Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 9 - Little Miss Perfect - full transcript

For some of the survivors, a priceless reward proves to be a life-changing experience. An unlikely friendship threatens to change the game.

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Previously on survivor

In the beginning of the game

lisa wasab ow cast,

And struggled to hide her
Identity as a former teen star.

Maybe I'm not able to play this game.

>> jeff: As of the merge

only one tribe!

Two discovered her secret,

have any of them recognized you yet?

Penner and skupin, who had just

Become her biggest ally in the game

>> lisa is in this game to win

It, which is great because she's

My closest ally out here.

Lisa and skupin's only problem was
everyone wanted a returning player out next.

It's either Penner or...


I'll join any gang as long as i
get penner out before i get out.

At the immunity challenge--
come on,jeff,peerpt.

Penner starting to pull away.

Pennure down to two pieces.

Penner wins immunity.

Penner won immunity and lisa decided to
make a big move attempting to save skupin.

Malcolm has want immunity idol.


By throwing malcolm and
his idol under the bus.

- *???
- *???


Everybody is going mad in the past hour.

If this thing even
seemscrose i'm playing it.


I put my faith in a little texas
girl and she through me under the bus.


I think this is ludicrous.

And malcolm was way slongener
our alliance than skupin ever was.

And it became clear there
were two major alliances.

There is the tandang five,and then
there is theical bow four and malcolm,

each with their own immunity idol.

This is awesome.

In the end,tandang
stayed and got their way.

Ninth person voted out and
the second member of our jury.


The tribe has spoken.

Nine are left,who will
be voted out tonight.

Night 22


??? tribal council

Tribal council was the most amazing experience
because lisa made her big move to save me.

So going from "it's you" to "it's not you" in
the matter of five minutes is a sense of relief.

I mean,the game could have been flipped
around with one or two more votes for pete,

but whether pete went
or whether jeff went,

they're both the two most outspoken people
about getting rid of returning players.

So having one of them go was
a win-win for me,either way.

Thanks if your vote,mike.

That was lovely.

I didn't vote for you,abi.

I didn't vote for you.

Who voted for me?

- i Did.
- I have no idea.

You voted for me?

Yeah,i was p.o.'d.

Some plan can the b" going.

Nobody tells me about the plan "b."

that's not very nice.

You voted for me?

I vote for you.

I don't like buying played like that.

That pissed me off.

That was the most incredible
tribal i have ever been a part of.

That was crazy.

I don't even know
what the hell happened.

So who voted for jeff?

All five of tandang.

And malcolm as well?

No. Malcolm-- there were
four pete,one aby,five jeff.

So i am the one who blew it?

By not voting for pete?

That sucks.

There was no plan.

Nobody knew what was
hell was going to happen.

So did my vote screw it up?

Even if i vote forward pete,tall
would have done was tied it up.

So i voted for aby.

And now we'll see where i stand.

You know,i'm a dead man walking anyway.

You all right?

- No.
- *???

It was terrible.

You were playing the
game.I was playing the game.

- I just went for it.
- Thank you,malcolm.

Malcolm,thank you so much.

You understand that.

You know,i tried to make a big move.

I tried to play the game like a real
"survivor," and it's just not me.

And i lied,and i
betrayed,and i broke promises.

Malcolm,i can't believe you're being so
full of grace and mercy,and i am so grateful.

You were playing the game.I was
playing the game.

Don't worry about it.

You are just amazing.

It's no big deal.

I love this game,but i
think it's too big for me.

I don't think i'm--
it's bigger than me.

Survivor 25x09
"Little miss perfect"

Day 23

There are five original tandang still
left,and if they vote together,i'm done.

I'll probably go home at the
next immunity,unless i win it.

But there have been such
divisions,so many cracks in that five,

and their identities
as people is so varied.

You have two parents who are
trying to play a straight-up,

almost christian game
in lisa and in skupin.

And then you have three incredibly tight players who
are playing some other game,what i call a bully game.

Good morning.

How are you?

How am i?

My hope is to play on those divisions,to
appeal to skupin and lisa's hearts.

Why did you think people
wouldn't like you this morning?

Because you didn't do something
that was pleasing to them?

You didn't try to please them?

Because i used them and betrayed them.

Did you?

You explained yourself
beautifully last night.

It was a big,bold set of moves.

Maybe unprecedented in the
history of the "survivor,"

but you really were trying to
work for your alliance,weren't you?

Okay. Who the hell can argue with that?

You know.

I certainly admire you,like you,and
maybe even coming to love you.

You know,i mean,that's
god's honest truth.

We'll talk about some
of the-- your history,

and your childhood and how that
would be a very big part of the makeup

and psychology of someone who had the life
that you have had,being a pleaser,being--

of "am i okay?Did you
like that?Was that good?"

i know exactly how one look
from the wrong person saying,

"you're going to go
out looking like that?

You put on a couple of pound."

oh,my gosh,stop.

You're killing me.

A person in your position.


And so your had be a pleaser.

I'm gonna pay for my family's whatever.

I'm the breadwinner.

I've got these responsibilities.

Do you like me?Am i beautiful
enough?Am i pretty enough?

Am i staying pretty?Am
i funny enough?I mean...

How do you know?

That's my business,too.

I know that penner is always
scrambling to find a way to stay,

but he really struck something
very,very deep,this internal conflict.

I think probably at some level,it's
spending a lifetime performing,

tap dancing,acting,doing whatever it
takes to do the right thing,to be liked.

And you are, maybe only now, really
getting to deal with...

how the toll...

the cost of that extraordinary
youth that you had.

It did cost you something.

You lost something.

And now you know.

And i love you.

My whole life has been
based on public perception.

You be,i've lived my life on the
same since i was seven years old.

And even before then,learned to get love by
performing and being good and being likable.

So this is a whole lifetime of this.

I didn't mean to make you cry.

No,it's-- just
to be understood.

And you help me understand myself.

I really appreciate it.

If i do the wrong
thing,will i still be okay?

If i am not liked or if i'm
judged,will that be okay?

Can i survive not being,you
know,little miss perfect?

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's reward challenge?


For today challenge,you will
be divided into two teams.

On my go,one person from each team
will crawl through the muddy water,

over the a-frame,and into a pit.

You're looking fair bag of because.

You will then crawl through the rice,put the
bag on the table,then the next person goes.

Once you have collected all four bags,you
will shoot those balls into the basket.

First team to get all 12 balls
in their basket wins reward.

Do you want to know
what you're playing for?


Today's reward say nice one because the
winning team gets to give and receive.

The winning team will leave here and be taken on a
local village where you will be "survivor" ambassadors.


You'll bring some much-needed school
supplies and a little joy in the form of toys.

That is too cool.That's awesome.

In return the village is cooking
for you a beautiful feast.

It will be a great afternoon and
a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We're going to choose our teams.

We'll get started.

Okay,we have our two teams from the school
yard pick we have skupin,ar tis,lisa and pete.

And we have
penner,carter,denise and malcolm.

Two teams picked by you guys.

There are nine people.Only
eight are playing.

Aby not picked.

Aby going to sit this one
out has no shot at and reward.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


It is the two returnees
leading their teams.

Penner and skupin.

Through the crawl.

Now over the a.Frame.

Skupin is down down first.

Head-first into the water.

Penner right behind.

Now you're looking for bags of balls.

You're just looking for one bag.

Skupin almost like he
knew right where it was.

Grabs it and he's through the rice.

Penner still searching.

Penner has a bag of balls


Lisa now on the course
for the yellow team.

Penner is looking for all the bags
for his team and pulling them up.

I got them all,they're in the corner.

New strategy by the red team.

That could be a big
difference in this challenge.

Lisa's threw of through the crawl.

She's coming over.



Lisa digging through that mud.

It will suck you in.

That a boy,carter.

Carter flying true this
face-first in the mud.

That corner,right in front of you!

Penner has already grabbed the
balls and put them up there.

Easy for carter.

Lisa find her bag,both
are through the rice.

Carter has put the red team in
the lead with the help of penner.


Denise on the course for the red team.

Lisa struggling with that rice.

Come on,get it right
here.Get here,get here!


Pete out on the course for the yellow.

Deneets through the crawl
and up on the a-frame.

Denise with a hart hit.

Denise quickly finds her bag.

Again,that strategy helpful.

Pete is over the a-frame.

Pete now has to dig to find a bag.

Come on!


Red with a big lead.

- Penner's strategy really paying off.
- ***

Malcolm out on the course in the water.

All he's got to do is
pick up that last bag,

and just like that,malcolm
has his fourth bag.

He's through the rice.

Pete still looking for the third bag.

Go,red team!

Pull the balls out of the
bag and start shooting.

Pete has the third bag
for the yellow team.

They are way behind.


Artis the fourth member
for the yellow team.

12 balls total need
to go in that basket.

Red has one.

Malcolm scoreses one.

Carter scores one.

Artis is over the a-frame.

He's still got to find the fourth bag.

Red team has three balls now.

This could be a blowout.

Fourth ball for the red team.

Fifth ball for the red team.

Artis finally finds the bag and
he's crawling through the rice.

Slowly through that rice.



Start opening those bags.

Red has seven now.

Make that eight.

There are only 12 total.

Make it nine.

Three balls left for the red team.

12 left under the yellow.

That's 10.penner scores one.

Here comes the yellow.

A lot of time to make up.

That's 11.

one pleft for the red team
yellow scores their first one.

Malcolm for the win.


Iel ow now has two.

Make it three.

They're starting to get back in this.

Make it four foriel pope red
cannot get this last one in.

Malcolm can do it.


Make it five for yellow.

Red looking for that last point
and a big reward on the line.

That's six for yellow.

This could do it.

Malcolm wins reward
for the red tame team!

carter win reward!

All right,pete,skupin,lisa,artis,and
abi,got nothing for you,head back to camp.


Nice job.

Nice reward.

Enjoy your afternoon.

How are you!

We walked in carrying this big
crate of toys and school supplies.

A group of unbelievably cute kids grabbed our hands
and walked us up to this lovely native village,

which is straight out of the
"blue lagoon" or something.

Cha is your name?


Nice to meet you,edna.I'm denise.

My name is jonathan.

- Jonathan.
- In america my name is normal.


mean it's--

this reward is quite extraordinary.

People of all ages are
just hanging out together.

they are wide open to this experience.


Am i close?

We played a local game which is similar
to a pinata kind of game we would have,

and i sort of,you know,joked around
a little bit,and the kids went wild.

It seems to be the happiest
community i've ever walked into.

Do you have boyfriends?

- No!
- No boyfriends?

- no
- What about them?


Right airfare graduated,i taught
elementary school in micronesia for a year.

Remembering all the good times
i've had was a good reminder of

how much i enjoy working with
kids,and how fulfilling that can be


Why did i give this up?

This means so much for to me than
pouring drinks for girls in bars.

It really made me consider what i was
doing with my life for the past year.

It really was a life-shaping
experience for me.

Oh,my god! Oh,my god!

I want some so bad.


I'll have everything!

The food was fabulous.

It's a great break from the game although
i hope we get to talk strategy over

a beer or two because i'm
in a very tough position.

The only thing that would make
this better is if we had skupin.

If we get skupin.

Lisa i think we have to be careful with.

Skupin was treated
horribly by those guys.

I can't imagine why he
would want to stay.

He doesn't want to...

to look like a traitor.

That would give more merit to
leaving that than staying with that.

Out of just some sense of loyalty.

Right now,the lines have been drawn and
it's former tandang versus everyone else,

but last night at tribal council
they made a mockery of skupin.

I feel like he's been mistreated
and they mistreated lisa.

So we're trying to get
skupin and lisa in with us

because they're going to play the
biggest role in which alliance moves on

and which starts getting picked off.

Day 23

I'm pissed,artis.


Losing a challenge like this is awful.

It's really demoralizing.

You kind of need that energy.

But at least i get time with
lisa who doesn't really know

what's going on after the tribal
council,where she got obliterated,and skupin.

- Bummer!
- Yup.

It's really ironic someone
i wanted to get rid of first

or second throughout the entire
game now i'm forced to work with.

But we need the majority right now,

and it doesn't really matter who it is,

but why not go to the people
that we started this game with?

We're back to tandang strong.

They're going to trust us a lot more than
they're going to trust penner or anybody.

So getting them close and
keeping them close is definitely

what we're trying to do,and
making them feel comfortable.

You know,if penner doesn't win
immunity next,he needs to go.

No,i know.

He needs to go asap.

He's very dangerous.

And he's annoying.

Yeah,and hopefully you're
not going to be... Again,lisa.

You weren't supposed to bring
information from our side to them.

You don't need to bring that up again.

I'm just letting you know.

I'd like to say,some
may i say something--

anyway,with all of that being said,i
understand everything you're trying to say.

I think you're just gullible.

I think you're just naive,and you
just didn't know how to-- to do both.

You know-- you-- you just
didn't know what to do.

Aby is just a loose cannon.

She thinks she knows so much about the
game and so much about people in general.

I don't know who told her that.

But she needs to shut up before
she schiewz everything all up.

It's very important for us five right
now,and hopefully mike will be on board,too,

to make sure that fthat man,penner,does
not win immunity tomorrow,he's going home.

All five of us here
needs to vote for him

because i'm sure they're going
to vote for me or for peter again.

So we have to be really
strong,the five of us.

Once penner goes
home,this is a cakewalk.

Yeah,like being-- you just need to be a fighter
now and you have to make sure penner goes home.

I'm all for that.

veryinteresting how things
splp at the challenge today.

My thought was at
least we got some time.

Maybe we could reevaluate and
be soland i had be tandang five.

But then i get back here to
the island,and abi was terrible.

You gotta keep skupin on a
little bit of a leash,too--


So maybe it makes sense to
go with the other alliance.

But i've made this grand stand at tribal
council for loyalty to tandang to keep skupin,

so to flip over to kalabaw looks
on the outside really awful,

but on the inside,it
probably makes more sense.

So i'm just absolutely-- i don't
even know what to think now.

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge.

Yup.Yeah. Yeah.

First things first,penner.

I have to take it back.

You're not even going to help.


Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you will each
balance an oversized paddle on a stand.

You'll roll a ball down the paddle and
attempt to land it in one of six spots.

First person to get a ball on all six spots
wins immunity is safe from tribal council,

guaranteed a one in eight
shot at winning this game.

A lot of smiles on that.

Good odds,huh,art,a s?

Really good odds if you
know what you're doing.

Losers will go to tribal council where
somebody will be voted out of this game.


All right,here we go.

For immunity.

A one in eight shot
at winning this game.

Survivors ready?


Obviously,there will be
a learning curve to this.

Your goal is to land six balls
on your paddle all at once.


Skupin lands his first wall.

Pete lands one.

Artis close.

Skupin lands a second wall.

Lisa's got nothing.

Abi has nothing.

Penner's got nothing.

Pete looking for that second ball

and he's got it.

Pete now with two.

Skupin with two.

Skupin with three now
looking for his fourth.

Skupin with four.

Pete lands his fourth.

Pete now with four.

Skupin with four.

A two-horse race right now.

It's going very quickly these guys.

Skupin close to his fifth.

Skupin sticks his fifth one.

Pete knocks one of his off.

Now pete's got another one rolling.

Pete losing oar one,disaster.

Pete loses two balls on that one.

Skupin looking for his sixth
and final ball to win immunity.

And he does it.

Skupin wins immunity!

Guaranteed a one in eight
shot at winning this game.

Nice job!

What the hell!

Skupin,come on over.

You never know what it's going to
take to win immunity on this show.

Skupin safe at tonight's tribal council.

There you go,scupper.

Everybody else is fair game.

Somebody going home tonight.

Grab your stuff and head back to
camp. I will see you at tribal council.

Tonight's tribal council,necessary
something goes wrong we can get penner out

and we can actually for the first
time in a long time,come back to camp,

take a deep breath and say woosaa.


Day *???

A new challenge win-time record.

I didn't win that immunity challenge.

So i be my days are numbered if
i can't put something together.

The problem is the numbers.

I need five votes to even have an ice
cube's chance of hell of staying in the game.

I can't beat you guys
at the physical ones.

I might as well beat
you at the balance ones.

I wish i would be voting off mike
today,but we need him for the numbers.

Yeah,i was lousy at that.

I got one.

Penner is a wigger threat,though,but
mike is really annoying.

It's so different having immunity.

Individual,that is.


Sorry,are you okay?

Are you okay?

I mean,i'm not going to die.

You know,penner is
actually really charming.

A little too smart for his own good.

So time for him to go home.

It feels really nice right now.

Unless one of our two people that i
am concerned about turns on us tonight.

am concerned about
turns on us tonight.


But i don't know. Lisa and
Skupin kind of worry me, still.

Here's a thought-- and i don't
know what you guys think--

i'm afraid,one,abi could be selfish
and just play the idol herself.

- She could end up passing it off to pete.
- Hey,guys!

I just found a huge clam.

She found a clam.


You know she's not going
to give it to artis.

One thought is to vote artis.

Artis is a sure thing.

Should i tell penner artis.

You know,right now,i've got my alliance
with malcolm and the former kalabaw tribe,

carter and jonathan,and the goal for
tonight is definitely to get rid of one

of the original tandang
members,break that little empire up,

and then really continue
to just turn this game.

But the plan very much
hinges on skupin and lisa.

If we can't get the
numbers,jonathan is going home.

I'm going to ask you a question.

- Okay.
- I'm like a storyteller.

That's what i do,you know?

"survivor" is a big story.

What's the story that's
going to be told this season?

Who are the good guys
and who are the bad guys?

Who is the underdog?

Who is the audience going to be
rooting for,consciously or not?

What does the audience
want to have happen?

The audience is going to watch you.

And they're going to say,"she's
being loyal to the people

that she's been loyal to all along,and
that's a wonderful thing." right.

But they are not going to be happy that
you are helping these three guys go further,

and i'm not going to try to
influence you to come over to my side,

but i hope that you and skupin do the
right thing and tell a better story.

I like jonathan so much.

I've learned so much from him out here.

But,man,my head is spinning.

I still want to be loyal.

But is that the old lisa?

Is that the lease on what spent her life
wondering whether bwhat other people are thinking?

Listen,this is my
perspective on the story.

And you're in the thick of it.

You might be the fulcrum
character,you know.

I am planting seeds with lisa because
i'm playing my ass off out here.

But i cannot panic.

I have to be calm,cool,collected.

And i hope that i got true to her,whether
it changes her vote or not,i don't know.

But i only need one of
them,either her or skupin.

How do you feel,honestly?

Do you feel that you can vote
with us and not with them?

With us?

We're guaranteed the final five.

You're the fulcrum vote.

I think that you could go either way.

I know that pen ser interested
in creating something.

Let's lock it
down.It's artis--

but lisa and i agreed on day one
we'll always tell each other the truth,

and,you know,she orchestrated a pretty
big move the other day in an effort to save

the tandang alliance in order to save
me,so i want to play this game with lisa.

But i've got to make sure if
i'm going to make a bold move

that she's firmly on the
side that i'm choosing.

Well,talk to me.

Help me out here as far
as the big picture here.

You upon,there' know,thereo thoughts.

One,which group can
you get further with?

Two,which group would
you rather play with?

My question is always then how can we stay
loyal to somebody who is not loyal to us.

- Right.
- Like,where is that loyalty?

What about bigger picture,you
know,it looks like i'm swinging here,

swing there,loyal here,loyal
there,saying this and changing my mind.

The bigger picture.

The bigger picture suand i have
an alliance to the very end.

So,i mean,is there even the
thought of you going the other way?

I'm really considering it.

From the beginning i've thought the most
important thing is keep tandang members strong

because i want to stay loyal to tandang.

I want to be able to say from the
beginning i was loyal to tandang.

But if tandang is no longer loyal to me,then am
i being exactly what abi accuses me of being--

jullible and naive?

And i have to really think about that.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

R.c. And jeff voted out
at the last tribal council.

Last tribal council was one
of the craziest i've ever seen.

Lisa,was there much fallout?

The fallout was so internal in me.

And yet,when i got back to the
island,i was welcomed with such grace.

Everybody said,"it's a game.

You tried to make a big move.

You didn't play it too
well,but you were playing it."

abi,you weren't happy at all
at the last tribal council.

Did you show grace to lease as well?

Did i show grace to you as well?

I actually experienced more dwrais
from the people that i was against

than the people i was trying
to protect the numbers for.

What's that indicative of,lisa?



I think there are more "survivor"
fans on the other alliance

that could see i was
trying to flush out an idol,

and blindside the biggest threat,protect
skupin and keep the numbers and do everything,

and then the proverbial
poop hit the fan,

and the fan was pointed
towards me and landed on me.

Abi,i have to say the look on your face is
so tense it's like venom is ready to come out.

I was paying attention
to what she had to say.

It's interesting.

I mean,that the other alliance is
more protective of her than we are.

I don't think so.

I.I didn't hear her say protective.

I just heard her say they showed grace.

Fair enough.

I felt like i had shown grace to
her as well,but apparently not.

Artis,are you surprised that this deep into
the game it's still tandang versus kalabaw?

No.Tandang had one of the most powerful
tribes put together in "survivor" history

and it's playing out like
it's supposed to play out.


That's one way to look at it.

But big moves are always made in this
game and who knows when things can shift.

So to think it continues to go
smoothly i think it's a real risk

to take in this game to think that way.

Let's clear the air.

I'm not saying i'm total leel
100% comfortable and safe.

I totally understand at any moment in this game
i could be blindsided just like anybody else.

So,penner,was with skupin having the necklace
tonight does it go beyond feeling safe?

That is currency around his neck.


I think a number of us have over the course
of the last number of days seen ourselves

as maybe fulcrum votes,that this could be a
way to tip the balance one way or the other,

and i guess tonight we'll find out.

Skupin,not only do you have
immunity tonight,you have a vote.

And with nine people,we're
getting down to it.

I'll tell you,having this around
your neck is an unbelievable feeling.

I never felt it before.

It's been 12 years,and i've never given
up the dream of playing this game again

because i came out
originally for the money.

And then the game got
bigger than the money.

So as a fan of the game,did you
appreciate lisa's move last tribal council?

Well,and it was really for the
whole tandang tribe at that point.

The i loved it.

I loved the move.

You know what,jeff?

One thing i have learned is that
my life is bigger than this game,

and this game is bigger than me.

What does that mean?

What that means is,is this just a game
or can i just cut off my heart to play it?

And then i learn,no,i can't.

And this is such a huge,life-altering
experience for me already,

and i don't know if i can
learn it all in 39 days.

But i do know these 39 days are
going to probably change my more

than maybe 39 of my 49 years.

Penner,you've got to appreciate
somebody who plays this game.

I do appreciate it.

And i hope that the numbers may have
shifted,and i'll stay in the game.

That's what i'm hoping for.

Denise,is everyone aware there's a
chance the numbers could have shifted?

You know,i honestly don't think the tandang
tribe believes the numbers will shift,

but definitely that's the hope.

The numbers may shift and things
will be upside down tonight.

Abi,what about you?

What do you think is
going to happen tonight?

I hope tandang has the
numbers,and i don't agree with you.

I think that tandang has really
considered that we do not have the numbers.

And what would that mean?

Who would you not have?

I am not very sure
about lisa at this point.


Jeff,this is what i
have gotten all along.

And i've tried to say that
actions speak louder than word,

and my action have only
been loyal to tandang.

But,you know,maybe i need to hear
these words and these actions and...

Think about a decision.

Well,once again,we go into a
vote with a lot of uncertainty.

Let's try to clear it up.

It is time to vote.

Cannot vote for skupin.

Anybody else,fair game.

Artis,you're up.

I'm not sending you home because
you're a returning player.

I'm sending you home because you're really
good at this game and i respect that.

I have no doubt that abi is never
going to give you her immunity idol.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and
want to play tnow would be the time to do so

okay,once the vote are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,artis.



Two votes artis.


We're tied.

Two votes artis,two votes penner.


That's three votes penner.


That's four votes penner.


That's three votes artis.


We're tied.

Four votes penner,four votes artis.

One vote left.

Tenth person voted out and
the third member of our jury,


You need to bring me your torch.

Artis,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Once again,this game just turned.

Grab your stuff,head
back to camp.Good night.

Next time on "survivor":

skupin has a plan to steal
lisa from her alliance.

You and me in the final four.

Breaking up with abi is hard to do.

I can't be in an alliance with
something who doesn't trust me.

But you started the game with us.

I did.

I have never been good at breakups.

Well played for penner.

He managed to pull off the improbable.


All i can do is applaud him.

I have no ill will toward
anybody in the game because

when it's all said
and done,it is a game.

I could not have been more