Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 8 - Dead Man Walking - full transcript

Some surprising revelations are made following a brutally honest conversation at Tribal Council.





While everyone was settling
in,lisa found malcolm's idol.

Hallelujah,church lady found
it who hopefully has a heart.

Me you and denice knows.

Nobody else knows.

With the tribes
merged,penner went to work



convincing r.c.And skupin to
turn on their old tribe.

You have to help him feel
as comfortable as he can

about slitting the throats of
the people he spent 17 days with.

Unfortunately for penner,jeff wanted
to take out the returning player.


I'll join any gang as long as i
can get penner out before i get out.

At tribal council penner wasn't sure of
his alliance and decided to play his idol.

If anybody has an idol and you want
to play it,now would be the time.

I'll do it.

His instincts were correct.

His alliance turned.

Eight person voted out and the
first member of our jury,r.c.

And his ally r.c. Was blindsided.

R.c.,the tribe has spoken.

Ten are left,who will
be voted out tonight.


So what all happened today?

What was the decision?

We were expecting big
numbers to come our way,

we expected eight at one time and getting to
talking to people and numbers weren't there.

Everybody was wishy-washy.

Everybody was too wishy-washy.

I know,but the the three of you guys
voted with us as discussed for pete

i would have used the idol and pete would have
gone home and we would have had the numbers.

I just don't understand
what you guys were thinking.

Does it hurt to get betrayd?

Yeah,of course it does.


Because you were kept out of the secret.

There were secrets being
talked about behind your back.

And the thing that you
trusted wasn't true.

Did you vote for r.c.?

I do not vote for r.c.

You voted for me.

Yeah.I'm going to be honest.

I appreciate the honesty.


I have my own strategy and my own kind of path and
it may blow up in my face and it may backfire on me.

Well,i mean,listen you said to
me you wanted to work with me,

whatever,it's okay.

There's nothing to say.

And carter and i,we tried to
draw the line the best we can

so we can save our own ass and
everybody saves their own ass.

When the bigger picture doesn't
come together,what do you do?

Go down with the sinking ship?

- You can't do that.
- Right.Absolutely right.

You know,now that
penner's played his idol,

he doesn't have any more power that
way so we're going to do our best

to win the individual immunity,or
at least not allow penner to have it,

we're going to vote him out.

In the meantime,i gave up
a lot of power and authority

when i voted with tandang tonight.

But that's how i'm going
to work myself to the top

is i'm going to use
tandang against themselves,

use every resource that i can
and see where it goes from there.

So i can imagine how you're feeling.

But what i'm telling
you is don't --

i know you'd never throw the
towel in,but don't throw it in.

There's cracks,i'm telling you.

There is cracks.

There's cracks and i don't know
if people are telling me the truth,

but i am not going home after you.

I am not going home after you.

So who should we work with?

I almost think we should just wait for somebody
to screw up and wait for a crack to get exposed.

Because they're there.

All right. All right,man.

All right,my man?

I'm not resigned to going home.

There's no quit in me.

But the only way that i can get further now
is by taking my foot way off the gas pedal,

climb into the backseat,pull the blanket over my
head and hope they forget i'm here for a while.

But they now have betrayed
me so all bets are off.

I have no alliances,i have
no allegiances,i don't care.

Everybody's equal.

They are all ready to die.

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Season 25 Episode 08

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I am going act like
the big white fisherman.

Let's see if i can catch some.

Sounds cool.

Everybody is so
galvanized against penner

because they really don't want
returning players having a second chance.

And they feel very strongly that they want
penner and skupin gone first and second.

For my game,i want to stay with tandang,

but i have no qualms about
making this battle to win

a million dollars a little bit
easier if it's within my power.

- Well,what'd you find?
- I didn't catch anything.

Once penner and skupin's

malcolm and i will then target the
three that everybody doesn't like

which would be artis,pete and abi.

We're playing a numbers
game,straight-up numbers game,

you want to stay here
as long as you can.


So we're going to worry about the group of three
we ended up joining forces with and keeping around.

Pete and abi and artis?


I wonder if the group outside of that
three can eventually come together

and trust each other to go
ahead and get them on the bottom.

I like that idea.

Pete,abi and artis are all a team
thinking that they're running the game.

It will be fun to break that up.

Go ahead,see if we got anything big.

Some fish!

Now that sounds like some food,maybe.

Lisa,she's so naive and soft and nice.

But we might be able to
jump on board with each other

and carry this thing into a flip scenario where
we flip ourselves from the bottom to the top.

Come on in,guys!

All right,you guys ready to
get to today's reward challenge?


For today's challenge,you
will divide into two teams.

On my go,one person from each team will
race out into the water carrying a rope,

you'll clip it to a fish trap,dive down,

release the buoy and then hang on as the
rest of your team pulls you back to shore.

Then the next person goes.

Once you've selected
all four fish traps,

one person will dig into the sand to
find a key which unlocks a puzzle frame.

Two people will then use the
puzzle scrolls to solve the puzzle.

First team to get it right wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?


The winning team will leave here
and be taken on a river cruise

through the jungle where you
will enjoy barbecued ribs.

Potato salad,corn bread.

For dessert,apple pie.

You can wash it all down
with lemonade and iced tea.

- Worth playing?
- Yes!

Divide up into teams,we'll get started.

All right,we have our team two teams.

The blue team,skupin,pete,artis,abi
and carter.

The yellow
team,jeff,malcolm,penner,lisa,and denice.

Big reward on the line.

Here we go.Survivors ready?


First into the water abi and
jeff you've got to swim out,

hook that to your fishing trap,release
the buoy and let your tribe pull you back.

Jeff and his fish trap first,once he gives
you the high sign,start pulling him back.

Abi's at her fishing trap.


Jeff has got it released.

Abi's released.

Start pulling her.

Next one heads out,penner now
in the water for the yellow team.

Big lead for penner right now.


Abi's back.

Penner reaches the second
buoy for the yellow team.

Pete now going to head
out for the blue team.


Penner being pulled in now with the
second fish trap for the yellow team!

Pete has clipped in.


Go,go,go! Go!

Lisa heading out now
for the yellow team.

Pete now being pulled
back by the blue team.

Trying to make up some time.

Lisa slow in the water.

Carter's going to head
out for the blue team.

Quickly gaining on lisa.

Carter's going to pass lisa very soon.

Just like that,the blue
team is now in the lead.

Come on,lisa!


Carter with the third fish trap.

Blue team.


Skupin now heading out for
that fourth and final fish trap.

Lisa's got it released.

Start pulling,yellow team!

Denice heading out now for
that fourth and final fish trap.

She's got to catch skupin.



I can't see it!

- He doesn't have it.
- Do you have it?

Let it back up.

What does that mean?

Go! Go!

The yellow team is now back in the lead.

Skupin is stuck in the water,cannot
get his final buoy released.

What are you doing?



Skupin has his released.

Blue team has to start pulling!

Denice is back with that
fourth and final fish trap.

Start digging!

Malcolm digging for the yellow team.

Skupin now coming
back for the blue team.

Start digging!

Artis now digging for the
blue team,looking for the key.

Malcolm exhausted.

Both guys working hard for this reward.

- Got it!
- Yes!

Out of nowhere artis finds
the key for the blue team.

Artis has to get that
unlocked for the blue team.

Once he does,they can start
working on their puzzle scrolls.

Got it!

Malcolm has it for the yellow team.

Skupin and pete working on
the scrolls for the blue team.

Malcolm has it undone.

Yellow team is back in it.

Once again we have a challenge going.

Penner and jeff working on the
scrolls for the yellow team.

There are eight scrolls.

You have to figure out what order they
go in and put it on your puzzle frame.

Penner going to start
putting it together now.

Pete thinks he has a
piece for the blue team.

Penner were the first piece,working on the
second piece while jeff starts on the third piece.

Penner working on the third piece
while jeff starts on the fourth piece.

Skupin and pete now working
on their second piece.

Penner and jeff working
on the fifth piece.

Blue working on their third piece
as jeff starts on the seventh piece!

Yellow is right.

They are very close to
a nice afternoon reward.

Skupin and pete,you've
got to pick it up!

Jeff starting work on the eighth piece.

Yellow team thinks they have it.

And they do!

Yellow team wins reward!

Yellow team,nice job.

Afternoon picnic,a little
cruise through the jungle.

Sounds like a taste of home for me.

A little barbecue,some corn bread.

Feel like i'm home for a little bit.

carter,skupin,pete,gotting to for you.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

your stuff,head out,good afternoon.



It's good it happened that way.

Everything happens for a reason.

I'm not in the game.

Oh,man,i wanted that reward.

But on the flip side,i'm out
here for a million dollars.

I'm still in the game.

I've been eating beans
and rice for 21 days,

beans and rice for 19 more
days,not a problem for me.

You guys got a four with lisa?

It's abi,artis,peter and lisa,four.

And you are you and jeff.

I guess you guys are
part of the alliance,too.

You know,going with penner.


And there is no,like,placement,really.

I really do think that way.

You guys are up there,though.

That just makes sense.

Abi's got a big mouth and when abi
need information,that's very dangerous.

So it's like the puppy
you have to take care of.

So this is what i'm thinking.

We have tandang now.

Everything's just a free ride to home.

So i'm thinking we have
to get rid of kalabaw.

So we -- they want to get
rid of penner now,right?

And then they want to
get rid of skupin next.

But what if we get rid of
penner,keep skupin around for a while,

take out jeff,take out denice,then take
out malcolm and then vote out skupin.


I want jeff gone.

I think he's forming
an alliance with lisa.

Even though you think i'm
and you don't believe me.

Why do you always have to do that?

Actually,stuff pisses you
off,that pisses me off.

Stop that.

Abi's immature.

She thinks everybody's out to get
her and i wish i could vote her out

but i know if she's in the final
three she's not getting any vote.

Should we get a little
drink and a toast?


Let's do a toast.

Here's to an incredible pulloff.

Awesome team work.

Great all the way around.

Hey,that's all right.

- Lick it off!
- Oh,you guys.

On the reward,it was a great group.

We got to go down the
river and just eat.

Just a few ribs,guys.

I don't know the if there's enough.

I'm so happy right now.

Let's just savor bite after bite.

That's who i would have wanted
to have been at that reward with

because they're a positive group
that has meshed together well.

It was nice to be with them.

I feel horrible for those guys back
at camp but i'm so thankful for this.

I really am.

I feel badly for skupin,though,because
the ones that are back there,

they find something to be upset
about after every challenge.

It's like there's just negativity,yeah.

There is a bit of a good versus
evil dynamic the tribe right now.

The evil three being artis,abi,pete.

And the rest of the tribe
considering themselves the good guys.

If you get in their
line of fire,you're gone.

You've got to just kiss
their little behinds.

I hate that kind of bullying
and that kind of despotic --

like a tyrant.

It's something penner is trying
to take advantage to turn the vote

against one of the
fly instead of himself.

I honestly don't believe that i
can win the game at this point.

But i would like to see any of
the four of you or carter be there.

It's easy for me who's got my head on the
chopping block to say you've got to make a move.

But i'm saying it.

And if it can help save me for
one more vote i'd appreciate it

and i think i can help you
guys get in control of the game.

I'm next many the cross fire,then
skupin,then probably you,

you know,you've got a ways to go.

Honestly,there must be
a way to diffuse that

and say we can't live in a camp with
tyrannical bullies,it's just not cool.

Certainly the idea of battling
it out at the end with four other

worthy opponents is such a noble choice.

But i'm discovering that i'm not
trying to just get to the final five.

I'm trying to win,which means i
need to first get to the final three

with as many people that aren't going
to get more votes than me as possible.

I mean,that's just how you get ahead.

The same rules don't apply in the game
of "survivor" as they do in real life.


♪♪Penner goes home,

somebody's going to wake up and realize
this is the time to do a 5-4 alliance.

It makes much more sense for me and
skupin to go to the end with abi and artis

and pete because they
have made so many enemies

and made so many hot head emotional
moves that have ticked people off.

Penner,i got a pretty good clam.

I have a plan that assures him
that he does not need to scramble

and make alliances with somebody else
that's going to promise him the world

because i'm going to
promise him the universe.

I want to tell you my plan.

I'll look you in the eyes and i
have not told anybody this plan.

You know penner now and then
everybody's on board for you next.

But malcolm has the
hidden immunity idol.

And nobody knows it except
malcolm and denice and me.

He hasn't told anybody else.

After penner we've got to get
pete on that we have to have you.


tandang has to hang together
and blind side malcolm.

Lisa is now in this game to win it.

Which is great.

Because she's my closest ally out here.

What happens tonight
if penner wins immunity?

I think -- i
think -- come in.

We're having a very heated
discussion and it's all about you.

Hot discussion?

A heated and hot discussion.

I didn't mean to break it up,i'm sorry.

it's okay

This is my buddy.

I know.

And i know
it's --

well,maybe -- maybe
he'll win immunity.

No,you won't,dude,because
i'm winning immunity today.

So it's your turn tonight.

A lot will depend on who wins immunity.

The only way to be safe is to win it.

And so you're going to see
a dog fight out there today.

I've never won an individual
immunity challenge.

Never once.

So maybe -- maybe it's
high time that johnny did.


Stick it right in their damn faces.

Stick it in their faces and i'd
say for once of the three times

if i could win individual immunity.

Come on in,guys!

You gs immunity challenge?


First thing's first,i'll
take back the necklaces.

Thank you,denice.

Hard to give it up.


Only need one today.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge you will race over

and under a series of obstacles
collecting bags of puzzle pieces as you go.

The first three to cross the line
and move on to the final round

where you will use those
pieces to solve a snake puzzle.

Big stakes for the winner.

Immunity and a guaranteed
1-9 shot at winning this game.

Losers go to tribal council
where somebody will be voted out.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

Here we go for immunity.

Survivors ready?


Tear through those knots.

Get your fingers in there,rip them open!

Get the bag and get
over that first obstacle.

Abi,jeff,pete over quickly.

Artis is over.

There goes skupin and penner.

Denice,carter and lisa.

Everybody working on bag two now.

Three people are moving on.That's it.

Only three.

You want it to be you.

Pete is first over with the second bag.

Jeff right behind with his second bag.

Pete is working on his final bag.

There goes malcolm,skupin,artis
and penner's in there.

Abi,denice,carter and
lisa falling behind.

It is pete,malcolm,skupin,artis,penner
and jeff looking for three.

Pete has it.

Pete is across.

He's moving on.

Jeff is across.

One more spot!

Coming down to penner and skupin!


Very close.

Penner moving on!

Pete,jeff,and penner moving
on to the final round.

Here we go.

It is pete,penner,and
jeff looking for immunity.

Survivors ready?


Go,guys!Go,guys,come on!

This is potentially a
million-dollar puzzle for one of you.


It's a very clear pattern
that you can use as a guide.

Pete off to a quick start.

Jeff off to a good start.

Penner kind of placing pieces
wherever he can find them.

Pete places another piece.

Come on pete,come on.

Penner trying to force one.

Jeff with another piece.

Come on,jeff!

Jeff's starting to get
a little momentum now.

Come on,jeff!

Right now it's jeff and
pete vying for immunity.

Penner falling a little behind.

Good job,guys.

Puzzle's take a long time
and anything can happen.

Pete working straight from the front.

Pete looks good.

So does penner,actually.

Penner with another piece.

Man,that east'd be crazy.

Pen we are another piece!

Penner is back in this.

Come on jeff.

It is jeff,penner and
pete in that order.

Penner with another piece!

And another piece.

Penner's on a roll.

Come on,jeff!

Jeff picking up the pace.

Penner starting to pull
away out of nowhere!

Come on,jeff.


Jeff trying to catch up.

Penner down to two pieces left.

Penner wins immunity!

Lives to see another day.

Penner,come on over.

First time ever.

- Really?
- Yup.

Yeah,what a joke.

Nice job.

Penner safe tonight at tribal
council,cannot be voted out of this game.

As for the rest of you,after 22
difficult days in the philippines,

somebody will be voted out tonight.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

See you at tribal,congrats.



♪♪That was maybe the best
thing i ever did in my life.

I have to dig deep.

Save it for the end.

That's right,man.

When you needed it
most,that's the time to get it.

First ever.

Going into the immunity challenge,

all anyone's talking about is don't
let jonathan penner win immunity.

Of course,murphy's law
states that has to happen

so i don't know why i'm so surprised
jonathan penner won immunity today.

He just threw everyone's plans for a loop and now
we're having to do a baby scramble back at camp

to figure out who we're going
to get rid of instead of penner.

It's the same thing,just
a different order.


You let me know if it's any different?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Making sure we're covered here.

We were so focused on penner.

Okay,just let me know.

This is going to make for a long day.

You guys thinking tonight?

He can keep talking through
his immunity necklace.


What do we tell skupin?

Skupin knows.

He has to know.

He's just being mellow.

I mean,it sucks but -- it just
throws a wrinkle into potentially --

god,that sucks.

Yup,my vote's going to be for skupin tonight
because penner kind of done the unthinkable.

He's won two challenges in a row--
one on my team and now one by himself.

So he's just bought himself another
three days of a dead man walking.

Well,sorry,man,that's the worst
thing that can happen to you.

No secret.

No secret at all.

Too bad.

I was really wanting the opportunity but

Malcolm has the hidden
immunity idol for matsing.

The very first day of the merge,this
was very innocent on my part,

i was simply taking all the
clothes out to let them dry,

it found in the his bag on
the first day of the merge.

I told him i wouldn't
tell anybody and i haven't.

But the only way to get rid
of him is to blind side him

so he has to think
he's really,really safe.

We have to blind side malcolm tonight
so you have to realize whatever he says,

his allegiance is with them,not with us.


This whole entire plan,getting rid
of malcolm and him having the idol,

i got completely blindsided by that

because i actually kind
of trusted malco malcolm.

This plan right now is lisa's plan.

Is it a good plan?

Is it a plan that's actually going
to be effect i have because malcolm

does have an idol and
malcolm is playing two sides?

I don't know.

You're going who w matsing?

You sure?

No,no,if i had that thing my pulse would have been
much lower going to your tribe a few weeks ago.

All right.

Somebody said i did.

Someone said you did.

Who said i did?


She says you apparently have the idol
and that's the way to fish you out.

Pete confronts me about the idol and my
first thought is just lie,lie,lie,lie.

But already my heart's in my stomach
because if that rumor is out there

it's going to come out eventually
that i actually to have the thing.

So i have to go scramble for it now.

No,don't scramble.

I can save you.

Why not send home jeff?

You want to vote jeff now?

There's enough people,like --
we can switch it really quick.

I'll go jeff if that's
what you want me to do.

There's going to be five people going.

Jeff's behind you.

Malcolm freaked
out and --

i mean,that right there was enough
of a reaction to just kind of know --

look into his soul and be
like he doesn't have the idol.

So i don't really know what
lisa's trying to pull here.

So she's saying i have an
idol from the original matsing.

She never said that to me.

Well,she told enough people.


You don't have it?

I was going to say
play it if you got it.

I had no idea this was going on.


So what's the vote?

- Jeff.
- Jeff?


- Jeff.
- Is it jeff?

All right. We just need to chill out.


What the hell's going on?

I thought everything was
fine five minutes ago.

Right now we're voting out jeff.

I wanted jeff out second anyway.

If penner lost i would have kept skupin around
as the swing vote but right now jeff's going home.

He's a nice guy,he's played a great game
but he's a big threat and i want him gone.

Okay,so -- malcolm's going ask if
i said -- told you about the idol.

Right. And did you tell
him that i told you?


I just told him that we know.

He says he doesn't have it.

And what'd you say?

I just --
i wasing.


Wait a second,don't go yet.

Well,malcolm pulled pete
aside,pete was thrown off guard

and wasn't very good at convincing him

that his name wasn't on the chopping
block so everything just hit the fan.

Are they wanting to vote me now?

No. It would be jeff.

I think we should just vote him out.

Playing the mastermind
role is very hard work.

It's not easy.

And you never really know
you're the mastermind.

It's just
that last --

right before tribal is when you really figure
out do you really have everybody and is it solid.

Watch out,jeff's behind you.

Some gossip going on around here?

What the hell?

We're both being
tossed around right now.

We could get six right now.

Skupin,denice,penner,carter will go?

- Yeah.
- I say we do it right now.

We were all set to go ahead and let skupin go
but now i found out they were gunning for me.

But hopefully the bullet's going
to go in the right direction.

Either peter or abi?


We could cut the head of
the snake off right now.

All right.

Talk to denice.

Denice,six people are
voting pete tonight.

Which am any.


Okay. Skupin.

Okay,got it.

Let's get a tarp up on
this tree right here.

- **
- **

We all know it has to
be done at some point.

We've all been talking about it.

Pete's going home.

We got all six votes.

I thought they were
sending you home tonight.

Everybody's going mad in the past hour.

Lisa ran her mouth about my idol,

i'm playing dumb trying to play in this
vote,but it's coming with me tonight.

If this thing even seems
close i'm playing it.

I'm voting for pete right now.

Cut the head off the snake.

This is not the way
i saw it going at all.

I wanted to try to get rid of skupin but
it's going to be hell no matter what we do.

This is the most last-minute crazy thing
i've ever been a part of in my life.

We'll now bring in the
first member of our jury.

R.c.Voted out at the
last tribal council.

Right on.

So at the last tribal council
there was a lot of talk about

returning players not being welcomed.

So skupin,the minute penner wins immunity
does that point the finger then at you?

I felt a lot of pressure instantly.

But when i came back to camp,

it took a little bit of the pressure
off when i heard some people talking.


I put my faith in a little texas girl and
she threw me under the bus pretty hard today.


Threw someone under the bus?

That is absolutely true.

It was going to be an easy
vote until penner won immunity.

Backup plan was michael.

But michael has been the strong member of
the tandang tribe from the very beginning

so why not eliminate whom i thought
was the biggest threat in the game--

which would be malcolm.

So if we just look at it from
here,there's the tandang five--


and then there's
the kalabaw four--

penner,jeff,denice,and carter.

And then there's you,malcolm.

Denice,does that give
you some hope that,hey,

there's our fifth right there
and we're square up 5-5 again?


Every crack is an opportunity.

So abi,it has to give you
a bit of concern to find out

that one of your tribe members
just screw it had whole game up.

Yes,and i always felt that malcolm was
a part of us so i am in awe right now.

I think this is really ludicrous.

But you were willing for michael to go home
who was part of the tandang tribe originally.

But michael and r.c. Was
always on the outside.

It was always you,me,peter and artis.

And malcolm was always part
of our alliance as well.

- But you just -- it might
be too late for that one abi.

I think that was a mistake.

I'm sorry.

Malcolm was way stronger in our
alliance than skupin ever was.

But if somebody has a hidden
immunity idol you try to flush it out

or true try to blind said them
because it's a huge threat in the game.

So,lisa,you're saying malcolm has a
hidden immunity idol and you know it?

Yes. And i did bring that information
to make the tandang tribe stronger.

I was playing both sides,but my
allegiance was to the original alliance.

Just to clear the air.

There's way too much chaos tonight.

I'm not going home.

So this thing is getting played.

It's put a target on my back.

I'm not dealing with it anymore and
if anybody's jumped on lisa's boat

and decides to vote for me,you might
be in for a mean surprise in a second.

Anybody else want to
reveal they have an idol?

Get it out?

I have it,yes.

I have it.

This is awesome!

I was selflessly having this to
protect people in my alliance.


Great tribal.


I don't even really know what to
say myself before we go to the vote.

Well,i'd like to ask something.

It looks like there could be six of us right
here who can march forward in this game.

That means keeping skupin and i
in that six,at least for a while.

You guys ready to do that?

We've discussed those
options and many more.

I think you already know about that.



You guys ready to do that,carter?


Well,i would like to at
least make my proposal and

that is anybody i have given my word
to we can still keep the majority

if we go with plan "b" and hopefully
this proves i am loyal enough

to take the offensive move for us to secure the
numbers of those who are in our core alliance.

So it sounds like there are two pitches:

lisa's saying pla plan "b"-- which
cley involves one of those six.

Penner's saying let's take the six and
vote out either lisa,abi,pete or artis.

I feel like they're coming after me.

Why you?

My name's been thrown around the island the
entire time we've merged so it's probably me.

And my name's been thrown under the
hat as much as pete's,so's malcolm's.

And penner and skupin.

And lee's saa's probably on the
chopping block and now abi,too.

This is pretty fun,jeff.

I've got to say,i didn't think of a more
complicated tribal council ever in my time of tribal.


It is time to vote.

Artis,you're up.

Well,i said you were plan "b" but i
think this was actually plan d or plan e.

Pete,it was fantastic to watch your little
ahraoeubs just kind of implode on itself.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now is most definitely
the time to do so.

Nobody playing their idol?

Okay,once the votes are
red,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,abi.



One vote abi,one vote
jeff,one vote pete.


Two votes jeff.


Two votes jeff; two
votes pete; one vote abi.


Three votes jeff.


Three votes jeff; three
votes pete,one vote abi.


That's four votes jeff.


Four votes pete.

Four votes jeff.

One vote left.

Ninth person voted out and
the second member of our jury.


You need to bring me your torch.

Jeff,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

That vote may go down as one of the biggest
blown opportunities in the history of this game.

Grab your torches,head
back to camp.Good night.

-= Proudly Presents

-= Sync:°îµÂÖí

Next time on "survivor".

How can we stay loyal to
somebody who's not loyal to us?

After being bullied
by her alliance --

i think you're just gullible.

You don't need to bring that up again.

I'm just letting you go.

Lisa turns to penner.


Now you know.

And could flip everything upside down.

Maybe it makes sense to
go with the other alliance.

You know what pisses me off is i think
i've made about $60 million playing baseball

and i want this freaking
million dollars in this game!

And it's not even a million bucks,it's
$600,000 by the time obama takes it.

I'm a game seven world series loser.

I've played in the biggest games