Survivor (2000–…): Season 26, Episode 10 - Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest - full transcript

An accident threatens one castaway's future in the game.

The antecedent Summary of "Survivor"

Although the "top secret" group in control of the game

But still far from the overall efficient operation

Dawn struggled with depressed mood

I cried so often really funny

Andrea has been hooked up with the enemy

I can guarantee at least this round of voting will not take you

Phillip's leadership style

Not only angered opponents and even allies

Join Zan team important one condition

You must be loyal and absolutely reliable

Crazy they're all mad here

Organization welcomes you

Immunity challenge on Andrea exit
Brenda won the exemption

Brenda adhere to victory

Covert operations group have the opportunity to get rid of Malcolm

Before the old allies are trying to destroy the Union

We vote to go Malcolm chant

Andrea heard that you are in danger

We discussed ...

- I?

She tried to convince the allies
Safety sake or eliminated Michael

The safest or cast away Michael

I kinda like Malcolm

I know, but I think I was they focused on the

Tribal general meeting

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and want to use

Please show now

Brothers Not so fast

Malcolm felt the danger and to convince the Reynold

Give up his immunity idol

They cast me

To me I'm all right

But he was wrong Michael was sent home

Michael tribe has decided to

Left 10 people who will be eliminated tonight?

I think we should hold a meeting

Will not open?

Into, we'll be right back

And so we are to open?

Those at the bottom, you are welcome

So do ah I feel very good

In fact, at the bottom is not so bad

- We have nothing to fear

Nobody speaks ill of us behind because ...

At the lowest level we understand it?

Now all my plans are messed up

I would like to bring I think that is the bottom Dawn

Dawn has never been a group and I

And never has been with me

I just want everyone to understand that at a meeting of the tribe

- Phillip let slip

Really a nightmare day

- I think the end of the life of my double-sided agents
- We can beat them immunity challenge

They do not have statues

Even if we can sub-vote

They did not statues statues

- We'll have to find
- Yeah

I just said

Tomorrow we want to find the hidden immunity idol

Tomorrow we have to work together to find

The only optimism I have a statue

Also holds a little bit of power

Little bit do not have a lot of
But we go have to go vigorous

At the bottom do not have walked

May I go

I want to be improper Phillip puppet

Must - secret - line - moving - group

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the Survivor: Kara Moan
Twenty-sixth Episode 10

I used to think Dawn is an unassailable

Now do not think

She betrayed many people informant ah

She also ...

She is not in the game what threat

- It is basically a ...
- Reynold

Over, please

Hurry Hurry

What did she say to that?

Do not know

Come on I want to cry

Who's howling ah?


She said, "Please come quickly" but ...

Oh, my God.

How is it

Before I hit the mouth lower front teeth out

That a few teeth on my braces

I went to the water's edge they fall out

I need a man I do not know if we supposed

- I can not do
- Oh, all right

I need help

My braces on the front teeth.

That is my before being knocked out

I opened his mouth to drink water in the water
They fall out

Should be in the vicinity but invisible

I do not want to let people know

Thank you, Brenda

I do not want to play the game not kidding

I want to quit the game not kidding

Wait you see it

If you can not find I retire, I retired from the race

There must please

Oh it Brenda

I love you oh

Thanks to Brenda

Even if the competition is only one winner

Between warmth

This very timely reminder to

My days, I'm sorry I almost worried to death

Oh my God you just saved me

I quite sympathize with her thing
I will not betray her

She is also

I really love you Brenda

Thank you for helping me

Approach it cheese are

- Ready for today's reward challenge?
- Get Ready

Today's game you have to be divided into
Two five-person team

I order each team to send a person over a series of obstacles

Into a morass

Where to find a bag of balls

You want to find the ball through the meter pit

The bag on the table

The next person departure

Collect 5 bags you have to put the ball into the basket

12 ball dropped into the first team to win a reward

- Want to know what your reward is what?
- Want

Winning five-member team
Will be to bring a very beautiful resort

Beautiful pool

There are sumptuous lunch

Beef chicken pork

- Cocktail
- Yeah

- Margarita
- Gosh Awards

Can escape game

And then return to the camp

- Worth a fight?
- Of course

Well, we immediately began to draw positioning

Well, we have been divided into two five-member team

The purple team members have

Reynold Erik Dawn
Cochran and Phillip

Orange team members

Eddie Malcolm Sherri
Andrea and Brenda

Ready to fight for the grand

Survivors are ready


The first step is through the balance beam

Malcolm and Erik of eighty

No problem

Down the water slide into the morass

Still go hand in hand

You want to find in the mud bag

Once you have found the bag ball continue to move forward

Erik found the bag he continues to move forward

Malcolm is still looking for a bag for the Orange team

Erik digging in the rice

Channel dug for his teammates

Malcolm also pit

His strategy is not the same

To find all the bags

Erik took a bag through the

Dressed in one meter

The purple team under a

The Reynold play of the purple team

- Come on Reynold
- Have fun


The Reynold Now enter the pit

To find two bags Reynold find them

Reynold quickly find a bag

Reynold now looking for other bags

Strategies and Malcolm

He has found a second

Malcolm found the fourth

Refueling continue

Reynold have found a third bag

- Come on Malcolm
- Malcolm still looking for the rest of the bag

Reynold find all bags

The purple team has a huge advantage

- Purple team under a
- Fast

Dawn playing purple team

Malcolm found all bags

But the purple team has a huge advantage early

Dawn on the slide

Crashed face down into the pit

- Fall in light ah
- Is such

Malcolm to

The orange team under a

Orange team's Andrea play

Eighty or through the balance beam

Thanks to Reynold
Dawn can go directly holding the bag

Purple team like gangbusters

Fast fast-Baby children

Purple team

Cochran play

Andrea is now into the morass

Thanks to Malcolm bag that has been placed in

Cochran fast

Andrea into the meter pit

Come on Cochran

Want to tied

Orange team go a

Orange team Sherri now playing

You have to pay close attention to ah

Sherri hurry Sherri you have to hurry

Cochran fell into the pit

Have to do this

Sherri quickly

Sherri you have to hurry

Time Sherrie too balance beam
The audience is the longest

The purple team under a

Phillip purple team fifth and final one

Sherri on the balance beam
A lot of time wasted squad

Orange team behind a half

- Sherri found her bag
- Come on Phillip

She came to the meter pits

Phillip is now on the slide

His strong uncle is really very tight na

Sherri even over meters pit are all struggling

The orange team under a

Orange team Brenda play

Phillip got the purple team
The fifth and last a bag

The purple team began solution bag

Brenda quickly through the site

Once you have collected all the balls began pitching

Brenda through the morass through the meter pit

We get all the balls

Fast fast

The purple team into a


Eddie last play

Cast cast

The purple team into the 3 ball

Into four balls

Fast Eddie

The purple team into the first five ball

Chapter 6-ball

# 7 balls

The Eddie Reeves meters pit

Orange team have plenty of time to recover

The purple team into the 10 ball

Purple team has a huge advantage

- They can taste the flavor of the food.
- Ball Ball Ball

Ball ball ball ball ball ball ball

- Very good
- Purple team is still a ball

The end of the

Purple team won awards!

- Great
- Well done

Reynold Dawn
Erik Cochran Phillip

Better reward is very rich

Enjoy this afternoon

Thank you

Malcolm Brenda
Sherri Eddie Andrea

You nothing

Grab something back to the camp.

How are you Welcome to Kagawi.

We prepared food and drink for you

- So you enjoy the next landscape
- God, look at these

Take a bath to sit down and enjoy a relaxing afternoon

Thank you

Forgive us very hungry

Reynold Dawn Erik Phillip and I
About our incentive to win Resort

The face is put a table full of food

The various shrimp skewers beef string fried chicken squid

Was more that we could not eat

Almost a month I did not eat beef.

- Days blanket
- Healthy eating protein is very important

This is where I need to match the energy

Continue to act as the king of the Challenge
I have proved

Soap eh

I found that I already have 26 days did not screw Pompon head


Just the aroma of soap has been very strong

This is probably my favorite part of the

I need it I have been a little madness Britain

I think this game is the most difficult to accept
Will make you a bit schizophrenic

Mood is more anxious to become fast

Come on down

Is in need of a bath.

The shadow just you spread

Phillip rude

There is a small pond bath

Phillip headed out into the big pool of mud and rice
These disgusting things to the large pool inside

- You naked?
- As early as bare

- Are you naked?
- I bare

This is the season Phillip style

Regardless of whether the focus on their jump into things

I continue to keep really irks Phillip

I love life

I'm tired

Three days I probably only slept for 2-4 hours

The head did not break so I
The next phase of what will happen a little worried

I am very suspicious was assassinated out

"I'm out of 7 in what position?"

"I think the allies are not really allies?"

Andrea any connection with Malcolm and
Eddie get along with a lot of

She told them to play a go

Eddie Reynold and Malcolm
One would like to draw our 7

They will be able to Murdering

Andrea mutiny
They voted with Malcolm and our sub-vote

They just 4 votes can be eliminated

They have four votes she would do it

Listen to me Andrea is one of the objectives

You screw up betrayed Union

- Tang you out
- Yes

I told them that Andrea would not be the first target

But now I may be eyeing other people

Dawn paranoid ah

Because she is completely crazy lose his cool

You are not the target

- The most important thing is to do as usual

- Such as today

Dawn believes Andrea mutiny

Cast her Dawn leave

Dawn will be sure that she will be cast

Makes me feel a bit baffling

Frankly order to me a little suspicious Dawn

I like a little charred

Well soon

- Like some?

I am very pleased not hungry

- Not tired
- I do not know what to do

- I was too uncomfortable
- What?


I rest

She was out of control

- Who are you?
- Dawn

I just took a piece of coconut

- I do not know how to do
- You do not have to do anything

I did not do anything wrong she ...

She was out of control this is not a good thing

- She is living in a skeptical world

She ...

I do not know that this is not appropriate

There is no other place to go

I really think ... they are a little mental instability

Is a bit too much pressure on

I think I need a little time alone alone

I should not be so weak sorry Cochran

Is still very strong despite cried very powerful

I cry more than a small baby


Zan season has already gotten a madman

Brandon Hantz he is gone

But suddenly a suspect madman

Called Dawn

I'm tired of crying

Good morning

I fell asleep



- Do you have to keep dry?
- I slept all night

Good good


Today is the day 28

Last entry is to leave on this day

But after yesterday's crash crisis

I got up this morning feel is back

This game is not very clear head overwhelmed me

I fell asleep feel like reloading

You need

This is the weight of the game I can not breathe
Himself from the control

But today I feel good
Confidence in our alliance

Our team to a short meeting

I feel the need

- I joined

- Dawn calmed down

We're about to start a tribal meeting

By Phillip led the "top secret" group
Decided lined up like ducks

The decision to phase out tonight who

Reynold or Malcolm who goes first?

I would like to Reynold leave

- Reynold
- Reynold

I'd rather out of Reynold

- I think the first vote Reynold
- I think the first vote Reynold

Because every game that guy is great

His great physical strength

I want him to go first

- Tonight ... tonight can not go wrong

As long as we have this plan as long as we say good

- It is all right
- Four girls vote for Reynold

7 of us on the three of them

We divided votes
Because we can have 4 vote Reynold

Prevent him from statues or other pattern
The remaining three votes and give Malcolm

Destroy all statues that may occur

I do not want to be too confident

But my Union has a number of advantages

I am elated ah

Top-secret action

- Guys ready for today's immunity challenge?

First things first Brenda return of the exemption

The waiver the necklace again to return to compete for

Today's game divided into two groups

After the start of the game players first ran across the platform

Jumped into the water
And then pull the rope to go back downstream from the platform

Climbed the platform to get a circle
Add to second column

Completion of each group of the first two players into the final

The final player to win to win the exemption

To ensure access to a few strong Malcolm

- IX
- The opportunity to ensure that the ninth to win "Survivor"

The rest of the players spent twenty-eight days after the
Leave someone in the tribal meeting

This will be very fast pace of the game
And certainly you will be tired to turn

No matter how much energy you
It is time all out

Positioning of the ballot contest will start soon

The first group of players is

Reynold Cocoran drawn
Andrea and Sherri

The top two qualified for the finals

Steady ready ...


Andrea unambiguous

Reynald rapid departure

Who will be the first water?

The Reynald rapid by

Followed by Dawn


Only two to qualify

Reynald slightly ahead of Andrea caught up with

Dawn followed

Cocoran and Sherri soon behind

The Reynald no opponents

Reynold finals

There remains one seat

Would it be?

Andrea is complete
Andrea Reynald together into the final

Well you

The following five players into the water

I better than Jeff

And so on and so on what conditions

I give up the game

- Phillip does not intend to race
- Do not participate in this competition

- Why?
- I was a kid in the water the accident occurred

I particularly uncomfortable game content

- Because in the water for a long time?


The other four in the past to prepare

You the opportunity to win an exemption
A 20% increase

Phillip abstained

Twenty-eight days after the game the only way to
Give you a sense of security only exemption necklace

- Inconsistent feel so strongly?

The second round of players

Brenda Malcolm Eddie and Erik

There is also a vacancy in Phillip abstained

The survivors are ready to ...


The first water Malcom
Followed is Eddie Erik last Brenda

Everyone has the opportunity
The second round will be decisive

Leading Malcom and Eddie

Malcom finals
Eddie into the decision ...

Eddie did not go in the trap

Left Brenda and Erik opportunities

Who is it?

Brenda and Malcom finals

Eddie made a big mistake

Steady final good

A five circles
Only one winner

To participate in the tribal council tonight with this necklace

Nine other people would be in danger

The Reynold Andrea Brenda and Malcolm

Two men and two women
Steady prepare ...


Five back and forth definitely you will be totally exhausted

The Malcolm and Reynald together water
Followed by Andrea and Brenda

Malcolm slightly ahead of Ronald
But the game still has a long

Malcolm and Ronald water again

Two into the water at the same time

Andrea and Brenda began to fall behind

Ronald leading Malcom slightly behind

The two is just about the same

Ronald first water
Malcolm appear to be dropping

Ronald completed the fourth lap

Malcom finished fourth lap left circle

Or break

Who will take the lead in the water?

Is Reynold

The Reynold win exemption

- I win!
- Yes, you win

Each player doing all

- Reynold you still had the strength to swim over take the exemption?

Reynold congratulate you
Can safely participate in the Assembly of

To ensure access to nine strong

But as for you tonight someone will be eliminated

Take things back to the camp tribe met

Completely unexpected

- And the play opening
- Too much fun

We are dejected

These guys are ruthless

They want to eliminate me because I was the biggest threat to

Exemption necklace in the neck can be arbitrary

Good kind of Reynold

I have a thing ...

To tell you that

I despise Phillip

To put it plainly he lip

Immunity challenge is not to participate simply perverse

Especially him
There are lions and gorillas tattoo

Funny it buddy

- I would like to talk to you

- We are still divided votes

I tribal leaders dignities

Since that may just be possible

Into the top three

If these people do not remember Qianchou

I may be true chance to win

Tell you my plan

We divided votes

The number of than 3 such benefits is

In any case it does not matter

Malcolm statues

Then Malcolm four votes Eddie three votes

One of the two men home

Malcolm statues that he sat ...

... Await death, oh


My life on the line

But I have a statue

In any case I used the statue would not go home

But the idea is to get through this vote
And continue to hold the statue

I feel like we just missed

I fully looking statue of a man

I believe there

- Here

There may be somewhere stream ended in failure statues

I have a few hours to have nothing to do
Nobody can curry favor with

Maybe dreams really can come true

Childhood, when I have the time trapped

In a pond

I have a ...

I think that ...

Wellhead possession of the statue is the most likely place

- In the water will be worse
- I agree

Andrea said after the game we go to find the statues

I said OK because this is the real work time

I do not want to sit in the camp for so long

This is millions of dollars of contention

That's it ...

Not fun

I do not want to participate in this project

This stupid thing could be anywhere

Really looking for a needle in a haystack

- Malcolm behind it?
- What?

Told me in the back, then I'll help

I could not

Reminded not it?

Know not

- What?
- You said

You just found

Your voice faded I saw

God fierce

Is this your possession

- Swear to God you say when I see the heart beat violently.
- Well hell

Suddenly Malcolm reach out in front of us
Find the hidden immunity idol in a crevice

- Malcolm You're great

The good kind

Malcolm was going to get out, but he
Most needed time to find statues

So it may have to go home Eddie

- Malcolm just found a statue
- In front of you?

- We behind him

- Just come back
- He opened in front of us

So ...

The original plan? Because if he does not.

Do not panic does not matter

4 female cast Malcolm male cast Eddie

If he will probably statues

- Will re-enter the
- Very good

- To rejoin Eddie go
- Very good

Do not show know that he has statues normal point

- Make sure he looked to you?
- Statues

- Who cares?

We have a number of baby child

So ... Reynold won exemption
Safe and secure

Malcolm have immunity idol

Now I'm big bad

Because the only chance I survived down

They decided to phase-out of Malcolm and not me

And now the whole tribe know
He has immunity idol

I'm going home

Please have a jury

The last tribal council to be eliminated Michael

Based on the last tribal council

Look Reynold
Eddie and Malcolm three of you are still marginalized

Fully agree with the

So today's immunity challenge
Either win immunity or would definitely go home

Eddie, do you agree?

Yes, the three of us in order to stay in the game

Someone must always try to get immunity

You want to try to get positive energy
I will always remember all the things here

Andrea Eddie put it seems
Would definitely go like

Indeed the case against him

Because Malcolm happened to
Find the hidden immunity idol

So say we all know you have statues

- We were in that
- Yeah

Dawn and I was walking and Malcolm turned
From the rock statues

When he needs most statues when he found the

Cochran, so we are aligned with Eddie

Is actually
Not the first choice of everyone tonight

Who is the first choice?

May be Reynold

He is the kind with a personal charm and climb to the top of the

He won the immunity
We regard him as the greatest threat to

Phillip, on the other hand today talking about the Challenge
You made history

I can not remember the player in the absence of food or
The other incentives temptation voluntary on the sidelines game

When I was young and a group of boys go swimming

I'm stuck on a pier below I am panic

Fortunately, I found the owner
I saved up

This has been a lingering shadow of my heart

I will always make such a decision for me


Andrea camp life how?

We are very suspicious

That we do not and Reynold
Eddie and Malcolm conversation

I'm pressure Alexander I kinda like their company

But it makes a lot of people to me suspicious.
'd Become a target

Malcolm anxiety?

Reynold Eddie and I at the periphery

As if we had the plague

But this is the game we should act

Tonight we intend to do so

This is another one I've been to some immunity idol
I intend to give Eddie

I found some time
Today to find a

I want to get this straight

Wait to see everyone's face

Andrea did not look up

Malcolm tribal council rarely become so crazy

{\ A10} - we want to vote for who?
- Andrea

Dawn and Brenda closeted

Cochran and Erik whispering

Andrea hand holding head

What a huge shift.

To this effect

We still whispering

{\ A10} - you want to do?
- Do not know

We are suspicious at the moment
Are worry about whether they will vote for yourself

Anyway, the three of us will not leave

Just this once

- Malcolm I have been to interrupt you
- Nothing

We still discuss

{\ A10} - how to do?
- Phillip must

I want someone suspended
And then the other nine by one by one out

We firmly in control of this vote

Close group of seven people go.

Dawn 20 seconds before you control the game

To be honest I'm not quite sure at the moment the situation of the game

What you say I like this fainted

For me, the game changes every day

Malcolm you just what to say

I want to say what we will not leave

Tonight we are safe, but tomorrow
The case will not have much change

Or three against six people we know

But tonight the three of us want to vote for Philip

I do not have to illustrate the specific reason

You mind clear

This game should be fun

{\ A10} - Andrea
- What?

But no longer fun

{\ A10} Why? I can not do

I'm here to enjoy the game

You mean Philip

Philip is the source of all this nonsense

This is still the game
But do not have to get this military stuff

We are in basic training

I'm not so game

He tried to give me dubbed without some offense

Oh wow how?

Andrea you should think
Vote for Phillip I know how to write his name

Two L-head and tail of two P

We can not immediately communicate with each other

I know I am a target

Although I believe they will vote for Philip
I suspect many

If this is to come duplicitous how to do
Does not happen

Indeed I am afraid

- Can I say a few words?
- Of course

The three men say they have the gods, and the use of

But if bold enough
They can retain a statue

One person may not use the statues

Philip's new argument

A statue of the wearing does not mean what

Before roll call, they want to give me statues

I think we should be in accordance with
To discuss good plan before vote

If I leave, I leave

I would prefer to leave as
Because it is carried out in accordance with the strategy

Do not hurt my personality

You wrote a lot of papers on "Survivor"

You studied this game

At the moment you have any idea?

I am at the moment, there are two extreme ideas

Fans of the program must be at home will want
This in the end doing

This is really the history of the most bizarre tribal council

Whispering to each other plans to change the voting

On the tribal council, but extremely rare

The vote will be the gambling

Dawn If this is want eliminated
Six others were one

And they are just as Philip smoke bomb.

They just use a few votes out of a person

People in the Union and not Philip

Voting problems we encounter
The three men will vote for who

Another seven people who vote for

Eddie and Malcolm will use the immunity idol?

Good in the history of the craziest tribal councils

You go first vote Philip

No matter what happens tonight

I am keen "Survivor" 13 years of reasons

I went to the vote count

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and want to use
Now show

Thank you, thank you

Vote for Eddie and
Malcolm ticket will be void

I'll roll call

The dead grave eggs are Bring it on

First ticket Malcolm void

Malcolm void

Eddie void

Eddie void

Eddie void

Eddie void

You're popular

Philip, one vote Phillip

Two votes Philip

"Survivor: Fans of the star articles out of 11
That two members of the jury Phillip

Three votes is enough torches used

Philip tribe has decided to

Thank you

The most crazy tribal council

Reynold Eddie and Malcolm
Survived the first ballot

Problem is that they change the game
Enough to survive the next tribal council?

Pick up the torch back to the camp Goodnight

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Survivor: Kara Moan articles 36 Episode 10 End

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Proofreading: Ai Ruirui
Timeline: Bond pig

"Survivor" Ep:

Erik and you on our side.
We will have a number of advantages

Reynold Eddie and Malcolm
Would include the new members

If you can not beat them then OP

Who would not love "Survivor" Auction?

- See?
- This kind of thing often?

Much more than you think

I think I am better than great
Very satisfied with the way the game

I tried to from Boston Rob who
Learned to the game

I feel like in the first 22 quarters as

I do not respected
Others did not appreciate what I did

This makes me sad

I feel good feel like doing a good job