Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Dinner, Movie and a Betrayal - full transcript

All is not well in moto maji when one tribe member is completely devastated by the actions of another.

- Previously on Survivor...

Lex embarked
on a witch-hunt

to find out who voted
against him at Tribal Council.

- I will not live
with a snake.

I will cut the head off of
whoever it is that did this.

- It was me and I want to keep
quiet for a while longer.

- Ethan won
the reward challenge

and chose Lex to join
him on an excursion

to barter goats
for food and gifts.

- As a life experience,
it was a day I will never,

ever, forget
for the rest of my life.

- Back at camp,
Lex condemned Kelly

for a vote she
never cast.

- There is absolutely
no doubt in my mind now.

- That she's the rat?

- Kelly tried to save
herself by joining forces

with the ex-members
of Samburu--

Teresa, Frank,
Kim and Brandon.

- I feel like my only real
strategy is to try to defect.

- But at Tribal Council,

Brandon turned
on the ex-Samburus

and joined Lex to
vote off Kelly.


Eight are left.

Who will be the next to go?

in native language)


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(rooster crowing)

- The mood in camp
this morning is pretty grim.

We had an emotion-packed
Tribal Council last night.

The mood is heavy.

There's definitely two kind of
divisions here, you know--

people that voted for Lex;
people that voted for Kelly;

and we're waiting for
the smoke and ash to settle

before we can figure out
kind of what's going on.

But the biggest issue in
the game right now is--

is trust and
who do you trust,

and who do you
believe, and, you know,

that's kind of the--

when you think about it
in life,

kind of the foundation

that you
base everything on.

- I'm going to be
honest with you.

I don't really trust Brandon.

If he's willing to turn like
that on those people

and on Kim
and on his friends,

then there's
no reason...

- That's what they say.
That's what they say.

- It was so shocking to me

because I've trusted Brandon
for 24 straight days.

He's been my friend,
so I thought.

And I thought what
he said was, you know,

going to be true, and, I'm
really burnt up today for sure.

I mean,
I can't understand it.

I was set up by somebody
I thought was my friend.

- Yeah.

- Lex has made a bond--

a supposedly strong bond--
with Brandon.

- I mean, let's say
you get immunity.

He has no loyalty to me.
He has no loyalty to Tom.

He has no loyalty to Kim.
He only has loyalty to you.

- Brandon saved our skin.

- I know, but...

- And I-I-I can't, I won't
forget that.

And if I think that--
if I think that there is,

that-- that both Brandon
and Frank are sure bets

to vote for each other,

I'll go for the guy
that did me a favor,

not for the guy that's been
trying to screw me.

Last night we had to do
something to save our ass.

Kelly was not going to
be the one to do that.

Someone had to act.

I acted and I'm
regretting it now.

- I know you don't want
that responsibility.

- I do not want to make
that decision anymore.

It's a position I didn't ask
for in the first place,

and I've been put in it
and I don't like it.

- I know.

- There's nothing but doubt
and lack of trust,

and you guys need to help me
figure this one out.

I'm not going to
do it by myself.

- Now the major issue
here is,

Lex is 100% confident
in Brandon.

However, I'm not 100% and Tom
isn't 100% convinced

that Brandon will be loyal
to us till the end.

- I sit here
waiting on these women,

the same, all the time.

No matter if you're in Africa,
in Virginia, New York,

you still
got to wait on them.

- It's a good thing there
isn't a mirror around

or it would be
twice the wait.

- Right, and how many
we got in there?

- Three?
- Too many.

- We got three damn women and
it's-- it's still 30 minutes.

Here we are in Africa,
ain't got a damn thing,

there ain't
nothing to do in there.

- This morning things were
a little bit tense.

I went against my group last
night and I voted Kelly off,

and so the old
Samburu tribe

is not
very happy with me.

I wasn't going to
align myself with Frank.

That wasn't
going to happen

and they should have
known better than that.

So, that's pretty much
my main motivation.

I'd rather be out of here,
you know, in three days,

than to--
for anybody back home to say

that I had aligned
with Frank in any way.

- Frank just decided I'm going
to be a jerk about this thing

and that set the tone for
probably the next three days.

He approached me a few
days ago and asked me

to make an alliance
with him, and I said,

"You know, I've got my
alliances already set.

I don't feel comfortable making
an agreement with you."

I mean, I was fully
straight up with him,

and he's probably
pissed off about the fact

that I made some sort of
agreement with Brandon,

who happens to be
public enemy #1 to Frank.

At this point now, I feel
it's his time to go

because I'm
having a hard time

dealing with
that guy anymore.

The guy has just become
a pain in my butt,

and just having him
around brings morale down.

The guy's always
in a sour mood.

It's just not good
for tribe morale

and I'm ready to get rid
of him.

(flies buzzing)

- The flies are terrible.
- I know, they're awful.

- The flies are
so rampant and so brazen.

You're waving your hand
and touching them

and they still
stay there.

At home, you have
one fly in the kitchen

and you go ballistic.

I feel like the baboons.

You're like picking,
picking, picking.

When we go back home,

we'll probably look
like nervous wrecks,

just picking at
ourselves all the time.

picking at the insects

and picking at the scabs,
we'll be...

- Don't.

- Tom's got a massive boil,

and I just can't stop
looking at that thing.

- I feel...

- It's like third eye,
extra brain, I don't know.

I can't
look him in the eyes.

I'm like looking at
the side of his neck.

I mean, it's big.

I've never seen a boil
that big.

- I have seen all these animals
out here in Africa,

and most of the animals
that are fit and strong

usually has a horn.

Take the rhino,
the antelope.

So, I'm growing a horn to fight
off the beast that comes,

and mainly it's coming
from inside the camp.

- All right, Big Tom.

That boil
is making him crazy.

- Misery loves company.

When you got
something like this,

they just can't keep their
hands off of it.

- Two weeks ago he had one
under his arm.

He squeezed it
and it hurt real bad

and it just popped,
and oh, my goodness.

- Oh, oh!

- Tons of stuff seeped out.

It would have
filled up a shotglass.

- Oh, my golly gee.

- I think it's too deep.
- Yep.

- The women like to squeeze
and cause pain to men,

and that's one way they can
get back at you.

Some things you want
them to touch, they won't.

Some things you don't want them
to touch, they will.

That's your typical beast.


- Two little...
- Oh, yeah.

- Two little peoples.
- Two little people.

- Aren't they adorable?
You ready?

- Totally.

- "You'll need strength and
agility, and brains to contend.

You can't do it alone, so you
each choose a friend.

The reward is for two,
an evening's getaway,

so pair up and prepare to
outwit, outlast and outplay.

- So it's pairs and there's
eight of us.

- I don't know what
the fairest way to do it is.

- I think if we start
choosing up, it's going to be...

- It's going to get
uglier than it already is.

- Yeah, it's going to be
difficult, I think. You know?

- We'd kill each other
before we get to the...

- Well, we could put eight
numbers in a hat.

- Two ones, two twos,
two threes, two fours.

- Who's got number four?
- Holding number one.

- Yeah.
- Two.

- Three.
- Big Bear and little bear.

- Lex and I are a team.
- That's good.

- Who are you?
- Big bear.

- Big bear.
- And Brandon and Frank.

- Let the games begin.
- Let the games begin.


- Believe me, I did
not pick Brandon.

Brandon would be the last
person on Earth I would pick.

I cringed because I saw
everyone pairing up,

and big old Tom got a big
bellyful on this one, you know?

- I better
get away from you.

- Frank is, man...

His disposition is about 80
years old, set in his ways.

And for them two to get together
and get that reward...

I swear, if I was playing
a dirty trick on them,

I couldn't have thought of a
better thing to do to Frank.

- It was so funny.

Of all people, Frank and I
partnered up.

I mean, we are polar opposites
of each other.

We could live
next door to each other

and never say words to
each other

because our lives
are so very different.

- Me and Kim Powers were

and really
it's the first time

we've ever been so together
in anything.

Everybody's kept us apart.

Look at us!

Yeah, look at us.

If it's physical,
we're going to win,

but if it's anything
mental, we're screwed.

- Come on, now.
Follow my lead.

Let's go.

- Tom's going to get
injured tonight.

- You can tell yourself it's
just a game a million times,

but it's hard for me to

between playing
the game very strategically

versus playing the game and
bonding with people

and building relationships.

We are so...
We are so...

- We bad.

- We need a team name--
come on.

Team name, team name,

- Big and little.
- Big and little?

Big and little, yeah.

We're big and little.
- You're little. You little.

- Big Tom is just such
a good, good person,

and I was totally excited
to be paired up with him,

plus he's big and strong,

so we figure
we might have a chance.

- Big game here.

Frank, listen--
you and Brandon,

you are a team,
you are as one.

- It's just funny seeing people
that are matched up.

Everyone's got a partner now
and everyone's happy.

And boy, the thing
with my partner,

my camping trip just
went to hell.

That's all.

- Okay.

For today's reward challenge,
we've assembled

a good old-fashioned
Survivor obstacle course.

You'll start by making
your way over the cargo net

and across
the timber tumble.

You'll then
go up the rope climb

by using either the rope
or the rope ladder

and ring the bell.

Next stage is
the belly crawl.

You'll then go over
a series of three walls.

That will bring you
to a ladder.

You're going to assemble the
ladder and use that

to get over
the final 10-foot wall.

First team finished wins.

The winning team will leave
camp, be under the African sky,

and you'll have your own

private, outdoor movie

complete with
popcorn, candy, hot dogs,

and all the Mountain Dew
you can drink.

We've randomly selected in what
order you're going to run.

Brandon and Frank, you're up
first against Tom and Kim.

Here we go, guys.
This is heat one.

Winners move onto the next

Survivors ready?

- Hold up, Brandon.

No, no, no.

Now you're good.
Now you're good.

Go, go, go.

(bell clanging)

- Come on, boy.

- It's a tight race.

You guys are dead even.

- (coughing)

- You can go to the ladder,

but don't start working
on it without your teammate.

If it's not fitting,
it ain't working.

- This does.
This has to fit there.

That's the only place.

- The square right here
and right there.

- That's good.
Get the next one.

Move your foot.
- It's got to flip-flop.

- It looks like Brandon

They're up.
It's theirs.

- Son of a bitch!

- Yeah!

- Brandon and Frank win
the first heat.

Moving on to the finals, guys.
Take a rest.

Here we go: heat two.

Ethan and Kim, you're up
against Lex and Teresa.

Winners move on
to the finals.

Survivors, ready?

- You're doing great,

- Go, T-bird.

- Get that foot down.
Get that foot down.

- You can't start on
the ladder without her, though.

- Take your time.

- You want to use all your

- Last one.

- Ethan and Kim, moving on
to the finals.

All right, this is
the final heat.

Winners are going to
the movies, Survivor style.

Survivors ready!

- Go, Frank, go!
- Go.

- Come on, dude, let's go.

- Go! Down!

Come on, Frank.

(rings bell)


- Combination of square round.
Square, round.

- Come on, Frank. Go.

- Go, go, go, Frank!

- Got a date with Frank!
Got a date with Frank.

- Brandon and Frank,
going to the movies.

(overlapping chatter)

- I never thought
I'd see the day

where Brandon would be
Frank's taskmaster!

- Yes.
"Frank, you go"!

- Brandon had
a whip on Frank.

- He did.
- "Go, go, go!"

- And he was so damn weak he
could hardly move.

- I'm like standing there
in total shock,

going, "Oh, my,
oh, my."

- I wonder if they're going to
get hot dogs and hamburgers.

- Hot dogs, nachos.
- Nachos.

- All right,
this is your Mecca.

Here's your setup.

You've got your own
35-millimeter projector

with a movie that happens
to be Out of Africa.

- Of course.

- Behind you, couple of
chairs, and of course...

- Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God!

- Yep, hot dogs,
some chips.

Gorge, feast,
do whatever you want.

When the sun comes down,
we'll start the movie.

- This is tough.
This is tough.

I just feel guilty as hell
eating it.

- Yeah, me too.
Can't you tell?

- He assumed his position
well, I thought.

- I think it's the beginning
of something really big

and permanent with
those two, I really do.

- A night to remember-- I hope
it's a good moonlit night.

The key to success on this one
with Frank and Brandon

is working together

Hands-on participation.
- Yes.

- They definitely found their
rhythm together.

There's no doubt that...

- They did find it.
- Harmony.

- Mmm.

- I can hear them back there
cracking the whip on him!

And it worked.

- And if you go to
that movie tonight,

you might hear
that whip again.


- Whoo!

- I'm looking for Frank
to walk home any minute.

They'll drive Brandon home--
Frank will be walking.

- I'm not going.
- I ain't riding with him.

- I'm not watching
this with him.

- This crazy movie, it ain't
even an army movie.

They didn't kill nobody
in this movie.

- To see Out of Africa in
Africa was unbelievable.

Brandon's a competitor,
and yes,

I high-fived him in
the spirit of victory.

It still doesn't mean I'd
go to coffee with him.

As far as sharing
the movie with him

and the reward challenge,
has it really changed my mind?

No, it hasn't.

I'm still old-fashioned,
you know.

Don't even go there.

- Frank is somebody
that in my real life

I would never be

Frank is very abrasive and,
you know, kind of cold,

and he doesn't have
that kind of warm side

to offset his, um...
less-than-charming personality.

- I take the cards that I'm
dealt with

and make the best of them.

It was difficult enough
for me personally,

but, hey, it's a movie.

Be quiet
and watch the damn movie.

Yeah, the company could have
been better,

but we simply had popcorn.

We had pop.
We watched a movie.

It's history.
It's over with.

Let's move forward.

- Quit eating
all the white ones.

- Are there really no more?

- Nope, they're all gone.
You ate them all.

- Liar, I saw you eat some.

- Where does Brandon
fit in now?

That's what's become very

Because Brandon
helped save our skins.

Brandon did us a favor.

However, Tom and Ethan
are not in agreement.

They still
don't trust him

and they're actually
talking about

wanting to vote
Brandon out next,

which I have a hard time

I don't think I'm going
to be able to do that.

This is one situation

where I may have to vote
outside my fray.

- I'm debating, you know,
is your word just your word

or does your word have
a different level of words?

Like, is your word
with Brandon

just as important
as your word with us?

- No, it's-- I mean, my word
with you guys

goes to the end of
the game.

- So when does your word
with Brandon go?

- I guess, if Brandon--
you guys get rid of Brandon.

- Well, Jungle Jim, did you
see anything out there?

- Just a few gazelles there
snorting at me.

- How you feeling today?

- The big boy has been
smelling a little rat.

How did Lex and Brandon
get so tight all of a sudden?

- I give you
my word of honor:

Brandon is going down
before you.

- I heard you.

But see, since Lex said no,
I've got to go

across tribal boundaries
and get me more votes.

- I'm presuming you got an ax
to grind with me tomorrow night.

- Yeah.
- That's what I thought.

- Huh?
- That's what I thought.

- I like Tom.
Tom reminds me of back home.

You know,
only things are slow,

firm-- things get done.

You know, there's no
political correctness.

We're just men of action

and we just do our job
and get it done.

I should have met Tom
from day one, you know?

I'm going down low.

I respect his original
alliance, you know,

with the Boran members,

but I sense he's growing
uneasy with that.

He sees some changes,

with Lex's recruitment of
Brandon right next to his side.

You know,
he doesn't like that.

People are
changing their mind

like their changing
their underwear.

- Here's the thing.

The more I thought about it,
the more I thought, you know,

I just wanted to
get rid of Kelly

because she was like

- Then you should
have told me.

I would have never
voted for Lex.

- I know, but there was no way
in the line-- I mean,

I didn't
know what to say in the line

with them watching us.

- You could have just pulled me
aside for two seconds.

I don't care if
Lex was watching you.

Because you owed it to me
because you were my friend.

- I do owe...
I'm still your friend.

It didn't have anything
to do with that.

Something to do with fire.


Just vote for me
next time or whatever,

because I can't take
hearing you say stuff about me.

You know what I mean?

I don't want to hear that

It just... it hurts me.

You're the only person I care
about out here,

so I just--
I can't take that.

You're still my friend,

and you're going to be
my friend forever.

- I appreciate that.

- Okay, you all go ahead
and read it.

It's better for
some of you than others.

- It says, "Earth, wind, and
fire, elements to win this game.

"The object's pretty simple:
be the first to make a flame.

"It's done here every day,
but it may cause some strife,

"and with
Tribal Council pending,

fire represents your life."

- Wow. Oh!

- The immunity challenge

feels very important to me,

I mean, I am now in the most
vulnerable position

of anyone in our tribe.

I have the most, as I know--
as far as I know,

I've got the most
votes against me.

So I'm going to do everything
I can to win immunity.

- Depending on who wins

it's going to put
a whole spin on this game

and it
will be very interesting

to see who gets voted off

I mean, it could
very well be me.

And a lot of people
want to vote Brandon off.

I know Teresa still thinks we
might be able to vote Lex out.

So it's going to be very

and whoever wins immunity,

it will be hugely
important this time.

I mean it always is,

but this is like another
really crucial,

crucial move
to win immunity.

- Hello, guys.
- Hello.

- Like falling into

First things first.

Got to take back
the immunity necklace.

Once again, immunity
back up for grabs.

Well, if there's one thing you
guys had to have learned by now,

it is how important
fire is for survival.

And after 26 days,

all eight of you should know
how to make fire.

Today we're going to find out
who's the best.

Here's how
it's going to work.

On my "go," you'll gather as
much brush, as many sticks,

elephant dung,
whatever you want.

Bring it back.
Put it in your fire circle.

Then, using
a magnifying glass,

the bright light of the sun,

you'll attempt to
create fire.

The goal is, get your flame
high enough to light the wick,

which will drop the bag
and raise the flag.

First person to raise
their flag wins immunity,

guarantees himself three
more days in Africa,

and a one-in-seven shot
at a million bucks.

Only one rule:
None of the material you gather

can touch any part of your
structure, including the wick.

Only the flame
can touch your wick.

Anything other than the fire,
you'll be disqualified.

Take your positions.
Wait for my "go."

This is for immunity!

Survivors ready?

- There you go.

- Come on, Powers.
You can do this, Powers.

Come on.
Come on.

All right.

- Kim and Lex have fire.

Frank has fire.

- Come on, burn!

Come on,
burn, burn! Burn!


Burn, burn!

- Frank, your branch
touched the string.

I'm sorry.
You're out.

Everybody keep going.
Keep going.

Kim! Keep going.
It's not over. Keep going!

You guys cannot have
anything hit the wick.

- All right,
I understand.

- Keep going.
- Come on, burn!

Come on, burn.
Come on.

- Come on!

- Yes, yes!

- Lex wins immunity.
- Yes!

- Lex was first done.

It was a clean hit--

At four votes
at last Tribal Council,

I'm thinking you might
need this.

- I'm thinking
this is good.

- Congratulations.
Nice job.

- I've been out here
for 24, 25 days now.

I have a lot invested,
and the longer you're out here,

the more
you want to go all the way.

I mean,
it has a strange way

psychologically of
working out that way.

You just-- it becomes less
and less an option

to take that long
walk out, you know,

out of the game.

You want to stay.
- Sweet siesta.

- That's right.
- Yep.

- Sweet, sweet siesta.

- Next couple days are going
to be really difficult.

We've got... we've got to
make a decision.

Tom, Ethan, Kim and I
have to make a decision

about what we're going to
do at Tribal Council,

and how
we're going to vote.

I've already
indicated to them

that if they decide that
Brandon's the mark,

then I can't vote
that way

and they better be able to
figure out a way

to get extra votes,
or else our coalition,

our alliance
is going to go down,

and they're going to be
able to pick us off one by one.

- You can't let
your personal feelings

get involved here anymore.

I don't care if you like
Frank more than Brandon.

Brandon helped us out
and he may do it again.

- Yeah, but that's
a long shot.

- If he doesn't
make a deal with us,

he's going to
make a deal with them

and then all bets
are off and you're screwed.

Because Frank
will vote for you.

Don't get me wrong:
he's going to vote for you

in a heartbeat
if he thinks he can win.

If he gets Brandon on board,
he's voting for you

and then Brandon is next.

Think about that.

Don't take too long

because if you take
too long, you're going.

- Oh, I know.
I know.

Lex has done said he will not
vote against Brandon.

So, um... that's fine.

But that, you know...

it's kind of like
going to the dance.

If you dance with my old lady,
I'll dance with yours.

- I know T-bird I can count on
like my own family,

you know what I mean?

- Yeah.

- I've had the same
feeling about you,

and that's why I said
put the three of us together.

I think we could walk
to the top on this.

- Well, I'm telling you, if I
shake your hand on something,

you can count on that.
- I know that.

- If I see you put it out
there, then I'll know.

- I see something
over there, maybe.

See it?
It just went to the right.

That may just be another

If Frank
hates Brandon enough

to say he wants
Brandon's gone...

- I know
the way Frank thinks

and Frank wants to get
as far as possible.

- That's the American way.
We all do.

- So he will do anything--

even make friends
with Brandon again

to get further in the game.

He will compromise
whatever it is to make...

- Right, but I still feel safer
getting it done that way

than the other way.

- In trusting Brandon
to vote for Frank?

- Hell, yeah.

- I'm ready for day
after tomorrow.

- From what I've been
able to see,

anybody who either tried to
manipulate people, jump ship,

come up with a plan B
too soon, got gooned.

These are smart people.

And if they see
the writing on the wall,

that you lack confidence

and you're looking to
come up with an ulterior plan,

you shoot yourself
in the foot

with the people
that you have

somewhat of
an original alliance with.

So I've been
pretty steadfast

in trying to keep
with my original alliance.

I really have not
faltered from that,

and for me that's worked.

At least it's
gotten me this far.

- Exactly.

- Hey, Big Tom got his self
between a crack and a hard spot.

I'm still going to
hold to my guns,

but after the vote
tonight, if Lex don't help me,

we may not have the tightest
marriage as we once did.

- At Tribal Council

we know Kim
is a big question mark.

I know she has a bond
with Brandon.

However, he screwed her over
big time,

so I don't know if she's

They said they'd never
vote for each other,

but I can't count on
that 100%.

I know Frank doesn't
love Lex, you know,

and they see him
as a leader.

They don't like
the way he leads,

and if they get him off,
you know, they thought,

you know,
they'd have a better chance

of getting into
the final four.

They smell the final four--
those guys.

That's the one thing that
makes me a little nervous

about Frank
and about Teresa

is they could be
so close to the final four

if they side with Brandon.

- We'll now bring in
the first member of our jury.

Kelly returns tonight.

Kelly will be with us
for each Tribal Council.

And each week,
one of you will join her.

The jury is always here
only to observe.

You're not to
speak to the jury.

Ultimately, the jury
will have the last say

because they will
make the final vote

to determine
who gets the million dollars

and the title
of Survivor.

So before we get to
tonight's vote,

let's talk about the past
few days.

Ethan, can you capture in one
word what this game is about?

What's the overriding quality
that it takes to get this far?

- I'd say confidence.

Confidence in yourself,

confidence in your friends
that you make.

in your decisions.

Confidence in winning
the challenges.

- Brandon, do you look
at this in terms of morality

and ethics
or do you look at this

in terms of
"What are the rules

and how far
can I push them?"

- Yeah, you know what?
I do.

I wouldn't do anything like
amoral or you know,

or anything like that,

but as far as just
playing the game goes,

yeah, it's a game.

I came to have a really good
time, and I have.

- Big Tom,
is this an adventure

that tests your
morality and integrity,

or is this a game that
is about rules

and how can I exploit them?

Morality doesn't play?
- All the above.

You know, you've got to
hold all of them

before you get through
the day,

and you've got to
check yourself,

and then you look in
the eyes of your compadres

and say, "Well, is he

the same kind
of man I came in here with?

How has his value changed?"
Or what?

But I can't dwell
on that much

because whatever will happen
will happen,

and I can't change that,

and out here there's other
things to do.

- What is there to do
out here

other than think about
the game?

- Well, Lord have mercy.
I've had to watch these women.

I've got responsibilities.
I've got to dance.

I've got to sing.
It's a pretty lively bunch.

- Frank, how big an
issue is trust at this point?

- Trust is a big factor because
it could be the shield

that takes you
all the way up there.

How much there is, it's
hard to tell, you know.

It's very limited in some
respects, you know.

We're a little broken
here or there,

but when you do find it,
it means an awful lot.

- Lex, what do you base
your votes on?

How well you
trust somebody?

- Trust plays
a huge part for me

and probably the single
biggest factor

I take into consideration
when voting is my gut.

It's how I make
decisions in life.

- But your gut out here
is influenced

based on a certain
set of experiences, facts,

assumptions, fair?

- Fair, but my gut still
doesn't lie

and my gut is still
pretty damn accurate.

- Kim, how about you?

When you vote for somebody,
is it based strategy--

"Got to get rid of them;
they're too strong;

they could win it,"
or is it, you know what,

"They're just not
nice and I want them to go"?

- I would say
it's the latter.

But I go on "Who am I
comfortable with?

Who will I respect in the
final three, the final two?"

If it's not me,
who do I want to win?

And again,
I'm a little bit like Lex.

I go on a gut feeling
of who I respect

and who
I'm comfortable with.

- Kim, think you've
made any wrong judgments?

- Um, sure, yeah.
I definitely think that.

I think my biggest weakness
is that I build

relationships with
people and trust them.

And, you know, foolishly
think that some of that

is part of the game,

when really the game is
much more about strategy.

And I think my biggest
weakness is being naive.

- Okay,
it's time to vote.

Tom, you're up first.

- Frank, you have been
nothing but rude,

grouchy and a poor sport,

and the last few days with
you have been insufferable.

Bottom line: you've
been a real downer,

and I can't wait to see
you gone.


- I don't even really
know what to say.

It's such a shame
that it came to this.

But I just don't trust you.

I don't know even if
we had a friendship.

I'm not even sure
of that anymore,

but I'm sorry that
it came down to this.

- I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes have been
counted, the decision is final.

The person will be asked

to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Brandon.






That's four votes Brandon;
two votes Frank.

The ninth person voted out

for the second member
of our jury: Brandon.

- You guys,
only 12 more days.

Have a lot of fun.

- Brandon, the tribe
has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

- See you, sugar bear.

- Well, with two
members on the jury now,

and a one-in-seven shot
at winning this whole thing,

this game is
getting very tricky.

You guys
can head back to camp.

Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

- Next time on Survivor...

Lex is in the hot seat.

- All he was worried
about was Lex.

- Now he's got to thinking
about me and you.

- Tom takes up
shower duty.

- Tom gets away with murder.

- Frank shows his
sensitive side.

- These little liberal
special interest groups

that the media
give open market to,

instead of the average
working class American

that founded this

- Okay, enough!
All right, enough.

- I cannot believe
I made it 27 days.

I had never gone camping.
Never slept on the ground.

I don't have any hard feelings
for those guys voting me off,

because, honestly,
I stirred up some trouble.

I do regret, however,
that Kim

feels like I somehow
betrayed her.

I think she is
such a great person.

I should be saying,
"Damn, I didn't win."

But you know what?
I feel like I won.