Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - The Twist - full transcript

Attention youve got mail!

(Jeff Probst)
Previously on Survivor:

The young were in control
at Samburu,

with a four-to-three
member advantage over the old.

Survivors, ready! Go!

Boran won
the immunity challenge.

- Woo!

- Before Tribal Council
the young members of Samburu

proposed a plan that would
protect them in case of a tie

vote after the merge.

- None of us have one vote
against us, except for Lindsey.

- I never thought I'd say,

"vote for me"
three times tonight, come on.

But it will help us, as long as
I don't get voted for once

the merger happens.

- And what's in it for us?
- Nothing.

- At Tribal Council,
the older members did not go

along with the plan.

- Instead, they gave
all their votes to Silas,

making him more vulnerable
in future Tribal Councils.

But the young members gave
their four votes to Linda,

and she was
voted out of the tribe.

Linda, the tribe has spoken.

12 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?


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- They could have done
the strategy part with us.

- What was your and Frank's
strategy in that?

- I understand that.

- Frank, I know you
want to get far,

and I know T. wants to get far,
but what was your all's
logic in that?

I mean, it's just
a simple question.

I honestly don't care,
I just want to know.

Explain your logic
in the voting, that's all.

- I know. But I'm just saying
you misread me,

if it helps you out at all,
that's all.

- You were punishing us
because we wouldn't tell you.

- The three of us had no idea
who was leaving.

- So what?
- No idea.

- So we stayed together.

We kept our alliance
because we had no idea...

- No, this is what happened

- They're punishing us.
- No, no, no. Just hold on...

- What you guys
told all of us was,

"We want you guys
to all vote for Lindsey,

but we're not going to tell you
what we're going to do...

...but this is what
you guys got to do."

Now we're, you know...

we're the low men
on the totem pole, so...

- Okay, so it was revenge.

That's okay, T.,
that's all we needed to hear.

If you guys would use
the power over us to say,

"You do this for us..."

- You wanted to use the power
over to screw us for the game.

I understand that.

- Don't be emotional tonight,

because we're all
really high-strung.

It's easier to talk about it

when we're not emotional.

I totally understand, T.

If I had been put in that spot,
I would have said,

"Screw my chances,
screw them all,

let me just take them out..."

- No, you would not have
screwed your chances.

- No, but I'm trying to make
things easy and nice,

so that we can
get through tonight...

- I wouldn't have
screwed my chances.

- That's okay, though.

It's so funny, though,
T-bird, it's like, you know,

you all talked about character
and loyalty and honesty

and all this stuff,

and it just proved right
now that, you know,

you guys just...
are full of crap.

- Uh, Tribal Council, and, uh,
we had to go in there

and eliminate somebody,
and, of course,

it was going to be one

of the three elders
of the tribe,

uh, myself or Teresa or Linda.

Unfortunately, it was Linda.

But, uh, that's the way it was
going to happen, we knew that.

Uh, we are still
a tribe divided.

We're two tribes in one.

Um, the youth,
they think they can do it alone.

They need us, and, uh,

they basically just ignored us
and cut us off.

Keep isolating us, we're going
to keep fighting, you know?

I haven't seen an invitation
come across the board, so...

- Hey, it's a game,
which they utter every minute,

"It's a game. It's a game."

I don't know.

I felt so good last night.

I feel so good right now,
because I know we got to them

and it feels good.

- Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah,
they definitely set up mine,

up Silas, and A.K.A.

They weren't here to play
the game last night, you know.

They were there for revenge
for them to show,

"Ah, kiss my ass," you know.

"We have the power.

Look at this,
we're going to screw you."

And, you know, again, it just
shows the older group's maturity

level, and, again, it's a game
and, you know, no big deal.

- I'm not used to
all these emotional people.

This is a game and, you know,
we're supposed to be thinking.

Whether they believe it or not,

we have to have
those two people.

I mean, we have to win one more
immunity challenge,

or it doesn't matter what we do
or how many votes we have.

We're all screwed.

It's very frustrating for me
to see a clear picture and have

these people around me just,
like, living in the moment
and not having any--

Like, not caring at all that
the things they say are really--

have huge consequences on what
happens two days from now.

- All right, buddy. You're up.

- All right.

All right,
we have a little voodoo doll.

- Whoo.

- Okay, guys.

We got mail and it's probably
the strangest mail

we've ever gotten.

- Really?
- Oh, yes.

- Everyone has to put on
their thinking hat.

"Pick three from your tribe
to go on a quest.

You get to decide who you feel
would be the best."

- "Vote or draw straws
and send them on their way.

The other three wait,
but for what, we won't say."

- Wow.

- Simple as that--
it's a quest.

They only want three people.

- Definitely you.

- You know what, T-bird,
you sat out the last one.

Why don't you go on
this one for sure?

- Yeah, it sounds good to me.

Who else wants to go?

- It's show time.

- Good luck, guys.

- Do some housecleaning.

- All right.

- Who do you think we ought
to go with?

- I think, uh...

Lex, uh, Tom and... Kelly.

- One, two, three.


- Welcome to Day 13
of Survivor.

We brought you back to this
original drop point,

where it all began,

for what I think is going to be
a pretty interesting day.

As you guys have certainly
figure out by now,

the game of Survivor
is always changing,

and it's about to change again.

If you guys
could give me your buffs?


Thank you.

Silas, Teresa, Frank,

you guys are now members
of Boran.

- Oh, my God.


- Kelly, Lex, Tom, you guys
are now members of Samburu.

- Smokes.

- Here's a map, Frank,
to your new home.

- Thank you, sir.

- Kelly, here's a map
to your new home.

Samburu, your guys
are heading this way.

Boran, you're heading that way.

Head on out, guys.


- We're part of Sam-boohoo now.

- What's the name, man?

- We're part of Sam-boohoo now.

- How many times did I say,
"I'm glad I'm not on that team"?

- Yeah, well, now you are.

- When Jeff said,
"Give me your buff."

I almost turned around
and bolted.

If he... you know, and ran.

It's a long way back to camp,
but if he'd give me the option--

run all the way back to camp,
no water for two days,

or give me your buff,
I'd still be trying to run.

- I'm going to try to intervene
and get as much gossip as I can.

- "Big ears" Kelly will get it.

- Yeah, we can use this as
a good way to find out all sorts

of information on their team.

And it's really crucial for us
to figure out which one of them

has votes against them.

- I see somebody, guys.

- Oh, my God, I think that
the other team is coming here.

- We've got a little bad news
for y'all.

- No. What?
- We have bad news.

- When they arrived,
I was excited at first.

I was like, "Oh, sweet,
other team members are here.

What's going on?"

- We're now Samburu.
- You are kidding me?

- Oh, my God.

- No one's more shocked
than we were.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- What the heck?!
- Are you serious?

- Yeah.

- Then as reality set in,
we all kind of just panicked.

- Is this a joke?
- No.

- No, it's not for real?
- No. It is.

- Not for, like, good.
- Yeah, until the merger.

- Where's all your stuff?
- It's on the way.

- No way.
- No way.

- Yeah.

- So welcome! Come here!

- Oh, my God, are you kidding?

- Something is up, though.

- That's people from their
tribe coming to us.

- It is?

- When I saw them coming up,
I thought they were going to try

to, like, steal our flag
or get some info from us

or check on our house.

- Clarence, Ethan, Jim!

- We're switching homes?
- I'm Boran. Silas.

- Yeah? Holy...

It was a switch.

They're, like,
"We're on your side now,"

and my stomach dropped,

because everything
I had worked for,

all the bonds I had made,

two closest friends
on the team were now gone.

And I was, like, "I'm going
to have to start over."

Oh, man. Nice.
You guys have a roof on yours?

- Yeah.
- You built a roof?

- Yeah.
- Is it nice?

- We built a roof and we put...

in the day in the heat,
we put blankets over it

and put blankets down for shade.

This is all our... you know,
the creek water here.

My old tribe,
I had an alliance

with four
of the young people.

Now as far as the situation,
you know, yeah,

it's not that great.

I mean, I came here with
the two people

that I didn't probably
want to come here with,

and you know,
left three of my buddies

back at the other camp,
and that was kind of tough.

I mean, we're just...

our minds right now
are going crazy.

- Is that what they're
looking for?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, absolutely gorgeous.

Careful-- we're trying not to
let the rice drop because

if it expands in their...

- We have really good food.

You know, the water's kind
of like mud here,

but the food's really good.

So there's kind of a trade-off.

- So what do you guys
do all day?

Do you lounge around like we do?

- There's a lot of lounging.

- All of us-- and I'm sure the
old Samburu felt the same way--

all of us had been so careful
about arranging our strategies

and arranging for our own
security and well-being...

that, all of a sudden,

all of that was completely
blown asunder.

How's the firewood?
Do you guys have a lot of wood?

- No.
- No.

- Are you guys struggling, too?

- We have tons stored up,

- You should see how much
we stored up.

We stored up enough
for the next week.

- I'm so pissed off.

- You think you're on top
one minute,

and then we just had
this incredible loop thrown

towards us, and, you know...

just this kink in the loop
that just threw everything off,

all confidence completely
down the drain.

- This is amazing, y'all.

- You know, I don't mind

playing the cards
they've dealt me,

and I'm taking it like
a little man.

I put a smile
on my face this morning,

but I had to move it
a little bit.

- Whoa.

- Oh, it's all coming out
the back.

- Oh, gosh, watch it.

- Okay, we should have made
a bigger depression in there.

- We were, we were pissed about
the fact that when we got there,

it looked like a bunch of
lazy people

had been running the camp.

You know, can you lift it up,
so I can just dig a pit for it?

There was a mound of ash,
you know,

a foot-and-a-half high.

They hadn't really been taking
care of their fire properly.

There was almost
no firewood inside the camp.

And one of my first questions
was, you know,

"Where's all the firewood?"

And so you're all more than
welcome to look around.

There's the firewood--

we've pretty much yanked
all the firewood.

- We can all do a firewood run
after we go to the water hole.

- Yeah, but, I mean,
there's just not much around.

- We've all... we've worked
really hard and suffered a lot

with no food and no water
and stuff like that,

and just to see
people out here who just...

don't take it seriously
and be stuck with them,

it's painful.

- Did you find the map?
- I didn't look.

- We kind of made a little path
with rocks.

It's really mushy.

If you step in the wrong spot,
you'll sink.

- Now go left.
- Oh, left?

- Yeah, now go left.

- And then straight?

Do we go over the dry riverbed?

- No, go along it.

- There's a path right there.
- Oh.

- Go north.
- Okay.

It was obvious that these people
were napping all day,

and that
they weren't doing squat.

This is mud.

- They've been drinking out
of a mud hole, like hell.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- Yeah, it's pretty harsh, huh?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, this is sick.

Oh, my God,
it's even dirtier today.

- It's really bad.
- We've been clearing it out.

- Yuck!
- ...clean my feet.

- Do you guys
do laundry in this?

- Yeah.
- I don't know.

They keep waiting for
a mysterious thing

to happen here in Africa--

wood's gonna fall
out of the sky,

there's going to be an artesian
well coming up in the camp.

I don't know,
maybe a swimming pool.

But I don't think
that's going to happen,

and I feel like we're going
to have to get out there

and pull the plow.


- You want small stuff.

- All this stuff burns,
like, a madman.

- I'm definitely on
the other side right now.

I was on the good side,
now I'm on the bad side.

This twist in the game has
really stuck a thorn in my side.

- I wanted this.
I wanted you on my team anyway.

- I know,
that's what I said, man.

- I said, "If you, like,
give me him, we'll be straight."

- Do you think this is a cool
thing to have happened?

- Frank and I thought,
"Are we going down this way?"

- Right.

- Just because the four,
you know...

- Obviously, either you
or Frank was next.

- Right.
- Yeah.

- Frank and T, this has just
rejuvenated their life.

- I mean, this is like a whole
new opportunity for them,
you know,

because they knew at least
one of them was going

to go the next vote.

- All this happening today,
Frank and I looked at each other

and thought, you know...

- We're alive again.

(elephants trumpet)

- There's, like, nine of them.

- They're there.

- Oh, yeah, I see them right
through here, actually,

right there.

- I don't see the babies.

- I see this large one coming
up behind this one, as well.

- It's nice... there's a
trumpeting of the elephant.

Magnificent creature this close.


(low rumbling)

- Even in the face of defeat,
we're not going down.

You never give up,
absolutely not,

right till the end.

Not till I'm six feet

- So they were asking you guys
to vote with them,

but they wouldn't tell you
which one of you

they were going to vote off?
- Right.

That's how bad it was,
you know, it was just...

And when they tried
to tell Teresa

to vote for Lindsey
because they wanted Lindsey

to keep all the strikes
against her...

- Who said to vote for Lindsey?

Those same people
told to you vote for...

- All four of them.
- They wanted to keep...

So the other three
wouldn't get any,

because they were an alliance,
they weren't going to break up,

so as long as they had
the control...

- It's even better
they told Linda and Teresa, "

Now, you guys vote like that
and we'll drag you along."

- So both times you guys went
to Tribal Council, it was,

like, all out war.

- And I told you never give up,
right, girl?

- You did.
- Not till the end.

- This is now Samburu tribe.

I'm not on the Samburu tribe.

The red is a red herring.

It's a false front.

I'm still on Boran
and so is Lex and so is Tom.

- We've been herding
a castrated bull

is what we've been herding.

And there... we've got a queer
and two girls as tight

as a banger hide.

And I don't think we can
get rid of Brandon.

I think we're gonna have to try
to go for Lindsey.

She's a whiner.

But, hell,
they're out here doing...

We've inherited a camp
that ain't done nothing.

- I think Brandon's got

at least a vote against him,

- You think that?
- Uh-huh.

I think Frank--
I think Frank voted for him.

Hey, you guys didn't do
three hours, did you?

- I tried.

I thought we were out there
for at least two-and-a-half.

- Let's don't get caught
huddled up.

- I hate this game.

One vote against me,
and I'm out.

It's not even a question.

I guarantee you,

none of these people have
four votes against them.

- We have to anticipate going
to Tribal Council

because we're out-manned
so drastically.

If this challenge
is in any way physical,

I don't see the point
in playing.

We will lose.

- But I think
we will lose today.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

- Why?

- Because they have Silas
and Clarence and Ethan.

- Oh, man.

- The good part about it is,
that me, Lex and Tom

have no votes against us.

- Good morning.
- How are you?

- So no matter who they pick,
we should be okay as long as

we pick the one of them
that has votes against them.

Tom and I and Lex have all sort
of whispered a little bit.

They talk too loud, though, too.

You've got to watch because
of the eavesdropping, of course,

goes both ways.

(birds screeching)

Whoa, birds, God.

But, um,
we all like Brandon the best...

Well, I mean, that's not true.

I like Kim a lot, too,

but Kim is just so much more
of a physical threat.

And then Lindsey, everyone
thinks is really annoying.


- Oh, well, it'll be all right.

- I got me a tick on my ass.

- It's no big deal,
it's just broke.

This is going to be hot,
all right?

- You gonna scald me?

- You want to check your finger?

- I can do it.
- Put it right here.

- I think he's just gonna pop
right off when I get him.


- Hold still..

- Okay, that's hot,
that's really hot.

- Lindsey had a tick
on her butt,

and tell you the truth,

when a woman had trouble
on her butt,

I told her that's just
what I was made for.


- Ow!

- It was one of nicest jobs
I've had to do here so far.

- Oh, God.
- Okay, let me check him.

- Looks like he's...

See, he's already moving,
he's not happy.

Is that all right?

- Son of a...

- I think pretty soon,

we can pull him, he's just going
to come out.

All right.
- Did you get him?

- I got him
and I got his head, too.

You did?

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

- Thank you.

- I think it was good for her
and good for me.

It was kind of
a refreshing reward.

(goats bleating)

- Getting my first look

at the reformed Samburu
and Boran tribes.

Not near as much talking today
as there has been in others.

All right.

Let's get to today's
reward challenge.

For a lot of the people,

indigenous people here
in East Africa,

goat herding,
it's a way of life.

A pretty simple challenge.

Got 40 goats in there,

they've been marked,
20 with Samburu colors,

20 with Boran colors.

The first tribe to get
their 20 goats

into their own pen at
the finish line wins the reward.

Here are the rules:
one gate-keeper from each tribe,

that person will
stay in your pen and

they're responsible
for getting your goats in

and keeping the other tribe's
goats out.

Here's what you're playing for:
A nice little home here--

three egg-laying chickens,
one rooster.

For the winning tribe,
certainly a big decision.

You can either use these guys
for their eggs

and have fresh food every day.

On the other hand, you may
attract predators at night.

I'll give you a couple
of minutes

to pick your gatekeeper,
we'll go.

All right, guys,
here we go.

Survivors, ready?



(bells clanking)









That's one, Boran.

Boran, that's two.

That's three.

Boran, you're at four.

Boran at five.

Boran, that's six.

Samburu, that's one.

Boran at seven.

Samburu, you got seven.

Boran, you're at eight.

Boran, you're at nine.

Come on, baby, come on!

That's ten for Boran.

That's 11, Boran.

Nine, Samburu.

What have you got, Teresa?

Samburu, you got 14.

16, Boran.


Boran's got 17.

That's 18.

- Open up!
Open up!

- Nineteen.

That's 17, Samburu.

18, Samburu.

20, Boran wins.

- Whoa! Yeah!


- Chickens and plenty of feed.

You guys got
to carry these home.

- If we can carry those goats,
we can carry those chickens.

- Yeah, nice job,

- Thank you.

- Sorry, baby.

Frank is in seventh heaven,
killing a chicken tonight.

- I know it.
- Yep.

- Oh, well.

We'll beat them next time.

- Yep.

- Whoo!

- Seeing our old tribe mates
now being against us

was kind of
weird in the beginning.

You know, it was definitely
annoying to see Silas and Frank

were really, like,
blocking us

from getting into
the little corals.

It was frustrating just because
it's, like, Silas, you know,

it's somebody we were
working together with

and now he's working
against you,

so it was
very frustrating.


- This sucks so bad.
- I know.


- Silas, too.

- It's just, it's how it is,

I mean, there's nothing
we can do.

It's luck.

We didn't know
this was going to happen.

- Can't vote for me.


There's no stability out here.

It's just, like, walking on
egg shells every second, and...

it just gets frustrating.

It's really draining, I mean,
we're hungry, we're tired,

you know, we just had
this new team appear

and we're all stressed out,

and I'm just emotional
over it all.

You know, I've made
these great new friends,

and I'm so excited to leave
with this experience

because it's awesome,

but I'm not ready to leave yet
and I'm terrified.

I don't want to go.

- I don't care.

Right now, all I'm going to tell
all of you is we are winning

immunity if there is a challenge
tomorrow and there is

no doubt about it.

- She just doesn't think about
strategy at all.

She just runs her mouth
and she's, like, right now

she's just running scared
they're going to vote for her.

And she doesn't care that we're
trying so extra hard, Kim and I,

to keep that from happening.

- You guys, I almost cried
when I saw Silas

and then after the challenge,

I wanted to punch him out.

- I will find a way to get them
to vote for me tomorrow,

as long as you all just...
we have to stick...

- Do you want to read that book
again tonight?

You can't let one of them watch
while you're reading the book.

- Yeah, I'll watch first watch.
Who cares?

I'll just say, you guys,
"Can I do first watch tonight?"

and you say,
"Yeah, I'll do it with you,"

and let's just leave it at that.

- When you are, like,
doing everything,

everything for your team, like,

you've got two girls
that are trying, like,

their damnedest to save
their own ass,

because they want you
to get the vote, yeah,

they'll vote with you.

They'll back you up
and they'll vote for

whoever you tell them
to vote for,

but you have to
tell them who to vote for.

You have to tell them
what to do.

You have to tell them, look,

"You don't need to be
so nice today, Kim.

You need to be
a little bit bitchy,

so that they'll have
another choice besides Lindsey,

because we're both screwed
if do you that."

When you have to think of

and then all they do
is cry and whine and moan

and bitch and complain
all the time,

I'm just like...

It's such a great thing
that I'm gay

because I could not stand to
put up with a crying woman now.

I couldn't do it.

- So from your team,
Lindsey has four votes?

Or she has more than that?

- She, uh, has four.

- Then me and her,
if it came down to it,

we'd be tied.

- I see what you mean because...

- They'll try and hit me.

All the immunity challenges
are huge to us.

This one coming up is just a
stepping-stone to the next one,

especially for Silas and I.

We have bull's-eyes on us,
no doubt,

so we got to make the most
out of having both of us

on the same tribe.

Take a big lead and then pick
off the others one by one.

- (whispering) If we start
telling him to vote for Silas,

I don't trust him.

I think he might go to Silas

and tell him because he's trying
to be buddies with Silas.

Ethan thinks up over him because
he thinks he has, you know...

- He won't come to one of you
guys and say,

"Let's get off the big guy?"

- No. He thinks they're making
some bond together.

He's very foolish that way.

I mean, he really believes that
the two of them can go into it

and win the thing,
the two of them together, so...

- Oh, I just figured he'd go
with him, so...

- I don't think
he'll vote for Silas.

- Okay.


- I've talked with Kim,
I'm like,

"Kim, this may sound crazy

and I've never done this
in my life,

I'm an athlete,
I go out to win,

I've never fixed anything."

I'm like,
"What would you think if we lost

this next challenge
on purpose?"

It's going to be very tough
for me not to win this.

I mean, I'll be honest with you

because I've never done that
in my life.

- Only two more immunity
challenges before the merger.

I talked with Kim
and also with Ethan...

that if we didn't win this one,
that was okay.

- Immunity challenge is
a win-win situation.

We win the challenge, great--

we don't have
to go to Tribal Council.

We lose, we end up going
to Tribal Council

and I get to vote off, you know,
my biggest threat.

- We all ready?


- Take it back.

Immunity is back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge
is very simple,

as simple as it gets.

Behind you guys are 20 pieces
to a puzzle.

The first tribe to put
the puzzle back together

correctly wins.

One key element: you must
work together as a tribe.

You don't have team work,
you will lose.

For the winners, at least
three more days in Africa,

one step closer to the merge.

For the losers,
another visit to Tribal Council,

another member
voted out of your tribe.

I'll give you guys
a couple of minutes

to figure out your strategy.

Wait for my go.

- Tall guys grab
the higher pieces.

- You are the center man.

You tell us what
to get

and we'll grab it and we'll
bring it back.

- Immunity at stake.

Survivors ready?


- Kelly, where does this go?

- Just put it down.
We're getting to these first.

- Make it happen.

- Put that in there.

- Here, give me...

- We can go here.
We can go here.

One can go there.

Okay, this goes right here.

Move these.

- Does this go up top?
Does this go with the head?

This is the head. Come on.

In the front, the very front.

- This right here, this goes

- Where am I going?
Where am I going?

- In that corner, in that
corner, by the man.

All right, pull this, Kim,
pull this.

It's in.
Push it in.

- Look at the color schemes.

Look at the colors.

Look at the colors.
Look at the colors.

Move that.

To the front, the very front.

Move, move, move.

Right here, come on.

No, no, no.

We need a sharp point.

Right there, Ethan.

Does that fit?

No, that doesn't fit.

- It goes down here!

- Right there, right there.

- Like this!

Right there!

Go right up there.

Right in there.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Is this it?

No, that's not it.

- Hey... get up, get up!

The eye, right there...

Right there!

Right there!

- That's it, that's it.

Let's go. Come on, let's go!

I need a point here.
I need a point here.

- Here, talk to me, talk to me.

- Right here!
Right here!

- Where does this go?!
- Over here!

- This is it.

Move, move, move.

That's it, let's go,
let's go.

- Put it in, put it in!

Yes! Yes!

- They could have it wrong!

Move, move.

That goes there.

- Samburu.

It's over, Boran.

- Right here, right here.

That's it.

- Yeah!

- Good job, baby.

- Samburu, immunity.

- Yes!

- We got it.

- You know what's
coming next, right?

Tribal Council, tonight.

You're going
to lose another member.

- Don't worry about it.
Good work.

- Me and Silas had it out,
over in the bushes.

He's like, "Ethan, let's go get
some wood."

I'm like, okay, we're going to
have a meeting.

- Let me tell you this, Frank
stabbed everybody in my tribe in

the back.

He would have been gone a long
time ago, but we needed

a strength.

- Meanwhile, in my head I'm,
like, I like Frank.

- I don't know, just God...

He's the most manipulative of
them all.

And I'm like, well, I see
Clarence as a threat to me

come the merger.

- I don't see Frank as a threat
to me at all.

- I don't either.

- I have a tough time with
Clarence, and that's what it

comes down to and I don't want
him here anymore.

It's as simple as that.

I haven't wanted him here since
day three.

- I mean... T and Frank,
I think I can get them to,

you know...

- Vote for Clarence?

- Mm-hmm.

- Ethan and Kim, they've had
their problems, I guess,

with Clarence.

They'd like to see him out,
so I don't think he's got

the cards in his hand
on this one.

This one's
going to slip through.

- (Kim)
Clarence's past experiences
have been relayed to Teresa,

Silas and Frank, the fact that
Clarence ate seventh-eighths of

the can of food, and that he had
no permission to do it.

And I think there have been
rumblings with the new tribe

members that we've had some
issues of trust with Clarence.

Silas makes Ethan very
nervous, and I think that he has

very strong connections in his
other tribe.

Are you in an alliance at all?

- Well, with the three that
were left behind.

It's, like,
Ethan and Lex and Tom.

More than anything, I want to
get to the merger.

- So you are in alliance
with the three others?

- No,
when I say alliance...

It was just personality-wise.
There was no alliance.

- No, well, I'm glad you told
me because I didn't realize that

you were so tight with, like,
three other ones that were

already there, and so that's
sort of why it's important you

get to the merger, maybe, too.

- I mean, I came to win,

- Right, right.

- I mean, there's only...

- Right.

He may be a real nice guy in
real life.

In our tribe,
I don't buy his schmooziness.

- I mean, hey, look at me
right now.

Let's go get some firewood.

I went to get wood with Ethan
and just kind of wanted to pick

his brain, and he said he wanted
to get rid of Clarence, and I

think he has some ill feelings
towards Clarence and I know Kim

does too, and, hopefully, those
are strong enough to convince T

and Frank, and vote for him and
then he'll go off.

What did you talk to Clarence

- I told Clarence because I saw
you talking to Kim.

I'm like, Clarence, I think
there's a plot against me.

- See, Ethan, this is my logic.

I think you're all against me,

Come on, man, look me
in the eye.

- I'll look you in the eye.

This morning, I thought we
agreed on Clarence.

- Frank and T are going
to probably vote for me.

- I thought they were with you.

You said they were
with you this morning.

You were going to get their

- Well, which one
do you want to take?

- That's what I'm saying.
- Well, let's decide, damn it.

- I thought you were, I thought
you were 100%...

(both talking at once)
...something about T and Frank

getting Clarence.

I thought we were going to be
five against one.

- You, me and Clarence are
going to vote for Frank.

I don't think Kim wants to
vote for Frank.

Who does she want to vote

- Clarence, if anyone.

- I'm dying to see what's going
to happen.

It's tough, but I definitely
know it's going to be probably

myself or Clarence.

It's going to be a good Tribal
Council tonight.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Jeff.

- It's been a busy
three days.

- Yeah.

- Ethan, what was your
reaction when these three new

guys show up at your camp?

- Well, our first reaction was
they're coming to, you know,

steal our flag or, you know,
steal something from our tribe.

So we were very skeptical and
paranoid, I guess could you say.

But then we saw they had our
buffs on, and they're like,

"Listen, we're part of you now."

And it was absolute shock.

I didn't know what to think.

You know, my stomach dropped,
and I was just like...

"Oh, my God."

- The thing that was hard, it
seemed because we had agonized

over who was going to go, who
was going to stay and we had all

kinds of reasons why the people
that were going should go.

And then when we actually saw
what had happened, you still

weren't sure if you had made the
right decision to go or to stay.

It was, like, you didn't know

if it was a good thing
or a bad thing.

- Silas, spending three
days with this new tribe, do you

feel now that you guys are one
tribe together, or are there

still two tribal lines in there?

- Well, Jeff, as soon as you
switched the buffs on us

and gave us the new colors,
obviously it was a new game.

So I think when we're all
wearing yellow buffs,

we're a team.

And I think that Samburu, the
same thing, they're wearing red

and they're a team.

- Frank, would you say
your lot was improved or

weakened by this swap?

- Personally, improved, most

Camp conditions-- excellent.

Good open line of communication.

Very mature people--
respect, a two-way street.

Seem to have their priorities
very well set,

their securities high.

I really like it.

- Clarence, one of the
new things for you is another

young alpha male coming
in here,

does that
lessen the need for you?

- No, actually, Silas coming in
actually, you know, helps.

I think that we're stronger
together, you know, and I think

everyone here realizes that
we're stronger together.

we saw that with the goats.

You know, I picked up two goats
and it certainly helped,

you know, having my new tag team
partner, now that Tom's gone,

having him pick up two goats.

So, you know, having him here is
definitely going to be

a benefit, more so than
a hindrance, for me.

- Okay, guys,
time to vote.

Silas, you're first.

- I love you, man, but I can't
trust you.

- I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked to
leave the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote...




The fourth and deciding vote,

No need to read the other two.

You need to bring me your
torch, Silas.

Silas, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, there's been a lot of
assumptions made by you guys

so far in this game.

One of them is that, in three
days, there'll be a merge.

You can head back to camp.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

- (Jeff)
Next time on Survivor:

With the merge in question,
Boran faces a crisis.

- If there's no merger after
three days, we have no food.

- (Jeff)
At Samburu...

- Strategy is becoming more
critical than ever,

more than it
was even a couple days ago.

- (Jeff)
Brandon and Kim continue
to help Lindsey hide

her votes
from their new tribe mates.

- They just assume that I
have a vote.

- It's a whole
different ball game.

- The twist of the game
was amazing.

I kind of had my cards lined up
the way I wanted them going into

the merge, because I was with
the two people that were

about to kick off.

You know, I just couldn't
recover from it.

I was a threat to Ethan
and the rest of the group.

It's tough to be sitting here.

I, you know, I planned
on winning the whole thing.

I'd play the game tomorrow.
I'd play it next year.

I mean, it's unreal.