Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Will There Be a Feast Tonight? - full transcript

The tribes are anxious as they eagerly anticipate the traditional merge.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Jeff Probst)
Previously on Survivor...

Boran worried that the merge
might not happen as expected.

- If we eat all our food
and there's no merger

after three days,
we have no food.

- Bon appetit, Samburu.

At the reward challenge,

Samburu won a picnic lunch.

- Oh, look at this sandwich.

- I swear to God, it's the best
thing I've ever tasted.

- It's orgasmic.
- Oh, my God.

Back at Boran, they
had their own feast.

- One of you say
your good-byes.

- Oh.

- That skin tastes delicious.

- The chicken tastes great.

It's just, mwah!

- Yeah!

At the immunity challenge,
Boran was victorious.

Immunity for Boran!
- Yes!

Sending Samburu back
to Tribal Council,

where the voting was deadlocked
between Lindsey and Tom.

And we're deadlocked.

- I'm so sorry.

- Hey, it's okay.

Guys, it's a game.

But with four previous votes
stacked against her...

The tribe has spoken.

Lindsey took the fall.

- Bye.

Ten are left.

Tonight one more will go.

♪ ♪

- I know Lindsey left tribal
council looking like a jackass.

Oh, my God, I'm so glad
Lindsey's gone.

Can I just say that again?

I am so glad Lindsey is gone.

I could not have taken this
merge with her whining

and crying and bawling
and being a baby.

Whatever happened to leaving
with dignity?

When you have eight people
like this and they split

directly in the middle,

if you don't go with one side
or the other,

you're the first one out.
- Right.

- So we had to say, "Okay,
Silas and Lindsey, this is it.

- We're here.

- And when somebody like
Lindsey and Silas come up

and they're like,
gonna protect you...

- Yeah.

- Then you feel like
you owe them.

And they did, that's what
I felt like, I felt protected

while they were around me.
- Very true.

- Lindsey's gone.

And the other two, uh, they're
nervous as a whore in church.

- The ethics of this is killing
me because I don't,

I mean, I want
to push myself...

- It's a hard call, yeah.

- Right, I'm like, I want to
push myself more, but yet I've

given my word that we'll all do
this together.

And then I'm like,
the game is about yourself.

You know this is a selfish game
when you come in to play it.

And it's so hard,
I mean, it's--

- You make your bed, you've got
to lay in it, and I think they

laid in it a little bit last
night and got the wiggles.

- Do you want to snuggle with
me tonight or Kim, I mean Kelly?

- Well, I usually sleep
with you, so...

- Ooh, fine.
Right there, baby.

- I'm like, why are you
changing this now?

- It's different now.

I mean, we're in the minority,

and we're in the minority
for the first time.

Kim and I will still have
a relationship, but I'm going

to try my hardest
to have

a distance
between the two of us,

just simply because one of us is
gonna go before the other one.

♪ ♪

(rooster crowing)

- Yesterday we had chicken.

Oh, the chicken tasted great.

We all took our turn on it.
It was awesome.

It was the best thing I've had
here so far.

Unfortunately, I had a little
problem digesting the chicken.

It was good, but you know, I
haven't, my system hasn't had

fat or grease in it for a while.

So I got up this morning with
a little rumbling in my stomach.

And so I took my shovel out into
the bush to do my business.

By the time I got done, I looked
up and there were a nice little

herd of elephant north of me,
and I had no idea.

You forget that, sometimes,
that you're in Africa,

because we've
been here so long,

and today I kind of was lax
on my security,

not paying attention,
because my stomach

was rumbling a little bit.

While I was doing my business,
I could have got trampled.

It would have
been a really--

a really embarrassing
way to die.

(elephant trumpeting)

- (yawns)

- Think we're going to merge?

- Maybe.

We don't know what's going on
right now.

Today we thought this would be
merger day with the other tribe,

but so far we're just pretty
much hanging out.

- We're talking about reward
challenge, immunity challenge,

but we've learned quickly to
learn that just when you think

there's a pattern,
there is no pattern.

So we're just basically kind of
just hanging loose and waiting

to see what happens.

- Got a little thick, guys.

Dig in, dig in.
Dig in.

- You guys thinking about
that chicken last night?

- I was thinking about that
chicken this morning

when my butt blew up.

- Oh, really?

- Really.

- It was good, though.

- These flies don't even move
when you shake at them anymore.

- I know it.

- Oh, yeah,
it's just Sunday brunch.

Newspaper in one hand, cornmeal
in the other,

lounging on the sofa.

- What is brunch again exactly?

- Brunch, depending on where
you go, is all and any kind

of seafood to eggs
to, I mean, just huge,

and it's just always
a set price.

I mean, you get a lot of food
for your money.

- Frank knows a lot of things,
and I can't believe he's never

heard the term brunch

- It's a combination

- Yes.

- And it's served when?

- Frank is
a three meals a day man,

probably eats at the same
time every day.

Very, very regimented.

- Frank, you want
any more mush?

I mean, excuse me, brunch?

- No, thank you.

(flies buzzing)

♪ ♪

- Things just look really good.

The only variable
at this point

that will have anything to do

with us not making it
to the final four

is just immunity

Other than that, we're pretty
much locked and loaded.

It just looks really good.

♪ ♪

- I don't want to be
with the team anymore.

I just don't want it.

It is absolutely horrible.

This is horrible.

I want to do the merge and start
having individual competitions.

It's everybody for themselves.

- I'm stoked.

I think this is gonna be--
it's gonna be a whole new game.

It's going to be fun.

- We should merge today.

- I hope so.
- We may, we may not.

- We don't know at this point
if there's going to be a merger

or when it's going to occur.

So we've kind of spent quite
a bit of time just waiting for

something to happen that
may not even happen.

You know what?

I'm making you a little present,
Big Tom.

You know
what I'm calling it?

Uber spoon.

You know what "uber" means?

The ultimate.
- Awesome.

- You're not going
to believe it.

'Cause it is made--
I found a piece of wood.

It is ergonomically and...
functionally perfect.

- Oh, wow.

- And then I'm making...

This is the big
Tom Buchannon spoon.

- Lex is so politicking for
a win, and that's fine.

But just watching him make
spoons for Tom

and kiss ass to everybody,

and talk in his
"dad" voice, annoys me.

- Uber.

- Oh, my gosh.

- It's got a brand name.

- Am I the only one who notices
he's a totally weird person?

It's annoying.

I would like to vote off Lex
in a perfect world.

If I thought there was going
to be no merger, ever,

then I would
do it in a heartbeat.

- You know, I'm stoked enough
about this spoon.

I think I may end up
bringing it home with me.

- That's great.

- Whoo-whoo.

- Yo, yo, everybody wake up.

Wake up! Wake up!

Yo, we got mail.

Wake up, we got mail.

It is big and it is nasty.

- Oh, Lord.

- Everybody ready here?

It's an immunity challenge.

We got 20 minutes to eat and get
out of here if we want.

- Oh, I'm anxious.

- Ready?

- Anxious, yes.

- Oh, my.

- What's that?


- That's weird.

Okay. "Raise your hand
if you know how to do it."

- "You'll need lots of patience
to make it through it.

The weight on your head
lasts as long as your power."

- "If you let your arm drop,
it may be your last shower."

- That's something nasty.

So we're going to be holding
something up.

- Your last shower
or your last hour?

- Your last shower.

- When we got mail, it was
written in such a way that

some of us thought,
"Is it an individual

immunity challenge
or a tribal?"

Your last shower.

A team wouldn't
take a shower together.

It'd be more or less
an individual shower.

- Based on the clues, what do--
do you think it's a reward?

Do you think it's immunity?
- Immunity.

It'll be your last shower.
- Be your last shower.

- Ohh...
- That's good-bye.

- We could figure out that we
would have to hold something

on our head
for a long period of time.

But we had no idea
what was going on with--

And any, just kind of given up
on guessing anymore.

- Morning, guys.

- Morning.

- First things first,
as always.

The ten of you have now merged
into one tribe.

- Whoo!

- Congratulations.

- And for the moment,
you are without name.

You'll deal with that later.

I do, however,
have your new colors.

- Clarence.

- My favorite color, green.

I like green.

- Now since you guys
are just one tribe,

you obviously only need
one camp to live in.

If you had your choice, which
camp would you like to live in?

- Boran.
- Boran.

- Boran sounds good.

When this challenge is over,
you'll head back to Boran.

Your personal items from Samburu
will be waiting there for you.

Because you are one tribe,
team immunity is gone.

Individual immunity
is what's at stake.

- Oh, a necklace.

- Wear this, you cannot
be voted out at Tribal Council.

Now to today's challenge.

It's going to require a lot
of endurance,

and a strong
threshold of pain.

You're gonna step up on a log.

One arm will be raised.

That arm is connected to a rope,
which is connected to a bucket,

which is full of water.

The slightest movement brings
the bucket over,

you're out
of the challenge.

Last person standing
wins immunity.

Pick a spot, let's do it.

Survivors ready?

And begin.

- Feeling anything, Kim?

Back starting to get to you
a little?

- Little bit.
- Little bit?

- Mm-hmm.
- All right.

Well, we're 10 minutes in,

so I figure it'll go
several hours.

How about you?
- I love doing this.

I do this at home.

- So you like that little
tingly sort of thing?

- Mmm, it's great.
- Starts going numb?

- You don't get this enough
in life, I find.

- Well, good, all right.

I'll see you guys
in a little bit.

- Agh!

- Kelly, benches.

You can sit and relax.

- (gasps)

- Can you see any buckets
wavering at all?

- None.

The buckets are solid.

So how were things over there?

- You know, they gave us
a lot of information,

like when you--
- Obviously.

I couldn't believe that.

- No, I know, but we did
by far the right thing.

- Mm-hmm.

No, I'm glad he's gone.

I'm ecstatic.

I was so happy.

Frank kind of seems like
a jackass, but the kids on here

really don't want Frank
on the jury.

Frank hates women and doesn't
want a woman to win, by the way.

So I don't think we want him
on the jury.

- Okay.

- Oh, screw it.

- How's that feel, B?

- Oh! Well, I can't feel one
whole side of my body,

but that's cool.

- (gasps)

- Oh!

- (groans)
- All right, Big T.

- Good job, Big Tom!

- All right, way to go.

- Look at Frank looking at his.
- Come on, Frank.

- I can't believe his bucket
isn't that more sensitive.

- Come on, Frank.

- Frank and Ethan, their arms
seem to be really tired.

And, like, Frank's just
moving all over the place.

And here it goes.

Yeah. Oh, good job, Frank.

- Good job, Frank.

- Good job!
Way to tough it out.

- Ethan's starting to hurt.

He's showing pain too bad.

- Clarence is close.
He's close.

♪ The sun'll come out
tomorrow ♪

Bet your bottom dollar
that tomorrow... ♪

- What's she singing?
- She's singing "Tomorrow."

- From Annie?
- Uh-huh.

- ♪ Tomorrow, tomorrow ♪

♪ I love ya, tomorrow ♪

♪ You're only a day ♪

♪ Away ♪

(cheers and applause)

- All right, T-bird.

- So talented.

- Well, guys, it
wouldn't be Survivor without...

- Oh, no, hell no.
Come on, man.

- ... a little temptation.
- (chuckling)

- Fresh off the grill,
all-American cheeseburger.

It's got onion, mayonnaise,
tomato, mustard, ketchup,

lettuce, cheese,
and a lot of beef.

- Oh, my God.

- Somebody's gone.

- Ethan's gone.

- Teresa.
- No, no, Lex. Lex.

- It's a pretty simple deal.

If immunity is not that
important, you feel safe,

come on down,
have yourself a meal.

- Look at them all looking.

- (laughing) Oh.

- Take it, Lex.

- This will appeal to Clarence.

- I don't blame her.

- Clarence?

That'll remind you of home,
come on, come on.

That's a burger.

- Bring it over here,
let me test it!


- Don't do it, Clarence.
Hang tough!

- Nobody interested?
- We're interested.

- All right, well, I'll just
give it to these guys, then.

(all cheering)

- You're welcome.

- Uh-uh-uh-uh.

- Oh, my God!

- Hey, Tom...

- Oh, my God!

- Hey, you guys eat quietly!
- Okay.

- Sorry, we're very sorry.

- It's a little bit cold.

- That was so good.

(crickets chirping)

- Would you go for
a whole pizza?

- Yeah.

- You would?
No, you wouldn't.

- 100%, guarantee you.

- No way.

- Guarantee you.

- Next on the menu.

It's got a crust.

It's got cheese.

It's cut into four slices.

And it is very hot.

Look at that.

Mmm. Mmm.

Tell me this
is tempting somebody.

- Ooh.

- If Clarence lets go
and takes that pizza

and sits here and
eats the whole thing himself,

which he would,
I'll kill him myself.

- Which he would.

- I'll kill him myself.

- Clarence?

Get out of here?

- Peace.

- Peace out!
All right.

- Whoo!

- Oh, my God.

- You guys, it's not even
finished cooking yet.

You're lucky.

It's all doughy.

(all groan)

- Good job, Lex.

Really good job.

- Lex, you missed out
on all that food by minutes.

- Don't remind me.

- I'd actually like to see it
come down to Ethan and Clarence

and see what happens.

- I don't want to see Clarence
wearing that damn necklace.

That's just gonna piss me off.
- Oh, I know.

- No!

- Ohh, Ethan.

Good job.
You did a great job.

(crickets chirping)

- (whistles)
Let's compromise.

Rock, paper, scissors.

- Clarence, I have
too much to lose.

There's too many of you here.

- I don't think it'll be you.

- Huh?

- It won't be you.

- Guys...

That's chicken, salad, corn
on the cob, rice, cold beer,

Mountain Dew, big glass of ice.

Same deal as last time.

Step down, it's yours.

- Don't get bribed down.

- Close your eyes, y'all.

- Don't look at it.

- You're stronger than me.

You can win more immunity
challenges than me.

- (sighs)
They want me gone, too,

because I'm strong.

- You made that up.

You're trying to trick me,
and I don't like it.

- He's working hard up there.

You see him?

He's trying to make a deal.

- Hey, there's also strength
in alliances.

- What?

- There's also strength
in alliances.

I'm not Silas.
You've got to trust me.

- Do you trust me?

- Do you trust me?

(crow cawing)

- Clarence is starting
to break down.

I think he's trying to bait her
down, either by offering her

a deal that, you know,

people are
not going to vote her off.

He keeps looking over to us,
asking us for some kind of

assurance that we won't.

I don't know why he's
asking us for anything, though.

You know, when you're up there,
it's just about you.

- They can't even tell what I'm
talking about.

T... T...

Rock, paper, scissors.

(crickets chirping)

- Oh, there it is.

- Paper covers rock.

- Whoo!

- Yeah!

(all cheering)

Six hours, 20 seconds.

Clarence gets the food.

You, my dear, get this.

- Thank you.
- Congratulations.

Big day for you guys.

Two tribes became one.

Tonight you'll have a new name,
and tomorrow night,

Tribal Council, where only one
of you is absolutely safe.

You guys can
head back to camp.

I'll see you tomorrow.

- Somebody else better
lead the way.

- Welcome home,
guys, welcome home.

- Thank you.

Show me which mountain we
climbed, the three of us.

- Right there.
- That's it, the big one.

See the ridge we climbed?

- I just shifted my weight
just slightly,

water sloshed,
and it was down.

'Cause I still
felt so strong.

- I didn't want the sandwich,
I couldn't eat.

- Why?
- Well...

- The whole tribe was together
for the first time and able

to talk and imagine
getting in the mail

an invitation to attend
a Wagner family reunion,

and your last name is Smith.

That's just what it felt like.

I'm just floating on the outside
kind of right now,

looking at things.

(overlapping chatter)
- Make it shorter.

- Oh, my gosh,
they brought the cart!

- Nice.

Oh, it feels like home.

- Welcome, you guys.

- Oh, my gosh, you guys,
we got some stuff!

- Oh, gosh.

- This is really exciting.

We have a little note.

Come on!
- Hey, Big Tom.

- Whoa!
- Come on!

- Okay.
- Okay.

- "You're now all together,
as you may have expected.

"You've got one more day
till someone's ejected.

"Make a new flag.
Decide on a name.

"One that you'll keep
for the rest of the game.

"Reach into the basket
to give your spirits a lift

with this
housewarming gift."

- Whoo!

(all screaming excitedly)

- Oh, my God!

- We have to eat this soon,
though, 'cause this will go bad.

- Wow.
- You know, let's celebrate.

Let's celebrate with this.

- Yay!

- I haven't eaten in 24 hours.
I'm so hungry.

- Oh, Lex.

- This is so great,
this is awesome.

- Come get prime real estate.
- Pick a spot.

Any old spot will do.

We'll pass the jug of wine

We have reason to celebrate.

- Everybody was happy.

Everybody was ready
to partake in the feast.

Well, you can only have so many
preparers for that.

We were all standing around and
I just didn't want to stand

around, you know,
I just...

So I just went outside
the manyata

and started gathering wood,
because we need wood.

- How's it taste?

- Mm-hmm.

Tastes great.

- T-Bird.

You earned that, baby.

You earned that.
- Sure did.

- I know.


(indistinct chatter)

- I'm sorry, man.

I'm sorry.

- All right.

- Come on, Frank.

Frank is a very big loner.

He socially seems so inept.

I mean, I guess probably a large
section of the population

is introverted and antisocial,
and that's fine,

but I feel like there are
prescription drugs

to counteract that,
and he should maybe be on them.

(laughter and chatter)

- Here's to my new
ten friends.

- Aww.

- That I'm excited to spend
the next adventure with.

- Nice.
- Yay.

- You could almost tell Teresa
is a good woman.

It's hard not to see just an old
Georgia Baptist

good ol' girl in there.

And, uh, she sure ain't bad
to look at.

My wife knows I'm just a man.

Hell, I'm out here in the bush,
and after looking at Brandon

for seven days,
I don't care if Teresa

had one eye on her forehead,
I'd still take her.


- You were doing it
right next to me!

- Leave it to that pervert.

I didn't do it.


- Yes, ma'am.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

- So let's think up
a drinking game.

- Something you have to--
like truth or dare.

- I think we should tell
something very personal

about ourselves so that
we get to know each other.

'Cause we don't really
know each other.

- It's like, "I never."
- "I never."

- We played this game, um,
"I never,"

which is, like, you're
supposed to, like,

tell dirty stories
and whatever.

- I've never walked
in a crowd naked.

- Does thongs count?

- I was about to ask about

- I have been turned on
by a 56-year-old woman.

- Ohh!
- Whoo!

- How naughty.

(raucous laughter)

- Come on.
- So all those--

- I've never had sex
in an airplane.

- I have.

(all exclaim)

- Tom...
- Uh-oh, look out.

- Tom's ready to change
his sleeping arrangement.

- I'm supposed to say
something I've never done?

- Right.
- And it's the truth.

- Right, the truth.

You've literally
never done it.

- I've never broken the honor
of a handshake.

It's just a golden rule
I was brought up on.

- No, I like it.

I'm very respectful of that.
That's great.

- Even I enjoyed it,
it was good just to relax

for a little bit.

It was fun.

But I wanted to get it over
with, though, too.

Well, it's still daylight.
We got time to go get wood.

- Let's get wood.
- Let's get wood.

- I needed a little booze
in my system.

- I might even
start break-dancing.

- This is nice.

- Take out the dead arm.

- (laughs)

♪ ♪

- Look at the elephant.
- Behind you.

- Frank!
See the elephant?

- He's coming this way.

Give this guy room.

He knows he's got plenty of room
to the right if he wants,

he wants to just...

There he goes.

He's going to turn.

He's taking a second guess.

Taking a little dump, looking

I'm downwind from him, so he
doesn't have a good smell.

He's stepping to the right.

He just...

- There was a big bull elephant
right next to our camp.

Frank, he was making an elephant
motion and I don't know...

(imitates elephant)

I really don't know
what he was doing,

but he was messing
with that elephant.

- I'm just imitating him,
that's all.

Just seeing if he relaxes.

I'm sure by an elephant's
eyesight, he's not exactly sure

what I am.

So maybe
whatever visual he has,

he just sees a gentle
tail sway, a loping.

The elephant just seemed to be
swaying and wagging his tail and

looking over, and...

I just wanted to experiment
a little animal behavior

and just hang out there
with him and just

sway back and forth
and swinging my canteen

behind me like a tail.

I don't know, at times it seemed
like he might have acknowledged,

stopped and looked over,
you know?

There's a few humans here
I wouldn't interact with.

You know,
but the animals, yes.

(indistinct chatter)

- We should have
a tribe name ceremony.

- We ought to come up with our
own name.

- With our own name.
- Now that we're a family.

- Does anybody
have strong preferences

one way or the other?

- Maji is water,
Moto is fire.

Maji Moto means hot water.

- Maji Moto?
I like it.

- And we're always
in hot water.

I mean, there's
a double meaning there.

- We're kind of brainstorming
about the name together,

and somebody came up
with the idea

of getting the Swahili
definition for water and fire.

And so what we came up
with it's Moto Maji

or something along
those lines.

(overlapping chatter)

- Maji.

- Maji Moto?

- M-O-T-O?

- I like it.

I think it's something
like Moto Java

or something like that.

- I like Maji Moto.

- I love it.

- It's Moto Maji.

Moto Magi?

Momo Magi?
I don't know.

- Moto Maji?

- Moto Maji.
- That sounds good.

- I really don't care
about the name.

I think that's all
kind of cornball anyway.

I don't give a (blip) one way
or the other, didn't care.

They could have named it,
you know, Theaters Anonymous,

I could care less.

- A show of hands?

First motion?
Second, anyone?

Maji Moto?
- Maji Moto.

- Moto Maji.
- Moto Maji.

- 21 days, can you guys
believe it?

- This is a game.

But it's so much more
than a game.

I mean, we are thrust
into a survival situation

in a strange place.

We're pulling together,
creating a society.

At this point,
we're down to ten people.

We have a lot invested here.

- I don't care who you are,
$1 million changes your life.

So the fact of the matter is
is that you have to be

very aware now
of who you say what to,

what you say, what comments you
make about other people,

because these people
are going to be on a jury,

and they may discuss you
amongst themselves.

And so now you have to be
very careful.

- Brandon,
you're unusually quiet.

- I know. I'm...

I can listen better
whenever I don't talk.

- Okay.

- I have noticed whispering
and conversations taking place,

whether they be
the case that,

"Hey, let's bring Frank
along for the ride,"

or, "I think we'd better
get rid of Frank,"

I have no idea.

- What are we going to do?

- About what?

- The hatchet.

- About what?

- The hatchet.

The knife in the back.

Who are we going to slice?

- The tribe Moto Maji
is up and running,

and it starts with our flag,

so I've got a big job
ahead of me.

So... I've got
to make sure I finish it.

- Talk to you about the, um...
- Yeah.

- About tonight.
- Mm-hmm.

- I don't know how you feel
about this, but I may just

tell him straight up
what we're doing.

- Well, I don't know,
what are we doing?

- Well, I thought we were...
- What I did--

- The one person that's going
to be voted off at this point,

I don't think has a clue
about it.

(indistinct chatter)

- I got to get
one of them water jugs.

- So I've decided,
I've taken it on myself,

that I'll pull him aside
and tell him

exactly what
we're going to do.

I know he's not gonna like it.

I don't know how
he's going to react.

- Today Lex came up
with this scheme.

Lex, the grandmaster, Lex, that
for some reason people bow to.

I don't understand why.

- You and I have gotten close.
- Yeah.

- In this whole situation,
you're a man, I'm a man.

And I can only
deal with you man to man.

- I know.

- I didn't want to lie to you
about anything.

- Yeah, that's cool.
- And I wanted to tell you,

just face to face,
that we've all decided

to vote you off today,

and I want you to understand.

I mean, it sounds, it sounds
cliche, but it's not personal.

- I know.

- And it's all about the game.

It's all about competition.

Now that we're realizing
that individual immunity

is like everything...
- Yeah.

- ... we can't have you
winning all those things.

I think that you stand
a good chance

of winning
the lion's share.

It's just--
it doesn't work.

I just wanted to be straight
with you.

'Cause I can't--
- I know.

- I can't play that lying game.

- You're a good guy.

- Oh, and as if that's
more ethical?

Because Lex is like, "Well, I
can't bold-faced lie to him."

Okay, you can just lie to him
all day when it's...

when it would be inconvenient
to tell him the truth.

But then at the last possible
moment, you'll slip in the truth

and that's going to make you
an ethical person?


- All right.
- Thanks, man.

- I like Clarence.
The kid has really grown on me.

I mean, he sensed
that people were getting

rubbed the wrong way by him,
and he changed his ways.

I like him.
I think he's friendly.

I think he's funny.

He's part of the group,
unlike crazy, outcast Frank.

- I'm not holding anybody.
We have our group and that's it.

- Right.

- Everything else,
the bets are off.

- Right.

I don't like being told
what to do.

I don't know at this point that
Lex is playing both ends

against the middle,
but I'm a little bit guarded

with all that.

- At least do me this,
man, all right?

When you talk to everybody,
tell them to keep us together.

There's six of us
and four of them.

- So what?

- I'm like you, we ought to go
to the wire.

You know, I'm with you.

- I don't want to be voted off
when Brandon's still around

and Kim's still around.

- I know.

Well, I'll be honest with you.

I'm ashamed
to vote anybody off

besides Brandon
at this next venture.

- And that's 'cause
it's loyalty, man.

- I won't vote for Clarence
tonight because I told him

I wouldn't do that,
and he honored his word,

and I feel like I've
got to do the same.

♪ ♪

- Well, congratulations
to all you guys for surviving

long enough to make the merge.

Survive tonight's vote, you make
it to the next phase

of this game,
which is the jury.

The only person we know who
is assured that spot

is Teresa
after winning immunity.

Big day yesterday.

Lot of changes,
including a new name.

Tell me about the name, Lex.

- Uh, the name is Moto Maji,

which is Swahili
for fire and water,

which are two very, very
important things, pretty much

the essential ingredients
of life out here.

- Ethan, a whole new
tribe now.

What was the first day and the
first night like getting along?

- It actually
went pretty well.

Everyone's getting along great
and we're joking and it's--

it's a good old--
big old happy family.

- Brandon, did last night's

change your
opinion of anybody?

Either stuff you'd heard
or stuff you'd seen yourself

and thought yourself?

- Frank, I have known
since the beginning.

I've never known him
to smile or crack a joke.

And last night he actually
cracked a couple of jokes.

I almost hit the floor
with a stroke.

So I guess that changed, I mean,
I saw a softer, more human--

humane side of Frank last night
that I'd never seen before,

which was very nice.

- Tom, the game
is still going on.

Is that in the back of your mind
all the time?

- It don't let up--
it's unforgiving.

You have a little high,
but you-- it don't last long.

Like our little party
last night was great,

but just as soon as the cheese
was gone, reality sets in.

It's back to the whole push
and grind and, uh,

you got to go
right back to looking around.

And if it's not the animals,
it's the people in the game.

- Well, for two of you
guys, Teresa and Clarence,

the immunity challenge
obviously had

completely different
stakes than for anyone else.

It had to be about immunity
and feeling like you needed it.

Is that true, Teresa,
for you?

- Well, there are no
certainties in this game at all,

as we've seen each day or as
we go along how things change.

So I thought it'd be nice to
know for sure that,

going to Tribal Council,

that I might have
a little security

just for a short period
of time.

- How about for you,

the overriding factor?

- I spent most of my time up
there battling between hoping

that there was a lot of loyalty
left with old Boran,

and struggling between
maybe I needed this immunity.

So it was tough.

- So what made you quit?

- I could tell she was in a
great amount of pain, but I knew

that she wasn't going to quit,
and so the only thing

I could think that was fair
and respectful to us both

as competitors was rock,
paper, scissors.

I went rock, she went paper.

And I'm a man of my word.

And seeing that lady,
mom of two in her 40s,

hold her arm up when
everybody else was down

going up against me,
an athlete in my early 20s,

and having that
will to not come down,

it just blew me away.

I'll remember it
for the rest of my life.

- Is it fair to say, Ethan,
that the game does change

at this point in terms of what
you reveal to others

and who you can trust?

- It definitely changes.

Depending how you're
playing the game,

it's important to yourself
that you feel good

about what you say
and you feel good

about how you say it
and how you present yourself.

I have a tough time looking
someone in the eye and saying,

"You know, I love you,
you're my best friend,"

and then, you know,

going and voting
against them, you know?

I like truth.

- It's time to vote.

Ethan, you're up.

- I know you explained things
to me, man to man,

and I respect that.

I've just got to make sure that
I make things a little hard

on you on your way
to winning this thing.

- You are a really,
really nice guy.

I don't want to vote
for anybody, actually.

But, um, I wish you
lots of luck in life.

- Clarence, when you came
to this game,

you made some huge mistakes

and had a pretty rough

But you've come
a long way, my friend.

And it's been really good
getting to know you.

But I am here to win the game.

To go all the way.

And you're too big a threat now.

So, you got to go.

Sorry, brother.

- This was a hard vote
for me to cast.

I think you're a wonderful,
fascinating person.

But your leadership,
strength, and skills

make me a little
nervous for down the road,

so I'm giving you
my vote.

- I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes have been read,
the decision is final.

The person will be
asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Clarence.



Lex-- that's two votes Lex,
two votes Clarence.


That's four votes Clarence,
two votes Lex.



That's enough votes, Clarence.

You need to bring me
your torch.

Clarence, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.
Take care.

- All right.

No matter how well you do
in this game, you will have

an impact on it, as you are now
guaranteed a spot in our jury.

You guys can head
back to camp.

(theme song playing)

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

the tribe competes for an
unusual reward.

Lex embarks on a witch hunt to
find out who voted against him.

- I need to smoke that person
out in the next three days

and cut their heads off.

And the ex-Samburu
members concoct a plan.

- If we're going to make
a move, it has to be

this Tribal Council--
it has to be.

- Well, you guys won fair
and square, and I'm glad

that I didn't do anything
at any time

to dishonor myself
from my mother.

You know, I played
a fair game and I lost.

And I lost because I was strong
and I don't think there are

many people who can say they
lost because they were strong.

And I lost with integrity.

I would have won
with integrity,

and I'm glad I got this