Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 7 - Not the Only Actor on This Island - full transcript

After Tandang and Kalabaw tribes merge, castaways scramble to solidify their numbers and rank in the new tribe. Meanwhile, Lisa Whelchel is confronted on her past as a former TV teen star.

Previously on "survivor."

Malcolm and Denise were the
last remaining members of mats.

He's young but he's wise.

We just clicked.

Their mood improved
when they found the idol.

Until a sudden change in
the game split them up.

Malcolm,denise,you can drop your buffs.

Malcolm and his idol were sent to
tandang,winning challenge after challenge.

Tandang wins reward!

Tandang wins immunity.

I'm like the stud football player.

Everyone is pulling me aside
saying,"i'll be your best friend."

Denise had yet to taste victory.

Every step is an opportunity
to turn things around.

At the reward challenge,tandang's
winning streak came to an end

when skupin and r.c. convinced their tribe to
forfeit the victory for the rest of kalabaw's rice.



Do what you want to do.

Do what you want to do,mike.

This challenge is over.

Reward goes to kalabaw.

Good job,tandang.

Back at camp,abi,pete,and
artis were all but satisfied.

It's gonna be one of the dumbest moment of
survivor,giving out a prize like that.

Vellifying skupin and
r.c. for giving up reward.

We have a member of our tribe who has
done absolute nothing for our tribe.

Shut up.

It is not a good thing.

At the last immunity challenge,malcolm
singlehandedly caught the victory for tandang.

Tandang wins immunity!

While katie continued to be a liability.

I hate to lose katie.

At least with denise we
have a chance of winning.

He had another ideas,targets penner.

He has to make sure he
doesn't know it's coming.

The hard decision is
voting jonathan out.

I might need him to get
me further in the game.


11 are left,who will
be voted out tonight.

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A long night.

Long night.

Denise,we have to you a break
from this tribal nonsense.

I know.

I don't want to go back.

- You've been to every damn one.
- Seriously.

Screw that.

Coming back from the sixth
tribal council in a row.

I'm glad i'm back.

It's like deja vu.

It's one after the other.

I am wondering am i cursed?

Have i brought something to this tribe.

I was surprised you wrote my name.

Did she catch wind of
it and voted for me?

She was pissed off at some reason.

She wanted you out.

And i couldn't convince her
otherwise,so i just let her run with it

tribal tonight was chaotic.

Boy,i was so close to letting penner going but
i'm thinking penner is going to help me out.

I'm hoping i made the right choice.

We're two guys taking a shot
in the dark at each other,

and there's going to come a time and a place and
i hope i can get to him first before he gets to me.

She was ready to throw anybody
under the bus okay,so it was me.

- Well,thanks,guys,for not voting with her.
- Yup.

I think jeff and i have
built a trust with each other.

But i was really
surprised to see my name.

I shouldn't have been.

I just forget that
other people are lying.

It's always my problem.

It was a good wake-up call.

Do i have to keep my eyes and
ears open as we move forward?

Of course.I'd be
ridiculously stupid not to.

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Season 25Episode 07






Stay away from the fire.

Dude,you barely made it this far.

I fell in the fire today,this
far into the game,24 seasons ago.

So i no longer have an advantage.

We're now in all new
territory for all of us.

That's what we need.

We need one of those.

Something's happening.

Oh,my goodness.

What is this?

It's turning into our cove?

Is it?

We were just lying around thinking
it was going to be a long day,

and all of a sudden,we saw this boat,and
we thought is it coming into the cove?

It's coming into the cove,it's coming!


And then we found out the best
news that we've heard since day one.


The tribes are merging!

This boat has been sent to
take you to your new homes.

The driver has been instructed
to give you 10 minutes.

To collect whatever you feel
you need to start your new world.

Your time starts now.

When you only have 10 minute to gather up
everything you have,everything is like gold.

Making sure that i don't have socks
hanging out on a line somewhere

and shoes hidden underneath
the raft somewhere.

That's priority one.

We have to get the tarp down.

Our bottles of water.

I buried my idol the
first day i got here.

Now we have 10 minutes so
i have to dig it up again.


It's really heavy.



The tribes are merging!

this boat has been sent to
take you to your new home.

It's a new life line for us.

There are four of
us,there are seven of them.

We're hoping there's descent
over there and we can pick one

or two people to come over to our side to
use for a while and thut them off if we can.


Okay.Water bottles.



What about our kindling?

We're going to stay four strong.

We need two to shift that
balance and have a majority.

So my plan is to stick with the
alliance i've got going with kalabaw,

but at the same time i truly would like to
be back to my original alliance with malcolm.

Good to see you!

Guys,unload everything first.

I'm denise.

Nice to meet you.

I believe that a veteran player
shouldn't be winning this game.

Penner's always been my
priority since at a one.

And now that i'm on a team with penner
and skupin,i've got two priorities.

Oh,my god.


To our new tribe.

It was a good introduction.

It doesn't seem like anybody knows
who i am,which is i think a good thing.

Where is everyone from?

I live in texas.

I have a ranch.

I knew it!

And i am a motorcycle dealer.

As long as they don't talk
about baseball,maybe i'm safe.

Can i have some more of that wine?


We have four bottles.

And we have bread,too,right?

We do.

Can i have some of that meat?


It's very hard to cut.

I'm down for chewing it.

Start tossing it in your mouth.

The feast was amazing.

There was more food
than you could ever eat.

The wine was awesome.

The tribe and tension when he first
land on the island was go tandang strong.


Skupin doesn't have a brain of his own
and does wharf r.c. Tells him to do.

I have seven kids,married.

Seven kids and married.

I'm married.

Like i never made the merge before.

They merged in australia the
day after i was med evacked.

So this is kind of cool.

And merging with numbers,even better.

What's the range in age?

College,holly,middle school,elementary.

I never stopped having them.

But i noticed pete and abeerk
the power alliance on our tribe,

being a little quiet because they haven't
had an allegiance in weeks to r.c. And i.

And so we're really free agents.

So being a free agent means
you get to choose your team.

It just takes two.

I think denise will talk to me a little bit
more just because of the swimming connection.

You should act as a spy
then to get information.

I know,but just as much you want me
to get information i worry because,

you know,we aren't
oning,big,happy family.

We can pretend to be all we
want,but we haven't for 17 days.

- It's true.
- so



That's a lot of bamboo.

We can't make something out of
that,then,get us back to the couch.

On the new beach,i thought,well,the
guys are make the shelter.

I'll just hang everybody's clothes out and get them
some sun so we don't go to sleep with wet clothes.

And then i picked up malcolm's
bag,and i took his flannel shirt out,

and i took his bathing suit out and i
was looking in there and i felt something.

I've discovered he had the hidden immunity
idol in his bag which totally shocked me.

All the clothes are laid out.

And it was wrapped up.

And was
like-- lisa.

Lisa did that.

I need to talk to lisa right now.

No,because -- of no,because
lisa was pulling out clothes.

I was going to change
clothes and hide the idol.

I thought an hour would be a safe amount
of time assuming people would be eating

and drinking and knowing each other.

Paecial the estrogen clicked in and
we had to have our clothes cleaned.


Now i have to pin down sweet old lisa who i think,out
of the goodness of her heart,is trying to dry my clothes.

I get her alone.

I don't say a word.

I just look at her.

Let me tell you this.

What would you like to tell me?

I didn't mean to.

I knew it.

I didn't mean to.

I promise i didn't mean to.

Oh,my god.I'm like you've
got to be kidding me.

I didn't mean to.

Honestly,i was just trying to
air out everybody's laundry.

I said she's so sweet.

She was just trying to be nice.

I really was.

I won't tell anybody.

It's me,you,and denise know.

Me and denise have been super
tight since the beginning.

- Okay.
- And you're my new momma and noose just how it's going to be.

It's the three of us to the end.

Nobody knows about it.

- Okay.
- Hallelujah.

The church lady found
it,who hopefully has a heart.

But at the same time,now i'm locked into this
involuntary alliance with lisa and deneetion.

It's literally the two people i'm not
confident i can beat in the final three.

Just because they're nice,but
the whole dynamics could shift,

and the entire camp is
going crazy with scrambling.

I'm sorry.

You gave me a heart attack.

Malcolm promised final three with
me and denise,and that's really nice.

But you kind of have to take
all that with a grain of salt.

I'm not the only actor on this island.

So i could be being played.


Oh,that's amazing.


I haven't had to deal with it.

They're too young.

I know. I'm shocked.

You know,this is just so
much fun to just get to be me.


So penner is aware of
my past as a child star.

But we didn't talk strategy.

And if we weren't on this island,we
would have a really great time over lunch,

just talking about each other's lives.

And if you have that kind of
connection,that is valuable,

especially if you do end up
aligned later on down the road.

You just never,ever really know
if somebody likes you for you

and to have these friendships already that
really are totally based on liking me for me.

Is very healing in a really deep way.


You know,i didn't anticipate that that
would be something i would take from this.

Lisa had been on "fact of
life," but now as with many,

many former actors you get older and
so you do other things with your life.

Lisa is kind of a cool lady.

I think she could actually go pretty far
as an under-the-radar nonthreatening person

who could find herself
sitting at a final three.

I believe that.

I won't blow your cover.

Thank you.


They've got the numbers now.

They could vote you and
i out if they want to.

That's my first concern,first and
foremost,is just how to survive.

The returning player bull's eye.

The question is what's
the smartest move?

I'm trying to find fissures in this yellow
tribe and skupin seems like a cool guy.

So i got to help him feel as comfortable as he can about
slitting the throats of the people he spent 17 days with.

You know.

So i'm trying to do that.

- My back's against the wall,too.
- Right.

You know,i'm negotiating with what little
i have,which is i got four loyal people.

I have a really serious bloc.

If you and i can figure something
out,that would be incredible.

What percent are you on realignment?

I mean,it's hard.

Give a number right now.

Just give a number.

I'm 50-50.

there are a lot of
dynamics work right now.

Me and mike are soiled,but we would
like to feel a little bit more secure.

I-- i don't know that i
can trust,we're tandang,

let's stay tandang,and when
we get to seven game on.

Game on,i know.

The old tan bang tribe made
it obvious about me and mike.

They oftsides us both for 17 days.

So penner corralled his threesome,and i
have mike,obviously,on my side,so that's six.

So why wouldn't we do something?

If we have a possible chance to
go somewhere else,judge in not.

We need to take baby steps.

I know,i know.

- I don't want a veteran to win,and i
like them-- even get rid of mike,too.

Get penner out of here.

I don't want him to win.

He's had his chance.


I think he has the idol,though.

He may.

Because i don't have it.

If he's got the idol--
it has to be a blindside.

And i'm going to be able
to help platoon that.

I know penner's got the idol.

Nobody else knows for sure if he
does or not,but i know he does.

And i'll join any gang as long as i
can get penner out before i get out.

R.c. Is dangerous.

She is,isn't she?

She's number one.

Number two-- number two
is either penner or mike.

And i can get carter,denise.

What happens if it's a four-four
tie,we play it four for r.c.

And we play it four for penner.

Four-four is all you need.




That's what we're doing.

Little clique inside of tandang is operating
under the assumption that penner has an idol,

but we don't have the numbers within our
own tribe to be able to split the vote

and get rid of him so we have to
pull in jeff,denise,and indicator.

Penner plays the idol,we flush
the idol and r.c. Is gone.

We could split the vote
between penner and r.c.

Peb penner has an idol he has to play
to save himself and r.c. Will go home.

If he doesn't,we'll revote and
get rid of penner right now.

The only real wrinkle is
if the kalabaw,jeff,carter,

and denise,are going to come along with
it,and go along like they're saying they will.

The only thing tomorrow is we can't
let penner or r.c. Win immunity.

Anybody else can win it.

This is going to be fun.

All right,cool.

You guys have been thinking the same
way we've been thinking since day one.


Guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

Yes. Yeah.

First things first,i will
take back tribal immunity.

Tribal immunity is no more.

Individual immunity
is now what you covet.

With this around your
neck,you are safe in this game.

Without it,you are in trouble.

For today's challenge,you're each going to
hold on to a rope handle attached tie bucket.

Each bucket is filled with
25% of your body weight.

As the challenge goes on,that
weight will become too much to bear.

The rope will begin to unspool.

The bucket will drop.

When your bucket drops
you're out of the challenge.

Last man and last woman left standing
win immunity,safe from the vote,

guaranteed a one-in-10
shot at winning this game.

Losers go to tribal council
where somebody will be voted out.

Take your spots.

We'll get started.

All right,everybody is in position.

This challenge is now officially on.

Oh,this ain't going to work.

Each bucket has 25% of your body weight.

That is a lot of weight to
hold with only your wrists.

With a million bucks on the line,

i'm guessing you guys will go as
deep as you can inside yourself.


Just like that skupin
is out of the challenge.

Bar slips out of his hands.

We are now down to 10.

it's going down.

Pete is out of this challenge.

That's how quickly it can happen.

You start to sweat in
this very intense heat.

Your grip becomes wet.

It's why you have to concentrate.

Do not drip.

Remind yourself every few
seconds what you're doing.

Send that signal from your
brain to your hand to hold on.

Penner dangling very close
to the end of his rope.

It has unspoold almost all the way.

Penner is out of this game and in
trouble at tonight's tribal council.

Well,thank you.

Glad you're on the show,jonathan.

Thank you,buddy.You too.

Lisa is starting to slip a little bit.

I'm going to keep reminding
you to keep your concentration.

Lisa out of this challenge.

Malcolm is out of the challenge.

We are down to three
men and three women.

It is abi,denise,and rb
fighting for immunity.

Artis,jeff,and carter
fighting for immunity.

One man will get immunity.

One woman will get immunity.

R.c. Going to work hers back up.

Abi starting to slip a little bit.

Denise looks good.

Good work,abi.Good job.

R.c. Very close to the end of ther rope.

She's struggling to hang on.

She can't do it.

R.c. Is now out of this challenge.

Abi getting very close to the
end of her rope,and she knows it.

Can't do it anymore.

And with that,denise wins
individual immunity for the women.

Denise safe at tonight's vote.

Nice job.


One immunity necklace left.

Artis,jeff,and carter.

One of you will be wearing it shortly.

The other two will be going
to tribal council empty-handed.

That a way to dig.



You guys are doing great.



Nice try,buddy.

Artis is out of the challenge and we are
down to two,jeff and carter,side by side.

Wow,kansas and texas,side by side.

Jeff inches his buck back up.

Almost like he's showing carter,"look
who you're dealing with,young 'un."

come on,young buck.

And no sooner said that
than carter evens it out.

Good job,carter.

You guys are amazing.



I said that's fine.

It's up to you.

How's it going down
here,jeff and carter.

Having the necklace on
tonight would be sweet.

And,yeah,i just want to win.

And just like that,jeff drops out.

Carter wins individual immunity.


Carter and denise both will have
immunity at tonight's tribal council.

Jeff,i know you could have kept going.

That was war.

That's what we're here for.

Denise,come on over.

That's the first time
she's had immunity.

It might be heavier than her.

Denise,safe at tonight's tribal council.

Slide right over here.

- Carter,come on over.
- Go,carter!

Carter,safe at tonight's tribal council.

As for the rest of you,tonight your shot
at the million dollars will come to an end.

Grab your stuff.Head back to camp.

See you at tribal.

I'm acstatic that peb penner and r.c.

Didn't even come close
to winning immunity

because we're going to split
the vote between penner and r.c.,

and if penner plays
the idol,r.c. Goes home.

If penner doesn't play the
idol,he'll go home with the idol.



No,i didn't win immunity,but we sort of
have this very coor six in place right now.

Me and mike are solid,and we
are definitely with kalabaw.

With us six we are in the majority.

I never have ever felt
threatened before,and tonight,

returning players are a major threat.

Like,my reputation
is pretty competitive.

My reputation isn't being loyal to
a tribe that hasn't been loyal to me.

There isn't anybody that would think
that i would go down without a fight.







I can't play the game with them.


Biggest hang-up i have of all this is i don't
want to let penner beat me out in this game.

It's and you penner get together,and
there are two veteran guys.

Let's take it to the end.

So we get screwed.

That's the owning thing i worry about.

I can tell with you integrity
that i would follow you guys.

It just takes two people from tandang
to realign with the kalabaw tribe.

Then they would be six strong.

Unless god himself appears
live before me and speaks to me,

i cannot follow pete,artis,and abi,

as long as i have some assurance that jeff and carter
aren't going to switch over to the old tandang tribe.

Because if r.c. And i go this way,and
jeff and carter go this way,what happens?

Nothing got gained.

What do you want to do,man?

So the only thing i can think of
here is you and i hold the key.


So i don't know.

What do you want to do?

Well,it's jonathan,skupin,r.c.,

denise,you,me,that's all we need.

Yup. Six.

We just need six.

I don't know.Do you think we could
get farther with skupin and penner?

I just had a good conversation
with skupin,and i just said,

"look,if i do this with you,you have to promise
me that penner will not stay here longer than us.

" and he gave me his word he would
vote with us to get penner out.

The only thing i can say is how much-- i
mean we built some kind of value with penner.


If you and i jump and go over to the yellow
tribe,you and i just may be on the bottom.

Here comes penner behind us.

What's up,penner?

How we doing?


We're just talking through all
the b.s. We have been hearing.

Well,listen,you know where i stand.

And i'm totally with you guys.

I hope the hell you're not going to
vote with them against me tonight.

You have my loyalty.

If the people they believe are going to vote
with me are really not going to vote with me,

if all of this has been smoke,then
i'm a terrible judge of character.

And then i don't really
deserve to stay in the game.

But i do believe that skupin and r.c.

And denise and carter and
jeff,they're going to vote with me.

They all mean it.

I really believe they do.

Look,i have no idea what's
going to happen tonight.

But if there's a way that
we can flip this vote,

and we are the last people standing
the four tight kalabaw people

and the two people we
brought,in we can take control.

You know?That's how i see it.

We're good,okay.

We really are good.

- We're good.We're still hanging.
- Yeah.

You doing it?

We're still hanging.

Yeah.We want these veterans out of here.

I'm nervous here.

We're all nervous here on this thing.

Right now,i'm on a crossroads.

I'm either going with veteran players
that i don't want to win this game

and ride them out,or i'm going
to go with the tandang tribe

and get pen erp out of
here,but then i'm on the bottom.

If you treat baseball with
disrespect,you'll be bit in the ass,

and i know you treat this game with
disrespect,you'll get bit in the ass too.

With all humbleness,i say the
decision of who goes home tonight

is going to be heavily based on which way
i go and who i carry over to the other side.

I've got to make sure i protect
myself because whatever move i make,

it's not going to sit
well with either tribe.

For those of you who don't have a torch.

Go ahead and grab one,approach
the flame,dip it in and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of tribal council
because in this game,fire represents your life.

When your fire is gone,so are you.

That's going to happen
to somebody tonight.

So,we're making history.

The original tandang six never lost.

And in 25 seasons we have never had a tribe not
go to tribal council until they reached the merge.

On the flip side,denise,you've been to every
single tribal council since the game started.

Every one.

And what's amazing is you've survived.

I somehow survived it one more time.

I'm safe.

Skupin,19 days in there has to
be some animosity within tandang.


Little fract started to occur but it's kind of natural
to happen when six or seven people get together.

Yet,we still pulled out victories.

R.c.,how bad has it gotten at camp?

It was pretty bad at tandang.

But we're a family.

Families fight sometimes.

Abi,there's only one winner.

Families don't win survive.


And the game has been
shifting constantly.

I was very close to
r.c. In the beginning.

However,she betrayed me.

So i had to move on to
a different alliance.

I am glad this finally came up because
i'm still unaware of how i betrayed her.

What happened,abi?

We found the clue for the immunity
idol together,and hid the clue together.

However,she unburied the clue without
telling me,so i can't trust her.

I didn't unbury anything.

I didn't touch anything.

I mean,it wasn't me.

It wasn't me.

And thought it was you.

But you blew up and wouldn't
have a discussion with me.

I trust my actions,not yours


when you hear two tribe mates from
the original tandang six arguing,

concern you at all that somebody
from kalabaw might come over and say,

"letch.I don't know
what your problem is.

Come over here and we have
five and we control this game.

" if you're talking
about the whole 11 people,

then they were top dog here staying
with tandang than going to kalabaw.

And then just getting
voted off at the end there.

Jeff,what's wrong with lisa's argument?

There's a tribe that comes in with four,

and is offering a five slot
versus a six or a seven slot,

there's potential for
a game--changing switch.

But once you flip,you're
not really a strong number.

You're a weaker number because you've shown
that you can't be trusted in your alliance.

Let's talk about returning players.

Two of them are still in
the game,skupin and penner.

Pete,is there a group thought
in terms of you had your shot?

Get out?

I mean,every season where they return players,usually
people don't like the idea that they're here.

I mean,they've got to
play the game before.

So there's always a
kind of mutiny feeling.

But tandang has never had to go to tribal council
so you never really know what would have happened.

It's also another example why
kalabaw is licking their chops.

R.c. Could be up for graps.

You skupin could be up for grabs.

And lisa is there any concern malcolm
and denise started the game together.

They're both still here and
now they're back together?


It's a huge concern and it bricks
up something you haven't addressed.

There's also every possibility that someone
who is on the bottom floor is thinking

if i come over to tandang,maybe
i can stay a little longer.

I won't be top dog but at least i won't
be the dog kicked to the side of the road

so there is also that possibility
that could be happening.

So,pete,what's the
consensus on the idols?

How many might there be in play tonight?

I think there were two
in the game right now.

I'm pretty sure masting's is gone.

Pete,concerned it could be you tonight?

Clearly,are you one of the fit,young
guys who could do well in challenges?

Right,i feel i have a
huge target on my back.

Abi,is that justified
for pete to be concerned?


Yef jeff,how likely is it that
there will be a blindside tonight?

Very likely.

You've been talking
to us fair while now.

You get the fact we're all scrambling still as
we sit here not knowing exactly who's going home.

All right,well,clearly,there is a lot of
uncertainty about what is going to happen.

Let's try to bring some clarity.

It is time to vote.

Abi,you're up

i never liked you.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time
to do so i'll do it.


Thank you.

You're welcome.

This is a hidden immunity idol.

Any votes cast against
penner will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,penner.

Does not count.

Jonathan penner.

Does not count.


Three votes penner,none of them count.

R.c. That's one vote r.c.


One vote pete.


Does not count.

Penner,does not count.

R.c. Two votes r.c.


Two votes pete.

R.c. Three votes r.c.

Two votes pete.

One vote left.

Eighth person voted out and the
first member of our jury,r.c.

You need to bring me your torch.

R.c.,the tribe has spoken.


Well,based on everything i heard
tonight,and with three people getting votes,

it would appear it is anybody's game.

Grab your stuff. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Proudly Presents

Sync: YTET- °îµÂÖí

Season 25Episode 07

Next time on "survivor":

after being betrayed,penner's
got nothing left to lose.

I have no alliances.

They are all ready to die.

He wages war on everyone.

Maybe he'll win immunity no you
won't,because i'm winning immunity.

I'll stick it right
in their damn spaces.

One more spot!

That's the name of the game.The
name of the game is blindside.

It was such an
amazing,wonderful experience.

I can't believe i
actually got to do this.

I lasted rain and no
food and all these things.

It was definitely,but i got to play