Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - The Big Adventure - full transcript

As the tribe shrinks, the wild animal activity increases.

- Previously on

The members of Moto Maji were
weak and hungry.

- Do we want the mush or do we
want the gruel this morning?

- Lex was on shaky
ground with his alliance.

- Lex gave his word
to Brandon,

but he gave
his word to us, also.

He kind of went out on his own
and covered his own ass.

- From here on out,
I have a question with Lex.

- But Lex guaranteed

three more days by winning

Lex wins immunity.

- Good job, Lex.

- Back at camp,
Frank spoke his mind

a little too bluntly.

- These little liberal
special interest groups

that the media
give open market to,

instead of the average
working-class American

that founded this country...

- Okay, enough!
All right, enough.

- Today is
Tribal Council day.

You don't want to really
ruffle any feathers.

- At Tribal Council,
Frank paid for his opinions.

Even Teresa
voted against him.

Only six remain.

the stakes grow higher

as one more is voted
out of the tribe.

(singing in native language)


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- Kill time
making a bracelet.

- Cool.
That has holes in it?

- I made that.
That slip was through.

It was all, like, strategically
kind of placed.

- I'm surrounded by people I
enjoy, but yet I'm so alone.

You are so alone, because they
are your friends, but, you know,

I only met them
a month ago.

- As tight as you can
on it.

- You know,
I hold back a lot.

You know, I don't reveal
everything about myself.

Even though I'm surrounded by
people all the time,

I still feel so alone.

- You've got mail.
- Oh, a diary.

- This could be huge, guys.
- All right.

- All right, and it reads,
"You think you know them

"and that they know you.

"It's time to find out
if that really is true.

"For the winner, a prize
that takes you away,

but that is just the beginning
of an unforgettable day."

- Cool!

- I think it's a fair guess
that, um,

this challenge is
early, because, we...

whoever wins is going on
a trip today.

- Oh, God.

- Well, seeing as how
you guys have been away

for over a month,
I figure you got to be

missing the loved ones
a little bit.

So I called them up
and asked them

to put together
a little greeting.

- Oh, my God.
- Which may also help you

to get to know your
tribe mates a little better.

Miss Johnson,
you're up first.

- We have two pieces of news--
good news and bad news.

The good news is, we're still
getting married.

The invitations
are going out.

The bad news is
that you are not here

and that we miss you

- Hi, Kippy.
- I miss you, Mom.

- Hope you are doing okay.

- It's tough surviving around
here without you.

Love you, and we hope above all,
you are having a ball.

See you soon.

- Isn't he so cool?
Thank you.

- Does something like
that give you the strength

to go on or make you
think, "I got to get home"?

- I think they are
rooting for me so much,

and we're so close
to the end now,

that it does give me
the strength to go on.

- All right, Miss Cooper.
- Oh, God.

- Hi, Teresa,
you remember us?

We are your family
in Jackson, Georgia.

We miss you.

- I been marking off my

Mommy and I are
praying for you.

I miss you.
- I miss you, too, baby.

- I've been marking off
my calendar

and I've been sleeping
with my monkey bed.

And I love you.
That's all I wanted to say.

- Hi, T-Bird!
- Hey, Daddy.

- I love you, honey--
do good.

We'll see you
when you come back.

We'll be waiting on you.
- Bye, T.

- Bye, Mom!
- Bye, Mom!

- Bye, babies.

- It's great, that's great.

- Ethan.
- All right.

- Your turn.
- Hi, Ethan, honey.

We just finished
eating dinner,

and we are having
a little trouble.

- They're drunk.

- We're sitting
on the couch.

- My mom is drunk.

- We like having a one-way
conversation with you

when you
can't talk back,

and we love you
and good luck, kid.

- Oh, that's so cool.

- Big Tom,
you are up, fellow.

- Goat's about to eat us up
here on the golf cart.

We are taking care of them.

I bet the big guy's been
playing a little golf,

chasing a little

You know, same old stuff.
Over and out, big guy.

Kick some ass.

- Hey, Tom, I sure do miss you
around here.

Had a lot of time, so I've been
riding this old stud here

I don't have one at home.

We do miss you
and everything is going fine.

We look forward
to having you back.

I love you
and we'll see you later.


- See, they don't have any more
control over the goats

than you did.


- All right, Powers.

- I miss you more every day.

- Oh, my God.

- Sometimes I just have to call
your voice mail

so I can hear your voice.

I know that you are fine, and I
know you are doing real well.

Love you lots.
Have fun.

Remember how much I love you.

- Nice.

- You can tell
as your mom--

the reason
it stops and starts,

she couldn't stop crying

She didn't want anyone to see
her crying,

so she kept stopping
the tape.

- Obviously,
I take after her.

- Are you okay?
You are shaking.

- I'm good.
- It's a good shake.

- Yeah, it's a good shake.
It's good.

I'm good.
- Okay.

Lex, want to hear
from your family?

- I do.

- Hi, Daddy.

- I love you so much--
I love you more than...

ice cream.

- I miss you and
I love you very much.

- Hi, honey-- the minute I saw
you, I fell in love with you.

I can't wait
to see you again

and give you a big hug
and kiss you and, you know.


See you soon.
- You rock, Dad!

- Oh!

- I think that is one
of the most romantic things

I have ever heard--

"the moment I met you,
I knew I loved you."

- This is the best reward.

I mean, this was the best--
seeing that was everything.

Thank you.
- Good.

All right,
so we figured we had

your families there with
the video camera going.

Might as well involve them in
our next reward challenge.

So we asked your family members
four questions about you.

Whoever gets the most answers
right wins the reward.

The winner of today's
reward challenge

will leave here

You'll be flown
to the Masai Mara,

where you will watch
the migration of the wildebeest,

one of the most
spectacular things

you'll ever see
in your life.

You'll then go to a safari
resort tonight.

You'll have a real bed.
You'll have a real shower.

You'll have real food.

You'll get up in the morning,
private balloon ride.

- What?

- And you're gonna pay for it
with my own personal Visa.


So first question,
we asked your family member:

What is your most
embarrassing moment?

So, Kim, you are up first.

- Throwing up on you on our
second date.

- Okay, let's see what
he said.

- You might ask her what
happened on our second date,

but I'll use
a different answer.

Kim disappeared
for about two hours

and she did fall asleep
on the toilet

and blocked the
bathroom for all that time.

- Shoot.

- He had it and then he
went with something else.

If you miss the Masai Mara by
one question...

- I'll throw up on him again.

- Teresa.

- New York marathon injury.

It took me about all day
and night to finish.

- Spilling
a full tray of drinks

on first-class

- God.
- Ethan.

- It was-- I was
doing my hair for prom

and the curling iron
got stuck

and my mom had to
cut my hair off.

- All right.
We'll see what she said.

- That would be letting in
an easy goal

in a very important
soccer game.

- All right, Tom, show us your
most embarrassing moment.

- I was walking around in dirty
underwear in the house,

and there was people
in the kitchen.

I walked in the kitchen
and met these people

and I had a little stain
in my underwear.

- You can't embarrass him.
He doesn't give a hoot.

He just doesn't care, so I
can't give you an answer

because I don't think Tom
has ever been embarrassed.

- All right, Kim.

- I kept falling off
my bike in a race.

I was doing a triathlon

and my bathing suit got
caught in my bike seat

as I tried to
pick my bike up.

All the other racers
got a really good view.

- Her most embarrassing moment
was when she wiped out

during a triathlon.

- Yes, Mom, yes!

- Couldn't get
her bike turned around

and her bathing suit
even got stuck in her bike.

- All right!
Yes, Mom!

- Good job!

- All right, Lex, most
embarrassing moment.

- Back in college, I used to go
to a lot of happy hours.

One time, I got a little too

I threw up in the middle of my
human sexuality class.

- That would be in college
when he threw up

all over the other

- Yes.
- There it is.

- That's my wife.
Love her.

- Okay, after the first

Lex and Kim Powers,
up one and one.

- Next question--
what physical trait

do you least like
about yourself?

- I think he'll say my feet.

- It will be her feet.
- Oh, baby.

- I have straight,
stringy see-through hair.

- I would have to say that
would be her nose.

- Baby!

- Well, I hate to admit it,

but this is my family
answering for me,

and they probably think
I said I have none.

- Your legs.
- What?

- I'm going to say hair
because I would love this--

if I could grow it over,
I'd have it down to my feet.

- He used to say he was a heck
of a man when he had hair.

So, lack of hair.
- Good job, Big Tom.

- Could have gone two ways, but
I'm going to say small chest.

- It's her arms.

- Oh, God, Mom,
where did you get that?

- My nose.
- The hair on his back, sorry.

- What?

You can take a look-- I think
I got about six of them.

- All right, after two
rounds, here is where we are at.

Kim Johnson has one.
Big Tom has one.

Young Kim has one,
and Lex has one.

Teresa and Ethan, you guys got
to get on the board.

Here's the third question.

What will your family members
say is your biggest fear?

Biggest fear?

- Growing old and not being
able to do what I want to do.

- She is really pretty

but she is scared
of bungee jumping.

- Wrong track.

- My greatest fear
and probably only fear

is loss of a loved one.

- Only one I can think of
is maybe snakes.

- Snakes?

- I think it's a fear of
throwing up.

- Vomiting.

- Yeah!


- On the Mom.
- Okay, Big Tom.

- She will say none.

- It's always
in every parent's mind

about their children,
so his biggest fear

would be that something
would happen to his son.

- Hard to argue with that.
- Yes, it is.

- She's got to get this one--

- Her biggest fear is being

- Oh, my God.
Are you kidding me?

- Wow, that's deep.
- Lex.

- Outliving
either of my sons.

Losing one of my boys.

- Something happening
to me or the kids.

- That'll work.
- Thanks, honey.

- Okay, Lex is in the lead
with two.

Kim Johnson, Kim Powers, Ethan
and Tom each have one.

Teresa, this is the last

Since there is no way
you can win,

we'll leave you out of
this one.

What is your greatest

- I said my family.

I've been married very
happily for 37 years,

and I have three
great kids.

And not having any family
of my own before that,

it just doesn't
get any better than this.

- I think her answer would be
a really great family,

three great kids.

- Very nice.
- Three grandchildren.

- Yay, yay.
- Okay, Ethan.

- Mine will probably have to be
playing professional soccer.

- Taking the high school soccer
team to the state tournament

as a starting freshman.

- Like I've done nothing
after high school.


- Big Tom, the minute I
asked this question,

you didn't hesitate.

You wrote three letters down.
I can tell from here.

- My son.
You don't have to play it.

She knows that is my greatest

- Tom's greatest achievement
would be his son, Beau.

- Yeah!

- Got that.
- Kim.

- This is strange, but I said
calling off my wedding

at the last minute.
- Hmm.

- Kim's greatest achievement
was her solo trip to Europe.

- All right, Lex,
get this right,

you're on your way
to the Masai Mara.

If you don't, you are
in a three-way tie.

What did you say?

- Like Big Tom, I have no
doubt, my two beautiful sons,

crowning achievement.

- What is Lex's greatest

His boys.
- Way to go.

- Lex, it seems every
time I turn around,

I'm handing you something.

Now I'm handing you
my Visa card.

Go easy on it, please.
- I'll try to be kind.

No way.
- I can't let you go alone.

You got to pick one of the other
five to take with you.

- I'm going to take Big Tom.

- All right, you guys are going
to the Masai Mara.

- I'll be the best date
you ever had.

- (laughing)

- Let's go, Lex,
let's get 'em.

- Woo!


- Oh, yeah.

- We are in an airplane on our
way to Masai Mara.

I mean,
it just blows my mind.

- Just another hour,
everything changed.

- It's great.

- I knew when I picked Tom

that it was going to be
a roller coaster ride.

If anyone should see something
completely different

and really
experience Africa,

I thought Tom
was really kind of deserving.

The plane landed and we were
whisked away

to a place called
Governor's Camp.

If you can imagine the ultimate
five-star luxury hotel

just literally dropped in the
middle of a lush African jungle.

That is what it was.

It was just, it was like the
Garden of Eden.

- Can you believe this?
- Oh!


Oh, our own pooper.

Hey-- hey, tattoo.


- That is the Mara River.
- Holy moley.

- The hippos are right there.
- Wow.

- Could you just give me your
Visa card please.

- Oh, absolutely.
My pleasure.

There it is.
- Thank you.

- Be sure to get your tip
out of it, yeah.

- No problem.
Sky is the limit.

- Beautiful.

- Jiminy
Cheers, my friend.

- Cheers to you.


- We've eaten more right now
than we have in 30 days.

- I don't think we would be
well advised

to describe this place in
all its detail and glory

to everyone else in the

because I think they
might just kill us and bury us.

This is a crime considering
they're back there right now.

- We can't tell them

- Cooking mush
in boiling water.

- We are having
so much more fun

than the guys are on their
trip, don't you think?

- No.

- You don't even care to joke
about it?

- No.
- No.

I think the guys are probably
on the trip of a lifetime.

And we're not.
We are making cards.

- We are making
a deck of cards.

I love cards and I know
lots of games,

so I told them I would teach
them some games.

- We're making the best of it.
- Mm-hmm.

- We're very jealous,
not even of just the trip,

but we're jealous
of the food

that they're going
to get.

- I'm jealous mostly of the
food that they're going to get.

- Look at the tusk
on that hog.

Oink! Goodness,
I feel like Marlin Perkins.

- (laughing)

- We just went on
basically a safari.

We got in a vehicle
and got right up

in amongst thousands of

We got right
in the middle of them.

They didn't know what to do.
We didn't either.

They are crazier than hell.
They are ugly.

They're ugly as a girl
I used to date back home.

(grumbling moans and calls)

They are
calling each other.

They're mating.

they're butting heads

and knocking each other
to the ground.

It's a cluster.

It is the damnedest thing
you've ever seen.

(grumbling moans and calls)

(imitating calls)

They sound like me on a good
Saturday night when I get home.

- Two million head of animal
moving at the same time.

Two million head
of wild animal.

The safari was amazing.

I'm seeing just about
every type of wildlife

that I've wanted to see,

and I'm seeing it all in
the space of an hour.

- We are amongst them,
ain't we?

Look at him, look at him.
There, mate.

- Ah.
- Oh!

That's the way-- Oh!

- See, even with big cats,
yawns are contagious.

The babies, so cute.

(elephant trumpeting)


- He thought he was doing
something for us.

He really thinks he is
doing something.

- When we came back from the
safari, we were just bubbling.

- What is this right here,

- All of a sudden, I looked up
there on the side of the river

and I seen two chairs and a
table and on that table,

it had
a few spirits on there.

So I told Lex, I said,

looks like we might ought to
have a toast.

- Thank you for today.
- Thank you for coming.

- (gibberish)
God-- holy.

- Both Tom and I like to
tip a cocktail back

now and again at home.

So our first thought coming
back was I would kill somebody

to get
a nice cold beer in me.

This place is wonderful because
if you want something,

there is
somebody right there.

They can almost
read your mind.

To the game.

I've never drank beer
with a mustache before.

- I never drunk beer with a
hippo before.


- When the dinner bell rang,

Tom wasn't quite done with
his bottle of bourbon.

Tom is definitely not one to
waste anything,

so he took his
bottle with.

In fact,
it was in his pocket.

- You had a good safari?
- Oh, beautiful, thank you.

- Thank you.

- Oh, this is nice.
- (laughing)

- We're grilling down

We have some chicken,
we have some lamb.

- Oh, sheep.
- Perfect.

- They brought me a piece
of lamb this big around,

and I'm a meat eater.

I mean, that salad stuff,

it's not for women or
something, but I like meat.

It was absolutely
melting in my mouth.

- Frances, it's beautiful.
Thank you.

- You the man, Fran!

Fix me another sheep.

- I hope you're hungry.
- I'm hungry.

- Good, because I'm
going to imagine

this tastes
like mashed potatoes.

- Maybe not.
- No.

It's not working.
Still tastes like corn mush.

- I don't ever
want to eat corn again.

Not a corn tortilla, not corn
flakes, not corn chowder,

not corn in the can,
not cream corn,

not corn bread,
no corn muffins,

no burritos, no corn tortillas,
no popcorn at the movies.

No more corn, please.

(thunder rumbling)

- Listen to that thunder.
- It's raining, all right.

- There has not been
a drop of rain hit my ass

in 40 days and 40 nights.

I want to get up there and
put myself in it.

- When we got
back from dinner,

Tom decided to promptly help

to as much of the
bourbon as possible.

- You want to see a rabbit
pulled out of a hat?

- (laughing)

I know he was
liquored and loaded,

but it just made the
whole night that much funnier.

- Lex, I'm glad
you picked me.

- I'm glad
I picked you, too.

- You'd probably have been
bored with somebody else.

You knew you...

Here, you probably
one of the best ones.

Hey, bartender,
fix me a toddy.

Oh, Big Tom will love


Don't worry
about them crocs--

Old big Tom got some
stinky socks.


- Tom was spent.

I kind of--
I took him to bed.

- Here we go.
Follow me.

Here we go.
All right.

Feet in there.
- Hey, bartender.

- All I ask is that if you got
to puke, you go outside.

- Yeah, that's...
That's the American way.

- All right?
- Hey, Lex, thank you.

- Hey, my friend,
you're welcome.

- I'd do it for you.
- I know you would.

I know you would.
- Damn right, I would.

- Morning.
- Good morning.

- This morning
when I woke up,

my head, it wouldn't have
fit in a wash tub.

I said, where am I?
I had to look around.

I was in a bed.

- We are just waking up early

because we got an early
morning wake-up call

for balloon ride time.

- I drunk a glass of water and
eat four or five cookies.

Well, it was on again--
I just got tanked back up.


- Good morning.

- Good morning.
How you doing, Captain?

- Welcome aboard.
- Little bit more heat.

- My God, he pull that and
squirt that fire up there

and it would shoot a flame like
a dragon up in there.


And when he did,
here we go.

Goodness gracious.
Holy moley.

I was almost
this high last night.

- I think you were higher.

- This guy, Rob,
he is from England.

Every time we get
talking to him,

the thing would keep going
down, down.

I could see a tree
in front of us.

Oh, my gosh, I'd kind of shout,
and he'd say, oh, and then...

- That's pretty good.

- Well, crikey,
after 30 years,

if I can't get it right
by now, I never will.

- Yeah.

- 30 years,
you ever had to crash?

- Balloons are
wonderfully safe.

The most dangerous thing
about ballooning

is actually spilling
the champagne when you land.

- Look at the hyena.
- He lives there.

- See him.
Look at him run.

Big Tom, look at that.
This is the way to see it.

Looking straight down
into the jungle

looking straight on
overhead on wildlife.

We are just whisking
through the stuff,

you know, while the sun
is coming up.

It was amazing.

It was--
leaves you breathless.

Look at the little
hippo over there.

- They spend all night
eating grass,

then they spend all day in
the river getting rid of it.

- Considering where we've been,
just to see the green,

it makes you appreciate
it so much more.

I hate to even blink.

I'm afraid
I'll miss something.

- There are
wildebeest below us.

- I see two wildebeests
just bombing along.

I said,
"Lex, ain't that funny?"

I said, "All them wildebeests
we've seen-- these two

are down here next to
the river by themselves."

I said, "If I was a lion, I'd
pick that little one out.

It'd be a good meal."

I had no longer said that

than all of a sudden,
a lion popped up.

- Look, look, look!
A lion!

Look at that.
Look at that.

Oh, my God.

- All of a sudden that lion
kind of gives up and I said,

"Well, the wildebeest
has won."

About that time, here popped
another one up.

That lion had ran the wildebeest
into the other one.

- Wow!
Oh, my God.

- Now can you believe that?
- Unbelievable.

Nice. Got it!

Just like he said.
Death by asphyxiation.

He's just holding his mouth on
top of that wildebeest there.

Where there were two
wildebeest, now there's one.

That was a treat.
- Fantastic.

That is rare.
That is rare.

- That was cool.

- My mind has been a pretty
little old tight thing.

It has not been
expanded very much.

But this whole thing
just gave me new life.

At 45, I thought I had
done some things

and I found out I ain't
done diddly.

This just shows me
that there is more to life

than just what is
around the corner at the house.

- Going back to camp at this
point is going to be miserable.

I mean, I'm feeling
sick about it.

- The same seats have been
reserved for you.

- Oh, thank you much.

- Going back to camp now means
going back to the game.

I'm going to be
the last person standing,

so, in the next couple
of hours,

I'll have to be on my
game again,

as much as it pains me
to admit it.

- If you don't have any of
those cards,

you can change it
with an eight

to any suit you want.

- And you call it?
- You say clubs or whatever.

- I saw the airplane.
- Oh.

- They're back.
- Hey!

- We waved and, you know,
pretended to be really excited

that they were coming back.

Yet we were just hoping
they wouldn't come back

bundles of energy because
we are on a definitely

different wavelength
than those guys.

We were, like,
struggling, depressed,

you know, hoping we
could go to sleep.

- Hey.
- Hello.

- They came back and very
subtly and slowly

described their adventures,
which sounded wonderful to us.

- I know how rich people
vacation in Africa now.

- The wildebeest was flying,

I mean, she was
just cat and mouse.

- It was neat hearing about
everything they did,

but my mind is kind of
going in different directions

on what to do,
and now at this point,

instead of boggling myself
down mentally with strategy,

I'm really just holding out
to see what happens

with the immunity challenge.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Jeff.

- Okay, today's immunity

works a little

Today, you win by
eliminating the others.

There are 18 hanging pots--

you each have your name
on three of those pots.

Those pots represent your

As long as you have a pot

you are still in the game.

When the pots are gone,
so are you.

These sticks are traditional
African weapons called rungas.

A skilled warrior can crack a
skull with one of these.

All you have to do
is break the pots

and make them fall
to the ground.

You'll throw
one stick per round.

After each round,
you'll switch positions.

Your goal, break your opponents
pots before they break yours.

Last one left standing wins

So, let me have it back.

Now here we go.
Immunity at stake once again.

Survivors ready?

First one.
- Tommy, that hurts.

- Tommy, good shot.

- All right, everybody
rotate two steps down.

Teresa still has two pots left.
Everyone else has three.

Survivors ready?

Tom, with another bust,

taking out one of Teresa's,
one of Kim Powers.

- I'm not talking to you.

- Survivors ready?

- You hit me, Tom.

- Big Tom so far has
taken out one of Teresa's,

one of Lex's
and one of Kim Powers.


- Ah!

- Kim Johnson, you hit
your own pot.

- I don't think it fell.
- That pot is dead.

Teresa, Lex, Kim Powers and Kim
Johnson have each lost one pot.

Survivors ready?

Was that you, Ethan,
took out Kim Powers?

- Yeah, sorry, Kimmy.

- Kim Powers, you're
down to one pot left.

He did offer up an apology.
- Yeah, whatever.

- It was sort of a...
quiet one.

- I heard it.
I heard it.

- Survivors ready.

Ethan took out Teresa.
Tom took out Teresa.

Have a seat on the bench.
Kim Powers, you are down to one.

Lex, you are down to two.
Everybody else is good.

Survivors ready.

Kim Powers.
Out of the game, Kim.

Sorry, but, Tom,
you are going down.

- Watch how you talk.
- Toss.

Ethan takes his first hit.

Survivors ready.

Tom takes
a hit from Kim Johnson.

Survivors ready.

Ethan takes another hit
from Big Tom.

Ethan down to one left.
Everybody else has two.

Survivors ready?

You got one left, Kim.
Ethan, you got one left.

Lex and Tom have two.

Survivors ready.

Ethan takes out Lex.

Lex, Kim Johnson,
Ethan, down to one.


- Oh, you!
- (imitates donkey braying)

- Ethan out of the game.
We're down to three.

Big Tom,
you have two pots left.

K.J. and Lex, one pot.

- Kim Johnson, you are
hanging on by a thread,

but you are still in.

- You rat.

- Survivors ready.

Lex, you are done.
We're down to two.

Big Tom and K.J.
K.J., you have one pot left.

Big Tom, you have two.

Survivors ready?

Whoa! Kim, you took out
one of Tom's.

Tom took out your last one.
- Good work, Tom.

- About time,
Tommy, about time.

- Hey, baby.
- Good job.

- Big Tom,
get over here.

- Every dog has his day.

- Let's see if this will fit
around your neck.

Turn around.

- Hey, watch
Buster the boil there.

- There we go.

Nice work.
- Yes.

- It was about time for me,

I was lucky.
- Hey, good shot.

(laughter and chatter)

- Seven days.
Seven days, seven days.

- Seven days.
- Day 33.

- Every now and then, I like
giggle to myself.

I'm like, "Oh, my God,
you know, I'm almost there."

You know, I don't
want to, you know,

I don't want to screw
anything up

and it's exciting,
it's really exciting.

- Nobody can vote for me when
we go to Tribal Council,

so I'm guaranteed
to be here tomorrow.

Somebody is going
to leave tonight,

but it ain't going to
be me.

- T-Bird's got-- she's got
a lot of fire in her belly.

I know that there's
nothing more dangerous

than a desperate animal--

an animal or a person that wants
something bad enough

that they're willing
to just try anything.

- I really don't want to see
the guys come down to the end.

- No, I don't either.

- If you go up against any of
the guys in the jury...

- The guys are going to win.
- Probably.

- I talked to Teresa.

Her plan was to, basically try
to get the girls to get together

and maybe round up Tommy or
something, and vote against Lex.

- There is three of us
and three of them.

- Yeah, but they want Lex

- Right.

- But I don't know that Tom is
going to vote for Lex.

- Tom-- I say Tom
will vote for Lex.

- You do?

- If we could get one
more to side with us,

we could get Lex off.

This is the time you got to
start thinking who do you want

to go to the end with
and who do you want off?

I think
I'll vote for Lex next.

- Listen, I'm not stupid.

Anything that includes me
sounds good, you know?

- If I live to be 100, I still
can't thank Lex enough

for him giving me
the opportunity

to go on our safari,

but even after going,
I'm still irritated with Lex.

I don't think
he did me right.

Lex recruited Brandon
to save him.

I felt like Lex betrayed me.

He knows
my feelings on that.

- Now bring in the jury.
Kelly, Frank, Brandon.

33 days.
Big week for you, Big Tom.

Win immunity,
go to the Mara.

- It's...
we haven't got time

to tell you how big
a trip it was.


Probably the best
two days of my life.

There is no way I can repay Lex
for the taking me along.

I mean,
if I live to be 100,

thank you
don't go far enough.

- Lex, from your point
of view,

how was Tom as
a traveling partner?

- Never a dull moment,
had a great time.

It was a blast.

- Without thinking,
going to ask you a question,

give me the first thing that
comes to your mind.

Ethan, when you think about
home what do you miss most?

- Couch.
- Teresa?

- Children.

- The ability to be
totally relaxed.

- Wife and kids, no doubt.
- My mom.

- Cheeseburger.


- So with the exception
of Big Tom,

a lot of it is family,
loved ones.

Are they going to be proud of
how you played the game so far?

How about
for you, Kim Powers?

- I've never even camped

so I think they'll be
pretty proud

that I actually made it
33 days sleeping outside.

- Big Tom, are you proud with
how you played the game?

- Maybe.

Maybe me and Lex
had a moment or two.

I might cringe a little,

but I don't remember
that much about it.

Other than that, I have--
I hold my head up.

I have no regrets.

- How about you,

- Probably wouldn't have
started out

building such an
alliance when I started.

I think that caused a lot of
friction with our tribe,

so I wouldn't have
started out that way.

- Kim, how about for you?

- I feel that I've played the
game the way I run my life.

I'm very proud
to have been here.

- How about you, Ethan?

- I like the way I've been
playing the game.

I'm having a lot of fun.

So far
it has gone pretty well,

but, I don't know-- it could
change tomorrow.

- Lex, three out of the
last four challenges you've won.

Been a while since you've been
to Tribal Council

without that
necklace around your neck.

How different is it tonight?

- Well, I mean,
it feels a lot different

not having the protection

and the defense of
that immunity necklace.

I might be a target.

I mean, sure--
and I've seen my name

on more than one or two cards
at previous Tribal Councils.

So I know what it's like

to almost be taking
that walk of shame.

But that's the reality
of Tribal Council.

And, you know, I'm here
to try to make it through.

- It's time to vote.
Big Tom you're first.

- This is the part
of the game I hate.

Having to vote
someone out of the tribe

that you really care about.

I'm stoked you made it
this far, though.

I'm really stoked.

- You're
a strong competitor.

That's why
I'm giving you my vote.

I'm still crazy about you,

- I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person will
be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Lex.

Two votes, Lex.

Kim Powers.

Kim Powers.

Two votes Kim.
Two votes Lex.

Kim, that's three votes Kim,
two votes, Lex.

Last vote...

Kim Powers.

You need to
bring me your torch.

Kim, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

You can head back to camp.
Good night.

- Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

- Next time
on Survivor...

Moto Maji
endures new hardships.

- We got an elephant
disrespecting our spring.

- One Survivor
becomes the ambassador

of a momentous delivery

and a long-standing alliance
is thrown into question.

- If I think that
he's in a situation

where he's about to
screw me over

and stab me in the back,
I'll cut his throat.

- It was a heck of a game.

It was something
that I will never,

ever be able to describe
in enough detail

to give anybody
who wasn't here

any idea what it was
actually like to be out here.

I've gained some courage and
gained some inner strength

and I'm very,
very thankful for that.

It's been something

that will probably have
changed me for the good, I hope.