Survivor (2000–…): Season 35, Episode 9 - Fear of the Unknown - full transcript

Alliances are put to the test and castaways question who will remain loyal.

I'm not going to wrestle over

I am standing there with the
idol in my little pink shorts,

and pandemonium is ensuing in
front of me.

JEFF: While a strong
alliance of seven was calling

the shots.

And Mike was desperate to join

This could be my moment to
get off the bottom.

JEFF: At trike, accusations
were made.

There's one person running
the game right now, and that's


Our alliance, we sit like the
knights of a roundtable.

JEFF: Orders were followed.

And Lauren saved her vote for a
future tribal council by using

her secret advantage.

In the end, Desi became the
first member of the jury.

Desi, the tribe has spoken.

10 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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My tribal council experience
was, again, me not knowing who's

going home.

I voted for the person I was
supposed to vote for, but Desi

went home, and I'm not happy
about because it looks like

they're trying to stay together
and vote off the healers.

Oh, that's pretty.

So at this point, I need to
throw the other healers under

the bus, and suddenly... not even
so suddenly... throwing names out

there, it could mean I'm here
for a few more days.

The healers fell apart when we
had the yawa, and Cole started

telling Jesse secrets and then
started stealing peanut butter.

Are you kidding me?

What a guy, huh?

At that point, the healers
were done.

I have an idol but I don't want
to play it so I'm throwing names

out there right now, knowing
that Joe and Cole are so hated

on this tribe, that they're
going to be one of the two

people to go next.

Good morning, Chrissy.

Good morning.

How are you today?

I'm happy every day.

It's a new day.

I have the secret advantage
and I played it and I think I

played it very well.

Nobody caught on to it.

I got away with it.

My secret advantage is in play,
which is super exciting for me

because now I have two votes.

How freaking lucky are we?

You ain't told nobody I have
it, have you?


Because I pulled that off
really good.

I'm not turning my back on you.

I hope you don't, either.


When it gets down to seven it
will be a hard decision me and


We will talk about it when we
get there.

At this point right now the
only person who bees about the

secret advantage is Ben.

And so far, he's not let me
down, and I've not let him down,

and keeping him involved in it
keeps us, two, together.

It couldn't have worked out
any better.

We're good with the sieve?

We're solid, final seven.

The only thing I'm worried about
is we're going to be screwed

once we get there.

I don't think we'll be

You don't think so?


You know why?


Because I have an idol in my

Shut up!

I found it before.

I'm really proud of myself so
far because I found the idol

underneath the flag.

It's mine.

It's in my pocket.

It will be in my pants going to
tribal council.

How did you get it?

Chrissy saw the plate and
then I saw the plate, too.

Usually if somebody has an idol,
you keep your cards close to

your vest, but Devin really
trusts me, so I had to tell my

boy Devon.

No one.

I know.

That's never leaking.

I know that Devon will never
tell anybody that I have an

immunity idol.

Thank you, man.

I appreciate that.

I'm making him dependent on
me a little bit, and

thatdependency is carrying me
into the end.

I think this is going to be
the best team "survivor" has

ever seen.

We're a good duo.

And nobody even knows.

JEFF: All right, you guysread



JEFF: For today's
challenge, you'll be divided

into two teams.

On my "go" you'll swim out to a
tall ladder, climb that ladder,

leap off the ladder, and
retrieve a key underwater.

Once you have three keys, you'll
open a chest and use the balls

inside to score five baskets.

First team to finish wins

Want to know what you're playing

JEFF: The winning five will
be taken on to a luxury yacht.


Why you will tour the fujiian
islands, dine on sandwiches,

cold beer, red wine, and
chocolate cake.

Wait, wait, wait.

What's the catch, Jeff?

JEFF: The catch is, losers
will go back to camp for more

coconut and rice.

All right.

JEFF: Worth playing for?


JEFF: All right, we'll
divide into teams and get


Let's do a draw.

All right, here we go.

We have our two teams.

For blue it is Ben, Devon, and
Ashley in the water, along with

Ryan and Lauren.

For red, it is Cole, Chrissy, jp
in the water, along with Joe and

Dr. Mike.

Here we go, for reward.

Survivors ready?


Come oguys, come on!

JEFF: It is Ben and Chrissy
in the water.

Let's go, Chrissy!

JEFF: Former tribemates on
the heroes.

Good job.

JEFF: Ben first to the
platform, making it look easy.

Chrissy right on his tail.

Good job, girl!

Keep it up.

JEFF: It is a big jump from
a tall ladder.

There you go, come opush it!

Come on.

All right, Chrissy!

Good job!

JEFF: Nice execution.

Next job is you've got to
release that first bowie with

the key.

Chrissy goes down first.

There goes Ben.

Ben comes up empty-handed.

Come on, Ben!

JEFF: Chrissy has hers for

It is now Chrissy in the lead.

Ben still working on that bowie.

Now he's got it!

That a boy, Ben.

JEFF: Great effort by

Got to get all the way up here
and get that buoy in the bin.

Go, red!



JEFF: It is now Cole in the


Let's go, Cole!

JEFF: Cole is ripping
through the water for red.

Ben lost a lot of time in that
first round.

You're almost there!

You got this.

JEFF: Cole races up the

Cole jumps.

Here comes Ben.

Go, blue!

It is now Ashley in the water.

This is what she does for a
living, and you can see it.

Ashley quickly to the platform.

Cole up with the second key, but
Ashley is on his tail.

Go, Ashley, go!

JEFF: Ashley making up a
lot of time right now.

Let's go, Cole!

Get up there!

JEFF: Cole it back.


That's two for red, blue with

You killed that.

Good job!

JEFF: Ashley up with the
second buoy and second key for


Come on, guys.

JEFF: Get it in the bin.

Go, blue!

Come on, Dev.

JEFF: It is Devon in the
water now here comes jp.

Jp does not even come up for

He jumpedaur the ladder and has
stayed under water.

This would be a hero move.

And he's got it!

Jp as fast as anybody in this

That was epic.

Devon up the ladder?

Devon now jumps.

Jp very fast.

Go red.

Red doing a nice job in the
first stage of this challenge,

and they have a nice lead.

Joe and Dr. Mike working quickly
on the locks for red.

Devon has the third key for

Come on, Dev.

We're still in it!

We're still in it, buddy?

Let's go!

JEFF: Devon coming back

Gotta get it in that bin!

It is now Ryan and Lauren
working on the locks.

We got it.

We got it!

We got it, guys!

Let's go!

JEFF: Red has their chest
open now.

Got to get all five balls in.

Oh, wow.

That's far.

We've got it!

We goff it!

JEFF: They've got it open.

Now you're in!

Let's go, let's go!

JEFF: Blue is back in this!

Ben already shooting for blue
just misses.

It is now Joe and Ben.

Joe scores one for red!

Joe looking for number two.

Joe scores again for red!

Let's go, baby!

JEFF: Joe, that's three.

He has been on fire!

Joe looking for number 4 for

Just misses.

Ben goes underhand and it works!

Ben with two in a row underhand.

Let's go, buddy, come on!

Ben with number three!

Suddenly we've got a challenge

It is three versus three.

Ben is going granny style!

Old-school midwest!

We are tied.

Huge reward on the line!

Joe connects with number four!

It is 4-3.

Right here.

JEFF: Joe looking for that
last basket.

Joe scores for red!

It is over!

Big reward!

Mike, Joe, jp, Chrissy, Cole...
Big win.

We're going to bring one of our
boats in.

They will take you to a luxury
yacht, where you will have a

nice afternoon.

Well earned.


Let's bring in the boat.

It's good to have a good meal
and, you know, just to get the

extra energy and have an edge
when it comes to individual


But, actually, this reward gives
me a window of opportunity to

make moves and completely change
the game.

JEFF: All right, Lauren,
Ashley, Devon, Ben, Ryan, got

nothing for you.

* *
I'm on top of the world.

To get a huge meal on a
gorgeous yacht while cruising

the Fijian islands is absolutely

Look at that dolphin!

That was incredible!

He, like, did the whole whoop
Dee do.

Of course I would rather have
this reward with just my

alliance, but even though I'm
not with my friends, I'm glad

I'm here and can control the

Look at this!

That's awesome!

This is amazing!

We've got bagels and roast
beef and cheese.

I don't even know where to

I was so pumped to win this
reward, because I'm going to get

some more food, and with
immunity right around the

corner, I'm going to need as
much energy as I can just to

oh, this is so good.

I have only lost one challenge
my entire "survivor" career so

far, and with a full belly, i
have a better chance than most

to win the next immunity.

We're going in, homey!

It's definitely night noois
to be away from camp and have

food and have the option to just
kind of hang out.

But right now there's 10 players
and there's an alliance of


And you have three healers on
the bottom.

So I have no control in this
game right now.

I'm definitely in trouble, but
I've always been in trouble, and

somehow, some way, I've stuck

Get it, bro.

I'm not getting it.

I'm seeing what's in the middle.

He's looking for a clue.

You have to give Joe props.

He never stops.

I play the game 24 hours a

The idol is underneath the boat!

I came out here to play.

I need to go.

I like going 100 miles an hour.

I don't like slowing down.

I'm not going to give up.

I've been an aggressive player
since day one.

I'm going to continue to do

It will probably cost me the
game, but that's me.

Life's pretty good, dude.

Can't complain.

There's the flag right there.

Oh, yeah, there's the flag.

You think they're all going
to come out?



Is that them?

Oh, my god!

It's them!

Oh, my god, it is!

Come on!

Don't even do it!

Oh, here they come!


One, two, three!

That is so good!

I wanted the experience of
being on the yacht, but at the

end of the day, you've got to
move on.

And I now have the opportunity
to talk to Ben because I'm

trying to build as many
relationships and maximize my

advantages that I have.

As long as we stay seven
strong, this is not the

worst-case scenario, right.

You want to know what the
best-case scenario is?


The idol is in my pants.

You found it?




Dude, no way, you found it!

Oh, my god, okay!

Truth is power in this game,
and I need to let people know

I'm telling them the truth.

Freaking Ryan has the idol.

And I couldn't be more ecstatic
at this point because now I know

Cole doesn't have it.

Information is key in this game
so all this trust getting put

into me is going to help me
later on in the game, too.

And I'm not going to say
anything to anybody about this.

But this proves that Ryan is out
here to play and win $1 million.

So I'll just have to keep an eye
on that because right now this

seven has to stick together
and you know you can trust me



We're good.



Right here.

That thing is disgusting,

He's after something.

I'll never give up.

I usually find it when I want wh
i want to give up.

I notice that.

That's how it was for my second

Right now, there's a group of
seven that are just running this

game, and I'm definitely on the
chopping block.

Not one person wants to make a

I've been digging for an idol
that probably is not there, but

I'm not going to give up.

One thing I do have is, you
know, people feel like I am, so

I'm going to start pushing
buttons more and I'm going to

get enough people so upset at me
that they're like, "yo, let's

just keep this dude around
because we can get rid of him at

any point," and at some point i
can make a move.

Is Joe out there digging



Good for Joe.

He's strangely entertaining.


Isn't he, like, strangely


Like, I think there's game play
and there's just being...

We can talk about it.

The thing is that, like... we'll
talk about it later.

Were you talking about me
we were.

We were talking about you
digging down there.

Don't stop talking about me
because I got here.

You have to keep talking.

We don't have to do anything,

We can do whatever we want.

I know, but Mike knows the
relationship me and him have.

He can continue talking.

NEWS FLASH: Everyone talks
about people behind their backs.

You should know that.

It's the game, right?

Ashley is getting feisty.

I like it.

Well, she needs to because...
I don't need to do anything

you say I need to do.

She's going to make it to the
final three being a goat.

You can do your game, and we
all have respect for it, but you

need to have the same respect
for everyone else.

I'm having respect.

And that's what I'm saying in
front of you.

If I...
How is calling people a goat


Oh, my god, you don't listen to

I would... I would use you as
a goat.

You're, like, the ideal
definition of a goat.

I'm so fed up with Joe's

I mean, yeah, it's all a game.

But, yeah, you're dealing with
real individuals and real people

with feelings.

I'm just calling it how it

Just shut up!

He's just such a bully, like a
bully on a playground, just

trying to do whatever you can
and say whatever you can to get

under chrissyy skin or my skin.

I don't understand the pont
of saying something that like to

another human being.

I didn't come here for an

I didn't come here to make

I didn't come here for any of

I just don't care.

I don't want to be around you

I don't know what Joe's plan
it is because he has to know the

more he pisses people off the
more they're going to want to

get rid of him.

I know that's what I will be
pitching at the next roundtable

meeting that Joe needs to go
before Cole.

Joe, shut up!

* *

I'm aligned with Lauren, but
i am going to need to trust

someone to come on board with
Lauren and I to help us because

thinking more about the fact
that Ryan has an idol.

I didn't realize... that's pretty

So I'm confident in our final
seven, Ben.

I think we're set.

And that's...
So, we're good.

I know.

I'm stoked on that.

But what's your... what's your
plan after, dude?

Realistically, like, I want
to sit next to you.

That would be rad.

And that's...

And that's no joke.

I think we can do well

I think we will do well,

I chose Devon because Devon's
just got a good soul.

He really does.

He's got a good heart.

I want him to trust me, and i
want him for my side.

You trust me in this game, we
will go far, because there are

things that you're going to find


About everyone that is left
in the seven.

Oh, like what do you mean,

Like secrets.

This will either make us or
break us.


I'm throwing my whole game
out right now.


Because I trust you.

Ryan has an idol.




And that's why I'm telling
you this now.

Oh, my god.

Because you have to trust at
least two people.


And you I trust fully.




I thought I trusted Ryan, man!

This game just got real

Ryan's been contingent me that
I'm the only one that knows

about this idol.

Yet, he's going around to other
people telling them the exact

same thing.

He's good.

He is good.

He had me feeling like I was
his brother, man.

We were in this game together
since day one.

And I wanted to go to the final
three with Ryan, but I'm going

to move on.

I'm going to play this game with
Ben, and I'm going to have to

make some big moves coming up.

I'm locked in with you.


This game just got fun.


And real.

Oh, my god!

JEFF: Come on in, guys!

JEFF: All right, you guys
ready for today's immunity


Cole gotta take back necklace.

Thank you.

Hard to give it up.

Once again, immunity is back up
for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
going to have bars resting on

your shoulders, forcing you into
a very uncomfortable squatting


If, in your attempt to find
relief, you go too low, your

flag will pop, or too high, your
urn will drop.

You're out of the challenge.

Last person left squatting wins
immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council where
somebody will be the ninth

person votedly out and the
second member of our jury.

Take your spots.

We'll get it on.

JEFF: All right, everybody
take your spot on your box.

You'll release your poles.

Everybody is good.

And this challenge is on.

Another brand-new "survivor"
torture device that offers very

little wiggle room.

You go too low, you're in

If you stand too high, you're in

This one requires a little more

That urn, full of water,
hovering above your fire.

Ashley is the first to drop and
sees how little wiggle room

there is.

You can have a spot over here on
the bench.

Ashley is first out.

And we are down to nine people
left in this challenge.

And you're already in a very
uncomfortable position, even

seconds into this challenge.

Squatting is never fun.

Dr. Mike drops, and we are down
to eight.

Jp moving around a lot, feels
very comfortable.

How far he can push it.

Devon moving around.

Joe with a little movement.

Always moving, Jeff.

Always moving.

JEFF: Cole trying to find a
new spot.

And there it is.

Jp pushes too far.

Jp is out of the challenge.

We are down to seven.

No way.

JEFF: Devon looks down to
check out Chrissy's form, and

Devon drops.

Next to him, Joe drops.

Joe is out.

Devon is out.

Ashley made one comment about
Chrissy's form, and it took out

two guys within seconds.

We are down to five.

Just like that, Ben drops.

Ben is out of the challenge.

No shot at immunity.

And we are left with four...
Chrissy, Cole, Lauren, and Ryan.

You never know when it's your
day to step up with a million

dollars on the line and an urn
full of water just waiting to

put out your fire.

Fire, symbolic of
what will happen tonight at

tribal council.

You're never certain at tribal,

JEFF: Chrissy has not
changed her approach at all.

Cole a little bit of bend,
trying to find some relief.

Lauren looking straight down.

And Ryan all alone on the end,
but still in it.

How you doing, Ryan?

I'm a survivor.

I'm good.

That a boy, Ryan.

JEFF: That really does sum
it up.

You're out here.

That's most of it.

Chrissy cannot take it anymore.

You could see her face give out.

Chrissy out of the challenge.

And we are down to three.


Cole, you look good.

Everyone's doing good.

You guys are doing great.

JEFF: Ryan cannot hang

Ryan drops out of the challenge,
and we are down to two, and they

are side by side... Cole and
Lauren in a showdown.

Cole now with some movement.

Your thing looks like it's
leaning a little bit.

JEFF: Cole just gave up
that necklace, wants to put it

back on as soon as possible.

Cole dangerously close to that
low level but doesn't seem the

least bit worried as he goes
right back up.

Stretching it out.

Lauren for the first time
showing some real movement.

Don't go too high, Lauren.

Lauren, you can't go any
higher, okay?

JEFF: Rawren trying to
stretch out.

Any kind of relief feels so

Any kind of relief feels so


JEFF: And out of nowhere,
Cole drops.

He's out!

Lauren wins individual immunity.

That a girl!

JEFF: Safe tonight at
tribal council.

My back's killing me.

JEFF: Great challenge!

Good job, guys.


JEFF: Lauren, come on over.


That isa girl!

JEFF: Lauren, individual
immunity is yours.

You are safe tonight at tribal
council, cannot be voted out.

Sadly for the rest of you,
somebody will be the ninth

person voted out, second member
of our jury.

It will not be you.


JEFF: Congrats.

It's disappointing because i
know I had my chance to save

myself today in eye challenge,
and I already have a target on

my back.

But they don't like Joe, so
hopefully they'll all take Joe

* *
Lauren, great job.

Thank you.

Lauren, killing it today.

You did fab task!

Lauren pulled it out and beat
Cole, so couldn't be happier,

you know.

It was very important that Cole
did not win immunity today

because Cole is the biggest
immunity challenge threat here.

I need water.

All right, I do, too.

I'm sure other people do, too.

Anyone need water?

Are you going?

Might as well.

We're getting the main target
out, our hard target.

But there's a big fear of a
hidden immunity idol, and that's

why we can't just place all our
votes on one healer, so we have

to split the votes into a four
and three.

The fear of the unknown, right,
the biggest worry tonight is an


So why don't we just take the
fear of the unknown out, and do

four Cole, three Mike... are


Now we're just completely
taking Joe off the chopping



But why Mike and not Joe?

Because this is why.

I'm pissed.

Joe, he's like a rat.

You lose track of him for one
second, and he's off trying to

find another idol.

He's off looking for advantages.

He's very dangerous in may be
ways, and I think we're all just

sick of him, and he needs to go.

Ashley, Ashley...
He's going to spend every

We got lucky today.

Four for Cole, three for Mike.

You have to get past that
right this second.

He's not a threat.

Yes, he is.

He finds idols nonstop.

Somebody else plays an idesol...
If Mike plays an idol, if Mike

plays an idol, he could be back
in place.

I agree with that.

Ashley, it's a group
decision, four for Cole, three

for Mike.

No matter what happens, one of
those two is going home.

Ben told me to vote Cole
because he is a huge physical


I'm getting super annoyed.

I don't need to be told what to
do right now.

I'm going to do everything I can
to convince people to vote Joe

because I can't be the only one
weighs these options in my head

right now.

It's gonna kill me not to vote
for Joe.

I'm, like, putting out other

We're splitting two votes, Cole,

It's a steam rolling

I want Joe gone.

I want to do Joe.

I do, too.

What does that mean for Ben?

Are we all just gog say,
"sorry, Ben, we're not with you

on this one?"
Yes, this is not a


Tell me who's everybody
voting for so I can vote, you

know what I mean?


Tell me who to vote for.

I'm okay doing whatever.

I don't care.



Between you and me... it's Cole.



Just don't tell Joe.


On faith for tonight's tribal
council, if I could believe Ben.

But how much can I trust Ben?

I can't.

Every person that I've trusted
has betrayed my trust.

So I'm not playing their game.

I gotta do something to send one
of these big threats home.

If they're smart, they'll do
Cole, and then me.

As far as the split.


Here's my problem with this
whole situation.

They're doing this now we have
to get Joe out because he's so

atrocious, but they're still
planning to vote Cole out.

I think there are ways we can
turn this upside down.

I know there is.

And get Ben out.

It changes everything.

The hustlers and heroes'
mentality are just playing for

the next tribal council.

And it's stupid.

So because of that, I'm going to
make the world implode by

playing my idol.

Eenie-meenie-miney-moe, who am i
going to give it to?

It might be hydraulic tonight.

It's good big or go home time.

What I didn't understand is
the logic behind voting for Mike

versus voting for Joe.

I was trying to flush an
idol, if Mike had one, for next


I don't want to keep Joe here
with an idol out there.

Joe is a huge threat to me.


I know Cole is a big physical
threat, but I don't think Cole

is necessarily going to win
every challenge.

But this...
What if Mike has the idol?

I've been voting with Ben since
day one, but, apparently, we

cannot ask questions and say,
"what is the logic behind voting

for Dr. Mike?"
I am more nervous about Joe

finding idols.

That's why I think we need to
vote for Joe.

I just told Mike to vote for

Instead of Joe.

I'm not trying to be a dictator
here, but for my game, I don't

want Joe gone because everyone
already can't stand the guy.

Unfortunately, some people,
they're playing with their heart

and their morals.

In "survivor," heart and morals
don't get you a million dollars.

People are starting to feel a
tiny bit steam rolled by you.

No, no, they're not.

You might and Ashley might.

It's the safest bet possible.

At this point, it's sort of
become Ben's way or the highway.

I know there is a game strategy,
and the game strategy says get

Cole out first, get Joe out

But, frankly, there's no bigger
strategic threat than Joe.

And I know that this is not
Ben's plan, but I believe that

Ashley feels that way as well.

There are a lot of threats left
in this game.

Now we have to decide what to

Now we have to decide what to

JEFF: We'll now bring in
the first member of our jury.

I need to you follow my lead

Trust me.

JEFF: Desi, voted out at
the last tribal council.

All right, so, Joe, we start
with three tribes, instant


Then we swap.

Now there's some

But now we're 24 days in.

You're starting to see the end.

So where is the game right now?

Well, from my point of view,
the game is lost.

You know, I'm not part of the
roundtable, and the roundtable

consists of seven.

Mike's not part of the
roundtable, neither.

I'm the cowt Jester.

JEFF: Joe who are the three
not in it?

The healers are the only ones
not part of the roundtable at

this moment.

JEFF: Does it seem obvious
it's Joe, you, and Mike that are

in trouble?

Yes, I feel like me and Joe
are first and foremost on the

chopping block, and I'm not
involved in any strategies or

there's no game play going on
with me at all.

JEFF: Chrissy, there's been
a lot going on at tribal lately

with people having it out.

What's the vibe at camp right

The vibe at camp as of
yesterday was extremely


Joe came after Ashley and I and
it was just a nonstop barrage of


It went far past game play.

Can I...
Yes, please, Mike.

Honestly, I am disappointed
in my tribe.

I believe that "survivor"
represents society.

We have to play with justifiable
moral and ethical codes of

conduct here.

So saying Joe is offending us
and painting him as a pariah but

then not voting him out is not
playing this game of high moral

character, and if that means me
speaking up I put a target on my

back, fine.

But I try to play this game with
high moral character.

So if Ben is king Arthur at the
roundtable, I am happy to be the

statue of liberty in America,
because America is going to beat

in the end.

JEFF: Lauren, is the
missing element in Mike's thesis

the word "justifiable?"
Meaning, you justify your vote

based on game play, strategy,
trust, lack of trust?

But all you have to do is say,
"oh, I have my own reasons,


I totally agree with what
he's saying if we weren't

playing "survivor."

The fact of the matter, is
Lauren, you're going to have to

justify how you...
I don't act that way.

Make Joe into a pariah and
then not vote for him.

I think you're showing poor
moral character.

Do you want to take the
shovel and bury yourself.

The hole is deeper and deeper
and you didn't have to open your


Jeff, I think the hardest
part about our decision tonight

is how do we vote tonight so
that we can be successful at the

next tribal.

Who is "we" Chrissy.

The alliance of seven.

JEFF: Cole, when Chrissy
was talking and saying, "look,

it's not just tonight.

It's the next one and the next
one and from hereon out."

Is that a little concerning?

Yeah, I felt like her
statement was pretty clear at


I mean, I'm the person who could
be able to screw it up next time

by winning the immunity

Jeff, these people live in a
fantasy world.

Nobody is playing the game.

Everybody is waiting for the
magical seven, and boom, then

everybody starts playing.

I don't see that happening.

Maybe we'll change that at
some point in time.

It will be four heroes and
three hustlers.

When are people going to realize
three does not beat four?

Jeff, you can have all the
numbers on your hand and do all

the counting you want, but you
cannot calculate relationships,

emotion, you cannot calculate

The game happens in every
conversation you have.

You can't calculate those

JEFF: And, Ben, with
Ashley's comment, she brings it

all back to Mike's original
premise offing about a society.

It's not just numbers.

It's the relationships.

The relationships we build,
two, three of those are going to

get you to the end.

The thing that puts Joe outside
of those relationships is Joe's


He talks about the roundtable,
the king and his knights.

But he's the only one living in
a fantasy world right now.

JEFF: I'm fascinated with
this because Cole has somehow

managed to shrink his body as if
to say, "maybe no one will

remember I'm here."

Thanks, Jeff.

It came in pretty grim but who
knows, there's so much stirred

up and him opening his mouth and
maybe that's good for me.

JEFF: I see heads, Joe has
been talking, Mike's been


That's playing the game of

JEFF: Ben is talking.

It's chaos right now.


Yeah, we're good.

Let's vote.

We're ready.

Mike, are you ready or do you
want to keep groog I'm good.

JEFF: All right, it's been
a crazy tribal.

Let's figure out where it's gog

It's time to vote.

Lauren, you're up.

JEFF: I'll go tally the

JEFF: If anybody has a
hidden immunity idol and you

want to play it, now would be
the time to do so.

I think America's going to
stay one more day.

Your tired, your poor, your

I'm playing it for me.

JEFF: This is a hidden
immunity idol.

Any votes cast for Mike will not

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Ben.


Does not count.


Does not count.


That's one vote Ben, one vote


Two votes Cole.


That's three votes Cole, one
vote Ben.


Four votes Cole.

Ninth person voted out and the
second member of our jury, Cole.

It's five.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Cole, the tribe has spoken.

Good luck, guys.

Have fun out there.

JEFF: Time for you to go.

Good game, bud.

You, too.

JEFF: Well, alliances are
the cornerstone of "survivor."

But as the number of people
dwindle, those on the bottom get

desperate, and it gets more
difficult to keep alliances


Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

JEFF: Next time on


The alliance of seven seems
set in stone.

Joe and Mike are dead men

JEFF: But they start to
crumble from within.

This whole trust in the seven
alliance is crap.

If you're stupid enough to
really think it's going to last,

then something's wrong.

We want to talk to you guys.

Stay tuned, I think it's
about to get really good.

I was hoping it would be Joe
instead of me.

Everyone is gunning for me
because they see me as a

physical threat.

I'm so grateful and thankful to
be here.

I played hard and no regrets at

The highlight of my day was when
i got to go fishing and hang out

with Jessica.

I hope that continues to be the
highlight of my days in the


Corrected & Synced by Bakugan