Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - We Are Family - full transcript

As the tribe shrinks, the wild animal activity increases.

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JEFF PROBST: Previously on
Survivor: Kim was upset that

Brandon abandoned their alliance
to join forces with Lex.

I was set up by somebody who
I thought was my friend.

PROBST: And Lex's motives
were in question because of his

alliance with Brandon.

He has no loyalty to me.

He has no loyalty to Tom.

He has no loyalty to Kim.

He only has loyalty to you.

PROBST: The African bush was
beginning to take its toll.

Tom's got a massive boil.

I mean, it's big.

I've never seen a boil that big.

PROBST: Lex won immunity and
wanted to vote for Frank at

Tribal Council, but everyone
else, including Kim, joined

forces and voted Brandon out of
the tribe.

Seven are left.

Tonight, one more will go.

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At the last Tribal Council,

we voted off Brandon, and you
know, we had been pals since our

early days in Samburu.

But you know, I felt very
betrayed by him from the

previous Tribal Council and I
didn't trust him any longer,

so I had to vote him out.

I guess it's all part of the
game, but it still tugged at my

heart a little bit.

Tom, Ethan, Kim and I are all
still standing, and we've got an

advantage now.

We've got everyone else

But they knew what I was pretty
close to Brandon.

He was a friend, and that I'd
have a really hard time voting

for him, and I didn't vote for

We're still solid right?

We're still solid from day one,

100%, absolutely.

All right.

All right.

Lex's vote, I think, just
pushed the limits of our


It kind of redefined how tight
our bonds were.

You know, he gave his word to
Brandon, but he gave his word to

us, also.

Lex kind of went out an his own
and covered his own ass.

He gave his word to me, you
and Tom, and he gave his word to


Why was his word just as strong
with Brandon as it was with us?

As much as Tommy, Lex and
Ethan think that they want to go

into the finals, the three of
them, I don't really think that

they do.

I think that they're all
skeptical of each other, and

they know, when it gets down to
crunch time, that one of them

is going to have to be voted

Is going to have to be voted

What the hell was that?

(lion roaring loudly)

(roaring, huffing)
Me and little Kim were on the

2:00 to 4:00 shift and out of
nowhere we just heard lots of

heavy grunting moving closer and
closer and closer.

(lion grunting)
I think the lion is probably

stalking, but I don't know why
it would make a noise if...

I thought they made that

noise when they were calling
other lions to come feed.

You might be right.

You know what was scary, was
the fact that you had no idea

what the lion wanted.

Are they just communicating, or
is it trying to call the other

lion in because it smells us?

(lion growling)
Yeah, he wants to come and


(loud growling)
Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

The perimeter is closed in all
the way with the acacia bush or

thorn bushes all the way around,
but it's only maybe six feet

tall, and I'm sure a lion would
be able to get up and over it if

they wanted in.

(lion roaring loudly)
It's close.

I'll protect you.

Obviously, they live right
here, and they must watch us

every day when we go for water
as we come out in the morning

and do stuff.

They are really here.

They are really, like, right in
this area.

I still feel vulnerable.

It's not our land at all.

It's their land, and we're just
living in it for 39 days.

I think it went, "Kim, Kim,

Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim."

I think I heard it say that.

Hey, Zonyo!

What's up, buster?

You just wear yourself out
walking over here?

I'm dead.

Having been out here now for
a month, it's just starting to

catch up with us.

Everybody's started to feel more
lethargic, weaker, and it all...

It's interesting because it all
happened at the same time.

And we felt comfortable
admitting it because it was

obvious that everyone was
feeling the same way.


It feels like you're walking
under water, so your steps are

slow, your legs are a little,
like, shaky.

You don't pick your feet up as
high off the ground because you

just don't want to, so you kind
of stumble on even just little

roots this big.

Oh, mama cat.

Isn't that weird?

Holy mackerel.

Poor Kim Johnson, her legs
are really, really swollen from

her knees down.

I mean really swollen.

She can hardly lace up her

You just push it with your
finger and it stays.

It's like Silly Putty or

I know.

It's actually almost climbing

Wait till it gets to my breasts.


Look out then!

Our bodies are starting to
show signs of trouble.

We're start to get sick.

In the last couple, three days,
we've all noticed that we're

getting thinner.

It's starting to really show.

Man, you've lost a ton of

Yeah, I'd say I've lost 40

40 pounds?


Let's decide: do we want the
mush or do we want the gruel

this morning?

We eat two small meals a day.

I figure we're having, I don't
know, maybe a couple of hundred

calories, if that.

And we're eating, I think, just
enough to fool our bodies into

thinking that we're getting
nutrition when we really aren't.

It's ready.

We have maize.

It's cornmeal, basically, is
what it is, so we eat that

either in just, like, mushed-up
balls we boil in water.

And then we snack on, like,
kernels of corn.

They don't really pop, but we
brown them and burn them.

These are just too hard for me.

They just, they hurt my teeth.


Then we make a corn broth soup.

I'm eating it and I don't
really want to.

It's just kind of a... just a
watery gruel with some, you

know, some corn kernels in it.

It's just so hard to get down
because it's... it's like eating

chalk twice a day and then they
put corn in it and then you've

got chalk with some corn.

Lex is worried.

He's worried because he knows
I didn't like what he done.

At the last Tribal Council, Lex
cast a vote for Frank instead of


We had an alliance, me him and
Ethan, and the alliance was we'd

vote together, and Lex
jeopardized that alliance when

he voted for Frank.

Before I came into this
thing, I was totally 100% anti-


I wanted to do it myself and all
by myself.

But I realized that's

You can't do it.

You can't do it.

I felt betrayed.

I don't understand why you
don't let Lex know.

Because when he made that
agreement with Brandon, he

didn't come to me.

He didn't come to you either.

He did it on his own.

All he was worried about was

Now he's got to thinking about
me and you, right?



I know Tom's true to me and
Kim, but probably take a little

bit to get Lex back on his good

I don't know what'll happen
in the future, but from here on

out, you know, I'll have
question with Lex.

What's up, boys?




Can you guess the hint?

That is such a cool clue!

Look here.

Look, look.

What's the difference between
the pig and me?

No boil on the pig.

That's what I said!

"You'll need all your
strength for events down the


Today is a great day for a good
carbo load."


"Proteins and sugars will
give you power to burn.

So if you are clever, these
gifts you may earn."

So if you are clever, these
gifts you may earn."

PROBST: All right, guys.

For today's reward challenge, we
thought we'd give you a break on

the challenge.

And just make it pure reward.


PROBST: You each have a
personalized wallet.

Go ahead and open it up.

You've each got 20,000 Kenyan
shillings inside.

We're going to have a little bit
of an auction... Survivor



PROBST: Just so you know in
advance, there's a pre-

determined number of items.

The auction will end abruptly.

You can bid in 500 shilling

One American U.S. dollar roughly
equivalent to 100 shillings.

It's okay to share as long as
you're pooling money.

You guys ready for the first

Yes, sir.

PROBST: All right.

First item at the Survivor
auction: a hot cup of coffee,

some sugar and a nice big
chocolate croissant.

Anybody want to give me 3,000


PROBST: Lex, 3,000.

Anybody want to go 35?


PROBST: 3,000... once, twice,
sold to Lex.

Come on up and take a sample.

You got a bargain.

Pay up, please.

Thank you.

Oh, how is that?


Yeah, Lex.

How is it?

Smile, buddy, smile.

It's good to see you smile.

PROBST: How about cheese and
crackers, 4,000 shillings?

Four grand.


I'll go five grand.


PROBST: Going once, going
twice, sold to K.J.

Look at that.

PROBST: That's good.

Okay, next item.

Oh, wow.

Oh, Lex.

PROBST: A nice cold beer.

Why don't we start that at 4,000

Big Tom, you've got to be
missing beer.


I'll give you 1,000.

It started at four.

I don't care.

I'll bid 1,000.

PROBST: Sold to big Tom,
1,000 shillings.

Nice! What a bargain!



Chug a lug!

Sorry, boys.

Enjoy it.

How is it?

Easy, big guy, don't drip it.

Don't spill it now.

All right!

I can bid better with a
little drink in me.

PROBST: That there is a

That's a lot of chocolate syrup.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

PROBST: Tell me this is not
worthy of at least 6,000



PROBST: 6,000... Kim.





It may not get any better than


PROBST: 8,000 for the sundae,
to Kim.


PROBST: 85 to Big Tom.

Oh, Tom.



PROBST: 10 to Big Tom.

10,000 shillings to Big Tom.


PROBST: 10,500 to Kim.

Let her have it.

PROBST: Wait a second.

Is there a dispute?

Is there a dispute?

No... 11.

No, it's 11.

PROBST: 11,000 to Big Tom.

I'll have, like, nothing
left... 11,500.


PROBST: 12,000 shillings for
the sundae.

Oh, God, you guys are killing


PROBST: 12,500.

Let her have it.

I can't do her that way.

PROBST: Going once, twice,
sold to Kim.


How is it?

I can't talk.

Good job, Kim.

Oh, my God.

PROBST: How good does that
chocolate syrup look right now?

It's so hot, you guys.

It's like...

PROBST: What did you pay for

I don't have... I don't care.

It doesn't matter.

Not enough.

I'll give you a grand for a

A grand?




PROBST: What if I were to

offer you a mug of pure
chocolate syrup?

5,000 shillings.

I'll go 5.

PROBST: 5,000 for the
chocolate syrup to Ethan.

Going once, going twice.

Sold to Ethan, 5,000.

Good buy, Ethan.

It's hot.

PROBST: The next item is a
mystery item.

It could be good.

It could be a gag.

We'll start it at 7,500.

I'll go 75.

PROBST: 7500 to Ethan.

I'll go 8.


PROBST: 9,000 shillings to
Big Tom.

You guys must think it's good.


PROBST: 10,000 shillings to
Ethan for mystery item number


You want to split it?

I'm not sure.

I don't want to get gooned.


PROBST: 11,000 to K.J.

Big Tom, you back in?

11,000 to Kim.

Going once, going twice...

I can't look.

PROBST: You just bought a
hell of a meal.

(all shouting, cheering)
Fried chicken.

With cheese on top of it, Kim.

Fried chicken.

Oh, Teresa, I'm so sorry.

Don't look.

Kim, I'll give you seven for

Fried chicken and mashed

That's the best thing I've
ever had in my whole life.

Kim, I'll give you seven
grand for half.

I'll give you five just for
the potatoes.

PROBST: I don't think she's
hearing any of you guys right


I don't think she hears a thing.

Teresa, I'll sell you a piece
of chicken.

How much, Kim?

Well, this cost me a lot.

4,000 for a piece of chicken.

I'll do it for five.

Lex will do it for 5.


I'll give you six for that
piece of chicken.

Six for the chicken.

Do I hear seven?

Do I hear seven?


Go and get yourself that


Do I hear seven?

No, I'll hold out.

PROBST: Teresa, what are you
holding out for?

Fried chicken and potatoes.

It's here.

That has Georgia written all
over it.

And a bite of potatoes?

A bite of potatoes for 8,000.

For the potatoes, two bites of
potatoes and the chicken.

Go, Teresa, what else are you
going to buy?

I'll buy it.



8,000, going once.


No, no, you got 8,500.

10 for half the potatoes and
that chicken.

That means you only paid 2,000
for it.

Okay, 10 for half the
potatoes and the chicken.

Do I hear 10,500?

Going once, going twice...

Let me help you, Kim.


Sold to the man.


Is that delicious?

PROBST: Next item... should I
keep it as a mystery or tell you

what it is?

No, no.

Show it to us.


Oh, yeah!

Go, baby, that's good.

You be the bid.

You just go.

PROBST: That's a hoagie.

Oh, God, and it has provolone
cheese on it.

Teresa, bid.

PROBST: Let's start this at


PROBST: 9,000 to Teresa.

Is it time to pool money?

Get creative.

Move along, move along.

This auction will not go on


PROBST: 10 to Big Tom.

Go 11.


PROBST: 10,500 to Teresa.



PROBST: 11,500.

Splitting it?


PROBST: 12 to Big Tom.






PROBST: 14 to Big Tom,
14,500, Teresa.

PROBST: 14,500 to Teresa.



PROBST: 15.5 to Teresa.


PROBST: 16 to big Tom.


Give me a thousand, I'll quit


PROBST: You tapped out, Big

I've met my limit.

PROBST: 16,500 to Teresa...
Going once, twice, sold.

Come up and have a bite, woman.

Finally, you're in this game.

Yeah, Teresa.

Good job, "T."

How good is it?

Good enough to make you want
to slap your mama.

PROBST: Let's make this a
mystery item.

Let's start the bidding at 9,000

You want to split it?



PROBST: 9,000 to Big Tom.

Anybody else want in on this?

Mystery item.

Sold to Big Tom for 9,000.

Now, I did you right last time.

You really did.

PROBST: Okay, so we're even.

All right.

PROBST: So take a look.

Open that baby up.

He did me wrong.

I'll kill you.

I'll kill you, I'll kill you,
after I kiss you.




He's a Jew, and he won't eat the

He's a Jew.

He's a Jew.

PROBST: Big Tom, wait.

Big Tom, come here.

Whoa, be careful.

I just want to see you enjoy

He won't eat the ham.

Oh, my God.

Thank you.

That's all right.

PROBST: Half that meal that
he just split with you he's not

going to eat.

He won't eat that.

I mean I hate it for him.

I hate it for him.

I wished he would.

PROBST: Ethan, get down here
and take a little bite of this.

I'll spend every penny I got
and I don't care.

Good buy, my friend.

PROBST: Here's your syrup.

We hit the jackpot.

Yeah, we did.

PROBST: My friends, that's

The auction is closed.

Hope you had fun.

I did.

I did.

That chicken, I think I just
lost it.

I haven't been that excited
since the bow and arrow.

I cannot believe I had a pot
of chocolate.

That damn beer was good.

In the food auction, you
could definitely see alliance

lines and relationship lines
that apply to the game itself.

I mean, Kim and I have been
close since the get-go.

Tom and Ethan have been very
close too.

T. Bird and Frank, no
surprise there.

They've really only got each
other at this point.

And also, it is kind of
painfully obvious that Kim

Powers is kind of on her own.

But there are people taking care
of her there.

Thanks, Big Tom.

I remember you sitting there,
and the last thing you said,

"Oh, what I'd give for ice
cream," and I went...

It was interesting to
see who's a more clever and

shrewd wheeler and dealer.

Tom probably walked away the
biggest winner as far as food.

Pancake, did you like the

Yeah, really.

I mean it, I feel bad.

You got your ham, Big Tom.

Tom, he is not the most
politically correct human being,

so when he said this he was
sharing the ham with the Jew

boy, knowing that he wasn't
going to eat it, I was like,

"Oh, my God."

I'm sorry.

Yeah, that was...

I'm a Caucasian, call me

What am I?

Call me... a beatnik.

What is a beatnik?

I mean, at this point, I
really don't take offense.

I know he's joking.

You know, he doesn't really mean

Man, you can play some checkers.

He thinks a lot before he moves.

Me and Tom, we have kind of
like almost like a brotherly

relationship right now.

He makes fun of me 'cause I'm
Jewish and I make fun of him

'cause he's fat and he's got a
boil on his neck and there's

just, like, competition, you
know, he's going to beat me at


Oh... man.

Don't do that.

He's a checker shark.

I go back and forth on
whether or not I think Tom is

for real or some of it's put on,
because I think he's smarter

than he lets on.

Stupid me.

Tommy, he plays a good old
boy, but I don't think he's as

backwoods-ish as he would like
to make you think.


We're just totally done already?


Oh, my God, that's pathetic.

He's very good.

You know, his whole, you
know, I'm a hayseed from

Virginia, I'm not that smart.

I knew quickly that he was a lot
brighter than he let on.

And actually, I mean that
endeared me to him and intrigued

me all the more.

What is it you think you're

You're both going forward.

You're back to back.

Well, the door's this way.

That's funny.

Are you all right, man?


Are they zebra?

Yeah, zebra.

A big herd, ain't it?

Yeah, a big herd.

Thundering herd.

Hey, mama cat, bring it on up


We have been kind of in a
routine, so today, to keep

things fresh, we went to our
watering hole, put our stuff

down and Big Tom gave everyone a
little shower.

Oh, man.

Tommy, I'll take a shower.

Okay, brother.

We have been here a while,
and we were getting pretty

comfortable with each other, and
I can change without being too

worried if anyone sees me.

You know, I can fart, you know,
and not really care.

All right, girls, back off.

You can douse me.

When you spend 30 days with
people in very close proximity,

you're not ashamed or bashful of
just about anything anymore.

I mean, we've lived together
closer than most families live

together and bathing or
whatever, it just seems like

it's something that you kind of
have to do it, and you really

don't care who sees you anymore.

Tom's loving every minute of it.

Woo-hoo, does that feel good!

Tom gets away with murder.

Like today, you know, he was
having a good time bathing the

ladies, having them kind of pull
their bathing suits back.

Don't think Tom doesn't know
what he's doing.

Tom's not washing you.

At all.

I mean Tommy's harmless.

It's not, like, he's going to,
like, jump our bones there

or anything.

He's really harmless and if he
gets a peek, you know, more

power to him.

It doesn't do any good for
anybody to take offense at


It only costs you friendship,
and this whole exercise out here

I think is about getting along
with people and just going with

the flow.


We have been here a while and
we're getting pretty comfortable

with each other, and it's like
your family now.

And it makes everything a little
more difficult because tomorrow,

I'm going to have to vote one of
these people off.

PROBST: Hey, guys, welcome to
this abandoned boma.

You'll be playing today's
challenge here.

As always, first things first.

I'll take this back.

Immunity is back up for grabs.


Today's challenge is going to
test how well you remember the

African story I'm about to tell

But first, here's what you'll
have to do.

We've set up seven gated
stations, and only one person at

a time can be there, so make
sure you close the gate behind


Each station has a question and
two ostrich eggs.

Break open the egg for the
correct answer.

You'll find a piece of colored

Wrap that around the same color
on your staff.

If you answer incorrectly,
you'll find nothing, you'll have

to try again later.

The eggs will be replaced after
each person leaves the station.

First person back in the circle
with five of the seven questions

answered correctly and five
pieces of leather on their staff

wins immunity.


Story time.

Today, I'm going to tell you
about the Samburu warrior.

When a baby boy is born, his
destiny is already planned.

To celebrate the birth, a goat
is sacrificed.

The women of the tribe eat the
meat of the goat because the

women are the caretakers of the

For the first four days after
the birth, the mother drinks

only the blood of the goat.

Around the age of nine or ten,
the boy has his first rite of


This is the removal of his two
bottom middle teeth because if

he were to get sick and they
needed to get food or water into

his body, they use the gap from
the two missing teeth as a way

to do that.

It's also around this time that
he begins the practice of

piercing his ears.

This is the first cosmetic

His next rite of passage is a
circumcision, and that begins

with a journey to find gum from
a special tree.

It could take him as long 45
days, during which he can only

subsist on the generosity of

The food that he gets along the

Once he's completed his mission,
a date for the circumcision is


Dates are scheduled based on the
new moon.

The tribe will wait for any
even-numbered day of moonlight.

Eighth day, considered the best

In preparation for a
circumcision, shaves his head.

But the most important aspect to
a circumcision is the

warrior's reaction.

If, during the circumcision, he
flinches in any way, he and his

family are forever shamed.

After eight years of
warriorship, he's eligible for


Tribal custom demands that he
continue to have kids until he

has a boy, even if that means
taking another wife and another.

The last step: Death.

Once a warrior is close to
death, he is taken into the bush

with another warrior and left to

Once he dies, fellow warriors
shave their heads out of

respect, and his body is left
for the hyenas to eat.

From birth to death, a hard

Now we're going to see what
you've learned.

Grab your staffs and let's get
it on.

Survivors ready?


Make sure you close your gates.

Food provided by others.

"What happens after a warrior

"What happens after a warrior

Oh, hell.

Well, I can't cry over spilt

I missed it.

PROBST: Frank and Lex, each
with one.

"Reaction of the warrior."

"What must be done when a
child is born?"

PROBST: Lex, Frank and Kim
Johnson all have one.

"Eighth day of moonlight."

"The reaction of the

PROBST: Teresa and Kim Powers
now also have one.

"First act of tribal
beautification is: removal of

the two bottom teeth, piercing
of the ear.

Piercing of the ear."

PROBST: Lex and Frank in the
lead with two each.

Oh, hell.

That ain't right.

"Body left in the bush for
hyenas to eat."

Or maybe not!

"Shave his head."

PROBST: Lex and Frank lead
with four.

Everybody else at three.

PROBST: You got it, Lex?

One, two, three, four.

I dropped one.

PROBST: Gotta find it, Lex.

Gotta find it.

Lex says he has five, but he
can't find his fifth.

Get it on there, baby.

Lex trying to get his in the
right spot.

We're still alive.


I've got to be careful.

Lex wins immunity again.

Lex, again, you're not going



PROBST: You're safe from the

Somebody else is going home.

I'll see you at Tribal Council.

To be here is just awesome.

This morning's sunrise is just,
is just, so beautiful.

You know, I don't think the
majority of people in our

everyday, busy lives take a
moment to just watch something

as beautiful as that, and to
suddenly realize just how small

we are in the world, and how
time can just pass by in a

moment and we would be gone.

You know, it puts your life back
in perspective.

Nice sunrise.

Oh, my God.

Look at that.

My love for being here grows
every day.

Just loving the outdoors, you
know, and the animals and

wildlife and people in a way, as
well, you know; I love to mingle

with people.

Good morning, Ethan.

Good morning.

How are you?



Are we having soup?


I love your soup.

You love my soup?

I love the soup.


Good, good, good.

As always, very tasty.

I mean really.

It's just a beautiful
morning, so I was just adding to

the wonderful atmosphere and
just socializing and, you know,

let them see there's a soft,
sensual side of me.

My argument always with the
gun, you know, activist, is that

they think that guns kill

There's, like... there's
everything else you could kill

someone with, you know, a piece
of fishing line I can kill

somebody with.

Hit them over the head with a

You know, automobiles kill
people every day, drug overdose,

malpractice, just everything.

All right, enough.

Frank seems really
rambunctious this morning and

he's talking a lot.

And he's a very opinionated
person, which is fine, but,

like, when you have immunity at
stake, you kind of just need to

keep your mouth shut.

I can't help it.

These little liberal special
interest groups that the media

give open market to instead of
the average working-class

Americans that founded this

All right! All right!

Well, what can I say about

Once again, Frank is Frank.

You know, Ray might invite me
to their banquet, their

convention down there.


He brings up this gun stuff.

Lex is going like this, you

Ethan's sitting over there not
saying a word, but I can tell

it's getting to him, too.

And I'm thinking to myself,
Frank, cut it, stop.

Why is it on the days that you
need to be most careful of how

you act and what you say, Frank,
like, goes off on the A.R. or

whatever stuff?


Well, that's just the way... he
ain't going to change.

Today is Tribal Council day.

Today is the day that you don't
want to really ruffle any


But you know, I started out from
the very beginning with an

alliance with Frank, and shoot,
I've been here for this many


I'm sure not going to give up

This is all going exactly as
we wanted it to.

Things couldn't be any better.

The guys have dominated the

They're saying who goes next.

If nothing else, I'd like to see
the women get in there.


Teresa doesn't want to give
up and I don't want to give up


So, Teresa is, like, trying to
scramble and see if there's

anything that we can do.

Ethan's going to take the
whole thing.

He's great.

What can you say negative about


It's a shot in the dark, but
if I can persuade Kim to vote

off Ethan, that would break up
that alliance.

If Ethan's not here...

That would leave Kim, you, me
and Frank.

You, me and Frank.

And then you're going to
stick by Frank.


If you do this tonight, then
I'll pledge my loyalty to you.

It could hurt me going to Kim,
but Ethan's bonded with those

guys, and they're going to be
strong enough every time they

vote to weed off one more of us.

So it's kind of a risk, but at
this point, I feel like this is

the only chance I've got.

I was really shocked and
pissed that they would even, you


Well, they're cornered.

There's no options.

Teresa approached me with the
idea that Tommy, Lex and Ethan

really don't have any kind of
allegiance toward me, but I just

can't turn on Ethan at this

So I'm going to have to tell
Teresa that, and I'm not sure

what the reaction to that is
going to be.

I just think, so really, that I
think I might still be shooting

myself in the foot, even if I
could bring myself to it do it.

Okay, I understand.

I just appreciate you're telling
us so we can do different stuff.

I had an opportunity,
obviously, to do something to

save them and I didn't do that.

And now I'm afraid it's going to
hurt me.

This plan's not coming together.

I know it's not.

So it'll be an interesting
Tribal Council.

So it'll be an interesting
Tribal Council.

PROBST: We'll now bring in
the members of our jury.

30 days.


You made it a long ways.

Basically a month out here on
your own.

Well, obviously, from this point
forward, the power shifts from

the tribe members left to the
jury that is growing.

Your dilemma is obvious: How can
you vote somebody out of this

game, take that million dollars
out of their hand and then ask

them to put it in your hands by
voting you most deserving?

Teresa, what goes through your
head now as you show up tonight

and here's Brandon and Kelly?

People you had a hand in voting
out, you're going to need them


For me, I guess it takes just
the way I play the game, trying

to be as honest with everybody,
you know, that I could be, so at

this point, it's just playing as
fair as I can and hope that

they'll respect, you know, my
decisions and how I played.

PROBST: Ethan, one of you
seven is going tonight.

Next Tribal Council, they'll be
sitting over there.

How can you vote them out and
ask them to vote for you at the


Well, you've just got to hope
that what you did before the

vote and how you treated people
before the vote will, you know,

put you in a good light.

It is just a game, and if you
get voted out, it's just a


You've got to look out for
yourself in the end.

PROBST: Lex, how close is
this game to turning ugly?

I think the game has already
gone through some ugly times.

I think it's taken a turn for
the better.

It's probably going to get ugly

But everyone here, whether
they're, you know, sitting up

here or on the jury, realizes,
though, that they came to play a

game and to win.

And you can do that with
integrity, but to come in here

thinking that it's never going
to be, you know, just a bones-

to-bones competition is to be

PROBST: Frank, do you feel
like it's still the old Samburu

and the old Boran when it comes
down to voting?

Not really because the game
is changing, you know.

I think those old tribal names
are gone.

Our tribe had a new name, I
think everybody belonged to it.

I think it's a strategy within
the new tribe.

PROBST: Kim, do you feel that
you might be safer because maybe

people don't see you as such a
physical threat, or are you

worried that maybe you're too
likable and, therefore, you've

got to go?

I'm always worried.

I think I would be worried if I
were strong and I'm worried

because I'm not so strong.

It doesn't matter how nice I am
or how weak I am or how strong I


If I'm the logical person to go,
I'm going.

PROBST: All right, it's time
to vote.

Lex is the only one you can't
vote for.

Everybody else is fair game.

Kim, you're up first.

I've enjoyed you as a person,
but we have to vote somebody off

and you're my next logical

I'll miss you, though.

It's been good for me to be
around someone so different from

myself and learn from you.

I'm glad that we actually got to
spend some time together.

I'm glad that we actually got to
spend some time together.

This is not a vote of betrayal.

This is a vote of strategy.

Frank, thank you so much for the

Frank, thank you so much for the

PROBST: I'll go tally the

PROBST: I'll go tally the

PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked to
leave the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote: Frank.

Kim Johnson.



Three votes Frank;
one vote Kim.


That's enough, Frank.

You need to bring me your torch.

Frank, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

You guys can head back to camp.

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