Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - The First 21 Days - full transcript

Highlights and never before seen footage will recap the first 21 days of Surivor Africa.

- 21 days ago,

16 Americans began
the adventure of a lifetime.

- Down, down, faster.
Hurry up, hurry up!

Down, down, down.

- Abandoned in the
heart of wild Africa,

they have
battled the elements.

- The water is disgusting.

You get water
mixed with crud.

- They have battled
each other.

- You guys were gone.

- It don't matter--
we're all making it--

you can't make
the decisions!

- Tommy, Tommy.

I had to open it for her.

- And they have faced
new twists to the game.

Silas, Teresa, Frank, you
guys are new members of Boran.

Kelly, Lex, Tom, you guys
are now members of Samburu.

- Smokes.

- Last week, the Boran
and Samburu tribes

merged into one, and the game
changed once again.

- Whoo!

- Tonight,
in a special episode,

through highlights and
never-before-seen footage,

we'll take a closer look

at the adventure that has
gotten them to this point.

- Clarence and his war paint

is just a testament
to his selfishness.

He's the tribe's warrior.


- Frank has deer antlers.

He goes over to
the Samburu sign and...

freaks out with them.

- Are you gay?
- Uh-huh.

- First thing I had to do was
just ask him straight up,

get the burden out.

- Forward, march.

- Left, right, left, right.

Left, right.
Soccer players, too.

(chanting and singing)

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- Day one found 16 strangers
abandoned in the untouched,

scorching desert of
Eastern Africa,

where water is scarce and
the dangers are real.

- Down, down, faster!
Hurry up, hurry up!

Faster, faster, faster!

Have a nice day.

- As two separate tribes,
Samburu and Boran,

they gathered whatever
supplies they could carry

and set out for the
abandoned manyata dwellings

that would be their homes
for the next 39 days.

- Frank is like a big strong
ex-army guy,

and when we were hiking,

he was like a block away
from us,

just trooping on all by
himself and he would,

like, stop
and wait for us,

and you could
tell he was really put out.

- Number one thing killing us
right now is daylight, okay?

If you're not alive,

you don't have to worry
about drinking,

eating or
doing anything, okay?

This is my proposed plan.

Let's discuss it.

You drop everything but
the essentials of water

and our backpacks--

leave the manmade
objects other than the food.

It's not too much farther--

let's get there-- let's get
some security around us--

there's always tomorrow.

- Frank, let's do it.

- All right, guys,
you want to grab it?

- Just grab it and go--

we're taking way too long
trying to figure it all out.

- Pick it up, pick it up.

- I think I see the sign.

Yes, right there.

- Good job!

- Oh, my God, that rocks!

- Whoo!

- Upon their arrival,

both tribes found that water
would be a serious issue.

- It's so sick.

The water is disgusting.

It's this deep, so that all--
you get water mixed with crud.

- All right,
let me explain to you.

- Okay.

- That is the spring, see,
underneath the ground.

- Yeah.

- Okay, that
is our water source.

- Okay.

- I'm going to move that thing
and clean that spring out.

- Going to
get there to watch,

make sure no animals come down
and get us

because there's
dangerous animals here.

You just
got to keep clapping

and hope they
don't come down here.


- Let's hurry up--

I thought I heard
something like a lion.

- For real?
- For real.

I'm serious.

- Diane was worried
she heard a lion.

I was shoveling
the spring out--

you know, it was the most
important thing we had to do.

We have to have water.

But she heard a lion
and we had to go.

- Come on,
let's get going!

Let's go, let's go.

I'm serious.
Right up over there.

- I didn't see or hear
your tig-- your lion.

- Well, I-- I-- I--
I heard it.

- We got to realize
that this spring

is the most important
thing we got.

- I know--
I understand, I know.

I know we don't see him,
but, you know,

they could be just
laying there.

- I think-- I think--
I think

you're on high instinct
right now.

- Hey, we got to go,
we got to go.

I'm getting bit up by

and I hope none of
them have malaria.

- You're just having
jungle paranoia.

- Lions, mosquitoes,

it's all coming
at you right now.

- Diane is a crybaby,
titty sucker. She's weak.

I knew that coming in
to the game.

I knew she'd be weak.

- For Boran and Samburu,

gathering the water was
only half the battle.

- Anybody knows that you
don't just belly up

to the stream that
you're camping next to,

drop your canteen in it
and drink the water.

If you don't boil
your water out here,

you end up with dysentery,
which basically

has you puking
and crapping your guts out.

- With no fire to boil
the water,

both tribes spent
the first night thirsty

and in the dark.

- What happened,
what broke?

- The rope broke.

- Oh.

- On day two, Boran continued
to struggle with fire.

But Samburu had success, thanks
to a lens from a telescope.

- I unscrewed the telescope,
pulled out the lens,

and I was like, Silas,

isn't there something
we can do with this?

Oh, my God.

You guys, come here--
we got fire!

- Quick, quick.

- Hey, that thing
right there!

- Put the hay on it.
Put the hay on it.


- The first immunity

proved to be more difficult
than anyone expected.



It was especially hard
on Diane from Boran.

- Stay awake, look at me.

Look in my eyes.

- Samburu won immunity.

On day three, as Tribal
Council loomed for Boran,

Clarence made
a political blunder.

He opened a can of beans
to share with Diane

while the others
were away.

- It's no big deal.

- It's a big deal to me.

- It's a big deal
to me, too.

- It was a judgment call
I made.

- It was
bad damn judgment.

- Today's
a hard day for us.

We have to kick one
of us out.

Today was not a good day
to do this.

- But at the first
Tribal Council,

it was Diane who
paid the price

for faltering
at the challenge.

She was the first person
voted out of the tribe.

- Can you imagine if you had
a girl here that spent time

looking in the mirror
putting on makeup?

I mean, you just...
- That's true.

- It's just unbelievable.

- She'd be so the first one
voted off.

- The war paint is...

it was my luxury item--
it's something that puts me

in that frame of mind
for what I have to do

for this tribe,
which is be a warrior,

be an instrument
of our decisions.

- Clarence and his war paint
is just a testament

to his selfishness,
and that doesn't fly out here.

He's the tribe's warrior.


No, no, you're not.

- If I, like, started putting
my socks in my boobs,

you know, wouldn't you guys
think I was weird?

- Yeah, like it really
mattered out here.

- Right.

- He painted his abs,
you know, with his makeup.

He put black
in between his ab marks

to make 'em stand out.

I think that's stupid.

I think
it's a little bit silly.

- It's obviously not cool

to laugh at your fellow
tribe members,

but the makeup...


- He's always looking
in the mirror.

He's so vain.

I was in a sorority, and I've
never seen any girl

as vain as Clarence.

Whatever, though--
who am I to talk?

It's his luxury item.

Have fun-- paint yourself up
like a little clown--

that's fine.

- Do you do that at home?
- Huh?

- Do you do that at home?

- For paint balling.

I just got into
paint balling

with some people
that I met and...

- I guess I meant
the war paint part of it.

I'm not sure I understand
how that fits in with it.

- I got the paint on--
I just--

it's time to go to war.

Time to feel stronger.

- I mean, look--
look at where we are.

It's just-- it doesn't get any
more ridiculous than that.

If nothing else, having
Clarence around,

it's good,
it's good for humor.

- While Boran was dealing
with questions of vanity,

Samburu was dealing with
questions of trust.

The older members approached
Silas to join their alliance.

- We want you on our side.
- We're in a friggin' game.

It's not a nice game at times.
- No, I know what you mean.

- Nobody is gonna hate anybody.
- I know.

- It's a chess match.
- It is, man, I know.

The strongest survive.

I know the--
I know the damn game.

Do you guys know
Linda's for sure?

- Linda's so concrete,

she's buried in the bottom
of the Hoover Dam.

- Lindsey was
immediately suspicious.

- You better not get me
voted out of here.

- Trust me, we have got to
knock the older people out.

- Are you telling this
to everyone?

No, I'm serious.

- It's funny--
I mean, we're here

to win a million dollars.

So I'm going to do
what it takes to win.

- Survivors ready.


At the first
reward challenge,

the tribes were
neck and neck,

until Kim, from Boran,
took a fall.

Two feet at the top.

- Samburu won their second
challenge in a row.

- Samburu!

- Nice job, guys.

Day 5 found Jessie sick.

Unable to drink the water,
she was dehydrating quickly.

- Do you have
an appetite at all?

- No.

- The guys are
being really good.

They said it's okay.

I mean, I don't know
at this point.

I don't know.

- At Samburu,

with the second immunity
challenge imminent,

Frank decided to prepare
in his own special way.

- Before we head off to
the immunity challenges,

I make it a
point to go over there

and I grab the set
of deer antlers

I brought
as a luxury item,

and I begin striking
them together.

And it's like

two mature White Tail North
American bucks fighting.

- Frank has, I think
they're deer antlers,

and he goes over
to the-- our sign,

our Samburu sign and...
freaks out with them.

- Oh, he's talking
about the antennas--

the antlers, you know.

- The antennas?
- You know, the...

- They fight before the...
- Yeah.

- It's quite a scene.
- It is something to see.

Frank has these deer antlers
that were his luxury item

that he brought here,
as his luxury item.

Such a redneck, and he, like,
bangs them together

like two...

something fighting,
you know,

like it's two horns

like he's this big
testosterone stud.

- It's just that spirit,
and I'm driven.

I want them to see that--

you know,
what is he doing,

them on the ground--

is their paws on the ground
and their bodies hitting,

you know, and smashing,
and I want them to see

and say Frank's
getting in the mood--

look at him, he's getting
in the mood.

And they should be thinking

maybe we should be
getting in the mood.

Come on--
yes, we want to win.

- Look at him,
look at him.

Is he intense!

- What's he doing?

- That's his
deer horns, man.

That's when the deer
fight for supremacy.

Two deer get together,
they buck heads.

- I heard Doc
saying that--

that's like the two bucks
ramming at each other,

and who's more powerful,

and that's Frank's way of
expressing his enthusiasm

for the next challenge.

More power to him!

- Look, look, look.
- Oh, my God!

- That's the tree
we went to yesterday, T.

- Yeah.
- Look at them all!

- Look how many there are.
- You're spooking them.

- Awesome!
- Oh, my God.

- On day six,
Teresa gave the Samburu tribe

a little pep talk.

- We got to come
together as a team.

We're too divided.

I mean, the tension and the
friction between all of us.

- Oh, we're together!

- That's not what
I've been hearing.

I have very perceptive ears.

- Well, what did we say?

(overlapping chatter)

- I've heard rumors that
I'm going first--

Kim's going first,
Lindsay's going first,

Bradford's going first--
come on.

- Brandon.

- Brandon, I'm sorry--
I said Bradford.

- Whatever.
- I'm serious.

Let's get it back,
what we had.

We don't know
what's going to happen

with any of us
down the road.

None of us know, but we know
that we're gonna all--

one by one-- be gone if we
don't win these challenges.

- I mean, guys,
we're all competitors--

that's why we're on
the team.

We're going to win.
- Every day we got to win.

- The note for the
second immunity challenge

arrived on day six.

- It's a food one!

- Oh, it's
the gross food challenge.

- That's all right--
I like that.

- Bring it on.

- There's nothing
I won't eat.

You know, it could be
beef brain,

goat testicles, whatever.

- But when it came to
drinking pure cow blood

in the tradition of
the East African tribes,

Kelly lost to Linda in
the tie-breaking round,

giving Samburu their
third straight victory.


(whooping, cheering)

So it was back to
Tribal Council for Boran,

where Clarence, Kim,
Jessie and Kelly

were all
feeling vulnerable.

But the final vote revealed
that Jessie's illness

had caught up with her.

She was the second person
voted out of the tribe.

Boran couldn't seem
to get a break.

That night, lions
stalked their camp.

(lions roaring loudly)

- Go away!

(cans rattling)

- I mean, it was, it made
my blood run cold.

We went into this thing
knowing, yeah,

it's going to be tough,
it's going to be real,

but I don't think any
of us really considered

that it was going to
be quite that real.

- My mind said stay,
but my feet said go.

I mean, it's all I could do

to keep from just
running somewhere,

but there's nowhere
to run.

- That was real.

- It's still real.

- This is probably going to
happen every night.

- Survivors ready!

- Ready!
- Go!

At the reward challenge,

Boran finally got
the ball rolling.

They had their
first taste of victory.

- Boran!
- Boran!

- Along with it came
100 gallons of fresh water.

- Hooray!
- Whoo!

- On day eight, Silas
ended all speculation

about his loyalties

when he sided with the
younger people of his tribe.

- The younger people,
I think we've realized

that if we don't
stick together,

we're going to lose this.

They're going to
pick us off,

and I'm not going out
that way.

- They're immature.

They're trying to get under
our skin, and it's working.

- The third immunity

required the tribes to
build a distress signal

to be seen from
a plane passing overhead.

- "Muster all your resources
and don't stop to gloat.

Fail to get our attention,
you'll be facing the vote."

- Let's do our S.O.S. like
we're doing-- accentuate it.

They're going to see
that thing.

- Frankly, the four of us
would like to possibly see

an older person
have a little weak moment

in a competition, so they can
all open their eyes,

they keep coming down,

saying the weak people
need to go.

Just stick with me and we'll
weed the weak ones out.

- At Boran, the plan
was to show lots of color.

- I had brought some
acrylic paints with me

as my luxury item.

- And a lot of skin.

- We got a black man with
white tighties on.

We got a big fat man
with a flag waving.

We got two little skinny men
with flags running around.

Woman in her thong there.

If that wouldn't stop a plane,
I\ want to talk to the pilot.

- Back at Samburu,
Lindsay dehydrated

under the hot sun.

- The next thing I know,
I looked over

and she was sitting
underneath the shade of a tree,

and it's just not like
her personality

to sit down before
a challenge was over.

I sat with her
for quite a while

trying to get her to drink,
but she kept spitting it up.

- One of the things that
Lindsay likes to say

on a regular basis is
how strong she is.

Guess she's not so strong.

- When the plane
passed over,

it was Boran's
distress signal

that best caught
the attention

of the pilot
and drop master.

They finally won immunity.

- Yeah!

- At Samburu's first
Tribal Council,

the young-old
split caused a deadlock tie

between Lindsey and Carl.

- We have a tie.

With no previous votes
between them,

a sudden death competition

that Carl was the
first Samburu member

to be ousted.

Correct answer: true.

- Thank you, God.

- You need to
bring me your torch.

- Sorry, guys.

- With Carl gone,
the young

were now in control of

It's time for you to go.

That night, back at camp,

Lindsey couldn't
hide her frustration

with the four votes
she had just received.

- Seriously pumped.

Trust me,
when I'm pumped,

you don't want to
(bleep) with me.

By the time
I got back to camp,

I felt really angry--
just like,

it all hit me--
just like, oh, my God,

they picked me,
those bastards!

- The thing about Lindsey, of
course, she handled it wrong.

We needed their support and
we needed to be kind to them.

But boy, she really
just kind of flew off,

you know, the deep end.

- On day ten,
when tree mail arrived,

Linda let off
a little steam of her own.

- It's over.

We're coming together now--
it's over.

- Thank you!

I've been dying to be
on this team!

Let me on the team!

- Linda really
came unglued.

She has two very,
very different sides--

like this sweet,
little New England mom,

and then there's this--
I don't know,

crazy woman side, too.

- I'm ready
to be on the team!

Ready to be
on the team, honey.

Can I have a hug?

See, you're even

Give me a hug.

You know, why can't you
hug me?

When I went to motion
for a hug

and she literally froze like
this, and her eyes were just--

she like, panicked,
like don't come near me,

like she was frightened.

Did your mama
never hug you?

There you go.

I said oh, your
mama didn't hug you?

That was inappropriate.

That was low--
that was wrong,

that was bad, bad.

I totally apologized at
the first opportunity.

Two seconds after I said that,
I said, man, I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have
used that language.

I totally
apologize for that.

That was totally
uncalled for.

- Never (bleep)
with my family.

- Yeah, I am deeply...

- I would never say that
about your kids.

- Will you forgive me
for that comment?

Come here, baby-- just
forgive me for that comment.

That was totally wrong
on my part.

I'll never say anything
like that again, I promise.

- It's emotion, because
it's an emotional game.

- We're competitive people--
I mean, I understand.

- It terrified me.

I heard
a side to you that...

I don't even have
that kind of side.

- Honey, honey, it's okay.

Let's go on.
- Thank you.

- Let's do this--
let's do it.

- We will.

I just needed
to get it out.

- All right, we're ready.

- Survivors ready!


At the reward challenge, Kim
cost Boran another victory.

- Yeah!

- Samburu!

- Back at camp,
her vulnerability

was on everyone's mind.

- We lost the challenge.

Unfortunately, you know,
it came down to--

Kim went really slow.

We all said,
you know, good job,

you did the best
you could, but,

you know, really she
was like I sucked,

and we're like, yeah,
you sucked.

- At Samburu,
the mood was upbeat

and the tribe
finally came together,

at least for a while.

- We really
pulled together today

and we won some food,
and all in all,

it was an unbelievable
victory today.

So it boosted up morale,

boosted spirits,
boosted everything,

it was a good thing.

- Golden chicken blend.

- Nice.

- Oh, to put in the mush.

- Olive oil!

- Yeah, olive oil.

- The basket we won
was just amazing.

We won soup mix,
you know, rice,

we won, like,
jelly to put on stuff.

I mean,
we won an ostrich egg.

- Now that's an egg!

- So, how do you do that?

- Scramble it!

- Scramble it, baby.

- Who wants to go long?

Go, Silas.

- We had won
12 different items

and one of those items was
an ostrich egg-- huge.

And I think they said it
was like 24 chicken eggs,

and that
was real interesting

as far as cracking it,
watching them shell it.

- Want to be able to pour it?
- Yep.

- It's going to have a few
shells in the way there.

- Let's try to
dust those off.

- You got to
see this, guys.

- It's like porcelain,

so if you get any shell,
watch out, it's sharp.

- First time I've ever seen
an ostrich egg or ate one.

No difference to me.

I'd hate to carry a dozen
of them home, but...

- How would you like your eggs?
- Doesn't matter.

- You and T
want to share this?

Gonna do this slowly, so we
don't lose anything.

- Whoo, delici-oso!

- Hey, Linds and Kim,
these are excellent.

- Good.

- We had
a beautiful breakfast.

That humongous ostrich egg,
it just was delicious.

I think it's really picked
everyone's spirits up,

you know, as a group,
more comfortable in the tribe.

People have stuff
in their stomach now.

It was a great morning.

- Oh, my gosh.

You guys,
this is excellent.


- On Day 12, the power
shifted again,

when Boran won
the immunity challenge.



Because they
were outnumbered,

the three older members
of Samburu

knew one of them was
about to go.

- We know it's one of us.

Wouldn't you rather know
if it's going to be you?

- We can't tell you.

- Even though the young
refused to show their cards,

Silas had a proposal for
the older members.

He wanted them to throw all
their votes to Lindsey

in order to keep everyone
else vote-free

for the anticipated merge.

- None of us have
one vote against us,

except for Lindsey.

I never thought I'd say, vote
for me three times tonight.

Come on,
but it will help us--

it will help us in the end

as long
as I don't get voted for,

you know,
once the merger happens.

- They wouldn't say
who's going tonight,

but they had a plan
they wanted us to follow.

You know, us, now--
it's funny.

- At the fourth Tribal

the older members
showed Silas

just what they
thought of his plan.

They all voted for him.

But the four younger members
all voted for Linda.

Linda, you need to
bring me your torch.

The tribe has spoken.

Things were not looking
good for Teresa and Frank.

- We got mail,
and it's probably

the strangest mail
we've ever gotten.

- On Day 13, a note arrived
that changed everything.

- "Pick three from your tribe
to go on a quest--

you get to decide who you
feel would be the best."

- Both tribes made
their choices--

Silas, Frank and
Teresa from Samburu,

and Tom,
Lex and Kelly from Boran,

hiked back to the
original drop point.

What happened next
was a bombshell.

Silas, Teresa, Frank, you
guys are now members of Boran.

- Oh, my God.

- Kelly, Lex, Tom, you guys
are now members of Samburu.

- Smokes.

- Oh, my God.

I think the other team
is coming here.

- Hi!

- What the heck!

- I'm Boran. Silas.

- Yeah?

- Everything I'd worked for,
all the bonds I had made,

two closest friends
on the team are now gone.

And I was like, I'm going to
have to start over.

- Oh, man.

- At Samburu,
the new members

were not impressed with
what they saw.

- How's the firewood?

Do you guys
have a lot of wood?

- No.

- It was obvious these people
were napping all day

and they weren't doing--
they weren't doing squat.

- We worked really hard
and suffered a lot

with no food and
no water and stuff like that,

and to see people out here

who just
don't take it seriously

and be stuck with them--
it's painful.

- At Boran, Frank and Teresa
suddenly had renewed hope.

- You know, all this
happening today,

Frank and I looked at
each other and thought,

you know...

- We're alive again.

- And Silas was

- Look at me right now.

Let's go
get some firewood.

Frank and T are gonna
probably vote for me.

- I thought they
were with you--

you said they were with you
this morning--

you were gonna
get their votes.

- Well then, which one
do you want to take?

- That's what I'm saying.
- Well, let's decide, damn it.

- He may be a real nice guy
in real life.

In our tribe I don't
buy his schmooziness.

- I'm definitely on
the other side right now.

I was on the good side--
now I'm on the bad side.

- At sunset,
the new Samburu tribe

got ready for
their night watch.

- Why don't we each
take a new partner?

- Yeah.

- Why don't we each take
somebody from--

so we can get to
know each other?

- Good idea.

- I would like to go first

I'm gonna be the bad guy.

- I'll be first.

- First, with me?
- Yeah.

This whole atmosphere
of being in Africa,

everything's tough--
the weather, animals--

anything you go to do
in Africa is tough.

And then here you are in
camp with a powder puff.

- Why can't we
pop some corn?

- The first thing
I had to do

was just ask him straight up

and get it off
my shoulders

and get
the burden out.

Well, you'll have to
tell me a little bit more

about your lifestyle,

'cause I got a lot of
questions to ask you.

- About what?

- Well, are you, uh...

- About me being gay?

- Well, are you gay?
- Uh-huh.

- Okay.
- I am.

- See, when I saw you,
you know,

we didn't know each other
and I said,

hell, I think he's gay.

And they said, gay?!

I said,
yeah, I think he is.

I said, he's pretty.

- I wish I still was.

- I will be
honest with you.

I can't say as I've ever
known a gay man--

if I did, he was still
in the closet.

You know what I'm saying?

- You know, that's probably
it right there-- most--

a lot of people know them--
they just don't know 'em.

- I got in trouble in
college at a gay bar.

I went in and didn't
know it was gay.

- And he was talking about

he had gone to a gay bar--
I don't even know.

I really wasn't paying that
much attention to him.

You know, with Big T,
you can't get mad

about anything he says,
because he says it

with a smile,
and I mean, he's very funny.

- That's his life,
and I guess

if that's the way you want to
live it, have at it.

But it sure ain't mine.

- And what's really funny,
you probably got

more in common with me
than you do with them,

since I grew up
on a farm and...

- Mm-hmm, that's
what I'm saying.

- At least we can talk
about food and iced tea,

and country fried chicken.

- Talkin'
cornbread and beans.

- Oh, you know what I was
thinking about the other night?

dipped in buttermilk--

do you ever eat that?

I love cornbread soaked in
buttermilk-- mmm!

- My grandparents
eat that all the time.

But I never did really
acquire the taste to it.

- On Day 14, tree mail
brought a clue

for the next
reward challenge.

- "Will you be the guide to
show them the way,

"keep them together--
don't let them stray.

"Their fate's in your hands,
so keep them on track,

Lock them first and bring
new friends back."

- It said something

someone was going to
be the guide

and we'd have to do
something together

and follow the leader
type of thing or whatever.

I think we're going to be
blindfolded and they're going--

somebody is going to move
everybody together.

- We thought
it might be, like,

trying to
round up your group

and kind of get them to do
certain tasks blindfolded.

Don't ask me
how we got this idea.

- One person is going to
have to navigate

all the rest of us
through a course

and have to get
us all into, like, one area

like we were cows.

- Suddenly, my name
came up as a volun--

Why don't you try it?

So, just basically
blindfolded them

and just moved them
around inside...

Forward, march!

Left, right, left, right,
left, go left...

Left, left, right, left,
left, right, left, right,

left, right--
soccer players, too.

Left, right, left, right.

- It was like
an army cadence deal,

trying to keep us in

and get us to do
different commands

and tasks and
stuff as a unit.

- Sidestep right.
Go, one, two.

One, two.

- My brother will be
critiquing me--

he's a First Sergeant in
the 82nd Airborne,

so he'll be critiquing me
because there's a lot of stuff

I haven't brushed up on.

Boran, sidestep, march!

- Which direction?

- To the right, sorry.

- I would say within
ten minutes we were--

you know, a uniform line
going around there.

- Boran, forward, march.

Your left,
your left, your left,

right, left.

Your left, your left,
your left, right, left.

Boran, stop!

Left face.

There you go--
open your eyes.

- Good job!


- Come here, daddy-o.

- You're very good.

- But when the tribes
arrived for the challenge,

Boran found that
the blindfold exercise

wasn't going to be
much help.

First tribe to get their 20
goats into their own pen

at the finish line
wins a reward.

Boran came through,

winning three
egg-laying chickens

and a rooster as their


But when it was time
for immunity,

some members of Boran
considered a drastic plan.

- Kim, this may
sound crazy,

and I've never done
this in my life--

I'm a, you know, I'm an
athlete-- I go out to win.

I've never fixed anything.

I'm like,
what would you think

if we lost this next
challenge on purpose?

It's going to be very tough
for me not to win this.

I mean,
I'll be honest with you.

- I talked with Kim
and also with Ethan,

that if we didn't
win this one, that was okay.

- Immunity challenge
is a win-win situation.

We win the challenge,

we don't have to go
to Tribal Council.

We lose, and I get to vote
off my biggest threat.

- That's it, that's it.

Let's go--
Come on, let's go!

- That's exactly what

- Yes! Yes!

- It's over, Boran.

Boran lost, sending them
back to Tribal Council.

Without his former
alliance to protect him,

Silas was voted out
of the tribe.

Well, there's been a lot of
assumptions made by you guys

so far in this game.

One of them is that in three
days there will be a merge.

You can head back to camp.
I'll see you tomorrow.

- At the reward
challenge on Day 16,

the young
members of Samburu

realized their old ally was
no longer in the game.

- Silas is gone,
Silas is gone.

- But that didn't
stop Samburu

from winning
a picnic lunch.

Bon appetit, Samburu!


- (loud belch)

Back at camp, strategies were
once again at full throttle.

Because Lindsey
had previous votes

which could be
used against her

to break a deadlock tie
at Tribal Council,

hoped to shelter her

by attracting
the votes of Kelly,

Tom and Lex.

- I mean, I told the girls
this is what we would do.

I'll have to just to
take a bullet for her.

- But on Day 18, Kelly
caught wind of the plot.

- We were talking about going
to Tribal Council,

and Kelly was standing

on the other side of
the hut

and we didn't realize it.

So now Lindsey thinks that
they know she has votes.

- I can't believe that
Brandon didn't whisper,

and she was
standing right there.

That may
have just (bleep) me.

- There's nothing
we can do.

- Yeah, there is
something we can do.

- What?

- Vote with them.
- Vote with them?

- Lindsey considered
turning on Brandon

to save her own skin.

- I'm kind of
in a no-win situation.

I mean, do I go against my
personal morals and values

and vote against

Or do I vote with
Brandon and Kim

and risk being the next one
voted out of here?

- But at tribal council,

Lindsey stuck with her

and voted against Tom.

The 3-3 tie the young members
had been fearing


That's three votes Lindsey,
three votes Tom.

We're going to vote again.

When a revote failed to
break the tie,

Lindsey's previous votes

finally came back
to haunt her.

the tribe has spoken.

On Day 19,
Samburu was anxious to merge.

- We should merge today.

- I hope so.

- We may, we may not.

- Should we pack?

- I think it's probably
a very good idea.

Good point.

- Anything we think we need,
put in that basket--

in case we
have to haul ass,

we can just
grab the basket.

- There's only so much you can
put in a backpack.

- Yeah, these backpacks are
very limited.

- We definitely was packed
and ready to go.

I thought it was like
waiting on the bus

and the bus didn't come.

- Over at Boran,

the tribe couldn't sit
still any longer.

- Here we are!

A lot of visitors since we
were last here.

- Yeah, you can tell, huh?

- A lot of visitors.

- And I thought that
was just mud.

- Laundry day
at the old stream.

Good thing is, with only
two pair of underwear,

you don't have a
lot of laundry to do.

- Ethan is holding guard
for us over there.

The other day we saw
a water buffalo,

maybe 30 yards away,
which scared us all.

So Ethan is holding
his spear up there,

and if he sees anything
within any kind of distance,

he starts making noise
and letting us know.

- I'm definitely more
on guard than before.

Lots of activity now and lots
of elephants and giraffes,

all the trees are seeding,

so you never know--

you never know where
any of them will be.

We thought
we were going to have

some sort of
reward challenge today--

maybe the merge was going
to be today.

Looks like
it's just another day

and we're going to
have to wait it out

and see what happens.

- Oh, my.

- On Day 20, a clue
finally arrived.

- "Raise your hand if you
know how to do it...

- "You'll need lots of patience
to make it through it.

The weight on your head
lasts as long as your power..."

- "If you let your arm drop,
it may be your last shower."

- We got something nasty.

- But there was still
no mention of a merge.

When the tribes arrived
for the challenge,

they finally got the
news they were waiting for.

The ten of you have now
merged into one tribe.

- Congratulations.

- Pick a spot--
let's do it.

Survivors ready,
and begin.

In the first individual
immunity challenge,

endurance was the
name of the game.

Drop an arm,
and lose immunity.

- Oh!

- Clarence and Teresa
outlasted all the rest.

Feeling he was vulnerable,

Clarence tried to bargain
his way to immunity.

- Let's compromise.

They want me gone.

- You're trying to trick me
and I don't like it.

- After more than
six hours,

it came down to a simple
game of rock, paper, scissors.

- Paper covers rock.

- Teresa took possession
of the immunity necklace

and promised Clarence
she wouldn't vote for him

at Tribal Council.

- "Make a new flag,
decide on a name,

"one that you'll keep for
the rest of the game.

"Reach into the basket to
give your spirits a lift

with this
housewarming gift."

- Whoo!

(screaming, cheering)

- Back at Camp Boran,
the new tribe

shared wine and
personal stories.

- I've never had sex
on an airplane.

- I have.

- Oh!

(overlapping chatter)

- Frank had a problem
meshing with his new tribe.

- It was fun,

but I wanted to get it over
with, though, too.

It's still daylight--
we got time to go get wood.

- Let's get wood.
- Let's get wood.

- But he had no trouble
bonding with nature.

- Frank, see the elephant?

- He's coming this way.

Give this guy room.

The elephant just seemed
to be swaying

and wagging his tail
and looking over,

and I don't know,
at times, it seemed like

he might've acknowledged,

stopped and looked over,
you know?

There's a few humans here
I wouldn't interact with,

you know,
but the animals, yes.

- On Day 21,
Teresa kept her word

and didn't vote for
Clarence at Tribal Council.

But the others saw him

as too much of a physical
threat to keep around.

the tribe has spoken.

But Lex walked away with
two votes against him.

Nine are left.

Seven of them will
make up the jury

that ultimately decides who
will be the sole survivor.

Over the next 18 days,
the members

of the new Moto Maji tribe
will experience the land...

the culture...

and the game in ways unlike
any survivors before them.

Join us, as
the adventure continues.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

- Next time, on Survivor,

the tribe competes
for an unusual reward.

Lex embarks
on a witch hunt

to find out who
voted against him.

- I need to smoke
that person out

in the next three days and
cut their heads off.

- And the ex-Samburu members
concoct a plan.

- If we're going to
make a move,

it has to be this tribal
council-- it has to be.

- I got the hiccups again.



- hiccupping
It is funny.

I can't even talk
for hiccupping.

- Can I stop hiccupping now?

- Listen to it--
it's synchronized now.