Survivor (2000–…): Season 26, Episode 3 - There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay - full transcript

Corinne and Malcolm's special bond leads to a discovery that could liven up the game.

Previously on Survivor...

- Your behaviour is not acceptable.
- Shut up!

While the fans camp was filled with disorder

We kinda have this 4, with me Eddie, Allie and Hope.

The favourites had a clear division
Phillip's alliance was calling the shot

leaving Brandon, Eric and Branda on the outside, looking in

He's treating peoples like garbage
You gotta cut the head off the snake

Frickin inspector Gadget tought he could pull
his special agent tricks

but you dont want to fight with me.

At the immunity challenge the favourites won easily

Favourites win immunity and reward!


With the fans facing tribal council, Reynold was vocal
about wanting Shamar off the island

- I'm gonna vote for you tonight.
- Alright then, that's it, vote.

But Sherri had other plans

- We want you on our side.
- I'm totally down for that.

I want shamar to keep annoying
people because shamar is my phillip.

She recruited shamar and tried to persuade
the tribe to break up the couples alliance.


I'm totally cool with that.

I just need to make a decision
and it's not going to be an easy one.

At tribal council
reynold revealed his idol.

Jeff, i'm holding the hidden
immunity idole that i found on the island.

But it didn't sway the tribe
from voting out his closest ally.

Second person voted out of
"fans vs.Favorites," allie.

You need to bring me your torch.

Allie the tribe has spoken.

Good luck, you guys.

18 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight.

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That was crazy,i know that.

I was sweating it coming back to camp

because i was the one that was at
the crossroads of the two alliances.

And it took maybe less than 30
seconds for things to hit the fan.

We are not friends.

But we need each other to win.

We do.

You need me to win challenges.


I have an idol and i'll play it.

I was gonna hold it and use
it for the good of the tribe.

I don't trust anyone here now.

So game on.

I wanted to say how
the game just started

because i didn't get voted out because
your plan didn't work, now it's game on.

Shamar, it wasn't our plan, dude.

It was your plan.

You all wrote my name down.

So it was your plan.

Don't say, oh, now it's a game.

"I thought we were one happy family
because i didn't get voted out.

Now it's like we can
be a family now, right.

It wasn't my plan.

You know who asked me?

I don't want to know.

It wasn't one of my alleged alliance.

He said, i'm voting for shamar.

And he thought you
weren't going to vote for him.

Tribe right now is so dramatic.

I hate it.

The camp is totally in chaos.

You would think because i saved
shamar's ass,he would shut up.

He's going nuts right now

- You're coming at me like--
- I did not come at-- did i say it to you?

Did i say it to you?

- Did i say it to you?
- I'm not here to argue with you,shamar.

You know why you're not arguing
because you're bull*** right now.

Shamar got more and more amped up, all
the stuff that happened at tribal

and the few days prior started coming out
he was yelling at everybody.

- **
- You're saying sorry now.

That's how you feel.

That's exactly what it is.

That's how you feel about yourself,and
i'm strong and you know it.

I know that he has been through a hell of
a lot more than the rest of us have been.

You know, he's had two tours in iraq.

I'm the only one who said that.

Why didn't you say something to me!

If i'm not the only one!

You just said i wasn't
the only one who said it.

Why are you getting on me then?

At the same time,the part of shamar
that was fun has completely gone.

You were wrong!

I wasn't talked to you!

-= proudly presents



Yeah buddy...

we're in a tight spot now, friendo.

We got our heads chopped off.

I know.

Revenge of the nerds.

We just had tribal council last
night and we pretty much got blind sided.

I thought we were all on the same page about
voting shamar off for not contributing to camp.

Congratulations to them,they got us.

I'm on the chopping block before you.

How are you before me?


It's probably a mass minority now.

Until shamar pisses
off somebody else today.

Shamar,you want a coconut?


Everybody knows that shamar
is freeloading and being lazy.

And i think shamar is going to step
on too many people's toes on his own

and they're going to be like
now is the time for him to go.

I want him gone.

Today, do your best, absolute
best, even if they get on your nerves,

even if you want to wring their
necks, just keep your mouth shut.



They know they're on the chopping block.

The next easy target is going
to be you because you're vocal.

- I was the easy target before.
- Because you're vocal.

I'm always going to be the easy target.

- Exactly.- I'm not a quitter but
these are childish,immature games--

that's part of this whole crazy game.

No,it's not.

It may not be your game
but that's part of the game.

You don't run across shamars every day but in my life
i have come across people with that kind of attitude.

I own several franchises who everybody
who works for me is under the age of,

say,24,so that's all i do is deal
with snotty, teenaged brats all day

so i think i'm the closest one who understands
how he thinks out here but he needs to shut up.

I understand it was a game but like are you really
going to keep sitting there, lying.

Yeah they will.

But i can't do that.

But they will.

I'm over it.

I don't really care.

I can't do.

This ain't my kind of lifestyle,man.

I'm just kind of feel like in
this game,i'm like the black sheep.

I honestly came into this game
really wanting the million dollars

but when i actually seen how
people act,it's kind of like--

it's not really worth it to me.

That's where it's kind of disheartening.

That's where i question,you know,how
much i should be in this game

i'm 54 years old.

To be playing "survivor" again,i'm actually
having the time of my life right now.

54 is just a number.

And to be honest with you,in my daily life,i
really know how to take care of myself.

I really know what i'm doing.

I work out.

For my age,to do what
i do,it's phenomenal.

When i go to the gym now and i play four-court
ball,i'm playing with men half my age.

And i have a little thing.

I get a little rebound,sprint
to the corner with it.

Double dribble.

Go for it,one step back,all air,baby.

Playing with guys twice my height.

Like they don't know what
i'm going to do out there.

And they can't believe what i'm doing.

"hey,man,you're playing pro nba ball."

Not, you're just not
used to the larry bird.

I'm old school.

What will we do when there's a switch and some
people are left here, do we give them beans?


Andrea and phillip have played
together and have a connection,

and cochran and dawn have played
together and have a connection

so that really left malcolm and i
and we gravitated towards each other.

There are a million places it could be.

It's impossible.

It has to be near something.

It has to be campish.

He's super smart.

He went to an ivy league school.

- Nothing ?
- I'm not going in there

And it doesn't hurt to have
somebody good looking around.

That's gross.

- Reach around-- no way.


Do you think it's a clue or
do you think it's an idol?

I'm so excited.

Congratulations,you found
the hidden immunity idol.

Finally i got some
power in myback pocket.

I got the idol


we'll bury it.

I'm not thrilled corinne
knows i have the idol.

Of course in a perfect world
i would have it all to myself

but corinne does know about it
and she's someone who luckily

i did have a good relationship
with early on this game.


Our wagons kind of hitched
together because of this idol now.

It's going to work out very well
or we're going to burn down quickly

because she will not
go down without a fight.

- Nobody knows?
- Nobody knows.



All he needs is an audience.

What it does is,when the wind blows,

it traps the air and makes like
a circular and it cools you.

Back at home,i'm waiting the
whole week long for wednesday night

to arrive so i can turn on
cbs and see what's in store.

Can i sit in the magical seat,phil?

Yes,you can sit in the seat.

I crown you.

But when you're playing this game every
single day is like wednesday night at eight.

It's wild.

I get to watch "survivor"
while i'm playing "survivor".

and for a "survivor"
nut like me, it's great.

I don't know why people in
this world don't do this.

Because they're not a specialist.

It's not normal for me to be
surrounded by these beautiful women

who are half the time just
wearing their underwear.

That's some sort of freudian
picnic,i think,but it's real here.

It's a good thing that
there's an idol between us

because i don't know how many people
really want you to go to the very end.

Why are they,like,intensely talking?

I just don't get what
their loyalties are.

I've learned from the last time i played
that you have to always be thinking.

Even if you think you
have a group,it's solild,

there could be better options
and i really want corinne out.

I don't know where malcolm is
at,but doesn't corinne worry you?


We have a six and let's just hang out

and she's having so many one-on-one
intense conversations with everybody.

Her and malcolm are remarkably close.

You saw them talking.

What if we could get a unanimous vote.

The core group would still be us five, and then
i feel like we could--

You're close to brandon, right.


He'd be as loyal to us as Corinne would.

I don't think she'd
make a move right now

but i want to get her out of
here before she can get rid of me.

I think corinne and
malcolm are really close.

- You're thinking about the--
- I definitely want to do that.

I definitely do, too.

I'm so glad you're on
the same page as me.

It's hard because i don't want to
talk to the wrong person too early

and it gets back to corinne that i'm thinking
about something, and then the target's on me.

We don't want you to be next to go,and
if you stay with us,it could be something.

I feel like this is
a chance to actually,

you know,be a part of
something actual legit now.

Would you do anything?


I'm not playing the same game i used to.


Any questions?

No. I'm good.

I've been told that i'm safe.

"Oh you're safe, you're safe, you're safe."

but it's really sketchy because there's
a voice in the back of my head that says,

"you've been done like this before.

You've been coaxed along to
believe something that is not true.

Don't say anything to anybody

It's hush-hush.

I think there's a lot of lying going on.

They tell me, "hey, brandon, you're going out next."

I'll pee in the rice.

I'll pee in the beans.

I'll burn the shelter to the ground.

I think i can handle it.

Good talk,though.

Good talk.

Thank you,guys.Really
appreciate your time.

I'm going to try 150%
each and every challenge,

but if we lose and my efforts aren't
good enough for them to keep me around,

by god, i'm going to be-- there's
going to be hell to pay in camp.

My happiness is not worth a million.

I'm not going to be the
angry black man on "survivor".

it's not going to happen.

It's just not.

There's not a lot of
happy thoughts here.

And it really sucks if i have
to quit this game

but it's like, is not quitting not
worth not being happy?

And that's where,you
know,it's a no-brainer to me.

I mean,i know your decision is
probably made up at this point.

but i just want you know
that i'd love for you to stay.

Stop it, Laura!

Really, Shamar.

I think because we're all such big fans of
the show we were all a little bit thrown back

by the fact that shamar would
take it so far as to quit.

After i came home from iraq,i had a very tough
time adjusting to life outside of the military.

I was an alcoholic.

And i had a lot of anger issues.

When i first came home, people were
like even scared to be around me.

Because i was in that dark place, like people
didn't know how i was going to react to things.

They didn't know what i was going to do.

There was situations that happened in iraq that
it was hard for me to live with, you know.

I watched suicide
bombings in front of me.

I seen my friends in body bags,

and i've just been in a lot of tight
situations that i just can't forget about.

After some time, i learned to love
myself, and i got out of that dark place.

I come here.

I try to be a happy person.

I try to uplift everybody.

And everything is shamar's doing this.

Shamar's doing that.

Certain people talking to me condescendingly
and it's just putting me in the anger room.

So that's why i'm really leaving.

It's just-- i want to get
that happiness back in my life.

I'm just scared shamar you're
going to look back and regret it.

Regret what?

I know that it's not going
to get any better.

I don't know what
it's like over in iraq.

I don't know how many people he killed.

I don't know why he's going to
this dark place but i really believe

he's going to look
back if he quits and--

he's not realizing what he's
doing to himself if he quits.

I mean,the thing that sucks
is if you decide to leave

and then we end up losing and
have to go to tribal council,

that we have to then
vote out somebody else.

That's the thing is that
we'll be down two if you quit.

You're my ladies.

I feel like in talking to
you guys, and me saying, well

i respect loyalty and loyalty
means everything to me.

And you guys have been loyal to me.

So i feel like i'd be doing you a
disservice to just leave you right now.

Just when i know how
loyal you have been on,

and you guys actually stuck up
for me, so i really respect that.

And because of that i'll stay and
fight for you guys a few more days.

Thank you.

I had my hopes up a little
bit that shamar would quit,

but deep down i knew he wouldn't follow
through with it and he'd turn it into this

like, shamar is all about loyalty and made
himself a hero for unquitting the game

of "survivor" that 50,000 people would line
up for days just to get a chance to play.

I don't know.

That's no heroic move in my book, but
i'm just going to play my game

and shamar is just going to be
one of the factors in my game

and i'm going to have to deal with it.

Come on in guys!

Favorites getting your first
look at the new tribe of fans.

Allie voted out at the
last tribal council.

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

Yes! Yes!

Let's do it.

All right brandon, war cry
or not, I take it back.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,both tribes will race
out into the water to a large bamboo cage.

You'll climb over the cage and into the
water where you will find a very heavy chest.

You must then untie the cage door and drag the
chest through the cage and all the way back to shore.

You'll then place the chest on
a track and use a grappling ring

to retrieve three
missing sections of track.

You will then push your
chest to the finish.

First tribe to get their chest on the finish
platform wins immunity, is safe from the vote.

Losers go to tribal council, where
somebody will be voted out.

In addition, you are playing for reward.

Want to know what you're playing for.

Yes! Yes, sir.


Yes! Chairs! Hello!

You have chairs,pillow and a
blanket and you also have a tarp.

Yes! Oh,man!

All right, we are even up, 9-9.

give you a minute to
strategize, we'll get started.

Here we go, for immunity and reward.

Survivors ready?


Everybody in the water.

Some strong swimmers on both tribes.

And some not-so-strong
swimmers on both tribes.

You can make your way up and over this cage
but you can't start working on the knots

or start dragging the chest until
everybody's over. Laura is way back.

- She is on her own.
- Come on, laura!

Opening the door for the
favorites and a big lead.

Reynold going back to give her a hand.

a lot of tentativeness
on both tribes right now.

Favorites are all in.

Start working!

Fans are all in.Start working!

You have to untie the front
doors of the cage.


Come on,guys!

Where's the goggles?

Fans are through!

Start dragging that chest!

Favorites are falling behind.

Favorites now have released their cage.

Both tribes are now dragging their chest

great work by the fans.

They are moving in
mass toward that beach.

Favorites still trying
to get a system going

favorites falling further behind now.

Come on!

It is very heavy.

It takes all nine tribe
members to lift this chest.

And just like that,the
favorites have now caught up

both tribes going with
the rolling method.

It is too heavy to pick up.

Both tribes have to get it on the track.

Favorite goes first.

Fans now getting their on their track

malcolm is going to start tossing trying
to grab that piece of missing track.

Just misses.

Reynold trying to secure that
first piece of track for fans.

Reynold has it.

Everybody got to pull.

Fans have their first section of track.

Favorites still looking
for that first section of trap.

Phillip now tossing for the favorites.

You got it.

Phillip has the first
section for the favorites!


Favorites have their first section.

Eddie now tossing for the fans.

Eddie right there, just can't do it.

Both tribes now looking
for that second section.

Quickly, malcolm has the second
section for the favorites.

Favorites now in the lead.

One two,three!


Fans now trying to catch up.

Shamar is now tossing.

Shamar has the second
section for the fans.

Go, fans!


Both tribes now looking for that
third and final section of track.

It's brandon and eddie
now in a showdown.

This is it right here.

Brandon very close.

Just missing for the favorite.

Eddie very close, can't do it.

You're too excited, man!

Calm down!

It has been back and
forth in this challenge.

And it's coming down to one last toss.

Flip it.

Brandon very close.

Tries to flip it and just misses again.

This can do it for the
fans if he can work it.

Just misses again

easy, easy.

Brandon is right on it.

This could do it for
the favorites right here.

Both guys very close.



Brandon has it for the favorites!

Eddie's got to pick
up the pace right now!

Just misses.

Fans need to hook it right
here to have any shot.

That's it.

Favorites win immunity and reward!

Well, this challenge was neck and neck
from the start but only one tribe can win.

Favorites, congratulations.

Come get your reward.

Head back to camp.

Enjoy the night off.

All right, fans.

Got nothing for you except a date
with me tonight at tribal council

where somebody will be the third
person voted out of this game.

Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

See you at tribal.



- Yeah,and shamar, i'm not
discrediting-- don't talk to me.

I said i have contact
i need the goggles.

You look at me and kept going.

That was disrespectful.

I think that was disgusting.

If you needed

i said i needed goggles and I
brought them down and you took them.

This isn't why we lost.

You disgust me.

You disgust me.

Stop talking to me.

Shamar goes off in his stubborn shamar
way and curses me and calls me names.

He is less mature than my nephew
grayson and my nephew is three.

This guy is ridiculous.

I know.

Just when i think he can't get
any more childish and he does.

How much does he have to do for them to
say enough is enough let's just vote him out.

I'm here because people are going
to start throwing my name out.

I sucked at today's challenge.

I was doing backstroke
in the wrong direction.

It was awful.

The swimming part
i just couldn't--

in this challenge, i blew it.

I couldn't swim as
fast as everybody else.

Frankly, it was pathetic
and i know it was,

but that also means of the three
that are on the outs right now

we need to keep reynold and eddie as long
as possible to win some of these challenges

that's why tonight it should be Hope.

If this game were about physical
strength, they'd be looking at me.

Hope is a sweetheart, obviously, but
it's not about that.

Reynold is hard core
good in the challenges.

We need them.

You know what i'm saying? We
need eddie and reynold.

Then they can give the idol to hope.

I don't trust her.

Let's say we split votes between
hope and eddie and the final vote,

when we revote will be for hope

do we want to say girls vote for hope,

boys vote for eddie and make it simple?

We have three girls, three boys.

Boys are voting for eddie.

Girls are voting for hope.

They're trying to flush out the idol.

So we need three eddie, three hope.

If they play the idol, then
the idol comes out.

And we know where it is.

But then there are going to be
three eddie, three hope, and three me.

I am the one who is controlling shamar.

I'm keeping him calm.

All right, so i just vote for who?


I just need shamar to keep his mouth
shut until we one by one knock them out.

Reynold, eddie and hope.

Hopefully it's Hope tonight.

It's not a good feeling, right

when you know you didn't do anything
wrong but everybody wants to get you, right?

I've been there.

Yeah-- it's not
the best feeling.

I'm just trying to enjoy
my last little moment.

You know, i'm concerned i'm
on the chopping block tonight.

Reynold is safe because he has the idol.

I can't see him giving up his idol
because it's such a risky move.

If it i was up to me, it would be
different, i would take him out.

But he has that necklace.

Trust me, i would much rather you stay.

You're not 99% in the hole.

I'll be honest, i'm not
voting for you tonight.

Well, i appreciate that.

I feel like it's out of my control now.

You can always throw the vote

A different way.

You could always vote for
one of those guys, you know?

That's all i'm going to tell you.

It depends on what you want
to do, which way you want to go.

When hope came down to
the water, i kind of--

you know, i get along with her better
than i get along with eddie and reynold,

so i naturally want
her to stay, and so--

like i tried to give her a hint
on what would save her fate.

After you see what happens
you'll understand what i'm saying.

We're going to split the vote
tonight between her and eddie,

so i basically kind of said, like, all she has
to do is vote for eddie to save herself.

But i don't know if she's
really going to take heed.

I talked to shamar.

And he just made it sound like it was for sure
the group had decide it was me or eddie going home.

Shamar told hope the
plan that we're doing.

And she just came to me.

- The entire plan.
- Yep.

Now he is no longer in this game.

He's just .

Shamar drives me crazy
in every sense possible.

And couldn't believe that
he blurbed what our plan was

because i think he doesn't
care about the game.

Shamar just told
hope that-- our plan.


I can't believe it but i can believe
it that shamar just opened his mouth.

If he just told Hope the plan, he's
not planning on voting with us, is he?

Shamar at this point i believe
is a complete wild card.

Are you worried about
shamar not voting with us?



Oh my god, i'm scared.

I'm in a pretty rough spot because
if those three do have the idol,

i'm worried if something
were to go wrong,

it's probably my name
that's on the chopping block.

I can get julia to vote shamar tonight.


I can.

I'm really close to julia.

There's three of you and there's two of us.
That makes five.

And we just need five to get the vote.

I'm absolutely in.

To get shamar tonight.

If you can guarantee you can
get julia, i'm on team shamar.

I'm going to vote shamar every day.

Yeah.You know i want him out.

This game has changed in the last hour.

The latest development which i have a really
good feeling about is that shamar is going home.

I can guarantee you three for shamar.

You have to get the other two.

I'll talk to them.

Do it.

It's going to be great.

This could be epic, epic tribal council.

Everything goes alright tonight, i might have
to pull some crazy moves with the idol

but hopefully we send
shamar packing tonight.

It would be like christmas.

So reynold, a lot was said
at the last tribal council.

Was there any fallout when
you guys got back to camp?


I don't recall me doing so much
yelling because i was confused.

I was shocked.

I didn't know what happened.

But i heard shamar screaming from like,

a kilometer away at everybody.

I didn't know what it was about
but i was not surprised.

It's part of the course for him.

Shamar, once again on the hot seat, and all of
it surrounding your temper or your attitude.

Well, it wasn't a kilometer away.

I was yelling at him about him being
upset about his plan not working.

I don't know, my name
comes up with everything.

I'm like the scapegoat
for everybody.

Are you often misunderstood?

Not this much.

These people make up lies, it's like they put out
certain perceptions.

When you are dealing with
people who are lying --

who here has lied?

Reynold has lied.

Jeff, i don't know when i lied to shamar because
he has a policy where i'm not allowed to talk to him.

But you still do it.

Shamar, you told him, just
don't talk to me.

But he still does it.

It is a social game.

It is a social game and he's trying
to play that aspect of the game oh,

i'm friendly to everybody and
he doesn't want to talk to me.

You know what i mean?

Don't play that game with me.

I think you're an evil person.

Just leave me alone.

Hope, what's your take on shamar?

I spoke with shamar today in the water, and he
said it's 99% sure you're going home tonight.

That is not true.

He said if i were you, i
would turn on your friend

because reynold is not
going to give you the idol.

You said "I'm going home"
and i said that's not 99% sure.

Everybody here is let's
throw shamar under the bus.

I don't know why i come
in smiling and making jokes

it's like to keep the heat
off of me, just blame it on him.

I don't know, it is what it is.

Matt, what is it about shamar
that he feels very picked on.

He feels like, "why me?"

I think shamar gets a little
carried away with his attitude,

and seems to get aggravated real easily.

And i think his personality is just kind of
rubbing people in the tribe the wrong way.

Julia, the entire time matt was talking you
were reliving a trauma just shaking your head?

Yes, after the tribal council he
felt attacked and wanted to justify

what we had said at tribal and he
screamed at me again, again and again.

"You're weak,

You're a weak personality
and projecting it on to me."

Shamar, that did not happen, either?


And that's the essence of the problem.

People take what i say and embellish
them because they feel a certain way.

And i can't do anything about that.

You know what i'm saying?

So far just in a few minute, shamar, you've
had a beef with julia, matt, hope and reynold.

And I haven't talked to sherri or michael.

Ask them.

Sherri, why is it this one guy is taking all
the heat when he says, "i'm not doing anything?"

Okay, shamar-- i've
met lots of shamars.

I get shamar.

He just rubs them the wrong way, and once
you cross him, you just can't go back.

And they crossed him.

In his mind, that's it.

That's exactly right.

Okay, so the other big thing going on in this
tribe is what came out at the last tribal council,

and that's reynold and hope and eddie and
allie, who was voted out, being this sort of foursome.

So, hope, are you concerned
about tonight's vote?


I mean, after last tribal i would say
i would be next on the chopping block.

So if it's not you, who
would you put the vote on?

I mean, honestly

i hate to go back to shamar but i just
feel like he brings a lot of negative energy

to the tribe and i just don't
really see it change that much.


And eddie, concerned after
the last tribal council

that they look at and you
think he's flirting with hope.

He's aligned with reynold.

He's too charming, and he's too fit.

We can't let him last.

Yeah, i mean, i absolutely feel like i have been
wearing a target on my back for quite some time now.

Did you get votes last time?

I did not get votes last time but
shamar has been trying to vote me out

since day one too, which i
have been doing to him.

Shamar hate me as much as he hates reynold.

I'm not allowed to talk to
him either, around the camp.

You're on the no-talking list?

Yeah, i'm on the no-talking list.

The reason i put you on the no-talking list is
you're a follower to the real person i don't like.

So that's it.

Reynold, how big a factor is the idol?

Last tribal you were very open--

"Here it is, i'm going to play it
tonight", and psyche you didn't play it.

Yeah, it's going to be a poker game from
here until it's eventually played

or i get voted out or what have you.

It's a poker game.

With that, it is time to vote.

Michael, you're up.

Thanks for serving our country.

Good luck

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Okay, once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, shamar.




We're tied, two votes shamar
two votes hope.


Three votes shamar.


Tied again.

Three votes shamar, three votes hope.


That's three votes shamar, three
votes hope, one vote eddie.


That's three votes shamar, three votes
hope, two votes eddie, one vote left.


We have a three-way tie.

All right, this is
what's going to happen.

We're going to revote.

You can only vote for
hope, eddie or shamar

and hope, eddie and
shamar, you will not vote.

Michael, if you can take this

i'll go tally the votes.

Oh, man.

Once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.




That's two votes hope, one vote shamar.


That's three votes hope, one vote shamar.

Third person voted out of
"survivor: fans versus favorite"

Hope, that's four, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Hope, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, there are two ways to look
at tonight's tribal council.

One, as a sign of what's
to come, more dysfunction.

Or two, as an opportunity
to change your story.

Grab your torches, head back to camp. Good night.

-= proudly presents


Next time on "survivor"

where do you think we're
going to go from here now?

The fans think they've hit rock bottom.

Didn't you say i want the
strongest team possible?

Yes, i said that!

Yes, i said that!

But nature proves them wrong.


Now the rats.

You know, i'm really really disappointed.

I definitely think that, you know, i
should have stayed out here longer.

I thought i was a strong player.

And i feel like i'm
leaving before my time,

but i will say that this
has been an incredible,

once-in-a-lifetime experience

and i feel really grateful

for having the opportunity