Survivor (2000–…): Season 38, Episode 1 - It Smells Like Success - full transcript

Castaways hover on the 'Edge of Extinction' in an all-new twist, and four returning players attempt to bond with their new tribemates. Also, castaways tackle a giant puzzle in their first immunity challenge of the season.

Are about to begin an adventure
That will forever change their


You look at me, you think
This is some new yorker.

He's a military guy.

But I'm currently in law school.

And definitely don't want
Anybody to know I'm going to be

A lawyer because the wrong first
Impression could make or break

My entire game.

I'm a super, megaultrafan of
The show.

You don't know when this is
Going to happen, when this is

Going to flip, and this is going
To happen, and that's my life.

They'll compete
Alongside four returning

David, aubry,
Wentworth, and joe.

Their vast "Survivor" experience
Could make them a desired ally

Or an easy early vote.

I think that I'm going to
Have a target on my back, but

I'm going to try my hardest to
Never shine brighter than

Everybody else.

And there's a secret,
Game-changing twist.

After being voted out, players
Will be faced with a decision

Go home or go to the edge of
Extinction, where they'll be

Pushed further than ever before
For a chance to get back in the


In the end, only one will remain
To claim the million-dollar


39 days, 18 people, one

Welcome to the 38th season
Of "Survivor."

Here's a sobering thought... In

Less than 72 hours, the first
Person will be voted out.

That's how fast this game moves.

And every season it gets a
Little more complicated, a

Little more difficult to win.

No matter how good you are, you
Are always hovering on the edge

Of being voted out.

Just think of the history of
Great "Survivor" players who

Have yet to win.

In fact, let's just invite four
Of them to join you this season.

Bring them in!


My god, that kelley wentworth?

My two favorites players are
Kelley wentworth and my total

"Survivor" crush is joe.

And so we see this boat coming
And then you see the blond.

And I'm like that's freaking
Kelley wentworth.

And it gets closer and I'm like,
"Is that joe, too?"

My god.



I hate that you brought
People I like.

Come on up.

This is who you're going to be
Playing with wentworth, davi


High, guys.

Man bun!


And aubry.

My god.

Welcome back.

All right, let's
Review the track record of these

Four returning players.

Kelley wentworth... First woman
To find two hidden immunity

Idols, and when she found
Herself in a deep hole, she used

One of them for a record-setting

David writing... Scared of pretty
Much everything...

You don't need to relive all

On day one, but he
Didn't give up on himself.

And he turned into a dominant
Strategic force.

Joe has played most of his
"Survivor" days with a massive

Target on his back.

Despite that target, joe's
Tribes have won 16 challenges.

And aubry, literally cried in
The shelter.

The first time she played, but

She overcame her insecurities
And lasted 76 out of the

Possible 78 days she played.

Four very different styles of
Play, four very good players.

None of them won.

Because "Survivor" is

And that's why it's so great.

And that's why you are here.

You chose this adventure.

And when "Survivor" pushes you
Further than you ever imagined,

That is your opportunity to
Stand up, adapt, and conquer.

And that is the theme we're
Going to be exploring this


"Edge of extinction."

Kelley, david, you're on the

Manu tribe wearing blue.

Say hello to your tribe mates.

Join jur yur tribe and pass out
Your buffs.

I'm lauren.

Nice to meet you.

Joe and aubry, you
Are on the kama tribe.

Say hello to your tribemates.

All right, let's kick it up to
The next level.


This boat is loaded
With supplies.

Some offer long-term help.

Some are perishable.

You have two minutes to get
Anything off of this boat into

Your boat.

Your "Survivor" adventure begins


This is it, all that energy
Finally coming out.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Hey, need some help!

Need some help!

There goes reem, our
First person is over.

Watch out!

Now everybody going over!

Go, go, go.

They're everywhere
Right now, all over the place,

Very little communication,
Everybody just grabbing whatever

They can and try to get

Now the job becomes try to get
What you got overboard into your


Keith working hard to get to
That boat.

Dig in, keith!

I'm not the best swimmer out
Here, and I've never been in

Open water.

Naturally me, who can't swim,
Will cost me to be the first one

Gone, in this game, if you're on
The outs, you're out.

David and wentworth
Getting in the water.

The last two.

Right now, kama seems to have
The early advantage with what

They have in their boat.

Got it.



All right, start paddling out!


You've got what you got.

"Edge of extinction" is on!

We've got to go right.

Great work!


My god.

Straight up there.

My gosh!

We got some great stuff.

Well, let's go look at our camp.

Chris, man.

Rick, dude.

Good to meet you.

As everyone's introducing
Themselves, I'm so overwhelmed

By the fact that I'm in this

I'm still so excited because I'm
A huge fan of the show.

I've watched it since the very
First episode.

I'm a morning news anchor.

Are you really?


And get this... In the 115th
We're 130.

So pretty good.

No one thinks news anchors
Are tough.

I've got dad bod out here but I
Have a lot of belief in myself.

I want to break through the
Wall... Yeah!

Appreciate it.

My god!

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Just extremely clumsy.

You'll see this several times.

So much food.

It's crazy.

What is he doing?

I don't trust anyone.

Playing a third time, I know
I may have a target on my back

Initially, so getting an initial
Alliance in the beginning is

Very important.

How are you?

I'm good, how are you!

How are you doing?


I played from the bottom in
"Second chance."

That's not a good feeling.

So this time I want to have
Genuine relationships which can

Be hard for me because I'm a
Closed off person.

I played soccer in college.

I played soccer in holly, not
College, but it's amazing.

I have to be more open.

I have to get to know these
People on a human level.

So who knows what they're doing?

We were gog ask david,
Because, ideally, we want to

Have two trees, kind of.

We're waiting on your
Expertise here,.


The first time I played
"Survivor," I was afraid to,

Like, voice an opinion.

Chopping the wood, like the
Sound of that, like, rattled me.

I had to plug my ears with my

And it's, like, I was worried
That my tribemates were going to

Have that perception of me.

This time, people are coming to
Me, these newbies with like,

What do you think?

What should we do?"
And I'm like, I'm trying to give

Them ideas.

Which way were you thinking,
Going in this direction?

Seems like, yeah, right.

I want people to feel I can help
Them navigate, especially the

Very early part of this game so
That they know I'm a friend.

You can trust me, keep me

So you open up this little
Guy here.


And then it's just over and

So you go under, then over.

Do you do that all the time?

I have mild turret's.

Does that mean if you curse
One of us out.

So, like the popular version
Of toweret's is like a... Thing

Like that.

I don't have the vocalized
Version of it.

I have motor ticks... I have
Vocal tips.

I have tourette's with a touch
Of o.C.D.

A touch of co-co-combo.

If I do and this do this and
This arm one, it's a whole bunch

Mixed in.

It has to be all of them.

And I feel like right now
They're kind of good.

But if I get really excited or I
Get really concentrated into

Something or fitalk about them,
They act up a lot.

Yeah so one of them is that
Little bird noise.

Wow, that's impressive.

I'm kind of like an open book
In a way.

I'm not going to be, "Hey, en, I
Have tourette's."

It's something I feel
Comfortable about.

I try to have a good social game
But let's admit it, I'm awkward.

I'm not good at... People... How
Would I say it?

Like, they vibe in a way they
Could never.

But I have tond that this is a
Game, and you have to play by

The rules of the game.

I guess I have to play ball!

I've been dreaming of this
Moment since I was a kid.

When I was, like eight years old
I ask santa claus for a

"Survivor" buff.

So I'm just dying to get it

How are you going to chop that?

Piece by piece.

We're counting on you.

Coming into this game, I'm
Really trying to put "Joey"

"Amazing" away.

I'm a better visual learner.

You're a visual learner.

It's hard, because new players
Are asking you, "Hey, what"

"Should I do?" slam, 45.

And you don't want to point
Yourself out as a threat, yet,

You have so much to offer these
New players, so what do you do.

You got it.


You smell that?

It smells like success.



Having joe on our team means
I'm better set for this game.

I don't have to make fire.

Joe did that.

I don't have to make a shelter.

Joe did that.

He's just amazing.

And I would love to work with
Him in this game.

I'm gay and I'm still on "Team

What next?

Keep it alive.

Don't let it die.

I'm getting nowhere.

It should not be this hard.

I'm done!

I'm done!

I'm trying to help out around
Camp as much as I can, but I

Live in new york city.

I have no outdoor survival
Skills whatsoever.

I have a splinter!

But it hurts.

I think the closest that I can
Come to is that I peed in bushes

Of central park once, and that
Was an emergency.

So this is definitely going to
Be a test for me.

Be careful with that.

Because I don't want to be
The person that everybody looks

At as, like, the older woman,
She's a mom.

What is she doing here?

She doesn't have a clue.



Bamboo initiation.

I think kama is off to the best
Start I have seen any tribe in

"Survivor" have.

We have all the rations.

We have fire on the first day.

We have a positive spirit.

But I have something on my mind.

I have a secret advantage in my

There were 18 people in that
Boat, and I found it.

And now I'm thinking I got to
Get away and read this thing.

I need to get some more water.

Yeah, do it.

I scurred off, and I've only
Got a few spngdz "Dig three feet"

East of your tree mail."

Initially, of course, I'm like,
I'm going to go right now.

In "Survivor" you have to lie,
Manipulate, teach, and as a

Teacher, I have all these
Students that are going to be

Looking at me.

But they're not stupid.

They know it's a game.

The rules allow you to do these

My god!

I got a menu.

I won the coupe de grace of
"Survivor" advantages.

I have the best that you could
Possibly have.

It says, "You have found the
Advantage menu that allows you"

To choose one of the following.

If you lose a challenge, you can
Steal the reward from the other


Or you get an extra vote.

Or I could get individual

That would be awesome.

It would play like a regular
Hidden immunity idol and I would

Have to announce it before the
Vote was read.

Coming in, my goal was not to be
The first one voted out.

But this has given me a new

I'm thinking this could propel
Me not only to last for a while

But to win "Survivor."

What do you think it means?

I don't know, man.

I don't, either.

Everything has a reason.

It's so cute.

Isn't it?

Like a little placemat.

Maybe I'm naive but I feel
Like I've gotten good vibes from

Everybody so far.


I feel like everybody's
Putting in work.


There are some players that
Realize the value of strong


Being a returnee, it is kind of
Terrifying to play with newbies

Because if I pop my head up too
Much, it's going to get lopped

Off because I'm going to have
That "Returning player" target.

I feel like we're in a good
Spot, though.

I could help on fire forever.

So I know that the best thing to
Do sometimes is lay in the

Grass, and then come out look a
Cobra when the time is right.


What part of tennessee?

East tennessee, around pigeon

I'm not the good old southern

I know the show, and I'm here
For one reason and one reason

Only, and that's to win the
Title of sole survivor.

Tell me something country you

I eat fried pickles.

That million dollars is going to
Come in handy.

And for the town of irwin, I
Might buy us a fourth stop light

And go on down through main

I don't know yet.

We'll see.

So what do you think about
Having joe and aubry?

I don't know.

Part of the experience is
Figuring everything out.

And I don't want to just
Like, ings, hey, joe, how do we

Do this?

Hey, aubry, what do we do now?"
I want to figure it out


Being a firefighter, at the very
Core it's taking care of people

So we get good at developing
Lightning-fast rapport, you

Know, like, for example, with

Right away I kind of get a sense
That he's somebody that is

Thinking along the same lines.

Someone new needs to win this

We have to keep joe for at
Least a while because he's best

Shield in the world.


We'll just crouch behind his
Big, broad, beautiful shoulders.

We'll get rid of one of them if
We lose.

If it's up to me, it's about ge
Getting aubry out of here fast.

If I could do it tomorrow, that
Would be great.

Are you guys drinking?

Yes, ma'am.

I'm gonna check the clothes
On the beach, too.

Let's go.

Clothes on the beach.

I put everything on the beach.

I'm super pleased with how the
Tribe's going.

So far, so good, man.

We're all just getting to know
Each other.

Everybody's work hard.


These are yours?


There's definitely an
Appreciation for what everybody

Is doing right now.

She keeps, like, moving my...


I know.

Reem is so sweet and just is,
Like, super helpful mom, but I

Think some people are like,
"Stop moving my stuff!"

She just can't help herself,

In the south we would say,
"Bless her heart."

Bless her heart.

I know.

I found my shirt out on the
Beach today.

And I was like I had that
Hanging in a tree.

I know.

She goes, "I fut on the sand
Because it was wet."

And list like...

You just have that very
Motherly vibe.

And I feel like...
Don't ever put me in that


I know, I'm so sorry.

It's all good.

I know what you're saying.

It's fine.

You know what, dude, it's fine?

I'm a momma's boy?

Are you?


I'm here for you.

But I'm going to tell you to
Tighten up if you get a little

Too soft.

I am young, I'm 19.

And not having my mom out here
Is kind of affecting me.

What do you do in favoriteville?

I go to school.

Where are you going?

Du duke university.

Good for you!

Thank you, thank you.

I feel like reem is that
Motherly person out here.

Once I found out I was going to
Be on the show, I was like,

Well... I would love to help you

Excel at swimming.

Definitely, I would love that.

I thought about going out to the
Water, practicing swimming.

And reem and wendy even offered
To help me with it.

Keep going!

Kick your feet!

Kick your feet!

Me and my family, we, like,
Live in a trailer in the middle

Of the country.

And that million dollars will
Change our lives.

If I don't know something, I'm
Going to learn it.

Look at keith!

Yes, keith!

Good job!

That was really, really good.

Who's out there, wendy and
Keith and reem?

They have their own
Three-person alliance.

I don't know what they're
Doing down there.


We got the numbers.

That worked.

We started out as one big
Happy family, and we're still a

Big happy family, but naturally
Keith, reem, and wendy started

Doing their own thing.

And we saw that keith wasn't a
Great swimmer.

And reem is a busy body.

So it's been really helpful for
The rest of us in the tribe

Because we're sitting there
Going, "Wow, those three have"

Divided themselves and those
Might be the three we wanted to

Vote out anyway.

So, okay, keep dividing

That's crazy.

All right!

Are you guys ready for your
First immunity challenge?


Let's do it!

For today's challenge, you're
Going to maneuver through an


One person must then climb to
The top of the rope and ring a


You'll then attempt to cross a
Three-tier balance beam.

Once across, start untying knots
To release a bar.

That bar will make it much
Easier for the rest of the tribe

To cross the beam.

One person must then climb to
The top of the crow's nest, pull

A slefer to drop a slide.

Once down, six players will work
Together to solve a giant slide


First tribe to finish wins

This is the immunity hideol.

With this back at camp, it means

You're not going to tribal and
Nobody is going home.

Without it, you are vulnerable.

Are you also playing for reward,
Fire in the form of flint.

Losers, tribal council, where
Somebody will be the first

Person voted out of this game.

I'll give you guys a minute to
Strategize, we'll get started.


All right, here we go!

For immunity and reward.

Survivors ready?


Go, go, go, go, go!

Chris hopping over the rope!

Go, go, go.

You got it.

Just lift them up.

That's it, that's it!

You have to get
Everybody to your mat before you

Can move on.

Come on, come on.

Let's go!

Kama is going to get there

Go, kama.

Go, manu.

It's going to be joe and chris
Going up the ropes.

You got it, joe!

This is no easy feat.

That is pure strength.

You gotta ring the bell.

You're good, joe, you're good,


Everybody up the rope ladder.

Go, go, go.

Anybody need help?

Anybody need help?

Come here, come here.

We are dead even right now.

Joe, you're good!

Go, wendy.

It's going to be joe
Heading across first.

Hold it, hold it, hold it.

And wendy.

Lauren, go, lauren, go.

Joe, you got it.

Joe a across.

Joe now untying knots trying to
Release that bar which will make

That beam a lot easier.

It is be lauren for manu.

Gavin's out.

Lauren drops.

That's it, erik!

Erik now for kama.

Erik's across.

Erik can now start working on
The knots with joe.

There goes aubry.

Look at that!

Aubry's across!

I freaking love you guys.

You got it, chris.

Chris falls.

Yis kris got to get back.

So far, nobody from manu is

There goes david.

Go quick, go quick, go quick!

Come ocome on, come on.

David, will he be the to cross?

He is!

Start working on the knots.

Gavin drops, big fall!

Kama has their bar free.

Let's go.

Everybody cross.


You got it, nice.

Kama with the early
Lead in this first immunity


Just keep going, david, keep

There goes lauren for manu.

Lauren crosses now for manu.

One person heads across.

It's going to be erik.

You got it.

That's it, erik!

Let's go, erik!

Erik now quickly to
The top of the crow's nest.

Pull the lever, release the

Erik drops the slide.




It's going to be julie
Crossing now.

One at a time.


It is lauren and
David still working on those

Knots as chris gives it another

Come on, come on!


Chris is across.

He can start helping.

Devyns is going it a go and
Devyns is across and manu has a

Little moment upum.

There goes wentworth.

Wentworth with a huge fall.

Okay, you okay?

She gashed her head.

Wentworth took a huge
Hit on that beam.

Wentworth, you okay?


Are you okay, dude?

Good slide g!

Got it!

Manu has their bar free.

Get ready!

Get ready.

Run, run, run!

Manu running across.

Manu with a lot of time to make
Up now.

Lauren scampers across for manu.

You got it, lauren.

Lauren quickly to the top of the
Crow's nest.

You got it, girl!

Move, move, move, move!

Joe's across.

Six people on the puzzle now.

Gotta get the marked piece out.



Kama working on the puzzle.

One, two, three.

Middle one.

Joe directing his tribe.

All right, now this one.

These pieces are heavy.

One, two, three.

Let's go, rick!

Manu knows challenges
Can be won or lost on the


Go, manu!

This guy, over here.

David now trying to
Get an eye on this puzzle.

This is where you can make a big
Comeback if you know how to do

This puzzle.

One, two, three!

Can manu close the
Gap or will kama hold on to

Their lead?

It needs to be centered "P."

Small ones over?

Suddenly, kama comes to a stop.

Hold on.

Slow down a little bit.

Manu now has a shot
To get back in this.

One, two, three.

If this comes up, those go over.

Yyes, yes, yes!

Kama think they've
Got something.

Manu fighting to be in this.

Everybody using all their

This could be very close!

Gavin, push the one next to
It a little.

We're right there with them!

This challenge has
Taken a toll on a few bodes.

We're almost there!

We're almost there!

It's stuck!

Kama sliding their
Last piece into place.

Kama for the win.

Kama wins immunity!

Sending manu to tribal council.

Where somebody will be the first
Person voted out of this game.



Kama, congratulations.

First immunity win.

Thank you, jeff.

Here we are, tribal
Council tonight, somebody going


Kama, it will not be anybody
From your tribe.

Enjoy the night off.

Almost forgot your reward.


Thank you, sir.

Thanks, jeff!

All right, manu, I
Think wentworth's face says it


Nothing about this game is easy.

First person will be voted out

Should make for an interesting
Afternoon back at camp.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

See you tonight at tribal.

Losing first challenge is one
Of the worst thing to happen to


You have very little wiggle

You have known these people for
Three games daze.

And I know any little thing can
Cent you out of this game and

You can be gone in a second.

I'm so pissed!

You never come out here
Expecting to lose at that's

First immunity challenge.

Even though I feel I'm more
Introverted, I need to have more

One-on-one conversations.

What's the split?

Tell me what's going on?

What's on your mind.

It seems like lauren and
Kelley seem pretty tight.

And I'm not saying that they're
Shady, but lauren and kelley

Need to be separated.

Those two are like a power

As soon as I was at the well,
Reem was not afraid to put it

Out there.

They want to get kelly and

They have linked them up as this
Dynamic duothat they think has

Control of everything, so
They're trying to get the votes

Together to get one of those two

Are you seriously not working
With them?

Not yet.

And they're just dogging rick

He doesn't even have, like, a
Chance to breathe.

What are you thinking?

Of those two.

What are you thinking in

So I wasn't really feeling
The whole well vibe.

And something clicked in my head
They have to start playing this

Game for me.

And at the end of the day, no
Matter who goes home, I just

Can't be the one to go home.

They crowded me and rick
Instantly and they're trying to

Pull rick to their side.

And the target's on y'all.

Of course, yeah.

Obviously we know what we're
Door, right?

I definitely think we need to
Keep the tribe strong is the

Bottom line.

Like, no matter what.

I just feel like we have a
Better chance of winning the

Next challenge with wendy and it
Seems that's more important than


I don't with reem.

If someone it just kind of
Keep tabs on wendy.

Let me pull her aside and see
What she says and who she throws

Out there.

All right, why don't you,
Yeah, yeah.

Wentworth and lauren, I don't
Like how tight they are.

They're a couple, andun couples
Are the wig biggest threat.

A lot of people don't have
Faith in reem.

I just want you to know the
Kind of player.

I'm voting with reem tonight.

Just out of loyalty to her.

No, I get it.

I feel like they're not
Giving enough credit to reem.

They're really just taking her
Age into account.

You know what?

I'm going to put all these right
In the sun.

She can't help her age, but
She can pull her wait waet,

Which she has been doing.

I know you're trying to save
Your friend and that shows

Loyalty but it's a sinking ship.

She's going home tonight.

Think about it.

Let me talk to david.

You guys talk, but come back
To me.

I will.

I'm serious.

We will, we will.


Well, here's what I'm
Thinking now.


My mind has changed a little


Maybe we just take wendy out.

She's too stubborn.

Wendy, it was extremely
Surprising to me no matter how,

Like, direct we were telling her
It was going to be reem, she

Pushed back.

And that's at least causing
Alarm in my head.

What does that mean down the

I can work with someone like

What helps me and you out?

Where are we best?

This vote tonight I think should
Maybe be wendy.

They want to vote her off?

They want to vote me off?

When you hear your name out
There, it's like, "Screw you",


Just because I didn't go, like,
Power lift before I showed up,

Like, they're idiots.

I am so strong.

You don't even know this old
Lady, bro.

This old lady can kill it.

I know that they're throwing my
Name around.

And I don't really blif a...

Would you put the machete


Wentworth, doesn't dnt she
Get hurt today?

I didn't get hurt today.

I'm not done.

Scrappy, dude.

I'm not going down without a

I didn't leave everything to go
Down like that.

Screw them, man.

A torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch,
Approach the flame, dip it in

And get fire.

This is part of the ritual of
Tribal council because in this

Game, fire represents your life.

And when your fire is gone, so
Are you.

Let's talk about first

Devens, what did you notice
About the initial vibe of the

Tribe, just as a group?

Right off the bat, actually,
I think it was one big tribe.

But as the day progressed, some
People were weaving frond, some

People were working on the
Shelter, so, obviously, people

Kind of formed mini-groups
Within the largey group.

Reem, did you notice,
That people paired in threes or


It's like people who were
Working on certain things just

Ended up talking because they
Were working together.

It's not like they were...
You seem annoyed already.

My name got thrown out today.

I'm pissed off, and there's no
Good reason behind it.

It's not like people were
Secretly speaking among each


They were just doing their jobs,
You know what I mean?


I'm just in general annoyed.

But that is part of this game.

You know, my name was thrown out

I heard lauren's name.

I heard reem's name.

It's how this game it played.

Fimay... The reason why her
Name was even thrown out is

Because she's a legend, you

It was an honor to have her name
Thrown out, really.

It's not an honor when you
Can still be voted out.

No disrespect.

She is a great, great player.

Why not mention david's name?

Why me specifically?

I'm just wondering jiek I'll not

Here's the funny thing, my name
Was thrown out apparently

Because they want to keep the
Tribe strong.

I'm going with age
Discrimination, to be quite

Honest with you.

Because how would you know if I
Wasn't strong or not strong?

I mean, do we need to have, like
A wrestling competition here?

Is that something we can do
In tribal, jeff?

I'm just saying.

Reem, is this normal for you?


Are you a little
Confrontational just by nature

Back home?

Not confrontational, but if I
Think someone's wrong, I'll

Definitely be like, "I don't
Understand why you think you're"


Help me understand.

That's what I was wondering.

If anything, reem, if
Someone's being a little too

Much, sometimes it rubs
Different personalities the

Wrong way.

Who was I being too much to?

To me, you're a little too much.


With what?

You're doing stuff and moving
Things around and people can't

Find their thidges and remind
People to, like, drink their

Water and put their shoes on.

I know there's good in all of

My god.

Sometimes people don't want

To hear a motherly figure.

I did that so nobody's stuff
Got wet.

Totally agree.

I was being caring, considerate.

Tell me more.

, please, I'd love to learn.

You're taking this one
Example and milking it.

Personalities clash.

We all really like everybody but
One person...

I'm the hated person on the

See, you're put... I never
Used the word "Hated."

In my opinion, your personality
Would be hardest for me to deal

With for 39 days.

But your clothes were dry
Though, for the record, were

They not?

No, but I... Okay, you're right.

Wendy, where do you
Weigh in on this?

I do share conflicting pbs
About reem.

The same reasons they dislike
Her, I like her.

I'm really close to my mom, so
With her being here, it kind of

Helps me out.

I don't think anyone dislikes

I agree.

If we had something hanging
In the tree, that was probably

My way of drying it out.

I can just be honest with you

If you didn't want me to touch
Your stuff all you had to do was

Say, "Hey, please, don't touch
My stuff."


I appreciate your honesty, I do.

I'm sorry I touched thur your

Reem, when you say,
"It's my fault," that's not what

You really mean?

When I came out here, I
Wasn't going to tell anybody how

Old I am, that I was a mom.

But I am their mom.

They don't want their mom out
Here with them.

That's fine.

I wouldn't have... A lot of
Things would have happened

Differently, yes.

Wendy, what do you
Think's going to happen tonight?

Just from, like, the talk
From the camp and everything, I

Am sorry to say, but I feel like
Reem's going home.

It's like a nightmare.

Reem, we haven't had
A lot of tribals where almost

The entire conversation has
Centered around one person.

I don't know.

Like, I'm not going to lie to

This is, like, a freaking
Nightmare to be the first one

Voted off, you know, because
I've been watching since day


Like, this is terrible.

I'm so disappointed.

I guess it was just too much for

But I hope it's not too much for
My best friends and my family,

Because I'm just surprised.

And, you know, famous last

Don't be the first one voted

Somebody always is.

I know.

All right, it is time to vote.

Kelley, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a
Hidden immunity idol and you

Want to play it, now would be
The time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, reem.





That's two votes reem.



That's two votes wendy, two
Votes reem, one vote lauren, one

Vote wentworth.


That's three votes reem.


We're tied, three votes wendy,
Three votes reem, one vote left.

First person voted out of
"Survivor edge of extinction,"


You need to bring me your torch.

Reem, the tribe has spoken.


Time for you to go.

Bye, reem.

Thank you!

I hope it pours down rain on
Those people.


So lame.


"You have a decision to make."

"If you do not want to play
Anymore, follow this path, and

Your adventure will end."

"If you want a chance to get
Back in the game, take the torch

And get on the boat"?


My god!

There is nothing here.

What is going on?

Holy crap!

What is it?

Stay tuned for scenes
From our next episode

Next time on "Survivor"

If your fire is too bright.

They had their moment to shine.

It's our chance.

Joe and I are under a
Magnifying glass.

A phoenix mutt turn.

To rise fromlet ashes opinion.

What do I have to go through
For this second chance?

No offense, but screw my tribe.

Like, you're mad they put your
Freaking clothes on the beach to



And I don't want to cry because
I'm still in the game and I'm

Happy to be in the game, but
It's wet and it's cold.

I just gotta stick it out.

Edge of freaking extinction.