Survivor (2000–…): Season 27, Episode 13 - Out on a Limb - full transcript

Loved ones face off at Redemption Island for their final shot in the game. Meanwhile, castaways must test their knowledge of Survivor for immunity, and a heated tribal council could force a swing vote to exercise their power.

Previously on "survivor":

With the women picking
off the men one by one,

It seemed obvious that
tarzan would go next.

But an emotional visit from the Castaways'
loved ones set a different ball in motion.

In an intense
award challenge--

Kat won a trip away from
camp with her loved one.

Kat's decision not to take
tarsan and his wife of 30 years

and Christina and her aling father
did not sit well with sabrina.

God,she would've picked you, Tarzan.

Back at camp, sabrina vented
about kat's selfishness.

This is definitely enough
reason to make me vote off kat.

In a grueling
immunity challenge--

you are having to
earn it right here--

Kat fought to the bitter
end,But it was kim who prevailed.

Kim wins individual immunity.

After the challenge, alicia joined
the swelling tide to take out Kat.

Please tell me that we keep
Sabrina and we take out Kat.

Kim, wanting to keep her
options open, wasn't so sure.

I do think kat has a good shot
at getting a lot of jury votes

just because she hasn't
pissed a lot of people off

but I think sabrina is
smart enough to sway the jury

and totally screw me over in the end.

At tribal council,Kat
felt very confident.

if it is going to be a blindside,

it's going to be Pretty funny
and pretty, like--Like, exciting.

But kim ****

*** first voted out ****

Devastating kat, and
shaking up the game.

Kat, the tribe has spoken.

Will the women continue
to take out their own?

Or will tarzan, the last man
standing be the next to go.

***,who would be ***

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- man.
- oh, my god.

you want to talk about damage control.

her last statement was
how funny a blindside is.

- oh, my god! Yeah,how ironic was that?

if I were the girls,I would
have voted me out before kat.

That would have been the
Smartest thing they could do.

but They didn't do it.

And now that they've done that,****

I have a subplot where I might Be able
to arrange myself to be the top three.

But of course I wouldn't
reveal Any of that right now.

I'm just hoping to make it to Four.

You're not opposed to me getting
Down to number four, right?

not at all.

so I'm thinking the
Best thing for you ladies

would Be for you, alicia, and Christina

to be the last three Standing,

- because nobody will Vote for christina.
- I know.

and if I go on the jury,

I Think I can convince
them to Vote for you.

- here's my only concern.
- yeah.

is I just start to wonder if Alicia
is really going to want To take me.

okay, well, I think alicia
Has a strong affinity for you

as Far as just liking you
and Wanting to be your friend

and, You know, go with whatever you Say.

- But here's the thing, the Biggest
threat is---chelsea. - chelsea.

- and she's my's so hard.
- I know, I know.

When we got back from tribal
Tonight tarzan pulled me aside

And wanted to tell me what he
Thought the best plan for me was

And that is I get rid of
chelsea *** And alicia,

and as crazy as Tarzan is,
it is what I know to Be true.

If I send chelsea home, that
Will be my worst night here.

Let's hear it, kim.


and that you ****

I agree.

- you all stay and I'll go.
- okay.

wait, do you think-- my thing
Is I know I can beat christina,

But do you think I can win
Against-- kim, kim is my whole life--

my plan is to hype it up for
You when I get on the jury.

See, and I don't think it
will Be hard to do at all.

Because they feel betrayed by Her.

I've been doing this in Segments.

Don't be the first one vote out.

Make it to the merge,
make it to Seeing my wife.

Making it to number four.And
maybe slipping into number Three.

Even if I make it to three, and I
lose, it won't be a terrible Thing.

I just won't buy shocks
for my Car.That's all.

-= Proudly Presents

-= Sync:??־????

Season 24 Episode 13


So ****


look, this is a cup.

Look how much is inside of it.

it might just be better
to Save it for dinner.

right now, I feel like the
Game is three versus three.

Sabrina, kim, and I,

and alicia, Christina and tarzan.

I genuinely think that
alicia, Christina and tarzan

think they Have kim in their alliance,

Which is great, because I
know That she's got my back.

due, I've been dreaming
about Food all night,

and I was just Like why do I
keep on dreaming About food?

today's reward,

I somehow Pull out a winner,

then I think You need to go.

you're so sweet.I feel the same.

I'm trying to reel
christina In a little bit.

I know that christina
is Alicia's puppet,

and I'm trying To help her see the
big scheme Of things, the big picture.

I think alicia wants
to take you And tarzan.

But I think just because he's a Male and
all those guyses are Pissed at the girls,

that They're gonna vote for him,

and That means he can't go to the End.

If I can get christina to see That
tarzan can't go to the Final three,

maybe she'll fall In with kim and I.

So if you could keep that Between us

because I'm just Talking
out loud right now.But--

yeah, I'll just keep it Quiet.

- So I had ****
- shut up.

- no kidding, no joke.
- what did she say?

if there was an award
Challenge and she could take two

She said,"I'm going to take You."

And then she said me, and alicia And
tarzan are in aalliance for The final three.

I think ****

when chelsea and christina
Went to tree mail this morning,

christina Told us everything
chelsea said On their walk.

My first question I wanted Answer was

did chelsea blow my Cover because
I have been Playing both sides?

Alicia, tarzan, and christina All
think I make a four sellfor Them,

and then chelsea and Sabrina
think I am their third.

Christina came ****

shut up.

I'm telling you, it's them
Right now. It's them against us.

- god, that makes me want to Kick christina's ass.
- don't say a word.

- I won't.
- it will ruin it.

Setting yourself up in a Position
to play both sides is Brilliant

but it's also one of The scarier
places to sit in This game

because it just takes
One conversation between

two People on opposite
sides to put It all together.

and then you're The first person gone
because Nobody trusts you anymore.

Come on in, guys!

- You guys ready to get to today's Reward challenge?
- yes.

For today's Challenge,
you are going to race

To release a disk by spinning Around it.

This will make you dizzy.

You'll take the disk, move to The next
station, where you will Do it again.

Once you've collected all three Disks,

you will use them to form A decoder.

You'll use the decoder to give
You the three numbers you need

To solve the combination box.

First person to get it right
and Raise their flag wins reward.

- Want to know what you're playing For?
- yes.

The winner of today's Challenge will
leave here and be Taken to a yacht.

You'll go out on the ocean, Cocktails,

- take a shower.
- shower!

We'll give you fresh Clothes.

And then you'll have a nice
Three-course meal at sunset

and Sleep on the boat,
returning to Camp in the morning.

- Worth playing for?
- yes!

All right, we'll draw For
spots and we'll get started.

Here we go, for an afternoon on A yacht.

Survivors ready?


Spin around those disks.

Kim, flying around hers.

Sabrina has hers free.

Kim is free. Kim's ditzy.

Alicia's free.This will make you dizzy.

Christina very dizzy.

Sabrina once again is first out.

Chelsea has her second disk.

Alicia very dizzy as she moves
From her second to her third Disk.

Tarzan has his second disk!Everybody
working on their lask Disk.

34 days of very little food
and Everybody's lightheaded,

but Everybody wants this reward.

Sabrina and kim are
first to the Decoder.

Alicia now at the decoder.

Chelsea has her last disk.

Tarzan now working on the Decoder.

Everybody trying to solve the Decoder,

looking for three Numbers that
will open up that Combination box.

You've got to spin these pieces
Until the numbers line up.

If you think you have
three, Give it a try.

Chelsea thinks she has it, and
She's going to give it a go.

It is not right.You may
have the right three Numbers.

You've got to get them in the
Right order on that combination Box.

Alicia now has her's solved.She's
trying to figure it out.

It's alicia and chelsea.

Chelsea changing the numbers
Once again.Will this be right?

No.Gotta try again.

Alicia going to give
it a go.She's wrong.

Chelsea still working those Numbers.

So many different combinations.

Kim now going to give it a go.

Christina has solved her Decoder.

Chelsea pulls it out. And wins reward.

yes, yes, yes!

Oh, my god! Oh, my god!

Thank you.Thank you very much.

Chelsea, come on Over.

- Nice job.
- thank you.

You're going to leave Here,
be taken to a nice yacht,

Take a shower, get some fresh Clothes.

Then you're going to Have a nice dinner
at sunset and A good night's sleep

and you Cannot do this alone

so you're Going to choose
somebody to come With you.

I just know kat caught a lot Of grief
for who she chose in The last reward

so I'm going to Play it fair,
like I've played This hole game,

and I think Sabrina needs to go with
me Because she hasn't had much food

- And I know she's as exhausted as I am.
- thank you so much.

- love you, girl.
- Thank you.

All right, chelsea.One more
person is coming with You.

- I want kim to go.
- Kim, come on over.

Love you.

The three of you are Going
to have a wonderful Afternoon.

Alicia, tarzan, christina,
got Nothing for you.

Grab your stuff and head back to Camp.

Guys, grab your stuff.
Head out.Have a good time.

- thank you, jeff.
- Nice work.

ladies, your cabin.


okay, this is your
cabin.Your clean clothes.

I've never woans been on a Sailboat.

Not only a sailbout but this has To
be one of the nicest Sailboats ever.

you shower first.

- really?
- yes.

It's absolutely beautiful.

it's got a full kitchen,
a Bedroom, a shower.

I mean, it's the works.

I was in the shower for probably
30 minutes.I mean I scrubbed,

and just Knowing that I'm clean
now makes A world of difference.

All right, cheers, to the end.

- all the way.
- all the way.

- oh, my god.
- chelsea, darling.

- you look so amazing.
- I'm a new woman.

here's your center seat.

you look so pretty!

whenever you step out of the Game
and you get to go on these Rewards,

it's like you feel
like You're human again.

I'll see you, ladies.

I mean, I kind of know
what's Going on back at camp,

so since I do, I can
capito come out herd Relax

and the three of us will Try to work
it out and make to The end together.

and that's all we need.

Wow, I love champagne.

do you love that? I love you.

Yes, this is real good.

I love you, too.

oh, my god.

the thing is I think we can do
It.That's what I get excited about.

- I feel like we're on a Honeymoon right now.
- we are.

You start to feel like
an animal Out here.

You get real savage so to just Go and
be waited on and to feel So pampered,

I started to Remember who is and what
I'm About and what I'm doing here.

I feel like my head is so much
Clearer today than it was Yesterday

so the reward was huge For me.


I'm livid.

oh, you're livid.So am I.

so, chelsea was asked, "who Would
you like to go on the Reward with?"

her response is, "I'm going to Pick the
person how I play the Game, which is fair."

- So who does she pick?
- Kim.

Why the hell does kim need
to go On a third reward.

Tell me to my face,
that was a Fair choice.

- no, and not only that, -
on the Walk from tree mail--

she said she would take you and sabrina.

That's why it's important that Us
three don't budge on who we Vote next.

- well,who are we voting for?
- Wait,wait.

we're voting for chelsea.

that means our three
votes Need to be aligned.

Their three votes are going to Be a tie.

That means we have to force one Of them,

which would be kim, to
Stick true to what she said.

Kim and I trust each other

but I'm not going to pass it by her

That she's not thinking of, you
Know, other things, other Options.

However I think it is stupid That she would
want to sit next To sabrina and chelsea.

Tarzan, myself and christina are Solid

and if they want to be Solid,
cool, let them be soiled.

Let them draw rocks. Let them be stupid.

when they come back, if kim says

let's not do Chelsea,
let's do, blah-blah-blah,

- that would be a dead give Away.
- yes!

More importantly

The two big players who will Knock you guys
out of the last Three are kim and chelsea

and I Believe they're deceiving
us and That they're a team.

So I think you guys have a Better
chance if I'm one of the Three actually

because those Three ladies took off.

It's sort of almost
a blessing In disguise

because it helped Unite another plot

that might Allow me to say
here possibly to The last three.


Would you rather sit next to him
Or would you rather sit next to Kim?

I'm going to be perfectly Honest,

I think kim is probably Going
to get more votes versus Tarzan.

It's not much of a threat.

all right, so this is the Next move.

Chelsea or kim.

I'm actually leaning
towards Taking tarzan

to the top three With christina and I.

So kim better come back
with the Right story

that we're still Sticking to chelsea,

and who Knows?

After chelsea's gone...

you know What?Tarzan has a great
point-- we Need to take him out.

I love me some grilled Veggie.

oh, my god, if I was back at
Camp right now, I'd be a mess.

- I'd be somewhere balled up Crying.
- I'd be trying to drown.

this is what-- this is
the Determining factor.

It's either going to be us
or It's going to be them.

as long as their votes are
Split, it doesn't matter.

I don't think they're even Questioning
me. I don't think they ever have.

somebody has to make a big Move.

Kim has an amazing ability to Look at
you, almost look through You and say,

"yeah, I'm with You,"
and it's believable.

You have such a pure effect on Them.

You just look at them
and the Big baby blues.

I'm scaring myself. I can't tell
when I'm telling The truth or not.

The reward, I think it cleared
The line for me a little bit.

I feel better about the option
Of going with chelsea and Sabrina

than just trying to
Figure out any way possible

that We can somehow win this
next Vote with three votes.

we gotta win tomorrow.


my plans for the day, the
First thing I'm going to do

is Fix me some coconut
stew, start The fire,

clean my clothes, wash My hair again.

I prepare to be defeated in
some Kind of contest later today.

Defeated by the feminine gender.

Failure among men.

I can *** more of this.

no, I'm going to cook it this
Morning the way I want to, okay.

So don't bother me about it.

- and what way are you cooking It?
- the way you want to.

- but, no, how are you Preparing it?
- don't worry about it.

You're not ****

Whatever you ****

You know what.

Same bugs that were on your Skin.

I'm sure christina would be More
than willing to let you use Hers.

don't touch my buff! I'm
cleaning my buff right now.

I've had to enter battles
With my bare hands.

when we went off, you know,
On the reward challenge

we got Stuff away from
the game, all The arguing,

and coming back Here,

the second we walk into
Camp, there's an argument,

and It's just like oh,
we're back in It again.

tarzan was like if kim comes Back saying
a different tune about who We should vote,

we know he's a Traitor.

he's trying to get you all
to Take him instead of me now.

See, this is interesting.
I don't know, I just--

- maybe this was his plan to Play stupid.
- I start to think...

if he ends up winning this Thing
I can't think of anything Worse,

it's like the men win in The end.

The thought of that makes me Cringe.

I think the only reason
alicia would be willing to

give Up tarzan who has appeared
to be One of her minions

is she's Convinced he
is not a minion After all

that he's the Mastermind who was
going to take Out her mastermind

and she was Going to look like a fool.

He told me ***

"you'll take ****"

"i'm going to ***"

See,and he told me that, to me.

- He's playing us.
- yeah.

Friggin' Tarzan!

We were gonna ****

He's going to take christina!

- And sabrina.
- oh, my god.

- he doesn't want to take us.
- yes, yes,

he's going to Take-- you know
why-- no, no, How about this--

I just realized I almost
got My ass kicked by tarzan.

when kim came back today
I Had to confide in her

and we Cross-referenced
each other's Stories

and we are getting fed The same b.S..

- he's going to take you.
- I know, wait.

Tarzan wants to take kim out,

And then secure his spot
with Christina and sabrina

and take Me out and make
me look like the Fool.

Hell, no! Hell to the no.

we're getting played. Do you know that?

- we're saving our butts.
- here.


what did he
tell you--

he comes to me and he's like
Christina.And I said, what?

He says are you worried
about Alicia? And I'm-

oh, my god!

If I didn't realize this, I Would
have gone straight up Tarzan.

I would look like an idiot
in Front of everybody.

Now you're getting all paranoid?Now
you're trying to play the Game?

Now you're trying to
work the Social game?

I am the queen of the social Game.

If chelsea wins immunity,
we're Taking tarzan out.

If chelsea doesn't win
immunity, Then chelsea goes home.

And I don't feel bad
about that Choice, either,

because home Girl has been
trying to run her Game on me.

No one runs her game on me.

That's the ghetto puerto
ri we can Coming out.

Oh, well, I don't care.

Don't try it make me look like a Fool
by trying to take me out at The end.

I'm the most powerful player and I'm
going to remain the most Powerful player.

Come on in, guys!

- You guys ready to get to today's Immunity challenge?
- yes.

First things first,
Take back the necklace,

kim.Thank you.

Once again, immunity
is back up For grabs.

For today's cllenge, you
will Use the large fish hooks

to pick Up bags of puzzle pieces.

You'll then use the
pieces to Complete a puzzle

in the shape Of a fish skeleton.

To make it a little more interesting, you'll
do it with One hand tied behind your back.

First person to get
it right Wins immunity,

guarantee a one In five
shot at winning this Game.

Losers, you will go to tribal Council.

Somebody will be voted out of The game.

Let's draw for spots. We'll get started.

All right, here we go.For immunity.

Survivors ready?


First you have to hook three Fish hooks.

Then you have to hook your
Puzzle pieces with the hooks.

Kim has hers very quickly.

Alicia has hers.

Sabrina has hers.Tarzan
has his first bag.

Christina has it.Now chelsea has it.

Everybody working on their first Bag.

You're completing the lowest
Section of the fish skeleton.

Kim off to a quick
start in this Challenge.

Alicia now getting in on it.

Chelsea now working on her Pieces.

Everybody in it at this point.

Once you have all of the
bottom Section completed,

you can head Back and get
the next bag of Puzzle pieces.

Kim has her last piece. She's heading
back and right on Her tail is alicia.

Chelsea has her first section Completed.

Chelsea, alicia, and kim now Working
on that second bag of Puzzle pieces.

Alicia now in the lead.

Christina finishes her first Section.

Kim now has her second
bag.She's heading back.

It is kim and alicia now with
Their second bags of puzzle Pieces.

Tarzan finally finishes his
First section. He's heading back.

Kim gets her bag undone
faster Than alicia.

Kim is now back in the lead.

Tarzan now working on that
Second bag, and he has it.

Tarzan makes quick work of the Hooks.

That dexterity in the hands
of a Surgeon paying off.

Christina has hers. She's heading back.

But kim and alicia have had a Big
head start in this second Stage.

Sabrina now back.

Chelsea the last one.

Kim finishes her second section.

Heading back for her third
and Final bag of puzzle pieces.

Chelsea finally grabs all four Rings.

Chelsea has a lot of time to Make up.

Alicia finishes her second Section.

Alicia now working on that
third And final set of hooks.

Kim struggling with that fifth Hook.

Giving everybody else a
lot of Time to catch up.

Tarzan finishes his second
Section. Tarzan is now in this.

Sabrina and christina both
Finish their second sections.

Everybody but chelsea now trying To
get that third bag of puzzle Pieces.

Kim had a huge lead.

And she blew it.Could not get it done.

And alicia is now back in the Lead.

She has her third bag
heading Back to work on it.

Big immunity on the line.
Guaranteed spot in the final Five.

Chelsea finishes her second Section.

Sabrina has her five hooks.She's
working on the third Section.

Kim who was in the lead finally
Hooks her third bag and can head Back.

Chelsea has her third
bag.She's now in it.

And she drops it just
before Getting to the end.

This is it.Right here.

Kim, hustling now, try to Catch up.

It is kim and alicia.

Alicia in the lead.
Kim right behind her.

Alicia very close now.

Kim picking up the
pace. Closing the gap.

Alicia has one piece left and One drops.

Alicia drops another
piece.Starting to panic.

Kim with two pieces left.Alicia
with two pieces left.

Going to come down to the wire.

Kim drops one! Gotta pick up another.

Alicia has it.Alicia wins immunity!

By seconds over kim.

Alicia, come on over.

It was neck and neck
between you And kim.

You snatched victory at the last Second.
Your first individual immunity Win.

And it means are you safe
Tonight at tribal council,

and You will be in the final five.

As for the rest of you, it has Been
36 very tough days,tough Game to play.

Chelsea, tarzan,
christina, kim, Sabrina,

for one of you, it will
Come to an end tonight.

Grab your stuff. Head back to
camp.I'll see you at tribal.



I am probably the most
Surprised about my win today.

It's awesome.****

If I was back at home I would be With
my girls saying, "look at Me now."

great job, girl.

I should have won that. You bitch!

- what did you call her?
- bitch.

How dare you beat me?

Actually, I should have won
That.that wasn't even athletic.


no, I'm just saying, I should Have.

today is all about me.

And I have the choice, you
know,Keeping chelsea around or Tarzan.

And do I get rid of my power?

I control
three votes--

my vote,Tarzan's vote,
and christina's Vote.

But as far as tarzan-- and I
Kind very far this selfish vibe,

Like should should I give up Power now?

But at the same time, I'm
afraid He's going to backstab me.

before we left camp, I
Convinced alicia and christina

That tarzan is trying to
take You and christina--

- shut up.
- I'm not kidding.

Like, listen. He's
trying to take me out.

So I convinced alicia it's me
And her he's trying to take out

Because we're the two strongest Player.

We went through all this stuff About how
inconsistent he's Been, what he said to alicia.

- They're floored.
- oh, my god.

they're as excited to take Him
out as they were to take kat Out.

I swear.

somehow or another, kim has Finagled
her way into alicia's Mindset

that tarzan is gunning For alicia.

Now before, alicia, she was
Gunning for chelsea first.

But what I just heard from kim,

If it's true, we can get this
Sucker tarzan out of here.

But alicia's slick.

We don't know if she's
telling The truth.

So who knows?

so she's freaking out.

She thinks he's coming after Her, and
he's trying to take Sabrina and christina.

They still want to take
you out First then him.

So I don't know what to do from
Here. I just know this really helps.

And I-- I tried, like,
so hard, I pushed for it

as much as I Felt I could push for
it without Making it really obvious.

but then I start to get Nervous because
I'm, like, what If they're playing me?

And they do vote me because That's
what he's going to be Saying.

And I could go home.

not if you play your idol.

it depends on how I'm Feeling.

I would maybe risk it.

That's how sure I feel they
want To take him out right now.

- oh, my god.
- I'm sorry. I know that's really stressful.

If alicia doesn't vote out Tarzan,

I will probably vote With alicia,
christina and Tarzan to take chelsea out.

My struggle to keep chelsea in this Game

and use an idol that takes Me
to the final four no matter What

seems like an unwise Decision
to put everything on The line

for chelsea and sabrina With
six people left in the game

When I know for a fact I
could Sit at the final four.

do you know what infuriates Me?


- do you know what infuriates Me?
- what.

people like that, that are
Going to be here longer than me.

what? No, no, no.

you're going to go to the End.

It's not the end of the road at All.

that's just what bothers me.

Like, if I were to go home
Tomorrow knowing christina's Here,

after 35 days.

- don't think like that.
- I shouldn't think like that.

you know how this game
can Quickly change.


Let's just take it our by our.

Not even freaking day
by day Now, hour by hour.

This plan tonight hinges on Pretty
much two people to sway The votes.

Kim to sway alicia's mind to say

We're all in this together

We want that sucker tarzan
gone.He is out to get you.

And it all hinges on alicia

Believing every morsal of
what Comes out of kim's mouth.

Kim, she bats her baby blue
eyes And looks right dead at you,

and It's really hard not to believe Kim.

see, I'm still walking with You,
even though my foot is Messed up.

but I sense-- I sense you Don't
want me to go down to the Top three.

- no!
- you sure?

- I feel that-- - I mean,
you can tell me the Truth.

no, I feel that we need to
take Out-- Chelsea today.

yes, is kim still on board With that?

yes, I talked to her. We're all good.

I've been aware that the Girls needed
me to help them get Rid of the boys.

Well, I did that. I actually did that.

I help them get rid of five Boys.

And now if I haven't screwed it Up by
being irascible the last Couple of days,

I hope the girls Don't
jump on me tonight

but Actually knock out chelsea.

If it's you, me, and christina,

I think you've got it nailed.

If alicia would think it
through A little bit better

she'd see Why that
would be better for Her.

Except they know there's no
way For her to really trust me,

and so she could be influenced by Kim.

How about if we end up taking Kim?

if you take kim,****

I think You're best bet at
winning, if You take christina.

I think

kim's, her angelic
Faishes her blue eyes,

she might win after all,
and that's not Fair to you.

Kim, with her angelickize,

Actually fooled troyzan and Jay-bird,

so god knows, she Could
probably fool alicia.

- here we go!
- put it on.

- I bet
$5? - o-m-g.

this isn't offensive to
Anybody if I wore this?

that tank top has dried blood On it.

all right.***

I wouldn't want women's dirty Panties
touching the skin on my Forehead.

I don't want to
blindside Tarzan tonight.

We have a father-daughter-like

But at the same time,he
might Reunite with sabrina

and take Christine and persuade her.

And those are things
that I want To avoid.

please, please, hold the Applause.

No, no, no, no. Please.

this is killing me.

I want to say I trust
kim.I want to say 100%,

but there Is, like, this doubt in
my mind That maybe she's playing me.

So it's, like, I don't know.

I really don't know
which one do I go with?

We'll now bring in The
members of our jury.


Jonas, michael, jay, Leif, troyzan,

and kat, voted Out at
the last tribal council.

So, sabrina, here we
are, down To a hand full,

and are you Still here. Surprise you?

no, not really.

You know, if you don't
put Yourself in the mix,

then, you Know, you've already
defeated Yourself from the start.

So of course you have
to include Yourself.

- Still believe you can win?
- why not?Yeah.

Tarzan, you're still Here.

only by the grace of god I'm Still here.

Why do you think you Are still here

when all the Other guys
are over on the jury?

because I helped the
ladies Get rid of the guys.

But that moment has Come and gone.

and my moment's
probably just About over.

But, you know, if somebody wants To take
me to the end, I'll go.I'm not stupid.

But it wouldn't be a bad tactic

Because these five guys are Going
to vote for what, a Millionaire?

I don't think so.

So, sabrina, somebody Who
doesn't believe he can win

And no one else seems to believe
He can win could become an Asset.

to a degree, but at the end Of the day,

we're women and he's Still a man,

and no matter who He helped pick off

there may be Some people on the
jury who are Like, you know what?

I don't want a woman to win at All.

It's a risk, I think,
to take Him to the top.

Tarzan, really, There's
very little room to Hide.

I think our game is solid at The moment.

I mean, they've kept their word And almost
invariably the right Person goes each time.

Tarzan, do you think
The jury would agree?

no, it's human nature
when You're voted out,

you're not Introspective
enough to say, "wait a minute.

The person that's voted
out Isn't in the alignment

when the Game is--
excuse me-- afoot."

But they believe they Were.

I'll give you that point.

Tarzan, do you often Feel
misunderstood in this game?

I would say that's true, Yeah.

It's like the day I wore Something
and they're worried About ****

and they Have no idea
what I know about That

and that's why I wasn't
Worry but they were.

What did you wear?And who is ***

- he's wearing kat's tank.
- I'm wearing this,

but I also Put her panties on my head,

and They were like, "oh, no! Panty! "

just for a joke.

And I'm not afraid of
those Panties at all.

Sabrina, this really Is, on a very
base level what "survivor" is about.

You have to decide, tarzan wants To put
on kat's shirt, he thinks It's funny.

He still might be the
guy I take To the end.

- Those are the decision you Weigh.right?
- right.

and what I've been weighing Is

could this brilliant man who Is wearing
panties on his head Be playing us.

Oh, I just wanted to see my Weapon
wife. I just want the the adventure.

And now you want to play the Game...


Alicia what the Reaction back to camp

when Sabrina and kim were asked
to go With chelsea the award.

and ***

she picked sabrina, who I Thought
was a fair choice, Definitely.

However, was kim a fair choice,

When these two have not been
on Any rewards in a while?

I mean, that's kind of up
to the Person who is picking.

Kat picked two people
that she Liked --

- and she was voted out.
- right.


Christina, frustrated That
chelsea didn't pick you?

yeah, there was a little
bit Of frustration and stuff.

There was a conversation
between Chels and I,

and we made an Agreement that,
like, we would Take each other.

So I was a little bit Disappointed.

- so you feel like she broke Her word to you.
- yes, I did.

she also broke her word to me
Right after that conversation

Which is why I didn't take her.

So what will save you Tonight?

I think people are starting
To get a bigger feel for tarzan

And what he really might
be Doing in this game.

I don't think it's just
an Adventure for him.

I think he might be playing
some People more than they think.

jeff, I'm not playing Anybody. And
that's all I have to say About it.

On that note, let's get to the vote.

Cannot vote for alicia. She has
immunity.Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote. Tarzan, you're up.

Tarzan, please get the hell Off this
island before you drive Me crazy.

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want to play it,

Now would be the time to do so.

All right, once the votes are
Read, the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked To leave
the tribal council area Immediately.

I'll read the vote.

First vote, chelsea.

Goodbye, chelsea


Two votes tarzan, one vote Chelsea.

Tarzan. That's three votes
tarzan, one Vote chelsea.

13th person voted out and The
seventh member of our jury, Tarzan.

You need to bring me your torch.

Tarzan, the tribe has spoken.

I want to thank you
ladies And you gentlemen

for the Adventure and for
allowing me to See my wife.


- Adios, tarzan.
- thanks, tarzan.

Well, you've done
it.All the men are gone.

May the best woman win.

Grab your torches.Head back to camp.

Good night.

-= Proudly Presents

-= Sync:??־????

Season 24 Episode 13

to win "survivor" is the Goal.

If a million bucks lifts your Soul.

You must outwit, outplay, Outlast,

or be a savage, soon Outcast.

Expect there will be so much to See,
people will lie and they Will cheat.

And I'm going to add one other thing