Survivor (2000–…): Season 28, Episode 1 - Hot Girl with a Grudge - full transcript

Three castaways face a game-changing decision minutes after the competition begins. Meanwhile, one tribe pours both blood and sweat into an early challenge and one castaway seeks revenge after discovering that her tribe wants to v...

Survivor Again the experiment is carried

Largest social of
television at a new address

These 18 Americans have
been divided into three groups

qualities they most use in their daily lives

tribe of Intelligence, with an average
IP 130,

this group used their intellect to achieve their goals

In 2010, I entered a world chess tournament

and drew with the first.

Certainly do not look or an evil genius. But I'm both.

I am the President of the Miami Marlins

In baseball, there is only one winner in the end

Survivor is the same. So

've been playing this game for a long time.

Just not on the beach.

I am a lawyer and my track record is undefeated.

They think that
cute, is a mother

They probably do not know that I'm more ruthless

95% of the population.

Tribe of Beauty.
This group includes a cheerleader,

beauty queen and a model

This group relies on their looks to get what they want

went cheerleader in the NFL.

Not to sound arrogant but

a guy usually get what I want.

This model

I think it will help me
to go far in the game

To because I'll probably beat them with my poses

Competed in Miss Kentucky

I was second three consecutive years.

People have labeled me as
girl beauty pageants

I think the beauty
will help me with the social aspect of the game.

Tribe of Force.
The group relies on its physical force

My name is Cliff Robinson.

Played for 18 years in the NBA

've Always played for bread and meat.
If I do not win, do not eat.

This is what this game

'm A police officer and started with mixed martial arts in 2.009

Get paid for hitting someone in the face

there can not be any better.

've Been a police officer in
Jersey City for 13 years

Always jumping on cars, climbing fences,

from rooftop to rooftop chasing people.

This game will be easy for me

Knock on wood.

Is the ultimate challenge:

Intelligence vs. Strength vs. Beauty

What aspect
prove to be more valuable .?

'm super smart.
I have what it takes to win this game.

I see these guys thinking
'Oh, we're going to eject quickly'.

They are not going to want to look ugly girls
all day.

I'm known as the
hard muscular girl

When I feel someone is trying to throw me

I'll go against you
ten times stronger.

Who will have what it takes to survive the rest

I'll go there as one of the best players

and want to play an amazing game.

The end, only one will remain to claim the prize
a million dollars

39 days, 18 people,
1 survivor.

In: Twine and Hopewell

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I'm so nervous to begin Survivor.
I can not wait to start

'm A very competitive person

'll Do literally anything for
get to the finish line and beat you.

I mean, that's me.

When I saw the speedboat, the girls were in front

and they were like: 'Oh, look at us.'

I was surprised that there were
happy background music

I saw some people coming out of the helicopter,

seemed nerd type,
as Cochran.

They will play smart, thin and
are going to play well.

Welcome to Survivor: Cagayan.

You have been divided into three tribes
based on three qualities

needed to succeed in this game:

Strength, Intelligence and Beauty.

Black woman,
What is your name?

- Morgan.
- Morgan.

Looking just lal other people
if I had to choose,

which of the three would you say you are?
Beauty, Intelligence or Strength?

Not to sound conceited but I think we are

Go to the end .
The guy behind green.

- Tell me.
- They are Beauty.

Where encajáis you think?

I guess we're the nerds
I do not know.

I Based on what?

Based on
they seem really fit.

That leaves the middle group. You must be

The guy in the gray shirt,
What is your name?

- Tony.
- Do you think all right, do you agree?

I accept with pleasure.

What do you like to be
Tribe of Force?

'll Stomp on Beauty

will stomp on Intelligence.

I love.

This season will test your putting skills

To draw different lines
Strength, Intelligence and Beauty

adaptáis while you in the game time

a time, starting now

Let's choose a leader in each tribe.

If you have not had time to talk
all you can do

is mediros
to each other just look at you.

Start by Beauty.

Decide, Whom will ye that I represent as a tribe

I think
I'm thinking of you, big brother.

Type black hat,
seems to be you.

- What is your name?
- LJ.

LJ, how does it feel, to
seconds into the game,

have been selected as the type

will represent the tribe sexy?

I am in the beauty center of the group.

If I am the man who excels,
we have to.

Come to the center, the Force.

Who is talkative?

- Are you talkative?
- I am talkative.

Who will it be?

- Sarah.
- Sarah, the girl later.

- The Woman in yellow, what's your name?
- Trish.

Trish, why Sarah?

Seems very confident.
Seems to do a good job.

Well, we go with the third tribe.

Who will represent
tribe Intelligence?

Who looks the smartest?

You look it.

Why American?

What do you think?
Do you agree?

- Sounds good to me, I'm yours.
- Here we go.

- Well, come on.
- It's yours, it's yours.

- What is your name?
- David.

Well, the woman in the rear.
What's your name?

- Kass.
- Kass, why David?

Personally never trust a man in a suit

but I like David,
so go with this.

So we have our three leaders.

Now the game will return
a little more complicated.

The leaders of each group will choose

who is the weakest of the group.

If you have to to throw off somebody who would be

Suddenly be the leader is not a
position you would want to be.

LJ, let's start with you.

Initially this game is about physical challenges

and if I have to choose...

'll tell Morgan.

Morgan go.

This should not happen to often
in life.

First for everything.

Take a stand this side, Morgan.

In my perspective on Beauty
there be good and be cute.

Morgan, is good

While the other girls are cute

And personally, I hope to be more mona
that be good .

We now join the tribe of Force.

Sarah establishments based on first impressions

to whom
you'll miss this tribe?

've Had good vibes from them all.

I mean, this really sucks

But without more knowledge...

Women yellow.

- Trish, right?
- Yes

Trish, you were the first person to speak
by Sarah

and she has been the
who brought you.

I understand.

If so
as she feels it is so.

Well, a tribe left.
Let the tribe of intelligence.

David, because your
American obviously

were chosen leader of this group.

Just for the record, the American
home with no pants

so it's not a costume.

Are you accustomed to making decisions
well, David?

Tomo and decisions
often and I'll choose you to him.

Well, you have not even thought about it

The guy in green,
What is your name?

- Garret.
- Garret.

David, I must say that from here

that has been a surprising choice.

What have you based?

Focusing on the last two thirds of the game

So you're looking at the end.

you have asked me to make a decision now

but take any decision should be based

on what is good for now
and what will be good for later.

Well, Garret, assumes a position
here with Trish.

My strategy in choosing
Garret is looking a truck

but also has brains, would not

That would be a formidable mixture.

So I figured it would make sense
rid of it

This is fast changing as Survivor.

If this had been a
Tribal Council you Three:

Morgan, Trish, Garret,
you would be out of this game.

Fortunately for you, this is not a
Tribal Council.

You are not out of the game.
Nor are you out of your tribe.

But you're not going to go with them to the camp

Vais up to the helicopter,

going to fly and will arrive before the camp

And ye shall take a decision in favor of the tribe
just votaros.

Now, are the three tribes
which they are concerned,

wondering that you will have done.

Get your things, get in the helicopter
. Good luck.

Well, for the rest of you

I have maps at your new home.

Tribe Beauty ye Solana.

Force, you are Aparri.

Intelligence, you are Luzan.

The good news is that you have a great time in your
first day.

Get your stuff,
id camp,

Begin to build your shelter.

Could be a water
last season, good luck.

Be isolated from the group as fast

At least the other two leaders

seemed sad to have to choose a person .,

but David did not even hesitate

Immediately he grabbed me and said
'Garret is the weakest.'

What is all a lie, I'm more
stronger than any of them

Here it is.

'You have a decision to make.'

'You can help yourself
or help your tribe.'

Well, we can cross this second part

I'm definitely going to help me.

'If you choose to help the tribe,
will give you a second bag of rice.'

'If you choose will help you
it, you will be given

a clue to the location of
hidden immunity idol '

As for me, I'm paragraph
of the group

or so I think.

Obviously I will look
the immunity idol.

Let's see what we have here.

Dice straight.

When people see my body normally think

'It's just an idiot.'

But when I was in college

did the SAT test and got almost . perfectly

Y to live, I'm a professional poker player

So to
everything I do in life, go for it

Find the place where the waters fall.'

'So go to the waterfall '

No doubt the decision that took David

has played in my favor

But he is a threat and I want to get
. the game

Sarah had to choose the weakest of the tribe,

looked around, and I'm clearly older

I am also thinner.

Was not surprised to be

'If you choose to help yourself you will be given same

a clue to the location...
Oh, damn!


When I saw the note was
as: My God

I have to make a decision either
or my computer

. At first, I could
hear me say, 'Do not be stupid,

sees the idol for you
yourself and protect yourself.'

God, I am not so selfish,
but may have to be.

've Been divorced for 15 years,

raising my children emotionally and financially

Has been hard

Still, while I've always been

A team player.
This is how I am.

You know what?
I'm going to choose to help the team.

'm Spending the idol.

I will follow my instincts
and I'll go with the team

Hope I'm not pulling the rest of the game
overboard for this,

but nothing
I can do now.

Just hope no need to repent


I'm surprised.
I was voted the first

I think I have more physical and
force the other two girls,

and I can have the kids eating out of my hand

But maybe LJ
felt tempted by my side

and decided to walk away. It would be a
headache for him.

in that what I'm good.
Maybe he can feel this.

I hold grudges big.
Will never forgive you for this

'Stroll down the rocks'.

This is a game where you have
to save yourself, so

of course will find the Idol

guess I'm a selfish person, but

if I can find it, it will be
a powerful game changer, for sure

clearly going to have to
get dirty and get wet in the water.

Clue to the idol said
straight waterfall

Unfortunately, this search
is not my area of ​​expertise.

Situations I've been in poker

You a lot of money gambled

and I have not stressed about it

So this should be a game . of children

It's killing me not being able to find

that stupid idol now.

Wait a minute.
What's this?

I feel something!

What is this?

Let's see what we have here.

Immunity idol!

Finally I was able to find the Idol

Since then I
I'm staying for me

Was the start of play amazing.

'The immunity idol will keep you safe

Being kicked by Tribal Council'

Having the immunity idol
puts me in a good position

I do not know what the hell I was thinking David

but I promise, I will do

in my power to get rid of it

said track
immunity idol

< i>
be here near the rocks

So when
thought the great rock that stands

right of our camp .

There are many small cracks,

crannies, and gaps in
could be the idol.

But I can not reach my companions when

Not know how much time do I have

I know I have to find him

When we got to the beach we asked where it was Morgan

Not walked anywhere and was
very suspicious.

Was by climbing the rocks

as they arrived and I saw my fellow tribesmen

I almost miss the
Heart scare

've been looking for a good time

and I thought if I come back with something when they are

sure I'm going home

- Look at that!
- Madremía.

This is our humble abode.

I wonder where is Morgan.

My companions arrived

Was pretty obvious what I was doing

They have already made known to me
I'm the weakest person

and now I'm looking behind the idol.

I thought I was over

I wonder what decision had to be made.

Then I realized that I could just lie and say

'I chose the material for shelter and things

rather than things to be comfortable.'

Here it comes.

I hope you guys like what I chose.

What did you decide?

Chose rice,
things for the shelter and fishing.

- Wow.
- Good choice.

Course that I took them by the hair

Now the days
I want to find the idol.

I have to be very careful with that

I do not think they have a clue.

It had tidal pools and
went to see them, had among the rocks.

- Yes?
- Great.

Morgan in lingerie and goes,
like a mermaid leaves the sea.

Which makes me a little nervous

because it is very calm and serene

For someone who was 'expelled'

= = Let's thirst soon.

- It's what I was thinking.
- So...

- Fire and shelter?
- Yes

Let's see where we make fire.

A two, or has the immunity idol

o have a clue, hence
have that behavior.

Because it could be the sexy girl resentful.

My name is LJ.

Hope you do not
what you will take it personally.

Do not worry, I only
prove you wrong.


was able to provide some good things.

I think that
has increased their confidence a little.

But I'm not a nerd,

I recognize a gypsy when I see it.

So was the perfect opportunity for me

to use my charms to win her.

I do not have expelled
so you know.

- Is a geezer so...
- Yeah, right.

I think they are already seeing what couples are

Those two and those two.
So if two two

- I'm with you.
- Okay.

Brice and I connected a little .

time we'll be together.

He cares for me, and
see what happens.

People do not expect anything from us

because we have been labeled as the spunky

Think it's just a tribe of princesses

guys who are handsome and do not like getting dirty.

Va guys going, what are you doing
well, we have a waiting coconut!

Keep blowing, man.

- You have?
- Come on, man.

Father, help us to get

We got it, buddy.

Was so excited, we just start fire

No flint, what is it quite difficult to get

So I love my tribe.

- You guys are the bomb.
- Bump that.

Other tribes not think the tribe Beauty

and success are bound hand.

But it is happening, we can do
great and we are doing

Thanks for letting me out, Sarah.

- I'm sorry.
- OK.

No problem, I knew I had to take a decision
at a time.

- I get it.
- I'm sorry.

- Please do not give him more laps.
- How are you?


As had been seen as weak

I thought that's what they were going to be

thinking when they came to the camp

this older woman thin we remove

So I had to do something to win them

I actually had the opportunity to go to find the idol

but I thought
in the group and I got a bag over rice .

I knew you would.

As soon arrived at camp
Trish welcomed us with open arms

He said he had the opportunity to go for the
idol for her

o help the tribe and
get a second bag of rice.

Was so excited, he said he did

But if it had been in place

only there had been a bag from
rice and an idol in my pocket.

Who wants to start with the shelter?

- I think we should start.
- Divide tasks.

- Yes, it is good idea.
- We choose different things.

Looking to all my fellow Tribe
you might say

any challenge
appearance will undoubtedly dominate.

We have the greatest of all man

Measures like about eight feet.

What do you do for a living
, Cliff?

Working in sports marketing.

Rather should play.

I played a little basketball.

I have a couple of your cards,
I'm not going to lie.

'm A fan of basketball

and when I recognized who it was: Cliff Robinson.

Played at Portland Trail Blazers,
and was one of my players

Favorites when I was young

All seem very happy to have you with us

but give more importance

What team did you play?

I played with the Portland Trail Blazers.

- Great!
- After Phoenix Sun.

And the Detroit Pistons.

is a former basketball player can hurt me

but to tell you the truth did not seem

that nobody cared about that.

So for me that's good

I play without worrying that my fellow

judge me for what I did.

I only see my
as Cliff Robinson

A fellow Tribe in Survivor

Tell me how you want it to.

When you have it

not have enough oxygen, so
blow on a bit.

Police have been for a while

And they have a profile on what Tony has

If I'm wrong, a cop should be
because it has the physical.

Can I have a moment to look
and be honest with me?

- Are you a cop?
- Gonna.

- I swear it?
- I swear.

- You look like one of them.
- Well, if you want I am.

- Why?
- I swear it?

I promise, why?

- Do not lie to.
- What do you do?

- A construction.
- Ya.

- Where?
- It's what I mainly in Jersey City.

you have the look of a cop.

I have a tattoo and they do not.

- How do you know?
- Because I have many police friends.

- Do not you have friends cops?
- Yes, of course.

I am at least 50
friends who are cops.

For a moment I wondered:
I say I'm a cop

But if I say that I am

first thing they think is that I'm
a strategic man

tactical, clever, and very observant,
and will be right.

With what clearly will be a threat to them

and certainly surprised me immediately.

- And what you decicas you, Sarah?
- I'm a cop.

- Really?
- Yes

Interviews and Interrogations
are my daily routine

and I lie every day at work.

Something makes me feel uncomfortable with Tony

're A good girl to be honest.

- You want me to tell you the truth?
- Yes

I'm not a cop.

You're lying.

- I do not.
- Sure.

Did you think I was going to say what
that goes.

- Gonna tell me you're a cop.
- Come on, woman!

I have no idea what
is dedicated.

All I know is I do not think
I can trust him,

So you have to go as soon as possible

is everything
I have to say

What's up, guys?

God, joy
you're with us!

Va, a small group hug.

I had to, man.

When David said he had to choose

I thought I was an idiot.

You are throwing the guy who can help us

ostracized and bring it around
start, it's a terrible move

Did you have to make a decision?

Yes, and got some things.

I found where the water is

And there is a waterfall there.


- Is there a waterfall?
- Yes, there is.

- No shit.
- He's throwing around.

I'm not going to sit here and say I'm pretending

I have no idea of ​​making a shelter.

I am a nuclear engineer.

- Really?
- Yes

're an engineer, go.

And I have an idea for the shelter.

- Do you?
- Yes

- A small plan.
- Nice.

We go!

Got my Ph.D. in nuclear engineering

so I think I'm the smartest person here


'll Build that shelter

I will not make the cut bamboo
but I will tell you how to do it

and will be a wonderful refuge

You have to put four poles
like almost a meter high.

So I want you to cortéis
as eight pieces of bamboo.

First thing I need the base.


Garret , cut that thing.

Take the following from there.

We have to find another that is that size.

- Well.
- Okay.

- Go.
- Good.

J'Tia took the role of leader

And his approach is not the brightest

because it is very belligerent and bossy.

Go for bamboo.

That seems a little big,
why not make a smaller one?

No, turn it over.
There we are.

Okay, now raise
palm leaves and piles of stones.

All we have left are the long parts

Right now we have an engineer, J'Tia,

telling us that can make a shelter.

I do not think we can dig
there, and digging is the most important factor.

That, right there.

Has the character of a leader,

is a bossy course.

But I think something is missing here.

This is not going to be able to endure


- All of our weight...
- We weighed as 226 kilos.

Yes, we weigh that. But bamboo is
strong and is the basis of the refuge.

Okay, I need from bamboo.

I do not like his attitude at all

I think anyone,
makes you feel uncomfortable.

Is quite bossy.

- Enough indeed.
- But it does not do anything.

Yes, and I let her do what she wants

Do you understand?

- That's my plan.
- And mine.

J'Tia was put in charge of doing things but only

We only
is barking orders.

In my career, I've had enough experience

with people looking thinking that single
things are done.

Is believed that puts all there,

and magically everything is done

So J'Tia

This is not going to take a long time
, let and eager.

Need to do, so
get to it.

Must be done.

J'Tia is too, too

Let me check the balance.


There has not been a good move for
Intelligent Tribe.

Come on, guys!

Are you ready for your
first immunity challenge?

Yes - of course.

For today's challenge you are going to maneuver

a cart through an obstacle course

Each post will have
that you get a key,

You will wear that to open the chest,

shall put the hood on the car and you will continue

Once you succeed
three chests will have to disassemble

the car, pass it through the barricade

reassemble and reach the goal

Where two people use
parts chests

solving a puzzle
giant dragon

Want to know so that you play?

Yes - Of course.


's What lust in this game.

If you have immunity,
you can not be expelled.

The first two tribes
do, win immunity.

A unless the Tribal Council.

Between someone losers will be the first person

Survivor expelled from Cagayan.

Is a distinction that nobody wants.

Also you are going to play
for reward.

The first tribe to complete a full
to fire equipment.

If you have no fire, this will ensure you do

And if you are not able to do with
this is your fault.

The second tribe
end also get

shaped flint fire.

A bit harder, but you will get

Those who lose nothing.

I give you a minute for
strategies and begin.

Okay, let's start

immunity and reward in the form of fire.

Survivors ready?


Apart barrel.

First Immunity Challenge

people want to show
other tribes that are made.

Spencer climbs Intelligence tribe.

Brice holds the key for Beauty tribe.

Cliff by force.

That's it.

Spencer has the key to intelligence.

Once you may have the key,
open your chest.

And upload the bandwagon and go on.

Chains, the chains!

The tribe Intelligence is too fast,
jammed with chains.

The three tribes have the first chest.

Continue path second.

Besides that road.

Come back, come back.

- Do not worry.
- Okay, we're good.

Cliff has the second key by force tribe.

Brice has the second key for the Beauty tribe.

Spencer has the second key by Intelligence tribe.

- J'Tia opening the lock.
- These chains, the chains!

Cliff is the third key to the Force

Force with a wide lead right now.

Chains, man.

The tribe
Intelligence has problems with strings again.

The tribe Beauty has its second chest.

- Come Garret, the other way.
- Intelligence tribe has its second chest.

Come, come, come!

The tribe Force has its third chest.

start disassembling your car.

Brice, you got it.

The tribe Beauty has its third key.

Come, come!

Intelligence tribe has its third key.

- I'm with the chain!
- The Tribe of Force continues with little advantage.

You have to pass the truck through the obstacle.

Y people pass over.

Dismount, dismount.

Demostando Beauty is your car now.

Intelligence does now.

Pick it up, Garret
help him up.

- Come on, somebody help me!
- Come on, fun, fun!

The tribe Force working together very well.

Gone your cart, now
they do with the chests.

The tribe Beauty working together well.

Lastly Tribe
Intelligence is the most astute group

is the hardest you find how to pass the obstacle

Must pass all things across.

The tribe Force
working fast to mount your cart again.

The tribe Beauty passing his last chest.

A Tribe Intelligence
you still have many things to happen.

Disaster for Intelligence tribe.

He ​​dropped the pieces of the puzzle.

The tribe
force passing through the last obstacle.

Trunks and rocks there that
out of the way.

Intelligence still bundled in the same obstacle.

Is being left behind.

The tribe's list of these...
and other disaster!

The puzzle pieces scattered on the ground.

This is a complete disaster for a tribe

only takes three days on Survivor.

While the tribe
Force and is working on the puzzle.

The tribe Beauty is about to arrive.

And Intelligence Tribe continues the same.

The tribe Force are the puzzle.

- Beauty tribe also.
- Va, you're doing fine.

The tribe Intelligence had any intelligence

clearly has evaporated in
72 hours of being in the game.

-Hook is amazing what they have been.

- Good work, guys.
- Well done.

The tribe Force has completed
first part of the puzzle.

Now go to the second part.

tribe begins with the second part.

The tribe Intelligence may even have the option

finish the puzzle if we have opportunity.

One of the worst performances just start

in the history of Survivor.

Your cart is being dismantled.

We're doing it right, guys.

The tribe Force doing a good job.

Son Lindsey and Sarah.

LJ and doing the Alexis Beauty tribe.

- Work together, guys!
- No pressure, no pressure!

The tribe Intelligence comes now.

Bring the pieces come!

The thing is very even between
Strength and Beauty.

- That's it!
- Yes!

Come on guys, this will be our time

If there was a moment
where intelligence was needed

is in this part of the challenge.

Give a little!

- They move fast and have regained ground.
- That is, he runs.

The tribe Beauty
finishes his second chest pieces.

The tribe Force also just the second.

're Working on the last
chest puzzle pieces.

- Kass and Tasha.
- That's it!

You have to catch up!

Must be done twice as fast!

Has the closely fought thing,
for some and for others

between Strength and Beauty.

- Well done, girls.
- A Beauty remaining four pieces.

A Force-six.

're About to end.

near finished with this first challenge victory.

A Beauty remaining two pieces.

Come on guys, you have three pieces

Force very close to finishing.

Only left them a piece at a Beauty tribe.

Come, I have!

And they succeed!

Beauty, Solana tribe wins immunity

and equipment to make fire!

Force finishes what!

Force wins immunity and
shaped flint fire!

The tribe
Intelligence is neither close to finishing the puzzle.

be the first tribe to go to the Council.

Will lose its first member.

Ehnorabuena Solana,
immunity is yours.

No Tribal Council tonight.

Aparri, ehnorabuena.

No Council have tonight.

Solana, come and pick your team to fire

Aparri shaped fire flint

- There you doing, Tony.
- Thank you, sir.

Get your things and come back to campento.
Enjoy the night.

Good luck gunning.

Okay Luzon, someone of you will be

first person voted out of Survivor Cagayan.

Take your things and go back to camp,

I see you tonight in the Council.

I did wrong on that obstacle.

Instead have gone above

I should have taken all we have
things and go.

- Can not underestimate...
- To the other tribes.

We can not keep saying stupid things like:

- 'We are smarter than them.'
- No, no.

We kicked ass.

Fatal challenge did .

And indeed I can not throw
blame anyone in particular.

I think it's everybody's fault.

We know very well the theory

but when we come to practice are fools

We did exactly as we have been doing these
three days.

- I did not...
- No execution.

We had assigned to people for everything.

J'Tia took the first key.
To tell him.

I thought you were the one who was responsible for

And it was.

Literally grabbed as she's falling.

- But not off the chains.
- I know.

But is that any executions.

forget that but what I really want to talk about is...

J'Tia or Garret.

That was a physical challenge

and Garret was not helping.

Personally I would get rid of Garret

I see that is a major threat to me than

'm thinking of the day 39.

And my biggest concern is that I do not know
you have in mind

Not been told anything

And that terrifies me to death.

Just think about it.

- No, J'Tia.
- Garret.

- No, without hesitation.
- Good.

- This time...
- For harmony, the harmony in the tribe.

I just want to tell J'Tia later.

I do not want to be with you.

David wants you to go Garret

But that's ridiculous.
Is our strongest guy.

Worker addition is

But J'Tia not done anything

's Been running a lot, but

All see

's Dead weight.
So enviémosla home.

Wow, that sucks.

What do you think,
who want to take?

Do you agree
while lest thou?

To be honest,
I'm thinking of you.

Because you have not provided much in the camp

You tell us what lot do

but I do not see doing anything.

I think I brought what I had
to contribute in the challenge.

Well, you
stayed three days doing nothing.

- Bringing...
- Your opinion is more than welcome.

- Y. ..
- Right.

It's just that I'm an honest person.

And I understand perfectly.

And I appreciate it.

Time to shake things up, I guess.

I went to talk to Kass,
and was very direct

I said not much to

and I went home

Kass That it hurt my feelings a bit different

I'm not a vague.

Need shelter

And I thought it was the
all started to do

but had not done

I thought I was
which motivated.

is clear that things were not.

But I hope it has not ruined my options

may still have them.

- What's up, girl?
- I think I'm finished.

I just wanted to talk to Kass.
And I said I wanted to leave.

- Did he say that?
- Yes

Do you think I do not
enough at camp?

Well, there was a moment in which
were sitting

and only
dedicabas you to give orders.

And I think that has
bothered people.

- Girls, all right?
- Yes, come and sit.

- I feel a little anxious.
- Yes

But the thing is that you always fear

Yes - I am too.

Far But I know you're safe.

Look at me, look at me.
I'm not lying.

If you ask me, David is the greatest strategic threat
among us

Yes - But if we vote together

David would go home.
And all will be better, right?

J'Tia is very paranoid right now

And from what I have
a good reason for it.

Bossy, not
get along with everyone

I care less about her than others

because my concern and how far I

= = the greatest threat is David


I think it is a maquinante

has made clear that he wants to get rid of my

So David is going home tonight

May be bossy, but I'm loyal

You and I have no problems.

Tash, J'Tia you and you get along.

So I'll talk to Spencer.

- Bringing all well.
- Yes

is not something I've organized

but I think we should vote for David.

Well, what worries me is that...

would not have heard anything about
clues to the idol or something?

Nothing, why -

It just seems strange that at this point
not know anything about it.


I would think that there is some track somewhere.

Would be a disaster if David found it.


Is that something you noticed he has
been looking around or something?

Well, they both have been around

and is quite clever,
and I have no idea

whether it is above, so...


I worry quite
vote for David

I know that in the past have been
tracks and idols through the camp.

Keep seeing David and Kass

leaving for a walk and I've noticed it

So I'm a little
worried that you found

So I think that since
J'Tia is a constant pain

vote for her,
it safe .

is a risk not
need today.

Because it would be a disaster if it plays a
idol and one of us goes home.


Spencer gives many turns that David has

Which is ridiculous, because I have
Idol .

And of course I'm going to say

But now I'm nervous
to vote for David

because I do not know if we have
four votes tonight.

Rain is coming, guys.


Undoubtedly, David
is a big threat

And if people do not see it, is that they are idiots

not know tell you

hope Spencer and I stay together,

but we'll see what happens

Behind you there is a torch, pick one,

closer to the fire and on.

This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council

because in this game the
fire represents your life.

When the fire is extinguished,
you too.

That will be the case one
of you tonight.


Was a huge spider, nothing.

So you're saying that
everything you've been through

you scared of a spider?

The above him!

Let's talk about the early days.

J'Tia since I see you smiling.

Wow, knew you'd talk me
much tonight, Jeff.

Why think that?

Because some people have in mind for me

And here we are, so
think you're in trouble.

Yeah right, Kass said I was thinking about my

I said it was not useful at camp

do not know how I said that.

'm An engineer,
I came with an idea

and thought it would work.

a good plan to make the shelter, Jeff.

I was directing people.

Is that not be helpful, I was sending

I understand that nobody
I like to give orders

and shelter
literally collapsed in front of me.

David, how has it been for you to deal with

Wine eager,
said nuclear was

or nuclear or something like constructura.

So I said:
'Wow, we have to listen.'

Y was well until one time
stopped going well.

Yes, J'Tia.

I am nuclear engineer,
thanks David.

Never said I had made shelters before,

but had a plan in mind and had
eager to carry it out.

J'Tia a moment ago you were

Which he said were responsible for the
get it wrong.

David confirms that you cut him short.

No, no, no.
I know my plan did not work.

And I'm sorry, but
I do what I can.

I think I'm a person thrust forward

if I'm talking too much,
I have to say I street.

I'm always open to suggestions,

want it success as a tribe.

Let's talk about the first time, to start the game

David had to choose the weaker person

And the second you said Garret.

I realized it was not the best situation

and decided to act quickly and decisively

and you have to do here,
step forward because

Listener :
This is a game.

Bringing Garret, how you sat

to be one of the strongest guys here

David and I did not even think for a second

Sino read:
'Garret is the weakest'.

Fatal, it is never fun to be
considered the worst.

And that happened three minutes
arrived, it was not fun.

Is there any part of you that think
what happens

is you're dangerous and they want out?


I trust my team.

David, do you think it's okay
Garret sure?


Do not you going tonight?

Not today.

J'Tia So, now that we are approaching
to vote.

What if you?
The first expelled.

Would be disastrous, I came here to play

and if you talk to get away as a tribe

just can not think at the end of the game.

You have to think in the beginning as
and go through it.

Think That comment refers in the final

commentary to David to start

I'm thinking long-term. "

Yes, and this is my tribe.

These are my people, and
someone has to go.

I understand, but -

But you will not be you.

Not for nothing even remotely

Then who?


David, I just say clearly

Yes, it's what happens when
know you will be expelled,

is what you do. P. ..

If you think you're going to be expelled
, I was wrong.

Spencer clearly an important vote.

Survivor The gods are talking about.


Yes, everything is reduced as
wants this tribe move forward.

So we have to vote in mind:

who must drive to go further?

Is difficult, but at the end of the day

have to go with the
people whom you trust.

Okay, it's time to vote.

Kass, you go first.

In the real world, maybe I would have hired

but in this world, not

I'll get the votes.

Sl someone has the immunity idol and wants to play

now would be the time to do so.

Well, once
read the decision is final,

The expelled person
must leave the area immediately Council.

Read the votes.

Once read the decision is final,

the ejected person must leave
Council area immediately.

Read the votes.

First Vote...





J'Tia Two votes, two votes

Three helpful David, J'Tia two votes, one vote is

First person voted out of Survivor Cagayan:

you have to bring me your torch.


David, the tribe has spoken.

's Time for you to leave.

Hopefully after the vote today

will direct you to the address that you need

because you have to be united soon

I do not mean only the shelter.

The good news of the Council is
that have shaped flint fire.

Take your things and come back to
camp, which may rest.

I do not regret.
I played the way I thought

Play needed to go further

tribe did not like me

< . i> O were united only
to go against me

But I have no hard feelings against any of them

I consider myself the luckiest person

Does anyone have any suggestions for the fire?

Let's start the party.

Last Council was a lot of silly arguments

In the end, the real goal was to send David

And we were able to get it.

But I'm not having fun playing Survivor

Not being funny to me right now

have to be honest.

work in the camp is not funny,

starve either

What it is not being an experience
. good for me

Just remember, everything is reduced to oxygen

So when you do make sure you pass

- You separate them a bit.
- Yes

When I play poker I do
from a comfortable chair,

bring food directly to the table

I want to play Survivor
to be better and smarter than the rest

But I want to play Survivor
to survive in the jungle.

Say we have a council tonight.

And we have to Kass.

Then expulsaríamos to one of the two girls, right?

The Council was perfect.

- Right.
- Because he was fighting with Tasha.

No longer actually falls J'Tia well.

With what I think the
Council put us in a good position.

last night was definitely surprised to see that David was going

Y Spencer and I are thinking that if we

to expel someone we have several options.

= = J'Tia and Tasha

But I also believe that I can not trust

So maybe we get rid of it.

You know I like to be with two or more allied

But from the beginning.

Yes - Yes

The Council was... interesting.

Petty treason David and I

But what I think is
I'm the one that decides

and they know it.

I think I see that makes sense for you to be

and certainly think it makes sense for us to have you

Guys are going to stay together and the girls
more of the same

And where does that leave me?

In the deciding vote.

Forgetting what happened

- we now have a solid three.
- Yes

- And we'll be fine.
- I agree.

Spoke with Garret and Spencer
but I'm not with them 100% .

I will study
all my chances.

Same Now I'm not with anyone.

- Deal?
- Finalists?

Can do the bullshit
colliding hands

I do not care

The game is running, until I
We go to

Let's do this, buddy.

Okay, Woo.

Woo and help us to get the boat

We wanted to ride on the boat

last a couple of days.

There was an
desire to get out and try to catch some fish.

Look at the guys seem true
locals, do not you think?

Yes, we'll see what becomes

So how can we turn back?

For there to row
to the left to go right.

Want to go Pier there?

Yes, let's go see
is there.


Woo I like him.
And you have to have a partner

Robin Batman always had. Jordan had Pippin

Cliff Woo has.

Woo Tang.

So you have to take care of your partner
and do what it takes to follow.

Are you okay?

Everything was going well

but lost the balance in the pot.

And suddenly...


Do me a favor,
Can you bend it?

Was overturned and we have water inside.

And how will that happen?

I thought well, I could use
benefit in force at the beach

to get the water out.

Since is coming, guys.

How will you, okay?

No, there is still a little.
Hold on one minute there.

Cliff is a guy who falls fairly well

It's funny, has great charisma

and say that is the best in our tribe falls
right now.

Not born missing that have lifted more.
Just keep it in that position.

I see Cliff and I can not tell you that
basketball team was

or what he did for a living or what
ago now

because in truth I do not care.

Do you say, you

No, it was not so bad.

And then we have
Lindsey, Sarah Woo

apparently you like them.

Is as if they were his fans.

Truth I love Cliff.

I think it's fantastic,
I think so.

This is a game.
I know how to play this

Only I have to make sure
be aware of what is happening

Our first mission...

failure .

Today is a wonder, a tribe of

But there are plenty of people playing

and here I am.

Alexis is the one flirting

That plan
is always showing her sensuality and her underwear

And I plan says:
'? Want coconut juice'

So I see what he plays.

Jefra moreover,
not know what's playing.

Meais And you lot?

Be that shit no,
but piss?

Maybe once a day is not good for us

All waxes her box
waxes are not shiny.

You look cute in those socks.

Jeremiah only see as a friend

but can he see me as more

So if I see that I need

course I will use it

So would in my pocket

'm From Silicon Valley, and it is full
technicians and engineers.

A tribe that Sabiondo
would love where I live.

Jeremiah you drop
drool over Morgan

And being the final member

I can facilitate work for Morgan and
to be with her.

Do not
puts you in the Jefra nerves?

For me, both me put

Just sitting with her smile.

I think we need to be the smart
, those running.


And if all trust in my...

All three have to be together.

I think when I saw
tribe to me

thought it would be the fourth girl from the tribe.

Doing nothing all day

Do not judge a book by its cover

'm Playing

Any of these are
medium-dry, Trish?

And what about this?
This will last quite.

If you need firewood can go get more, Lindsey.

There is enough wood up there.

you have a problem?

Seem to have a problem with me.

No, what I mean is that if we have

for the following 39 days

need as much wood as possible.

Okay, and then
why me?

Why pay me?

Well, we all try to help.

Exactly, then

- why not me?
- I'm not sure.

- Are you kidding?
- Leave it, or case.

Trish or Tricia
need to calm down.

Because I can not endure it every time he speaks.

I can not stand his attitude.

Can not stand the fact that I judge both

Lindsey, I think I can contribute as
does the rest.

Only want you so
I do, that's all I'm saying.

Madremía if
not stand her.

What's up, Trish,
everything okay?

Was just sitting there kissing her ass to Cliff.

Well, listen.

Think we all start
see what I see

As Lindsey no help at all

and how irritating it can
unless you are here

'm from Mass, Boston.
I have not known yet.

If I had gotten two cakes

... would still crying now.

Lindsey is casting by Cliff

their skills to basketball or whatever.

I'm with you,

I've got you,
and you have me.

I trust Trish

A real person

She's there letting the soul

only while the rest are with the dramas .

're Sweet, but
have to be strong.

- I am.
- You have to be.

Do not let those ideas
are you getting into your head

and you say, 'Look this is what happens
'. Because it is not.

'll Do what I have to do and then I'll tell
what I do.

- Okay.
- Talk to you later, okay?

Trish and I are going to lead
feet with these people

And that's why I
the idea of ​​spying

So I helped with shelter, acted

as if to help protect people

But I'm doing a gap to spy

I'm trying to plug a
corner with a palm leaf

and I go to the beach

= =
then come here to hear what they say.

And I'll listen to everything.

So anything that tells Cliff Woo

will be crucial information

Is the key to this

Not only listen to some, but
hear everything.

That's what I want.

My main goal is Cliff,
lion pack

So to me with the pack

another lion has to get and
kill the head of the herd.

And then you have to kill their cubs.

I have more intelligence than force, they only
I do not know

Come on, guys!

Strength and Beauty, take a look at the new
Intelligence tribe.

David expelled in the first Council.

Well, are you ready for
immunity challenge today?


First things first, bring me back

Again the immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge
nadaréis up a bamboo cage.

Shall go up to her and I meteréis within

where you will find four fish traps

'll Have to open the door

pass through
traps and bring it to shore .

Where a member of the tribe
containing used parts

to solve a complicated puzzle
a fish

The first two tribes who grab win immunity

and Council will be safe.
The losers will go to Council

where someone will be the second person voted out of Survivor

Also be competing for the reward you.
Would you know what?


For the first tribe to finish
will be a full set of fishing.

All that I will need
to catch many fish.

You will have networks,
worms, hooks.

If I do not have much luck fishing

a couple of things that I used to cook

pan, oil, salt and pepper

The second tribe to finish it
take something less substantial.

Fishing gear: hooks,
balances and fishing line.

For those who have lost nothing, only
an appointment with me in the Council.

Where you drive out anyone.

Force, have a member of more.
Who is left out?

- Do you agree?
- Yes, of course.


Cliff is left out in this.

Beauty have to lay someone.
Who will?


Well, Cliff Brice and take up
seat on the bench.

The rest will give a
minute to start and strategies.

Here we go, by
immunity and reward.

Survivors ready?


All swimming together.

You have to get all the cage
before you start climbing.

J'Tia which is doing all

Forward, Strength!

Forward Beauty!

The tribe still waiting J'Tia Intelligence.

Forward Intelligence!

Do you?

Force will be the first tribe
I get to the other side.

're All inside.

Snorkel, begin to work in
open the cage.

Throw yourself.

Intelligence continues to struggle to get inside.

Beauty has all its members inside.

Intelligence has all its members inside.

Now you have to start
untie knots to open the cage.

The three working well together. Alternating
to dive.

Force opened his door.

Intelligence opened his door.

Now you have to draw the fish traps

These weigh.

I think that's it.

Beauty opened his door.

Force already have their pitfalls,
go with them to the shore.

Intelligence were the last,

but recovering some time.

This is a very physically demanding challenge.

- Got it?
- Yes

Much weight in these traps,
is not easy.

still working fine together, led by Garret.

Come on, we're winning!

Great effort by the tribe
Intelligence, a major advantage.

Intelligence back with four traps.

That is , begin to untie.

Force has lost big time.

It hooked me in the foot.

The tribe
Beauty is not making any progress.

- What's the catch?
- There is no trick.

- Guys, we have a good advantage.
- Go, go, go.

Not trust us.

A huge advantage for Intelligence tribe.

Tribe Force returns with four traps.

The inability Beauty
gives options to continue to force options.

Begin to untie.

J'Tia working for Intelligence tribe.

Force haste to get your parts.

Many people bleeding.
Sarah cut into fingers.

- Tony cut
- I got a good cut.

This is Survivor,
welcome to the game.

Sarah solving the puzzle of the tribe of Force

the blood which is everywhere.

J'Tia solving the puzzle by Intelligence tribe.

J'Tia still trying to fit the first piece.

A big advantage right now

for Strength and Intelligence
because Beauty is in the water.


Sarah with the first piece to the Force tribe.

- J'Tia with the first piece.
- Well done.

Sarah his second piece.

The tribe Beauty bundled
still trying to get the water traps.

Follow endeavoring,
you still have options!

Sarah with the third piece.

J'Tia still have problems.

Sarah with the fourth, with a

The tribe Beauty
try get back into the game.

Sarah with her fifth item.

Stay calm.
Do not go crazy.

Sarah with her sixth piece.
I have two.

Intelligence is in trouble.
J'Tia only takes one.

Sarah with the seventh, only it is a
Force tribe.

Tribe Force wins immunity and reward!

Seek another place, even
seguis both options!

has long had in this puzzle.

And so far only been one piece.

get the first piece for the Beauty tribe.

LJ. get the second. Beauty
head now.

J'Tia begins to panic.
It can be seen in the face.

LJ. get the third.

LJ. the fourth for Beauty tribe.
Begin to take advantage.

This is where
tribe would think that would make it okay Intelligence.

- Still continue with the puzzle?
- Well, well.

I think we're in the wrong tribe.

LJ. with the fifth piece for Beauty

J'Tia gets his second piece.

Beauty with its sixth piece.
A LJ. only has two parts.

J'Tia has only two pieces.

LJ Come on, do it!

LJ. the seventh,
has only one.

J'Tia can feel what is coming.

Beauty wins immunity and reward!

Are you safe from Tribal Council!

For the second time,
Intelligence eject someone.

Tribe Force ehnorabuena.

Tonight will not have Tip.

Beauty Tribe
do not know how you released this off, but you did.

LJ, is all yours.

Immunity for the Beauty tribe.

J'Tia your body language says it
all, how do you feel now?

I made my tribe lost the challenge.

'm Usually good at
puzzle... but I failed.

Okay, grab your tribe Force
great reward Fishing

and come back to camp,
enjoy the night.

Tribe Beauty
Come for your reward of fishing.

Pick up your things and come back to
campemento, enjoy tonight.

Okay, tribe Intelligence second time

Board where someone will be ejected from the game.

Take your things and come back to
camp, see you on the Board.

- The Force Tribe strikes back, guys.
- Go yes.

Victory is sweet.

Sarah did it again.

Was the queen in the puzzle.

Today we went to
immunity challenge me and we cut a finger.

And then the silly
Tony cut in the foot too

There was blood on the puzzle and

and take it out as the tribe
force we are, why we do .

Blood, sweat and tears to get what we want

- Good job to all.
- Well done, man.

We were the best, win fishing equipment

and all that was at stake.

We have olive oil, salt

It's wonderful,
is all wonderful

's Good stuff.

The first thing crossed my mind is that
would have

some sort of idol or track
to the idol in the basket.

So I opened the brown pack,
and I saw a piece of paper inside.

So when I looked again the
caught and put in my pocket

and something of this size.

And this is what he had,
and this is what he had.

'The ocean offers fish, the well provides water

Another water body provides protection.'

Protection Y
is what I need right now.

'Tied to something solid,
is the idol you are persecuting.'

'Very hidden, but not very deep.
Y requires you wet '

I love, and I know exactly where that place is

We have in the pond behind the camp

There is a huge trunk, which is good solid

I love you.
I love.

Come on, man.

's Here.

Can not be.

Come on, man.

I got into the lake and
after a while I felt a buldo

and knew it was right there
idol, and found it.

This is vital.

I needed.

Not have to tell anyone that I have

not going to benefit me in my
anything if I tell someone.

Because that will give them reason to amaze

not want that,
I want to surprise them.

So this idol no one will know your existence.

I'm the king of the jungle,
the king of the jungle.

'm The king of the selvaaaaa!

We returned to camp and since we J'Tia fucked in the challenge,

is clear that she is the clear choice for
leave today

What do you think guys
to do?

Do we have lots of conversations aside,

or come to a consensus as a group?

Not want to have to use the idol now

so I decided to try to show his position Kass

front of everyone,
to see who goes.

? Kass,
do you have an opinion?

I think J'TIa.

Did not do much swimming when
threw all of the chests.

And then the puzzle as well...

Had no
good contribution in the challenge or another aspect.

I'm just being honest.

Spencer, what would you think?

If good sense.

Are we having a discussion about

- I think we should talk.
- I think we should be honest.

- Yes because -
- need to win.

? Garrett?

Yes, I agree.

? Tasha?

Still think
I want to talk to people individually

do not know who is being honest or not.

My vote as well, I do not want to have conversations

Is what I prefer.

Not think I love Survivor

and now that I'm here is frustrating

I am with people who do not want to play.

I am ready to cajole, betray,

but it seems that
I am told that it will not be.

Saddens me

The best thing I think is that the
five're here until the Board reaches.

- Dinner...
- need to talk to you two.

Are the only conversations I need to have separate.

Do not know why I have to have private conversations

Everything has been pretty clear.

This is Survivor,
spoken here.

But I do not want more...

Then get out of here!


This is the least
strategic game that nobody has played.

Not know why you think that
Garrett is the lead in Luzon

No is the leader of the tribe.

It pulls lying all day

rather like watching others work

Is always hungry and it turns out that
will not play

is being...
is foolish.

From Dumberer.

It is.

Survivor That is unless you play this

must be played as well go to take wind.


I had a conversation with my tribe
and told me: 'Sit down a minute

have been reviewing your history and you have to go home.'

Saying, 'No, no, no,

do not tell you apart, but before all

Yes, of course.

as my personality as I think it would take me

I'm not talking just today

spoke of the following three days.

In the next three days we will have a great

and we will win the challenge

'll win all challenges one after another

and not have to return to the Council more.

If you can not talk about strategies

Like the genius that is

Garret decided to mount a hall discussion

to see what we do at

Garret, you're an idiot!

What are you doing?

're Number one in idiocy Survivor.

Why would you do that

Would have been very easy to say what you want to hear J'Tia

Garret But now let go all

now have to care for these girls

And ensure that they go home.

You have to realize that
can turn around this.

If they do not want to do things I do,
and I will try to change this.

I will not be in the next
go home.

are only two of them.

In any case I'm the third or fourth and you
the third or fourth.

I have to do what it takes to be

Why can not you send

I make it so.

I'm telling you...

one and two.

Next is go I promise.

is the only day we have the numbers.



Hello, girls.

Hey, I do not want to leave
J'Tia alone.

Who knows what God is doing.

- Is pissed.
- Someone has to watch her.

know that you will go through your head.

There will be mischief.

Okay, prefer
four to be together.

The last thing I want is
fight, I do not like.

YES so it goes, as it

'm Pissed, and I'm
go through the front door

Treat me like crazy.

's Why I watch,
as a mental patient.

left the mental patient and he was just the clamp.

This is what happens when you let
crazy people alone.

- Do not have any water in bottles?
- Not a drop.


Is that rice?

Who threw rice into the fire?

- Do not know.
- Do not you know, magic?

Do not know.

- Is there rice on fire?
- Hello?

Is all rice?

We know who did it.

- I threw everything.
- Can not...

I is almost nothing.

was as rare when we went to the beach

Was a mistake let alone

threw all our rice and now we have.

've Had bad
here before this

and this puts me to a new level.



All our rice.

Wanted us to be together here!

What was the criteria for selecting Intelligent

I like to see.

Because... ironically

Was about to approach J'Tia
to tell to change the vote

Back to camp and threw all the rice
Fire .

I can not ally with a person

Tribal Council number two.

The faces that you come.

Spencer, what happened?

Well... after challenge decided

We make a living
discussion to see who is going.

Which is something that is not normally done in

Tell me what you spoke, Tasha.

Well basically what we lost by the challenge.

What was the fault of J'Tia what?

Yes, and I suggested:
'Hey Garret and Spencer, I can

we go apart to talk?'
But then what Garret said.

That what has to be done
talk then.

Garret, why discuss it
all so openly?

What is the meaning of that?

Basically wanted to let you know that was going to be her.

So we told
that we would vote for J'Tia

and that would calm Kass.

Jeff, to be honest I'm really pissed

Garret I wondered why I had
to make all the decisions.

So I gave a fit
and threw rice into the fire.


- All rice?
- Almost.

- It became a bit.
- Yes

- pulled as 98%.
- Yes

Well, it was not my best.

That is clear.

Jeff But I want to add that
is why I wanted to talk privately.

She gets angry easily.

And I knew he would do something like that when
hear that.

But you are responsible for telling that he was leaving.

No wonder the expulsions by surprise work.

Not because they're fun, but because they are effective

All it takes to have more conversations

is that you put all your time in game.

Never been trying to set up a master plan.

What you did is basically
me up in front of everyone.

Not at all.

- The thing is...
- Whatever.

To be home,
strip most of our rice

accuses me of something I did
front of everyone.

Which is very unfair.

Kass , are you where you are?

Have you heard
the two sides of the story, and Garret J'Tia.

Jeff, both are
very paranoid people.

I was in the water with foot cleansing Tasha

after challenge, and Garret is very paranoid

came with us too and then
was when we ran out of rice.

Is not fair.

- It's the rice is gone.
- It was the fault of one person.

If you are going to speak just before coming to

I do not expect too
I just sit in the shelter.

So what is more important,

? 30 days without rice, and see how we clean our feet

- Skies.
- Jeff.

I feel my game is
being embarrassed now.

Del all, how can you play Survivor
if you can not talk with others alone?

Tasha was upset today because
J'Tia was his closest ally.

It's that simple.

You can ask the rest of the alliance.

Okay forgiveness Tribe.

And we want J'Tia go,
and certainly that's pissed.

Kass you smiled when he said 'alliance'
and fixed it saying 'tribe'.

Yes, because
formed no part of the alliance.

Do not you think that you, Spencer and I
you form an alliance on day four?

Come on, if you're out!

- Now I'm out.
- Yes, you.


Is a flexible girl.

And Garret decides who is in and out.

So if I'm right,
things are right now:

Garret, Kass and Spencer states,

J'Tia and Tasha are in trouble.
And most certainly go J'Tia today.

I do not see it at all.

But is not what you just said?

If J'Tia goes home we have four players

which can form a close-knit team.

Okay, you may not have heard me

- Spencer, am I right?
- For nothing, is what you just said.

But repeating,
I have not developed any master plan.

approached Spencer and I and told us:

'not going to be able to separate the girls
without me'

Spencer and I thought that was right.

knew we were going to do, but when J'Tia
failed us Challenge

what were going to do was clear.

Bringing Kass, Garret just say

you you approached him and Spencer
to separate the girls

and form an alliance,
True or false?

That has Garret said, but that did not happen

So how do you trust Garret?

- I do not trust anyone.
- I stood outside the alliance.

Clearly you will stay with my place.

Not true, he needed to separate you two
Tasha, no more.

The four of us are equal.

What four?

Madremía, this is crazy.

I have no idea
what will happen.

has been quite enlightening and moved.

's Time to vote.
Garret, you go first.

The fact that you
nuclear engineer gives very, very afraid.

I'll get the votes.

If anyone has the immunity idol and wants to play

now would be the time to do so.

Okay, once
read the decision is final.

The person ejected must leave
Council area immediately.

Read the votes.

First Vote...


A vote J'Tia a Garret vote.

Two votes J'Tia, Garret
one vote.

Garret, draw.
J'Tia Two votes, two votes Garret.

It is one vote.

Second person voted out of Survivor Cagayan:


Garret, the tribe has spoken.

's Time for you to leave.

Who wants to welcome me
marginalized group?

Not so bad.

This has been the strangest Council
which I took part.

If you can make something good
tonight Council

is looking
you learned how to play this.

Grab your torches and come back to camp
, which may rest.

Then next episode scenes

In the next episode of Survivor...

Tony is looking for an ally

I have been a cop for about 13 years.

While the rest...

- just looking...
- is disastrous


It's like he was in a state
'nightmare Survivor'.

I have been totally surprised.

Had left
immunity idol at camp

Neither had raised me

Because I was pretty sure from
what would happen today

is very embarrassing,
in many ways

Very, very embarrassing.