I'm not
Taking anything for granted.

Gavin, it is
Interesting that fake idols can.

Be powerful, because you never
Know until it comes time to read.

The votes.

Yeah, I think you take that
Into consideration and truly how.

Close are devens and julie?

Does devens need this idol for
Himself at the next vote?

Because that would still leave a
Four against one.

I might say with the
Chance of something coming back.

From distinction it would be

That could be a big move in this

And if they want to bet a
Million dollars that I'm not.

Going to play this on julie even
Though I already played one on

David, then that's fine, but
It's a million dollar gamble.

Devens, this bravado
That you're showing tonight, do.

You think that was at all
Influenced by being voted out,

Sent to distinction, having to
Fight your way back in, is there.

Anything about this second
Chance that has changed you?


I went out is so easily.

I wanted to be a nice guy.

You have time to think about it.

Why didn't I fight harder?

This time I'm playing with house
Money, and there is some freedom.

Being on the bottom and having
Nobody work with you.

So now I'm just doing everything
I can to better my position in.

The game.

And you need allies in this

All right.

It is time to vote.

Lauren, you're up.

You're a cool girl who
Refuses to work with me.

You're a cool girl who
Refuses to work with me.

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want the play it,

Now would be the time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote aurora.


One vote julie.


That's two votes aurora.


That's three votes aurora, one
Vote julie.

14th person voted out and
11th member of our jury,


That's four.

That's enough.

How do you fall for this
Reverse psychology?

Aurora, the tribe has spoken.

Good game, guys.

Good luck.

Get him out.




Stay tuned for scenes
From our next episode.

Next time on the
Season finale of "Survivor,".

Five are left, and one will
Return from the edge of.


You each have one goal... defeat
Everybody else.

Who will outlast all the rest
And claim the title of sole.


Join us for the finale next

It was so predictable, which
I can't understand how anyone.

Fell for that.

My plan is to get pumped up for
The competition.

It's either going to get me back
In the game or it's going to be.

My final "Survivor" challenge.

Welcome to the edge.

Miss positivity over here.

It's been a long 30 whatever