Survivor (2000–…): Season 27, Episode 1 - Blood Is Thicker Than Anything - full transcript

Blood vs. Water relationships are put to the ultimate test on Day 1, when castaways are shocked to learn they will be separated from their loved ones and have to compete against each other on separate tribes.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
night is falling in the Luzon Strait

as Jim Pearson castaways are being
dropped off in 10 separate locations

and returning player and their loved
ones what they don't know is that won't

be pulling together

will be competing against each other

played the very first season when his
niece worries that was only nine years


and the original the OG want to start
this all

this time I absolutely like to win this

many pieces family after 13 years come
back play this game again

night and its focus on me winning game

he deftly Germany different way you're
new to the game

in survivor one world caps instability
lost to the game

now along with Big Brother winner and
boyfriend Hayden

they hope to go all the way Big Brother
mean it is survivor

in a house to as far as training or

I'm gonna be more prepared than anybody
else that has already played this game

came sorry one sec for like this is my
time this is my game


in survivor Samoa Laura was a mother to
her try

this time so have to split her focus
between her daughter Sierra

in the game I think that our ability to
find a balance each other out

is really gonna benefit

but yet she's my heart

nothing is harder than seeing somebody
that you love saffir

for days playing the game fan favorite
rupert has never made it to the end his

wife Laura hopes to be the first to the
family to win this game

and emerge from the shadow of his legacy
I am returning

survivor for Mike force time this has
always been about referred in river

playing three times and River referred

for Laura

after making some controversial
statements and survivor one world

called left with the mysterious ailment
and few fans

he's hoping fiance Caleb will provide
him with the maturity he needs

I don't really know how people are gonna
respond what I was like this big Bolla


Michael apart from winning this season
is to show people different side


I'm worn by company's reputation because
he pissed a lot of people of

but I know a different cultures

this is going to be kind of the
redemption for him like okay


would can just play the game and
survivor Cook Islands she was a young

med school student now she and her
husband John

both doctors hope wanted them to make it
to the end we are two people who have

been very successful

it could be something that people
perceive as a threat capsule and

young athletic think we're gonna have
big talker

former NFL wife Monica played the game
for herself

survival 1

world now she'll share the spotlight
with her famous husband

Brad Culpepper normally it's that I'm
brats why

but when it comes to survivor on the
wily veteran here play second fiddle to


I'm young rookie it's my turn to when
and this time I brought some


Gina winner the Australian outback has
her sights set

on a second title but her daughter katie
has plans a perot

have tell Katie airline train scenes
this game bed

our families very competitive

areas just one winner and their stupid

that poses a very difficult situation I

love to be my mother at her getting

tyson was blindsided into jeans and

voted himself out of heroes and villains
now with longtime girlfriend Rachel

he hopes to redeem himself I've been
disappointed by survivor twice

but missed time I actually feel like I'm
in a pretty good spot

in a game like this I think that the
loved ones I can be prepared

and miss that their throats

survivor was ollie's Texans p I never

in a million years I'd out here with the
left wing


it's gonna be game-changing it's gonna
be crazy out here

Rs likable winner of Survivor Exile
Island returns to the game with his


fetus was a much darker past I was a
drug addict

harrowing definitely lead to my rest has
been here in LA county jail

are still has a lot of resentment
against me

for my brother was 380 abuse it when we
were younger

and that cease-fire me be camping things
that could be a man

I don't know if me going on Survivor me
my brother and yes but I'm

sure that winning it did people have one

alone in the jungle

a chance for the returning players to
prepare their loved ones

for what awaits them

the game begun tonight is your first
night I

without any surprise you must rely on
your loved one for protection

comfort and survival I

jungle by ourselves your personal dancer

escaped all

we do we should start leader his beats

these crimes

suggestions when you leave your the

thirty years ago it's really important
that we don't sit on the ground that the


60 minutes some sass

it's not even day but the game is
already begun

behind the comfort and safety of their
normal world

to take part in the adventure the
lifetime its survivor

blood verses water

20 Americans forced to work together to
build a new society

while battling the elements and each
other it is the most important thing in

my entire life

TV Haven months they must learn to adapt
will be voted out

she's a threat at some point somewhere
and get ready

in the end only one will remain to claim
the million-dollar prize

I wanna win that money on when this came
in on the PRC do it 39 days

people survivor





welcome to the twenty 7 season

I love survivor Park

let's talk about your first night paid
you played

another Big Show big brother did very

how to your first moments on Survivor
compared to Big Brother

I it's hard to compare the cozy confines
of the house to that

lush jungle that can I slept last night

the good news is you're going to
experience this

game with your loved one but you will
not be playing

with them will be playing against your
loved one


anybody here willing to admit they're
looking forward to competing

against their love wow

over half have their hands up

so Katie you want to take your mom on in
a game she won I

she was gonna research you I just got a

campaigning is great I think it's going
to be the hardest thing

NEMS do is to get to that point where

the tribe's command you see your loved
one Matt not be there

i think is going to be sad or any bar
like wants to go home

culpepper what would that be like for
you see Monica voted out I'm pulled both

ways on the surface

I wanna be turn every challenge I did
with you wanna get deep in my heart

if there's a challenge per se it's hard

it's raining everyday we're gonna win
she's on the other team

farm is gonna say can I need her to have
the tarp instead me

I can deal with stem cell I got ninety

big then I have no idea same you

with my heart instead of my here and all
of a sudden

I got stairs and every person down the
line I'm thinking to myself home

first five seconds ago way to go Brad
alright say your goodbyes

returning players over here new players
over there


my heart sank is and occultism

really hoping to have me with them can
it be that provided that I am formed

was definitely a wake up call


it was sad at the same time it's a game


played on my own to you you're no longer
simply loved ones

you are now competitors could

PCI such a competitive relationship

there's no way that if I lose a chalice
and my brother I hear that I'm not gonna

hear about it for the rest of my life

did you said you had any

watching my wife over to the other
driver who is

little bit of a relief and a little bit

at the same time I didn't have to worry
at all

about raiding my wife's name them but
then I also can't protector

hi returning players

your name is go along new players

there's a bus your name is

tonton up alright so what's

complicate the game a little more

each try is now going to vote someone

out oh my guy she


everybody take a parchment in a pen

pain you looked shocked it's a little
early on somebody out I think

we first impressions are gonna speak
very loudly right here

venture Jeff Probst I'll he have not
really twist the knife

our gun about someone out really

hi for I'm called remember me

I probably gonna be the one RI

let's do this will start on the and
bolger vote up

Laura Rupert's wife already

already a target not good and you think
your target because if your husband


call pepper

Laura pain

Laura Lauren hoosier vote for

Jarvis has left fun Mercer Morris inside
now it's all good

ride in the back

Laura that is for votes for Laura
morissette cannot vote for herself that


one more vote for lower you're out

here in the front

more that's it you have enough take spot
over here next to me

just like that first-person voted out
there try

I love you

watching my wife you voted out every

about killed me why they would do that

it is smack against me that is every one
of those little scared newbies

saying with God I stop rupert we're
going to maybe get together

getting money returning players time for
you to vote

somebody out your tribe Candice Laura

while or only because I don't know
anything about her

that it's nothing personal I'm sorry
tyson holding up


Tina reveal your phone

I appreciate what you said because
that's why about your name I just down

know anything about you know I'm sorry
I'm sorry

good cap reveal you

I'm sorry

summary another boat for Kansas Colton

three votes for Candace

two votes for Laura rupert who'd you
vote for

Laura more free votes Candice

three votes for a Monica

Candice as for votes for campus

Rs from a Redskins fan

of terrorists service

Candice has four votes morehouse 3
jervis has one

there are two votes left more would you
vote for

for the same reason maybe we can go get
some coffee and know it lol

day that is five votes for Candace that
is enough

Candice voted out ever tried

every time I saw her name come up I felt
like I was getting kicked in the head

quite literally wanted to do everything
occurred to vote out every single person

that wrote her name

and I'm never gonna forget I wanted to
play with you guys but

I guess feeling wasn't mutual hi

cell more and Candice you are voted out
of your tribe but you are not

out love this game

attention I was is in play this season
Redemption Island

caucus have a second chance in the game
every person voted out at this game will

be sent to Redemption Island

where you will compete in tools for shot
to get back

in the game you'll be the first to
people I'm redemption I'm

before I send you to Redemption Island
what's put this

idea applied versus water to its first

grouper very heroic

love your wife do anything for your wife

if you want you can prove it right now

and you can take her spot before you
don't want to tell you the consequences

you can take her spot that Redemption
Island which means

you're putting her on your tribe you
will be Redemption Island

having to fight for your chance to get
back in this game

you lose one do all you could be out


put myself in a position where I am not
safe is


but I would rather myself in this
position then I would my way

Lord deserves to play the game the run a
greater me


take a

Wow I never anticipated this


I would really taped reports which with

I understand the emotion behind it bit
we were camping on Rupert report is a

fantastic shelter builder

he's a fantastic fishermen in right off
the bat he weakens our track

rupert you understand you have now put
yourself in a spot

in which you have to win your way in
time SQ time after time and I


you have the same opportunity do you
want to take a moment to talk about it

had a great



team think you can meet him issues

John what decision you make

was at my life is really tough woman and
I have no doubt in my mind that she can


so think over you have to be repaired

hi cans come back John text but the

touch-ups hi big move early on

reports pulled himself out of the game
so more can have a shot

Candice and rupert you will have to
Redemption Island will compete in tools

for shot to get back in this game head

love you money

to be skokie in organized world


or an IR right

I'm making it back make it back

if I can my ash of redemption nightly
and more

is still there you better watch out
because we will be one helluva team

watching his walk-off really felt like
my heart was beating

morning my chips like this second house

the second I saw her walking off you go

I was like

there's nothing it's gonna be harder
then 9

doing everything I can to save my life
by in this game guys you have a lot to

get started with your building a new

each if you have a map your caps head
out get started good luck

now I have the opportunity to show all
those dumbasses

how big a mistake they made



sticks seats yet

C Tyson run around naked

copper shares

has been 13 years is a place by

i think is the longest layoff anybody's
ever had rainy day

so it's going to be interesting to say
the least I think

I know I'm I'm up for it though amram

I was excited see that we had a box
there with

some supplies in it there anyway now

okay I'm heroes villains I watched and
help from

star fire bamboo alright his name enough
I cannot me

think along is a strong province because
you have a lot to turn a place

one Lawrence not the lock see is

now machinist are on their way awarded
the will

I don't wanna play with Laura has got to
go by

PC link


showing the returning players try

its very intimidating all these people
are the

experts yeah move your hand out I but
then like I get and tax for

here's practice I've got a lot of
pressure on my back

I have to show how tough I am and how
valuable land to the tribe

so what you have here an hour I know

playing yeah I mean

here stuck to have you I think there's
the expectation that I am

like grouper but I'm not he started

months ago


hits in 6 be an experienced player we
know how important it is

ap bio don't worry about your shelter
don't worry about anything else because

unless you have a fire

we r dead in the water in 15 minutes

my out there start the fire want to get
the fire hot enough

anything will burn you put in it been
nonstop what's going on water our

canteens our full

guys right now rice

morale is good it's amazing were really
comfortable at this point half

of of

skinny ever let me with chard

I guess if I survivor

not once but wife and both times

compton's out here I mean he was see

one of the most vindictive villainous me

people to ever play the game said




I played with him before he stabbed me
in the back and

I'm not gonna have happened to me what
happened to me before



nap from as he changed as in I'm

I don't know the zebra change their

cast MI once again gonna be big numbers

I don't know home

having strong before president lot away

I have removed monica's

survivor one experience thousands of
times with

Wilson dropped off on a beach in to
fight world there's nothing here

it's on there were some butterflies
taken here we go

South gonna start

and something about

attitudes his hands his work so we're
all working hard around can boys to make


shelter girls are even palm fronds we
have no veterans here so

we're all kinda going on What are not
once told us and basically it was a bit


we don't know anything of

much educator I feel I can could be in

five minutes into the game I been a huge
boner about not going on a per cent to

potentially help my wife

now she's now the enemy manager for

first moments of the game

I mentioned something about

Thomas it out


100 percent yet my blessed

on a per cent

write you back to the field

said he's not going to go to town for
his wife by was in

in apologies exactly so I feel like he's
1 I'm definitely gonna have to

keep my owning he came close because he

seem like he could be a loose cannon

if there's one thing going for Monica
she said Brandon you

play this game you better hit the ground

fine you hit the ground running talking
to people you need to make connections

you need to give mines

facts for the team

strong and and fingers travel Council

good idea to keep all the five guys
together stemmed from Brad


not surprised at all thanked shocker
together with NFL football once keep his


together he won the game but you know
the more he

part so that kinda stuff and servicers
himself as the leader I mean the

more that could potentially in a body
mass later something can

got the numbers gas of


you about an alliance

from his jeans hmm number

when Brad guy by myself he was

pretty much China buddy buddy the yeah
bro mascot bang

you know all guys the and blah blah blah

southern chic on with his army him

thank and now you're want to get your
yourself and your wife today and whoever

she's with you know I mean I'm not

missed it sounds good you know whatever
you know I'll agree to anything at this

point with him because I was gonna shut
him up

with you the par-5 guy thing you know
just when the girls

under clinton I can so easily a

if you like to keep the strong around
seen these days to john cochran's

a survivor are the big threats now yeah
because because

those people that went through the week
for women john cochran

I think right now John onboard Intel 510

and I know an hour everybody s I got
kaelin I got John

I got a I got beat I got me that's fine

4 with nine people's


but I'm sorry your no okay


with 9 people's by

5 with 9 people's


something that sounds like to eat 30

shelves together man segment roman tub

give his own yes i'd singles

every three sizes

which is weird

is the plan and I'm members not to start
a fire without them

became boiler water this is a lot just
building a shelter putting it together

I can feel the liquid leaving my body
and turning into sludge


names for three years yes

like free or back good

too young for you this is the his bbw

both Mike

15 Craig I'm sorry getting a married

come down I actually was a teen moms I
got pregnant at 17 and high school

that was a huge game change for me and
my mom

it was %ah are really hard obstacle for
us to get the rooms

embarrassing for my mom probably as at
parent to be so hard

you kid every you know you know I'm sure
to pick up your

my daughter 16 pregnant I embrace earns
a veg

you to convert statement on my mom she
found now

eventually we're back to training

worst person ever but now it's awesome
you know now I have my mind and my

husband's great

an hour but Laura your mom thinks being
a grandparent who is way there

repair 10 I wasn't here with the guys
segment top 10 deadbeat dad

the country or something me you're in
jail now 19 year

%uh ducking really how their heroin
addict major

yeah not my brother was a golden child

you know I grew up behind me like what
you can do all these bad things in like

got a scholarship to college basketball
like straight-a student

and I was like after opposite got that a

than on street robbing people every day
to get my fix my addiction impact my


profound even my relationship with my
brother to this day is still like not

fully mended

so this is a great experience and I get
to have with my brother

the fact that we're going on this
together is a pretty great you know

opportunity for us to men smart finally
got arrest the main route into maybe the

best thing ever happened to you

best thing ever say my life because I
had over just a few times in the last

month Road

for like two cuts family one night in
the bath the gas gas station with

Anderson on

users to power us we're just kidding
you're just a baby

yeah I think in a game where trust is
the most important part

I just wanted to share it might try my
past because you know if you really want

some you trust to you have to let them

and I do wanna be vulnerable make show

that part of my past make makes me
stronger is

so perhaps check it does a great job
demand strike something

for me I don't think people that hear
about the part about having to think

anything less than me

I don't think people are gonna see
ex-con thats conniving

and it does fee that's willing to like
do whatever he can to get what he wants

like I got fourteen years clean

not a lot of experience away from that
and I do want to show them that there's

like you know different army then like
just being a teacher

and I think it'll help strengthen the
bonds and connections I have with them

and will be able to get for this game

them yeah

this try itself find

for me personally everyone here keeps my
mind off it like the games

you know i mean some other guy forget
that I'm in a game I think I just signed

up for some horrible hellacious

camping trip yeah here

summer play this game I had this math on
I was

brute everyone I was mean to everyone
and I didn't have kind things to say

and it was all because I was in secular
I actually am trying to find an


to really try to explain to people and
get them to understand me

where I'm from I A

live lead 99 people and might stay

that have the same beliefs what i'd
don't have

are people that are kalin I live in the
deep south where

being gay it's a cross to bear every
single day

well as growing up I was a three-disc in
the world

and you know I mean somewhere along the

I got tired of being called fifty in
faggot queer and they'll

the struggle is just getting people to
understand and a living breathing human


just like everybody else I have five

with my own family trying to get them to

and the people in my family that I don't
have a relationship but because they

don't understand that it's like okay
that they love me

and does



the negative experiences day you go
through in life I think they bill due to

the person that you are

unit today but I'm times I'm just going
and what positive thinking

guys here on the same cell

he is I is just around the corner

will seem like you for all of us

to judge what decisions he makes

is hard we haven't walked a mile in his

and I don't think it's easy if these

when happy beautiful story re: I'm

Rd begin scoping company



like this

letter to you for every person I
definitely got my feelings hurt

by the returning players try I'm out for

may do everything I can to fight

and to win this game he ripped apart

I get it

chop a couple names up for I'm really
just trying to you

keep my mind in the game and maintain

the keys so that I can stay healthy
hydrated ready to be

River never in a million years would
have guessed

would be in this position Saket

day any other living with river is

extremely annoying to say the least 199

report mostly is either sleeping

or first class around in the water I get
to come tonight

I get all the firewood I go get

all the water I tend the fire I boil the

I've world right and rupert enjoys the

it's infuriating actually see global


you know I think the flat words are you
more comfortable than the damn bamboo

I am NOT going to do what I've done

so many other times one of the reasons
why I've never

wine and immunity challenge is a kill

fishing kill myself taken care of may

but this is more individual and if I'm
gonna be candice

any degree in Savannah GA Gua if Candace
wants to go out and kill urself

gathering would make fired keeping you
going to boiling water and doing


rage Burnett for energy

I magnin

by need to have in my head that day


but alright

got spear shemale original I get up

and the with checked remain anywhere
like official survivor people

looks for you yeah

it was really exciting it's like until
you gotten certain tree male

really haven't quite started the game I
can find your email

like size



I'm great knowing it out advantage that
we have is returning players

is we know it keep your head in the keep

anything can happen all gone way you
choose to step forward

to grind job and swam will you paddle
straight the first time

your chances are pretty slam

for you should you assemble the pieces
and to make the flag

release fan will you be voted out
tonight will not if UN

visit also I just this is me breasts
right away we're trying to take okay who

is fastest swimmer who's good at

gonna puzzles already know my mom needed
a puzzle okay yeah

I you like you better yeah our company
with that

owner their lives my mom's great puzzles

also she's probably in the puzzle I'm on
the puzzle so it's going to be

mother-daughter duo you too on the
public gets

your minds name already went ahead in
the there as laying out so

slightly it doesn't matter if you're not
a fast learner to emerge %uh

illegal man it's about this in this
house houses are my strength and I have

the experience and now in okay

think outside the box how can we do this
quick was going to the puzzle Sierra

Katie month let me say this i patch in
this world like take you on a circle

as much as I'll ever unfortunately I'm
gonna beat my daughter in this game

all right here



welcome to your first community
challenge first order business

more moments in the game you already
know what I'm asking you want your real


I want my color so you're officially a
member go along

AF you can drop your Edwin leave it

no souvenirs in this game call

how's it been first few days out here
you guys had any luck with campfire

any the necessities yeah we have fire we
have to sell their

how you get fired I nice

team effort and 15 minutes in the inner
fire going

that water boiling near hydrated ready

yeah Brad do you believe they have fire

is a possible they're just saying that

better that's good you guys not have

we got fire funnier than they can share
of we don't need to you

so you guys have fires well absolutely

took us awhile longer in 15 minutes but
we gotta go on they probably have fired

because they'd experienced

we don't because we're budget millions I

get ready get your first immunity
challenge isn't going to work

oh my gosh six members have each tribal
race overseers

obstacles to a you want I'm impanel

that both will find a chest full of
cousins the three remaining tried

members will use those puzzle pieces

assemble a ship's wheel first right to
assemble their we'll

and use it to raise their flag winds

this is what you kandinsky community
keeps you safe from tribal council

tribal council is not where you want to
be in addition you're playing for fire

in the form of Flint

it is our first challenge in blood
versus water the only way you ensure you

don't go to trial is by beating the
other tribe

which is full and your loved complicates
a game given its strategize it started


here we go for immunity fire

spatters right

try pretty good few

with you


new players on tour now

continues to work together



just doing


missus parties


tell you on the platform


really tough time



struggling mister for

his exhausted glory

new players

Dale the display

these traits release

his drive down

on time a series of not just released

chance yeah

this is struggling to swim

few first challenge

try here knots

self-insure to the PLO

not time studies on the bus

get service back to the

to try has been time nuts

the new plant fetuses

the returning players

stuff going on

gotta go down the middle returning
players just recovered from Germany


and now they don't know how to

once again the new to in the only

returning players are struggling against
a new players

this is where you see what I tribesmen

call bring spoken on the phone

dysfunction with returning players once
again spell


huge advantage for China

50 players who know how to play chess

show by once

returning players

players about time to start working on
this puzzle


scale see Caney



working on the for the returning players

our first challenge

and the newbies are intent on showing
the returning players

lines that this is going to be a battle

this is experience comes into play

not panicking swing searing K

Katie trying to find a place

women go along working together well

hi making up a lotta time

Katie struggling even together pieces

pop its the six people in the watergate

is I suggest

very close back

after suffering a huge step to clear

ski resort


to Claire's working on that second AGP

nuclear spills

trying to call women in this game using

truck returning players from now on them

pieces the new

these finish their sweet amazing

absolute collapse at the pool stage

for the new Hana some others

school showing their daughters right now
this is the final

this challenge and they're flying

about to deliver said


returning players go all show idk

community and fire and former Flint can


called your frying

call are you upset because you think
he's in trouble or just

the fact that you know you just sent
into trouble counts

probably both death I think that work
his belly feeling when all this

do is it's a bittersweet we won that we
put our loved ones in jeopardy

hiked along enjoy your night of tribal

head back to camp grab yeah

time Hana Tribal Council tonight or
somebody will be voted down to the

strive and sent Redemption Island where
they will have to compete

in tools in order to stay alive which
means tonight

as a group who vote somebody else will
then go and compete

John gets your wife seen a jump Council
upset about you

I mean my jervis for him to come to jump
up and down like in your face has like

pay bozo your loved one may go home when
your cheer about that great guys beat us

but it's like beating your own


start 30


we lost challenged in that stinks can
get where I am in life by

losing and I hate to lose fire

be happy workers a silver lining was be
happy they have five round die without


but I don't know I know this I don't
think there's a single person here you

can get a hundred percent

person puzzle makers was it up again

you beat yourself up don't yeah I mean
if all they've all done this they know

the experience they weren't as nervous
like this is not the first time that the

related proposal here a discount
experience after the challenger in my

heart sank down to the floor

it's our first challenger first boss I
knew that

I was part of why the team lots I mean I
can buy

my mother and the fact that three of us
the puzzle people

where the reason that we didn't pull
through at the end

you know makes me a little nervous
because what are we to judge their votes


or jervis orange and it's not porn

have to use the lower swine that's how

Joe did so freaking bad about

spent like go to my face like

I was just like terrorists like calm
down your body to show the year the


like athletic person on your try with
that swimming performance

I definitely think the other tribal
sovereignty much after that when because

is they are our loved ones like yes he
won but guess what you're about to send

one of us home

and of course who are they gonna corley
jervis with his knee here's one thing on

we're gonna win shall and

let's win grace you know there are Jeff

saying is the line is not war after

kills its prey very rear roaring after
killing occurred

and come look at him and go from that
make me happy

I don't want to gloat over them

because what they're gonna lose a loved
one what we have right now

with us my monette we were down casper's
uncles 524 like

there's seasons were people would kill
to be on the numbers early on

you know you get faster we're not
breaking yeah mysteries computed

nobody's gonna drive soon we can figure
this out amassed

gonna be because whoever we photographed
we gotta remember is gonna be stabbed

our planet

detailed you

I was checked out by the way I'm telling
by Sunday yeah

this like so sad opening kickoff 90
Monica I saw her with a rancher wheels


about now I'm glad she did legal work
that much I think there's there's

such thing as being sorted and and that
was rough

I didn't like I noticed there you
understand being happy that

there's a point we need to be smart
about it because I'm telling you

I'm a little spoiled onerous right now
just because they were jervis act

Marissa performance the challenge

she was a little bit of the radar but
there's a side of myself that's all

jervis jumping up and down kinda in your
face the one is like she's going home

I like them apples jurors really good
doings in Borneo

yeah season on here here here the player
he was then anybody

on the positive cells just one thing
going for teasing be our best best asset

now and I can use like a third wheel

Yahoo we were concerned about her to
with the puzzle bard news

searing kadian and seer really jumped
and shoes shoes really helpful

and the same like Kate issues just the
extra cooking the kids'

here's the thing Okies marked she gets
this year to the puzzle is your

complete I don't wanna see Katie go

by if the majorities and then I am I'm
in with it we do you think you're

keeping track


the girls Valley know that the guys are
bonded I mean we're not being

subtle all of these women so it's
important for me to keep my alliances

with the girl strong I'm gonna tell
those girls K

you guys have decided which one will go
first which is what we want

some the guys

circling than catching

I think


let's be honest it doesn't matter
however they choose to vote for because

the guys have definitely bonded with
each other

I mean I feel bad for the girls but at
this point it'd be foolish

to to try to go against that

45 guy strong won the girls has to go

so maybe Marissa maybe Katie

to me they're all people the girls are
both connected with the other trade

we gotta start thinking about who you
vote now potentially

affect their truck


tiny chip use a torch gordon Brown the
torch approach the flame

depending get fire

as part of the ritual a tribal council
because in this game

fire represents


alright first tribal council

month place you want to beat somebody's
gotta be here came

what's been the toughest part in the
first few days for you tranquil fire

so you guys will i intimidate you don't
have fire yeah we were telling bombs

see are you had to have talked to Mom a
lot about her experiences out here

how much more difficult is it one sure
out here

my mom's tell me stories actually being
out here is

completely different I mean I've never
been this hungry

my okay somebody is just trying to get
outta my stomach right now like

cool I am A in science so to experience
is a really rough

colpepper your three days in and you're
already clearly struggling

it's been very frustrating not making
fire cuz obvious if we had fire we can

get fish incur can get strong silly when

you know community challenges let's talk
about blood versus water

Caleb I was having loved ones on the
party try

change this game it really does
complicated I mean

he doesn't know what's going on over
here just like I don't know what's going

on there you just gotta trust each other
that the show's gonna do the right thing

the right now they're doing their thing
we got to do our John

moments in the day one the woman you
love is the first person voted out to

the other try

you are then given the chance to take
her spot right young any regrets about

not stepping up

I have a lot to get off about decision
as a

as a husband it's something I really
struggle with the net feel like


I just I feel I can spy sitting there in
the downtown thing I just

just slater go and is like water down in

some movie should I think he met by the

and sometimes struggling with home

so what's it impact on you knowing that
whoever you vote out tonight

will be competing against your wife in
Rupert in the first 20

redemption if today's challenge species
anything really shows then

our love on the other side are not an
appointee punches

so michael tyson beat a soft lighting is
gonna make

this tribe strong is going for now if
there's an advantage that thing can scan

kick you know members by then that's
great too colpepper

where you see this game go blood versus

for you already thinking I think it was
interesting dynamic today when we lost

the CAS I don't know why they're
celebrating so much on there and

when work one of their loved ones going

who is celebrating who stood out service

course you're shaking your head at your
own uncle yes because he was celebrating

like that

I think I've been is better and more

wiser so I was expecting them to handle

meatus can it work against you

if your loved one behaves in this way
for somebody who's like

loading in our face like that kinda just
as a little bit insult to injury because

no this twist is different any other
season no team who wins immunity

is worrying the night the other team
goes to trial counsel but I guarantee

you tonight

that team is worrying because when they
see as the next time a challenge

they know that one of their loved ones
gonna be gone

were saying concerned at all by what
leaders said yes because

I'm guilty by association I wish germs
when im heightened down at the moment

so I would feel a little less formal
right now

while I would be devastating to get
voted out in this game

for something you didn't do jungle

by I feel like people should just be
judging me on my performance my

character my attitude not my love me

it comes down to March try not with
their child is doing weeks we get to


and then you can decide if you want a
judge me because it has

came where you at for the first phone

you really have solutions to go along I
mean the challenge today I think

the first like to raise the guys did
really great and

the puzzle makers fell behind cell the
fear tonight

face up to the challenge that's one
thing the judge our votes of

so you know there's something would it
be fair to vote you off or one poor

performance in your first

ever survivorship I want peace rights

if you have to vote somebody out you
can't find any other reason

then he could be today's challenge yeah
obviously if they have been successful

elevated their level in the tribe right
now but

I don't think we're all judging solely
on the performance

deposit makers

alright it is time to go Kayla Europe

just here

to tally the votes

once votes read the decision is final
person voted down to be asked to leave

the tribal council area me


first row K


worse to vote summers

three months myself 1 okay

process it's four votes mercy

first person voted out a survivor blood
versus what Marissa

that's five just enough for your torch


percent trap spoken

will have a chance to get back in this
game torture productions

first tribal council first blindside
your family members have tied

come play this game but the fact that
you're here says that even teacher

good news about come to tribal council
you will now have fire

every torches have back to camp and I

stay tuned for scenes from our next

next time on survival and fifth-seeded

I can't deal with three more days come
by he old

Colton is back he's a bully hopefully

kamli wrapped into K

people stay alive one is going home for

and the first dual Redemption Island
takes on everyone

a blindside yeah

I just got blindsided at rival a human
being that he's ago

no Marissa was a gal Scopus this is
redemption I