Survivor (2000–…): Season 26, Episode 12 - The Beginning of the End - full transcript

Two immunity challenges and two Tribal Councils raise the stakes, forcing castaways to consider big moves.

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We are down to two.It is a showdown.

And it was worth every penny.

Eddie is out.

Cochran wins immunity.

I'm ready to take over.

Back at camp,sherry and
erik were the swing votes,

being wooed by two alliances,the the former stealth "r" us


For me,i have to keep
playing both sides.

And the three amigos.


As of this moment right now,i'm
torn of who i'm going with.

But at tribal council,

eddie and reynold saw another chance to
change the game slip through their fingers.

12 person voted out and the
third member of our jury.

Malcolm,you need to bring me your torch.

Malcolm,the tribe has spoken.

Reynold and eddie,you've been on the
outside of this game since day one.

But you're still alive.

Eight are left.

Who will be voted out tonight.

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Big vote.

And you me,eddie.

Nothing's changed since day one.

It's not the three amigos anymore.

Malcolm's gone.

But the game is not over.

At the end of the day,i'm still here.

I'm going to keep fighting.

Truthfully,in my mind,i think i'm capable
of winning five immunity challenges in a row.

Listen,i'm not selling myself short.

We definitely have to keep playing
the game as hard as we possibly it.

No,you guy guys
-- you're sl here.

Since day,pretty much two,i have been playing
with my back against the wall are reynold.

And we know we're on the chopping
block every tribal council.

However,we're still here.

So,you know,just keep going.

Keep rolling with the punches.

You never know.

Anything can happen in this game.

We need to start thinking ahead.

Because reynold getting to the end,if
he would win every one in a row--

i want him gone.

That's not going to happen.

The fans are desperate.

They're cornered.They have no power.

The power rests with
the favorites right now

and i want to take away as much power
and suck it up for myself as possible

because i want to take control of the
game,and i'll do it without remorse.

I'll do it without any reservations.

It's scary that i'm saying that.

I feel like i've turned into somebody
who would scare my mother if she saw me.

I'm not the little harvard nerd who
was trembling in the bushes last time.

Tree mail.

We've got tree mail,everybody.

What does it say?

"shaky footing or loss of control
could put you out of this game.

Lose focus for even a moment,and
tonight you could lose your flame.

oh,man!Here we go!

So another tribal.

That's devastating.

I thought it was a reward,maybe.

Tree mail shocked me this morning.

This game never stops.

We woke up this morning and we're thinking
oh,man i hope there's some cool reward today.


So now we have to beat reynold and go to tribal
and vote him off because reynold is a threat.

-= proudly presents



Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


It is a windy day,cochran,but
i will take it back.

Cochran now even shirtless.

It's a complete transformation.

The guy who was afraid to take his
shirt off just a commof years ago.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you're going to
balance on a triangular platform in the water

with your bare feet perched
on very narrow footholds.

At regular intervals,you will move
up,making it more difficult to balance.

Last person left standing wins immunity,

is guaranteed a one-in-seven
sho shot at winning this game.

In addition,today you're
playing for reward.

If the form of information.

For this game.

Read into that whatever you want.

I am number one on the
hit list,no doubt about it.

I to win or i'm going home.

It's as simple as that.

We'll draw for sport and get started.

All right,everybody's in position.

This challenge is on.

All you have to do is balance on a very uneven
platform in the water with the wind blowing.

That's all.

If you're willing to step
out of this challenge--

oh,man!That had to be first?

I have a giant plate fulm of donuts.


And ice cold milk.

I so want them.

Dp for it,eddie.

What kind of donuts are they?


Hey,eddie,if you don't do
this,i'm going to do it.

I'll do it with you.

You'll do it with me?

Reynold,i'm going,bro.

That's okay.

All right,let's go,erik.

Err and i can eddie step
out of this challenge.

Eddie's been on the outside
of this game since day one,

and he'll be going to tribal council tonight
without immunity,without any security.

So,eddie,was it worth it?

I don't know yet.

You'll find out.

Yeah,i'll find out.

Reynold also on the outside.

He's still out there fighting.

Gotta get through cochran.

He's been on a roll.

All right,we are about to move up.

You can sit down for a second.

You're going to move your feet
one step up to the second perch.

All right,here we go.

Five,four,three,two,one.Hands up.

And we are back on.

It's going to get more difficult.

And a little more painful.


Next item,three hot
dogs and a soft drink.

I'm going to take it.

I'm sorry,guys.

I can't-- like,my thighs
are about to burst.

They're trembling,okay?

Do it,cochran.

Boy you got no love from any of them.

Nobody gave you the sign
of approval or permission.


You gave up a shot at immunity.

I hope it was worth it.

It might have been a big
mistake stepping out of the game,

but i couldn't last that much longer.

As long as one of us
wins immunity oorkt fine.

The goal is to keep it
out of the hand of reynold.


Dawn like a shark,eyeing
her prey,just watching.

Hoping he will fall.

I'm going nowhere!

Bring it!


Brenda,are you okay?

All right,we are going to
move up to the next position.

Are you now going to move to the
top of the triangular platform.

All right,let's count it in.


Everybody has transitioned nicely,and this
challenge just got a lot more difficult.

You guys are good.

No happened,no butt.

Use your arms!

This is it.

There are no more transitions.

We play it out from here.

Nice save.

Dawn with a very close call.

Sherry,shaking all over,but still there.

Yes,sherry!Sherry,you can do it.

Bick gust of wind coming up.

of a --

dawn falls out of this
challenge,and we are down to four.

Sherri cannot hold on any longer.

Sherri fawldz out of this challenge.

Good job,sherri!

Now we are down to three--
andrea and brenda and reynold.

The wind is now proving to
be the biggest adversary.

Very strong.

Reynold with a huge recovery.

Way to go,reynold.

That was wild!

He is not going to go down easy,ladies.

Nice save by brenda.

Andrea with a nice little save.

Can sneak up out of
nowhere reynold struggling.

Another incredible recovery!

- Good job,reynold.
- No way!

Keep working.

Everybody stay focused.

Hang in there,girls!

This time,reynold falls in,and
immediately brenda is smiling.

Are you going to stay?He's gone.

Okay,iment to stay.

I'll share the clue
with you,if you jump off.

One person is walking
out of here with immunity.

It will not be reynold.

We are now down to andrea and brenda.

Will a deal be struck?

If you beat me,i'll be
super happy with you.

But i'd rather you
beat me then jump off.


Are you worried or something?

I just haven't won one yet.

I just kind of want to stick it out.

You know that you're safe,too?

I know.

Perched three hours.

Good job!

Make a deal!

Want to screw it up or something?

We could do one foot.

If you guys want to take it to the next
level and decide what the fourth stage is.

What do you want to do?

If we can lift up our left
leg,that would be awesome.

Lift up your left leg.

This is your rule,not mine.

I'll count you in.

Five,four three,two,one.Lift.


They made their own rules up
to finish out this challenge.

Brenda falls in first.

Andrea wins immunity!

And reward in the form of
information in this game!

Good job,you guys.

Andrea,safe at tonight's tribal council,

guaranteed a one-in-seven
shot at winning this game.

In addition to immunity,you
have information in this game.

It is yours to do
with whatever you want.

Everybody else,after 31
days,somebody going home tonight.

Grab your stuff.Head back to
camp.I'll seal you at tribal.


It's exciting because reynold didn't
win immunity,so we can split the vote.

We're good.

One of them is going home.


Where did you hang,this cochran?

I put it right up top there.

It was a must win for personal
immunity,didn't get it.

It's basically reynold's
eulogy right now,

but if they're smart,boom,now is
the time to strike and blindside,

someone who could really win this game.

There are things they could
still do strategically,

unfortunately,i'm not
the conductor right now.

Have fun with the information.

I thought after reynold
dropped out,i'd say,

you know,brenda,you won the last
immunity,could i just have this one?

But she stood on that perch for hours.

She really proved that
she's a big threat,

so there's a huge part of me that regretd
promising to share the note with brenda.



Which i found out it was cliewt
to the hidden immunity idol,

at that point,i didn't want to be
suspicious so i told my whole alliance.

Most important thing about today is the
idol is not in reynold's or eddie's hands.

What does it say?


Right where erik is sitting,right?

I come from a family of diggers.

Guys? Guys,guys,guys.

- No way!
- It's right there.

We got it.

Erik finds the idol,and
i'm thinking man task.

I can probably tell him what
to do with the idol,he'll do it,

and before i have a chance to start celebrating
he's already handing the idol over to andrea.

Does he learn nothing.

Thank you,andrea.

That gets us through
the next vote,right.

I really want to get reynold
out,but i'm still contemplating

if we throw a blindside in there
because it will be an end game

to get out a strategic threat
now when they don't see it coming.

Some blindsides need to
happen before it happens to me.




If it's water challenges she's got it.

She hasn't pissed anyone off.

I think today's immunity challenge
and the fight demonstrated by players

like andrea and brenda marked possibly the
beginning of the end for the alliance of six.

There are still two easy
votes in reynold and eddie.

We can split the votes between of two
of them,and one will be sent packing.

And yet we see the self-interested
desire bubbling to the surface

and people are playing for the end game for
their own victory instead of a group victory.

Maybe she's on board and will
go along with the brenda vote.


I think that would be so much more exciting
everyone would think it was reynold.

That's what makes it good.

Andrea is a smart player,and andrea,like
me,is thinking well beyond the six,

and it's andrea's opinion that the right
big move to make to to blinded side brenda.


This game is all about timing.

I don't know who the biggest threat is.

I mean,i feel like brenda is a threat.

But i want reynold gone.

He's disruptive for my brain.

I think it's brenda.

I think she's the biggest threat to us.



Oh,my gosh.

I don't want to see someone
like that win,but they would.

This is the longest
i've been in the game.

To be this close makes me feel like these decisions
are going to be the really critical ones for me.

The best thing for the alliance would be
to have probably eddie or reynold go next.

But it's definitely an
option to blindside brenda.

The biggest obstacle for me is
not having an opponent out here.

The biggest obstacle
for me has been my mind.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Mike. Phillip.

And malcolm,voted out at
the last tribal council.

So let's talk about today's
immunity and reward challenge.

Eddie and erik opt out of the
challenge early on for food.

What was your rationale,eddie,

given that you and reynold have
been on the outside for a long time?

To be completely honest,

i knew i wasn't going to be able to stand on
that thing for more than maybe an hour tops.

So i jumped to eat,pretty much.

And i kind of sacrificed some security
and self pride for a few donuts.

So then cochran drops
out of the challenge.

Then dawn and sherri,and that leaves
us with brenda,andrea,and reynold.

So once reynold falls out,why did you
two stay up there another two,three hours?

Why,if there's such a tight bond of six,

didn't you just make a deal and say
you take it,i've had it,let's go?

When do you get the opportunity
to test yourself like that.

It wasn't necessarily a lot of fun,but i'm
happy that i got beat versus they jumped off.

Reynold,it is a little curious that they don't
just make a deal and get down if they're so tight.

Is there any part of you thinking
maybe there's something to it,

and maybe there's an
opening for me somewhere?

Yeah,i'm a guy everyone
assumes is going to be hole,

but i could be a great instrument.

Any moves you want to make.

Cochran,reynold's approach to come in and
try and stir it up is valid in one sense.

It's timing.

He's saying if now's the
time to make a move,use me.

I mean,it is timing.

If you're too late,that means
you're going to be voted off.

It's about make the move the second a
move is about to be made against you.

And it takes a lot of self-awareness to
be able to pull off something like that.

And,dawn,no comfortable you feel,it's possible
it's you that's on the outside tonight.


Why the longer i play this
time and play both sides,

the harder it is for me
to trust people at all

because i know i'm not trustworthy
at times,or haven't been.

What dawn has said is one of the most
honest things somebody has said at tribal.

Your paranoia comes from sometimes
you know you're not trustworthy.

When you know you can
lie and deceive people,

you know the people you're playing
with can do the same thing to you.

And all of a sudden if you think your
alliance is flipping on you at every second.

Have you thought that
about your alliance?


all takes is for one person
to flip over and you're gone.

Off of a sudden,the numbers dwindling,

and you realize there are a
lot of capable people around me.

Eddie,the best thing you can hear,they're
questioning people in their own six.

If you look at these
siks,they're all major players.

It's like wow.

Who is going to vote for who?

I can maybe squeeze myself in here.

Andrea,we're right on
the cusp of that place

where you're thinking who
do i want left in that game?

Reynold and eddie,their backs are
against the wall they are votes.

If you keep them around you can get
rid of a dawn,cochran,brenda,erik.

Or andrea.

Or andrea.

All right,it is time to vote.

Erik you're up.

I think things would have
gone a lot better for you

if you had been a little
bit more humble in this game.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol,and you
want to use it,now would be the time to do so.

Okay,once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

Okay,once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.









Good luck,dude.

Reynold,the tribe has spoken.

It's been a blast you guys.

I can't wait to see what happens.

See you,buddy.

Well,we are down to one amigo left.

Grab your torches,head back to camp.

Good night.

Here i am.


I put my trust in a lot of
people that wasn't recipricated

and i had no more rabbits i could pull
out of my hat,no more immunity idols.

But i'll tell you one thing for sure.

I had the time of my life.

- ****
- Yeah.

There's soabl seven ofs you left.

That's crazy.

It finally feels like a small group now.

I know.

It's so weird.

The gunslingers take out another victim.

Finally,reynold went
home,which is a huge relief.

And now we're at final seven.

Oh,my god!

We didn't make the big move tonight,but
now i'm thinking about what's next.

And the obvious is why tonight we blindside
somebody when they don't see it coming

and this is going to come down
who we decide is the bigger threat.

We have to remember it's a
game for a million dollars.

And if we don't do it,they're
going to do it to us.

It has to be dawn or brenda.

I can't decide between them.

Brend alike,challenges,she's really
strong,and she hasn't pissed anybody off.

Dawn,you know,she'll turn
on anybody at any second.

I cowl see her backstab

I think maybe,um,"b" should go first,

if we have a choice.

I'm all about making
big moves,and andrea,

to her credit is willing to make a big
move,but it's a big move i don't agree with.

Once again she's talking about
taking out brenda,and dawn,

who is probably my
closest ally in the game.


He really should be the next target.

He needs to go.


But this is what
i was thinking-- .


Cochran told me that andrea
wants to blindside me or dawn

and that shows just how
untrustworthy she is,

so now i want andrea out of the game
because she wants me out of the game.

It would almost be easier to
get rid of andrea before eddie.

I'm just so scared of
her having the idol.

Worst-case scenario,we could all as
a group together blieppedside her.

Sherri's with us 100%.

You think erik will be cool with this?


Andrea i think is one of the few
remaining independent thinkers,

and that's a dangerous thing,and the time
to make a big move is rapidly approaching.

So if andrea doesn't win
the next immunity challenge

and she doesn't play the
idol,she might be going home.

Come on in,guys.

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


Give it up,andrea.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you'll push a buoy through
a series of obstacles to a post holding a key.

Once you have the
key,you'll unlock a chest,

containing ladder rungs and use
them to complete a ladder puzzle.

First person to complete their
ladder and climb to the top

and raise their flag and wins immunity,gawshted
a one-in-six shot of winning this game.

Losers,tribal council,where after 33
days out here,somebody will be voted out.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

Here we go!

For immunity!

Survivors ready?


You've got to push your bowie
through the rope obstacle.

Rope management is key.

You're going to need
slack at certain times.

Brenda off tow a very fast start.

Erik off to a quick start.

Eddie's in this.

Cochran's in it.

Sherri falling behind quickly.

It is brenda and erik
right now in the lead.

Erik out first.

Start working on those knots.

Now you've got to untie a key.

Brenda's getting hung up.

Cochran is through second.

Here comes dawn and andrea now.

There goes brenda!

Eddie's in it.Everybody working
on their key except sherri.

Rip through those knots!

Let's go!

Once you get through
it,it will release a key.

That's the key you need
to opponent the chest.

Sherri now getting in on it.

Andrea doing a great job on the knots.

Eddie's flying through the knots.

Erik is through first
from this stage as well.

Now andrea's in it.

There goes eddie.

Brenda very close.

Brenda is free now.

Cochran,dawn,and sherri
still working on their knots,

quickly falling out of this challenge.

This is a ladder puzzle.

Every piece is unique
and only goes in one spot

and you have to build
from the bottom to the top.

Dawn has her key.

She's up.

Andrea has her first.

Brenda has her first.

Sherri has her key,she's working.

There's cochran,the last one,everybody
now working on their ladder.

Brenda with her second.

Erik still trying to find his first.

Right now,it is andrea and brenda.

Andrea would like to win immunity again.

You want to be safe tonight.

You cannot risk it.

There's only seven people left.

Erik with his first piece.

Eddie's got his first piece.

Cochran now getting in on it.

He's got two.

Brenda with her third ladder rung.

Erik with his second.

Eddie trying to find his second.

Sherri struggling.

Erik with three pieces.

Right now,it is erik and brenda.

Erik with his fourth.

Andrea still stuck back at one.

I don't know what i'm doing!

She cannot find the second rung.

Erik flying through this.

Erik now with six ladder rungs.

Brenda still working on her fourth.

ierik with his seventh.

Brenda with her fourth.

Erik has two left.

Eddie still struggling.

It is a blowout.

Erik has one rung left.

This will do it.

Erik wins immunity,guaranteed
a spot in the final six!

What? !

- Erik,come on over.
- Good job,erik.

Erik wins immunity.


The last time you had the immunity necklace
in this game was the first time you played,

and you gave it away and were voted out.

Is there any chance
that happens tonight?

I'm way too scared to do
that this time,way too scared.

Erik with this around his neck
will be safe at tribal council.

As for the rest of you,after 33
very tough days,somebody going home.

Grab your stuff.Head back to
camp.I'll see you at tribal.Congrats.


Erik,you were so fast.

They were easy pieces t pieco find.

I was putting them in,in
the wrong way at first.

The challenge was right up my alley.

I mean,i killed it,and won immunity.

And this time around,i've learned
from mistakes i made in the past.

So this is not any kind of moral
decision for me to make whether

or not to give it to
someone else or keep it.

This is a safety blank that the
can get me farther in this game.






Brenda made my job tonight pretty
easy by being a challenge threat.

So i wanted brenda out.

I talked to everybody,and
now she's going.

And i feel bad for the kid because
going back to my first season,

i felt completely comfortable,and
then,bam,i was blindsided.

So i know what it's like to be lied to.

I have a hidden immunity idol.

I'm going to bring it to tribal council.

If all of a sudden i feel
paranoid,i would play it.

But right now,it does seem like my ducks
are in a row,and it's going to work out.

They're all down.

It's brenda.

It was suppose to be you.

I know.

I have been tricked,fooled,and
pretty much every other adjective

before every tribal council,but i
feel a little bit differently tonight.

Andrea told me everybody is going to blindside
brenda and there is no reason to lie to me.

They know i don't have a hidden immunity
idol,so for the first time in 33 days

i think i'm going to tribal council with an idea
of who we're voting for and who's going home.

Worst-case scenario,eddie,let's say.



I haven't been able to mention eddie's name for the
past 10 days without andrea saying,eddie is harmless.

I control his vote.

And now it all makes sense,she
wants to go to the final 3 with him.


She's going to have to go,corcoran.

I know.

Whether it's personal,whether
it's strategic,i don't know,

but the fact of the matter is,eddie
is moving up on andrea's priority list

so i'm worried i'm going
to be replaced by eddie.

I admire andrea for vague game plan.

But that plan doesn't include me.

I want to be a part of everybody's
plan,and if i'm not a part of your plan,

andrea,you're not going
to be a part of mine.




I know that andrea wants to blinded
side me so this is a very tricky vote.

It's a leap of faith.

I'm writing down andrea
and hope i don't go home.

So i'm in huge danger.

But the plan's already been enacted.

I just have to just let it ride.





Once again,i have to trust
erik,the ice cream scooper

who gave up his idol and was
promptly voted out,and that's scary.

I'm so happy that you won.

Tonight,you know it's brenda.

I don't care if you win every challenge,i
would love to go to the end with you.

The other thing swe
have the hidden idol.

O it's even more control.

Andrea came up to me pretty mump said she
wants to take me all the way to the end.

I pretty much believe it.

So i have an in with both
alliances at this point.

Both alliances think i'm on their side.

But cochran hasn't
promised me final three,

so if they split the vote,i
could totally shake things up.

I feel so much calmer today.


It's the first time i played the game.

I was pretty much at the mercy of
what everybody else wanted to do.

This time around it's very different.

I'm actually in control
of the game tfeels like.

And i'm going to do
whatever is best for me.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.




And reynold,voted out at
the last tribal council.

So,eddie,you're the last one
outside of the group of six.

If they want to get
rid of you,it's easy.

But you could argue,if
somebody wants to make a move,

we can always get rid of eddie
at the next tribal council

because you'll still be in
the same spot,on the outside.


Cochran talks a lot about timing
and it's everything in this game.

If the blindside was to happen,tonight
would be the perfect night for it.

Renda,if you don't make a big
move tonight,what happens tomorrow?

Well,i mean,we're not-- i
mean,something's going to happen.

People are going to start lying
to each other and hurting people

and all that stuff that
comes with "survivor.

sherri,do you believe people are not
lying to each,right now within the six?

I definitely believe people
are lying to each glrg

do you think you've been lied to?

I'm pretty sure i've been lied to.

Cochran,do you think you've been
lied tow by somebody within the six?


Multiple people have told
my mee they intend to do to

thent with me and they don't
intend to go to the end with me.

Andrea,when you hear cochran
say,not only have people promised me,

but i've probably promised others.


He's saying not all the things
i've said are necessarily true.

Exactly,and that makes me nervous because
you're dealing with a lot of people

that have several final three alliances.

Are you any different?

Of course not.

Andrea,what was the speculation about
what was labeled information in the game?

I mean,i
guess-- whatever.

I-- i have the
hidden immunity idol.

I think everyone knew that.

Cochran,that's a big deal to have an
idol on day 33 with seven people left.

Yeah,it is a big deal.

That's a big,buying deal.

It's just as powerful,pretty much,as having
what erik has around his neck right now.

You can usually only play
it up until the final five

so there are limited opportunities for
andrea to play it if she chooses to do so.

Andrea,is that the big question?

It's a huge advantage
if you tiewz wisely.


If i ever feel that i'm paranoid
or anybody,i could just play it.

And i know my paranoia is pretty high,

so i could play it at any
time,and they could be going home.

All right,so,you cannot vote for erik.

Andrea has an idol she
may or may not play.

Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.

Sherri,you're up.

I think it was the moment that we were
balancing on a doghouse in the ocean

for four hours they realized you
are a huge threat and need to go.

Newer a sneaky,sneaky little
girl,always ready to blindside someone,

but i don't think you're
ready for this one.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you
want to play it now would be the time to do so.

Okay,once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the vote.

First vote,brenda.



One vote brend acone vote
an draerk one vote eddie.

Eddie.Two votes eddie.




We're tied.

Two votes brend atwo votes
eddie,two votes andrea,one vote left.

14th person voted out,and
the fifth member of our jury,

- andrea.
- Oh,you guys!

That was good.

That was really good.

Andrea,the tribe has spoken.

Well,you've been talking
about a big move for weeks.

Tonight you made one
The question is,now what?

Tbrab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

-= proudly presents


Next time on "survivor"."

i think it should be cochran.

Cochran's in trouble.

Do i have an expiration date
that's rapidly approaching.

Erik is withering away?

I'm trying to defeat
myself at this point.

I've got to get something to eat.

I want food!

And a surprise visit from
home changing everything.


Oh,my god!

Unfortunately,i was
confident with this plan

that i set up that i wasn't even
thinking about playing the idol.

I should have learned
my lesson the first time.

When the day's really calm and
you're napping and feel comfortable,

you're probably going to get
blindsides and it will probably happen