Survivor (2000–…): Season 27, Episode 5 - The Dead Can Still Talk - full transcript

One castaway sacrifices their own life in the game for a loved one.

survivors antecedent feed

regression player controls the game

They are represented by a five NPC coalition leadership

on these five people to the last a

their only concern is
know their relatives were eliminated

island in the redemptive

Brad Culpepper bear all accusing

he let a woman to shut up

- I'll let you shut off you?
- Fuck you Brad Culpepper

I do not believe he can stay up merge

while the relatives of the situation is deteriorating


Last Ciera and her mother Puzzles on the duel

her mother won

their losing streak at four games immunity challenge

Galang remain unbeaten

I want Ciera success

but there are also counting on my entire tribe

face yet another tribal council

men planned to kill a girl

I love Ciera

but completely useless when she puzzles

but Caleb heard another Plan

not have thought


tribal meeting Caleb the game into their own hands

I do not want you go home

I will write the name of Brad

wow directly say out

convince Tadhana eliminated their leadership

tribes have decided

This is tribal meeting occurred
most significant powers transfer of

left 13 people who will be eliminated tonight?

wow you ah

sorry I did not scare you

my God

- wow
- forced

God horse? Tribal Council amazing

Vytas you angry yet?

did I also like Ciera

Brad's turn to leave the Come on then

second I turn to cast votes

now I find Hayden and Vytas
Caleb did not know to do that

So I think Caleb pulled me and Katie put here

me and Katie have a number of advantages of the

stay one day longer, but anyway I am very happy


Yes powerful ah

plans do you know that?

do not know

I is angry

just so angry until I could not...

... not under control

into tribal council I think for Brad worried

I could no longer trust him

... so I put out

big move ah buddy

I do not know spade like... I...

I was shocked

Caleb pre-emptive

entrap me and Vytas

Crazy Crazy Crazy

I do not know whether that means
he followed the girls up

Vytas and I...

is the outsider?

I wonder now has his own position in the tribe

This game never know what will happen the next second

really do not know

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Yes Caleb walked a good move

him he was a good kind of understand this game
he learned something from Colton

know John and Candice here I was a bit nervous

I last saw the assassination of John and Candice
she said to me that does not sound good, then

John and Candice

you beat me at my white flag before the

So you do not wake up surprised I came

- Candice sorry
- Well

you know...

This is a game I do not want this outcome, but...

I was sleeping when I heard a heavy

most want to appear in the island's sweet salvation sound

Brad Culpepper

- you came I was shocked
- yes ah

five men and the good kind, right?

I do not know

I can see at some point in the Redeemer on the island to see Brad

he decided to make a bold move
sometimes bite him

do seem to bite Brad a so...

at least a little revenge the pleasure

I understand you feel angry John came

consequently I did good... I apologize

honest I am glad not to be scolded in the salvation of the island

Brad came in to say do not mind, but

his wife out on the first day of my

and John trust him when he knocked out John

So I told him no goodwill

- businesslike just
- ah

is not a private grudge

your real alliance is your spouse your relatives

Brad to say anything you like, but

In this game be killed than kill the person is

he is now on our island

Redemption Island

so I never let him out of the organic

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Survivor: bloody battle S27E05 < / font>

Subtitles and Sync By TMO80
Sorry if there are errors

- Laila
- good Lord


good comfortable

Laura M lumps do you feel?

have ah everywhere

in the "Survivor" this game

trust you have to find a group of people on

also make people like you

that what I want to do in this game

thank you so much Laura I need

I like Aras We like to be together

because We make each other calm down

I wish I could be like Aras believe he did trust me

- where you catch a good comfortable
- yes ah

I like nice latissimus dorsi nice shoulder

I think Laura M thought she was teasing me

example with me Dadehuore
but the truth is just very different

I'm not thinking right
Thank you flirting with me Now I want to...

let you join my affiliate

Oh right here is what I need

my core alliance is now my Monica

Tina Tyson Gervase

so there are three people do not belong to five caucus Union

Kat Laura B and Laura M

I think Laura M she was intelligent and insightful

I think she knew that he was an outsider

she is doing her best to help her think we can go further
who sets a good relationship

Where did you learn this technique is Laura?

I was married for 20 years

night camp

tribal veteran who has a kind of indescribable bond

before they have participated in "Survivor"

I did not

I was slowly beginning to understand. ..

... everyone

Gervase I here there is space blanket

- What?
- I here there is space blanket

I do not have a

good after you can

I They did not have the kind of emotional relationship

I still feel like an outsider
new girl

This makes the game very difficult

approach it guys

Galang look at new Tadhana tribe

Brad on a tribal council was eliminated

now for today's showdown players



and Brad

I regret


I can do to change your position?

Monica You are my strong rock

I love you

You can not change my position
I will fight I'll be back

- I love you and I'm sorry
- no, no

- I pity
- Honey, I love you

but I'm here not because I am a jerk
side of all I want to say clearly

these people already know

this tribe also know

Brad then you go to a lot of negative energy on
comes from Candice


Candice is interesting considering

you Culpepper most criticism

two tribes have undergone a lot of things

And you never stayed in a camp which is a second

yes ah I just have said repeatedly been eliminated so

and they made it very firm

this is their words... and his words inconsistency

- he and his his
- while they still in the game

- and her and her
- so...

and his

Perhaps this is a good lesson Candice

because you really hurt my heart

- yelling angered these...
- Well Monica When you write my name

you broke my heart

good we enter the duel it

rules are as follows

you come up with wooden part

with wooden bridge

complete the bridge demolished bridge sections

with wooden puzzles to unlock

first to complete the puzzle of the two

survive continue to fight

opportunity to re-compete for millions of dollars on the journey

people will never finalized out

your time at the end of the game

Candice John Brad

selecting the locations we started

good we come

some people are going to lose anyway lover

either Monica lost Brad

either John and Candice will lose one of them

surviving who are ready


first step is to dismantle wooden

because these planks to be used to build a bridge

Candice and John immediately began to build a bridge

Brad to split out all disposable wooden

Brad split from the bottom

Candice in another duel rapidly lead

Redemption Island arena is her site

Nobody beat Candice

John and Brad are now in contention second

soon fell behind

Come on you

Candice rapid completion

Now John second Brad bottom

calm Brad

John was wrong he had to go back

which gave Brad chance


Brad now leading John the

good baby you are doing well

- Well done Brad
- very intense

No one wants to go home

That there are many games to play with over the 11 days

Candice early lead and now she slowed down

good like you did a great job

wow keep pace with the

really is that everyone at the same time put a

a bridge must be removed fared well

use these wooden puzzle

Brad has put a John and put a

He is now a third of the worse one Candice

John will be the first bridge to be made good touch here

John now to start apart

he was looking for preprinted board

that would help him complete the puzzle

Well done Brad

good like Brad

Brad is now complete

Well done darling

Brad is now looking for a puzzle pieces

Candice can now Chaiqiao the

you're looking at the bottom of the pattern puzzle pieces

That is what you need to throw away the other on the line

Brad and John rapid dismantling

John got all the puzzle pieces

slowly you did well

Brad get all the puzzle pieces of the

- Well done Culpepper!
- good fuel oil

Monica for her husband to fight a lot of support ah

Candice and John only have each a

Candice get all the puzzle pieces of the

have 12 planks only need 8

There are four fight do not go

yin and yang in the middle of yin and yang in the middle

so one out of two retention

John Puzzle rapid progress

John untied John wins duel

now Candice and Brad

for second seat of the

refueling Brad


not that right

Culpepper very close

Come on a good fight piece

Candice very close

- yellow
- Candice and Brad are now dispute

a person qualify a person lost

- Brad refueling refueling!
- Come Culpepper

to be a good fight in the middle of

- to fight the middle
- to the middle of yin and yang

Come on baby you are very close to the

put away in the middle of

on the right on the right

Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete

Brad completed yet?

Brad Culpepper completed stayed

John stayed

Candice was out

John Congratulations

Brad Congratulations, you survived

Candice now is how to think?

you do not just leave the game have to leave her husband and let him fight

I have to say this is the most difficult

my wife and I came here

so and 20 with a stranger is not the same

John is how you think?

least bit of difference makes you and your wife Laoyanfenfei the

she was about to leave and you want a man here

Besides you know how much she want to play

absolutely terrible

I mean the first one to see her walking by votes
a broken heart I know she upset

does not change her position now and send her out even more sad


Candice your time at the end of the game

you want to say goodbye to John and go

- Hey, do not worry I
- I know I know

You are very strong

to eat cheese burger

- Do not cry anymore, okay
- OK

Well, Candice was time to leave

scarf thrown out when the urn

goodbye to you


have fun

- Goodbye
- Take Care

Goodbye Jeff

love you

Well John because you win the duel

you can decide who got the statue

location clues

or give Monica


This is your clue

last time you put the clues thrown into the fire, and the

you want to keep? Or then burned?

thrown into the fire

- is thrown into the fire a
- it is useless

it bad

John Brad Congratulations you survived

You can continue to return to the fray to compete for millions of dollars on the journey

packed his things back to Redemption Island bar

opponents wait for the next one and the next duel

Well you back to the camp bar

Thank you for your support and encouragement

not the ultimate elimination friends...

not just a game it

if he did not come back, then I would be very surprised

- Thank you for this inspiring words
- very surprised surprised

Today is my most depressed in this day

I did not think Brad would go to Redemption Island
but he'll be fine

he would come back from Redemption Island

we meet again to the end

okay this is "Survivor"

us the same kind of people
a person can survive another people can

Yes, no matter what happens

Brad and Monica is a very intimate one pair

this very threatening

Brad I'm good at that...

- if for awhile longer
- ah

- back from Redemption Island
- Yes

matter how we look at the development but to know

This does not affect the relationship between both of us
also hope it will not affect you

I think Monica realized

did not give her lover backing up

she was his efforts to force a

I think our portfolio remains five people

to look after the merger we who still love

is that they come in or go out side are

I can not say hundred percent believe Monica

she either is a big threat
either is a good ally

I have not thought about her that are the types

us well you okay

He's not a silly hat

- he was a lawyer
- yes ah

- to a banana do?
- okay

Ciera last one to you?

unwanted words I ate slightly

to you

thank everybody

"Survivor" game has several layers of meaning

most basic meaning is

must find something to eat to survive looking for a place to sleep

- to deal with high temperatures
- sand so hot

I did not brush their teeth

most frightening thing is injured

either leg abrasions or what

I covered in insect bites package

never so much over
face neck back are all

we were defeated
I do not know if I can be worse

to now We lost the game

slowly decompose in the body like

our flies too bad

here the circle are inflamed

because the total wear wet shoes
my feet like athlete's foot and ringworm Zhang


festering walking painful

on fingernails

I lost a nail

- nails out? < br /> - Yes, ah

- look ah look ah
- how will

Oh God soon fell off

yes ah yes fast off the disgusting

I think she looks like a nail out of
feet redness also end up with a hard crust

Her fingernails and toenails fell fast

the nails have lost

God ah

I do not want to see me sick to

but I am very sympathetic to this girl

- are inflamed
- yes ah

We are like licking wounds
because the game in our faith fail frustrated

If I lose down
how regroup

How to get out of the situation failed to reverse
how energized

let yourself unscathed is possible

I love Ciera very lively girl man

I think she is like my sister

Now nobody is 100% sure Caleb like doing

as much as one can turn things around

like Caleb, as in the tribal meeting

eliminated Brad

these people you have to be careful

cater to their emotions

here Terrific ah

that both girl...

in real life will never be met
let alone get along

But in this way they can sleep together

both of us do not have this thing man...

else am I going to meet you dude

how we would intersection

I'm good but I did not mind reading
France seen through Caleb

this quiet from Alabama Farmer

key now is to ensure that Caleb and I am of one mind

Of course I want to please Caleb

I'm going crazy skin suited to the weather here

a rash

I'll have to go horny

your skin well

yes ah ha ha

after the assassination of Brad

my situation
Backward girls can either backward boy

I have not felt hand power to use one word to describe it

so I voted for Kazakhstan because right boundless ah

can become critical votes Zhenshuang

Brad eliminated since we would be very quiet and peaceful

Here is another energy

I like listening to nature and enjoy the moment

but bring a lot of hustle and bustle
Brad ruined this calm

enjoy this quiet and peaceful Fantastic

This is what I came to the most beautiful place

No Brad atmosphere of our team after the very interesting

yes ah

- even defeats the total days in the end of the
- yes ah

everybody no matter what happens we must strive as much as possible

we must win they

So go all
challenge no matter what we can win

I think the game a tense

lose if I have to come back again struggling

because every time I perform well
this is my last a chance

but won the next game feeling too good
just come ah just ah

approach it guys

- everyone ready for the challenges of today yet?
- Yes

I want four consecutive back from Galang immunity idol

immunity once again up for grabs

challenge today is

every tribe One person from
giant "Survivor" slide slide down

on the road to seize the ring

then cast out hanging on the shelf

who first hit to his tribe win a point

first filled with 5 tribes

win immunity without being eliminated

loser attend tribal council
sent to Redemption Island was put out

In addition there is a reward game

- Want to know what reward do?
- like

juicy steak


spices also There is a cooking pot

pot ah!

if you wish you can be replaced with fishing tools

Tadhana win
If this will be a difficult decision

Galang more than three players you
excess right side of the match Xuanshui are OK

I do not sit on the bench

Well who wants to sit on the bench?

Monica Laura M Laura B
stool to sit up crowd

We discuss countermeasures we immediately start

I hate bench

I was

Well, we started the first round

Galang's Gervase Battle Tadhana of Caleb

Tadhana not won in the race game

This can be re-energized it

survivors ready


Gervus seize the ring
Caleb did not catch live

strive to hook it up to five bars of an upper

- Gervus not in
- Come Gerv

Caleb win the first round

Tadhana leading game


next round Galang's Tyson Versus Tadhana of Hayden

survivors ready



well Tye

Members waterfalls

two are caught Ring

Hayden voted no in

Tyson did in

Hayden was not any in

Tyson to win Galang a minute

- draw 1:1
- Come Baby

Galang, Kat Battle Tadhana of Katie

survivors ready


- Kat
- Come

female guy who slide down waterfalls

Kat caught up ring Katie did not catch

Kat is now a good time

- she can not lead you in
- Come on Come on

Katie also voted no in

Do not worry do not worry cast into

- Kat was not any in
- Kat refueling

Katie in a given Tadhana win a point

Tadhana leading 2:1

Well done

chanced brothers pinch

- the last time in physical duel Aras win
- Vytas

- now Aras Battle Vytas
- thrilled yo

Tadhana leading 2:1

Start it Survivors ready


good so

both caught two rings are the same

so Vytas first hit to Tadhana win a point

Tadhana leading 3:1


next round Galang's Tina Battle Tadhana of Ciera

Tadhana leading 3:1

goal is flooded fifth
survivors ready


Ciera caught the ring Tina also

Ciera cast out Tina did not in the middle

- Come Ciera
- Ciera refueling baby

Ciera it can allow Tadhana labeled 4:1

not almost

Tina hit a given Galang win a point

- gap narrowed
- the good kind Tina

Tadhana leading 3:2

everyone played a re-do it again

New Battle Caleb Battle Tyson

prepared a survivor ready


Tyson Can the inning to tie it Caleb leading

Caleb struggled to grasp the ring
Tyson also captures

not in

- Caleb did in
- Tyson you can refuel the

Tyson was good but did not throw in

- Caleb is Tadhana win a point
- Well done

Tadhana leading 4:2

Caleb you are the best

Hayden for the next round of fighting
Gervase Tadhana behalf Galang

- Come Gervase
- refueling Gervase

refueling Gervase

- Tadhana likely won...
- Please, Please,

which they are most likely in the game winning a bureau

- my God
- only one point to win the game

Hayden tribe may be able to win the game

variety bless ah

survivors ready


- Come Hayden
- Come Hayden

Hayden is not a mess, he quickly slide down to seize the ring to stand up

Gervase also up both cast out

Gervase did not in
Hayden in

Gervase also voted once not any in

- Come on Come
- Hayden also voted once


Gervase may, for Galang win dotted ah

Hayden in the

Tadhana won the first victory this season

won immunity and reward

- god we finally won
- ah ah ah

good the baby was amazing

Thank God

Tadhana this game the first time

immunities belong to you

is the first time you do not participate in tribal council

awards have two options you choose which

- steak
- steak

come get steak Reward enjoy

you have the opportunity to feed themselves

keep for the rest of the game fine build Rui

enjoy tonight, enjoy the rewards Congratulations Tadhana

Thank you Jeff

Galang game for the first time

you want to participate in tribal council
someone will be eliminated sent Redemption Island

win the battle to fight back in the game

pack things right back to the camp tribal council tonight, see

I keep thinking about that steak

That we have almost no chance

I will be the first to experience tribal council so...

This is my first time meeting these tribal people have experienced a

first tribal council was nervous going to open up

then the tension....

my day could be my

first tribe immediately abandoned me

who knows this tribe is not the same

Nothing I tried to relax

hope everything goes well...


I could stay here

I'll still pick up a good

just in case

So today, my strategy is to keep vigilant eye View Quartet

identify who and who gang situation is like

then tour muddy water

let us praise the Lord gave the world delicious Fruit

supply us with carefully taste

your friends complain that you're involved in the game...

bench together when I told them when

they complain I?


Gals they are just for you a little disappointed...

you suddenly said to match

because they also want to game

girls Bale

woman is always another enemy
I have been born to have felt

- Kat
- feel what?

so what?

girls who want to race

No one wants to sit Bench fact is that

I just casually talk

I know

This is really bad

Laura B My Heart think you spade

I looked left and looked at Tyson he was confused

when you know someone is the lowest level

What you can do something that only echoed their words

- make them feel good about themselves
- Do not worry

she was at the lowest level so she had to say

I'm sorry I said those words

girls ah

we have my Aras Gervase Tina

and Monica a core alliance between the five of us very

Kat think it is the same five people in this league

that I took a good pour

and Laura Morett something totally unaware of the alliance

but now the plan is to throw away all feel super tired of people

- easy - that is, Laura B.

This game is very fun

You know I really enjoyed myself

Well how do you think we What is the consensus?

- I think Laura B is easy
- no one needs to worry too much or panic

- Vote for easy
- easy vote

- Laura B locked
- easy vote locked

Aras is my In the game fully trusted the man

our strategy we need less talk

say the name tell me who
working together and then they act

- Tonight is Laura B
- Laura B

should be 8 votes... 7 votes to 1

- good
- finished

Laura B is very easy to eliminate one vote
so people feel uncomfortable around her

but easy game tickets will always be the most stupid ticket

only because it is easy does not mean we do

do you think the first one who?

Laura B

if we The Laura M banished to Redemption Island

that she might be able to beat Brad will become...


is our one card

now if Brad survived Monica leave...

Monica is now her husband at Redemption Island arena

If Brad at the Redemption Island arena lost
not return to the game

She is a great card

she never shelter

Laura M did well in the race she was good at puzzles

if she went to the Redemption Island arena and defeat Brad

then Monica is ours

So Laura M appears to be by far the best choice

we just say...

next is Laura M

What do you think?

- like a The results would then tell us
- well I'll think about it

a variety of things need to think about

Laura Morett's name is being talked about everywhere

Can she defeat the Redemption Island arena Brad?

That is my concern

you think of this idea, okay Monica?

I'm very awkward position

Larua B Brad at Redemption Island will easily beat

Laura M would be a challenge


- Laura B How?
- choose the easy vote

voting will not occur easily argue

Laura M tonight I want to go home

but this is not my personal decision

is the tribe's decision

tribal people know I'm hard to play the game

I Yuxiang vote manipulation

my own situation more dangerous

you behind a torch

take the torch to ignite the flame and put it beside the fire

This is one of the tribal council ceremony

because in this game the flame represents your life

good first ah

Gervase participation from your last tribal council
for a long time

changed since then Many

me back here pretty crazy in this basin in front of the fire and your

very real to me

I thought I could come by in some way Play

but this has to die was 13 years ago

That is not their

These people will various strategies

they would be willing to lower the first day of the Covenant

I either have to go home or else join

Tina you are from the second quarter

you as one of the originator's perspective would be like

Jeff I remember that on the fifth day there think

this five days than I have in Australia to play the entire season on the even more

This is so fast

the blood of fight this thing...

If you own a person playing the game

you can run at full speed

but not related to your own

so bloody battle Monica how to change this variable game


every time I go to duel
as now I have to worry about their loved ones

then people began to think who has greater powers after the merger

they may play together with friends

then all of a sudden they will become of duo

This makes the game so pressure doubles

Aras Will they vote out someone

is one of the elements

is a factor in your alliance

then wonder who will talk to friends and relatives in league together

then you have to put this into consideration

But now let Vytas do his something

Perhaps here there will be vacancies may not

but I have to make sure I can keep these relationships

Laura M Aras said, "Hey, my friends are all alone"

This is the only thing you can say things

ah but it's true

like I always have to let go of the day

say "Ciera you have to own a fly
not I am under the wings of the "

sounds cruel

but now it is our blood

Gervase Laura M made a good argument

her to prove that she would abandon her daughter

with her in the game, like

Can this make you feel her tribal loyalty

honest Laura M
days of living together listening to her talk about Ciera

their relationship is iron This is what I love to hear the

but everyone will feel threatened

Friends of the couple mother and brother men

can not have more than these more intimate relationship

Laura B you start the game was soon cast away

you are now living in an old tribal players you've never played

do you belong here

Jeff I feel part of the tribe

involved in decisions involved in the game

I work is an important tribal officers

and I think they have demonstrated belongs here

course I belong here

Monica you will agree with me

of course, since the first day she was with us

so she is part of the event

and She would fishing fire

tribe certainly so in her position

Laura B which will soon be eliminated, but with people who would say

best tribal members

this will always be the other side

I'm the easy one ticket

I received a warm welcome, but I have to see their disappointment tribe

Rupert's name was talked about it several times

they expect him to play

you can feel... Laura B

Do not you, even if you want to play Rupert

Rupert Taishan forest man

yes I am confident I am the tribe of key personnel

and that have established relationships with these people

I can say these words

but Jeff The other thing is she coming over from the tribal council

So she never tried to extinguish the torch
you say the game has ended the kind of uncomfortable

This will now make us feel uncomfortable

she never had

I could not find a better prelude

yes vote the time

Laura M you come

nice playing with you, but the island is only big enough for a Laura

I'm sorry some people to get back home

but I'm glad Laura the only one tribe

I went to vote

If someone handheld hidden immunity idol and want to use it

Now is the time

good number of votes can not be changed once read the results

be eliminated The person must immediately leave the tribal council

I started reading ticket

first ticket

Laura B

Laura M

Laura M

Laura M Laura B two votes, one vote

Laura M

Laura M three votes

Laura M

Laura M four votes Laura B a ticket

first one eliminated from "Survivor: bloody struggle" is
Laura M

five has enough votes to take the torch over it

Laura tribe decided

you will have the opportunity to return to the game

it took the torch to Redemption Island Good luck

addition to my assassination will not start outside
regression players expect from your other

This indicates that you can never expect what will happen next

go back to the camp packed up the torch Goodnight

do not go away tattered Bear bring you more exciting

survivors under Ep

Aras can be implemented strategy

If we lose the game

you write his name What is the problem not?

Gervase and Tyson ready for self-hill

When Zhanxia Aras Majesty's crown is the key

But not everything would go according to plan

after 14 days we will change some things

exception shocked me was assassinated


- good
- Good

is Laura

How can you lose

I believe in the game should not believe some people

But I'm still in the game the game is not over yet

I have to save their own wisdom

I have to win the duel

Translated by TMO80
- From Chinese to English==-