Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - Smoking Out the Snake - full transcript

An obsessed lex grills everyone in Moto Maji to find out who cast the second vote against him.

>> PROBST: Previously on

Survivor: The Boran and
Samburu tribes merged into one.

The ten of you have now merged
into one tribe.

The first individual immunity
challenge was an arm's length

test of endurance.
After more than six hours,

Clarence and Teresa were the
last two standing.

A game of rock, paper, scissors
finally determined the outcome.

The new tribe bonded over wine,
and named themselves Motomaji.

At Tribal Council, Teresa
secretly honored her word and

voted with Clarence against Lex.
Two votes Lex.

But Clarence received the
majority and was voted out of

the tribe.
The tribe has spoken.

Nine are left.
Tonight one more will go.

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>> I'm telling you, a dirty

>> When we went to Tribal
Council last night, we seemed to

have kind of a unanimous

Everyone was going to be voting
for Clarence and then there were

two votes that came in with my
name and them, and I was, you

know, I was really surprised.
I kind of figured that Clarence

would vote for me, but when the
second vote came in, I was

pissed off.
I was furious.

>> I know it's not me.
It's not you.

It's not Tom for sure.
>> Nope.

>> It's not Ethan.
>> It's not Ethan.

The person that threw that vote
at me and that now chooses to

hide, torques me and it pisses
me off that I can't figure it

out and smoke him out right

I will not live with a snake.
>> Yeah.

>> I will cut the head off of
whoever it is that did this, and

whoever it is that has poisoned
this with scheming and lying is

going to go down next.
>> Mm-hmm.

>> That is just the way it is,
and I'm going to take him out.

I'm going to slit their throats.
>> This morning Lex was just a

total jerk.
I mean what do you expect in

this game?
I mean I'm sorry.

Someone voted against you,
Mr. Ego.

Deal with it.
>> It was not me.

>> You swear on your brother?
You'd swear on your brother's

>> I'd swear on my brother's

I'd swear on both my parents.

I really would.
I'll look you in the eye.

>> You are?
>> I am, I am.

I promise you.
>> Okay, it really wasn't me,

but screw you, Lex, if you're
going to sit here and yell at me

like you're my dad and I'm five
and I just stole cookies for

something I didn't do.
>> Did you sleep well?

>> I did.
I'm a pretty happy camper.

>> This one little vote is so
inconsequential to the game, and

it has so much to do with Lex's
ego that I really could care

less what happens with it.
Somebody was just screwing with

his head, and it worked.
It makes me wish I had done it.

>> Is there anything I can help
you with for breakfast?

>> I was going to try that soup.
What would you think of that?

>> Sure.
At this point in the game, I'm

worried about the fact that
there's a snake amongst us and I

don't know who it is.
That person could act like

cancer and start rotting,
rotting our plans from the

inside out.
And that's why we need to smoke

them out.
>> Lex was just distraught.

I mean it was just terrible.
He said, "All I could think

about was who was the one that
voted" for him, and, I mean, I

didn't think it would be that
much of an impact.

I thought, shoot, ten votes:
he got two, didn't get eight.

Well, what's the big deal?
He's here.

But it wasn't like that a bit.
>> I'm just not even going to...

I'm not even going to think
about it anymore.

It was because somebody around
here is claiming to be something

that they're not.
>> Right.

>> Of course they figure that
Clarence had voted him, but they

had to figure out who the other
person was.

It was me.
I mean I did it.

I'm sick that I did it now, but
like I said, I didn't think it

would be such an ordeal.
>> You know, I want, I want you

to know that I have, I have no
suspicion at all as far as

you're concerned and I'm just
going to let this thing go now

that whoever it is, is probably
going to hang themselves, and

that's the way it is, you know.
And I wish I knew definitively

for sure, because then I would
just take care of it, who to

give it next.
>> Yeah, right.

Mama didn't raise no fool.
I'm going to keep quiet for a

while longer, just because,
well, I'm not really ready

to go.
>> From the moment I met you,

I knew that I could trust you,
and I trust my gut over my, over

my eyes any day and my gut told
me that you're, you're the real

deal, so...
>> Thanks, Lex.

>> Thank you.

>> All along I played with being
straight up with everybody, and

now I'm not straight up with
them for obvious reasons, and I

don't know where to go with it

It bothers me.
It bothers me a lot, actually.

I hate this game.
>> Oh, one of these little,

weird music-makers.

>> What is it?

>> This is like an African
music-making device.

>> All right.
>> Cool.

You play with your thumbs, and
it says, "Coordination and

persistence it'll take to win
this one.

You may run out of breath, but I
guarantee you'll have some fun.

You best use all your leverage,
focus you don't want to miss,

because you haven't seen a
reward quite as cool as this."

Persistence and leverage.
>> Focus.

>> But see, leverage is kind of
like, you know, like you have to

push these... I don't know.
>> Lex is getting good at that

>> This is fun.

I like having this around.
You guys are going to get really

sick of this.
>> PROBST: All right, guys,

sick of this.
>> PROBST: All right, guys,

today's reward challenge is
going to require a bit of

coordination, a whole lot of

You will each have nine items.
Your goal: Get the nine items

into the basket on top of your
tower, using your plank as a

So you'll take one item at a

time, put it at the end of the

Go to the other side, stomp on
it, flinging it into the air

into your basket.
A little bit of wind today.

You'll have to adjust for.
It's trial and error.

The first person to get all nine
items in their basket wins the

Want to know what your reward

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Charles, Isaac, bring
them in.

You guys remember Charles from
when we drank blood?

This is his brother, Isaac.
>> Hi.

>> PROBST: The winner gets these
two goats, then in the morning,

we'll go to a small African
village, where you are going to

barter these goats for whatever
you can get: creature comforts,

food, souvenirs, whatever you
deem important.

And then the merchant who you
trade with will be able to

increase his herd of goats,
which increases his wealth.

All right, take your spots.
Let's get it going.

Survivors ready?

Ethan's got one.
Another one for Ethan.

Ethan's got one.
Another one for Ethan.

Kim's got one.
Lex back in.

Kim's got one.
Lex back in.

Another one for Ethan.
Frank's got one.

How's it going, Kelly?
>> I keep breaking my plank.

>> PROBST: Another one for Big

Another one for Ethan.
Brandon on the board.

>> Ah!
>> You've got to be joking.

>> PROBST: Frank has his second
one in.

Ethan down to two.
Lex is down to three.

Brandon's down to four.
Ethan down to one.

Lex down to two.
Ethan, you're on your last one,

but Lex is right on your heels.
Big Tom.

Frank's down to four.
>> Let's move it. Come on!

>> Woo!
>> PROBST: Kelly, welcome to the

Brandon needs three.

Lex needs two.
Ethan needs one.

There it is.
That's it, it's over,

Ethan wins.
>> Good job, Ethan.

>> You did great.
>> PROBST: All right, Ethan,

here's the deal.
I'll take good care of your

goats tonight.
Tomorrow morning, show up at

camp and take your goats.
You might want to bring a few

personal items, if you have
them, want to get rid of them,

something to barter, might have

We'll go to a small little
village, make a day of it.

>> All right.
>> PROBST: Congratulations.

>> If that one hat gets
everybody something, just do

that, I don't care.
>> They'll be like, "it's the

hat guy."
>> Yeah.

>> Right now, everyone is giving
me some stuff to trade away at

the old marketplace or wherever
I end up.

This hat wants something sweet.
This hat might want a belt or a

This hat wants...

>> Anything.
>> Anything, other than this

>> Gruel.

>> PROBST: Yo, Ethan.
>> Yeah.

>> Look who's here.
>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: How's breakfast?
>> Good.

We got a little gray gruel

>> PROBST: Got a bag full of
personal stuff you're going to

>> Yeah, got some hats.

Got some sunglasses.
>> PROBST: Cool, all right.

>> Have a great time.
Have fun.

>> PROBST: You guys...
You guys want to walk him out?

>> Sure.
>> PROBST: You guys remember

He welcomed you when you first

got here?
>> Up, up, up.

>> Down, down, down, down.
>> Later, guys.

Have a great day.
I'll see you.

>> Have a great time.
>> All right, Ethan.

>> Hi, goats.
>> PROBST: I want to make sure

you can handle those goats.
Take a seat by them and make

sure they're all right.
>> Come on, have a seat.

How do you lay down?
I'm not feeling real good about

>> PROBST: I think you need to

bring one more person with you.
>> Oh.

>> PROBST: Grab somebody because
we've got to run.

>> When Jeff said, you know,
"pick somebody," my exact

reaction was I don't want to
choose anyone to take because

it's a huge political decision
and the only thing I could think

of quick enough was, you know,
the person that was close to

winning, but didn't.
Lex because he came in second

and that's my only clarification
for coming.

>> Lex, let's go.
>> Yeah!

Way to go.
>> Have fun, Lex.

>> Good choice.
>> He came in second.

He battled me.
>> Good choice.

>> Good choice.
>> If you get to trade Lex, you

know, you get some more stuff.
>> Good luck.

>> Bye, guys.
>> Look at that.

>> Bye, guys.
>> Look at that.

This is crazy.
>> We had to keep a couple of

goats calm and keep them still
because the whole point of the

trip was for us to take two
goats into this village and be

able to trade or barter them for
money so we could buy some

But the ride was so bumpy.

I mean it was an absolute

>> Oh...
>> Oh, my gosh.

>> We finally arrived.
The town ended up being named

It was a small little village,

maybe one street, with stores on

>> The whole thing was a surreal

>> I'm experiencing extreme
culture shock.

>> I am, too.
>> I didn't know that when we

got into the village, that it
would be up to Ethan and I to

actually get the goats off.
We got to get the goats.

>> This is going to be pure

>> No, it's not that bad.
>> We already had a crowd of the

locals, you know, watching two
very out-of-place guys chucking

goats out of huge trucks.
We were the laughingstock before

we even set foot in the village.
Now, you won this, right?

This was like, this was, this
was a reward, right?

>> Yeah, it was.
Yeah, it was.

>> This is not a punishment or a

>> I know nothing about goats,
and I was looking around for

some sort of hint, some sort of
direction, and just got nothing.

Everyone is staring at us, and
you're definitely in the hot

>> We don't stand out, though,

do we?
>> No, not at all.

>> I was panicked.
I had no idea what to do.

We just started shopping them

>> I'm selling a goat.
Are you interested in buying a


>> I'll give you 500 each.

>> 500 each?
>> Oh, no, no, no.

They know where they're going.
I'm selling a goat.

Anybody interested?
Somebody already offered us

1,000 for this one.
Do you want to buy a goat?

You know who wants to buy goats?
>> No.

>> He'll grow.
He's just young.

He's a baby.
>> You want to sell the small

>> We want to sell them both.

>> 1,800 is too much money.

12, four, 16.
>> The best we've gotten so far.

>> Okay.
Thank you.

>> Thank you.
>> Want to see where they're

taking the goats?
They're going to take the goats

somewhere and get 2,000.
>> We could have got attached to

the goats on that 3h-hour trip.
I thought maybe they were going

to end up in a flock and they
were going to be these happy

goats that kind of, you know,
cruise around the countryside

eating grass and maybe mating or

We saw him turn around with the
two goats and he made a beeline,

not 20 feet away from us
straight into the butchery.

>> Oh, they got a good deal.
>> Be that as it may, we had 25

bucks to spend.

>> We were clearly a couple of
things to see in that village.

We had a constant kind of
entourage that followed us

around, many of which weren't
even talking to us.

They were just staring at us.
Somebody from the village,

obviously the guy that's in the
know, or hooked up with

everybody, immediately latched
on to us and said, "I can take

you to the best place in town."
>> Is it good food?

>> Yeah, good food.
A good restaurant there.

>> All right.
>> We're going to be eating

We sat down, and asked for a

They didn't have a menu, but the

guy basically told us, "Yeah, we
have three things here."

The maize we didn't want
anything to do with because

that's the mush we're
eating here.

Meat we weren't feeling super
safe about because we saw a lot

of cats kind of milling around.
We weren't quite sure what that

And then French fries sounded, I

mean, right off the bat that
sounded great.

>> Two chips and then a big
soda, beer.

Thank you.
>> This is incredible.

>> I got a soda and Lex got a

>> Thank you very much.
>> And it was cold and it was

>> Cheers.

>> Thank you for the trip.
>> No problem.

>> Oh, yes.
This is the best French fries

I've ever had in my life.
The platters were huge.

They were swimming in about an
eighth of an inch of, like,

grease or oil, which was perfect
because I have gone without fat

or lard or grease for a month.
And I'm telling you, it was like

Are you all right?

>> Yeah.
>> I think the French fries were

a definite shock to my system.
I mean my stomach has shrunk

I don't regret it, but you know,

it went right through me.
It's like solitary confinement.

I wouldn't want to go there

That's for sure.
But you had to do it, you know,

you can't not do it.
Oh, my God.

>> Oh, yeah.
My stomach hasn't felt full in a

long time out here.
The feeling was great.

Next on our agenda was trying to
find sweets and goods for the

You'll be fair with us, right?

>> Yes, sure, I will be.
Make you happy, also.

>> We went to a marketplace.
Unfortunately, after our

thousand-shilling meal, we were
only left with about 600

shillings to get a whole bunch
of stuff for the tribe.

>> This is nice, dude.
>> You got a good one there.

>> I have sunglasses.
>> Sunglasses?

>> That's nice.

I don't really need that.
But, yeah, maybe.

Just hold on to it.

You just let me know.
This, this, this, for two hats.

>> I was bartering and you know,
I was trying to get a lot for

a hat.
>> So all I have is this and

>> Would she want this one, you

>> Oh, and I have this shirt.

I traded right off my back one
of my Reebok long-sleeved

They gave me a price, and I gave

them my shirt off my back.
I gave them my hat off my head.

For even just two hours, I was a
little bit part of their life

and see how things work.
I had brought this hacky sack as

my luxury item and I'm, like,
you know, "When am I going to

use this?"
And so we just started, you

know, kicking it around and

Three, four, five.
I'm sure they're, like, how the

hell does this kid know how to
do this, you know, because I'm

sure they don't see many white
people that can play soccer or

hacky sack.
>> You know what his name is?

Back in the United States, he's

a soccer player.
>> The smiles on their faces

were, you know, amazing.
And I think I made their day.

And then as we were leaving, I,
you know, I threw it to one of

the little ones and I gave him
my hacky sack and he was, like,

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank

It's hard to describe in words
everything that was going on in

my head and in my body.
But, like, it was an experience

that, you know, I'll never be
able to forget.

>> Thank you.
That was business.

That was insane.
As a life experience, it was a

day I will never, ever forget,
like, for the rest of my life.

Look, they're all wearing our
hats and stuff.

>> Bye!

>> I hadn't told anybody yet
that I voted for Lex, and I

won't anytime soon.
>> Everywhere you turn, a little

bit of scheming going on.
>> It did work well with Lex

So it's allowed us to do things

that I don't think would have
happened if he had stayed.

>> This is going to be so much
fun, just kind of satisfying.

>> Believe it or not, God bless
her, Teresa has apparently

gathered Kim and Brandon back
under the original Samburu

wings, two individuals I can't
put any trust in, but at this

point in the game, I really have
not much of a choice.

So I think it'll be a major
D-day invasion going on.

>> If we're going to make a
move, it has to be this Tribal

It has to be, because this is

our only chance.
>> Right.

>> The downside of going on a
reward challenge and being away

for the whole day is, you know,
people have a chance to plot

against you, say good things
about you, bad things about you.

>> I don't see how the rewards
can get that much better.

>> I know.
>> At this stage of the game,

you don't want to piss anyone

You know, we didn't want to go
there and say, "Oh, it was the

greatest thing ever and you guys
didn't get to do it."

>> Did you have fun?
>> We want to hear about it.

Come on in.
>> Was it awesome?

>> Was it a lot of fun?
>> We wanted to be sensitive to

the fact that it was probably
tough for them to be left behind

while we went off and had a
really great time and ate a

bunch of food when they were
eating, you know, a tiny portion

of mush.
>> We even got you guys treats.

>> Everyone gets two.
>> Oh!

>> Santa Claus.
Santa Claus.

>> That tastes like coconut.
>> That's very good.

>> I just sucked it out.
It was so good.

>> Getting a treat like that out
here, particularly something

sweet that we've been craving,
was just, like, the best gift.

>> 33 cookies each.
>> Oh!

>> Oh, my God!
>> Did you carry all that back?

Oh, my God, thank you so much.
>> You are amazing.

>> Thank you.
>> Ethan made them look so good.

He deserved every bit of credit
he got for bringing those

cookies back.
>> Ethan, we love you so much.

>> Thank you so much.
These are fabulous.

>> Mmm.
>> These are good.

>> Good?
>> That feels great.

Thank you, Frank.
Okay, do you know where you're

>> Oh, no, my shorts.

>> Okay, this is what I gather.
T told me that you're correct.

Lex does think you voted for

>> I refuse to spend my time
here kissing up to him,

trying to convince him I didn't
vote against him.

>> He might not be around.
>> I was trying to work a little

bit on Kelly, in seeing whether
or not she might come and vote

with us because she is really
kind of upset with Lex, but I

don't want to push her too hard.
So I'm waiting to see what

happens at the immunity

>> I'm not going to say that
would make me sad, but after

what happened last time I'm kind
of gun-shy about...

>> Kim-- she kind of asked me to
vote with them, and I said no, I

have to vote with my tribe, but,
you know, best of luck with your

little coup and we'll see what

Are you sure Frank's not in
on that?

>> Yeah, Frank's definitely in
on this.

Kelly said she wasn't going to
vote for Lex, but I think

there's part of her that does
want to vote with us because she

doesn't want Lex to be around.
>> That's thinking with your

>> Everything lays on the next

immunity challenge.
I mean, if Lex wins it, it's

kind of back to game over
for us.

So everything lays on that.
>> PROBST: How's it going, guys?

So everything lays on that.
>> PROBST: How's it going, guys?

>> Great.
>> Good.

>> PROBST: First things first.
Teresa, I hate to take it back,

>> You got to do what you got

to do.
>> PROBST: Did you like having

>> I loved having it.

>> PROBST: Immunity back up for
grabs today.

For today's challenge, I want
you to guys to line up short in

front, tall in back.
I want to show you something.

Just right behind those rocks.
Everybody ready?

You have 30 seconds to study
these items.

Carefully memorize the placement
of each item.

Make sure you can see every box.
If you can't, move so you can.

Five, four, three, two, one.
Head to your barrels.

Everybody lift the lid off of
your barrels.

Take a look at your grid inside.
Think of this like a phone pad,

going across from left to right
is one through nine.

So one is in your upper
left-hand corner.

Five is in the middle.
Nine is in the bottom right.

On my start, I'm going to give
you an item.

You need to find that item, come
back with it, and get it in the

right spot in order to move on
to the next round.

Everything you need is 150 feet
out that way.

This is for immunity.
On my start, we're looking for

item number seven.
Survivors ready?

All right, Brandon, peel it back

All right, Brandon, peel it back

this way.
Let's see what you got.

You got it, a leaf and a seed

You're good.
Peel it back.

No, that's wrong, Frank.
You're done.

You're good.
You're good.

Sorry, Kim.
You're missing the leaf.

You're good.
You're good.

You're missing the seed pod.
You're out.

>> Really?
>> PROBST: Yep.

>> Shoot.
>> PROBST: You're good.

Here we go, guys.
Next item, number two.

Survivors ready?

All right, Brandon.
That's right, elephant dung.

Nice job.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: You're still alive.
Let's see what you got, Kelly.

No, it wasn't a rock.
>> I know what it was, too.

>> PROBST: Oh, Lex...
size does matter.

No, that's wrong.
I'm sorry, Teresa.

You're out.
>> PROBST: Big Tom, you've seen

that before.
Yep, you're good.

All right, Ethan.

Brandon, Lex, Tom, Ethan, for
our final round, I have a whole

new barrel of items.
I want you to come in close,

take a look.
You guys have 15 seconds to

study these items.
Five, four, three, two, one.

Head back to your barrels.
Okay, guys, on my start, you

have exactly one minute to find
as many of the items as you can.

The person back with the most
items wins immunity and cannot

be voted out at tonight's Tribal

Survivors ready?

You have one minute.
You want to grab some, put them

in and go back out, you can.
Shove them in your pocket.

Whatever works.
For immunity, guys.

Pick it up.
30 seconds.

You'd better hustle, Brandon.
If you got them, get them in.

Hurry up, Big Tom.
Start wrapping it up.

Ten seconds.
Five, four, three...

get it in the barrel...
two, one.

That's it, you're done.
All right, Brandon, open that

baby up.
Let's see what you got here.

You got one, two...
you got three, four...

You got five.
Brandon has six.

Six is the number to beat.
You got two.

You got three.
You got four.

You got five.
Sorry, Lex.

Brandon's still the number to
beat with six.

Big Tom, you got one, two, three
four, five, six.

This is not right.
You're still alive with six.

Big Tom and Brandon at six.
Ethan, you have one, two, three,

four, five, six, seven and

>> Nice!
>> Ethan wins immunity.

>> Good job, Ethan.

>> PROBST: It's yours, buddy.
Nice job.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: You cannot be voted
out at tonight's Tribal Council.

The rest of you guys have the
afternoon to think about it.

I'll see you tonight for another

>> Don't worry about it.
>> Please.

>> Don't worry about it.
>> All right.

The last three days, since our
last Tribal Council, have been

pretty interesting.
There was that mystery vote, and

my goal was in three days to
figure out who it was that cast

that vote.
After putting two and two

together, gathering a lot of
information, kind of observing

things, it became really evident
that my worst fears were more

and more likely than not
were true.

>> Tom?
>> Yeah.

>> Hey, I had a shift with
Brandon this morning.

>> Yeah?
>> And he heard Kelly talking to

Frank and T-bird and he
distinctly heard her say the

words "free agent."
>> Free agent.

>> Yeah, there is absolutely no
doubt in my mind now that

Kelly's turning.
>> That she's the rat?

We're shooting a harpoon shot
that it's Kelly.

It's hard for me to go against
my tribe mate, and I like little

Kelly, but all indications is
it's her.

But we really haven't gotten
anything concrete on that.

>> So I talked to Brandon.
I said, "Look, I would like you

to take Kelly's spot as our
fifth member.

You will be the fifth one from
the top."

My gut tells me, without doubt,
that I can trust him.

You know my gut is good.
>> Right, so far it's been

pretty good.
Lex is putting his trust in

I didn't really get to

interrogate Kelly enough to make
sure she's that rat.

Everything points to her, but I
will feel like hell if we have

kicked one of our own team
members off over Lex's gut

All right, well, then how will

the vote go?
How will we do it?

>> Me, you, Ethan...
>> Kim, Johnson and Brandon,

So I say we cut Kelly off

It all fits.

That's why we have to take her
out tonight.

>> If his gut feeling ain't
right, we've done Kelly an

injustice and we've done ourself
an injustice.

>> Are you sure?
>> I'm sure.

>> Ever since the immunity
challenge, things have been very

different, different than
they've ever been before.

Lex hasn't been laying down the
orders of who I'm supposed to

vote for, who we're supposed to
vote for, so I have no clue

really what's going on.
>> You want to know what's going

>> Well, yeah.

>> Well, we've kind of...
we've hit an impasse.

>> I can tell.
>> I've made a commitment to

myself to try to... that by the
time the third day came, I was

going to try to sniff out the
rat and whoever that was, that's

who would get my vote.
Now, if that means that we're,

that we're splintering at this
point, so be it.

But I... you know, it doesn't
seem that alliances are what

they used to be.
>> I don't know.

I thought, you know...
I mean, whatever.

If everyone's made up their mind
then that's fine.

The whole thing about the vote
against you wasn't me, so if

that would be anyone's reason to
vote against me, I would really

hope there was more to it than

>> It's going to be what it's
going to be.

>> All right.

>> Okay?
>> My butt is on the line

because, you know, my own
teammates are all trying to turn

against me, and I'm just, like,
"This is ridiculous."

I feel like my only real
strategy is to try to defect and

team up with the four from

>> Are you okay?
>> Oh, I'm fine.

I don't even know what's
going on.

They're just like, "We don't
want to have an alliance

Everyone wants to vote for

different people.
Okay, then we can all vote our

own way.
>> That's fine, I mean.

>> Then I'll vote for Lex.
>> I'll vote for Lex, too.

>> You have my word.
I'll vote for Lex.

>> If I change for any reason,
I will come and let you know.

But I'll try and work on T-bird.
All right, I'll let you know.

>> We've got Kelly.
I don't know that I trust Kelly,

but at this point, I don't have
a choice not to.

She's our only hope.
>> Are you sure?

>> I'm positive.
I'm positive.

>> You don't want to go with

You don't trust her long-term,
do you?

>> Yes.
>> Are you sure?

>> Positive.
>> We have to get Lex out

because it's Kelly, me, Brandon,
you Frank, you know, gone.

>> If we don't all do it,
it's not going to work.

It won't work.
>> I know.

I know.
>> Brandon's absolutely sure?

>> He's definitely in.
If it changes, I will let you

>> Man.

I can trust you, right?
>> Yes.

>> Yeah, I know that.
>> My old team is looking for me

to do what we talked about
yesterday, which is vote

for Lex.
But then again, Lex flat out

told me this morning that they
wanted me to vote Kelly off

Now I'm feeling like I'm in a

power play position and that
wasn't what I had planned and

it's very awkward for me and I
don't know what I'm

going to do yet.
I honestly don't know.

>> PROBST: Welcome.
Looking forward to another good

Tribal Council.

>> Yeah?
>> PROBST: This is sort of your

>> Yeah, it happened to be a

good week for me.
>> PROBST: You're dominating

Let's talk about the reward.

A scale of one to ten, how good
of an experience was that?

>> It was a ten, for sure, one
of the best days of my life.

And a day I'll never forget and
no one can take that away from

me, no matter what happens in
the game.

>> PROBST: Tom, what does go on
when two people leave?

What kind of a void does that

>> There's more talking, you
know, among different people.

The circles are not as tight,
and it was a day that everybody

was running around like a
chicken with their head cut off,

talking to everybody.
And so I didn't know what to

So it was definitely different.

>> PROBST: Kim, did the thought
occur to you, you know, what,

maybe I don't want to go on a
reward because as Tom said,

there's a lot of talking that
goes on at camp.

Maybe that's more important, to
be there?

>> Yeah, you know, you do think
about it.

But I don't think that anybody
really would say that they'd

want to give up a reward and
just stay there and see, you

know, what was going on in camp

I mean, it's so important to us
to win rewards and it's such a

great experience.
What they did was so amazing.

It's not, it's not like you
would miss that much in camp

>> PROBST: Let's talk about last

week's vote.
Lex, surprised to get votes?

>> I was pretty surprised to get
a couple of votes, and it was

definitely something that
occupied a lot of my, a lot of

my thoughts the last three days.
>> PROBST: Why were you

Because normally when I ask you

guys, everybody says, "Oh, I
really feel vulnerable tonight.

It certainly could be my night."
And yet when you get a vote,

it's like, "Who the hell voted
for me?"

>> Well, I think that's just a
natural reaction.

Everybody feels vulnerable here,
but that doesn't mean that you

expect to get votes.
And yet when you see your name

on one of those little cards, I
mean, it changes everything.

It's hard.
But yeah, the burning question

was: "Who wrote my name down on
the paper?"

>> PROBST: Well, you guys have
made it a long ways.

24 days, you're down to a
one-in-nine shot at a million

bucks at this point.
Let's find out who's out of the

It's time to vote.

Lex, you're up first.
>> Kelly, if I'm wrong about

you, then I apologize, but I
smell a rat, and my gut tells me

that you stabbed me in the back,
and you're playing both sides.

And if that's the case, then
good riddance.

>> When it's me, you'll know it.
I couldn't be more excited to be

casting this vote.
I never wanted you to win, and

now I hope you won't.
If this is the last vote I cast,

then at least I got a vote for
you, who I've always found to be

not fun to be around.
>> This is a kicker.

not fun to be around.
>> This is a kicker.

I made a promise to Lex that I
would vote this way tonight, and

I'm probably going to bite it,
but I really am doing it to make

it to the final four at least.
So, um, sorry, Kelly.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked to
leave the Tribal Council area

Before I get to the vote, I just

want to remind you guys that,
beginning tonight, the person

voted out of the tribe does not
leave the game.

They will return and be a part
of the jury and will have a huge

impact on the outcome.
You're about to vote somebody

out of this game and then ask
them to vote for you to win.

I'll read the votes.
First vote: Kelly.


Two votes: Lex;

two votes: Kelly.

Three votes Lex;

three votes Kelly.
It's four votes Lex.

Four votes Kelly.
We're tied, four votes each.

Lex and Kelly.
The last vote.

>> Oh, no.

>> PROBST: You need to bring me
your torch.

>> All right.
>> Live it up.

>> PROBST: Kelly, the tribe has

It's time for you to go.
I don't have much to say.

It's time for you to go.
I don't have much to say.

I think Kelly's reaction said
it all.

You guys can head back to camp.
We'll see you tomorrow.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on
Survivor: Tom's body starts

to rebel.
>> Oh, my golly, gee.

>> Tom's got a third eye.
>> PROBST: Brandon's in the

>> I was set up, but by somebody

I thought was my friend.
>> PROBST: And Lex's loyalty is

>> And Lex is beginning to give

us the shake, you know.
>> Last night we had to do

something to save our ass.
I acted and I'm regretting it

>> I love you, Mom and Dad.

I can't help but be myself,
and I've never been too good at

sticking to one clique.
I always kind of float around.

It was hard for me not to have
friends in different places,

and that kind of screwed me,
but hey, I made it past the hard

part with the boulders and
whatnot, and for a skinny girl,

that's kind of, you know, it's a
big deal.

I had a lot of fun.