Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - Truth Be Told - full transcript

The winner of the reward challenge gives back to a community in need.

- Previously on

What is your most
embarrassing moment?

The members of Moto Maji
competed for a reward

with the help of their loved
ones on videotape.

- I threw up in the middle of
my human sexuality class.

- When he threw up all over
another student.

- Lex won and picked
Tom to join him on a trip

to the Masai Mara to watch
the wildebeest migration.

- They're crazier than hell,
they're ugly.

They're as ugly as a girl
I used to date back home.

- The safari was amazing.

Oh, look at that,
look, look, look-- a hunt!

I'm seeing stuff that I had
never seen,

just like a dream come true.

- Survivors ready.

At the challenge...


...Tom won immunity...

There we go.

...and Lex was
on shaky ground.

- Even after we went
on our safari,

I'm still irritated at Lex.

I don't think he
did me right.

- At Tribal Council, Lex
expressed his vulnerability.

- I know what it's like to
almost be taking

that walk of shame.

- But when the votes
were tallied,

Lex received two
and Kim Powers

received all the rest.

The tribe has spoken.

It was her time to go.

Five are left.

Tonight, the members of
Moto Maji will make a play

for the final four, as they
vote one more of their own

out of the tribe.


-== [ ] ==-

- We have five people
left here in Africa,

in Kenya, in Moto Maji camp.

Five people,
that's it.

Started with 16.

Now we're down to five,

- Morning, T-Bird.
- Morning.

- How are you?
- Morning, T-Bird.

- Morning, everybody.
- How you doing?

- Doing good,
how are ya'll doing?

- Good, good, good.

- Every little thing we
do now is a huge effort.

We're beginning to talk
more in terms now

of when we're going home,
we are counting the days.

I think it's starting to
take a toll on our bodies.

- Every night my arms
go to sleep.

- My whole damn arm.

- It's not just my arm,
my ass goes to sleep.

My shoulder goes to sleep.

- Just my arm, my hand...

- I never thought it was
going to be this hard,

physically, mentally,
psychologically, emotionally.

And now that we're so close
to the end, I'm exhausted.

But up until just the last few
days, I've really tried hard

not to think about
my kids and my wife.

Two buckets, two gourds.

But I can't allow myself
to give into any of that

until I'm finished.

You can't afford,
out here, to be a sissy.

It has been pretty funny that
we take our drinking water,

basically out of an
elephant's toilet.

We got an elephant
disrespecting our spring.

- Oh, how disgusting is that?

- Right where
we do our laundry.

I mean, he could have
picked anywhere.

He might as well
have just put his butt

right over the spring.

- That's a monster
of a turd.

- That's a jackpot.

- Yeah, and it's
already covered in gnats.

- I find in the water hole

We love this spot,
we come here all the time.

And today, we were visited
by someone

just prior to
our getting here

that left us a big
giant gift.

It's very fresh, very smelly,

very large, and we're
getting used to it.

- You got to drink and you got
to pull your water

and you got to wash,
but God, holy mackerel,

that elephant, he couldn't
have picked

a better spot to
relieve himself in.

It looked like he hadn't
done his business

in a couple weeks.

(elephant rumbling)

- I want to be in harmony
with all the animals

and all the people,
but it's hard to do,

especially here down
at the end.

- I wonder if you
drowned yourself,

now you're so quiet?

- I'm in deep thought.

- Kim Johnson washes in
elephant [...] every day.

And I've told her,
I said, "Kim, down there

"at the bottom of that creek,
I said, you are washing

"where the elephants
has pooped in the water.

"You're washing in that--
washing your clothes,

washing your face,
washing your hind end."

She has yet to
understand that,

and I've quit telling her.

And I let her wash
in it every day.

I keep thinking,
I try to smell it,

see if she smells like an
elephant, but really she don't.

But, she's washed
in it every day.

And I... I quit telling her.

- Okay.

One foot in front
of the other.

- That's right.

- This stage of the game,
boredom is something

that has definitely
become a reality.

Plus, I mean, frankly,
we've been out here 35 days.

We're running out of things to
talk about and things to do.

- (whistling)

- I've probably gotten to know
the four other people

that are left here
better than some people

that I've known for five,
ten years.

Tom, you got to put
those things far away.

- Yeah, you got to put them,
maybe, in the fire.

- (laughing)

- No, I'm serious, I think
it would be a good for us

if we burned those.

Tom's feet stink, perhaps,
the worst I've ever smelled

of anyone's feet,
on the planet Earth.

And... they smell so bad.

He's got some funk down there
that I've never smelled before.

- I don't like being
so close to you.

- Everybody complains.

Ethan is terrible,
he hates 'em.

He raises hell,
he wants me to move my shoes.

He told me, throw
my shoes away.

- Good gust of wind, that [...]
smell is going in my nose.

I can't stand it.

Just throw them away.

- I can't throw
my boots away.

- Don't put
them near my head.

Put them over near
the water.

They're bad,
he's got a problem.

I think he's got a problem.

(Tom whistling)

(Tom yawning)

(chicken clucking)

- Some water there?

- Yeah.

- We're sitting there,
enjoying our popcorn,

and Tom is like...

- Hey, hey, hey!

Hell, Big Red's out.

- Oh my God.
- Nobody move, I'll get him.

I'll get him.
I'll get him.

We're buddies.

- Buddies, hell,
get the hatchet.

A lot of people
saw a chicken out.

I saw my dinner out,
walking around,

and it might get
out of that bunker.

- Come here, little bugger.

- Come here, Big Red.

(clucking frantically)

- Headed in your direction.

- They were panicking
a little bit,

wanting to run the chicken.

Worst thing you could do
is run that chicken.

So I just laid there.

I didn't want to
panic that chicken.

Just bring her to me,
bring her on to me.

Throw some corn
right in front of me.

- That chicken kind of
walked by Tom.

He's laying down,
half asleep, just...

(clucking frantically)

Got both legs, the chicken,
he's like, got it.

It was pretty,
pretty impressive.

- Tom, no, we're not
killing her today.

Tommy, stop!
- (Tom growling)

- Stop it,
Tom, Tom!

(Tom spits)

- Give me a bite of that.

- Damn chicken.
- Give me a bite.

We just pretended to wrestle
it and have a little fun,

a little
excitement in the day.

You know, maybe we'll let it out
some more and try to catch it.

Let's have some fun.

- She'll be a chicken

- We went to tree mail,
expecting that

it was going to
be challenge time.

- Something big.

- Oh, I like big.

- This was a completely
different kind of tree mail,

because we opened up
the mailbox

and it was an instant reward.

Well, there's something for
each and every one of us here.

- Yay!

- Mail call.

Teresa, Kim, and Lex.

- From Ali!


- A letter?

A letter?

- Oh!

Oh, oh!

Oh, my God.

- I've got a whole
mess of letters.

I had letters from my
wife, from my two sons,

from my mother, my father.

It doesn't get any
better than that.

It gave me what I need to get
through the next few days.

It fed my body and my soul.


- It seems like the first one
I probably grabbed

was from my dad,
because his health

is not very good.

Before I left,
I remember telling him,

"You better be here
when I get back."

So I think his letter
probably touched me the most

because I worry the
most about him.

- "Don't forget
the pressure's on,

"so if you feel like giving up
and being a puss,

"just remember that
you have to be tough

and uphold my reputation now
that I'm the big dog."

Is that some way
to talk to your dad?

- It's really good
to hear from them,

'cause they put their
ink on this paper.

You know, they touched this
paper, and we can touch them.

So it's... it's really nice.


- It was just the best.

Just to hear from home
was unbelievable.

It was great.

My husband wrote me a poem,
and he's not a poem writer.

Kippy's my nickname.

And actually, even before
I came on this,

he's always called
me "Survivor Kippy."

"There once was a girl
named Kippy Grant,

"who never said
the words 'I can't.'

"Friends all say she's
not like most dames,

"and now she's gone
in Kenya, you know.

"It's hard to cover for
Kippy's no-show.

"For a mom and a wife
who really loves living...


We're lucky indeed
you're always so giving."

- That's a great poem.

- This experience
would be nothing

if I didn't have somebody to
go back and share it with.

It definitely brought a calm
and a reality to me

that, you know,
the game's almost over,

and that's where I'm
going back to.

- Mailman's early today.

You guys, we have tree mail.

- Okay.

- You guys ready?
- Yeah.

- "Reward Haiku:
A surprise visit.

For one whose brain is sharpest
but who will claim it?"

- I cannot believe that as
far out in the middle of...

nowhere we are, that there is
actually the possibility

of a visit,
I just--

- A surprise visit may be
for us to go see something.

- It doesn't say a
surprise visitor.

- Interesting.

- "Brain is sharpest."

- Maybe we have to write
a Haiku or something.

- Tell me what a
haiku is again?

- It's a Japanese poem.

- That's a haiku.

- Oh, my God!

I can't even say "haiku."

- All right, today's reward
challenge is not physical.

Doesn't require endurance,
it's strictly mental.

It's a word scramble.

You'll have a list
of 12 Swahili words.

Each time you find a word,
circle it.

Mark it off your list.

Each word will intersect with
at least one other word,

and that is the key
to solving this puzzle.

Once you found all 12 words,
take the intersecting letters,

unscramble them, and make
one final English word.

To help you out,
there's a clue

tacked to the bottom of your
board for the final word.

First person to get
the final word correct...

wins a reward.

There's two parts to
your reward today.

The answer to your puzzle
will explain the first part.

Second part,
I'll tell you about later.

It's going to be
a great reward.

Shall we get it on?
- Yes.

- Let's go,
pick a board.

Here we go, guys,
survivors ready?


Lex has two.

Look carefully.

all there.

Lex now has four.

K.J. got one.

You're on the board.

- Thank God.

- Tom got his
first one.

Lex in the early lead
with five.

Kim Johnson has two.

Ethan with three.

Big Tom has two.

Lex with six,
still in the lead.

T-Bird with two.

Ethan with three.

Teresa still with three.

Lex with nine.

Only three more
to go.

Lex has 12,
he's working on his clue.

Ethan's at six.

K.J. up to four.

Lex is spelling out
his final word.

Winner, Lex.

- Yes!

- Congratulations, my friend.
- Thank you.

- It's going to
be a great day.

- Yeah!

- Hey, guys, we're going
to take a little walk.

- Oh, I see a wheel.

- Some chrome.
- I see some chrome.

Get out of town.

- Chevy Avalanche,
it's all yours.

- Oh, yeah!

- When I walked around
that bush and saw

that big blue Chevy truck
and knew it wasn't mine,

I was so, like, jealous.

So I was annoyed and
a little pissed off.

Trying to be happy for Lex,
but deep down inside,

I wasn't
that happy for him.

It's tough,
it's annoying.

You know, I just-- I don't
want him to win anymore.

- Now let's get to
the special visit

part of this reward.

You're going to
have a great honor.

You are going to be an
ambassador of good will,

because, as you guys
certainly know,

AIDS in Africa, huge problem.

So we've loaded up some
really special cargo.

Hop off and I'll
show you what it is.

- Oh, nice!

- This, plus another

is a year's worth
of medical supplies.

We're taking it to
Wamba Hospital.

It's the coolest place,
this guy started it in 1961.

40 years, only on
charitable donations.

- When they opened up the back
of the truck, I saw "H.I.V."

It was very emotional
for me because my brother

passed away of AIDS, so right
away when I saw that

it just brought back all
the emotions of everything.

Unfortunately, 11 years ago,
there was so little

known about AIDS.

It made me
very happy.

- That's fantastic.

- Let's get out of here,
you're driving.

- When I won the truck,
Jeff explained to me,

kind of, what the visit
part of the reward was,

and it was actually
visiting a hospital

in a village here in
Kenya called Wamba.

And our visit was
going to be to deliver

a year's worth of supplies,

especially for all of
their AIDS testing.

I'm out here spending all
this time playing this game

Survivor, focusing
on nothing but,

without realizing now
that I haven't even

really thought about,
ironically, what the word

"survivor" and what the
word "survive" means.

And this is the
perfect situation

to just remind me of that.

It's a little hospital,
in this little village,

in the middle of Kenya.

People come from all over.


this is cool.

What a cool place.

- There's the doctor,
straight ahead.

Dr. Prandoni,
good to see you.

- Welcome.
- Welcome, thank you.

This is Lex.

He has a very special
delivery for you.

- Jambo.

This old Italian gentleman,
this doctor,

has dedicated
his entire lifetime

to helping people
here in Africa.

This guy does it simply out of
the goodness of his own heart

and has single-handedly
mobilized and inspired

enough people to create a
completely self-sufficient

hospital in the
middle of nowhere.

- We have test kits,

which I know you need.

- Thank you.
- You are so welcome.

It's our honor, our pleasure.
- You're amazing.

- Here comes the
rest of it now.

Come on back here.

- We are delivering all
these medical supplies

that they're in
desperate need of.

I mean, they're running on fumes
at that hospital as it is,

and we are also
going to provide them

with a new drug that allows
pregnant women

who have H.I.V. to have
children, and the children

have a better-than-50% chance
of being born without H.I.V.

Whereas, if they didn't
get this medication,

they would probably
be born H.I.V.-positive.

We got a tour of
the pediatric ward,

which was both heart-breaking
and just inspirational.

You've got these little kids,
almost all of them orphans.

I got to actually
pass out toys,

which, you know,
is always a good time.

I got to play with
these kids.

They made me miss
the hell out of my kids.


You walk out of there,
after spending a day

checking out the hospital,
talking to the doctors,

seeing all of this
stuff face-to-face,

I walked away a
changed person.

Doctor, it was a great
pleasure, thank you again.

- The pleasure was mine.

See you.

- The gift I take away from here
is he's planted a small seed

in me and I'm going to
take that home with me.

- Today there's a
little bit of animosity

towards Lex on winning
that truck.

I had a lot of people
asking me about my alliance

and trying to change things.

The second thing,
the three of us had alliance

and then, they never told me
nobody else was in it.

- Right.
- Anybody that was good--

was good to me, I've tried
to take care of 'em.

And I've tried to use
my personal judgment

on how far I thought
they ought to go.

- (whispering) We don't
want to get this far

and have it be
Lex and Tommy.

I mean, you've come too far
to have that happen to you.

I'm absolutely
trying to work a deal.

You guys get rid of me, okay,
there's the three of you.

With that in mind,
I know all these guys

don't really want to come down
to the threesome.

They're all
skeptical of each other.

My dilemma then, at this point,
with my immunity at stake,

is to figure out
which of the guys

is feeling the most

Which one is the best
one to try to approach

with some type of scenario.

(whispering) If you don't
eliminate one of those two

tomorrow, you have to eliminate
one of those two the next time.

- Yeah, I know that.
- And you have to decide.

- Today, Kim approached me
and she's like,

"You got to get Lex off."

She's like,
"If you don't get Lex off,

you're shooting yourself
in the foot."

- Hello.

- We thought maybe
you had gone out

for steak dinner in addition.

- No, no.
- No such luck?

- I was gone most of the day.

When I got back, the vibe
was thick at camp.

- How was it?
- So pull up a chair.

- It was heavy.

It was really heavy.

And so we...

Everyone else in the tribe
was bummed about the fact

that they lost
and didn't win.

They've got patients from
Ethiopia, Somalia, Mogadishu.

Everyone was nervous,

and no one really wanted
to talk about anything.

So, anyway, we got there and
there's this old doctor there.

There was some strange
stuff going down.

The mojo was just funky.

- He's healthy, he's been
eating normally.

He's been out of the camp
five more days than I have.

You know, he's riding
on confidence.

It's tough to be at
the top of your game

when someone else
has all that--

all those
added ingredients.

- (whispering) I would
absolutely not say the mood

around here was
all pissed off.

If anything,
it was like,

you know, here we are--
just jealousy.

- It just gets hard not
to feel very vulnerable.

- Good morning, Tommy.

(Tom muttering)

- Tommy on several occasions
has tried to get Lex voted off.

He actually told Teresa that Lex
should be the next one to go,

unbeknownst to Lex or Ethan.

And he came to me and said
that if I have an opportunity,

it would be a good thing
to vote off Lex,

but he didn't want to
know anything about it.

- You know what?

- What?

- We made an alliance,
we got to stick with it.

What will be, will be.

And I don't know
no other way.

- Well, the other way is what
we said-- we get Lex off.

- He's going to be
hard to beat in immunity.

- Oh, yeah.
- 'Cause he's strong.

- I mean, doesn't the thought
of him winning again

piss you off?

I came into this game with
the attitude of winning

the whole thing,
and to do it in a fair way

and to do it beating
the best people

and going against
the best head-to-head.

- (whispering) Until today, I
don't think either of them

realized how much
of a threat he was.

Ethan included.

Ethan's like,
pissed now, you know?

- All of you want him gone,
but nobody wants to do it.

Kim said today that
she knows that the guys

have got such a strong alliance,
that she is the next to go.

I'm thinking to
myself, "Good for you.

Good for you, you're
finally thinking."

- You'd rather
go against Tom.

- He's always wanted
to got rid of Lex,

he just wouldn't do it.

And I said, "What if
Lex doesn't get immunity?"

and I can get Tom
to vote Lex off?

And she said
then she'd do that.

She said it's not too early
now to do that.

And I'm thinking, "Well, hey,
she's waking up a little bit."

- Well, ain't that nice.

What the hell is it?

A tisket, a tasket, I found
something in the basket.

- And look at
what you found.

- And look what
I found.

Pretty little basket.


"Things are always easier
second time around.

"You are about to find out
if it's as true as it sounds.

"With the final four pending,
you don't want to lose,

or at the Tribal Council it
could be you that they choose."

This was in there.

I don't know if that has
anything to do--

I thought it
was a damn snake.

- What are those?

- Shells or beads.
- They're seeds.

- This immunity
challenge coming up

is certainly going to be the
most important for me.

- What's that
got to do with it?

- I don't know.

- I'm the last Samburu left,
so it would be easy for them

right now just to go ahead
and move me out.

- Or maybe it's something
totally different

and you got to run
through something twice.

- Whatever it is, I gotta
give it all I've got.

- Hello, you guys can
go ahead and fall in.

All right,
first things first, Big Tom.

Give it up, baby.

- I hate to.

Uh-oh, my nose is
a little large.

You want to
unbutton that, will you?

- Let me unhook that
for you.

- Thank you.
- All right.

- I hate to see it go.

- Immunity is back
up for grabs.

Today's challenge,
obviously a big one.

One of the qualities
required to do well

in this game of Survivor
is the ability

to learn from past mistakes.

Today you're gonna get
a second chance

at elements from
previous challenges.

Some are physical,
some are mental.

To win it, you'll have
to do well at all of them.

It starts with a
puzzle ladder.

Assemble the puzzle.

Use it to make
your way up to the net.

Go up one side of the net,
down the other.

You'll find a cart,
contains pieces to a puzzle.

Drag the cart over to
your puzzle platform

and assemble the puzzle.

You'll then make your way
under the ladder crawl

to your bow and arrows.

First person to hit
their target with an arrow

wins immunity.

Obviously this is
a big challenge.

Win this, you're in
the final four.

You guys are all
strong competitors.

This is game day.

Take your positions,
wait for my start.

Here we go,
immunity at stake.

Survivors ready?


(Tom groans)

- You guys are
all pretty even.

All four pins in.

That a way, Big Tom,
you're in it.

You're in it!

That a way, K.J.

You guys are
doing great.

You're all very even.

Playing smart, you're
thinking, not panicking.

That a way, Kim.

That's good,
Lex is done.

Lex is on
his last leg.

There it is!

Nice shot,

( laughs )

- Yeah!

- Lex, after a
temporary vacation,

evidently it likes this home
a little better.

- Thank you, Jeff.

- Immunity tonight,
you are safe.

The other four,
somebody's going home.

Give you guys the afternoon
to think about it.

I'll see you at
Tribal Council.

- I feel close enough
to you, that I know

we're going to
see each other more.

We're going to talk.

- T. Bird approached me
before Tribal Council

and obviously needed to
have a heart-to-heart.

She is the odd person out
at this point.

She's the only
person that's left

that's from the original

Um, she's in
a mess of hurt.

Somehow we worked it out to
where everyone that's left

is a sweet person.

- Mm-hmm.

For me, it's I guess
kind of bittersweet.

I know that I'm going
to be the next one to go

unless I can think of
something real quick.

Just watch yourself.

Because even with alliances,
people have their own agendas.

- I know, I know.

- I had thought of every
different way I could play it.

And unfortunately, with Lex
getting immunity,

that cut down
a lot of my options,

and I really only had
one option to go,

and that was with
trying to get Lex

and Kim Johnson
to vote off Tom.

When I came over
to this tribe,

a little birdie
whispered something in my ear.

- T. Bird is obviously
struggling with something,

and so she said, "I need
you to sit down.

"I have something
I need to confess to you.

"I have something before
we go to Tribal Council

I need to tell you."

- Knowing pretty
sure I was gone,

I thought I don't have
anything to lose, anyway,

I'll go ahead and let him know
that I was the one

that put the vote against Lex.

- And she said, you know, "When
you got that one mystery vote,"

who at the time
I thought might be Kelly,

"I was the one that cast
that vote for you."

- The reason I changed my vote
was because before we left

for Tribal Council,
when we were in here,

somebody came up and whispered
to me, "Watch out for Lex."

- Who told you to
watch out for me?

- I can't tell you.

- Well, I sincerely
hope it was Kelly.

I said, well, there's not
more than a couple people

that it could be because you're
telling me to watch my back.

Did Tom tell you
not to trust me?

I mean, that's the only
person I can think of

that just, it all fits.

And she just looked at
me and went like this.

I don't understand.

In telling her that,
Tom is basically giving her

a green light that I was the
right person to vote for.

I just don't get it.

And I also found out,
you know, at that point,

Mama Cat told me that she
had also been approached

by Tom on more
than one occasion.

- He said, you know,
"If you vote Lex off,

"you know, it would
be good if you did it,

"but don't let me know
anything about it.

I don't want to know about it,
but it'd be a good thing to do."

And I said, if you want him off
so bad, let him vote him off.

- It's a pity.

- Tom wants Lex off, but he
says "I can't vote him,"

so he wants everybody else
to do the dirty work for him,

so he still looks
like the good guy.

- How many people on the jury
know that side of him?

- Nobody.
- Nobody.

- No.
- Well, that's a problem.

That's why I-- that's why
I'd have a hard time

going up against him.

- Well...

- Well, I appreciate
your telling me.

- Thanks for telling me.

- All right.

- Well, it just got way more--
way more sinister.

- Tommy's sort of insular
in his thinking.

Tommy's looking out for
Tommy most of the time.

Whatever Tommy wants
to do, Tommy does,

regardless of its
effect on other people.

- I don't,
but thank you.

Ultimately, I am responsible
for myself and nobody else.

It's completely
gone to cutthroat mode.

And if I think that Tom, if I
think that he's in a situation

where he is about to screw me
over and stab me in the back,

I'll cut his throat.

- We'll now bring
in our jury.

Up to four members now.

Well, I gotta call attention
to something I just noticed

when the jury walked in,
which is the shirt

that Kelly's wearing.

"Shameless," which I can
only imagine

is referring back
to last Tribal Council

when the whole notion of the
Walk of Shame came up.

Is that what you
guys feel as a group?

Is it a Walk of Shame?

- That was actually a
term that was coined

a long time ago and was
kind of the common term

that we all used
around the camp anyway.

It has nothing to do with that
being a shameful place to be,

that there being any
shame in being voted off

or being out of the tribe.

It was just a term we all
kind of coined and used freely

without really thinking
about what somebody

might interpret it as.

- Big Tom, does it
make you more aware

of what you are saying,
knowing the jury is listening,

or was that just
not a big deal

and you should
be blunt about it.

- It probably ought
to be a big deal,

but every one of them
on that jury knows me.

And they know if it comes
through my brain,

it'll come out
my mouth, and I--

I'm too old to change now.

I'm not going to change
for them or these or you.

I'm whom I am,
and that's it.

No, I'm going to say
whatever comes out

and I'll stand by it.

- Ethan, how acute
are your senses now

after being out with
no distractions

for over a month in Africa?

- Well, you know,
just not as sharp.

You know, mentally
you're not as sharp,

and you know, you
trip over things

that you weren't
tripping over before.

You know, now that I'm laying
on the ground, I'm thin.

You feel the ground
more than ever, you know.

Your ribs are sticking into the
earth, so in terms of that.

But mentally
I'm not sharp--

as sharp anymore.

I'm just, you know,
it's tough.

It wears on you.

You know,
you're tired all the time,

you're hungry
all the time.

You're-- you know,
so in that sense,

I think some of my acuteness
has gone far away.

- Teresa, I gotta bring up,

you're the last of
the original Samburu.

- I was hoping you wouldn't
notice that.

Actually, I was hoping
they wouldn't notice that.

- Well, do you think
they haven't?

- Yeah, they've noticed it.

You know, I feel like I
was lucky to be brought

into the old Boran tribe
earlier than the merge,

so I got to know,
especially Ethan and Kim.

You know, I never thought
I'd get to this point.

I never thought
I'd make the final five.

- All right, we're
going to vote in a minute.

Before we do, one
final question,

Tom, know who
you're voting for tonight?

- Mm-hmm.
- And do you have a game plan

from here on out?

- I might be that one
gets voted off tonight,

so you can't make a game plan
till after this thing's over.

I might-- I've got my bags
packed like everybody else.

You don't know in this game
when you're going

or when you're coming.

So I'm going-- I'll just
wait till it gets closer

and see what happens
after tonight.

- Okay, it's time to

K.J. you're up first.

- T. Bird, you've been
a good friend

and you've been my pleasure.

Keep that wonderful smile

'cause you are an
awful good girl.

See you around.

- It's with a heavy heart that
I cast this vote for you,

a really heavy heart.

- I'll go tally
the votes.

Once the votes have been read,
the decision is final.

Person will be asked to leave
the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote,
T. Bird.

It's you, Teresa.

T. Bird,
that's two for Teresa.

Three votes,
that's enough.

No need to read
the other two.

You need to
bring your torch.

- The fat lady's singing?

Afraid so.

- Teresa, the tribe
has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

- Bye.

- Well, here's what this
game has come down to.

Four people, three days,
two immunity challenges,

one Survivor.

You guys can head
back to camp.

I will see you tomorrow.

- This has been an absolute
experience of a lifetime.

I never dreamed
I'd make it

to be one of
the 16 survivors,

much less be one of the five
remaining survivors.

It's something I will,
of course, never forget.

I appreciate having the
opportunity to be here

and to experience
everything here in Africa.

Thank you for a wonderful