Survivor (2000–…): Season 26, Episode 1 - She Annoys Me Greatly - full transcript

Returning players are pitted against newcomers on the exotic Caramoan Islands.

This is the Caramoan Islands...

a stunning paradise, and a dangerous wilderness.

These 10 americans are about to begin the adventure of a lifetime.

It is definitely a surreal experience that I'm here

and I'm going to be playing the game.

they come from Different walks of life.

i've been on over 60 combat Missions
in iraq so as far as This game goes,

they're lunch Meat.

but they have one Thing in common...
they are all Fans of "survivor."

I know enough about the game
And i know enough about people

That i think i'll make it to the ***.

and first impressions
Are already forming.

there is one guy with glass Who seems
particularly observant Of everybody else.

He is going to be another
Strategist, besides myself.

one of the blonde, good
lord,You could break her in two,

i Think, and she looks like
she's,Like,18 years old.

I'm like,"what in the hell
is She doing out here?"

but flying overhead, Their competition.

10 favorite survivors from past Seasons.


One of the most popular to ever Play came
within one challenge Of winning it all.

But he dropped the ball.

Cochran, the survivor nerd.

Eighth person voted out of
"survivor: south pacific."

He betrayed his tribe.

you threw the whole tribe Under the bus.

You disgust me.

he paid the ultimate Price
and he took Dawn down with Him.

He told her his plan to flip but
She was too loyal to go along.

Brenda, she used her
looks to Her advantage.

she's a cute girl.

she's going to take
you guys Out one by one.

- but not everyone on Her tribe... was charmed.
- the tribe has Spoken...

Eric was a fan on the first "Fans vs Favourites"

and his inexperience showed.

if he were to give you the Necklace, that
would redeem him And we would vote for amanda.

Who would fall for that?

I want to give individual
Immunity to natalie.

this will go down as the
dumbest in survivor ever

But Erik wasn't the
only one to give up immunity.

Brandon was willing to sacrifice everything
to play the honest game his uncle,

russell hantz, Never could.

you're not going to screw me Or
there are going to be Consequences.

andrea, the Hardworking farm girl.

maybe come hang out in Wisconsin.


she flirted her way
Right out of the game.

Andrea, the trike has spoken.

Corinne. she was good at making Friends.

[Jacquie] I think Bob's about right?

I can bring Bob like .. on bring him in

But even better at making Enemies.

you are an
ununemployed, Uneducated,leach on society.


he was labeled crazy By his tribe mates.

- suddenly a guy who was able To become a federal agent...
- whatever?

suddenly becomes Crazy with some white
folks they Like to take a black man

and Make them crazy when he makes
an Argument you tonight want to Hear.

but he aligned with One of "survivor's"
best and Made to the final three.

Now he'll have to contend
with an old rival, francesca.

Jeff, I'm a former special agent

you are a crazy person.

no i'm quite rational, and guess what

i was gonna vote for francesqua


- Franc-
- ...esca

but phillip came out The victor
when francesca was Voted out first.

First person voted out of
"survivor: redemption island."

the name of the game is
People who make the mistakes.

This is a chance to correct those mistakes

what will happen when These
explosive personalities Collide.

It is the ultimate challenge

10 favorites must work together While
battling the elements and Their egos.

10 fans must learn the game
fast Or they'll be voted out.

In the end, only one will remain
To claim the million-dollar Prize.

39 days, 20 people,one Survivor.

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Season 26 Episode 01


come on in!

Welcome to the caramoan islands.

You guys ready to see who
you're Playing against?

- absolutely!
- yes!

this season you will Be playing against some
of your Favorite survivors from past Seasons.

Bring them in!

From "survivor: south Pacific," Cochran.

nerd alert!

also from "survivor:
South pacific," dawn.


Oh, my god!

from "survivor: Gabon," corinne.

From "survivor: redemption
Island" a andrea.

He was a fan the first
time he Played this game.

He's returning as a favorite.

Erik from "fans versus Favorites."

From "survivor: philippines," Malcolm.

From "survivor: nicaragua," Brenda.

she's so dangerous.

from "survivor: south Pacific," brandon.

oh, my god. That's russell's nephew!

from "survivor: Redemption
island," francesca.

And rounding out the favorite Tribe
from "survivor: redemption Island,"

former federal agent,Phillip sheppard.



let me tell you what You're playing.

It is "survivor: caramoan
- fans Vs. Favorites" 2.

Arlet me hand you your buffs.

Fans,put them on.

Favorites,put them on p.

go,big orange.

all right,shall we Start things
off with a little Challenge?


wring it!

we need a little fight!

here's how it's going
To work,two members

from each Tribe are going
to race to Retrieve a ring.

You will then work together to Get
back to your flag pole with The ring

while the other tribe Tries
to stop you any way they Can.

The first tribemember to have
One hand on their flag pole,

one Hand on their ring,scores
a Point for their tribe.


Want to know what you're playing If?


you are playing for an Elderly head
start in this game In the form of fire.

Nobody knows better than the Group of
favorites how important Fire is in this game.

To go along with the
Philanthropist,20 pounds of Beans.


which the other tribe Will not have.

This challenge takes place in The water.

Figure out what you're going to Wear. I'll give
you a minute to Strategize. We'll get started.

i want to hit somebody really Hard.

here we go. First round,one
man,one woman From the favorites.

First round going to be erik and
Dawn taking on one man,one Woman.

Julia and shamar.

You'll start with a hand on the Pole.

Here we go. First challenge,of
fan verizon Favorites 2.

Survivors ready?


Erik off to a fast start.

He's going to get that ring First.

Now he's got to get back.

he's got a big boy Coming after him.

Erik going to launch that.

It's up for grabs.

Julia has it!

Dawn takes down julia.

That ring's up for dwrabz.

Shamar now on it.

This could be tough to beat
Fans score the first point!

Fans lead one-zip.

Who you putting up?

Hope and annie taking
on brandon And andrea.


Who wants it more?

Eddie now going to take
off After that ring.

keep it,keep it!

oon degree and hope Going at it.

Andrea now pulling hope.

go get it,brandon!

brandon in on it.

Everybody has a hand on the ring Now.

Eddie getting closer and
closer To that fan flag pole.

Brandon now dragging him
over to The favorites' pole.

Huge effort for brandon and Andrea.

Andrea very close.

Can she reach the pole?

Yes! Favorites score. We are 1-1.


oh,my god.

way to go!

next round,sherri And
michael for the fans,

taking On phillip and
brenda for the Favorites.

We are tied 1-1.

Playing to 4.

Survives ready?


Michael high-stepping
it toward That ring.

Michael's got the ring for the Fans.

Phillip wanting on him.

Phillip going to take it on.

Michael going hod with phillip.

He's not tossing that ring.

He's just hanging on.

i'm a big boy.

phillip now trying to
Get it away from michael.

Sherri and brenda tied up.

break her wrist!


break her wrist like break Her hold.

everybody now in on It.

Phillip now with a strategy
that Will be hard to stop.

Phillip scores. Favorites lead 2-1.

Next round,matt and laura for The nans.

Up against cochran and
francesca For the favorites.

Favorites lead 2-1.

Here we go,survivors ready?


come on,guys!

not running at all. Nobody
running in this round.

corcoran,you take her.

corcoran,you stay with her.

corcoran,you're asking
to Have to take her down.

think you can handle me?

you wouldn't believe what i Can handle.

the favorites are Going
to let matt just have it.

Francesca now getting into it,Trying
to pull that ring away From matt.

Corcoran now get wet.

Now who is in control is the Question?

Everybody has a hand on that Ring.

Corcoran tries to take down Lara.

You're almost there,don't give Up!

favorites very close To their flag pole.

Got to have one hand on the Ring.

And they do! Favorites
score! Favorites lead 3-1!

that was awesome!

Way to go fran and cochran.

all right,next two.

Corinne and malcolm from the Favorites
taking on reynold and Allie from the fans.

Favorites lead 3-1.

Playing to 4.

this is it!

favorites could win It right here.

Fans need to score to stay Alive.

Survivors ready?


you got it!

malcolm and reynold Both
sprinting if that are ring.

Reynold's going to get it.

Malcolm takes him down.

Allie and corinne now on it.

Corinne trying to take
allie out Of it this.

Reynold literally pulling Malcolm.

Two of the biggest guys out here
Squaring off Malcolm losing his shorts.

get the ring!

everybody now with a Hand back on it.

Favorites can win it right here.

Malcolm is now the
one dragging Everybody.

It has been a showdown
between Malcolm and reynold,

and malcolm Is fighting back
with his shorts Around his knees.


Corinne very close to that pole.

Not quite.

Corinne slips off.

Reynold now fighting back.

Malcolm is very close.

Favorites score!

Favorites win the first Challenge!



not too much,guys.

Hey,bring it in.

Bring it in.

favorite,flint,who Wants it?

Go get it,brandon.

and 20 pound of Beans!

i'll take that.

I'll see you guys.

fans,got nothing for You.

Boat's waiting to take you back To camp
get started working on Your shelter.

Favorites off to a quick start.

Head back to camp,get
started On your shelter.


to me the challenge without,You know,being
the winners was Very disappointing to me.


I had so much confidence in my Team,so
it made me,you know,Realize that,

you know,i don't Have
full control over this game

And they just have to do my best
And inspire my teammates,you Know,

to do a better job next Time.

where is our theme music?

- what's in there?
- rice.

oh,thank god!


when we saw the flag we saw The
machete and the bag of rice Right there,

we any que it was Real. We were home.

This beautiful island was going To
be our home for the next 35 Days.

we need water.

We need to start a fire.

Shelter is great,but if
we Dehydrate,we'll die.

we all had one canister of Water,

and it was pretty much Gone and
we realized we had to Make fire


to be able to boil Water or i
mean we wouldn't make It two days.

to me,shelter is just
as Important as fire.


And there's 10 people on our Tribe.

So i'm just going to do my
thing And see how it plays out.

i've never seen two prettier Sunburns.

there's no such thing
as a Pretty sunburn.


you guys put a lot of energy Into
that... that we Don't need right now.

- what are you talking about?
- we need fire,man.

- there are can't be...
- you guys have energy,put it Toward the fire.

i'm not a fire maker.

I'm a shelter maker.

Everyone's got their job to do.

And... i want a damn
shelter,i want Water,

i want all of it but if Someone
doesn't work on the Shelter,

then it's not going to Get done.

do what you will,man.

diewrkd i'm working on Shelter.
I've been busting my ass.


I haven't seen you
lift one Single finger.

I haven't seen you lift
a bamboo Or chop anything.

I kind of had higher
Expectations from a marine.

matt,you're doing great,Man.

i know.

I feel like i'm busting my
ass,While you're sitting there.

who is getting dogged?

What are you doing,though?

What are you really doing,Though?

What have you accomplished?

Oh,i think you're getting on Me!

I think you're saying this!
And i think you're saying that.


i'm a little bit worried About how we are
going to size Up against the other tribe now.


We're going to have an
immunity Challenge coming up,

and we're Going to have to
have Camaraderie in camp or else

Things are going to get ugly Quick.

don't need... all right,all right.

shut up!

I'm not talking to you!



landing on this beach,it
was A little surreal,

and i'm Thinking i've
had this Experience.

I was walking on a beach
and we Were finding our camp.

Definitely different
as far as The island.


i mean,this is dinosaurs or Something.

I mean,this is incredible.

this really has a way of
Making you feel unathletic.

i can't even walk right now.

as the new kid on the block,Kind of,


my role the first few Days
is rail impression Management.

Luckily,i managed to win the Game point
and won us the flint And the beans,

and so i got to Make a great
first impression on The tribe,

which is actually Great
for my strategic game.

the first time you come
out,You're so unsure.

There's so much unknown.

You're wondering can
i survive The humidity.

I can survive the heat?

I can survive starvation?

Can i do it?


I already know i can do it.

This time when i hit the beach
i Was probably like my father

when He went to iwo
jima in world war Ii.

They were ready to deal with
Whatever they had to deal with.

It was awesome for me when i First
hit that beach knowing i'm Ready,baby.

phillip,what's the plan?

- what plan?
- like the shelter plan?

my preference is this
is Very,very temporary.

For me i want to be facing the
Ocean when i wake up in the Morning

upon i want to look at The ocean.

you can just turn your head.

- no.
- you can go like this and then Like that.



looking at phillip
now,it's Hard to read him.

I mean,i pretty much stand by My initial
assessment of him as A crazy person.

Um,but i'm hoping the fact

that I was the first person out
my First season is going to work

to My advantage because they're
Much bigger threat in the game,

So when they're look around
and Wondering,you know,

who do they Need to be worried about,Hopefully
they won't be thinking About me.

- what are you guys thinking?
- in terms of?

big picture-small picture.

we have to stick together?

- yeah. you're loyal.
- no question.

to a fault.

i rail want to work with you.

so i think,okay,us three For sure.

And then i know that
cochran is So loyal.

cochran would stay loyal to Us.

he would,maybe us three... Are you
sit on getting phillip Out right away?

i guess i was a little Traumatized
by having a real bad Minority line

when i first Played and now i'm like
i'm Going to align with everybody.

us three,cochran,brandon,Phillip,there's


- like probably...
- let's not get ahead of ours.

You know,i think a lot of
People think that my first Season

i got kind of a raw deal And got
stuck in an impossible Situation,

which i totally Agree.

And so i've got to prove
that That's the case and

that i Actually can play this
game and,You know,be smart about it

and Be competitive and
make the Right relationships

and get Along with people and
be a Serious threat in this game.

I guess i want to start
out by Saying that,you know,

even Though we didn't get along so Well.

the first time we played Together,you
know,i was never Gunning for you.

And i know that you thought that I was,

but i hope you know now That when i told
you that i Wasn't,i was tell you the Truth.

i'm going to let francesca be Francesca.


The fact of the matter is i
Buried the hatchet with her

when She came up to me here
and had a Conversation with me,

i realize She's stuck in a time warp.

I just think that...
she annoys Me greatly.

We're playing a new
game. be smart about it.

no,that's all... that's
what I'm trying to do.

today,we're on the same Team.


- that's how i feel,Absolutely.
- we've got a job to do.

fill. And i i had our
first Conversation.

It was fine.

I mean,you know,i resigned Myself to
just playing really Nice with phillip.

But,you know,i don't know.

I mean,i don't know if he's
Going to be gunning for me.

I'm not gunning for him.

So if i am voted off first a
Second time,i will eat... this Rock.

It's not going to happen.



getting voted out is one Thing,but
i'm not going to sit Up here

and be the guy who goes
Out for dehydration.

That's not,you know,something
They could have lived with,

so i Just started looking
at people Make the fire

and i started Seeing where
they were going Wrong.

didt got warm but it barely Burned.

i sat back on the log and i Was like
all right so i need This kind of wood.

I need to do this. I need to do that.

that's not going to work.

this hole is too big for me,Man.

We'll use this wood right
here,Cut a little rivet in it.

I'm going to be the marine who
Came in at the end and smashed Them.

Once it starts smoking,light
Blows,and we can make it Happen.

- We,for real. we can make this happen.
- i like that.

we're good.

you're comfortable,right?


i see an ember.

Keep going.


Ember. hold on,hold on.


keep it easy.

The other side. keep it going.



get some wood.

okay,guys,get some more,Get some more.

keep blowing it,keep blowing It.

if we got dehydrated just off The fire,i
knew we had water Around the corner.

I had to make it happen.

It was like being in iraq
and Having to get home.

It just had to happen.


look at my face. Didn't i
tell you? Didn't i tell you?

signs saw everyone over by The
fire,i knew that it was Great news.

Obviously,we need fire.

I was extremely happy.

i loaf you,man. I love you.

i smooth it over with shamar.

We shook hand.

Sometimes you gotta give a guy The
benefit of the doubt,a Little bit.


oh,my god.

I need a second scoop,after
Everybody has had some.

It's crispy heaven!

we're happy see you happy.

we have such a good crowd.

When i look at everybody in There,i'm
thinking this is Going to be a good game.

I thought some things i learned From boston rob
might come to They playworking with this Group.


I created something
called "the B.r. rules."

B.r. rule one would
be be in an Alliance.

Rule two,be an alliance
within A alliance.

Rule three,get rid of your
Alliance before they get rid of You.

And you don't owe anybody Anything.

It's all about family.

This is important.

tell me.

what i would like to try to Do
with you,get in an alliance Early

and i would like to
get Malcolm and andrea.

i'm in. I love it.

i'm playing a different
Strategy this time.

First of all,find two people That are
very efficient at Dominating the tribe,

making Sure we have the numbers.

I pick corinne.

I gave everyone a
name,you're Dominatrix.

Corinne is a take charge type of Person.

And andrea,because i knew her.

I knew her to be a strategist.

if we wanted to go,like,us,And film,the
stronger people so We don't totally suck.

i'm for it.

part of my strategy was to
Have two people like that.

Malcolm is in. I want dawn.

I would be in the background.

Because i am being stealth,the Undercover
brother,for sure,The specialist,

behind the Scenes,giving direction,Without
makin making it so obvio Everybody,

except my core Alliance.

I look at you,and you of i
see How you play the game.

Hence,you're the intelligentia Attache.

I have gone out and
recruited Six people.

- having fun?
- good. I'm having fun,too.

But i'm look at erik.

There's something there that i Like.

Right now i think i have the Numbers
where if i didn't bring You in,let's say,

for example,People i'm aligned with
could Still control things here.


but i want you in.

As long as you don't get Nervous.

sometimes i do get a
little Nervous,but...

it's going to require you
to Completely trust me 100%.

go ahead,go ahead. Sorry,sorry.

You're going to trust
somebody Out here,anyway.

i know. I know how it goes. Fair enough.

i don't want to bring Somebody to
the party that don't Want to come.

And by the way,i'm just the Messenger.

- I was sent. I'm an errand boy.
- all right.

so don't think you're going To run
back there and say,"guess what?"

You have the wrong person.

phillip basically said to
me,"you're with me or you're out."


It's not even a
choice,which Drives me nuts.

The fact that he came to me with This
fear mentality with a Boston rob style,

i don't want To be with him.

He's a combative idiot loser
who Makes everybody crazy.


pretty clear we have to stick Together.

yeah,yeah. You and i.

are a hunted species out Here.

i know.

We're definitely targets on our Back.

we'd be stupid not to.

so that was cool we got Paired
up in immunity challenge Today.

yeah,that was awesome.

i definitely want to be with You.


i mean,i think if we just Watch
out for each other,no Matter what,

crazy alliances are Going
to happen and get broken.

Like,i'm talking about all
the Way to the last two.

Swear to god?

swear to god.


I think it was serendipitous That i
got paired up with aly in The challenge.

We should act like we are
Getting rocks which we are.

I knew the guys would want to Pair up
with me and there's no Pressure to that.

But what i needed instantly was
Somebody who was not obvious.

And i think she's an obvious Choice.


She kind of flies under the Radar.

She's not the cutest. She's not the
anything. She's just cool and likable.

i'm not.

You're not going to
screw me Over,are you?


"survivor" is a game of gut
Instinct,and right now my gut Feels good.

And i think hers does,too.


i can't believe how many Stars are out.

- i know.
- it's wild.

you can see so many more out Here.

it's like my bedroom when i Was a child.

mine are still up,i think.

i'll feeling nostalgic.

So we're sticking together.

i'm only asking because i Like to
think this we have,Like,a connection.

that's because we're the only Two who...

me and hope are the two Bested
looking people here,i Know what i mean?


I'm not just saying
that. That's how it is.

As soon as we got off the boat We
were partners with the Challenge.

And i'm like i'm going to work With you.

And she's like i'm
going to work With you.

So we're sticking together.

yeah,i mean,that's the Plan.

Me,you... I don't know. Who else?

i like reynold. He's my boy.

i do,too.

i like allie.


hope,she's like a little Southern belle.

That's what i looking for... i Don't
know if i'm looking to Slow dance.

We're going to have fun.

You're my southern
belle for the Next month.

I'm having a great time.

the first night,everybody Was
really just looking for body Warmth,


so it was just like
we Were all piling in.

But i did notice because i was
Sleeping next to reynold and Allie,

that their cuddling
was a Little bit more.

I noticed a little bit
more arms Locked around.

You know,it wasn't just
a body Warmth thing.

Not a smart move. Romantic
alliances do not work On "survivor."

You're going to get targeted Right away.


it's hot right now,right?

it's really hot.

i just want to make sure eye Only ask

because i want to make
Sure i'm not feeferlishly...

no it's hot. It's really hot.

whether-wise,this is
not my Environment.


I was not aware how quickly
i Can become sunburned.

The sun is constantly roasting You.

My entire body,head to toe...
Literally,my toes are Sunburned.

oh,my gosh!

how is that happening?

They're so swollen.

look at his feet. They're swollen.

oh,man,that's bad.

they feel very,very tight.
I guess they are swollen.


cochran is like a
little Tomato right now.

He is all bright red all over The place and
he is swollen like A little pregnant lady.

i can't move.

I'm burning.

When i move i get exhausted.

If we had a challenge
right now,I'd actually die.

I'm trying to put on a brave Face,

maybe make some Self-deprecating
comments around Camp...

oh,yeah,i look like a
Lobster,i look like a freak.

I'm in pain right now.

I'm trying to stay strong.

My new persona is
strong,a Little swagger.

I can't be the same
freak i was Last time.


outside of this island,i
Would hang out with you guys.

yeah the same.

it feels more natural.

there are a lot of hours in The day.

Strategy or no strategy,you
Have to hang out.

Allie and i i had a little
Cuddle session last night,


and a Lot is communicated
through the Cuddle.

So now we kind of have this four
With me,eddie,allie,and hope.

So it's all kind of worked out.

we're all going tow try not To be cliche and
have the cool Kids hang out,but it happens.

holly all over again.

that's true,though.

but it is true.


this is,like the cool kid
Lunch table back at holly.

Everybody wants to sit at
the Cool kid lunch table.

You have to work your way in.

But i don't think anybody else
Is going to be at our table.

i'm not kidding.

did you say something about
a Weird vibe this morning?


i think sleeping situations
Kind of said a lot last night.

i agree.


there's lots of snuggling
Going on last night.

It wasn't just a,"i'm staying Warm,"
kind of cuddle,snuggle Kind of thing.

They were hook up.

We have to break up the couple.

i definitely don't think i'll Be
able to get close with those Four.

okay,i'm with you.

guys,guyses,i'm 100%.

real quick,real quick.


i told the ladies that i was With hem.


"oh,yeah,i'm with you guys.

" But i'm trying to set myself up So
that i can be hip to either Direction

because i want to go
Where it's best for me.

this thing on my lec is all
Baldness,like a wizard zorb.

oh,my god.

matt and i,we both have a
Great sense of humor,i think.

He's laid back,and he works
Hard so we kind of,you know,

Vibe in camp the same way.

there are a lot of people
Freaking out and talk.

yeah,yeah,yeah,there's a Lot going on.

There's a circle of ladies that
Circled around me while you were Gone.

I told them i was in with them But
i'm totally open to another Option

if you feel stronger About something.


mike cell kind of,like,tell Me,

there are a couple of
Different alliance possibilities

That have come up and they're Really strong
options,and he Wants to know where i stand.

you know,there are pluses
And minuses to both options.

yeah,it's one of those weird Things
because everyone is kind Of jumping the gun

and we don't Want to
look too you know...

yeah,yeah. threatening off the bat.

i toablgthsly agree.

For me,you and i we will decide
Together which way wait to go.

if we win immunity and don't Have
to go to tribeand keep Winning,

we're not going to have To
make that decision for a While.

come on in,guys!

cochran,that is the worst Sunburn
i've ever seen on Survivor.

you're not seeing the half of It.

It's pretty ridiculous.


when did that happen?


all right,you guys Ready to get
to your first Immunity challenge?


here's how it goes.

On my go,you will race out in
Pairs up a four-story tower.

At each 44 you will find three
Craits filled with sandbags.

You toss them over the side,Race
back down,the next pair Goes.

Once you've tossed all 12 craits
Over,the remaining pair will Race in,

grab the sandbags,and Attempt tow
land them in a Series of targets.

First tribe to get one sandbag In
each of their six spots wins Immunity.

This is what you want right Here.

With immunity in your
Possession,you cannot be voted Out.

That is the key. Without
it,you are vulnerable.

Winning tribe,safe.

Losing tribe goods to tribal
Council tonight where somebody

Will be the first person
voted Out of this game.

In addition,fans,if you win,You
are also still playing for Flint.

Big stakes.

Give you a minute to
strategize. We'll get started.

Here we go. For
immunity. Survivors ready?


Cochran is up first for the Heroes,sherry
and laura up First for the fans.

Cannot toss the crates until
Both tribe members there.


cochran and phillip Heading down.

Lauren and sherri heading down.

come back!

francesca and corinne
Now out for the favorites.

Michael and hope out for the Fans.

This pair has to go up two Floors.

We dead even right now.

Gotta wait until both are there.

Start tossing.

grab them,grab them!

fans now in a bit of A lead.

the only way up is on The ladder.

The only way down is on the fire Pole.

good job!

there go julia and matt for The fans.

err and i can brenda For the favorites.

Erik flying up that ladder.

Erik is leaping to the top.

Julia flying up this ladder.


good job!


matt is tossing. Erik's tossing!

nice job,guys.

Come back,come back!

we are still dead Even three floors in.

Brenda flies down that pole.

This is neck and neck.

brandon and andrea,The
last pair for the favorite.

Eddy and allie,the
last pay for The fans.

Now you're going four floors up.

Four ladders up.

Four polls coming down.

Brandon gets to the top first.


Eddie waiting on allie.

He can't go until she's there.


do it!


Favorites now take the
lead,and They're flying down!


fans have fallen Behind.

yes! Yes! Yes! Take it!

brandon and andrea Smoking this course!

Malcolm and dawn will now be
Doing the collecting of sandbags

And as allie and eddie race Back.

Got six targets you need to hit.

Fans,you need to pick it up!


malcolm tossing for The favorites.

Malcolm scores one for the Favorites.

It is reynold and shamar
Collecting sandbags for the Fans.

malcolm scores Another.

Malcolm scores another
one for The favorites.

The favorites with three.

Reynold and shamar have
Collected their sandbags.

Reynold is going to toss for the Fans.

Come on,reynold!

just missing.

Reynold scores one for the fans.

malcolm,close but no Go.

Reynold scores another one for The fans.

The fans with two.

Reynold scores another. We are 3-3.

It is 4-3,fans.



Reynold has one left.

Malcolm needs two.

malcolm just misses Again.

The fans need one more
bag,and There it is!

Fans win first immunity Challenge!


Nice way to start.

Immunity and flint.


favorite,after only
Three days in this game,

Somebody from your tribe
will be The first person

voted out of "fans versus favorite."
Grab your stuff,head back to Camp.

See you tonight at tribal.

Fans,no tribal council tonight.

Enjoy the night off. Head back to camp.