Survivor (2000–…): Season 38, Episode 10 - Episode #38.10 - full transcript

Previously on
Survivor, the majority had plan.

Of attack.

Aurora has good to go.

But wardog wanted to
Shake up the game.

Vote kelley tonight.

It's time to make a move on the
Last returning player, and.

That's kelley wentworth.

At tribal council wardog left
Lauren in the dark and betrayed.

His closest ally.

A lot of lying going on.

When he voted out Wentworth.

Wentworth, the tribe has spoken.

And she grabbed the torch and
Headed to the edge of.


Down to eight.

Tribal council sucked.

It's really sad the lose kelley,
Not just on like a "Survivor".

Level with someone who I
Genuinely trusted, but on a.

Personal level, she felt like my
Older sister.

So I'll just be first to say
Anybody want to... Obviously two.

People flipped.

I think I can guess who it is,
But do you guys want to say it?

Ron and wardog.

Ron and wardog?

I'm so angry and so mad at

I actually kind of feel like I'm
Out for flood.

At the same time, I also want
The take rick out just because

Rick poses a threat to everyone,
But I don't know who wants to.

Work with me anymore.

I think I can get others to
Rally behind me, but it is this.

Weird feeling of I don't know
Where people stand anymore.

It was mice being in on it
Instead of being on the outs.

But that's part of it.

When you say to me, I just
Wish I was in on it, you only.

Wish you were in on it after the
Votes were done.

I thought we still could have

Because kelley had allies.

If anything I couldn't take
Kelley out.

You had allies also.

There was no wait, because I
Don't think you were going to.

Flip on her.

You go where the numbers go.

I thought me, you and ron
Were the tightest.

I trusted wardog 100%.

Going into tribal council, I
Felt really confident in my.


I was left out of the vote, so
Now I know that bridge is.


Wardog is just barking out

Wardog talked to me like a dog.

I ain't having that.

Right now I'm upset, gavin.

You like to stay with the
Numbers all the way.

You don't like rocking the boat.

You can't be barking out
Orders 24/7 and expect people to.

Work with you.

He's next on my list.

I want wardog out now.

I hate that wardog got as pissed
As he did.

He got pissed here.

He talked to me like a dog.

My god.

I'd rather make big moves
With you all than be talked to.

Like a dog.

I ain't about that life.

I feel like I'm next on the
Chopping block.

That's not true.

Well, not in my mind, buddy.

I was working with wardog to
Get out kelley, but then I'm.

Thinking, he's a loose cannon.

He says too much.

He talked to gavin like gavin
Was ten years old, and it really.

Hurt gavin's feeling.

It's perfect because it cut
Those two in half.

I'll do whatever, make a move
Wherever you guys want, and I'm.

An easy vote for it.

So appreciate you guys.

I feel like my game is going
Pretty good because I have lots.

Of different options and I'm
Trying the play both sides.

The only thing I was worried
About was julie, because she's.

The one I need to mend fences

I'm in the like that.

I'm not super emotional.

As emotional as I am in this

I feel so bad.

But it's wetter... better for
Us not to always vote together.

I'm with you, and I have
Something else to tell you.

Aurora gave me her extra vote to
Show trust.

It's still her, but I have it.

If she had gone home tonight, I
Was going to use it.

Are you kidding me?


I told julie about the extra
Vote, because I need julie to.

Feel confident and trust me so
That she's completely loyal to.


I'll watch you back as long
As you watch mine.

I want to work with you until
The end.

I do want to work with you, Too.

You're with me, I'm with you.

Even though I clearly was
Left out of tonight's vote, I.

Don't blame ron at all.

It was a good move.

I have no hard feelings against

He's the only person in the game
I feel like I can truly trust.

I do think he has my back.


There's a lot of lying going On.

At tribal last night, ron,
Myself, and wardog voted.

Together to get rid of kelley.

And no one was happier than me
That kelley wentworth was headed.

To the edge of extinction.

So ron and wardog and I kind of
Need each other.

So here's a realization that I
Had, okay, that we're the only.

Threats in players in the game.


We're the only ones with the


I think those girls haven't
Been players, but they're going.

To want to build their resume,
And none of them are going to.

Take us to the end.

I am totally with that.

I don't want either one of you
All gone.

If we turn on each other too
Soon, none of us get.

There we all agree on that.

We're each other's biggest
Threat and our only hope.

I hear you.

Wardog has been my nemesis in
This game, but now we need each.

Other going forward as a shield,
Because as soon as one of us.

Goes out, it will be a feeding

I see the people that have not
Built mump of a resume starting.

To build their resume by getting
Rid of one threat after the.


We got to take the girls out.

The three of us get rid of

Take aurora out.

And then just work it from

Aurora is definitely on the

She's an easy vote.

Because she's been named every
Tribal, everyone was going for


She's a big competitor.

She's a challenge beast.

And you never know what she's
Going to say at tribal.

The only way we can protect
Each other is if we stay.


So I think the three of us need
To figure out a way we stay.


The game I'm playing right
Now is ron is everyone's ally,

And if I don't work with you
Right now, maybe next time.

We have to convince them to
Vote out a lesser threat as.

Opposed to a bigger threat.

That could be tricky.

We have to stick together for
At least a few more votes.

If we take aurora out, there
Is no plot against her.

The road ahead of me will be

Either way I can join either

So I've got a tough decision to

I love having power and control.

And it puts me in the middle
Again where I get to make a.


All right.

Let's get to today's reward

For today's challenge, you're
Going to swim out to a platform,

Run across it, jump in, pull
Yourself under the platform,

Retrieve a ring, and race to the

Once you have all three rings,
You'll attempt to land them on.

Three targets.

First four finish win reward.

Want to know what you're playing


You'll be taken from
Here to the sabato mud baths.

Where you will enjoy sandwich,
Chicken, shredded pork, roast.

Beef, salad, wine, juice, and
Brownies for dessert.

My god.

Treat your body both
Inside and out.

Worth playing for?


We're going to do a
Schoolyard pick.

Let's do this!

All right!

All right.

We have our two teams.

For blue, it is lauren, wardog,
Devens, and julie.

For yellow it's ron, aurora,
Gavin, and victoria.

For reward, here we go.

Survivors ready?


Wardog off the a slippery start.

Good job, wardog.

Good job, ron.


Wardog is swimming to
The wrong platform.

Watch out, wardog.

You're going to wrong way.

To your right.

To your right, wardog.

Ron gets there first.

You have to get up and race
Across it.

Come on, ron.

Push it, brother.

Get across.

Jump in and pull yourself under.

Wardog and ron come up for air.

Wardog is there.

Ron is there.

Good job, wardog.

That aboy, ron.

Now you're going to
Untie one ring.

One ring.

That's it, buddy.

Wardog has his.

Ron has his.

Wardog in the water first.

There goes ron.

Nice, ron.

You got this, dog.

You got to get back
On the platform before the next.

Person can go.

Come on, come on, come on.

Gavin pulls up ron.

Go, yellow!

Go, blue!

It's aurora whipping through the

Go, aurora.

Aurora is on fire.

Lauren back up now.

Good job, good job.

Lauren trying to stay In it.

She's back in the water.

Good job, lauren.

Good job.

Aurora does not come Up for air.


Lauren pops up for
Air, slowing down a little more.

Aurora is whipping through this

Aurora back in the water.

Amazing toss.

That's how you do it
On "Survivor," right there.

Good job, lauren.

Lauren is untying her Ring.

Good job, good job.

There goes lauren.

Good job.

Trying to get aurora
Back on the platform.

You're good, yellow.

Get in the water.

Now you got to land those rings,
One on each post.

Yellow with a big lead.

Lauren is back for blue.

You're good.

Get in the water.

Gavin connects for yellow.

Yellow has one.

Devens just misses with his

Devens trying the keep it close.

Devens connects.

It is 1-1.

Good job.

And just like that it
Is blue in the lead.

Gavin now is the one that's got
To pick it up.

Gavin hits.

On and off.

Devens could win it right here.

Just short.

Gavin trying the tie it up.



Devens one more time
For the win.

Devens does it!

Julie, lauren, wardog, and
Devens win reward.

All right.

Devens, wardog, julie, lauren,
Nice afternoon awaits.

Bring it in.

Your chariot awaits.

Hop on.

My god.

Aurora, gavin, ron,
Victoria, I got nothing for you.

Swim out.

So we lost the reward
Challenge, but now this is an.

Opportunity for me to build a
Strong relationship with

Victoria, ron, and aurora.

I feel like wardog has it out
For me, but I want a little.

Sweet revenge, and I want his
Head on a silver platter.

Honestly, I have not had one
Fun day here.

That's why I'm so mad.

This game is so hard.

I feel like I'm just going to


I'll try not to be a hot mess
Around camp.

Ly remove myself.

You're okay.

I know, I know.

I know, you've been through it.

I know.

Getting voted out with an
Idol in my pocket, knowing I.

Made a mistake, knowing I'm a
Perfectionist, I feel mad at.

Myself because I didn't trust my
Gut and I should have.

You all feel better?

Give her a hug.

Group hug.

Usually when you leave the
Game and head somewhere and mask.

All these feelings, but you come
To the edge still dealing with.


And I know that I will beat
Myself up over this for a long.


Yesterday at camp we were having
Conversations and I was like,

Don't be paranoid.

You have to laugh at it all.

It's a game.

It's so hard.

Finally kelley gets voted Out.

Like I don't know what the hell
Took them so long.

I was trying to do that on day
Three which ended up getting me.

Voted out.

I mean, bravo.


Kama is so stupid.

I'm happy that went down.

She said, liars.

I was like, listen, dude, karma.

Karma's a bitch.

That's what happens.

Kelley, I'm not going to lie to
You, I'm mad.

I'm sure you picked up on that.

I feel like my "Survivor"
Experience wasn't because of.


Well, I apologize, reem.

I really don't.

But don't act like people
Don't come here and have.

Diarrhea of the mouth about
What's going on.

Everybody is talking about
What's going on, you know what I.


Kelley was part of getting rid
Of me, kind of killed my.

"Survivor" dream, per se.

So that sucks.

It sucks as a super fan.

It sucks.

So I had to say something.

I really did.

Because everyone here at edge of
Extinction is mad at somebody,

And if you don't let it off your
Chest, it is just going to get.

Ugly, and it's going to fester,
So get it off your chest.

Everybody knows there's a
Healing process once you're.

Here, but it takes time.

I came in this time with the
Idea I would have to be more.

Open and vulnerable and connect
With people, so getting voted.

Out and coming to the edge does
Make me like face my demons in a.


Like I realize I'm so

And I think I'm a very tough
Cookie, tough exterior, and I'm.

Not super vulnerable, and so I
Just hope that this experience.

Translates into real life and
Helps me grow as a person.

Because what's important is
What's back home.

Like I have a husband who has
Allowed me to do this three.


I have family who is probably
Going to laugh at the fact they.

Was an idiot and went home with
An idol in my pocket.

So even though this is not easy.

You've been out here a while.

I think you may want to get out
Of the sun.

Hopefully once this chapter
Is closed on the edge of.

Extinction, I will look back and
Say, I made my mistakes, I'm at.

Peace with it, and it was also a
Great experience in its own way.

Peace with it, and it was also a
Great experience in its own way.

We come back the camp after
Losing the reward, and it's.


I haven't eaten really in 11

But losing today is a great

So I'm thinking what if we
Stoke some coconut and coffee.

Coconut and coffee?

Because I know this afternoon
I'll have time with victoria,

Aurora, and gavin.

So hopefully it buys me a little
Time to figure out what's best.

For me.

Let's have a day in paradise,
How about that?

That was fun, the challenge.

Devens is very athletic.

He's probably one of the least
Typical, but he's a beast.

I think all devens did again
Today is prove how much he has.

To go.


Devens is definitely the most

I think we can all vote Devens.

I'm letting you know what I
Need to do.

I'm an easy vote for you.

The group was leaning toward
Taking rick devens, who is a.

Favorite from the jury's point
Of view.

I'd rather fake out wardog
Because he betrayed me,

Unfortunately I have to be

I have to go with the numbers at
This point because I have no.

Traction, but I think eventually
Wardog is going to crumble, and

I'll still be here.

We all put our votes on Devens.

I truly think it's if best Move.


Before tribal council aurora
Gave me her extra vote.

For a moment I'm thinking maybe
I could keep the vote for.

Myself, but then I'm thinking,
I'd rather give it back to her.

Because that's a better move for

I'm trying to get aurora to
Trust me completely, and I think.

If she feels, that she will do
Whatever I need her to do.

Or if I choose, I can vote her

She won't see it coming.

The tide is really low, so
I'm going to bring basket down.

And see if I can find some

I'm going to keep eating
Until you come back.

And I high still keep eating.

I'm going to cook a lot of Rice.

Do one cup.

Ron, we've got to keep going on

We don't have that much left.

No, one cup for four is going
To be perfectly fine.

Aurora, you're not the rice

I'd rather...
ron is the quickest to get.

Snappy when he doesn't get his

At this point we are literally
Dating each other when all we.

Want to do is break up.

It is the drama queen in ron
That comes outs, but I'm used to.

Being around drama queens
Because I am one.

So you're not going to win with

Tomorrow we move to three
Scoops a day.

Aurora gets on my nerves so Bad.

She wants to have control of
Every situation every moment.

I have made it a month with

If I have to go to 39 days with
Her, I need to get $2 million,

Not $1 million.

Is the tide still low?

Want to go look at it real

You're driving me crazy.

It feels good.

That feels so good.


Very nice.

Today is a great day.

We won the challenge.

I got chance to get my body

I can feel relaxed.

I have some time away from camp.

I'll recharge, right?

I got 11 more days in this game.

I know the end is near, and this
Will be the boost I need.

Want me to get your back?

Testify come on, you do my
Become an I'll do yourings.


Nothing better than having.

Devens rub mud on me.

I have dreamed of this since
Day one.

Finally, day 28.

Wardog and I have, who have had
Such an up-and-down game.

Strategically, are rubbing the
Mud on each other.

Look at that.

And we cover each other head to

We're having fun.

The girls are doing the same

This is a bonding experience.

We're going to be very close
After this.

You want the talk on heaven.

Heaven is getting mud rubbed on
You by wardog in fiji.


It's like a hot tub.

This feels amazing.

I love hot water.

Going into this reward, the
Way the teams worked out, I'm.

Not looking at it as a strategic
Opportunity, because lauren and

Julie are not playing the game.

They're just going where the
Wind blows.

They're not in the driver's
Seat, and they seem okay with&4p.

So it's just a really cool human
Opportunity to bond with.

Everybody in a way to step away
From the game for a little.




That will wake you up in the

How is it?

It's nice.

It's a little cold.


Just get clean.

We've heard every girl's name
Mentioned as somebody who would.

Be beatable in the end, like a
Girl to take to the end some.

Here's the deal.

I'm trying the figure out how to
Shape things up.

I have an idea.


We take out rick.

I think wardog is worse than

I could see him winning the

I think as long as wardog is
In the game, we have someone.

That everyone can agree.

I'm telling you... I trust you.

I trust you.

Ly not turn on you.

Julie is talking about how
She wants wardog gone, but I.

Don't know that's the smartest

Thank you so much.

Good job today.

I think devens is much more
Dangerous than anyone else on.

This beach.

So now I have to convince people
To take rick out.

Come on in, guys.

All right.

Let's get to today's immunity

First things first, devens.

Take back the necklace.

All right.

Once again immunity is back up
For grabs.

For today's challenge we'll race
Over an obstacle carrying a.


You'll then maneuver a second
Buoy threw a long tunnel.

Finally you'll gab your third
Buoy and fall under a net.

You'll then use the keys
Attached to unlock a puzzle.

First person to finish their
Star puzzle wins immunity,

Guaranteed to see day 30.

Losers tribal council where
Somebody will be the 12th.

Person voted out of this game.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

All right.

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


This first obstacle you cannot
Touch the ground in between.

You have to jump from one to

Everybody looking good.

That's how you do it.

Aurora is out first.

Gavin is there.




Wardog is through.

Julie is over.

Now you're maneuvering a second

Ron working on that and he's got

Ron's good now.

Aurora quickly through.

Gavin on her tail.

Julie is in it.

Devens has his.

He's through.

Aurora working on that third

She's got it.

There goes gavin.

Devens right on his tail.

Devens is whipping through this
Third part of the challenge.

It's now aurora and devens that
Are coming out at exactly the.

Same moment.

Now you got to use one of those
Three keys to unlock the lock,

Holding your puzzle.

Gavin is through.

Wardog pushing.

Here comes victoria.

Lauren trying to get through

Julie is in it.

Once you've got that lock open,
Get rid of it and start working.

On the puzzling.

Lauren is through.

Here comes julie and ron.

Everybody now with their puzzle.

This is what you want on day 29.

Everybody with a shot.

Eight people left in this game.

You want the make it to seven
And day 30, here's your chance.

You are building a star puzzle.

Everybody is looking for some

What is it about this puzzle?

Is there a pattern?

Is there something I can figure
Out that will help me solve it?

I hate puzzles.

Devens making a Little progress.

Gavin's got some progress.

Aurora is moving quickly.

She's right.

She's got something going.

Gavin and devens have a few
Pieces in place.

The question is, are they in the
Right place?

Ron not much of anything yet.

Julie nothing.

Victoria nothing.

Lauren not much.

Wardog has a few pieces in

It's aurora now with something.

Come on.

Devens continues,
Piece by piece.

He's got something going and he
Knows it.

Can anybody catch him now is the

It is aurora and devens right
Now in the lead.

Nobody else really close.

Devens has hit a roadblock now.

That opens the door for aurora.

Aurora with another piece.

Devens with another piece.

Getting closer and closer.

I got it.

I got it.

Devens has it.

Individual immunity for devens.

Safe tonight at tribal council.


The pieces started going
Together fast.

Devens, come on over.

Second time in a row individual
Immunity, safe tonight at tribal.


As for the rest of you, tonight
Somebody will be the 12th.

Person voted out of this game.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

See you tonight at tribal.


Before the immunity challenge
We had this plan to get devens.

Out, but as soon as rick wins,
It just snaps in my head, it's.

Got to be wardog.

People know the game wardog is

If he gets to the end, he will
Win this game.

Hopefully people open their eyes
And see we have the get wardog.

Out right now.

Sayonara, wardog.

I can't wait to see him go.

I was so mad when rick con
Immunity today.

I really wanted him out of here.

He's such a threat.

The more he sticks around, I
Think the more dangerous he.



Thanks, guys.

You said you're not good at

I didn't think I was.

Our plan was going to be that
Rick goes home, but rick is safe

wardog and rick are the two
Big threats of game.

One of the threats won immunity,
So maybe you vote the other one.


It can be as simple as that.

I was freaking out this
Morning that it was going to be.


Want to go to the fire with Me.

I would love that.

Let's go.

So devens won immunity.

What about wardog?

Don't forget.

Wardog says that if all the
Threats in the game are gone,

The next largest threat would

If we take out wardog, that
Leaves me in the hot seat,

Because I'm the next biggest

No matter what he says, he's
Going home.

Here he comes.

I have a tough decision to Make.

Do I send home wardog with my
Vote and align with aurora,

Victoria, or gavin, or if I
Choose, I can flip my vote and.

Work with devens and wardog to
Vote for aurora and she would go.


That's a tough one.

Ron, you want another Coconut?

Thank you.

With rick winning immunity,
I'm the biggest threat you can.

Vote out right now.

If victoria, gavin, julie, and
Aurora team up, they can take me.


So my strategy is to target
Aurora, because there's in love.

Lost taking out aurora.

She runs a big mouth, and she's
On the bottom.

Not good for him to win
Immunity for us.

It's not.

If we don't work together.

I'm out and you're out and
Neither one of us get.

There we go with aurora now.

Let's do it.



What do you want to do?

Take out aurora.

Take out aurora?


Why wouldn't you do this when
I said this?

We can do it now.

I talked with ron.

I mean, why should I believe
You after the last vote?

Well, the last vote, you were
Closer to kelley than I was.

You would have told kelley.

I couldn't tell you.

That makes sense, right?

So take out aurora?


If people are playing smart,
They go after wardog, but I'm.

Banking on stupidity tonight.

I think my dad is going to be
So impressed with my fire.


I don't trust wardog, but maybe
His plan will work.

It makes sense for my game.

I have been pushing for aurora
To get voted out of this game.


Maybe I could have a
Conversation with lauren.

Wardog told me I was right
All along, aurora should go.

Home, and you and me and rick
And ron take out aurora.

I want to make sure we shouldn't
Take wardog out first.

At least I mow the devil
We're working with when we're.

Working with wardog.


I think we still take out
Aurora, then we are left with.

The two of us and wardog.

I don't know.

I have to think about it.

My god.

The group wants the take out

I would love revenge for kelley,
But I don't know if that's the.

Best thing for me and my game.

I'm trying not to be emotional
About it, but I'm really.


It's getting to the point now,
If I don't look to the future,

If I don't set up my alliance,
If I don't get my ducks in a.

Row, then I won't have a future.

I know you've been having a
Lot of people pulling you aside.

And things like that.

It was wardog talking and me

I'm tired of wondering who I can
Really trust.

You can trust me.

I mean, I feel like I tried to
Show you the trust.

The biggest thing I had, by
Giving you that.

You didn't have to hand it back.

I don't even question your

We are all threats in this Game.

There's definitely concern that
Ron could be working with wardog.

And rick.

Ron is the one that is playing
Both sides, and he's done.

Nothing but lie to me in this

My advantage is an extra vote.

And that definitely could come
In handy, especially because.

Wardog and rick are not talking
To me.

The only other time this
Happened is when my name is.

Being written down.

And that never feels good.

And you would be crazy to say
That you feel comfortable,

Because if you do, you're going

We'll now bring in
The members of our jury.

We'll now bring in
The members of our jury.

So, wardog, what is the
Temperature become at camp?

Is it friendly?

Has it shifted?

Do you sense paranoia?

Yeah, as numbers get down,
There's less people you can.

Point a finger at.

Since everybody talks to
Everybody, it gets really thick.

In the weeds out there.

So I didn't realize it, but as
It gets smaller, the game gets.

Much harder, even though there
Are less pieces to move around.

Gaving, it looks like you had
A reaction.

Yeah, wardog is saying
Everyone is talking to everyone,

But we haven't spoken since the
Wentworth vote.

After the comment he made a
Comment that I didn't like too.


He had the audacity to say,
If I had known you had the.

Numbers, I would have been

If I had known.

There are two different ways
To approach it.

There's talking to someone, but
I feel like wardog was talking.

At me.

I think that's the reason we
Haven't spoken since.

Go, gavin.

Devens, you could
Make a case that every tribal.

Can be a turning point in that
There is no way to stop that.

Ball that's rolling down the
Hill, which is great if you're.

The one pushing, not so good if
You're the one that's about to.

Roll over.


The last returning player was
Voted out last tribal.

The last several players have
Been really big targets.

You do look around and go, which
Side of the ball am I on?

Am I call up in this, or am I

Every step is precarious right

Wardog, do you agree
It's been a lot of big targets.

That are now on the jury?


Since the merge everyone is a
Big target.

Does that concern You?


I feel like my target has grown
A lot.

First I've had to battle for 13
Days with david.

And then wentworth, I felt like
She was preparing an end game.

That didn't include me, so
Myself and ron put her out of.

The game.

So I got a big target.

Wow, ron, very clever
Move like wardog just put you in.

That cage right with him.


I was parted of it.

You have to look around and see
Who the threats are and decide.

When to make the move to remove
Them from this game.

Victoria, very
Interesting what's happening.

Tonight, people are working

One way you work a jury is by
Saying, I'm the one that played.

You, so remember that when I'm
In the end, as though that is a.

Badge of honor, which it can be.

I think it really depends on
The kind of jury you have if.

That works or not.

Like wardog said and ron said,
The big targets right now are.

The threats in the game, so if
You start bragging, hey, I got.

This person, this person, this
Person out, look how great I am,

Your tribe could find you as a
Threat, but if you don't start.

Talking about it soon, the jury
Might not respect you.

So gavin, three people now,
Wardog, ron, and victoria all.

Say, yeah, the far... targets
Are the ones who are the biggest.


That's the reason every one
Of those people are sitting.


There they were a threat.

I think people saw them as
Winning this game.

That's why they're over there
And some of us are still over.


Aurora, if we did an
Anonymous survey, would.

Everybody agree who the threats
Are in this group of eight?

Absolutely not.

I think everything in this game
Is about perception.

Each day it changes, and it's
Going to continue to change.

The game is nowhere near over,
And there is no one threat.

Lauren, how about for You?

Is there a consensus among this
Eight who the real threats are?

It depends on who you want to
Sit with at the end.

Who I perceive as a threat julie
Might not see as a threat.

It's really gray.

Devens, what do you
Do to make sure you get out the.

People you think are a threat,
Even though that may not line up.

With what everybody else thinks?

That's what's so precarious
About the game.

Every opportunity a setback, and
Every setback is an opportunity.

The last two tribals I fell like
I needed to win to stay safe,

But every time you win, you
Think, no, am I too much of.

A threat now.

I feel like we're all queuing
Around camp like julie is


Everywhere we turn, there is a
Knife and what's up, man?

Want to get some water.

It's a scary time around camp.

Ron, you sort of
Relish that idea that it could.

Be everybody has a knife and
Everybody knows everybody has a.


I don't like that actually.

That's why I try to find people
Who I can trust.

I don't want to get the et tu,
Brute in my back.

I'm looking for true
Relationships, true people I can.

Go to the end with and that
We're solid.

Lauren, the irony of
Having a relationship you can.

Trust is that everybody in that
Group believes they're the one.

That will win.

Yeah, if you tell me, you
Know, I want to go to the end.

With you, then there is part of
You that thinks you can beat me.

And if you think you can beat
Me, what am I missing?

I think that's a very
Complicated relationship to.


Aurora, that's a
Narrow balance beam the walk,

What lauren just described.

That's perfectly right.

At this point I am used to
Things being up in the air.

I think we all feel as though
Our plan is going forward, and I.

Think some people are going to
Be surprised by the end of the.



It is time to vote.

Victoria, you're up.

See you later.

I'll go tally the Votes.

The anybody has a hidden
Immunity idol and you want the.

Play it, now would be the time
To do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, aurora.



That's two votes aurora.


We're tied.

Two votes wardog, two votes


That's three votes wardog.

That's four votes wardog, two
Votes aurora.

12th person voted out and
The ninth member of our jury,


That's five, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Wardog, the tribe has spoken.

You all made the right Decision.

Good luck.

Love you.

Love you, wardog.

Thank you, brother.

Stay tuned for scenes.

From our next episode.

"Survivor," in a game of

it's a secret advantage.

I'm going to give it to you.

It's expired.

He doesn't need to know that.

You can't trust Anyone.

Why you looking in my bag?

Except family.

Challenge is good to go.

All we're missing are the loved

Ultimately it came down to
Ron tonight.

Ron did well, because I would
Have voted me out, too.

So I'm at the edge of extinction
Right now.

Don't know how long I'll be
Here, but I I can handle it.

Regrets happen.

Every day you're here you're
Closer to winning the game.

Listen, dude, you can bet
Your rear end you're going to.

Get it from me tomorrow, just so
You know.