Survivor (2000–…): Season 27, Episode 4 - One Armed Dude and Three Moms - full transcript

For the first time ever, a Redemption Island battle pits husband against wife.

Previously on Survivor...

former players on this side,
new to that other.

Blood vs Water,
former players were

forced to compete against their loved ones.

sand on Redemption Island,
was clear that the game

bill passed at all.

not want to vote for anyone,
but we have to.

Brad, Tadhana leader is
took much of the blame.

You, Brad Culpepper!

While taking the easy way.

I can not do this.

Does that mean you leave again?


Grab your scarf, go,
a boat will pick you up.

Leaving the game and fellow tribal
a second time.

When Candice won his
second straight game...

continue on Redemption Island.

gave another clue to her husband John.

shared it with his closest ally
, Brad.

The second clue mentions the waterfall.

While in Galang, an alliance was formed

Here and now we
the five finalists.

We Tyson, Aras,
Gervase, Tina and me.

Everyone in this alliance have much experience.

In the immunity challenge...

Tyson falls to the water quickly.

Tyson injured his shoulder,

but that did not stop
immunity Galang win third straight.

scores and victory is for Galang!

Facing another Tribal Council,

Tadhana game was
expel the weak.

Ciera has not done anything in the challenges.

do not think we're helping a lot.

But Brad thought another possibility.

John can join Candice

and we can not have John and < br /> Candice back together.

have to go.

We were the five boys
from day one.

expel one now, could be
like opening Pandora's box.

At Tribal Council...


Tadhana was Brad

John, the tribe has spoken.

Sending John to
Redemption Island to fight with his wife.

remain 14,
Who will be voted out tonight

- Candice.
- Yes?



What are you doing here?

saw her come even close.

- What happened?
- Do not know.

am completely surprised,
had no idea it was going to go out tonight.

Brad told me that we were united.

For one believed him,
the other not,

but he reassured

and felt
comfortable and did not think to go out tonight.

knew you were going to trust people too much

Okay, now we're here...

- No, that's not right.
- That is not right!

'm disappointed.
Wish I'd been there

to give my support and care that they do not tuck

but he is very confident.

love him for that, but

that does not help you win at Survivor.

I love you.

sorry you been here without me.

wanted to be here without you all the time.

Good job, guys.

- was extraordinary.
- It was not easy.

epic surprise.

- the end I was getting nervous.
- Yes, he was.

not a good liar.

But I took
from day one.

was like...
John, you're my boy.

was ignoring me.

When John
surprised tonight,

started thinking about the future.

If this were Survivor Survivor
26 or 25,

we had been the five boys to finish.

But this is Survivor 27
loved ones.

John had no connection to the other side.

need to take into account the connections

When we get to the merger, the
partners join forces arrive.

Our loved ones have to understand,

unless we win on our own,
someone has to go.

need to understand the strategy of this season.

not us against them,

us all against all.

says Brad has
sense, keep

people that has at its loved one.

I'm a little more vulnerable
because I have not loved me.

left in this tribe I have, except me.

Who knows what will happen?,

but I can definitely see me in trouble

Come on, guys!

throw the first look of the new tribe Tadhana.

John was sent off in the last tribal council

competitors bring to the match today.

Candice, Marissa and John.

So Candice,
as you're not in the game,

have no idea who will get
to Redemption Island .

really do not know who comes.

What was your reaction last night when your husband came

was really upset.

sad or upset Upset angry?

Oh, Jeff, annoyed at all.

wanted someone to come.

That she and I could join
to win, someone who...

- Someone that you may hate.
- Someone who could hate.

Brad Culpepper.

In: Twine, Hopewell,
BladeGun and resacademar

Just, you know, look around.

're a kid.

Monica, each time you come here

your husband is beaten.

All I can say is that
not just a person who votes.

- There's a tribe.
- have been 8-1 and 4-1.

Monica, we heard
all who have been driven out

saying he was
silencing of women.

I silenced a woman?
Ask John.

- You can not send silence anyone.
- Ask your husband.

- Have I silenced a woman?
- When Marisa arrived at our

- Ask Jon.
- Marissa...

- did not see it.
- Ask John.

When it came to Redemption came well of sunken

Ask your husband if I shut someone

- Did you hear me you shushing someone?
- Sent me not gag me.

He will not silence a man who is bigger

and can kick your ass.

I'll say, accusations aside,

every time someone has been expelled
and sent to Redemption Island,

all and every single time,
Brad has been thought of.

He lied to me all the time.

can not trust him.
People should start thinking about that.

Maybe start thinking about King
kicking off his throne.

made a mistake to trust me.

Are you ready for the match today?

- Yes
- Sure.

OK, on ??my signal, correr?is on a bridge of escsaleras

maniobr?is wrench through enrellada rope.

When you reach the end,
Make use that key to disengage a bag.

Then Make use
parts inside to solve

very complicated puzzle.

The first two to finish,
still alive.

The last person to finish,
is out forever.

addition, the winner of this match will decide who
give a clue

the immunity idol.

Choose your place and start.

Here we go, two survive.
One will be gone forever.

Survivors ready?

Come on!

Go up to that structure.

John starts fast.
Marissa is there too.

Candice is in it.

You must maneuver that key.

That key is what you need to
disengage the parts bag.

John and Marisa tied.

Candice has been delayed a bit.

Marissa reaches the end.
Is working on your lock.

John working on the lock.

is between Marisa and John.

- Marissa has released its bag.
- You're doing fine.

puzzle is a very complicated Survivor.

you going to take a while.

Candice has released its parts bag.

Everyone working on the puzzle now.

This will be square when you finish.

a symbol on top.

John begins fast with another piece.


Marissa starts soon.
Candice slowly but surely,

separating its parts.

John is on a roll.

- Marissa puts another piece.
- Come on.

- Right.
- Start to align.

staying back a bit.

have to accelerate.

John puts another piece.

begins to make sense.

We Marissa.
Come on.

Follow the pattern.

Marissa now gathering pace.

John flying through this challenge,

as if he had designed.

Candice places a piece.

Always calm except when
is yelling at Culpepper.

You hurt my boy,
I will smite you.

John continues to progress with another piece.

I think I can get back to like John.

John, you have a
not you placed well. That one.

all the people who could give you a hand
John, is Brad Culpepper.

John placed another piece.
John is very close to winning this.

Checking John.
Do you have good?

John wins this duel and
lives to see another day.

Candice and Marissa
now fighting for second place.

If you lose this game

Marissa starts to get frustrated with this puzzle.

Candice methodical approach takes effect.

You got it, honey.

Candice puts another piece.

Candice with a small advantage.
Marissa lagging.

- Gerv...
- Look at John.

He already has the above

- Just look at yours.
- That's not helping me at all.

Marissa quickly
staying out of the duel.

Candice is approaching.

Look at John.

See how all the gray
is on one side?

yours That's how it should be.

Candice puts another piece.

is dangerously close now.

Candice close to winning this and stay alive.

Do you have it?

Candice survives.
John and Candice,

husband and wife live to see another day.

Marissa is out of play.

John, Candice, congratulations.

Marissa, after nine days

your chances of winning a million dollars

Gervase, what do you think of
effort on your niece?

'm impressed,
'm proud of you.

I've given a little more strength
I needed to get away

You know how we do.

Marissa, Survivor
your time is over.

Get your things. You can pull your scarf
in the urn.

Well, John, as well as
stay alive,

've won the duel
which means you decide who gets the track.

can give
track any person of any tribe,

the immunity idol.

Who do you give it?

Give it to Monica.

she says you do
do all the time?

She does.
Not always hear it.

- Although always tries.
- Jeff.

husbands and women do.

What do you do?

track will give Monica.


Spread some love,
was a target on my back.

- So ..
- trying to get rid of Culpepper?

Jeff's just a game, it's nothing personal

So now you have something
of power in his hands.

Monica, here
track for the immunity idol.

- You can do whatever you want.
- Low and throw it into the fire.

down and throw it into the fire.

do not think our tribe is interested

down and throw it into the fire.

- Do it, girl.
- Nobody is interested.

Everyone recognizes at this point that when you get

that track
for idol

the target is on your back.

Monica was very ready to burn.

is the first time that happens.

doing what he said.

Not only is that Monica did not want it.

burned for anyone else to have.

We're done here.
The two are still alive.

Get your things and come back to Redemption

to wait for the next duel.

Why would not throw it away?

Esoy in a good position here, but

I am concerned that when we go to
constantly dueling

people to be aggressive with my husband.

hate to say.

But it would be great to follow in the game.

would be nice to walk here with you.

The silver lining
being expelled and sent to Redemption is that

came to this game to play with Candice. < / i>

the weirdest way to me could have happened
thank Brad

and the rest of my tribe by giving me this opportunity

to be in this precious
beach with my wife and still be in the game.

All I have to do is win duels

and return to the game

That's a good one.

're just jealous because I have caught more than you

I'm not jealous, no
nothing happens if you take more than me.

'm hungry...

be a funny story to tell the kids someday.

Give me a kiss.

And finally, if he wins, great.

If I win, great.

really did want to play

the game with you. But
wanted it that way.

guess we have to accept whatever we want.

just do not understand.

Does not anyone realize the sacrifice involved

loved ones on the other side?

not know what to say.

If anyone sees this, I tell
. I appreciate it.

- It's hard to see that.
- I think... people

hurt feelings and are angry.

know Brad, he will be up
the first, keeping the fire

and making sure everyone has water.

- It comes naturally be leader.
- Fishing well.

doing all we can to make it easier for

guess that put a white top.

Will there ever be a duel
where my husband

not verbally accused...

a lot of people do not even know?

Blaming someone
not even know what it looks like...

is hard to see.

You know,
leaders have followers.

And if that's the case, then someone
are buying what he is selling.

But Brad is the strongest here.
Reaches the merger, I can not believe it.

The only thing I have to say is that you
know Brad

as Brad Culpepper Tampa.

Survivor Brad know.

That's all I'm telling
to open your eyes just a little.

Even if it's just evil,
that's part of the game.

- I'm not angry about it.
- Is clear.

He got rid of Marissa,
did a good job.

're playing the game.
This is how I see it.

guess you do not want to be
believe your loved one may be the bad guy.

Or as said,
"He who gets rid of the people."

But someone has to be. One of
our loved ones in charge.

know it's not mine, so it's
another person.

But my congratulations because you could
maintain your calm as much as you could.

- You could calm down as much as you could.
- Well, thanks for the support.

Appreciate it. And I will not disappoint
being here, that's for sure.

I love that Candice accuses Monica,
to quote: "Brad does what it says."

When Candice was the one that said
giving it to Monica.

"Are you doing what you say your man?"

Today was a difficult day. Candice
not expect that it will take so personal.

"And you, girls
tell them what to do."

Throw it into the fire. Oh, you gonna do what it says
your man?

Everyone assumes that if someone
is expelled from the island

's because I'm the boss. < / i>

Naturally I run my family.

I have become a leader of this group.

angry if
expel a family and someone gets angry when we do not.

No one is angry with you.
Are angry with me.

Thinking ahead, if we lose the next challenge

Caleb is offline.

I could send a message to the other party

we are eager to play with
you, and make connections as here.

And I
removes a little pressure on Redemption Island.

If Caleb ends up going there in
sand, no one will be yelling.

I have been in the spotlight during
all my life. This is nothing new.

- God.
- Go crazy day, crazy.

has become not Redemption Island,
but speak ill of Brad.

- Yes, it is.
- That's what it is.

Brad is public enemy number one.

whenever we were in the Redemption Island.

It's weird because I know
treacherously stabbed him John.

totally cheating.

feel it is important for us to continue with Brad.

that when we got to the merger, we remove the white
outside us.

If we lose and we have to go to tribal council
will leave one of the girls.

But we must also ensure they do not end up like John.


I think I, Hayden and Vytas
are very close. Brad is the last of the group.

How's your arm?

I keep trying to do normal things with him.

- And then I remember...
- What is not a good idea?

- Yes, it hurts.
- Take it easy, man.

'm going to go get some wood.
Tyson, stay lying down.

Yes, I'll stay here.

definitely do not get up to help. I want you to rest.

I hurt my shoulder in the immunity challenge.

Each day gets a little better, but I like to participate in challenges

because then I can do less work in the camp.

that also keep on good terms with me.

- They are far enough away?
- Yes

Then we are on this side.

good coconut grove.

I and Gervase, do one thing
we slipped and drink a couple of coconuts.

were opening them in different ways .. .

for people not recognize
we were stinging them.

There you go, buddy.

I would love to continue eating these coconuts.

I can not wait until all
with coconuts and consideration to the last.

is so rich when
reaches your lips.

coconut Bandits are back.

See, all have small cuts.
All have a little.

- Gervase thought to have been eating.
- I know, everyone has that.

- You have to throw.
- This too, dammit!

Laura, the wife of Rupert,
coconuts can not remove the head.

I thought our trap was discovered just there.

I thinking
How can we explain this?

Oh, you ate that? Shake.
Or that has a crack?

- Oh, right. No wonder.
- Maybe it was a crab.

Then Monica said: "Probably
is a crab". Thank you, Monica!

can not share a coconut crabs?
I would have one to beat.

So far so good.
Cocos Operation still running smoothly.

If everyone knew, someone will be very angry

So I keep the secret for us.
Me and Tyson, who would have thought?

Samoa most
end like coconuts are pierced.

not know what they do,
dig inside or something.

- I eat, they eat everything.
- Yes

obviously milk is spoiled.

now I'm definitely Gervase.
If this lasts until the end, so be it.

would be in the best interest of Gervase
to follow me, too.

Because both lost our family in the game. Aras is still yours.

arrives fusion Vytas
he goes to work with Vytas.

Cumulatively are the strongest,
why have them both is a great danger.

Come on, guys!

Okay, are you ready to start
with today's immunity challenge?

- Yes
- Yes, sir.

First things first, I'll take back the idol

You can just leave it here, Jeff.

immunity is back in play.

my signal will
paddling into a series of boxes.

will dive, release the drawer, < br /> put it in your boat.

Once you have all five,
will use to build a ladder.

Two tribesmen then
must solve a puzzle

combination reveals that releases the key.

First tribe to find the key right
and raise their flag wins immunity.

'll be safe from the vote.
Losers at Tribal Council.

Where someone will be expelled and sent to Redemption Island.

also be playing for the reward.

- You want to know what they are playing?
- Yes

the winning tribe,
tea and coffee, croissants, biscuits.

those taste buds with something they have not had for a while.

Or if you wish, you can change
by fishing gear. Galang has it.

They know how valuable it is.
Tadhana can choose that.

Galang, has two additional members.

must remove two people.
Who will it be?

- Are you okay?
- Good, very good.

Tina and Kat will retire

Tyson, with your arm in a sling

Do you feel more useful as clearly

will challenge
exhausting, Tina and Kat?

I can do.

My shoulder still hurts,
but is improving every day.

The thing is I'm better than almost
everyone on my tribe with one arm,

so I want to win.

Tina, Kat, take a place on the bench.

all other
have one minute to strategize and begin.

Here we go, to get the
immunity and reward.

Survivors ready?

Come on!

- Push as well!
- Put that boat in the water.

- Come Galang.
- Come on, Galang! Come on!

- Hayden!
- Come on.

Tadhana work well together.

- Rotate to your side.
- Remen!

- are you kidding me?
- Galang begins with problems.

Tadhana with a quick advantage.
As have so many challenges.

But still have to achieve a win.

have to go around his flag
to their first box.

- Move, move!
- Get ready, Hayden.

Hayden Tadhana in water.

Galang has yet to come
and turn around its banner

before they can start.

Hayden has released its first box for Tadhana

Galang now goes for his flag.

can start working in your top drawer.

Laura Boneman in the water.

Tadhana has its first
drawer, go for the latter.

Brad Tadhana in water.

Laura quickly released that box, in record time.

Tadhana continues its leadership.

Culpepper has the second drawer Tadhana

now heading towards its third.

is now in the water Monica
by the second drawer of Galang.

Culpepper will go again for Tadhana

Monica Culpepper
up to Galang.

She has released the second box.

Brad Culpepper arrive Tadhana the third drawer.

Tadhana almost flips his boat.
These boxes weigh much.

We Galang, very good!

Laura B, with another box.

Galang has its third box.

Culpepper has another
Tadhana box.

Tadhana takes three boxes,
Galang three.

There are five in total.

replonge Monica Culpepper.

search Tadhana in the fifth and final box.

Brad Culpepper
going to dive again.

Galang is his fourth box.

have been the lead in this challenge.

Brad with another great diving effort.

Get the fifth and last
Tadhana box.

- Let her inside.
- Okay.

Galang seeks fifth and final box.

Laura B. returns to the water.

You drop two boxes Tadhana

Disaster Tadhana,

this gives options to Galang.

Who get the last box.

I may return.

Hayden takes the plunge.

To attempt to recover the box.

Galang had lagged

and now lies ahead.

regains its five cartons in the pot.

Galang returns with his five.

Start down those boxes!

Tadhana is back.

squandered a great advantage.

Go, go, go, go!

Tadhana arrived.

Begin to draw the boxes!

have to carry five on the table

before you start doing the stairs.

Good job, well done

S?banlas, come!

- Desen hurry!
- Come on, Galang!

- already have them, Jeff.
- Go ahead.

- Top.
- Very good.

Forward Tadhana,
remove that rope.

Everyone working on the stairs.

has to be the first to go on the base.

Galang doing very well together,
believe they have found a way to get it.

has to be the first, see what it says.

On one side it read
Blood vs Water

so they will know if it is okay.

Gimme that, gimme that.

Let evenly matched.

Galang has not lost any challenge yet.

- This is the top.
- And Tadhana still won none.

The two tribes are approaching.

- We have it, Jeff.
- I have!

Tadhana did,
start work on the puzzle!

- Come
- Come, come!

Galang have it, go ahead!

are Vytas and Ciera,
and Laura Tyson.

Direct Confrontation
in the puzzle.

The last time he faced his mother

and his mother won.

Ciera would love to win this one here.

goes here.

is a combination puzzle

they need to get the key.

The key will open the lock

permiti?ndoros tribal flag hoisting

celebrate the victory.

Okay, so I have.

This challenge has been
of twists and turns.

Galang was losing
and now is back up.

- Here, here.
- I think not.

Tadhana have to hurry.

And this?

Galang is very close to completing his puzzle.

Passing exactly the same as last time.

Laura is teaching for her daughter.

Come on baby, come Ciera!

- Galang, come
- There.

Galang solved the puzzle,
start working in combination.

Twelve, Thirteen. Fourteen.

Tadhana have to hurry.

Very good, very good!

Take that.

Tyson believes
already have.

can smell victory again.

Tadhana still no progress.

going, guys!

Tyson removes the key, and there goes

If he is right, Galang

remain unbeaten.

Is he right?


wins immunity and reward!

remain unbeaten in Blood Survivor vs. Water.

Good job, good job!

Ciera want you to succeed.

Because you want your children always have,

and win.

But I have one tribe
count me.

knew he could not beat me,

and we could go home.

Galang, another victory.

No challenge
not have gone without it.

again tonight
not have Council.

also a good reward.
Grab your gear and head back to camp.

- Enjoy.
- Thank you, Jeff.

Tadhana, Tribal Council.

Once again a place where someone will be expelled

and sent to Redemption Island.

Grab your gear and head back to camp.

You know the routine, I'll see
at Council tonight.

Impressive, no
won not one yet.

What packages are,
is very disappointing.

Because it is clear that we are more
bigger, stronger and more athletic

but today we lost to a guy with only one arm
and three mothers.

brutal, brutal.

- Brad.
- Yes, I'm coming.

After losing
always routine.

The boys are going to "water" is

to go to decide which of the girls is
to be.

As the girls cooked, which is the code
as saving our skins.

But today was interesting.



I count
you are going to vote for him anyway.

So you are safe.

okay?, Do not you believe me?

I believe because I cheated on before.

I have, and I am now

Brad said he would vote for Caleb.

So I thought Brad might be telling the truth
or not.

I will act like I'm with him.

I'll believe him 100%,

but I really do?

Now if we
another challenge and lose...

then... you will have problems.


- Bringing...
- Brad!

- Yes?
- Are you coming?

Yes, yes, I'm coming.

I told you no lie.

Now what, man?

I love
Ciera but was useless in the puzzle.

is the second puzzle in which Ciera does not stick.

Hayden, Vytas and I are agreed
vote Ciera.

that's why we went to speak.

And when Brad
coming soon

started thinking that is what I was up to

For all we went to the well

and Brad stayed
time talking to the girls, it was a little suspicious .

We charge does little to John so

the same way that boys had a
5 to 4, it could go to 3.

girls persuaded to vote for Caleb.

agreement is
Ciera vote today.

- Do you agree?
- Sure.

not trust Brad.

But if I do in Hayden and
Vytas and I know that support me.

Ciera So for me okay.

be the leader here, I have to make some decisions

talked to the girls, and were
agree to vote for Caleb.

But Ciera no < br /> it for the challenges,

throw would make the tribe stronger.

all that of their loved ones connections

also want to do
the tribe strong.

So I'm not worried
Redemption Island

and all that entails for me.

I'm sure if Ciera
appears there

his mother paid me.

So I do not,
Ciera is the one go.

Brad, when you're home and you imagine
play here,

's not how you imagined?

No, I thought so as well.

We lost some strength
challenges, and two puzzle.

Ciera volunteered
in two, and the two he won.

And that were leaving advantage.

Ciera So once again
you confronted your mother

- and again I won.
- Yes

Did you ever think to return to camp
should expel you?

Well, part of me says

that I'm just so good at puzzles
as I thought.

But while
I will not sit and grieve for it.

give up, and I tell

I'll try
see where and how I can help the rest.

View my options and where I carry.

Brad, in each of the duels
Redemption Island

you took
sticks by all those who left from here .

Yes, and it's not easy when
take your dirty laundry.

exposes you, what you say is not correct

because they do not know what happens
here, just assume that's what happens.

unlike other seasons of Survivor

here have loved ones in the
other side, so that if you ignore

that you are not being smart.

And this is Survivor: Blood vs Water.

So Brad what you mean that would be good
somebody out

who has no one on the other side.

Because none of the other tribe would pay


's a good point of view,
no doubt about it.

would be easier tomorrow,
not have to go with such a burden.

So do not think
what was the reason why he was expelled.

Caleb, do you feel that pressure?

I feel, may be the
Rancid and want more.

I love the treasons,
but I want to join them?, No.

well be the scapegoat.

When we tell someone
person who you going to vote for who is not.

But that's where it should have ended.

Instead of making me feel
that will be me next.

am the last link in the alliance.

No, it is not.

- But this whole campaign rode me.
- There was a campaign against you.

just talking, and
campaign is not appropriate.

was going against you.

Hayden, now you
a serious problem.

Caleb, as just
ie not agusto.

this will cause problems, and we need to fix it.

problem is that when you lose someone's trust

is very difficult to win.

Especially in a game
of these caracter?ticas, Jeff.

Caleb, what it takes to
you trust them again?

Because you still vouchers, and even without your loved
can go wherever you want.

do not know, I trust Vytas and Hayden.
Brad'm hesitant.

sorry... I do not want you to go home.

I will vote for Brad.

You can do whatever you want, but we are three here

and you three can
decide what you want to do.

Go Ciera, all of a sudden

come to this game and have your plan

and then you pass it.

think anyone should feel confident,

but rather always
knife edge.

E to improvise on the fly.

- I will not vote for you, Caleb.
- Okay.

You can vote for me, but I understand
what will not.

'm surprised this
Caleb going to vote for Brad?

Well, well...

is what I will do, depends on you.
You have the choice in your hands.

challenges Brad takes the reins,
not saying it's him

but there may be another problem, I do not know.

- Are you going to do?
- I will not do.

Okay, it's just...

right, I'm impatient
to see what will happen.

's time to vote.
Caleb, you go first.

Sorry, man. I threw it all
to lose and there you take.

'll get the votes.

If anyone has the immunity idol and wants to play

now would be the time to do so.

Okay, once read the decision is final

the deportee must leave
Council area immediately.

read the votes.

First Vote.





Three votes Ciera, Brad
two votes.

remains one vote.

Brad, we have a tie.

This is what we do,
back to vote.

Brad and Ciera, you will vote no.

The rest you can only vote for Brad or Ciera.

Caleb, if you please.

'll get the votes.

After reading the decision is final

the person ejected must leave the
council area immediately.

read the votes.

First Vote...



Brad Two votes, one vote Ciera.

remains one vote.

fourth person voted out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water: Brad.

You must bring me the torch.

- Caleb, you know I'm not mad at you.
- Me neither, is the game.

I know, I just want you to know

I'm not with any of
you, good luck.

- Good luck.
- Try to return to the game.

I'm pissed,
made a bad move.

Not like the rest.

Brad, the tribe has spoken.

- will have the opportunity to return.
- I'll try.

Take your torch and go to the
Redemption, good luck.

This will be fun.

What just happened?

has been one of the most intense feedback

and potentially one of the biggest changes to

ever passed in the Council.

hopefully is what this
tribe needs exactly.

Grab your torches and return to
camp to rest.

scenes Then next episode...

In the next episode of Survivor...

Now I feel I can control the game.

After revolutionizing the last Council,

Caleb is ready to make more noise. < / i>

I feel powerful now,
word to describe it is "Big Kahuna".

And Culpepper looking
make your own move.

I can take your place?

John and Candice.

Before you come after me,
come with white banner.

was sound asleep

and heard the sweetest voice I expected to hear here

Brad Culpepper.

Now I have my chance to finish
with your game forever.

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