Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 14 - The Final Four: No Regrets - full transcript

The sole Survivor will finally be revealed during a special two hour finale of Survivor.


- Down, down, faster!

Hurry up!

- (Jeff Probst)
36 days ago,

16 Americans began the adventure
of a lifetime.

- All right, here we go.

- (Probst) They were abandoned
in the heart of wild Africa and

forced to work together to build
a new world, while competing

against each other for the title
of sole Survivor and $1 million.

Survivors ready?

- Hell, yeah!

- (Probst) Go!

As two separate tribes,
Samburu and Boran,

they faced
extreme challenges.

Get that down!

Get that down.


- Wait, wait, wait!

- (Probst)
They battled each other.

- It don't matter, we're all
making it.

You can't
make the decisions!

- Tommy, Tommy.

I had to
open it for her.

- (Probst) And they confronted
the dangers of an exotic land.

- Uh-oh.


- Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

- (Probst) As alliances
hit a fevered pitch...

- We're going to take
it all the way, trust me.

- (Probst) ...a new twist to
the game sent them reeling.

Silas, Teresa, Frank, you guys
are now members of Boran.

Kelly, Lex, Tom, you guys
are now members of Samburu.

- Smokes.

- (Probst) Since that time,
emotions have run high...

- Well, then, which one
do you want to take?

- That's what I'm saying.

- Well, let's decide,
damn it.

- (Probst)
Some friendships held...

- I didn't vote for a friend of
mine, and that makes me

the happiest person
on the face of the Earth.

- (Probst) ...while others

- I was set up by somebody
who I thought was my friend.

- (Probst) After the merge on
day 20, tempers flared when Lex

received a mystery vote at
Tribal Council.

- I will not
live with a snake.

- I'm sorry,
someone voted

against you, Mr. Ego,
deal with it.

- My gut tells me, you stabbed
me in the back and you're

playing both sides.

Good riddance.

- (Probst) Go!

But through it all, they have
continued to play the game.

- I have it!

- Drop it!


- (Probst) And they have
experienced the culture in

unforgettable ways.

- It was a day I will never
ever forget.

- This just shows me that
there's more to life than just

what's around the corner
at the house.

- Yeah!

- (Probst) Last week, Lex won
immunity, and before

Tribal Council,
Teresa was desperate.

- I know that I'm going to be
the next one to go unless I can

think of something
real quick.

- (Probst) To save herself,
she played her final card.

She confessed to Lex that she
was the one who cast the vote

that sent him
on his witch-hunt.

- She said, "You know, when you
got that one mystery vote,"

who at the time
I thought might be Kelly,

"I was the one that cast
that vote for you."

- (Probst) But in her
confession, Teresa also

implicated Tom in hopes of
getting him voted out.

- When I came over with this

tribe, a little birdie whispered
something in my ear.

- Did Tom tell
you not to trust me?

- (Probst) Teresa's plan to get
Tom ousted didn't work.

At Tribal Council, the ex-Boran
members remained true to each

other, and Teresa was the 12th
person voted out of the tribe.

Only four remain.

Tonight they will compete in
their final immunity challenges.

Two will continue on
to face the jury.

One will outlast all the rest
and become the sole Survivor.


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(wildebeests snort)

- Congratulations, everyone,
for making the final four.

- It's been quite
an experience.

- We're in the homestretch,

and emotions are
just all over the map.

I mean, this game goes over a
39-day period,

and the whole thing is
like a giant puzzle.

And sometimes when one person
says something to you, like what

T-Bird said to me before Tribal
Council, all of a sudden some of

the loose puzzle pieces, you
find the spot that they fit in.

T-Bird told me she

voted for me because of one
thing and one thing only,

because Tom said I
couldn't be trusted.

That I needed to get votes.

- Yesterday, right before
Tribal Council, Teresa came

clean that back when we were
voting off Clarence, she was the

one that voted that second
vote for Lex.

That upset Lex
so much in the beginning.

And Teresa also said Tommy had
been lobbying to get Lex voted

off, and that was very
upsetting to Lex.

- (whispering)
Tommy had a grudge

because he felt that
Lex hung him out to dry.

- I'm still skeptical of
the whole threesome thing.

- I would be skeptical, too,
but two different occasions,

he wanted me
to vote off Lex.

- Mama Cat had been approached
a couple times by Tom, who had

told her, "You know, if you
happen to vote for Lex in any of

these Tribal Councils, that's
totally okay by me."

- (whispering)
In his mind, he can't write

the vote down, but if someone
else does, that's okay.

I mean, I won't know tomorrow
because I'm going to take Tom

and he and I are going to have a
man-to-man talk, just the two of

us, and I am going to make him
shake on it, on his son's name,

and if he won't do that, then I
know what the truth is.

- All right.

- I'm not naively going to let
myself be led to slaughter.

I've worked too hard.

- What's up, Kimmy?

- Nothing's changed.

Same place,
same old, same old.

Today is day 37.

It's exactly
five weeks today

that we've been out here,
and that's a long time.

- Day 37.

- Amazing, huh?

- I can't believe it.

- The four of us left are all
probably more surprised than

the next about the fact that
we're still here.

And I couldn't have imagined
it being as crazy as it is.

It's good, it's bad,
it's bitter, it's sweet.

- The men are going off
to work.

- But more now than ever, our
brains are focused on, well,

is there anyone
trying to burn me?

I felt that there's a really
good chance that Tom had pulled

a bit of treachery when it came
to him and me, and what I need

to do is confront Tom with it
and just find out was it true,

was he going
to 'fess up to it?

Tom, I want to talk.

- Okay, brother.

- I heard some stuff yesterday
that made me really unhappy,

and I need to
talk to you about it.

- Okay.

- Because I believe
in having everything

right out in the open.

- Okay, you put it
out here.

- When we came back from
Samburu, did you tell T-Bird

that she couldn't trust me,
that I was not to be trusted?

- Absolutely not.

No question, no ifs,
no ands, no ands about it.

What kind of question is that to
ask this far down in the game?

Hell, far as I know, I don't
think I did, but if I did,

Lex has been
the man to watch.

Hell, he's been winning
immunities and everything else,

and that's the reason he's
getting all the votes.

If you're going to run
in the front of the pack

with a white horse, you're going
to be shot at.

- Also, did you ever tell Kim
that she should vote for me,

that you would never vote for me
because we made a pact,

but she
should vote for me?

- Right, I told her,
yeah, yeah.

- Why did you do that?

- Because in the game, if she
wanted to... the other players,

I had no control...

- Why would you tell her to
vote for me when we made a pact?

- Why dig up bones?

- Not digging up bones.

This is--
these are current events.

- That's kind of like over
there at Samburu, you were

the first one that said,
"Well, don't vote for me."

- No, I didn't say that,
Tom, at all.

I thought it was only fair and
right for me to say that none of

us had votes against us, and I
talked to you about it

before I talked
to Brandon about it,

and you said that was
the fair thing to do.

- I felt like you saved your
ass over there.

- No, that's not true,
you know what, well,

I'll tell you right now,
you're wrong.

Tom and I, there have been a
couple of situations in the past

that have arisen that we haven't
quite seen eye-to-eye on.

And I guess Tom had the
impression that I wasn't really

working quite with him or for
him, but against him.

- All right, now,
let me ask you this.

Lex, all I had to do
is vote one time

to get you off,
anytime I wanted.

- I know that, but...

- Anytime I wanted to.

All I had to go like this,
L-E-X, and you know what?

- You know what, I could have
done the same thing.

- That's right.

- Tom, I want to go back to
camp with you and I square.

But I don't want you walking
back there, thinking that the

only reason I'm still in the
game is by your good graces.

- I'm not...

- I'm not here because anybody
carried me along.

No one carried me here.

You're responsible because
you're here.

I'm responsible
because I'm here.

It's not because Big Tom did Lex
a favor that I'm here.

- I haven't saved you.

- We've covered
each other.

- Right, and the thing about
it, Lex, we've got three more

days, and I'm not going to fall
out in three days.

- All right.

- The thing between me and Lex

is basically a case of paranoia,
and "worry-ation."

But my alliance with Lex and

Ethan has not, you know,
has not quivered.

- I don't have to.

- You're not going to
shake on the fact...

- I don't have to
make another alliance.

Today is the day we're going to
go vote, and I don't want you to

feel like
you're obligated to me.

- I can't forget about what Tom
has done for me in the past.

We could thank each other
equally for still being here.

So I would not feel right about
cutting him off at the knees

because on a couple of occasions
he's fallen from grace.

- You know, the handshake's
a big deal to him.

He said, "I already
shook your hand once,

I don't need to shake
it again."

I said, "All right."

- We're taking a gamble
bringing Tom in.

- Yes, we are.

But, I mean,
are you willing at

this point to dissolve
the original pact?

- No, I'm not.

- And I'm not either.

- Last night and this morning,
there were some tough and trying

times, so we decided to take
some time and go up to Bull

Rocks and just sort of Zen-out
for a while.

What a view.

- Isn't it incredible?

- When you go up to Bull Rocks,
it's so peaceful, and we can

also get a look down at our
boma, which gives you a

different perspective on things,
and you just can't help but

think about stuff.

- We've been living in that
little circle for 36 days.

- Yeah.

- This has been the ultimate
adventure for me.

Every little bit of myself,

my being has been touched
in some little way.

- It really says the remoteness
of the whole thing.

- To walk away with that
million takes a lot of luck,

and so far I've been
pretty lucky.

I'm just extremely happy
that I made it this far.

So I'm going to suck it in a
little bit and enjoy it.

- Three more days,
we can't see this anymore.

- Take it all in,

It feels great to be
the last woman standing.

I may make it to
the final three,

but I have to do that
on my own power.

I have not won an
immunity challenge yet.

I have not won a reward
challenge either.

But that's not
to say that it can't happen,

and nobody would be happier than
me if I could pull it off

and buy myself
another day or two here.

- Playing the game for me,
at this point,

has become
all about winning.

Damn it, I'm going to walk away
with that prize.

I am here for one thing and one
thing only, to take that million

dollars, and to run with it,
it's mine.


- Torch.

A torch with a message.

- Oh, wow.

- "Names of dogs,
college degrees,

"I hope you paid

You may just be the next to go
if your memory lacks retention."

- What's your name again?

We're going to have to answer
questions about ourselves,

about past members
of Moto Maji, you know,

people that are on
the jury right now.

And whoever gets the most

questions right,
then they get immunity.

- Who were Frank's
other kids name?

- Hunter
and Sage and what?

- I don't know.

- That's another mental game,
and I'm not that strong in that

game, and it will
be tough with me.

- Hunter, Sage and...

- Tom, I have no idea.

One thing that
I'm worried about is

if I get a question wrong,
about one of the jurors that,

you know, I was supposedly
close with,

it could play a little bit
on the jurors if they just think

you went through the motion of
pretending to ask them important

questions and not really
listening to the answers.

- I think Kim's going
to be strong.

- I do, too.

- If she is, it's
bones-to-bones tonight,

is- Yep.?

- I think Kim
has got the best chance

at winning this

She's got a really
good mind for facts,

she's got really
good retention,

and she takes a genuine interest
in everybody.

- You ready, Lex?

Okay, guys.

- (Probst)
Hi, Lex.


What's up,
Big Tom?

- Hi, Jeff.

- (Probst)
Hey, Kim.

We'll now bring in
the members of our jury.

Tonight's immunity challenge is
called "Fallen Comrades."

We're going
to reveal how much

you guys have learned about your
fellow tribe members.

You've had
a lot of conversations.

How much listening have you
really done?

We're holding it at Tribal
Council, because ultimately this

is a game about relationships,
and the final vote will come

down to
the relationships you

have formed with the members
of the jury.

It will be followed by Tribal
Council with a 13th member

who will be voted out.

I'm going to ask you eight
questions about the original

tribe mates you spent time with
over the last 36 days.

Whoever has the most right
at the end of the competition

wins immunity.

First thing, Lex,
I'll take this back.

Before I ask the questions,

I want to make sure
you know the rules.

I'll ask you the question,
write down your answer,

don't reveal
until I tell you to.

First question...

what rank did
Frank reach in the Army?

What rank did Frank reach
in the Army?

Everybody reveal.

Kim says
Second Lieutenant.

Ethan says Sergeant.

Lex says Colonel.

Tom says
Lieutenant Private.

Correct answer,
Staff Sergeant.

Nobody gets it right.

Move onto
the next question.

Which Survivor listed
manipulating men on their

application as one of their
favorite hobbies?

Which Survivor listed
manipulating men on their

application as one of their
favorite hobbies?

Everybody reveal.

Kim says Kelly.

Ethan says Kelly.

Lex says Kelly.

Big Tom says Kelly.

Everybody's right.

Next question.

Who was the first to hit a

target in the archery

Who was
the first Survivor to

hit a target in the archery

Everybody reveal.

Kim says Clarence.

says Kim Powers.

Lex says Clarence.

Big Tom
says Lindsey.

Correct answer,

Big Tom
on the board with two.

Fourth question.

Whose children are these and
what are their names?

Pass that around.

Whose children are in the
photograph you're looking at,

and what are their names?

Everybody reveal.

Kim says Teresa's,
Elly and Tyler.

Ethan says
Teresa's, Elly and Tyler.

Lex, Elly and Tyler.

Big Tom,
Elly and Tyler.

Everybody right, everybody
scores again.

After four questions,
Tom in the lead with three,

everybody else has two.

Fifth question.

In which city and state is
Jessie a deputy sheriff?

In which city and state
is Jessie a deputy sheriff?

Everybody reveal.

Kim says Orlando,

Ethan-- Orlando, Florida.

Lex-- Orlando, Florida.

Big Tom, Orlando,

Everybody right,
everybody scores again.

Sixth question.

Which Survivor has a tattoo
of a black widow spider,

and for an extra point,
where is it?

Which Survivor has a tattoo of
a black widow spider, and for an

extra point, where is it

Everybody reveal.

Kim says Brandon
on his back.

Ethan says Brandon
on his left ankle.

Lex says
Brandon on his back.

Big Tom says Brandon
on his butt.

Correct answer
is Brandon, on his back.

Ethan and Big Tom get one,
Lex and Kim get two.

Here's where we're at.

After six questions, Big Tom,
Lex and Kim all have five.

Ethan has four.

Question number seven.

Who are Sage, Hunter
and Jocelyn Rose?

Who are Sage,
Hunter and Jocelyn Rose?

Everybody reveal.

Kim says
Frank's children.

Ethan, Frank's kids.

Lex, Frank's kids.

Big Tom, Frank's kids.

Everybody right.

Going into
the last question.

Kim, Lex, Big Tom,
all have six.

Ethan has five.

Which female
Survivor does not

have anything pierced,
including her ears?

Which female
Survivor does not

have anything pierced,
including her ears?

Keep this last
answer very private.

If you're going take
a guess, make one now.

All right, on this reveal,

I need you guys
to do it one at a time.

Wait until I tell you.

Let's start
with you, Kim.

Kim wrote Kelly,
that's correct.

That gives
you seven right.

Ethan, show me
what you have.

Linda... is wrong.

You're out of the game.

Lex... Lindsey,
you're wrong.

You're out of game.

Big Tom, this is
what it comes down to.

You have Jessie,

The game is over,
Kim, congratulations.

Well earned.

Slide it on, it's the first time
you've had it.

Enjoy it.

- Congratulations.

- Thank you.

- (Probst) So, Kim, you're
immune from the vote tonight,

guaranteed yourself a spot in
the final three.

You also have assured yourself
that you'll take part in

tomorrow's final immunity
challenge, which means you will

have participated in every

single challenge we've had,
a great achievement.


- Thank you.

- (Probst) It's time
now to vote.

Obviously the only person
you can't vote for is Kim.

The other three of you
are fair game.

Somebody is going home.

Let's find out.

Kim, you're up first.

- Sorry, buddy, you were great
fun, but you started playing

that manipulating game, setting
one person up against the other.

That just doesn't
cut it with me.

- This is the exact thing
I didn't want to happen.

It's not personal,
it's every man for himself,

and I have no prayer of beating
you against the jury.

I respect you more
than anything in the world.

You carried me all the way,
and I thank you for that.

- Boys, it's been
a hell of a bunch of fun.

We have kicked ass all the way
from 16 and would have done it

again tonight, but not one got
immunity, so best of luck.

It's been fun.

One of us
has got to run.

- I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person will
be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Tom.


One vote Tom,
one vote Lex.

Two votes Tom.

Last vote, Big Tom.

You need to bring me
your torch.

- Enjoyed it.

- (Probst) Big Tom.

- Good-bye,
Jeff, thank you.

- The tribe has spoken.

It's time
for you to go.


- It's come down
to this-- three people,

one immunity challenge left.

Win, you're
in the final two.

Get a good night's sleep,
you're going to need it.

You can head
back to camp.

- Well, well, look at
old Big Tom now.


It's been a journey.

I do want to say a special
thanks to Lex, Ethan, for making

an alliance with me,
and being

man enough to stay
with their alliance.

Without y'all, I couldn't have
made it this far.

Hey, love,
peace, and higher grace.

Big Tom will talk
to you later.

(clucks tongue)

- (Probst)
Lex, Ethan, good morning!

Hey, day 38 is here,

Let's go.

- What up?

Come on in, buddy.

- Let's go, come on.

- Where are we going?

- (Probst)
We got a big, fun day.

How was night watch?

- Good, uneventful.

- It sucked...
I had... all night.

- You were no help
with the night watch.

- Are they gone?

- Well, about 30 minutes ago
they weren't.

We'll see.

- I was up pretty much all
night, with just diarrhea,

I was cramping up
pretty bad this morning,

couldn't really hold
down water.

It's just
one of those things.

- You went 12, 13 times
last night?

- At least.

It just didn't stop.

The game of Survivor never
takes a time-out.

It's the real deal.

You come
out here for 39 days

and if, at any point during
those 39 days,

you're not 100% on your
game or something happens

to you,
that's just tough.

It is a road trip.

Just follow the moon.

- You can't predict anything
in this game,

that's why it's
an amazing game.

It's twists and turns and you
can't control it and that makes

it exciting,
and frustrating and new,

you know, you can't predict

- (Probst)
This morning you will

participate in a final
rite of passage.

This is a chance to think about
what it took to get to day 38.

This is a Samburu ritual, so we
will follow their lead, always

walking north, fires on east
and west, never looking back.

It begins with a blessing from
the elders, who will beckon the

spirits with their sticks,
asking them to forgive you for

any wrongdoings you may have
done to others, and you should

also focus on what you need to
get through these last two days.

Continuing north, you'll follow
a trail of staffs representing

your fellow Survivors.

This is a chance for you to
reflect on the impact the former

tribe members
have had on your

life and the impact you've
had on their life.

You'll then come upon a group of
Samburu tribe members, who will

lead you through
a ceremonial cleansing,

which represents
new life.

Your new life.

A mixture of goat fat and blood
will be washed over your body

and you'll then be asked
to celebrate your rebirth.

This is for you.

I encourage you to give yourself
over to the experience.

It's yours.


(chanting in
native language)

- I'm 42, this is a chance of
a lifetime for me.

I've done something that,
you know, I wanted to do,

and that just
makes my life better.

That's really what
counts to me.

- It is very hard out here,

harder than I ever
expected it to be.

I think I've accomplished enough
just by being here.

- I do have a charmed and
wonderful life, I appreciate it

more since I've been out here,
because the little things that

you take for granted like
turning on that faucet of water,

crawling in at bed at night, you
don't have that here in Africa.

- Mother Africa is just this
wonderful, wonderful place.

I've grown, I've learned, it was
an amazing adventure.

- I had planned on winning the
whole thing, obviously, I mean,

you come here to win.

You know, it was an unbelievable
experience, unbelievable game.

I'd play the game
tomorrow, I'd play it next year.

- I'm an athlete.

I love to compete, but I'd much
rather do it in a civilized

environment where I'm not

battling manipulation
and back-stabbing.

This game is a serious emotional
roller-coaster ride.

- I kind of assumed a
leadership role from like,

day one, and then
the incident with Diane

kind of like, threw me down
to the bottom.

I went from, like, the CEO of
the company to the janitor.

- I can't help
but be myself.

It was hard for me not to have
friends in different places,

and that kind of screwed me, but
hey, I made it past the hard

part with
the boulders and whatnot.

And for a skinny girl, you know,
it's a big deal.

- The funniest
thing that I'm going to miss

the most is the

I had come in like second or
third on all the challenges, me.

I won that one
with Frank that

was like the most physical one
we've had,

and nobody will ever
take me for granted again.

- Not only is the game a
challenge to me physically and

mentally for my competitive
spirit, but just being out here

in this isolation under these
conditions is also therapeutic.

- The game isn't really ever
been about the money for me.

It's been about coming out here
and doing something like this,

which is just an amazing

When you take a step back,
you're like wow, I mean, who

gets this kind of opportunity
in their life?

- Out here, you can't be as
vocal as you might be back home.

Because if you are, you might

not be here long and that's just
part of the game.

- I have met
16 of the greatest

individuals that I have ever met
in my life.

Some I like more than the

They were all unique kind of
people, and damn, what a ride.



(chanting continuing)

(chanting and singing)

(rhythmic clapping)

(singing, chanting,

chanting, clapping)

(singing, chanting,


- (Probst) This is your final
immunity challenge, comes down

to one quality-- willpower.

How badly
do you want this?

This is your final
endurance test.

Put one hand on the idol,
each foot on a stump.

Once you commit your hand and
your feet, you can't move them.

Last person left standing goes
to the final two, and just as

importantly, decides who goes
with them for that final vote.

Take your positions.

Wait for my go.

Guys just remember,
keep your

feet on the wood,
and be careful with your hands.

Don't lose contact
with the idol.

Don't lose
your concentration.

The game is on.

Well, the good news is you guys
have lasted an hour.

The bad news is
it's only 9:00 a.m.

The sun hasn't even begun
to heat up yet.

Stay strong,
remember, keep your

feet on the logs, your hand
on the idol.

You guys have
come a long way.

Another update for you.

Two hours.

It's got to
feel like a lot longer,

the sun is as hot as it
has ever been.

Draw on whatever you have left,
keep your hand on that idol.

Ethan, your foot came off,
after two hours, 26 minutes,

you're out of the game.

- We're nuts doing this.

I should be old enough
to know better.

- No matter what you guys are
feeling, keep going, all right,

because it doesn't
feel good to let go.

Give it everything
you've got.

Don't leave
anything up there.

All right?

- Thanks.

- I worked my butt off to get
right here, and I go and I blow

it on such a silly little

I just lost concentration.

My back foot came off, and
that's the killer.

I can never ever
get to that spot again.

It feels horrible.

It feels horrible.

- You're still
in the game.

- I pretend
I'm someplace else.

- Where are you?

- Lying on the beach,
roasting in the sun,

with a Planter's
Punch at my side.

- You figure six, seven,
eight more hours of this?

- Kim looks strong,
but Lex is just as strong.

Neither of them will give up,
because they want the choice to

bring whoever they want
to the final two.

- My belly is going to...
you know.

- Huh?

- My belly's gonna...

- Got the worst of it over,

- Yeah, it's just...
I'm just drained.

- Lex had problems with his
stomach all night last night.

He was up like, ten times going
to the bathroom.

I'm sure he's dehydrated.

The sun is
ridiculous right now.

It's hot.

- (Probst)
Lex, you're out.

Three hours, 21 minutes.

you have immunity.

- The final immunity challenge
was not luck, was not being

nice, was not any of the things
that I had done so far.

That was something that
came out of me inside of me,

a determination that I haven't
seen in me, maybe ever.


- In your wildest dreams, you
know, things like this happen.

It doesn't ever
really happen to you,

but it shows that dreams
come true.

I never thought
I'd see this again.

I thought I'd... I never thought
I'd see it ever.

- You've got
a little streak going on, huh?

- I never thought
I'd see it ever.

I'm very stunned now that I'm
in the final two, when I can

remember thinking the first
night here, "Oh, my God,

I'm going to be
the first one voted off."

Lex, Ethan, let's go.

- I'm glad the three
of us are here... you know?

- Thank you, I'm glad we're
here, too.

- It's a good...

- We had a good bond,
right from the beginning.

- We all needed each other to
get here, that's for sure.

- Yeah, that's for sure.

- You know, what will be
weighing heavy on our minds and

on our hearts today is wondering
which one of us is out of the

game tonight and which one of us
is going to be here until the

very end,
until the final two.

Only one of us can stay, and
that's all up to Mama Cat.

Regardless of what happens, I
was proud to play the game with

you and I was proud to have an
alliance with you.

- Me, too.

- Really. I mean it.

- It worked out
really well.

My destiny is definitely in

someone else's hands,
and it's a scary feeling.

I've never been in that

situation before, and I feel
very vulnerable.

You know,
my stomach's in knots.

I don't know what
to think.

I mean, I could
be going home tonight.

I could... you know, I could be
here tomorrow.

You might understand because
you've been aligned with Lex and

it's probably a big decision
for you.

- It's a hard
decision anyway,

you know, making two when
there are three.

- You've got a really,
really hard job ahead of you.

- I'm just trying to think of
all kinds of things that would

make me be able to make a
decision easier,

do you know
what I mean?

I mean, I love you both equally,
absolutely equally.

- I know.

- It's just...
it's just horrible.

I mean, it's not just
the biggest decision here.

It's probably one of the biggest
decisions in my life.

- You're in a tough, tough,
tough situation.

When you won today, that was a
bittersweet victory, but it also

comes with great reward.

- Deciding who I'm going to
vote off tonight would be more

of a strategic move if I thought
one of the two of them would be

more easily beatable
than the other.

And I wish that nobody
had to feel bad about it.

That's the double-edged sword
of winning this immunity.

That I have to do, you know,
something that will pain me and

it will pain the person that I
don't bring with me

to the final two.

There's nothing
fun about that.

- We will now bring in
the six members of our jury.

And then there
were three.

A long day today,
it started very, very early.

Let's talk about the immunity

Kim, today, in an absolute test
of willpower,

you, a 56-year-old
grandma, took on two young, fit,

able-bodied guys, and you kicked
their ass.

You earned that immunity.

Tell me
about it today.

- It was strictly just stamina
and guts going on, and there was

something inside of me
making me stay.

It went beyond the game.

It was something that I needed
to do for me, to show me that

I could do something.

To will myself
to do something

that I really didn't think I was
capable of.

- Ethan, what was
it like for you?

It was tough,

- It was
very tough for me.

You know, I thought I would have
done better, and you know,

I thought
I would have been stronger.

You know, it's going to
bug me for a while.

It's going to take a long time
to be able to get over that.

- Lex, you, too,
were fighting it.

You hung on as long
as you could.

What finally happened?

- It boiled down to
a physical problem.

I finally did not have the
strength to stand anymore, and

my mind and my will and my pride
would have had me up there

another three hours.

But my body wasn't ready to
deliver, and it didn't.

And the strongest person won.

- Here's where we're at...

You can't vote for Kim,
she has immunity.

The rules clearly state you
can't vote for yourself,

which means Lex,
you can only vote for Ethan.

Ethan, you can only
vote for Lex.

No need
for you guys to vote.

Your votes nullify
each other.

Therefore, the only person who
will vote tonight is Kim.

Kim, lots of reasons

why you might pick one guy
over another.

The only question
I have for you is,

do you want to hear from
these guys as to why they think

they should stay, or have you
already made up your mind?

- I actually haven't
made up my mind yet.

This is probably the most

bittersweet thing that's ever
happened to me.

I just feel so bad that
I can't choose both of them.

I almost wish that one of them
had the immunity and I didn't

even have to
make this decision.

If they have anything
they would

like to say,
I would love to hear it.

- Lex, anything you
want to say?

- I want you to vote, vote your
heart and don't look back

and don't
regret anything because...

it'll be all right.

And that's fine.

- (Probst) How about you,

- Do what
makes you feel good inside.

- I know.

- (Probst) Okay, Kim.

And this
is the last time you

will have any control
over this game.

After 38 days of being in
control, after tonight's vote,

all the power goes to the six
members we already have on our

jury and the seventh that you're
about to add.

Time to
write down a name.

You're up.

- Please forgive me.

This is probably the hardest
thing I've ever had to do.

You've been an incredible
competitor, a great friend.

If I could come up with a
wonderful reason,

I'd love to
give it to you.

I know we'll always
be friends.

- I'll go tally the vote.

Once the vote is read,
the decision is final.

The person will
be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the vote.

The 14th person
voted out of the tribe...


- Congratulations.

Good luck.

- Lex, the tribe has

It's time for you to go.

The power is now completely in
the hands of the jury.

You guys have tonight and
tomorrow to think about what

you're going to say to convince
seven people you just voted out

of this game
to turn around and

vote for you and reward you with
a million dollars.

You can head
back to camp.

I'll see you tomorrow.

- I can honestly say
I spent 38 days here,

I played
as hard as I could.

I played straight and honest
and true.

And Mom Cat,
I don't have any ill feelings.

I've got no problem with
the vote that you cast tonight.

You had to vote
for somebody.

It was a tough call.

- I'm sure
he's really upset.

I did the right thing.

I really did
the right thing.

- No regrets.


- Good morning.

- How are you?

It's hard to think no more

- No, it's not.

- Final two, day 39.

I can't believe
I'm even saying the words.

Yesterday, I was concerned about
having to vote off one of the

two guys, and today, I can just
really... just relish being at

the end here with Ethan
and the final day.

- I'm just beside myself
that I'm here.

- Yeah, it's huge,
Ethan, it's huge.

We've been waiting
a long time for this.

- Today is a very good day.

I am just feeling relief,
a sense of joy, a sense of

gratitude for Kim
for choosing me.

- I really couldn't be here
with a better person.

I am very
excited about that.

I mean that, you know,

As the time drew closer to
decide who to bring to the final

two with me, the decision became
harder and harder.

But I feel that
Lex thought he deserved it.

I'm not so sure that Ethan felt
he deserved it, and maybe

ultimately that's what made
the decision easier for me.

- I only won
two challenges.

People might think,

"Well, just got lucky
and fell into this."

- You don't get here just by
being a nice guy.

I mean, you've got
to do a lot of things right.

I mean, there are
things that

you would do anyway just in
your life.

You know, you are who
you are when you come here.

- That's what
got you here.

- I think that's what
got you here,

and that's
what gets you through.

- Kim, we have to cross off
our days.

- Don't you think this whole
thing will go down as one of the

ultimate experiences in your
entire life?

- Yeah.

- I thought this would never
happen, didn't you?

- Yeah, never ever.

38, good-bye.

- Go for it.

Put your initials down there

somewhere, and I'll put my

Good, huh?

- You like?.

- I like.
All done.

- Tonight at Tribal Council,
you know,

I think it's going
to be a one-vote jury.

I see myself getting the guy
votes, Lex and Tom and Frank.

And I see Kim getting the girl
votes, which is Kelly,

Little Kim and Teresa.

And Brandon is going to be maybe
the swing vote.

Say your peace now.

Better take one last look,
because you're never going to be

in this spot again.

- Yep, never again.

- All right.

- You think
they'll just...

- I'm hoping it's not.

I mean, you know, hopefully Tom
will lighten it up a bit maybe,

but Lex is going to ask a deep

So they're going to be deep
and they're going to be heavy.

- I guess the experience

it'll probably be tense.

It's a big deal that now I'll
have to decide which person is

the one that deserves to win,
and not only win the money,

but deserves
to win the game.

And to me, that's really

You might say they were an

unlikely pair
to make it this far.

If you were placing bets at
the beginning of the game, you'd

probably say that Kim might have
gone early because she was

oldest and you might
have thought weakest.

And Ethan, you might have
thought might go far, because

he's going to hide under the
radar for a while, but, at some

point in time,
he's just not

going to have bonded
with people.

So it's interesting that an
introvert and the oldest person

in the tribe are the last
two left.

- No one ends up in the final
two by luck or coincidence.

You can end up maybe in
the final four by being lucky.

But, when you're in the final
two, that's on your own valor

and that's on your own merit.

What's going to be really
interesting about tonight's

Tribal Council is that you look
at the seven members of

the jury, and they
are all over the map.

They run the gamut.

You've got all different kinds
of people with different

opinions of the final two,
and it is still anyone's game.

- Tonight's Tribal Council,
for me, will be bittersweet.

Number one,
the game is over.

Number two, I didn't get as far
as I would have liked to have

gone, which would have been
first or second.

Ideally first.

Also bittersweet because the two
people that I'm trying to make

a decision on
are two people that

I respect and genuinely
like a lot.

Of course,
the whole game's been

pretty difficult, so why should
it change now?

- There's a lot of revenge
involved in tonight for me,

not so much revenge as just
satisfaction because...

I don't really
care for one of the people

that are up there

And ultimately I'm going to get
to vote against them, so I think

that's pretty much the ultimate
in satisfaction for not really

liking somebody.

But the fact that they made it
39 days with so many of us who

have really big personalities,
you have to give them credit.

I mean, anybody
who made it 39 days,

you have to give them

- There is
loyalty in this game.

It's that loyalty that will
catapult you up, as seen with

these two people that
are in the final.

They had a loyalty
to each other.

But even in this game,
everything gets cut loose at the

end because there can only be
one Survivor.

- As far as making a decision
on who to vote for,

I made it in
2.9 seconds.

As soon as
I got voted off,

that night going out of Tribal
Council, I said to myself,

"Self, I know who I want to vote
for in the thing."

So my question tonight,
it'll not be a serious question.

They're going to scratch their
head and say,

"What kind of
stupid question did he ask?"

And that's... I want them just
to laugh and think,

"How stupid
has old Tom became?"

- I don't know what approach
I'm going to take tonight.

I would like
to see them squirm.

I'm the sorest loser
out there,

and I'll be
the first one to admit it.

So after the Kelly-voted-off
debacle, which it was, because I

didn't vote for stupid Lex,
but that's fine.

I can't wait.

I hope I get in there
and they're

quaking in their
little Reeboks.

I just want to see fireworks,
because I've been sitting there

for a really long time,

and I just like
to watch things happen.

I want to go now!

- (Probst) Ready to bring
in the jury?

- I am.

- Welcome, Ethan, Kim.

Welcome, jury,
to the final Tribal Council.

Tonight, there are two
significant differences

from any other
Tribal Council.

The first one is,
you two won't vote.

Tonight, only
the jury votes.

And the other very big
difference-- tonight, you want

to see your name on
that piece of paper.

The jury is no longer voting
against somebody.

Tonight, the jury
is voting for a winner.

We're going to start
by giving

both of you a chance
to address the jury.

State your case.

Why should
the seven that you've

already voted out turn around
and vote for you?

Kim, let's start with you.

- I can't ask you guys, like,
to vote for me.

I think that when you're out
here with somebody for 39 days,

24-7, I'm not sure I've ever
experienced anything like that

before in my life,
not even with my family.

So it would be very hard for me
at this point to tell you

something that you
don't think I am already.

The only thing I can tell you is
that, by being older than every

single one of you, all of you
made me feel young.

You all made me feel important,
without exception, each one of

you has helped me be the best
that I can be.

And so I'm leaving here,
like, a winner big time.

- Ethan.

- Well, when I first
arrived here,

I set
some goals for myself.

Obviously, to last as long as I
can, but more importantly, to go

home with my integrity and to
kind of prove that good, honest

people can get far
in the game.

The game consumes so much
of everyone, and sometimes it

clouds people's personality,
it clouds the way you act.

It clouds the way you treat
other people.

So it was important for me
to achieve those goals.

And if you knew me from day one,
if you knew me from the switch,

if you knew me from the merge,
it's important just to,

you know,
look at the whole picture

and you've got to vote what's
in your heart.

That's all
I have to say.

- Okay, jury, I want you
to take some time to think

about what Ethan and Kim have
just said, because, in a moment,

you're going to each ask them a
question that will help you

decide who
will be the sole Survivor.


- (Probst)
Okay, jury, here's your chance

to address the final

Here's how
it's going to work.

You guys can ask a question
and/or make a statement.

When you're
done, have a seat.

We'll move on to
the next jury member.

Brandon, get us going.

- It's kind of funny tonight
because I honestly do not know

whose name I'm going to write
down, honestly don't.

I didn't know either one of you
until the merge, and in the

eight or seven or eight days we
spent together, I'm not sure how

well I got
to know either one of you.

So then I started thinking,

"Who got to know me
and liked me the best?"

And I realized neither one of
you liked me enough to keep me

around three days
longer than Frank,

so you couldn't like me
that much.

So what I want to know is,

if the two of you weren't
sitting there,

out of the seven of us,
which person would you most like

to see sitting there,
and why?

- Ethan?

- The person I would like to
see sitting next to me

the most
would be Lex.

Lex was confident, he had
extreme will, he won so many

challenges, and if I could
beat Lex at one of the hardest

games around, it would be one of
the greatest accomplishments

that I could accomplish.

- (Probst) Kim.

- I would definitely agree

I mean,
I'd have to go with Lex.

He was as supportive of me
as anybody here.

I mean, even at one point
I said, "You know,

"I can't believe
I messed up this challenge.

You know, I don't have any

And he said, like, "Yes, you do
you have 56 excuses."

And I thought that was very
thoughtful, you know, that he

would, he would, you know,
say that,

and he meant it
with all sincerity.

- The second part of my
question was I wanted to know

who you thought deserved to sit
up there the least out of

the seven of us,
just tell me the name,

you don't even have to
say why.

- Um... you.

- That's tough.

I guess...

I guess Tommy, and it's only
because I felt that he was,

at the end, maybe not so
in favor of women.

But that's just a feeling that
I had at the end.

I think... I mean, I think he's
cool because he's a guy's guy,

but that's maybe...

if I have to pick a reason,
that would be the reason.

Sorry, Tom.

- That's all right.

- (Probst) Lex.

- Once you get back home, what
is the first selfless act

that you are
going to perform?

The first unselfish,
selfless act...

- The first act of charity that
I'm absolutely going to do is to

look into this project that we
all want to do as Survivors,

the Wamba project.

When I heard that 33 million
people have AIDS, but 22 million

of those, two-thirds, are here
in Africa where we are,

it's something that I feel
really strongly about doing.

- Ethan.

- When me and you went on our
trip to Wamba, that very last

second where I was playing hacky
sack with all of those little

kids, that kind of touched me
and my selfless act would be to

give my time to some sort of
inner-city, you know, soccer

league where I can look at these
kids, these diamonds in the

rough and, you know, get them
to start a league because the

smiles on those kids' faces when
I started playing soccer,

you know,
that inspired me a little bit.

- Okay, thanks.

- (Probst) Frank.

- Good evening,
Kim, Ethan.

Congratulations so far on your

When we set foot on this
continent, the first thing

we were educated and warned
about was Africa's big five--

the rhino, the cape buffalo,
the elephant,

the lion and the leopard.

If 16 new contestants were
placed before you and you had to

personally advise them on how to
outwit, outplay and outlast,

I want you to name me the big
five characteristics that those

individuals would
have to possess

to be the ultimate

- (Probst) Ethan.

- I would think you need
willpower, you need strength,

you need integrity,
you need, um...


and a little bit of luck.

- (Probst) Kim.

- I think you need respect,


love and...


- Thank you.

- Kelly.

- Hi, guys.
I want to say hi.

I haven't talked to you
in a while.

I've had 15 days to sit here and
think about who was going to be

across from me
on this big night.

And to be totally honest, I had
hoped to see you guys on this

side of things, with me.

But it could have
been worse.

Kim, I was surprised and

by your conduct my
last few days at camp,

but you did do some great
things, too.

You gave me something that I've
been wanting for a while now,

and that was giving Lex
the chance to do his own walk of

shame, so thank you
for that.

Though you totally
sold me out,

I admire you for everything
you've done.

But I hope
you know that part of

your success tonight comes
at my expense.

If you think you did
this with high integrity,

don't flatter

On the other hand,
we have Ethan.

You know, I've had to sit there
for a long time, and I've

listened to what Jeff said and
this game's about relationships.

And I certainly didn't see you
try to make one with me.

I don't know
about everybody else.

Hence, my dilemma.

I've thought a lot about it, I'm
going to need a little help.

You guys have got to pick a
number between one and 1,000.

- (Probst) Kim.

- Three.

- (Probst) Ethan.

- Uh... 888.

- Thank you.
I'm very proud of you both.

- Kim Powers.

- Hi.

Um... when I played the game, I
learned something about myself

from people like Tom and Frank
that I would never ever have the

opportunity to learn from.

And it was more about myself
than it was about them.

It was things
that they showed me.

So, my question
to you guys is,

who on the jury did you learn
the most about yourself from?

And who on
the jury did you

learn the least about
yourself, and why?

- Kim.

- Strangely enough,
I think I learned

the most about myself
from you.

I mean, you know, it wasn't that
you were with the tribe with

me for so long, it wasn't that
you were particularly supportive

of me, but you had the guts to
call off a wedding

that I don't
know that I could have done.

I think that,
in all my years,

I would just maybe keep doing
what was expected of me.

And for you to have learned
that at such a young age,

I wasn't
too old to learn it.

And then the next thing was when
you sort of got dealt a blow by

one of your tribe members and
when you took your...

whatever amount
of time to get over it,

your immediate reaction after
that was, was that it was very,

very important to you
to want to get back

and be friends
with that person.

So you may not forget, but you
were a forgiver,

and I think
that that's huge.

So, I mean, I learned an amazing
amount from you.

The second half
of the question,

Tom, I'm not
picking on you, buddy,

but I had a lot of laughs
with you, and I like that.

But it wasn't that I learned
a whole lot.

I mean, I had a great time,
but I didn't learn a lot.

- Ethan.

- I think I learned the most
about myself from Teresa.

I felt a bond with Teresa
because she was almost like my

safe place in this game,

and I felt extremely
comfortable with her,

and her willpower and her
desire to win, her desire

to be here was just such an
inspiration to me and something

I strive to be like
and something

I'll carry away
from this forever.


And the person I learned
the least about from

would be
probably Kelly.

It seems that I didn't take
enough time to get to know Kelly

and I'm sure she's
a great girl.

And I'm sure I could learn
a lot of things from her,

but it was a mistake
that I didn't spend as

much time with her
as I could have.

- Big Tom,
you're next.

- First of all, I want to
congratulate both of you

for making it this far,

and just getting there because
it's a great accomplishment.

So I've got to ask a question,
and I will.

In camp I lost
a little bit of weight,

and it was because of
the mush.

Ethan, if a hyena came through
camp and ate our mush and then

after he ate it, he turned
around and licked his hiney,

did he do it because that was
animal instinct

or because to get the taste of
the mush out of his mouth?

What do you think?

- Well, if I know...

if I was a hyena
and I had eaten that mush,

it would probably be...

to clean his hind end
because I didn't mind

the taste of that mush as
much as you did.

- Okay.

Kim, you cooked that mush, so it
might be a double standard

for you,
but do you understand...

I mean, did you hear the

- I did hear it.

- Okay,
what's your rebuttal?

- I'm answering the same

- Yes, ma'am.

- I would have to say that
the hyena, you know, was just

cleaning his hind end.

I mean, the mush was the only
thing he had to eat, and I would

think that maybe, you know,
he needed it to survive and when

you get hungry enough, you eat
what you have to eat, and taste

is one of the first luxuries
that goes out the window.

- Thank you all and
congratulations, again,

to both of you.

- Teresa.

- Well, that's
a tough act to follow.

What I'd like to ask you is,

even trying to play with
integrity, I know there are

times when you have to say
something about somebody that

you wish you could
take back.

So, if you could take back
anything you said about any of

the jurors,
what would it be?

And who was it said

- I'm not so sure it was
something that I said,

but it was
something that I did.

I didn't sell Kelly out,

but I didn't know enough to go
to her defense.

There was a vote that was cast
that I really didn't think that

was a vote of hers, but I
misjudged that it was somebody

else, and it was
somebody else.

But it all occurred so fast,
that-- and I'm not making

excuses because there is no
excuse for it--

I was wrong not to at least look
into it better, but that's the

one thing I regret of all of
this more than anything

that I've done here.

- On a similar line, when that
same vote was cast, this mystery

vote that
everyone was talking about,

I had thought that vote
came from Frank.

And I sat on it for a while, and
I definitely mentioned my

concerns that
it was from Frank,

and that we've got to take care
of this right away.

And luckily, I didn't because it
turns out that it wasn't Frank,

and I would have made
the wrong decision.

But I feel bad about, you know,
accusing someone so quickly

without, you know,
going in and finding

more detail about

- I congratulate you both.

I think you both deserve to be
there, and I'm crazy about both

of you, so good luck.

- (Probst) Okay, jury.

You have a big
decision to make.

You're about to reward somebody
with a million dollars

and the title of Survivor.

I'll give you a minute to think
about that decision.


- (Probst) Okay, jury,
it's time for the final vote.

I just want to remind you,
tonight you are not voting

against somebody,
you are voting for somebody.

The person you feel most
deserving of the title

and the money,
or perhaps in the case of

a couple of you, the lesser
of two evils.

Either way, you are
voting for a winner.

you're up first.

- This is a pretty funny game
because I came here,

I knew my question was
totally just a way

for me to get
one last jab at Frank.

I totally was going to vote
for Ethan

without even
thinking about it.

But you know what?

Ethan was so stupid, he slammed
me on my own question.

So you don't slam somebody on
their own question and say you

would be the least likely to
pick that person and then expect

them to vote for you.

So, Kim's just as deserving as
Ethan, and it's kind of cool

that a 56-year-old woman did
really well.

So... and she didn't slam me
on my own question.

Dumb, Ethan, so stupid.

- This was just an unbelievably
hard decision for me to make,

and I have to say that I came
in here tonight thinking that

I would be voting for Ethan.

I think I realized that both you
and Ethan were absolutely

amazing competitors
in very different ways.

And I was extremely impressed
with both of you.

And it was
a very hard decision for me.

Kim, you impressed
me so much.

You're 56 years old and you are
a really strong woman, and for

whatever reason, I just...
I think you deserve to win.

- Just like a woman in my home
town, stuck a knife in my back.

Everything that goes around
comes around, and, Kim, you lost

two or three challenges, and
I felt sorry for you.

But then I decided we'd keep
the weakest woman, and you was

the weakest
one and you rode me,

Ethan and Lex's coattail to get
where you are.

But you're not Dorothy and you
can't click them shoes and do

something miraculous
this time,

because your failure's
caught up with you.

And no, I'm not whispering like
you tell me every morning.

Tonight it's my turn to tell
you, shh, I'm hushing you.

Shut up, you're done.

Ethan, the best man,
has won.

The weak one,
you have not.

I don't care
if they did hear it.

- Well-deserved.

- Benjamin, isn't there
something you wanted to tell me?

Oh, yes, Mrs. Robinson,

thank you very much for the

No, no, Benjamin.

The room number.


The Graduate was my
favorite movie.


- For the last time in
Africa, I'll go tally the votes.

(no voices)


- Ethan, Kim.

Jury, 39 days
is a long time.

39 days out here,
in Africa,

in what has been,
without question,

the most physically demanding
and mentally challenging

environment Survivor
has ever taken place in.


But, as Lex said, you don't get
to this spot by accident

or by coincidence.

You get here
because you earned it.

No matter how you break it down,
no matter how you justify it or

apologize for it, you're here,
they're not.

So, now that
the votes have been cast,

nothing you can do to help
yourself or hurt yourself.

Kim, before I read these,
anything that you want to maybe

admit to that you wouldn't want
to have admitted to during

the game, because it might
have affected the vote,

but now that everything's done,
you're willing to give up?

- Um... I guess if the truth
must be known, I was probably

really scared out there a lot
of the time.

I may not have covered
it as well as I thought.

And I think I was, I was scared
of failing, scared of letting

myself down, scared of letting
you think that maybe I didn't

deserve to be there.

And then at some point,
that kind of all changed for me.

- (Probst) When?

Do you recall--

was there a moment when you
got power or what?

- Yeah, I'm not
so sure I got power,

but in that last immunity,
I felt

like I needed to prove that
I deserved to be there, that I

could do it on my own, that none
of you guys needed to carry me

or it was because of my great
cooking, you know, or whatever

that I was still there.

And somehow
I just held on,

and I felt that I needed to do
that, just to prove it.

- (Probst) Were you
proving it to them,

or were you proving it
to yourself?

- Um... I guess I'd like to
think I was proving it to them,

but I think for me and what
I'll take away for the rest of

my life is that
I did prove it to me.

- (Probst) Ethan, after enduring
a certainly tough final

Tribal Council
where you were evaluated

and maybe even felt attacked at
certain times, anything about

what went on, whether it be
a question or a comment or

anything that
surprised you tonight?

- Yeah.

I was surprised with Kelly,
for someone so smart,

so knowledgeable about the game,
I was surprised that it came

down to the fact that
she used a number to determine

who was going to win.

That surprised me
a little bit.

- (Probst) Frustrate you after
spending 39 days in a hut made

of elephant dung?

- Yeah, we all worked hard,

everyone worked hard to get
where we are.

And it's a little bit silly
to come down to something

as simple as that.

- (Probst)
Silly, but is it fair?

If that's the deciding vote and
it comes down to you picking

a number between
one and a thousand,

are you going to be okay
with that?

- I guess
I have to be, don't I?

- (Probst)
Yeah, I guess you do.

All right, let's get
to the vote.

Here's what's at stake-- for the
winner, Chevy Avalanche truck,

same truck, in fact,
that Lex used

to deliver the HIV
test kits out to Wamba hospital.

The title of "Survivor,"
bragging rights, which when

you're a Type A
like the 16 of you guys,

that's worth something.

Finally, a million bucks,
which is $900,000 more

than the runner-up gets.

So, keep in mind, as I read
these votes, if your name is

on the ballot,
that is a good thing.

That is a vote
for you to win.

There are seven votes,
it takes four to win.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Kim.


One vote each.



Two votes Ethan,
two votes Kim.

Three votes Ethan.

Ethan, you need
just one more.

The winner of Survivor:

- Woo!

(cheering and applause)