Survivor (2000–…): Season 31, Episode 4 - What's the Beef? - full transcript

There is a gut-wrenching challenge and contestants plead for their place in the game at a heated tribal council; Abi-Maria keeps ruffling feathers.

"survivor," after a surprise
switch, drop your buff,

"survivor" second chance went
from two tribes to three tribes.

The new ta keo tried was
building confidence.

>> we have four number-one draft

>> jeff: The new bayon tribe
was building relationships.

>> I'm trying something new.
I'm trying to have feelings.

>> jeff: While the new andara
tribe had two in the minority.

>> when we come back together,
you can join up.

>> my old members want to be ta
keo strong.

Tasha is whispering sweet
nothings in my ear.

>> jeff: At the immunity idol,
jeremy secretly found an idol.

Ankor went the tribal council.
>> I made a deal with you and he

Made a deal with her.
>> I'm in the middle of a big

Ole mess.
I shouldn't have done that.

>> jeff: Facing tribal
council, the former ta keo

Couldn't get along.
>> I know I'm on the bottom with

You guys, so I'm going to vote
with them.

>> jeff: So tasha and savage
used it to their advantage.

>> you vote tasha and I'll vote

>> we were down.
>> jeff: At tribal council,

Woo voted for abi again.
Third person voted out of

"survivor" second chance.
But it was peih-gee who was sent

>> good luck.

>> jeff: The tribe has spoken.
17 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight.

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>> I can't believe I'm here.
I dodged a bullet.

I came back from that challenge
thinking I was gone.

But I did not get one single

>> thank you.
I'm grateful.

I just want you guys to know I'm

I've always been loyal to abi.
I want you guys to tell me what

I need to do to move myself to

>> I am endebted to these people
now, which makes me sick.

I have to kiss their asses, but
this is my second chance.

I'm going to do what I have to

>> honestly, peih-gee should not
have gone home.

But the challenge was the worst
thing ever.

He's a sneak.
It should have been him.

>> I'm feeling great because I
came in here bottom two.

And I initially thought that it
would be either savage of myself

Going home.
But now we're in control.

>> he's the source of all the
contention and all the problems.

>> I agree.
>> so I'm just saying, you are

Not going anywhere.
You're not.

>> tasha, I'm really
uncomfortable with what just

>> we'll talk about it.

>> I don't want to talk about

I have a problem when you take
someone that just voted me aside

And have a conversation.
>> abi, I didn't lie to you.

I didn't blind side you.
I had your back.

So what's the beef?
>> aligning with abi does make

Me a little nervous because she
has deep-rooted insecurities.

She has some paranoia, which
makes her completely

>> we've been scheming on

Getting me out a long time ago.
It bothers me to get these votes

At tribal, especially when
you're coming from a tribe like

Ta keo where everyone is
plotting to get you out.

For me it's starting to come off
as personal.

I feel great that I am in the
majority, but I have my ears

Open, and woo has voted for me

And if the decision was up to
me, he's going to be the next

One going home.

>> in the last immunity
challenge, I found the hidden

Immunity I doll.
I got it, and I'm like, I'm so

It took two years to get this

Thing, but I finally got my

It's a thing of beauty.
It's a thing of beauty.

I love it.
I love it.

>> any luck with the idol?
>> no.

I think about mike last season
in the tree.

I want the climb a tree and
look, you know what I mean?

>> I hear you, but how would you
even know what tree top it could

Be in?
>> this is my idol.

I'm not telling anybody.
So I told steven that we got to

Really look for this thing
because I don't need him to

Think that I have it.
>> what we can do is we can

Start here.
You go that way, I'll go that

Way, and we'll just hit it hard.
We got to find this thing.

It's out here.
It's out here.

I want steven to think that I'm
still looking for it and it's

For us.
I want the keep pulling him

I know they're going to come

After me at some point, and I
want him to be the one to say,

Listen, they're coming after
you, and I got my get out of

Jail free card.
I would love to be friends with

Steve for life after this.
I'll give him second place, if

You're happy with that.
I'm in the happy with second


>> we survived the night in this

Pretty good, right?
This is a dead cove.

>> I know.
This is dead.

>> our new camp, no resource, no
shelter, nothing.

>> wish me luck.
>> I'm gutted.

I started out with the

I was top dog with an abundance
of seafood.

Now I am in literally a
"survivor" ghetto.

There's nothing here.
>> welcome back.

>> I wish I had better news.
This is really, really

It's not like we're kicking back

And just having someone feed us
and we're sleeping in hammocks.

I mean, we are in hell right

>> you all hungry?
>> starving.

What is it?

>> just another day at the

Getting wet and stomping about.
Who will win is up in the air,

Some will feast and some will

>> feast.
>> a rechallenge, which is

Great, because I'm starting to
feel like I'm kind of withering

So I'm really excited, but I

Just don't know how much we have
in our tank to actually pull

This off.

>> jeff: Come on in, guys.
Bayon, ta keo getting your first

Look at the new angkor tribe.
Peih-gee voted out the last

Tribal council.
All right.

You guys ready to get to today's
reward challenge?

>> yes.
>> jeff: For today's challenge

You're going to race out in the
water, retrieve a sandbag and

Race back.
You'll then use a plank to

Launch that bag into your net.
First two to get all three of

Their bags in the net wins

Want to know what you're playing

>> yes.
>> jeff: First to finish,

"survivor" barbecue set.
Grill, wok, sausages, veggies,

Make for a very fun night.
Second to finish, smaller but

Just as fun.
Last to finish, nothing.

Worth playing for?
>> worth playing for.

>> jeff: Here's the twist.
Each tribe will select one

Person to run the entire

This is a hero challenge.
You're going to put all your

Eggs in one basket.
Angkor, who's it going to be?

Who are you going to put up?
>> I'll do it.

>> jeff: Savage going to run
it for angkor.

Bayon, who are you going to put

>> you want to do it, jeremy?
>> yeah, I'll do it.

>> jeff: Jeremy going to run
for bayon.

What's going to run it for ta

Dietz going to run.
We have savage versus jeremy

Versus dietz.
Everybody else take a spot on

Your mats.
We'll get started.

All right.
Here we go.

For reward, survivors ready?

>> come on, jeremy.
Let's go, jeremy.

>> dietz, dietz!
>> jeff: A lot tougher than

You think to run through that

Got to get the first bag and
head back.

Jeremy has his, savage has his,
everybody heading back.

All three guys trying to
conserve some energy.

You're going to need it for that

>> take it easy.
>> jeff: Dietz and jeremy back

Here comes savage.

Now you've got to launch it
using your plank.

Get it up in the air and drop it
in that net.

It is adjustable.
This will take some

Dietz scores his first one.

Dietz heads back out for ta keo.
Jeremy just short for bayon.

Savage going to give it a go.
>> you got it, savage.

>> jeff: Savage long.
Dietz now opening up a lead for

Ta keo.
Jeremy going to try it again.

Here goes jeremy and savage.
Jeremy scores.

Heading out for bayon.
>> you got this, jeremy.

>> jeff: Savage misses.
Going to have to try it again.

Savage with another go.
Savage scores.

Savage heading out now.
>> come on, andrew!

You got it.
>> jeff: Everybody now looking

For that second back.
Dietz with the lead has his.

>> you got it, dietz.
Slow and steady, bud.

>> jeff: Only ten days into
this game, already you can see

The wear and tear, getting no
sleep, very little food.

Dietz now high-stepping it back.
Jeremy making his way back.

Savage has his second back.
>> go, jeremy.

>> jeff: Dietz now with a big
lead for ta keo.

Can he capitalize on it?
>> there you go, baby?

>> jeff: Way long.
That's how quickly you can

Forget what you did the first

Jeremy now back with his setting

Savage still in the water.
>> savage, you're in it.

You're in it.
>> jeff: Jeremy short.

>> almost.
>> jeff: Dietz big and long.

Savage is back in it now.
We're all tied up one bag each.

>> don't look.
Just do your thing.

>> jeff: Savage connects on
his first launch.

Savage now in the lead for

>> let's go, savage!
>> go, savage!

>> jeff: Dietz launches.
Dietz hits his second bag.

He's heading out.
Jeremy trying to stick that

Second bag, and he does.
Jeremy can head out looking for

That third and final bag.
Everybody's in the water now.

Jeremy trying to make up some
time, high-stepping it.

Savage has his third bag.
He's heading back.

>> come on, savage!
>> jeff: This would be a very

Different story for angkor to
win here comes dietz now,

Starting to pick up the pace,
gaining on savage.

>> come on, jeremy!
>> jeff: Both guys digging

But, no, one time.

It is dietz and savage right now
for the win.

>> for the win, bud.
>> jeff: Dietz launch, misses.

Savage can win it right here.
>> you got it, man.

You got it.
>> savage!

>> jeff: And he does!
Angkor wins reward.

Looking for second place.
Dietz, jeremy still in it.

Life just changed at angkor.
Savage struggling.

>> thank you so much.
Thank you so much.

>> jeff: For second place and
reward, dietz, jeremy with a

Shot at it right here.
>> you got this, jeremy.

Jeremy way long.
>> jeremy, it's okay.

>> it's okay.
You got it.

You got it.
>> come on, jeremy.

>> jeff: Dietz launches and

Ta keo wins reward.
Nothing for the bayon tribe.

Angkor, how big is this victory?
>> we haven't really eaten in

Four days, and andrew did that
just on pure love for this

>> jeff: Angkor, nice reward.

Everything you need to have a
great barbecue back at camp,

Grab your stuff, enjoy your

>> good job, guys.
Good job, andrew.

>> jeff: Ta keo, not a full
barbecue set, but it's in the

Come grab your reward.

Head back to camp.
Bayon, got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff, head back to

>> part of my demons, I've never
stopped thinking, did I carry my

Weight, did I do enough to get
us over the hump.

And today I gave it everything I
had and we won.

So vindication for me?

>> oh, my god, we're going to

God bless savage.
You're freaking legend.

>> thank you, savage.
>> you're legend, brother.

>> not eating really for four
days, you get at wit's end, so

When jeff said angkor win, I
almost dropped to my knees.

That's one of the best moments
in "survivor" I ever had.

>> I can't believe I'm about to
sit down and dine with you guys.

>> this is like major motivation
for us.

>> they put a million pounds of
faith in me, because this is

Everything when you're starving,
and I was able to deliver.

>> I have grease running down my

>> we're so winning immunity.
>> this little tribe, now they

Know we can compete against all
those big horses on the other

Tribes, and that's huge.
That's a game changer, because

Now I think we can fire on all
cylinders and just not go to


>> I think if you lost
"survivor" your first time out,

You need to do something

I made a big mistake last time.
Strategically I think I played a

Great game.
Socially I didn't.

Pretty much everyone thought I
was going to come in here and be

A little turd and cause them
problems, and probably I was at

The top of the list of everyone
to get out, and I really took

That to heart.
So I read the book "how the win

Friends and influence people."
it says act as sincere as you

Can, sympathize with people.
I know this is bizarre for

People to see chaos kass out
here applying self-help methods,

But I knew I needed to look at
my game play and what I needed

To do.
>> wake up.

I see kass over by the tree, and
she's using the machete to cut

I'm like, what is this woman

I don't trust her.

She nicknamed chaos kass.

That's her whole thing to, do
something sneaky, making a fake

Immunity idol.
Then I see her out on the beach.

She's like, get away, get away.
So I know she has stuff up her

She's chaos kass.

Come on.
>> happy belated birthday.

A little piece of bayon.
A little good luck charm.

>> thank you.
>> cute.

>> I thought you were making
fake idols.

>> I thawing everybody would
think that, I was going to trump

Them all.
It's a birthday present good

Luck charm for today.
>> thank you, kass.

Very cute.
Thank you.

>> I think the winner of "second
chance" will be someone who

Truly embraces evolution and
change, and for me that's being

This more open person.
>> oh ye of little faith, as if

I have the skills to make an

>> so what's the deal, spencer,
with you?

>> like strategically you mean?
>> she voted against me.

>> yeah?
>> you were next to go?

>> I was next to go.
The facts are four bayon and two

Former ta keo, so I know
immediately that wiglesworth and

I are in some degree of trouble,
which puts me in a position of

Having to throw wiglesworth
under the bus.

>> would you get rid of kelly?
>> yeah.

There are people over there who
own her vote?

>> terry, woo, varner.
I need to make it clear to my

Tribe that there are people
wiglesworth will run back to in

The future.
Wiglesworth does have a tight

Bond with like terry and woo.
>> yes, she has terry, woo.

>> even wentworth, right, is
good with...

>> she's good with all of them.
>> spencer says that kelly

Wiglesworth has a ton of people
that are in her alliance, but I

Don't think he's being
completely truthful.

>> I don't know if she is, if
she is genuine...

>> he's a little bit sneaky, so
my first gut reaction was, as

Women, we should be strong, we
should stick together, not only

To keep the girl count up in the
hopes of maybe doing a girls

Alliance, but also to keep the
boys count down.

>> she's someone I will always
have trouble trusting.

>> this is all stuff we've been
thinking about.

So once a challenge is lost,
spencer needs to go first.

>> I'm 100% with it.
>> me too.

I love it.
>> boom.

>> jeff: Come on in, guys.
All right.

You guys ready to get to today's
immunity challenge?

>> yes.
>> jeff: First things first, I

Will take back the idols.

Once again immunity is back up

For grabs.
For today's challenge, one tribe

Member will be your caller.
The rest of the tribe will be

Using only verbal commands, the

Caller will direct the
blindfolded tribe members to

Collect a series of very large
and very heavy puzzle pieces.

Once you have all the puzzle
pieces, take off your blind

Folds and work together to solve
the puzzle.

First two tribes to finish win

Safe from the vote.
Losers, tribal council where

Somebody will be the fourth
person voted out of second

Bayon, you have one extra

Sitting someone out.

Who is it going to be?
Monica going to sit out.

Ta keo one extra member.
Who is it going to be?

>> ciera.
>> jeff: Everybody else take a

Minute to strategize and we'll
get started.

All right.
We have our caller.

It is jeff for angkor, kimmi for
bayon, kass for ta keo.

Here we go.
For immunity, survivors ready?

>> you're going to the rim.
>> jeff: It's all about

>> turn around.

>> louder, kimmi, I can't hear

>> jeff: The tribe who
communicates together the best

Will succeed.
>> turn, terry, turn to your

No, not that one.

>> to the left.
Behind you, andrew, behind you.

There you go.
>> jeff: There are 16 puzzle

Pieces out here.
That is a lot.

They are all heavy and

Very hard for one person to
carry one alone.

>> to your right.
To your right.

>> jeff: Bayon back with their
first piece.

Angkor back with their first

>> drop it joe and kelley.
>> jeff: We are tied one

Across the board.
>> right there.

Drop it.
>> jeff: Angkor with their

Second piece.
Bayon with their second piece.

Here comes ta keo with their
second and third.

>> left, left.
Keith, drop it.

>> jeff: It's hard to hear
when everybody is yelling.

>> I can't hear.
>> drop it.

>> jeff: There it is.
Angkor with their therd piece.

>> abi, right here.
>> jeff: Bayon with their

Third piece.
>> kass, give me something.

>> joe!
>> jeff: Dietz continues to

Wait for help, like waiting to
get called on in class.

Teacher doesn't see him.
>> straight, straight, straight.

>> drop it, drop it, drop it.
>> jeff: Angkor in the lead

With four petes.
Bayon and ta keo each with

>> turn around, terry.

>> kass, we need help.
>> I'm yelling at someone else.

>> I can't hear.
>> drop it.

>> jeff: Bayon with their
fourth piece.

16 pieces.
There are still a lot of pieces

Left to find.
Angkor in the lead with 11.

They won the last reward

Would love to have another

Ten for bayon.
Ta keo with seven.

Ta keo in dead last right now.
>> I can't hear.

>> jeff: Dietz like the guy at
the party that no one will talk

Waiting for an invitation to

>> joe!

>> jeff: Joe just picking a
piece up on his own.

These pieces are massive, but
joe is not waiting for anybody

Joe back with another piece,

Basically did it all on his own.
Ta keo with another piece.

Angkor with 11.
Bayon with 10.

Ta keo with 9.
Ta keo with another piece.

Joe has put ta keo back in this

Angkor back with another piece.
Savage exhausted.

This challenge will kick your

>> ouch.

>> uh.
>> ow.

>> you okay?
>> drop it.

>> ouch.
>> ow.

>> oh.
>> jeff: Not an enviable

Position to be the caller in
this challenge.

Joe with a full-on sprint.
Ta keo now in the lead with 15.

Big comeback.
Ta keo came from dead last.

Ta keo with one piece left.
Bayon and angkor with two.

You are not even half-way done.
You still have to solve this

>> drop it.

>> jeff: One piece left for

That's 15 for bayon.
Everybody on their last piece.

>> andrew, roll it to your

>> watch out!
>> oh.

>> straight to me.
Straight to me.

>> jeff: Joe and dietz now
paired up together.

Terry was really on his own.
Now he's got a partner.

>> let's go.
>> jeff: Ta keo with their

16th piece.
Take off your blindfold and

Start working.
Angkor has their 16th piece.

Take off your masks.
>> I can see.

>> jeff: Huge immunity on the

>> it's so bright.
>> oh, my god.

>> jeff: Bayon has their

Take off your masks.
Everybody working on the puzzle

It is a cube.

There is a pattern on each side.
It's the insignia of your

Tribe's flag.
You've been living with it.

You know what it looks like.
The more progress you make, the

Easier it will get.
>> joe, I think this goes over

>> get the b for bayon.

>> jeff: Dietz is taking over.
One of the biggest difficulties

Of this puzzle is the weight and
sizes of the pieces.

Just moving them takes so much

The sun is beating down hot.
Everyone can feel it.

>> varner, back here.
>> jeff: Tasha starting to

Call out some orders now.
>> ow.

>> jeff: Varner drops a piece
on himself.

Angkor spent a lot of time
moving a lot of pieces, but

Right now they don't look like
they've made any progress at

This is a race between ta keo

And bayon.
Bayon is making a lot of

If they're right.

Bayon was last to get all their
pieces, but they're making the

Most progress on the puzzle.
>> just like that, yeah.

>> spencer thinks he's got

>> good job, spencer.
>> jeff: Bayon getting very

Bayon for the win.

Bayon wins immunity!
We're looking for second place.

It's now ta keo and angkor
fighting now to make sure it's

Not them that goes to tribal

Ta keo in the lead.
Angkor can get back in this if

They can find the energy.
>> come on.

Angkor literally sleeping on the

Ta keo getting closer with every

You can see the exhaustion on
the faces of angkor.

Almost as if they're just
waiting for ta keo to win.

So we can be done.
Ta keo with one piece left.

Ta keo wins immunity sending
angkor back the tribal council

For the second straight time.

Bayon, congratulations.
>> good job.

>> thank you.
>> jeff: Nobody going home

From bayon, and nobody going
home from ta keo.

>> good job.
>> jeff: Angkor, tribal

Council once again, you have to
ask, savage, did you just give

>> that's all we had.

I've never been in a state.
I played college football.

I was never as close to this and
I gave it everything I've had.

I've never been here.
It's humbling.

It's scary.
I'm ready to fall over.

>> jeff: Angkor, I wish I
could tell you something

Positive was waiting for you
back at camp, but I can't.

Bayon, ta keo, grab your stuff.
Head back to camp.

In tribal council tonight.
>> good job, you guys.

>> good job.
>> way to hustle.

>> jeff: Angkor, the only
thing waiting for you is a date

With me tonight at tribal
council where somebody will be

The fourth person voted out of
"second chance."

Grab your stuff.
Head back to camp.

>> good effort, guys.
Varner, good calling.

>> hey, we did our best.
>> yeah, we did.

>> oh, man.
>> good feeling from the full

Belly is gone.
>> gone, man.

We went into today thinking
we're going to just decimate

Those guys and continue this
high high, and we just got

Thumped by the most physical
challenge I've ever participated

In, so we just hit this rock
bottom low low, got to go to

Tribal and send somebody home.
>> varner, you okay?

>> it's my pinkie toe.
It's going to hurt like a bitch

For a few days.
I am absolutely no threat to

>> for the record, varner is not

A physical threat.
>> thanks to abi, savage and I

Have fought our way from the
bottom to what appears to be the

Top, however, abi is

She'll make a decision, she'll
be solid.

A few minutes later she doesn't
know, and that worries me.

>> she's very cunning.
>> yes.

>> it's me or you?
>> yeah.

>> I think it's me.
>> you think?

>> I do.
They're not telling me anything.

They came over and took over.
And now that abi's officially

Flipped, they have the power.
There's nothing we can do.

>> right.
>> clearly it's either me or woo

Abi is so in their laps right

Now, she's completely turned her
back on both of us.

But the one thing that I have
working for me is I've never

Voted for abi.
I have saved abi twice.

So if abi's the one making all
the calls here, I might just

Squeak by another week.
>> when we first got to this

Camp we were up 4-2, now we're
looking at greg rid of all the

Old ta keo tribe.
It kind of worries me, man.

How do you feel?
>> it feels good to be wanted.

>> yeah, yeah.
>> they're making me feel so

Comfortable in such a good spot,
so I'm...

>> don't get too comfortable,

>> I know that.
I understand why they're so

Because they need you.

>> all right.
What if we took out varner.

>> you have to remember, you
voted for me twice.

And it's not something that I
consider because he says that he

Wants to work with me, but then
he kind of like stabs me behind

My back.
And I'm going with people that

Value my personality and what I
wring to the table.

Just put yourself in my shoes.
>> I understand the situation.

>> I know you're going with the

I get it.
No hard feelings, but how does

That make me feel?
>> uh-huh.

>> I tried to rekindle our
relationship with abi, but she

Was pretty upset.
I did write her name down twice,

And she does have a grudge, and
if she's looking for some

Retaliation or vengeance upon
me, then I could be facing a lot

Of trouble going into tribal

>> what do you think in.
>> he has voted for me twice.

He's not a loyal guy toward me.
There's something about him that

Wants to get me out of here.
>> here's the thing, varner, I

Thought he should have gone last
time, but...

>> but he's not proven anything
to me so far.

>> abi is totally fixated on I
don't trust woo.

Woo wrote my name down twice.
But the thing is, woo can help

Us win challenges.
But abi just is contrary.

You say it's blue, she'll say
it's yellow.

Who do you think we're going the
lose immunity with, woo, or

Who is the biggest liability in.

>> yeah, but varner has
protected me many times.

He has proven his loyalty to me.
>> I appreciate his loyalty.

>> give me the benefit of the

>> I think if you want to be
loyal to jeff...

>> he was loyal to me before.
>> if that makes you sleep at

>> it's not about that, tasha.

I'm thinking.
I'm thinking.

I'm thinking.
I'm thinking.

I'm thinking.
Woo, woo, woo hasn't been loyal

To me.
>> what scares me is varner is

Very manipulative, and at any
moment he could work his magic,

And now I've lost abi.
>> I love you.

You know that.
We've worked well together.

I kind of miss you.
Like we don't talk and cut up

Like we did before.
I miss my abi time.

>> oh.
>> abi's like the pivotal piece

To this puzzle.
And we might have to do whatever

She wants, otherwise abi's going
to be pissed.

>> tonight I have a huge

It all comes down to winning
challenges versus trust and

And I hate having to be the

Decision maker.

>> jeff: So varner, let's talk
about the cane.

Is that directly from today's

>> yeah, one of those big pieces
slammed right dunne on my foot.

And it's purple.
It's painful.

And today was a nightmare.
I have never felt like this.

I mean, to not be able to put
two socks together, to get up to

Walk to use the bathroom...
>> oh, my gosh!

>> to deal with moments like
that, it drains you, but I just

Keep thinking of the millions of
people who voted me here, and I

Keep going.
>> jeff: So, woo, there had to

Be a part of you going, varner
would seem like an easy volt.

He's injured.
>> varner and I, we feel like

We're on the bottom, and it's
tough, but it's all about being

Able to outlast one another.
I'll be able to outlast him for

>> jeff: Abi, woo says it's

Him or varner, does that sound
right to you.

>> yes.
>> jeff: Is this an easy vote

Or difficult?
>> I don't know.

You know, I have been reflecting
all day, and I haven't made my

Mind up.
I mean, varner has been very

Loyal to me throughout the game,
but we want the win challenges.

>> jeff: Savage, you could
argue that varner hasn't been a

Lot of help at any of the

>> true.
This is "survivor," though, and

You have to look to the future,
so when a merge come, woo's a

Do we want to go up against him

One on one in challenges?
It's just something to think

>> but the merge is not going to

Happen any time soon.
>> we don't know that.

We don't know that.
>> I'm going to be an asset for

You guys.
Varner will not.

>> woo is going to be your
nemesis and I am not a physical

Threat to anybody.
>> jeff: Woo, you're always

Going to be seen as a possible
threat to win if you get to the

Individual portion.
>> sure, but I am that pivotal

Player that's going to stay
loyal, that's going to die for

My alliance.
>> but you haven't been in this

Alike, you voted against it,

>> twice.
>> and I was loyal to these guys

At the last tribal council, and
if I may make a pitch here...

>> jeff: Yes.
>> tasha, you've been closed off

To me because I think you see me
as this crappy person, but I

Trust you and I am loyal to you.
Savage, absolutely loyal to you.

We're both old school.
And abi, I have been loyal to

You since day one.
Because I adore you.

I will not vote for you.
I have not voted for you.

I am loyal to you until the end
of it.

So I hope you repay that to me.
>> jeff: Wow.

Abi, that was a good pitch.
>> that was a good pitch, and I

Just really don't know what to

>> jeff: Tasha, weigh it out
from your point of view, because

Both of them have made good

>> all I know is that in order
to win, we need strong people.

So that's woo.
Loyalty, physical ability,

That's what I'm weighing.
>> I have both.

I give you the loyalty and
physical threat.

>> you're giving it to her.
You haven't given it to me yet.

>> you voted against abi twice.
>> sure, I voted against abi,

But I'm telling you guys right
now, I'm willing to jump on

Board with you guys.
Varner's got relationships with

Everyone from the old ta keo

How can you trust that he won't
just flip on you.

>> we have relationships too
with these people.

>> you're cutting them now.
>> you're playing the game hard

And I respect that, but you can
play the game watching your own

I'm looking out for the better

Good of the group.
>> in terms of committing to

These guys, one of us has proven
they're there, the other has

>> but I built a relationship

With you guys the past five, six

I'm willing to commit and stick
to it.

I promise.
>> jeff: Wow.

>> wow.
>> wow.

>> wow.
>> jeff: I love the fight.

There is nobody here that wants
to give up.

>> can we vote?
>> let's do it.

>> jeff: All right.
You guys want to vote?

Let's vote.
Woo, you're up.

>> abi, I promise you right here
right now that I will stay

Don't vote me out.

>> make sure you don't write

>> I really hope it's not me

>> you rock.

>> jeff: I'll go tally the

If anybody has the a hidden
immunity idol, now would be the

Time the play it.
Okay, once the votes are read,

The decision is final.
The person voted out will be

Asked to leave the tribal
council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote jeff.


Two votes jeff.
One vote woo.

Fourth person voted out of
"survivor: Second chance," jeff.

That's three, that's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

>> jeff: Varner?
>> yep.

>> jeff: The tribe had spoken.
Time for you to go.

>> thank you, jeff.
>> jeff: Well, if there is a

Silver lining to tribal council,
it's this.

Sometimes if you make the right
vote, you return to camp

Stronger and more united.
We'll know soon enough if that

Is the case for this tribe.
Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.
Good night.

>> jeff: Next time on
"survivor," in a season of
second chances, the most

Unlikely just might be the most
>> final five.

>> exactly.
>> five could bring you all the

Way to the end.
>> if he writes my name down

Again, he's dead to me.
>> she's a snake in the grass.

>> there are going to be

>> I have a passion that's been
cooking for 15 years.

All of sauden this opportunity
pops up.

It came playing the out in all
directions, but in terms of the

Life adventure, in terms of the
charge to move forward with the

Second half of my life, I
absolutely got what I needed.

And I'm very grateful.