Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - I'd Never Do It to You - full transcript

Desperation sets in when a tribe member considers turning on a fellow member.

JEFF PROBST: Previously on

All bets were off when the game
took a drastic twist.

Silas, Teresa, Frank, you guys
are now members of Boran.

Kelly, Lex, Tom, you guys are
now members of Samburu.

No, what?

PROBST: At Samburu, Lindsey,
Brandon and Kim were shocked to

meet their new tribe mates.

I'm just, like...

PROBST: At Boran, Ethan, Kim
and Clarence had the same


Hey, you got a nice holster.

I'm definitely on the other
side right now.

I was on the good side; now I'm
on the bad side.

Frank and I looked at each
other and thought, "You know...

We're alive again.

PROBST: Boran won three egg-
laying chickens and a rooster

at the reward challenge.

Boran wins!


PROBST: But Samburu won the
immunity challenge...

sending Boran to Tribal

Council, where Silas was voted
out of the tribe.

PROBST: Well, there's been a
lot of assumptions made by you

guys so far in this game.

One of them is that in three
days there will be a merge.

11 are left.

Tonight, one more will go.

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You know, during our
questioning, Jeff's, like,

"Ethan, with this merger coming
up, are you vulnerable getting

voted off?"
So the merger is coming up.

My gut feeling would be, if
the merger was changed from the

norm, that it would be sooner
rather than later.

Well, I think either way,
beginning tomorrow morning we're

just going to have to be ready
for whatever comes.


The whole thing with the
merge is driving me insane.

At the end of Tribal Council the
other night, Jeff said, "You

guys assume the merge is in
three days."

So, you know, he throws the
question out there.

He throws the thought out there.

Put it in our head that, like,
oh, my God, maybe the merge

isn't in three days.

We rationed our food so we're
ending all our food at the

merger, which is in three days.

If we eat all our food and
there's no merger after three

days, we have no food.

We have three chickens.

We need to decide, do we stay
with our normal food intake, do

we ration?

I mean, how do you guys want to

We prepare for the worst.


I mean, what happens if it's
in ten days?

We're screwed.

(crickets chirping)
I got another hour before



(whispers): We got, like,
five-hour watch.

I think we came out about 1:00
in the morning.

Tom and I took in a long night
shift last night.

Everyone else took about an hour
and a half, two hours, and we

got, like... we got stuck with
about five hours.

We've been staying up all night
for over two weeks.

These guys have no concept of
what a three-hour shift is.

They just throw a log on the
fire and go to bed.

That sucks.

I know, it's terrible, but
she just does not want to do it

at all.

I think Lindsey's heart is in
the right place.

Oh, yeah, she's a sweet girl.

She's just a big...

It was painfully obvious the
moment we stepped foot in camp

here that, you know, we had
three people here that... they

were here for a little resort

They weren't here to do anything
but nap and eat and make a

couple meals.

How was your guys' last shift?

Was it too long, too short?

It was at least five hours.

Was it really?

Everyone is stressed out right

This whole switcheroo thing has
made everyone's mind kind of go


Everyone is thinking, "Oh, we're
two new tribes now.

Let's not think of our old

But it's inevitable... you're
going to think of your old


I want to know who the hell
got the boot.

Frank is a target.

I think everyone will vote
for him.

I hope so.

People just want to see
what's shaking up at Boran,

because what goes on over there
could totally affect what

happens over here.

What do you think?

I'm concerned that Kim may
have gotten canned.

We know if we get beat in a
challenge, we've got our vote,

and we know it's going to be

They're going to pick out
somebody on us, and we're going

to pick out somebody on them.

But the key to the vote is
what's happened before.

If we have to go to Tribal
Council, it's all about past


If we have a tie, it comes down
to who has more votes, then I

already have four votes against
me, so I'd be gone.

Three more nights y'all have
got with us.

God, I'm glad we got you guys.

Yeah, we lucked out.

We did really, really well.

I'm really trying to save my
own butt, you know?

I don't want them to have any
clue about my situation.

I mean, I set a goal for myself,
and I am the kind of person that

when I set a goal, I'm going to
achieve it.

I can't stop thinking about

I dream about food.

I think about food when I'm
eating food.

I think about food 24-7.

Any eggs yet?


Ah, you know what that
means... chopping block day.

Since we got those chickens,
we'll have to keep an eye on


Every time you walk by the cage,
we'll have to keep an eye on


I will not deny that I'm
having homicidal feelings about

those damn chickens.

What do you guys think?

What do you and Kim think about
the chicken situation?

I don't know.

I mean, you just want to eat

I'd rather have eggs.

Yeah, me, too.

For some reason I don't know
that that's going to happen.


Some people want to eat the
chickens right away, like

Clarence, and some people want
to wait to see if they'll lay

some eggs.

It's just, the problem is, if we
go to the merger and we're not

allowed to take the chickens,
then it's a waste.

Chicken nuggets.

Clarence, are they acting
like they're thinking about

laying eggs?

Hell, no.

I'm breaking straw for your
little asses.

Lay some eggs.

The chickens are presently
still up for debate, but we're

going to wait till today's
reward challenge to see what's

available today and then
probably make a decision


Whatever it is, I hope
there's no animals.

No goats, chickens.

The only animal I want is
something that's going to be on

a plate, that I could eat.

That's all I want.

Just food.

Good old food.

Yep, there is mail.

You ready?


"Stick with your tribe.

Make your way to the bottom.

Just give us your answers, that
is, if you got 'em.

You must work as a team, confer
with your bunch.

Make a wrong move and watch the
others eat lunch."

Oh, that's good.

The word they said is
"lunch," so the food... maybe,

we'll go someplace, and have a
nice sit-down lunch-slash-


"Make your way to the

That's the clue in there.

Maybe it's, like, a giant
board game or something.

How comfortable are you guys
with all the stuff in the book?

Pretty good with all that?

Today's tree mail indicates that
it's probably something sort of


We've been studying all the
things we learned in our

survival manual... the desert out
here, and the plants and

animals... hoping that we can win
us a free lunch.

Silas is gone, Silas is gone.

Oh, my God.

PROBST: Hey, guys.

Samburu, getting your first look
at the latest member of Boran to

be voted out.

Silas is gone.

Reactions? Surprised?





PROBST: All right, today for
your reward challenge, I'm going

to ask you a series of questions
about Africa, and you'll answer

each question as a tribe.

Each time you get one right, you
move one step down on the

bleacher, one step closer to the

First tribe to reach the finish
gets the reward.

Want to know what you're playing


Yes, sir.

(gasps) >> Oh...


Oh, my God.

(excited shouts)

PROBST: It's cold, too.


PROBST: Just to whet your
whistle, I'm going to give you

guys a little taste.

Tell me that's not going to
taste good, huh, Clarence?

Ah, it's so good.


PROBST: Okay, the Mountain
Dew is just a little bit of a


Here's the rest of what you're
playing for.

Got a nice little buffet set out
for you here.

Oh, God.


Oh, my God.

PROBST: Fresh pasta with

We got a huge tray of

And a big old plate of



PROBST: for dessert.

Not to mention, all the Mountain
Dew you can drink.

Oh, my God!


PROBST: How good is that
going to taste for somebody?

All right, Samburu, 'cause you
have one extra person, you've

chosen Tom to sit out.

Guys, head to the top of the

Wait for my start.

Here we go.

First question.

True or false?

"The closest ocean to Kenya is
the Atlantic."

Okay, show me your answer.

Boran says "false."

Samburu says "false."

You're both right.

Indian Ocean, closest ocean.

Move down a level.

True or false?

"To save the elephant population
in Kenya, military rangers are

instructed to shoot-to-kill
ivory poachers."

True or false?

(inaudible whispering)
Let's reveal.

"True," says Samburu.

Boran says "true."

You're both right.

Next question.

"On safari, the animals known as
the "Big Five" are the elephant,

rhino, lion, buffalo, and what
other animal?"

(A) Leopard; B) Tiger;
C) Giraffe; or D) Hippo.

(inaudible whispering)
(whispers): I know this,

I know this.

PROBST: Reveal.

A, says Samburu. "Leopard."

D, says Boran. "Hippo."

(Correct answer, A) leopard.

Samburu moves one step closer.

I'm sorry, guys.

PROBST: Next question.

"Diurnal is a term to describe

(A) Animals that must eat plants
as well as meat to stay healthy;

(B) Animals that hunt in groups.

(C) animals that are more
prevalent by day;

(or D) Animals that do not eat
humans but pose a threat through

the diseases they may carry.


(inaudible whispering)
Let's reveal.

(Samburu says C) More prevalent
by day.

Boran says C.

You're both right.

You guys need to stand.

Samburu is now at their last

One more correct answer, you
guys are having a nice, big old

fat lunch.

Here we go.

True or false?

"Kenya's Lake Victoria is the
world's largest saltwater lake."

(inaudible whispering)
All right, Samburu.


Samburu says "false."

Boran says "false."

It is actually not the largest,
and it is freshwater.

Bon appétit, Samburu.

(cheering, whooping)

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

PROBST: Samburu, your food's

I'm, like, all nervous.

Like it's a first date.

I'm, like, is the food going to
reject me?

Oh, God.

Oh, my God, oh, my God,

Mayonnaise. Mustard.

Oh, my Gosh.

Oh, look at this sandwich.

Oh, my God, an ice cube.

Tell me what you want.


Me, too.

This is the best cheese
sandwich I've ever had.

I swear to God, it's the best
thing I've ever tasted.

Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh,
my God.

It's just like a picnic.

Hey, we're breaking bread
together. Great.

Proper, we're breaking bread


Enjoy, you guys.

Bon appétit.

Thank you.

Have a nice weekend.

Hey, guys.

Oh, my God.

It has been a real pleasure.

Our new team.

(cheering, whooping)
Remember the Dew!

(man belches)
Oh, that was a good one.

Oh, my God.

You'll be okay, just go slow.

I am sweating.

My heart is racing.

My stomach hurts like I have
never felt before in my life.

The food reward was amazing.

I mean, we just pigged out.

And our stomachs, you know,
they've shrunk, so it's-it's

hard to stuff food in there and
let them expand, but we sure

found a way.

Just take it real slow and
easy, then.

Oh, my God.

Better to hold this down if
you can.

Kim gorged on stuff her body
wasn't used to, and her tiny

little, you know, five foot one
figure isn't going to hold all

that very well.

So she was pretty close to

Just stick your finger down

your throat.

No, no, no, just let it take
your time.

Let her take her time.

Look at her belly!

It is pooching out.

Oh, don't make her laugh.

It's okay.

You're going to be a vomit
launch extravaganza.

Kim, if you barf, just barf a
little bit of it out and then

keep the rest.

Oh, my God.

Luckily, we were all able to
hold it down.

We were all very proud of

And having all this energy
stored up should definitely give

us an edge, I hope.

Oh, I feel good.

That felt really good.

The weather today has been


We got a full meal, and we got
rid of Silas.

Oh, he's probably just fuming!

When I saw that Silas was gone,
my heart sank.

I was definitely shocked.

I never would have guessed he
had votes against him, and you

would think it would come down
three and three.

You know why Silas has votes
against him?

'Cause Frank tried to get Silas
in an alliance and Silas said



So Frank went ballistic.

That is bizarre.

Yeah. It was awful.

It was a total showdown.

When we had the upper hand, we
treated Frank and Teresa poorly.

Especially me, I gloated, and I
was excited and I felt like I

was the queen of the land, which
was a bad move on my part.

And I think they were definitely
out for some kind of revenge.

Frank must have totally sold
out Silas, 'cause there's no way

they would have known to vote
for him.

Oh, yeah, that's exac...

that's what I mean.

What a little pig.

I told Lindsey that probably
was a big part of them switching

to Silas, you know, because
y'all got in their face, and you

have to really think about it,
if they're backed into a corner.

Looks to me like we're the ones
kind of over the pit now.

I think for the rest of my
life, I want to be a food


I'm going to be called the
"man's man's food critic."

You know what I'm saying?

The "meat-and-potatoes food

When people see me coming, they
better be on their game.

Your French fries better be
extra greasy.

Your pancakes better be extra

Let the rest of them fools
critique all those fancy French

sushi places.

Clarence, if anyone, is
probably having the most

difficult time controlling
wanting to get his fingers on

some fried chicken, more or
less, you know.

Which I don't blame him, but
it's no way to play the game and

for down the road, for a
valuable resource, so...

Hey, we'll still all get an
egg, maybe.

We'll get an egg or two out

The members of my tribe,
they're of the opinion that

given the right environment, our
chickens are going to lay eggs,

which is completely... a joke to

(chickens clucking)
Believe it or not, I think

we're all unsure what the hens
need to do to lay the eggs.

Frank wants to put a net out
there so they can run around and


(quiet laugh)
Oh, giving you something


I think that's better for them,
don't you?

One of you say your good-byes.

Don't get mad.

Don't get mad, man.

Oh, she's telling you.

Don't get mad.

Tribal Council for you tonight.

As much as we're joking about
it, I am serious about killing

one of those chickens.

You know, I've talked to each
one of the chickens personally,

and I've informed them that, you
know, they're on notice.

Last night you told them you
loved them and...

I do, man. I also told them,
you know, you got 24 hours to

lay an egg, and now technically,
it'll be 48 hours, so that's on


What if they lay an egg by
tomorrow morning?

Then we spare them.

How's that?


I swear.

You hear that, you guys?

Clarence says if we find an egg
in the morning the chicken


All they have to do is lay an
egg, one egg.

I mean, we don't know what's
happened over there.

I mean, we have no idea.

Like, they have no idea that all
of us are over here totally

getting along.

Yeah, that's true.

I'm kind of loving it.

I kind of think it's cool.

I've had some moments with
Kelly that I feel like we've

sort of bonded and we've had a
good time, and she has expressed

that she's fearful of her
demise, so...

She seems pretty genuine.

(whispers): I think Kelly
really likes her.

I think they really like all
three of us.


But that has nothing to do
with it.

We cannot vote for Lindsey.

If she gets voted against, I'm
gone in the next six days.

And that's the same with you.

And that's not good enough.

If we have to go to a Tribal
Council, we're assuming that it

will go to a tiebreaker and
they'll ask us questions from

this handbook.

Which is what they did the
last time.

Which is what they did the
last time.

But, see, you're not, I mean,
you don't see the big picture.

They are not... they are not
going to vote for you.

They like you more than me,
'cause I have haven't been

trying to be all that extra nice
to them.

I just haven't.

I mean, I don't care.

(rooster crowing)
(chickens clucking)

(rooster crowing)
(chickens clucking)

Good morning, boys and girls.

Did you guys leave us any eggs?

(chickens clucking)
I went into the cage this

morning, and I didn't see
anything in the beginning at

all, and I thought, "Oh, damn,
these chickens didn't lay any

eggs again."

(quietly): Yay. Look at this.

Look at this, you guys. Yay.

Yes, yes.

Yes, we have eggs.

Oh, don't tell...

She's got something in her hand.

(whistling a tune)
I'll be damned.

Look at that, see?

You've got an egg, right?

Oh, yeah!


Isn't that cool?

Let's just put it right there.

Just let it sit there.

So we're just going to keep
it right on the tray there until

Clarence wakes up and sees the

(imitates Clarence): Oh, damn!

Damn those chickens.

We finally have an egg.

I loved it this morning when
Kim brought over that egg.

'Cause last night Clarence was,
like, "Well, one of them have an

egg, we don't have to eat the

An egg!


(whispers): Wow!

Shh. He's coming.

What's up?

What's up, Clarence?

Aw, hell, no! Come on!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

(whooping, cheering)
No chicken for you!

I hate you and you and you
and you, and you did it just to

spite me, so whatever.

And you laid... and they laid
the smallest egg possible, too.

If you scramble that egg, it

might disappear.

Oh, I hate those chickens.

Truth is, I don't think any
of us mind killing a chicken for


We tormented him a little
bit, but we decided we were

going to kill a chicken and eat
it for dinner anyway.

You can come to my house and
carve a Thanksgiving turkey




Oh, my God.

The chicken tastes great.

Everyone had a hand in preparing
it, and, I mean, I was just,

wow, it was just... mwa!


Oh, God.

Okay. Well...


How good is that?


Since our arrival, Teresa and
I, we've been smiling.

It's been a very comfortable

Thank you, everyone.

You know, I wish we would have
been here from day one with

these people.

Now, that was very delicious.

(whispering): That makes

I can't believe I never thought
of that, why Kim was doing it.

No, I didn't know she was
doing this.

She did it at the...

All I saw her do is this.

She did that yesterday, too.

I'm such an idiot.

All this time Kim, at the
challenges, she was doing this.

I'm, like, what does this mean,

Do you want me to throw the

What's the L? The L?

Then I'm sitting there, and I'm,
like, "Oh, Lindsey."

Obviously, she thinks Lindsey
has votes against her.

And also I think she was trying
to tell me Brandon.

Because if she was doing
something like this, I don't

know, I think it's "B" in sign

She knows sign language.

I don't know it.

They were totally
communicating, and I was,

like... "What's going on?"
And she kept going...

They were trying to tell them

I don't know if it was, you
know, vote for Lindsey, she has

votes, or... I don't know.

I... I think we need to go
with the safest bet, as we've

said all along.

I mean, we're playing hard
ball now.

Yeah, that's true.

We're pretty sure that
Brandon already has votes

against him.

We suspected that from the

Knowing that Frank had been in
the same tribe with him, we

figured if there was anybody
that Frank was just going to

throw a vote at just on
principal alone, it would have

been Brandon.

I don't know what they're
thinking, but I don't have any

votes, so I still think I have a
really good chance.

But if they vote for Lindsey,
then it's done, she's gone.

Out of the three of us, they're
gonna be most likely to think

that I have a vote from Frank.


You know what I mean?

That's why they think they're
sitting pretty, it's because

they assume that you have a

They just assume that I have
a vote from Frank.

Should we just vote for Tom
and stick to it?

We stick with it.

That's it, period.

(loud snoring)
We're totally confident that

if it's a three-and-three tie
against Brandon and Tom, that

Brandon can win the questions.

I mean, Kelly, she's like a

walking thesaurus, and Lex
probably is too much of a

chance, too.

So we think we're going to vote
for Tom, knowing that Brandon

could probably beat him in

I'm going to do it, there's
just no way around it.

There's no way I can lose to
him, unless it's...

I can't imagine what question
they would ask that he would

know and I wouldn't.

I mean, I told the girls this is
what we would do.

I'll have to just take a bullet
for her.

Let's have a group hug.

Come here.

It looks like they're still a
little divided, so it probably

will be a three-three vote on
their side.

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

And hopefully they got the
clue that Lindsey has four

votes, and they'll vote her.


Oh, yes!

BOTH: "To bring home the
bounty, the key is to aim.

If you can't hit the mark,
there's no one to blame.

It may seem so easy, but lest ye
confuse, the last tribe to do it

will pick one to lose."

So everyone's got to do it.


So Frank can teach us all how
to do it, which is good.

Oh, that's right, he's a hunter.

You know, immediately they
read the mail, and it was going

to take a team effort by all of

So being what I consider
proficient somewhat in archery,

I was immediately thrust right
into the limelight.

Okay, T, here's the line
right here.

Point your left foot right at
the target.

Got it?

Index finger on top.

Let it seep.

Lean a little forward, draw
back, and hold that form until

the arrow hits the ground.


That's a start.

Frank, I'm starting to figure
out about Frank is he's a


He loves instruction.

You know, I think that probably
comes from a little bit, mostly

from the military, in terms of
giving orders.

Now, wait a minute, wait a
minute, wait a minute.

Are you planning on shooting?


Oh, okay, because you are
loaded right now.

It's like having a gun right now
in your hand.

Frank, definitely, I mean,
this is Frank's thing.

He's very, you know, vocal and
giving us all the help he can.

Okay. It's a timing issue.

Without him, you know, I
wouldn't know all the little

stuff that could bring us the
win later on.

Very good. Straight arrow.

See how nice and straight that

(whoops) Beautiful!

That's very nice, nicely done.

This immunity challenge is
important, because right now,

although on paper the old Boran
tribe has a one-person edge, you

still don't know what's going


PROBST: First things first.

Lindsey, got to take back
immunity idol.

Immunity is back up for grabs.

As you can see, we have some
fires, nice and smoky, burning.

Those will come into play for
today's immunity challenge.

We're going to test your
proficiency with a bow and


Each tribe has five targets,
ranging from 30 to 70 feet.

You'll square off against each
other, one member from each

tribe taking one shot, then the
next pair will go.

First tribe using lighted arrows
to light up all five targets

wins immunity, avoids the vote.

Pick your first shooter and wait
for my go.

Samburu, because you have one
extra member, you've chosen

Kelly to sit out.

First shooters, take your spot.

All right, Kim!

Let's go!

PROBST: Grab an arrow, guys.


Take your aim.

And fire.


Good job, good job.

Good shot.

Nice try.

PROBST: Next two.

All right, Lindsey!

PROBST: Take your aim.

And fire.

All right!

(cheering, whooping)
PROBST: Samburu up one-oh.

Ethan and Brandon, you're up.


Take your aim.

And fire.



(yells) Sorry.

PROBST: Lex and Clarence.

Take your aim.


That's a hit!


PROBST: Samburu two, Boran

All right, Big T!

PROBST: Fire at will.

Two good shots, two misses.

Samburu two, Boran one.

Round two.

Come on, you can do this.

PROBST: Take your aim.

And fire.


That's a hit.

Boran connects, two-two.


Nice, Ethan.

All right, Lex.


PROBST: Samburu hits.

Samburu up three-two.

And fire.

Oh, my...

PROBST: That's a hit.

Three-three. Tied up.

Good job!

All right, Tom!

PROBST: Here's where we're
at... Samburu leads four-three.

Almost, Frank.

Next round, guys.

Take your aim.



Okay, you were close.

All right, Lindsey, you got
it, you got it.

You almost hit this one last

PROBST: Next two.

You got it, Lindsey.

All right, Lindsey.

PROBST: Take your aim.

And fire.


PROBST: Here's where we're

at... tied up, Samburu four,
Boran four.

Lindsey, you could win immunity
right here.


PROBST: Next target hit wins

All right, guys.

Fire at will.

(speaks inaudibly) >> Yeah!

PROBST: Immunity for Boran!

Yes! Yes!

PROBST: Samburu, you know
what this means, right?

See you at Tribal Council.

We gave it our best shot.

So we find ourselves faced with
Tribal Council today, which puts

us all in a potentially
vulnerable position.

Because now, you know, we find
ourselves having to... to vote

someone out.

You and I have not talked at
all about this thing tonight.

Right, and you're trying to
figure out if I have a vote?

No, I'm not... I'm not here
to ask you or gather any

information from you.


That's not... that's not what

I just wanted you guys to go
into this thing knowing however

we vote is not going to be easy
for us, because we like all of


Right. I'm not taking
anything personal, and if y'all

vote for me, that's cool.

I mean, that's part of the game,
that's part of the game.

I'm totally prepared for it.

All right.

They are very likely to vote
for me, and that's fine.

I mean, I'm not going to lose
sleep about it.

I'm not going to lose sleep
about it anymore.

If we could just do the thing
tonight, it's going to be me,

and I can beat him, okay?

We were talking about going to
Tribal Council, and Kelly was

standing on the other side of
the hut and we didn't realize


So now Lindsey thinks that they
know she has votes.

She heard everything.


She went right over to Big Bear,
and they started talking.

I just, I can't believe that
Brandon didn't whisper, and she

was standing right there.

That may have just... me.

He's, like, "I'm going to
make it through this, it's okay,


So they've got this plan, and
they sound like they've had it

for, like, two or three days

If that's the way they're
going to vote, that's the way

they're going to vote.

There's nothing we can do.

Yeah, there is something we
can do.


Vote with them.

Vote with them?

You know, we made a pact with
Brandon in the beginning of this

game, but he screwed me over by
letting them overhear that I

have votes, so I was... I was

So right now, I feel like this
is a selfish game and I'm in it

for myself.

We're not Samburu anymore.


You know what I mean?

So you guys are going to...

relinquish Brandon?

Yeah. I mean, I just feel so
bad, like, selling someone out,


Everyone would look really
positively at it.

Let me think about it.

Yeah, just think about it.

We can talk after lunch.

Okay, that's fine.

I just thought, oh, my God,
if this can secure them not

voting for me, I'll do it, and
this isn't cheating.

I'm not sticking a card up my

This is just making the right
move for myself.

So what if we vote against
Brandon, then what happens?

It sounds like a kind of a
merger to me.

And if we don't?

Well, if not, it's going to
hurt everybody later.

They're basically saying
align with us, we'll take you

further, and I'm just not going
to do it.

I'm not comfortable with it.

I know Brandon wouldn't do it to

He wouldn't do it to me, no
matter what.

I'm kind of in a no-win

I mean, do I go against my
personal morals and values and

vote against Brandon?

Or do I vote with Brandon and
Kim and risk being the next one

voted out of here?

I don't know what I'm going to
do, and I don't think I'll know

until I get to Tribal Council.

PROBST: How's it going, guys?

First time we've had this
configuration here at Tribal


Lex, take me back to when you
had this new tribe formed.

How is that working out?

It was a real shocker to
begin with, but I think we've

all acclimated pretty well.

We've kind of come together as a
tribe, which makes a night like

tonight pretty tough.

PROBST: Brandon, at this
point, do you trust these other


I think that as far as trust
goes, you don't trust anybody in

the game.

It's just, it's a fact of life,
one of us has to go, and it may

be me, may be somebody else.

We'll just see.

PROBST: Kim, is this game
more ethically challenging than

you anticipated?

Yes. I think that you either
decide that you're going to play

this for me, and I'm going to
get myself to be number one and

as far as I can, or you decide
I'm going to do this with value

and integrity and all of my own
ethics, and I don't think that

there's a middle road anywhere.

PROBST: Kelly, what started
out as Samburu and Boran, are

those tribes just gone now?

I wouldn't say they're just

Obviously, you know, we... we're
very close with some of the

people that were on Boran, and
we still have loyalties to them,

but it just really opened up our
eyes that these people are

great, and it's really changed
up the game in a lot of ways.

It's made everything a lot

PROBST: It's time to vote.

Brandon, you're up first.

(whispering): I hate having
to vote for this person.

I'd rather vote for myself right
now, 'cause this is miserable.

PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes have been read,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked to
leave the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote...

Big Tom.

Big Tom.





I'm so sorry.

It's okay. Stop it.

It's me. Go.

PROBST: Lindsey.

Guys, it's a game!

PROBST: Lindsey, where are
you going?

Sit it.

PROBST: That's three votes

Lindsey, three votes Tom.

We're going to vote again.


PROBST: But before we vote,
I'm going to give you guys a

chance to plead your case.

You're fighting for your life in
this game right now.

Be convincing.

Tom, you first.

Well, only thing I can say
is, I'm who I am, I'm nobody

different, and I'm not going to

So... that's... you got Big Tom
here, and that's the way it is.

PROBST: Lindsey, obviously
tribal lines coming into play


This is a chance for you to turn
somebody's vote around.

Um, all I really want to say
is that I came to Tribal Council

tonight thinking, um, the
majority of them were going to

vote for Brandon, and I
considered it.

I considered joining with them
and voting for Brandon.

And on the way here, um...

(voice breaking):
my dignity took over.

I don't care if I'm voted out
tonight, because I didn't vote

for a friend of mine, and that
makes me the happiest person on

the face of the earth.

So I'm not going to convince you
to keep me, 'cause I'm leaving

with my pride.

That's all.

PROBST: Obviously, a tough
vote for you guys.

I believe that.

We got to do it again.

Lindsey and Tom, you won't vote
this time.

The other four of you will, and
you have to vote, obviously, for

Tom or for Lindsey.

I'll go tally the votes.

I'll read the revote.

First vote...

Big Tom.



And we're deadlocked.

Well, as you guys know, Tribal
Council is a place where you

account for your actions.

In the case of a deadlock, we go
to votes cast at previous Tribal


Tom, how many votes have you had
cast against you?

None that I know of.

PROBST: Lindsey?

A couple.



PROBST: That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Oh, stop it.

(speaking inaudibly)
It's okay.

It's a game, guys.

You're the best.

I love you, too.

PROBST: Lindsey, the tribe
has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Good night.


We'll miss you.

PROBST: Well, clearly, in
spite of what was said tonight,

tribal lines still playing a big
part, because this was the most

emotional Tribal Council I think
we've ever had.

You guys can head back to camp.

Stay tuned for scenes from our
next episode.

PROBST: Next time on

The tribes eagerly anticipate
the traditional merge, but

anxieties run high.

It is absolutely horrible.

PROBST: Because no one knows
how or when it will happen.

Kind of like standing on a
corner and the bus didn't come


Wake up, wake up.

Yo, we got mail.

It is big and it is nasty.

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Tonight's vote was a surprise.

I thought that they would vote
for Brandon.

I honestly don't think I could
have gone on much longer,

because this game is a serious
emotional roller coaster ride.

And, you know, I'm an athlete,
but I'd much rather do it in a

civilized environment, where I'm
not battling malicious behavior.

I don't like that aspect of this
game at all.

See you on the dark side.