Survivor (2000–…): Season 26, Episode 2 - Honey Badger - full transcript

Following the first elimination of the season, Brandon targets Dawn as the leader of what he sees as an unsuitable vote and matchless teamwork and disorganization from one tribe leaves little room for competition during a tiered Immunity Challenge.

Previously on survivor...

Ten of survivor's biggest fans

were pinned against favourites from seasons pasts

I'm ready baby

Welcome to Survivor fans vs favourites 2

and right away the favourites wanted
to show the fans who were bosses

Favourites wins the first challenge

Favourites baby!

While the favourites felt right at home...

The fans struggled to adapt

I'm deshydrated

They had no fire

- Couldn't coexist-- i bust my
ass while you're sitting there.

- ***
- Shut up!

And alliances began to pull them apart.

We're going to have this four
with me,eddie,allie and hope.

You and i will decide
which way we want to go.

But things turned around for the fans.


They got fire,and they won
the first immunity challenge.

Fans win!

With the favorites
facing tribal council,

phillip and francesca
reignited their age-old feud.

He's the crazy person.

She annoys me greatly.

Phillip reinstated the
"stealth r us" alliance,

targeting francesca while francesca put
together an anti-phillip coalition, leaving

cochran and dawn in the middle.

We need to decide whichever
alliance is best for us.

Wherever cochran and i
align,we kind of swing.

At tribal council history was made when francesca
became the only survivor to be voted out first


The tribe has spoken.


19 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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- **
- **


I understand if you're upset totally.

You know what i mean?

But i want you to know i
genuinelily outside of this game--

the first person voted out twice in a row,that's
the harshest thing i have ever seen in my life.

I don't think so.

First person voted out first time twice.

This tribal council sucked.

Francesca one of the nicest person
i've met, twice the first person to go home.

Don't be mean,brandon.

I'm being vicious.

This is not me.

This is really nice,actually.


I'm not trying to fight.

Well,obviously,you are.

No,i'm trying to have you understand.

You're making excuses,dawn.

I'm trying to say have compassion for both
side of a story instead of just yours.

I feel sorry for you 'cause
you're still going to lose.

That's what i have compassion about.

You'll remember this
conversation on the beach.

Both of you will lose
because of that stupid move.

Feel like brandon was really awful to me
after we came home from tribal council.

It just became kind of too pointed and personal
for me and i literally had to walk away.

I have to get a grip on my emotions.

I don't want to be
around everyone crying.

I try so hard to
not disrespect peoples.

I think i just get really let down.

I would never do that to someone so to have
someone do it to me,my brain can't process it.

I'm like,"oh,you're mean."

but it's about me and what i stand for,

and it doesn't really matter
what brandon thinks of me.

It just doesn't.

But that's really disappointing because if he
treats other people like that,it's like pollution.

I'm fed up.

Fed up.

I'm getting a little revengeful,okay.


This is my thought.

What's your thought?

I'm thinking of going
russell hantz style.

I'm serious.

I'm so freaking pissed off right now.

I'm excited.

I feel like rambo.

Like,i honestly feel my uncle's blood
running through my body right now.

Like it's--
like the wave.

And it's coming back.

It feels great!

Just it would be really
fun to screw things up.

It would be.

Just make camp life miserable.

I'll make russell look like a little.

A little baby?

Yes. All right.

I don't want to go out blindsided.

This is a game and i'm playing
it dirt-tea,to the core.

I want to go out with a bang!

-= proudly presents




I've been staying in the
shade, conserving my energy.

I'm not really trying to
do too much, just kind of,

you know, keep low because i can't
keep getting caught up in these,

like, little scuffles over stuff.

Like, i'm not going to
argue with you over water.

Nobody is worried about
my hydration but me.

So i've been relaxing
under the tent a little bit.

I don't even have to talk any more.

I just have to lay here
and people get crazy.

I'm not trying to be out in the sun.

I have been to iraq twice
so i how to deal with time.

I can sit in the shade
the next 40 days.

Once they see i don't
really care about the game,

then i'm not really a threat.

Half the day he sleeps,and
the other half he sits.

Honestly,he is so lazy.

If we were to vote him off,i
don't think he would guess.

It's a group joke,"where is shamar?

20 bucks says he's napping."

shamar has to go if we
go to tribal council.

It's non-negotiable.

- So tonight?
- Yeah.

- Mike?
- Yeah.


- Okay.
- And then matt.

- Yeah.
- I can tell you now that they want you with us.


- Yeah.
- I'm good.

I'm totally down with that.

I feel good about the six.

Laura,julia,shamar,mike,and matt.

We are solid.

That's my gang.

And so it's us six against
the four-some,the couples,

the lovers,the whatever
you want to call them.

Just keep talking and running your mouth,which
you're good at,bitching about water.

Just keep doing that.

Don't get paranoid if i'm not standing
beside you or hanging with you.

I'm not letting go of my boy shamar.

He needs to be right
here in my back pocket.

I want shamar to keep annoying people.

Shamar is my phillip.

So i want to keep my phil
around,and i get along with my phil.

I can-- i can stroke him and i
can-- i can put him back in place.

I'm telling you,we need you.

- Okay.
- We want you on our side.

I love you guys!

I love you!

After last night,it makes me a little
bit further down on the totem pole.

Right,what i'm saying is
the main focus right now

we all agree is going to have to be
building,like,a unanimous cohesion.

Just keep this between-- i was
planning on sabotaging everything.

By doing what?

Spilling beans?

Losing challenges.

And then be like,you know what,if you
think you can win this without me,do it?

I woke up this morning
and i was like,un what?

What kind of person would i be known as?

Not a good one.


I would be known as a quitter.

And this is for my kids.

This is for my children.

I was like the best thing
i can do is to be nice.

One of the most frightening
things about brandon's personality

is he has these moments of extreme rage and they're
almost immediately followed by unbelievably pleasantness,

sort of behavior fitting a
murderer who is kind of sociopathic.

I like our tribe,i really do.

- Phillip,you're not interrupting nothing.
- Okay.

Only thing i can predict about brandon
is he is going to be unpredictable.

That gives me very little salos in this
game where predictability is everything.

We were talking about we want
to be all on the same page,

but like direct a vote towards
somebody,not so divided.

Boston rob would always say to
me,"this is what we're going to do."

And i realized he did that to
minimize the flow of information.

Do you feel like you could trust
me with the flow of information?

Right now when i go,"hm,trust
or not trust fully?

I don't have enough data yet."

I think I'm gonna pause.I pause with you.

A lot of times people do a great job
and want to be the ceo of a company

and they don't have the patience to
say you have to start at a lower level,

- middle management,so right
now-- i'm in midmanagement.

And the c.e.o. don't call in midmanagement
unless he has something he wants to tell him.

Brandon,he is narcissistic.

And when you deal with a narcissistic person...
they don't have empathy for other people.

- Good talking to you.
- Alright you too man.

At the end of the day,there's
something i find very disturbing about it.

To me,i think-- i think someone used
the phrase for me last year,crazy.

I'm going to be honest with you,guys,phillip is
probably the biggest bully i have ever met in my life.


He's making me feel
really uncomfortable.

He's calling himself
the c.e.o. Of the tribe.

You can't trust me because of my last season
that's why he didn't tell me who to vote for last night

and i have a feeling that's
going to happen again.

I'm just saying.

You don't want to fight with me!

Special agent pink panther was
freaking inspector gadget tought

he could pull his special agent trick and that
is going to be his downfall in this game.

The simple matter is he is
treating people like garbage.

He is starting to "boston rob" us
a little bit and i don't like that.

You have to cut the head off the snake.

He's the leader
i'm not trying to--

listen,he's not any kind of leader.

When it comes down to it i have to give it
everything i have these next couple of days.

If i don't,i'm gone.

I've been in the outside.

I feel like there's still
room for everybody to work.

That's the way this game goes.

Come on in,guys!

Fans getting your first look
at the new favorites tribe.

Francesca voted out at
the first tribal council.

Sorry about that.

That's a favorite.

Michael,huge reaction when you saw it was
francesca that had been voted out first.

They came to play.

They are vicious people,i can tell.

She was first off in her other
season,and they sent her home first.

No mercy.

All right,you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?


First things first,julia.

Take it back.

Once again immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,three members
from each tribe will race to a raft.

Then three other tribe members will
pull that raft out to a platform.

You'll them dive down
where you will find a cage.

You'll begin removing bamboo
sticks,releasing rings.

Once you've collected all nine
rings,you'll be pulled back to shore

and the three remaining tribe members will use
those rings,attempting to land them on a post.

First tribe to get one ring
on each of the three posts

wins immunity,is safe
from tribal council.

Losers will vote
somebody out of this game.

In addition,you are playing for reward.


Want to know what you're playing for?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

You each have fire.

You each have a boat.

This should make it possible now to do a
little fishing and put it all to good work.

A complete fishing kit-- masks,snorkel,you
have fishing line,you have fishing net.

You have a hawaiian sling.

Fans,you have an extra person.

You're sitting somebody
out of this challenge.

Who is it going to be?

I'm sitting out,jeff.

Laura,take a seat on the bench.

I'll give everybody else a minute
to strategize and we'll get started.


We need good talkers.

I'm not a good talker.

So what the hell am i doing?

One strong person should go out
in case they're tough to pull out.

I don't think they'll
be tough to pull out.

Do whatever you want.

I'm just going to pull.

Because my ideas never work.

I'm just a fool.

All right,here we go!

For immunity and reward,survivors ready?


Got erik,andrea,and brenda
on the raft for the favorites.

Sherri,hope,and julia
on the raft for the fans.

Favorites out quickly.

Brandon,corinne and cochran
are pulling for the favorites.

Shamar,pat and eddie
pulling for the fans.

You griez gaining on them!

Come on!

Good team work by fans and favorites.

We're dead even.

You're going down and you're pulling out
bamboo sticks trying to release rings.

Erik in the water for the favorites.

Favorites have their first ring.

Keep going. You got it.

Fans have their first ring.

Favorites with their second ring.

There are nine rines you're looking for.

Switch out!

Sherri still the only person in the water
for the fans,trying to do it all herself.

Favorites with their third ring.

Fans having a lot of trouble.

Favorites with their fourth ring.

Favorites doing a good job of rotating
and everybody's coming up with a ring.

Hope's now going to go in.

Let's go,guys!

Favorites with their sixth ring.

The fans still have one ring.

Fans with their second ring!

Favorites with their seventh ring.

Their eighth ring.

Get ready,guys!

Get ready!

Favorites have all nine rings.

They're heading back.

Way to go gota.

Fans really struggling
to get something going.

What are they doing out there?

Fans with their third ring.

Fourth ring.

Fifth ring.

They've still got four to go and the
favorites are already halfway back.

Let's go!

Let's go,guys!

Fans with their sixth ring.

Seventh ring.

Favorites are all the way back.

Fans with their eighth ring.

They've still got one left.

Julia now in the water.

Dop it.

Favorites just need to
land three rings to win.

Let's go.Bring it up.

Fans have their ninth ring.

Get on the raft,start pulling!

Fans need to pick it up!

Malcolm tossing for the favorites.


Favorites have their first ring.

Favorites have their second ring.

Favorites just need
to land one more ring.

Fans aren't even back to shore yet.

Get off! Get off! Get off!

Fans back now

reynold tossing for the fans.

Lands one for the fans.

Malcolm could win it right
here for the favorites.

Just misses.

Opening the door for the fans.

Immunity and a big reward on the line.

Come omike,you're close,you're close!

Here's phillip.


Get them,get them,get them!

Phillip could do it right here!

Phillip scores,favorites
win immunity and reward!




Oh,my gosh!

Favorites,no tribal council tonight.

In addition,huge fishing reward.

Come get it.


Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

Enjoy the night off.

All right,fans,tribal council tonight,

where one of the 10 of you will be
the second person voted out this game.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

I'll see you tonight at tribal council.

I was thinking less about the loss
more that shamar has got to go.

He's a cancer.

Everybody unanimously
thinks he's disrespectful.

He's lazy. He doesn't contribute,and
he ruffles feathers for no reason.

Tonight's vote is an
obvious vote for shamar.



That was a good feeling.

That was so much more
fun than last time.

It was wonderful.

And the fishing gear is great.

Favorites won their first immunity,and
our reward was fishing gear.


Net and lures so we can
line fish if we want.

There was a hawaiian
sling,so it's pretty exciting.

Ride choppers and win challenges!

We need to get some more wood.

We gotta get the fire
because it's ashes right now.

So corinne is the dominatrix.

That's perfect.

I've got your name as the enforcer.

I like it.

In season 22,survivor: redemption island,i
had an organization called "stealthr us."

we have now expanded our operations here in
the philippines and i've given them each a name.

The newest member of "stealth r us inc."

is the enforcer.

Principal responsability is to make sure in any challenge
whether a man or woman,

he put them out of commission
to win the challenge.

I don't know what is going
through phillip's head.

He's out here thinking he's running
a corporation,a spy corporation.

And he's really getting ridiculous.

I can have your attention,please?

It's so great to be here as the
specialist,the intelligence attache.

The enforcer. The eliminator.

The dominatrix,and true grit.

I like that.

Here to solve a mission that few would dare
take on-- to beat the heck out of the fans.

But if it's "stealth-r-us" for a few days
and it makes some people happy,why not.

If it's for the rest of
the game,i'll hang myself.

I like it.

That was cool.

This sucks.


There's no fish here anyway.

It sucks to lose,man.

We all did our best and
obviously wanted to freaking win.

The way they did it was perfect.

They had muscle up front,muscle in the
middle,muscle at the back,you know what i mean?

That's the thing.

We were almost ready to start and
we didn't know who was doing what?

There wasn't anybody out there
going,"hey,everybody,what are we doing?

" everybody had this thing
what they could and couldn't do.

It is what it is,man.

Shamar,i'm going to
call you out right now.

Your behavior is not acceptable
from where i come from.

It is what it is.

I don't have an opinion so you and your friends you
all can talk about whatever you want to talk about.

I just think that's childish.

Let it be childish then.

We had chemistry and you started
pouting,"no one wants to listen to shamar."

let it be childish.

I can't stand shamar
so i never understood

why people would throw a challenge
until i lived with him for five days.

It never crossed my mind
until i lived with him.

I pray he goes home tonight.

Listen,keep talking.

Do whatever you do.

Weather your strategy was
right,wrong,or indifferent,

your behavior is not acceptable
from where i come from.

It is what it is.

What are you going to do about it?

I'm going to vote for you tonight.

All right,that's good then,vote.

It's too easy.

He made a dramatic scene.

It came out of nowhere,and he did
it in front front of everybody,

and i felt like he knows him and the
three other people in his alliance

are in a short situation so he tried
to make a scene to make me look bad

so people would want to vote for me and keep
his alliance in the game for one more challenge.

What the hell are you
talking to me about ?

Like you weren't going to
vote for me before today.

Like today is now, like, vote
for shamar day.

Do i look like boo-boo the fool.

You're trying to make it all about me

so you can sway other people's
opinions but that's all great,man.

We'll see what happens tonight.

I'm going to get this fire going again.

Is it out?

Enough is enough with that guy.

I know.

Holy moly.

Go talk about it.

We will,shamar.

Shut up!

Stop talking.

We've got to go do it now
because you didn't do it.

Shut up!

I cannot wait to write his name down.

I want him out of here.

He's been the biggest mouth.

As i'm saying,i'm with you
guys,obviously,and hope and allie.

And once we vote him
out,we still have--

that's what we were talking
about from the very beginning.

It's time to go to our first tribal
council and i have two choices right now.

You know,michael and i have a really
strong bond, and if i told michael right now,

hey,man,i think it's better for
us to go with hope,allie,eddie,

and reynold,that he would follow suit.

Well,i've said my
piece.I'm staying out of it.

I'm not saying a word to the
dude until i write his name down.

My other option is to go with
sherri,julia,shamar,and laura.

I just need to make a decision and
it's not going to be an easy one.

The question is,is it
shamar or is it one of them?

- I think it's definitely one of
them because they're-- i do,too.

Here's the thing,even if we vote shamar
out,we still have a 5-4 advantage,

and if we vote out shamar,everybody
will be happy,and the four of them,

eddie,reynold,hope,and allie will still think
i'm with them and they have a 5-4 advantage.

Shamar right now is pissed off.

He knows his name is on the block.

- Once he realizes he's
not going home-- shamar.

He'll chill out.

Matt said he was on the
fence about voting out shamar.

It kind of got me a little worried

because i want to make sure when i go to sleep
tonight that shamar is safe laying next to me.

Don't say any word.

Who would you without talking who
would be the first person you would say?

I would say one of the girls.

I think allie.

I'm totally cool with that.

Personally,i think
allie's a strategic threat.

I think she's the only one out of the
four pretty people that's really thinking.

So it's allie,unless i hear otherwise.

It's allie.

You know, being a fan of the game, i know that
hidden immunity idols are a part of the game.

And i assume there's
probably one out here.

And i definitely want it.

They're usually under a tree.

It's just a rock.


you've got to be kidding me!

All right,i really-- i've been
looking for,like,not that long.

I was just thinking where
would i hide an immunity idol?

This is absolutely too crazy.

This is too freaking crazy.

Congratulations,you found
the hidden immunity idol.

The immunity idol will keep you safe
from being voted off at tribal council."

i want to tuck this thing away make
sure that nobody knows i have it.

And that is just absolutely
freaking nuts that i just found this!

I have found the hidden immunity idol,and
i'm,like,really excited right now,

so i'm trying to just,like,check
myself,be smart about it,you know,

not walk back to camp with some giant,stupid
grin on my face and a huge bulge in my pocket.

I'd rather drink than
eat,personally,but i'm just one vote.

I don't care.

A girl needs her food.

We should just vote.

Let's just vote.

It sounds like more people
are leaning towards water.

Okay,so,right before we're about
to leave for tribal council,

i see a bulge in reynold's pocket.

And it seemed like there was
definitely something in it.

And we all know that the only
thing you would put in your pocket

before tribal council is
the hidden immunity idol.

So i'm,like,what's going on here?

Is this going to mess up our
plan to get allie off tonight?

Because we all know that allie
and reynold are really close

and there's definitely a possibility
that he could pass it to her

and save her butt,and
we're trying to get her off.

And if he passed that idol to
allie,then it would be shamar going home

and not allie,and that
would screw us over.

I'm pretty sure that i'm
the only one that knows.

But at this point,there's really not enough
time to talk to the rest of our alliance.

So i'm freaking out a little bit.

Behind each of you is a
torch.Go ahead and grab a torch.

Approach the flame,dip
it in,and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of
tribal council because in this game,

fire represents your life.

When your fire's gone,so are you.

That is going to be the
case for one of you tonight.

So,michael,what's it like to fend for
yourselves in a million-dollar game

with people you probably wouldn't
actually have that much in common?

Well,matt,and sherri
have families in common.

They're married and they have children.

And then there's the foursome.

Eddie and hope and allie and reynold.

So,allie,did you guys just quickly
become fast friend the four of you?

Yeah,i think it's kind
of the same age group.

We have the same things in common.

We weren't excluding anybody out.

It just kind of happened.

It's something we
would do on the outside.

Shamar,what's your take on the four?

Eddie and hope seem like a couple and
these two seem part of the foursome.

Matt,concern you at all that there
are four people openly saying,

"we're similar so we hang out
a lot together on the beach?"


Like,they sleep on the beach together.

Maybe it's more comfortable
for them than the shelter.

But i'm not,like,majorly concerned,no.

Shamar,how has this
experience been for you?

Jeff,i'm 300 pounds.

I've had,you know,two scoops
of rice and three coconuts

since i've been here so i'm kind
of just drained a little bit,

trying to conserve my energy.

What's your background,shamar?

Is this the type of environment you're
used to or is this a shock to you?

No,i've done two tours in iraq
where i've been in,you know,

desert situations and situations
where i didn't have much food,

and the only difference is we've
had leaders in the marine corps,

and a lot of people
here are individuals,

and it's not like a
team effort all the time.

You know,nobody wants to listen.

They want to do it their own way,so...

Michael,is that what happened
today at the challenge?

Were there too many voices?

Yeah, i knew while we were
strategizing that we were in trouble.

I mean,you have nine people go out
in the field without anybody thinking,

well,whose the best pitcher?

Who's the best catcher?

And nobody making the decisions.

And then it got heated, you know.

So,reynold,this was going down
moments before an immunity challenge.

Jeff,i think to win these challenges
you real need to be one cohesive unit.

But i think people get frustrated with shamar's
critiques of how everyone is doing their job

and shamar kind of sits in the shelter all day while
we're all sweating and covered in cuts and rashes.

That's where the frustration comes.

If you want us to throw out, like, 25 exact
examples we'll be here all night.

I'm not going to waste your time,jeff.

Shamar,you're laughing.

Because they couldn't give you 25
examples right now,you know what i mean.

Shamar was in the hut
yesterday for 19 hours.

19 of 24 hours?

Yeah,while we kept the fire
burning,made dinner,cut coconuts.

We want shamar to come out and
hang out but it wasn't happening.

Shamar were you in the shelter
for the majority of the day?

Oh,yeah,very much so.

I just feel like i'm a good scapegoat.

I've been the outcast a
little bit from day one.

Based on what do you think?

I think i'm big and loud,jeff.

I think i'm just a big,loud guy.

Laura,before we get to the
vote,what do you make about this?

Well,coming in here tonight,i was under the
impression that we were voting as a family.

But i did see something else go down.

I saw a bulge from one pocket.

Are you going to say who?

I will not say who.


Well,you're looking directly at reynold.

jeff,i'm holding the hidden
immunity idol i found on the island.

Apparently,my pant are too tight,and
you can see the idol in my pocket,

and i didn't know what was
going to go down tonight.

I still thought we were a big,happy family as
well,and i thought we were voting unanimously.

Then why bring it to tribal council.

This is "survivor."

if you have a hidden immunity idol,

why would you not bring it to tribal
council is that not "survivor 101."


jeff,it's a shame because i'm playing
right now to beat the favorites.

And now you're holding
this massive target.

Yeah,these things are
pockets full of kryptonite.

I mean,i'm going to play it
tonight and then be done with it.

So good job,you guys.

When we go to the merge,there's
no more idol party.

Shamar,this is maybe good news for you.

Now there's somebody with an
idol,and he wasn't telling everybody.

I mean,this thing has blown up.

I mean,he deserves an academy award.

He tried to throw me under the bus.

The whole four they've been
trying to villainize me from day one

and that's why i've taken
a step back and the people

who know my heart are
going to vote the right way,

and the people who don't like
me,will vote,you know,against me.

Sherri,this game is now
completely different.

I am just like blown
away of what's happening.

But i'm voting the way
i'm supposed to be voting.

That's all i'm saying.

I'm sticking with my vote.


Well,it has been a crazy introduction
to tribal council for the fans.

And now it is time to vote.

Eddie,you're up.

Thank you for serving in our military.

I appreciate it.

Out here,not so much.

You gotta go because
four is way too powerful.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

All right,once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,shamar.


That's three votes shamar.


Four votes shamar.




That's three votes
allie,four votes shamar.


We're tied,four votes
allie four votes shamar.


That's five votes
allie,four votes shamar.

One vote left.

Second person voted out of
"fans versus favorites" allie.

You need to bring me your torch.

Allie,the tribe has spoken.

Good luck,you guys.

Well,given the craziness of
your first tribal council,

here's something worth remembering
in order to win this game,

you have to get to the end.

In order to get to the end,you
have to beat the favorites.

In order to beat the favorites,you
gotta get it together.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

-= proudly presents



Next time on "survivor.

" i'm not the only one who said that!

The camp is in chaos.

Shamar is making camp life unbearable.

You all wrote my name down.

He was yelling at everybody.

And for the favorite
it's not much better.

I'll pee in the rice.

I'll pee in the beans.

I'll burn the shelter to the ground.

I had a lot more game to play.

I was just so frustrated.

Because this is what i
wanted and i just-- it sucks.

I wanted to play this
game for half my life.

I've wanted this since
i was 11 years old.

I'm mortified beyond words
that i'm leaving second.