Survivor (2000–…): Season 35, Episode 8 - Playing with the Devil - full transcript

One player finds a secret advantage with a special twist, and concentration is key in the individual immunity challenge.

JEFF: Previously on
"survivor," after the merge,

Cole was looking to get the
upper hand.

I'm looking for a clue or
some advantage.

JEFF: But the heroes and
hustlers came together.

We need a healer gone first.

JEFF: Putting the healers
on the wrong side of the


Joe plays an idol, I think we
need a plan "b."

JEFF: At tribal council,
Joe thought he was saving


That's for me.

JEFF: But the real target
was Jessica.

Jessica, the tribe has

JEFF: Thanks, Jeff.

JEFF: 11 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Now I know how it feels like
to be lied to by every single


We're playing "survivor."

That was magic.

I know the hustlers wanted us
down to four to make it even,

but I didn't see Jess.

Jessica got completely blind
sided by the heroes and


That was an amazing play.

As a fan, you got to appreciate

Y'all, that was genius.

The only problem is now you're
playing with the devil.

Lauren and I put a plan in
play, and we executed it.

We got our target out.

So now it was a good feeling.

If I can keep the reins on this
hero-hustler group and get us to

seven, I'm good, but I'm worried
about the individual part,

because an individual can mess
this whole thing up.

Because an individual can mess
this whole thing up.

You know, when I woke up this
morning, it seemed like the end

of the world.

It was my first tribal and
everybody else had been through

it, you know?

And now I get it.

Did you see that?

Where did it go?

That's crazy.

This morning I reached into
where the nails were and a saw a

little piece of paper rolled up
really tight.

It's a hidden clue or something,
you know?

I guess it's been there since we
merged, and then I was trying to

make sure nobody was paying me
any attention.

My heart started beating
probably 150 beats per second.

Congratulations you have
found an advantage in the game.

This advantage allows you to
secretly not vote at the next

tribal council and instead save
your vote for use at a future

tribal council.

your turn to vote, do not write

down a name.

Instead secretly place this note
inside the voting urn and take

the blank voting parchment back
with you.

So if I use it after tomorrow, i
can vote twice.

The hard part is going to be
getting this advantage in the

urn in front of ten other
people, and hopefully nobody

will even know there was
somebody who didn't vote, but I

need to make sure no one sees me
do it, because, you know, that

could blow up my whole game.

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JEFF: Come on in, guys.

All right.

You guys ready to get to today's
reward challenge in.

Oh, yeah.

JEFF: For today's challenge
you'll race up a tower through a

series of obstacles to the top,
where you will use a slingshot

to attempt to launch sandbags
hitting five targets.

The first team to finish wins

Want to know what your playing

The winning team will be taken
to a private island, where you

will enjoy spaghetti.



JEFF: Bread.


JEFF: Salad.

Oh, my god.

JEFF: And red wine.

No way.

JEFF: There's a twist.

We're going to randomly draw for

The odd person out will not
compete in the challenge.


JEFF: And they won't have
to, because as the survivor

lottery winner, they will
automatically join the winning

team and enjoy the reward
without doing anything.


JEFF: All right.

We'll get to this.

The lottery.

JEFF: All right.

We have our two teams randomly

It is j.P., Chrissy, Cole, Ryan,
and Devon taking on Desi,

Ashley, Ben, Dr. Mike, and

Joe drew the white rock, which
means spaghetti coming his way

with no effort required.

Here we go.

For reward, survivors ready?


With one person up at a time,
it's going to be Ben up first

and Ryan, neck and neck.

Everyone has to race through the
course and shoot at least once.

Now you're up the more tricky
ladder, the rope ladder.

Ben gets to the top quickly.

Ryan right there.

Start launching.

Ben back quickly and releases.

Just to the left.

There goes Ryan.

Falls short.

He's going to head down.

He doesn't have to shoot again.

Ben quickly getting a feel for

Now he's zoned in on these

Chrissy heading up for a clue.

Ben fires again.

Very quickly.

Just to the right.

It's now Chrissy for blue.

Hard, Chrissy, hard.

JEFF: Misses to the left.

Chrissy now going to head down.

She's taken her shot.

Blue with a very interesting

Ben connects for red.

Once you hit, you got to let
somebody else take a shot.

It's now j.P. Up for blue.

Ryan and Chrissy both took one
shot, trying to open the door

for their experienced slingshot

Red with one.

Blue looking for their first.

Almost, j.T.

JEFF: Dr. Mike going for a
close one, and he connects.

That's two for red.

J.P. Hits for blue.

It is 2-1.

Here comes Cole for blue.

Lauren for red.

Big reward on the line.

Spaghetti on a private island.

Lauren takes that slingshot

Lauren connects for red.

That is three for red.

The pressure on Cole, trying to
close this gap.

Here comes Ashley now.

Calories are important, and Cole

No, Cole's going to come down.

Here comes Devon.

A massive setback for blue.

Ashley's first shot short.

Here goes Devon launching deep,
and he connects on his first

shot for blue.

Everybody has gone for blue.

Now anybody can go.

Here comes j.P.

It is 3-2.

Ashley still firing for red.

She is short again.

Further back, ash.

JEFF: Come on, j.P.

J.P. Looking the tag another one
right here.

And 3-3, j.P. Heads down.

Here comes Devon again.

Ashley trying to put red back in
the lead.

Can she do it?

Just misses.

It's Devon now for blue.

We're tied 3-3.

Devon connects.

Blue in the lead now with four.

Ashley now feeling the pressure.

Here comes j.P.

One more, baby.

JEFF: He's been on fire in
this challenge.

Can he close it out for blue
right here?

Ashley's got to pick it up now.

Come on, j.P.

JEFF: J.P. Would like the
close the door with this shot.

Ashley connects.

JEFF: It won't matter.

J.P. Wins it for blue.

Huge reward for j.P., Devon,
Chrissy, Cole, and Ryan.

And Joe will be joining them.

All right.

So there's something unique
about this reward.

It's going to be served
family-style, which means one

large portion to be shared, and
you will eat one person at a

time alone in private.

So it's up to you how much you
eat and save for the next

person, and because it's in
private, nobody will ever know.

I don't like that.

JEFF: One final twist.

Joe, as the survivor lottery
winner, you will decide in what

order everyone eats, including

It should make for a very fun

Grab your stuff, head out, enjoy
your reward.

Oh, man.

JEFF: Mike, Ashley, Ben,
Lauren, Desi, got nothing for


Grab your stuff, head back to

Right now I do have target on
my back, so I need to make

adjustments in my game, and this
is a great opportunity to

establish better relationships
and stronger alliances.

So, guys, what I was thinking
was Devon goes first, because

it's his birthday, and I didn't
do anything but sit there and

got front-row seats, so I'll
definitely go last.

I put myself last because i
don't want an additional power

on my back, and who has the
power, the hustlers.

I have a decent relationship
with Devon, so I gave him first

dibs on eating.

If I can continue developing a
relationship with Devon, that

will benefit me definitely in
the long run.

Oh, my god.

This is like the perfect date
by myself.

Oh, my gosh, there's tons.


When I walked into that
spaghetti feast.

I felt like there was a little
pressure on me being first one.

Knowing that everyone else is
counting on me to set the bar

for how much we're going to eat.

Oh, man, I'm so happy right now.

This is insane.

So I was just shoving each bite
in my face.

But I fell like I was fair.

I mean, I might have eaten a
little more than my fair share.

But when there's that much food,
it's hard to stop.

I got to go eat second, but i
wouldn't have minded going last

because if it's leftover, you
got to finish it off, but you

want to make sure that everybody
gets their fair share and it all

works out.

All in all, by no means was i
fat and happy, but it is what it


Take your portion and leave it
for next person.

I think j.P. And Devon may
have indulged a little more than

their fair share.

I don't blame them.

I'm going to do the same thing.

I know I'm on the bottom, so
I'll get back to all these

people that stabbed me in the
back and eat as much as I want.

There's writing on the bottom
of the plate.

It says that you have an idol
buried underneath your tribe


So I'm thinking I may be first
person to see this clue.

I know I needed to find some way
the hide this clues.

So I used an apron that was
wrapped around the bread and

cover it up and make it look as
natural as possible.

I didn't realize I don't get
a plate.

I'm a student of this game
enough to know that there is

generally a clue to be found at
a reward.

So I begin the look at the
bottom of the salad bowl, unwrap

the extra silverware.

Kind of looked around, looked at
the trees around me.

Didn't see a clue.

So I continued to eat.

There is a hidden immunity idol
buried under your tribe flag.

Uh nigh it was here.

I think I am the first one to
see this clue.

And I'm hoping that Ryan will
also find the clue.

Spaghetti is great.

Kids clamor for the taste of

I like spaghetti.

It's fine.

Caesar salad is okay.

But I was looking for a clue.

Very direct.

If you see this clue, you do not
have to be a mastermind to

figure this out.

So the less people who know
about the plate, the better.

I have searched for the idol for
20-plus days now and got


Now I know exactly where one is.

So if I don't find it, I would
never be able to swallow that.

Oh, here's Ryan.

Oh, man.

I'm out.

I'm hungry, y'all.

Lick that thing clean, bro.

Don't leave a crumb.

I won't.

How was it for you?

It was just the right amount
for me.

What do we do?

What's the whispering about?

Just quiet whispers.

Nothing really?

Oh, yeah.

Chrissy and Ryan were
definitely talking about the


There's nothing else they would
whisper that quietly about right

next to me.

I could definitely beat out
Chrissy and Ryan in a digging

challenge, so if push comes to
shove, I'll have the bigger push

and shove, and I don't feel bad
about going all out for the


Knowing that the immunity
idol is right under the flag, my

heart is beating out of my

I have to just wait for a moment
to break away.

It wasn't a feast by any

We were eating off the same

It was funny.

Was there a lot of bread at
least or salads?

There was a baggett that was
probably 12 inches.

It was good, though.

We were telling people about
the reward, and all of a sudden,

Cole goes to pee, and I'm
thinking, this is it.

This is where I have to strike.

When Cole is literally caught
with his pants down, I'm going

to dig up this idol.

Did you portion it out?

I guess some.

I just took what I thought
was a sixth and trusted everyone

else to do the same.

Cover that back up.

Cover that back up.

I got it.

Desi, Desi, come here, come

J.P., j.P.

What's wrong?

An idol.

You're not going to wrestle
over this.

I am standing there with the
idol in my little pink shorts,

and pandemonium is ensuing in
front of me.

Wait, why is everyone

Cole, did you find the clue?

Nobody knows what's going on.

I was really the only one who
knew exactly what had


Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

Guys, you're about to kill
me, all for an idol.

Cole's got it.

He just shoved it down his

I just saw him do it.

He tucked his shirt.

Cole is digging his own grave at
this point.

You don't want your enemies to
know you have the idol.

He blatantly went out there
running and started digging.

Probably wasn't the smartest
thing, but Chrissy was going to

get it if I didn't go.

Well you got it now, and
everyone knows.


What else was I going to do?

I don't like Cole.

He rubbed me the wrong way.

If Cole has the idol, everyone
needs to know, because he's one

of the main targets.

I don't care, I'll blow his game

I saw you tuck your shirt
into your pants.

It's a long shirt, dude.

Why would you tuck your shirt
into your pants?

Because it's like a dress.

It's a complete disaster at this

Everyone thinks I have an idol,
but I don't have an idol.

I feel like I'm in big trouble,
so bluffing I have the idol is

the only thing I have left
unless I can win immunity.

That would be a game changer for

JEFF: Come on in, guys!

Shall we get to today's immunity

First things first, Desi, got to
take it back.

Thank you.

Once again immonti is back up
for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
going to stand on a narrow beam

while balancing a statue with a
very long pole.

At regular intervals you will
move further away from the

statue, making it more

If at any point you drop off or
your statue falls, you're out.

Last person left standing wins
immunity, safe at the vote.

Losers tribal council where
somebody will be the eighth

person voted out of this game.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

All right.

Here we go.

Everybody is balancing their

This challenge is now officially

You'll be in this section for
ten minutes.

Then we will move further back
on the beam.

It does not taking much to knock
that statue over.

One little movement and your
game could be over.

I have a bug crawling right
up my body.

Smack it.

JEFF: Seems to be a theme
in this challenge.

Last time we did this there were
ants crawling on people.

Mike drops, first person out of
this challenge.

No shot at immunity.

Mike takes a spot on the bench.

Joe out of nowhere drops.

Had had no movement.

Joe is out; No shot at immunity.

She's vulnerable at tribal.

You're killing me, Jeff.

JEFF: We're down to nine.

You're trying to find some sweet
spot without taking your

concentration off that beam that
you're standing on.

Devon falls off the beam,
becomes the third person out of

this challenge.

We are down to eight, and as
always, at an immunity

challenge, the only way to
guarantee you see tomorrow is to


Ryan, that heartis beating
through your chest.

I can see it.

Lauren with one little movement
drops her statue.

Lauren is out.

We are now down to seven left in
this challenge.

Ryan can't hang in anymore, an
we are down to six.

Another five minutes to go in
this round, and we will move

further back on the beam.

Further back on the beam.

Everybody has now
moved back one


Ben, Desi, Cole, Chrissy, j.P.,

That beam very narrow, very
tough to keep your balance.

Ashley only lasts a couple of
seconds in this section.

We're down to five people left
now in this immunity challenge.

This is where it gets very, very

Ben now with a little bit of

Ben got it back under control.

Nice recovery.

J.P. Struggling with the feet.

J.P. Trying to get it back under

Nice recovery, and j.P.'S back

Cole's feet moving.

Cole recovers.

Nice work.

That's what you got to do.

Chrissy out of nowhere, looked
very solid, and drops.

We're down to four.

It is Ben, Desi, Cole, and j.P.

Desi won the first individual
immunity, and she is in the

running again.

Ben cannot hang on any longer.

Ben drops, and we are down to

It is Desi on one end, Cole and
j.P. At the other end.

Desi looking very solid.

No expression.

Cole locked in.

J.P. Feet still moving.

Desi drops.

Desi will not keep her streak

We are down to two.

Cole and j.P.

J.P. With a huge recovery, a lot
of movement on that statue.

J.P. Struggling to stay up

You got it.

JEFF: His statue has moved
a lot.

That base is now on the edge.

Another nice save by j.P.

Now Cole is moving.

More movement now by Cole.

Cole still moving.

J.P. Dangerously close to
falling out, and he does.

J.P. Is out.

Cole wins individual immunity,
safe tonight at tribal council.

Cannot be voted out of this

Cole, come on over.

Nice job.

I'm having trouble walking.

JEFF: Really, legs are
still rubbing?

I got those chicken legs.

JEFF: Cole safe tonight at
tribal council.

Cannot be voted out.

As for everyone else, 21 days
into a 39-day adventure,

somebody will become the eighth
person voted out.

It will not be you.


Grab your stuff, head back to

See you tonight at tribal

It totally sucks that Cole
won immunity.

But we still have three other

the hustlers and the heroes just

have to decide who we want to
vote out next.

Good job, Cole.

My toe is on fire.

Well done.

The immunity challenge was
the bomb.

I came out on top.

I have new life.

I am so stoked to be here again.

I was getting pretty bummed out.

I was thinking I was leaving
tonight, so to win that

challenge put me on top of the
world, however, I definitely

feel like the healers a sinking
ship at this point, and if we

don't do something soon, we're
going to be in a bad, bad place.

Now what?

We're good.

All the girls vote Joe, and
all the guys vote for Desi.

Cole winning immunity changes

The plan is to switch the vote
between Joe and Desi.

The fact he's already found and
played two idols.

Joe is a gamer, and the longer
Joe stays in the game, the more

chance he has to find another

And Desi, she's physically

She's mentally strong.

And she can compete with the
best of us.

We can't put all our eggs in one
basket, because Desi will


I know.

Desi's strong.

So you feel confident?

Well, it's survivor and
anything can happen, but I think

we'll be good.

Dude, I don't have an idol.



With Cole off the chopping
block, they're probably trying

to vote me out, but I still have
angles to play, because at this

point it's four healers, four
heroes, and it's a matter of who

we can sway to the hustlers.

So what do you think the plan
should be?

I think the heroes think i
have an idol I might play for

somebody, so they may split

If they split and vote, we need
one person to vote.

We can send someone home.

Here's the thing, who is
calling the shots right now is

the concern that I've had since
the very beginning.

I understand it's easy to vote
me out because Ben is calling

the shots, I don't understand
how everyone is allowling Ben to


The dude is just running this
thing, and it's kind of like, if

you all go to the final three,
I'm letting you all know, you

are not going to beat Ben.


What Joe is pitching is true.

If Ben gets to the final three,
he very well could win.

He's got a great story.

He's a former marine, and he's
just a good guy.

So I don't want the take Ben to
the final three, however, if I

vote off Ben, that would be
betraying Chrissy, who really

trusts me, so now is not the
right time.

Something to think about.


I'm going to go figure out
some stuff.

All right.

Just like I thought, Joe is
trying to put a target on my



I really don't like that guy.

Joe-Joe, what are you doing
tonight, bud?

Playing another idol?


I don't know.

We'll see what happens.

There are bigger threats than
just an idol hog like myself.

There are people that lie.

There are people that swear on

You swore on your marines to
three different people.




No I didn't.

I'm not going to go back.

I'm telling you I didn't.

I did not swear on the marine
corps to anyone, so if people

are saying, that they're lying
to you.

And I'm being serious now.

Now I'm talking.

Ben came up to me real cocky
and confident.

I didn't like it.

So I'm thinking he's always
saying I'm marine, you know,

this and that, you know, so i
told him, you know, you're going

around swearing on your marine.

He's like, I have never done

Maybe he didn't directly say, "i
swear on my marine," but it

doesn't matter.

I know I'm in trouble, so I got
to do what I can to blow up his



No, you listen.

Why are you getting all

Because instead of asking me
about it and talking to me about

it, you're telling people.

Are they yelling?


They have a rivalry.

Don't get upset.

There's no reason to get amped
up, dude.

I think that's your game, and
that's cool.

Joe pushed the right button.

I take what I did in the marine
corps very serious.

And I'm still dealing with with

There's things I have to live
with every day, and thoughts

that I have every single day,
and for some puts like him to

sit there and tell people that i
swore on it, it pisses me off.

I didn't swear on the marine

All right.

I hope you didn't.

That's all I'm saying.

I don't give a damn.

I know you don't, when
someone swears on the marines,

they don't give a damn.

Yeah, they're fighting.

Are they really?

Joe is just sitting there.

Ben is the more demonstrative

I don't know.

Joe just causing trouble at

It's certainly unsettling.

I hope he knows what he's doing,
because I realize there is a

target at my back, but Joe's
instincts have worked well up to

this point, so this could either
work out really well for me or

really badly for me.

I found a secret advantage
out there.

I have to tell you this, because
there's in way we're going to be

able to do split votes now.

There's not?

Not with the secret

I decided to tell Ben about the
secret advantage, because if I

play it and don't vote, then it
would be three votes Joe, three

Desi, and the healers could use
their four votes to vote out one

of us.

What does your secret
advantage say?

If I use it today, I can vote

I'm solid with Ben, however, I'm
playing this game for myself and

for my daughter, and having that
extra vote could get me to the

final three, so I've got to make
a big decision.

But this could create a huge
problem for us.

It's a blessing and a curse that
she found it.

But right now I'm worried that
yes's got another idol, so we

have to split the vote.

But get the numbers.

I have to convince a healer to
come with us.

We're going to need you on board
with this one.

I want Joe gone.

I can't stand to be on this
island with him any longer, but

if you don't vote with us
tonight, I'm going home.

Who is going to vote for you?

Joe, Desi, and Cole.

But that's only three.

Right, but if something
screwy happens, my name is down.

For some reason Ben feels he
needs me to vote out Joe.

It doesn't make sense.

I don't know what's going on,
but if I show my allegiance to

Ben, this could be my moment to
get off the bottom.

At at the same time, this could
be a perfect opportunity to take

out the biggest threat in this

And that's Ben.

I worry that they're just
lying to me again.

I don't know.

Obviously if Joe goes home,
you're next.

And then after you is me.

You know?

If this don't work, I might
be screwed.

It's a game of Russian roulette.

I've just put one round in the
chamber, spun it, and hopefully

the hammer doesn't go down on me

The hammer doesn't go down on me

JEFF: All right, so, Joe,
last tribal council you played

out hot, played an idol,
survived the vote.

Is it fair the say you might
feel some heat?

Jeff, tell me a time I've
been at tribal when I haven't

felt the heat.

Hasn't happened.

This tribal is no different.

There's one person running this
game right new and that's Ben.

JEFF: Ben?

You know, Jeff, apparently i
am a threat to Joe, but our

alliance is not a one-person

We sit like the knights of a

There's a bunch of other people
here that will have my back,

just like I have theirs.

JEFF: Cole, do you read
anything into the last vote in

terms of the healers being the
target, or was Jessica just one

vote and tonight could be
completely different?

The healers are absolutely a

It's kind of silly for us to buy
into the lie of the people that


JEFF: Joe, why are you

I called it since day one.

Really, you're allowing Ben out
of all people to disrupt this?

We healers we thought we were
strong, but we became weaker

when we allowed Ben to cause

Jeff, this is always coming
from a guy who said I was

swearing on the marines.

I would never swear on the

No one knows sacrifices that
marines make every single day,

and so I got a little heated

I'm apologizing right now.

Joe pushed my button, like he
was probably trying to do.

I wasn't trying to push your

Let me finish, please.

I'm not pushing buttons.

Stop talking.

None of us want to listen to you

Fair enough.

JEFF: Wow.

Ashley, it is interesting that
one guy can get so many people


It's really hard to say if
Joe is really good at playing

this game or if he's just really
good at being very annoyling


I think it's a combination of

It's hard to tell.

JEFF: Desi, it's
interesting that Joe could

ultimately impact you.

You were a healer in the
beginning, as well.

I think Joe has been
consistent in his game play, and

I think the issue here is people
manipulate words to mean what

they want it to mean in that

If you look at it one way, it's
the truth.

If you look at it the other way,
it's a lie.

JEFF: Mike, the game just
keeps ratcheting up.

At the end of the day, i
don't know if any of this

changes how people are voting or
not, but you feel like you can't

trust people.

Last tribal council, what
happened with our new yawa


Your feelings get hurt and you
feel like you've been betray.

It's tough.

JEFF: Ben, where do you
weigh in on this?

I have been through much worse.

I'll try to find the clarity.

Jeff, I've been through a
lot, like any other vet.

We've had the keep our heads
cool and probably the most high,

intense, dangerous situations,
and it's very easy to get


After getting out, I've gone
through a lot of personal


To this day I'm still working on
things like anger.

That's why I truly apologize to
Joe, not because he was trying

to get me angry, but because i
let him get me that angry.

JEFF: Desi, "survivor" can
bring out the worst in you, or

you can say "survivor"
challenges you.

It gives you the chance to fight
to be your best.

That's one way to look at it,
but I would guess that people

would say that lying is not a
part of the best version of

themselves, and I also think
that there are a lot of people

sitting here who to some degree
in this game have told at least

one if not several lies.

So you have to decide where you
draw your moral line.

DREW: Which speaks to some
level of character that you guys

are all aware of, but you're
fighting this dilemma.

Devon, where do you weigh in on

I think this game just strips
us down.

We really are exposed.

Today at camp we got back from
the immunity challenge.

I was just laying in the shelter
like Ben, just boom.

I don't want to be like that.

I feel like I'm always positive,
high energy person, loving to

smile and laugh and just have a
good time all the time.

I don't want to be a zombie.

I like being a bright and
beautiful light.

I don't even know what I'm
talking about now.

JEFF: I think you know
exactly what you're talking


You got it, Devon.

JEFF: Fascinating.

Started tribal attack.

Then it went deeper and it got
personal, and yet once again

we're going to do the thing we
do, is vote, and it will all

crystallize again.

That was an amazing journey.


Roller coaster, you could

JEFF: All right.

Time to vote.

J.P., you're up.

JEFF: I'll go tally the

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want the play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote Ben.




That's one vote Ben, one vote
Lauren, one vote Desi, one vet



Two votes Desi.


Two votes Joe.


That's three votes Desi.


We're tied again.

Three votes Desi, three votes


That's four votes Desi.

Three votes Joe, one vote Ben,
one vote Lauren.

One vote left.


We're tied.

That's four votes Joe, four
votes Desi.

Here's how it's going to work.

We're going to revote, Desi and
Joe, you will not vote.

Everybody else here, you can
only vote for Desi or Joe.

J.P., do you want the come grab
the urn?

I'll go tally the votes.

I'll read the votes.

First vote Desi.


One vote does, one vote Joe.


That's two votes Desi.


Three votes Desi.

One vote Joe.


That's four votes Desi.

Eighth person voted out and
first member of our jury, Desi.

That's five, that's enough, you
need to bring me your torch.

Desi, the tribe has spoken.

Good luck, everyone.

Bye, Desi.

Bye, des.

JEFF: Well, if roller
coaster is the theme for the

night, we are still early in the
ride, which means there are

still a lot more loops to come.

Grab your torches, head back to

Good night.

We go further, so you can.

from our next episode.

JEFF: Next time on
"survivor," Lauren's armed and


I pulled that off really

My psychorat advantage is in

JEFF: While Ryan's loose

I have an idol in my pants
only me and you know about.

Ryan has an idol.

In the blink of an eye my
game has completely changed.

It didn't go as I had hoped
or planned.

It's truly heartbreaking.

I'm in the used to losing.

It's in the part of what i
typically do, but in this game I

wasn't part of anybody's plan
moving forward, so I have the

realize that's part of the game
and somebody has the go home.

I don't think I have anything
else to say.

Corrected & Synced by Bakugan