Survivor (2000–…): Season 27, Episode 3 - Opening Pandora's Box - full transcript

A family rivalry takes center stage, leading to an emotional breakdown. Meanwhile, the tribes watch in disbelief as a castaway quits the game and a shocking blindside plays out at tribal council.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
From their loved ones and placed
on separate tribes.

You are no longer loved ones,
you are now competitors.

And redemption island was back
in play.

Two people will stay alive, one
is going home for good.

Candice wins this duel.
after candice and marissa beat

Rupert at the first duel,
candice gave her husband john

The clue to the hidden immunity

>> love you, babe.
>> jeff: while john focused on

The clue --
>> pay attention to where you

Walk or you may stumble over

>> jeff: -- his men's alliance
focused on his ally rachel.

>> the person who vote out,
who's their strongest player and

Who will be most likely to
switch that's strong?

>> tyson.
>> exactly.

>> jeff: meanwhile, at galang,
the entire tribe was in a zen

State of mind.
>> you don't want to be a part

Of what's happening right now?
>> jeff: but colton was dead

Set on disturbing the beat.
>> hopefully this camp will

Erupt into chaos.
>> jeff: and everyone began to

>> shut it down.

I hoped colton had seen the way
he'd played and changed but you

Can only fake it for so long.
>> get in there, ball.

>> jeff: at the immunity
challenge -- tkpwer vas wins it

For galang.
tadhana lost for the second time

In a role.
>> gervase is trying to throw

Salt in the wound.
I'm going to body slam the

(bleep) out of him.
>> jeff: at tribal council

They didn't lose sight sight of
their plan.

>> it's twisted.
we could weaken their tribe by

Voting somebody out here

>> jeff: voting out rachel
hoping tyson will take her spot

At the next duel.
rachel, the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance to get
back in this game.

Grab your torch, those
redemption island.

16 are left.
who will be voted out tonight?

>> what's the strangest thing
you've ever seen for sale at a

Gas station?
>> a cupcake belt.

>> you went to the cup take
section at the gas station and

Just "oh, this is what I want."
>> what a thoughtful thing to

Wear out here.
that doesn't make anybody hungry

At all, tyson.
>> it's not a real cupcake, it's

Just made out of medal.
if somebody wants to take a

Bite, be my guest.
who wants to take a lick.

>> we have to start
strategically thinking whatever

The challenge is who we're going
to sit out.

>> let's call each other out
right now.

>> it's so early in the morning.

>> exactly.
>> these people are nothing like

The people I played with in "one

No one wants to talk about

They just want to sit around and
hear each other's life stories

And I'm so frustrated because
it's, like, I love the strategy

Component of this game and
apparently that's threatening to

People and I think that's why
they're scared of me.

Do you think I'm in trouble?
>> yeah.

But I can also say you're not
out of the game.

>> I just want to totally
redefine how I play this game

And I feel like it's just too
little too late now.

>> but it's not.
things change.

People do stupid things.
you got yourself in the foot

Once, that doesn't mean someone
else won't shoot themselves in

The foot right after you.
someone else might get a fight

Or -- you never know.
colton is a poison out here and

He's poisoning everyone's mind.
he doesn't get this game.

He thinks this game is about
creating chaos so he might have

Dug his brave.
off beautiful place like right

spend five minutes relaxing your

>> I could do that if you would

Just tell me "colton, I'll give
you a second chance."

>> I can't team you that.
just relax.

Enjoy yourself.
all right, man?

>> I know my days in this game
are numbered, you know?

Unless you've got people willing
to roll with you, there's not a

Lot you can do.
>> jeff: come on in, guys!

Galang getting your first look
at the new tadhana tribe.

Rachel voted out at the last
tribal council.

We'll now bring in the
competitors for today's duel.

Candice, marissa and rachel.
welcome to redemption island

before we get to the duel,

Tyson, reaction to seeing it was
rachel who was voted out?

>> it's not a bad move, jeff.
they must have assumed that i

Would at least highly consider
switching places with her,

Pulling me off the tribe and
making it easier for them to win

Because they're having a hard
time right now.

>> jeff: rachel, is that what
you think happened?

>> I think that's exactly what

I think brad's lining up his
game right now I think and

Everybody's just falling under
his spell.

>> jeff: tyson, before we get
to the duel, as is the case with

Anybody who has a loved one on
redemption island, if you want

To take rachel's spot out here
fighting for your life, rachel

Would be back in the game on
your tribe.

>> it's up to you.
>> you have a better chance in

This game right now than I do.
you need to stay there with your

they need you.

>> are you sure?
>> yeah.

You've got to stay there.
>> okay.

I'm staying.
>> let's go, rachel.

>> you guys watch out.
if you see me in redemption

Island, none of you have a
chance in hell.

Mr. Football smiling at me like
he does, you can be big, but

That's the worst thing in this

>> we haven't wanted to vote
anybody out but we have to.

You guys cheer over there after
you win and we have to go home

And get rid of one of your loved

You haven't had the difficult
conversations we've had.

Nobody's been voted out over
there so don't start throwing

Arrows at us.
>> difficult?

It should be easy.
vote out the weakest person to

Help the tribe.
you voted out two strong people

hence the reason why you lost.

>> we're playing "survivor"

Maybe there's more to it than

>> (bleep) you brad culpepper.
>> hey, marissa, tone it down.

Stay focused on what you've got
to do out here.

>> jeff: now colton, you're

What are you crying about?
>> I don't want to be here

at all.

And I'm sorry!
>> don't quit, colton.

>> I can't do this!
anymore, at all.

And I'm sorry.
>> jeff: meaning what?

Meaning you're quitting?

>> don't quit, colton.
>> I can't do this!

>> jeff: so colton, you came
back for a second time because

You said "I've changed.
I've grown and I want to show

you're now doing the exact

>> I don't care about this

>> jeff: well, that's clear

Because you're punishing them by
costing them a tribe member in a

Game about numbers in which
ultimately you may merge.

>> well, then maybe that's the
best move for me.

>> jeff: a very selfish move.
>> well --

>> jeff: admittedly a selfish

>> admittedly, but maybe the
best one for me.

>> jeff: what is it that's
happening on your tribe that's

Forcing you to quit that I can
confirm for myself is a second

the first time you feigned

the secoyou didn't have it.

>> I don't know what it was.
i was treated for a bacterial

people can say until the cows

Come home I quit.
my back is against the wall and

When my back is against the wall
i turned into the person I was

In "one world."
I'm tired of being hated by

I'm tired of being --

>> you turned into that person
before your back was against the

>> the fact of the matter is,

Jeff, colton's having a hard
time because we're not playing

Colton's game and now he knows
he can't win the game.

>> jeff: is 40 that how it
goes, colton?

If things don't go your way
let's just stop?

>> I don't know.

I don't know.
>> jeff: so, colton, are you

Quitting this game?
>> yes.

>> jeff: okay, you are out of
the game.

Caleb, this is this has got to
be disappointing for you?

>> my heart is crumbling because
he loves the game.

I don't know why he wouldn't
stick it out.

>> jeff: but caleb, you know,
lots of people like to watched a

it doesn't necessarily mean they

Really should get up off the

And I'm now convinced that
colton is the guy who never

Should have got up off the

We brought a quitter back and we
got a quitter again.

>> I don't care what y'all say.
>> okay, that's fine.

If you need to do this, just do

You know me, I don't care.
>> jeff: well, colton, you

Came back for a second time
because you said you wanted to

Show how much you've grown but
your behavior now shows you

Haven't and the irony is the
opportunity for growth you seek

Is right in front of you.
it's called "survivor."

You can keep your buff, I won't
give you the honor of throwing

That in the urn, we'll keep that
reserved for people who compete.

Boat will pick you up.Out, the?&,z
>> love you, babe.

Catch you on the flip side.
>> jeff: okay.

game continues to change only

Seven days in.
colton is gone.

Tadhana now is only down one
tribe member and now we put our

Attention back on the task at
hand which is today's duel.

Three people fighting to stay in
this game.

Two of you will survive.
one of you is about to be out of

This game.
let's get to today's duel.

For today's duel you will stack
a series of blocks on an angular

Platform avoiding trip bar which
is could wobble your stack

Causing it to fall forcing you
to start over again.

Your goal is to stack them so
they fall like dominoes,

Ultimately releasing a ball
which will smash a tile.

The first two two to finish stay

Loser is out.
in addition, the winner of this

Duel gets to decide who gets the
clue to a hidden immunity idol.

You guys ready for this?
here we go.

Take your spots.
here we go.

First two to finish stay alive.
loser is out of this game for

Good, their shot at a million
dollars over.

Survivors ready?

Anybody can win this duel.
lots of different strategies do

You just pick a few up and find
where they go?

If one doesn't work, find a spot
where it will fit.

These trip bars make it a little
more difficult.

You can't just race up and down.
it is a very hot 114 degrees out

Here today.
that makes concentrating that

Much more difficult where
concentration is key.

>> jeff: everybody's made
quite a bit of progress.

Candice getting very close.
been placing those blocks very

>> you're doing great, babe.

Candice places her ball.
she's ready to give it a go.

If she's right, it will be her
second duel victory.

Here she goes.
so far so good.

She's very close candice wins
her second duel!

Candice stays alive at
redemption island.

>> so proud of you.
>> jeff: it's come down now to

Marissa and rachel.
one more will finish to stay

one will go home.

Marissa tries it.
it falls short.

She's got to restack.
that opens the door for rachel.

Rachel bump it is trip bar,
loses nearly her entire stack.

>> that's okay.

>> jeff: but she now knows it

Will work.
marissa now feels the pressure.

>> you're good.
take your time.

This is it.
i think they're good.

>> jeff: marissa restacked.
she thinks she has it.

She tries again.
marissa is no good.

She lost a third of her stack

It is back and forth.
just when you think you're in

Trouble you're back and just
when you think you have it

You're in trouble.
now the panic starts to set in.

You can't be last now.
you want back in the game you've

Got to beat the other person
right now.

>> oh, my gosh.
>> jeff: both women have had

Several shots at this.
>> this is crazy.

>> jeff: it is neck in neck.
both women just a couple of

Blocks away from going again.
>> this is intense.

>> gerv, I'm about to pass out.
>> you've got it.

All you can do is stack the

It's over.
there you go.

>> jeff: marissa is very close
to giving it ago again.

Rachel has to get back to
without hurting her bars.

>> raping you need a different
piece there.

>> jeff: this could come down
to a few pieces between rachel

And marissa.
>> you don't want to leave this

>> there you go.

Let's do it.
>> jeff: marissa's very close,

Rachel is very close.
marissa gives it a go, rachel

Gives it a go.
rachel's stack is moving

Marissa's is moving!
rachel's fall short, marissa's

Still going!
you got it!

Marissa stays alive.
>> that's why we don't quit,

that's what I'm talking about!

That's what I'm talking about!
right there!

>> I love you, babe.
>> I love you, too.

>> way to stay focused.
>> good try, rachel.

>> you're in this game still!
you're in this game!

Rachel, nice job rachel.
>> did you have fun while you

Were here?
>> yes.

>> jeff: candice, marisa,

One of the host hard-fought
duels I've ever seen.

Candice, you stay alive.
marissa, you stay alive.

Rachel, after seven days, your
time on "survivor" is over.

Toss your buff in the urn on the
way out.

It's time for you to go.

>> good job, rachel!

>> jeff: candice and marissa,
you two stay alive.

Candice, because you won the
duel again you once again get to

Decide who gets the clue to the
location of a hidden immunity

what are you going to do?

>> john, take clue and do what
you need to do with it.

>> jeff: john will get the
second clue to the location of a

Hidden immunity idol.
if he hasn't found it this will

Help him get closer phafplt
reusz a, candice.

You're that much closer to a
second shot at reentering the

grab your stuff and head back to

Redemption island.
await your next duel.

>> good luck, girls, over there.
>> hydrate, you guys.

>> jeff: guys, head back to

>> jeff: sorry, ty.

How do you feel?
>> okay, I guess.

I'm fine.
it was hard to see rachel at

i knew she was going to be

it was the only move for them

That made sense, really, if they
wanted to try and win

so now I have to get all the way

To the end or I would regret not
stepping in for rachel.

>> I thought you made the right
decision, to be honest with you.

>> when she lost and I got to
hug her I asked her if she had

Fun and she said she did and for
me that was enough.

Because it is a game, you know?
too many people take it too

Serious and it shouldn't be.
and it ruins their lives and it

Makes them angry and a good
example of that is colton.

>> we're down a man.
>> why'd he quit?

Like, what happened?
>> because he didn't have

Control of all of us.
like, he thought he could.

>> because every person he
talked to said "i don't want to

Talk strategy to you" so he was
like how can I play this game?

And rather than bide his time
and wait for somebody else to do

Something he was like "i quit."
>> I think I can only remember

All these (bleep).
>> that was a strong attack on

The culpepper name.
>> right now being here with

Monica is a little weird.
i mean, who wouldn't be bothered

By that.
i know her husband was the main

Reason rachel got voted out but
he doesn't know how to play the

all he's doing is creating a

Larger target on his back.
>> well, that was uneventful.

>> wow.
that's crazy.

>> am I being a tyrant?
i don't know.

>> no, you're not.
don't worry.

>> he called me out.
it was like -- that's the whole

Deal with going to redemption

In the past you vote something
off and their dirty laundry goes

With them.
>> exactly.

>> now you vote somebody off and
the dirty laundry comes back at

at redemption we walk in and all

Of a sudden wham!
tyson started blaming me for

Getting rid of his girl.
then marissa directed

Vulgarities about me about me
ruling the roost and making the

i am but I'm making everyone

Else feel that decisions are
being made as a group, not by

I'm not worried about me at all.

>> he's a solid dude, man.
he knows how to build a team.

>> everybody's much more
comfortable because of brad.

>> I love all of you guys.
it's like we couldn't have been

Dropped in a better position.
>> candice kicked ass again at

The duel which was great for me
because I got another clue to

The immunity idol and it's sort
of a double-edged sword because

Everyone will assume I found it
so I'll have a target on my back

Whether I find it or not.
>> I feel bet we are the second

Clue than I did about the first.
>> origin 23458ly I wasn't going

To tell anybody about the clue
but I like brad a lot and i

Didn't want him to think I was
being shady and start being

Paranoid about our alliance.
>> at this point, I've got such

A good relationship with john he
actually told me the clue to the

Hidden immunity idol and i
wanted to help him find it but

John said we shouldn't go
together because it's going to

Seem too obvious and I'm
thinking, hmm, okay, I don't

Know what this means.
does he trust me or not?

>> I'll find it.
>> I agree.

You go.
you're the leader on this deal.

>> let me find it.
>> this is going to be a litmus

Test with john and i.
is john with me?

Is he my guy or is he not?
because if he doesn't trust me,

I don't know if I can trust him.
>> jeff: treemail!

>> today?
>> oh, boy.

>> a challenge?
>> pushing, shoving, thrashing,

this is no regular pillow fight.

>> we're fighting!
>> knock your loved ones in the

Drink or you may just go home

>> wow.
>> who would you want to go

>> I'd like to go against vytas.

We get treemail and this is huge
because my brother has been a

Bully in my life, to put it

When I was a kid, my brother
never looked out for me.

It's always been mom's not
looking so if he could get a

Punch in he was going to take

But this is a chance for us to
compete on an even playing

>> I think any advice you would

>> don't get overextended.

The key is balance.
yes, yes, like boxing, like pew.

>> go easy on me.
>> I can't say I was a great

Older brother to aras but the
truth is he's always been a

Little more athletic, a little
stronger, a little bigger than

he got best body in high school,

College scholarship to play

He was -- he's the golden child.
he always wins.

Won "survivor," won a million
dollars and I'm like finally for

Once can I win, please?
I'm going to go balls out.

I can't go home having him beat
me every time.

>> especially in a physical

>> yes!
this is my chance.

I have to beat him at something.
>> jeff: you guys ready to get

To today's immunity challenge?
>> absolutely!

>> jeff: first thing's first,
galang, take back the idol.

>> good toss!
>> once again immunity is back

Up for grabs.
for today's challenge you're

Going to square off one on one
sumo style using padded bags

You're going to attempt to knock
your opponent off the platform

Into the water.
first tribe to five wins

Immunity, safe from the vote.
losers go to tribal koupb jill

Somebody will be voted out and
sent to redemption island.

In addition, you're playing for

Want to know what you're playing

>> yeah!
>> jeff: comfort.

(cheers and applause)
you have a tarp, pillows,

Blankets, mosquito nets, some
rope, hammock., if you want, you can trade

For fishing gear.
galang already has it.

One will keep you comfortable,
one may keep you alive.

Worth playing for?
>> absolutely.

>> jeff: galang, you have one
extra member.

You must sit out a woman.
who's it going to be?

>> it's going to be me.
>> jeff: monica, we'll have a

Spot for you right here.
everybody else, give you a

Minute to strategize, we'll get

All right, here we
one of the matches everybody's

been a lot talking back

Forth between gervase and

Something's going to get

We're playing to five.
survivors ready?

gervase goes hard against

Culpepper, loses his bag.
got to get your hands on it.

>> go, gerv!
>> jeff: cull petter down,

Gervase has a bit of an angle.
good battle early.

He's in.
cull petter scores for tadhana.

Tadhana leads 1-zip.
next round, women, laura's

Taking on tina's daughter katie.
survivors ready?

laura hits her hard but katie w

Stands it!
katie squirming to stay alive.

Lawyer are still pushing.
katie in the water!

Laura scores for galang, we are
tied 1-1.

Next matchup, john, candice'
husband taking on aras.

Survivors ready?

John gets aras on the edge but
aras fighting back.

It's a good matchup.
aras is on the edge but he's

Fighting back.
aras in the water!

John scores for tadhana!
tadhana leads 2-1.

Next round it is ciera, laura's
daughter taking on kat, hayden's

here we go.

Survivors ready.

Kat with one push, ciera goes
in, cat scores for galang, we

Are tied 2-2.
next matchup, hayden going in

For tadhana, he's going to take
on tyson for galang.

Playing to five.
survivors ready?

hayden with a big hit and tyson

Is in quickly.
tadhana leads 3-2.

>> I'm done.
>> jeff: and tyson is hurt.

Are you all right?
>> my shoulder popped and i

Can't lift it.
>> jeff: come over here, we'll

Bring medical out.
medical, come on out.

Ramona, tell me what you're
feeling and what you're seeing.

>> tyson just popped his
shoulder out a little bit.

>> jeff: you can feel his
shoulder is popped out?

>> just a little bit and in the
back up here he might have torn

Part of that tendon.
the thing that's good about

These sort of tears is that
after a while it can become less

Painful and you can have much
better mobility.

>> jeff: are we feeling like
for the rest of this challenge

If he had to go again he

>> he'd probably pop it out.
>> when hayden hit me I knew i

Had hurt myself.
i couldn't move it at all and i

Thought my whole game is

>> jeff: all right, next
matchup, tina w a chance

Her daughter! Tribe leads

She can extend that lead right

>> don't make me laugh!
>> jeff: survivors ready?

oh, boy!

Tough right out of the gate both

Katie has her mom on the run!
tina's fighting back!

One of the best matchups so far.
>> get low, tina!

Right there, tina!
>> jeff: tina going for the

Feet trying to knock katie out
from under herself.

>> go, tina!
>> jeff: tina back up and

They're back at it.
katie has her mom on the run but

Tina not going down.
what a matchup!

>> get low!
>> jeff: tina close to pushing

Katie off!
katie in t water for tadhana.

Tina scores for galang!
we are tied 3-3.

Next pair, aras against his
brother vytas.

Vytas, tell me about the history
of the rivalry.

Brothers always rival.
>> he's afraid of me since he

Was a little kid.
he's cowering on the inside.

>> jeff: aras, what vitus is
bringing is up decades.

>> do I feel like I'm stphefb a
little bit, yeah.

Do I want to go in the water,
no, I'd like to take the bully

And put anymore the water, you

>> jeff: we are tied 3-3.
this is a big matchup.

Survivors ready.

Aras goes out quickly and vytas

He's on the edge but fighting

Big matchup!
aras has his older brother down!

Aras slowly trying to inch his
brother off this platform.

Vytas not moving.
>> fight!

>> stand up.

>> jeff: aras giving his

Brother another shot to start

>> start there.
>> vytas tried to take

one of the biggest unsportsman

Like move,s.
aras has vytas and he's in!

Aras takes down the bully.
galang leads 4-3!

So aras, what does that feel
like right now?

>> it feels bad.
you know, I love him more than

Anybody else.
he's my brother and I don't want

To fight against him.
we've done it enough but -- I'm

Proud I beat him.
>> I mean, he's the college

I'm the junky.

I was so happy to go up against
him and I tried my hardest he

Beat me.
I'm proud for him.

>> jeff: galang leads 4-3.
we are playing to five.

This could be it.
laura will be taking on her

Daughter ciera.
>> it's okay, right?

Just a game.
it's okay.

It's okay.
>> jeff: laura, we haven't

Started and you're crying

What's the emotion?
>> that's my baby.

And to hurt your own child
intentionally is never fun.

>> you're not hurting me.
>> jeff: ciera rah just gave

You permission, didn't she?
>> good luck, girl!

>> jeff: galang leads 4-3.
laura, if she defeats her own

Daughter, wins it for galang.
tadhana has yet to win a

it's on ciera's back right now.

Survivors ready?

Laura goes out strong but look
at ciera pushing back!

Laura has ciera going back.
ciera digging in to fight!

>> finish it!
>> jeff: laura's got her on

The run.
ciera hangs on!

Ciera in the water.
laura scores and wins for

galang wins their third immunity

Challenge in a row.
when mother defeats daughter.

>> tell me you're not angry.
>> I'm not.

>> okay.
>> jeff: galang, for the third

Time in a row, immunity is

Gervase, comfort items will be
waiting for you back at the

>> oh, my god, we've got

>> grab your stuff and head in.

Enjoy the night off.
tadhana, for the third straight

Time tribal council once again
you'll vote somebody out who

Will be sent to redemption
island and have to compete in

Duels for a shot to get back in
this game.

Grab your stuff, head back to

See you tonight at tribal

>> ciera lost to her mom and, i
mean, they're a team of like

Mothers and grandmothers.
very, very frustrating.

My mom totally kicked my ass.
>> I thought we should have had

Vytas go against tyson.
>> it was close, they just --

>> I feel like it wasn't that

I feel like I got clobbered by
my brother.

I knew going into that challenge
if it was going to be me against

Aras that the cards were stacked
against me.

I wanted to go up against him in
hopes that maybe something

About, you know, the balance or
maybe he wasn't eating as much

As I had been but not only did
he win but he won even after i

Gave him a cheap shot.
>> we're getting our asses

>> I like old girls but neither

One of them could beat their

Katie couldn't beat her
60-year-old mother and.

>> and she's giggling.
are you kidding he?

Do you know there's a 50% chance
you're going home tonight?

>> tadhana's lost three straight
immunity challenges and it's

Frustrating and now it's like we
got these two girls who I like

Very much but, like, if we're
going to win challenges we can't

Have people like giggling and
laughing as we're losing.

It's completely asinine.
here's the thing, katie has

Cooked every single meal.
>> that's true.

>> that's true.
>> ciera hasn't done anything at

Any challenge and she doesn't do
anything around camp so to me i

Don't think she's helping us
that much.

>> I'm down to go with whatever.
if it's ciera fine.

>> I want it to be done and
let's enjoy the afternoon as

Best we can.
>> we have the five-guy alliance

So I'm not worried about

It's going to be ciera going
home but you have to be careful

Because this is "survivor" sur
so I have two clues to a hidden

Immunity idol and if I can find
the thing I'll put myself in a

Good position.
>> look, here's the deal: john,

He's a strong player, he needs
to go.

Because john can reconnect with
candice and we can't afford to

Have those two back in the game.
coming back from the challenge

My whole perspective changed.
that's when the lightbulb went

here's the deal: I'm running our

Tribe right now but john's wife
candice is kicking it at

Redemption island and let's say
she gets back in the game.

If we go to a merge and they're
reconnected, brad doesn't

Control john anymore, candice
controls john.

And I'm just kicked to the curb
and I'm second fiddle.

>> the girls will be fighting
for their own lives.

I promise you they'll be on

It will be one of the colossal
blind sides on "survivor"

I'm just telling you.

>> we've been sticking to the
five guys alliance and suddenly

Brad is like, boom, we're going
to get rid of john right now.

Big move.
and I was kind of shocked.

>> he's not finding the idol

>> what's the second clue?
>> yeah it's like serpentine

Tree on the way to the waterfall
and you have to dig for it.

>> it's been five guys since day
one and if we're voting one out

Now it could be like opening
pandora's box.

It could really build distrust
moving forward.

>> there he is walking.
here's the deal, we're going

Unified on john.
we have to pull this off.

Because here's the brutal truth:
if it's not john it's got to be

One of you guys.
all right?

Call me crazy, I feel good about

And just so you know, I may vote
you so that if john gets back in

The game I can maybe pull him
back in.

>> so brad mentions he wants to
be the one guy that doesn't vote

For john and I'm not down with

If we're going to make a move
like this, we have to suck it up

And do it and say we did it
together and brad doesn't want

To be the bad guy.
he orchestrated it all but he

Wants us to do the dirty work
which makes brad a big target in

My eyes to see that level of

>> I'm just worried about the

Like, I know you guys are all
voting john but I'm so paranoid.

>> I think it might be smart.
>> might be.

>> oh, my god, can you imagine?
oh, my god.

>> I feel like every tribal so
far I've been on the chopping

Block so if the boys are willing
to vote out brad I would

Definitely do the same.
I've always said anybody but me.

I don't care who it is.
>> yeah, but do we want to risk

Keeping somebody around if he
actually does have the idol?

>> there's a lot of stuff going

Brad thinks john is a threat.
but now I'm starting to think

Brad's equally dangerous.
so tonight is a huge decision

For us and I don't know what's
going to happen.

One thing's for sure: it's going
to be a big blind side.

>> jeff: john, third time in a

>> third time in a row, jeff.
>> jeff: let's talk about

Today's challenge.
once again the men were the only

People who really scored any

Was that something you guys
talked about when you went back

To camp?
>> of course.

We knew that the brawn of the
men in our team was one of our

Strong points but, you know,
that was a challenge about

everyone has to be able to come

To the cable and win their

>> jeff: katie, first time you
went up against your mom you

today you go up against your

Mom, lose again.
>> yeah.

And it's unfortunate because
there's only two females so we

Have to go in several times and
it was frustrating, definitely.

>> jeff: ciera, how about for

>> yeah.
that was rough.

I mean, if I could just win one
and katie could just win one we

Definitely had a chance at
winning the thing so, yeah,

You're embarrassed because you
lost to your mom and not only

That you feel like you let your
team down.

>> jeff: caleb, three votes,
three women gone from this

what does that say about this

>> males pretty much dominate

if we lose and come here it's

Usually going to be a girl going

>> jeff: vytas, is it a male
alliance or the fact that we

Think we've gotten rid of the
three weakest people and that's

Why there have been women so

>> I don't think it's quite as
rudimentary as men versus women.

I think trust is the currency of
this game, jeff.

Trust and information.
anything somebody says or does

Just adds to the information you
get about that person.

>> jeff: culpepper, vie
srao ++eu it is a basically said

When you say anything that could
be used against you in this

does that concern you a bit?

>> no doubt about it.
at the end of the day I guess

I'm sensitive because every time
go to redemption island I'm to

Blame for whomever is there and
for whatever reason people seem

To think I was the kingpin of
this group which I don't believe

I am but that's the assumption
and that makes it really

>> jeff: john, brad brings up

Redemption island.
once again, candice, your wife,

Gave you another clue to the
hidden immunity idol and she

Said "I'm going to trust my
husband knows what to do with

what did she mean by that, do

You think?
>> candice is a student of the

she knows that giving me the

Clues so publicly puts a big
target on my back whether I have

The idol or not.
so I think she's trusting that

I've put myself in a good
position in the game and then

Know what to do with it if the
time comes.

>> jeff: vytas, do you wish it
was you that had the clues to

The idol or are you glad it's
somebody else?

>> I think it's tough, jeff.
it can definitely help your

Alliance and help us go further
but every single person in this

Game knows that john has those
two clues, you know?

So at this point I'm happy
somebody in my alliance has it

But I'm also happy it's not me.
>> jeff: hayden, what are the

Chances that with two clues he
doesn't have it?

>> (laughs)
it depends on the clues, jeff.

I haven't seen the clues myself
so I don't know how precise they

>> jeff: so he hasn't shared

Them with you?
>> he has not shared them with


>> jeff: does that make you
question a little?

>> a little bit in the back of
your mind, of course.

But at the end of the day it's
-- I've got to take his word.

>> another thing that's tough,
jeff, is that we can't all tell

The truth all the time.
at some point we have to figure

Out how to move ahead to better

I mean, there's only going to be
one winner at the end of the

>> jeff: all right.

It is time to vote.
katie, you're up.

if anybody that has hidden

Immunity idol and you want to
play it now would be the time to

Do so.
okay, once the votes are read,

The decision is final.
person voted out will be asked

To leave the tribal council area

I'll read the votes.
first vote: ciera.


Two votes john.

That's three votes john, one
vote ciera.

Third person voted out of
"survivor: blood vs. Water,"

John, that's four.
you need to bring me your torch.

John, the tribe has spoken.
you will have a chance to get

Back in this game.
grab your torch, head to

Redemption island.
good luck.

>> jeff: well, based on
tonight's blind side it appears

You're voting people out based
on the future.

It also appears that with each
vote the tribe is getting

grab your torches, head back to

good night.

Captioning brought to you by
survivor productions, cbs,

this is nothing new.

>> jeff: brad thinks he's in
control of the game.

>> I'm the grand poobah.
it's natural for me to lead my

>> jeff: but he goes from the

Driver's seat to the hot seat.
>> have I shush add woman?

>> you fell about this small.
>> ask john!

Ask john!
>> you're a child.

>> knew no clue that was coming

>> candice, it's me.

>> what happened?
>> I don't know.

I feel like there was so much
wool pulled over my eyes and i

Bought it hook, line, and

Now we're out here and --
>> that's not good!

That's not good!