Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 14 - Million Dollar Question - full transcript

The final four survivors scramble to secure their place at the final Tribal Council.

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The toughest

and most dangerous

reality competition
of all times

and this season

"Survivor" Phillipines brought back
three players that proved it

Each had been medically evacuated
from their previous previous season.

From "fans versus
favorites," Jonathan Penner.

I got injured in a challenge.

The infection goes into your
bloodstream is potentially fatal.

It was awful.

From season
two, Australia, Michael Skupin.

The world thought me falling in
the fire was my greatest failure.

I didn't see it that way
but I'm in love with the fact

that I'm able to come
out here and do it again.

And Russell swan from
"survivor: Samoa.**

" the last time I played "Survivor"
it smacked me in the chops.

This time I'm smacking back.

In addition to the returning players, the
castaways were joined by two familiar super fans,

former baseball star Jeff Kent.

I played in the world
series with bases loaded.

I've seen pressure.

This is going to be a
challenge for me, no doubt.

And I'm hoping people
won't recognize me.

And former teen TV star Lisa.

I played Blair warner
on "the facts of life.

" Blair would never in a million years be
on "survivor," but I'm very, very different,

and at this point I'm
getting to be just Lisa.

From the beginning these three tribes
were hit by a storm that lasted 21 days.

Come on, rain, stop.

The rain never let up.

Food source were scarce.

I do do anything for food right now.

At least give me hope.

And to make matters worse-- Malcolm and
Denise still struggling out in the water.

Mat sing never won a challenge.


After four losses in a row.

I don't get what's happening, farther.

The first returning
player was sent home.


and Denise--

you're down to two, you
know what you've got to do--

were the only one to survive.

The unlikely duo had been in
an alliance since day one.


Instantly, we just clicked.

And were inseparable until
the game split them up.

Mat sing has been decimated.

Mat sing is no more.

We have two tribes now.

Malcolm goes to Tandang.

Denise goes to Kalabaw.

I'm still holding that trust that it's Malcolm
and I, and the time comes I go back with Malcolm.

at Tandang, Lisa was discovering
the real facts of life.

It's hard being on the outside.

Maybe I'm not able to play this game.

She struggled to fit
in with her young tribe.

She's just, like, an outsider.

I don't trust her.

She's a smart player.

Do not underestimate Lisa.

And her only bond was with Skupin.

Lisa is my closest ally out here.


You would have no reason
to think I would lie to you.

- I am your friend.
- Me too.

But if you with me, you're dead.

- ***
- Any chaos I create is going to be beneficial to me.


You know what you did?

I didn't do anything.

Stop, don't even try.

shut up.

Winning was the only thing that
kept Tandang from fall apart.

And Lisa done does it!Tandang wins!

Tan bang wins immunity by seconds!

At Kalabaw, Jeff Kent led the charge to take out
their tribe 18 returning player, Jonathan Penner.

Do we want a veteran to win
or do we want one of us to win?

I agree.

But Penner's idol and experience
in the game kept him alive.

I have the hidden immunity idol.

I'm going to dance all
the way to the millions.


The tribes are merging!

Unfortunately for Penner and Kalabaw, they
went into the merge down in numbers.

To our new tribe.

With the tribes merged, Malcolm
and Denise were reunited

while Lisa and Skupin finally
made their alliance official.


These two alliances came together.

Final four.

- Final four.
- Final four. Final four.

And were the only constant in the most
unpredictable season "Survivor" has ever seen.

There were blow-ups.

Get him the out of here.


I can't be in an alliance with
someone who really doesn't trust me.


You're pulling yourself out of the game?

I can't stay here.




This game sucks, Jeff.

And things we've never seen before.

36 days later-- the
tribe has spoken--

having beaten all the odds, these
four survivors, two pairs,

one unlikely alliance
are all that remain.

Skupin, one of "survivor's" biggest stars
align with Lisa, America's former teen star.

Lisa's battle the the game and
herself to make it this far.

To play the game, I have to go
against everything that's inside me.

But I'm playing to win.

So bring it on.

Can Skupin keep his game
and Lisa from falling apart?

You you and I are not
guaranteed in the final three.

Second or third that the stage
of the game means nothing to me.

"Survivor" says outwit, outplay, outlast.

There's nothing in there
this says out-keep your word.

Denise and Malcolm, the ultimate
underdogs, in a "Survivor" first,

Denise has gone to every single
tribal council and survived.

I am one it stubborn, determined woman.

The taste of blood is in the water.

I'm going to make it happen.

Malcolm, the golden boy, has played a flawless
game, finding an idol, and dominating challenges.

There's a lot on the line here.

There's no reason to hold back any more.

We're in the home stretch.

It's go big or go home time for me.

But can Denise trust Malcolm's loyalty?

This is it, final three, baby!

Will these powerhouse players
destroy the competition or each other?

It all comes to an end tonight.

Find out who will claim the million-dollar
prize and the title of sole survivor.

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Season 25 Episode 12


I feel like alive.

Oh, don't you?

That's like having a tumor moved.

It was.

Negative gone.

When do we dance?

Now. Ready?

Getting rid of Abi, it's the best feeling
I've had since I've been out here.

It sucked life out of
you having her here.

I have never met
anybody like that before.

I mean, I'm not happy for her loss.

I'm just happy for our peace.

She was just full of fire.

I don't know if I'd call it fire.

Full of... Something.

On the one hand it's a really
good thing that Abi is gone.

The bad news is she
went out with a bang.

Whenever somebody wants to go
out with a bang in this game

they tend to throw me under the
bus with compliments of all things.

"Malcolm will definitely win the game.

Malcolm is a lock if he gets to the end.

" I think they're trying to be nice
but the amount of damage control

I have to keep doing after someone blows
up at tribal council is getting ridiculous.


Nothing's changed since two weeks ago.

So no matter what, it's
me and you tomorrow?

Malcolm and I have a
"Survivor" alliance,

but the decision I have to make
for the end game strategy has to be

who I want to sit next
to in the final three.

There is a feeling that
Malcolm's the runaway.

Abi sees it that way.

Lisa sees it that way.

I don't see it that way.

I believe I have a
better story than he has.

I have to step outside the game for just a
minute and look at it from an outside observer

in order to truly make
the decision on that.


Tree mail!

We got something going on.


- Oh, no.
- What?

No way.

"winning this next challenge
will be worthy of your bragin'.

We'll have a better shot at the money
when you've finished off the dragon.

" is that reward or immunity?

We never know.


Oh, we have a challenge today
which we weren't expecting.

My fear is I will be the next one to go.

We've had this solid four but four can't
go to three so I am desperate to win it

because one of us is going to get the short end of
the stick, and I definitely don't want it to be me.

Come on in, guys.

Four people left.

Malcolm, how you doing?

I'm good.

You know, you knowledge about this for so
long, even before we hit the beach on day one,

and to actually get
here now, it's exciting.

But it's not over yet.

You guys ready to get to
today's reward challenge?

- Yeah.
- Absolutely.

For today's challenge, you will
race through a series of obstacles.

Collecting bags along the way.

Once you have all three bags, you will
use the pieces to solve a dragon puzzle.

Do you want to know
what you're playing for.

Absolute! Yes.

It is the biggest reward of the game.

The winner of today's challenge wins an advantage
in the final immunity challenge tomorrow.

For 37 days, you have battled
with one goal in mind--

getting to the end for
a shot at the money.

Winning today's challenge
could mean the difference

between sitting in the final tribal council
or being the eighth and final jury member.

Big stakes.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

For an advantage in the final
immunity challenge, survivors ready?


Everybody gets across
the balance beam quickly.

Malcolm and Skupin
over the bamboo first.

Lisa and Denise right behind.

Everybody off to a very fast start.

Everybody working on their knots now.

That first bag of pieces, once you're
untied make your way through the bamboo.

Denise whipping through these knots.

Skupin's untied.

Malcolm is untied.

Lisa's now untied.

Keep moving!

Three people through.

Lisa going up top and
it's taking a lot longer.

Malcolm falls off.

He's got to go back.

Lisa's through now.

She's in it.

Everybody working on that second bag.

There are three bags total.

Skupin has his second bag.

Skupin heading for that
third and final bag.

Denise has hers untied.

Malcolm has his second bag.

He's across.

Lisa still struggling.

Malcolm up the rope quickly.

Denise up the rope.

Here comes Lisa.

Everybody working on
their third and final bag.

Skupin has his. He's down first.

Denise right behind.

Start working on that puzzle.

Malcolm's there now.

Lisa has her third bag.

She's heading down.

Everybody working on their puzzle.

We're building a dragon in this puzzle.

Everybody fighting for a huge reward.

Advantage in the next
immunity challenge.

This could be a million-dollar
challenge right here.

Denise off to a fast start.

Skupin trying to figure it out.

Denise with another piece.

Lisa with a piece.

Malcolm with another piece.

Denise in the the lead right now.

Lisa now starting to pick up the pace.

She places another piece.

Skupin struggling all over the place.

Pieces falling out.

Denise making a lot of headway.

Malcolm with another piece.

Lisa still fighting.

Skupin out of it right now.

It would be so nice to have an advantage
in that final immunity challenge.

Historically advantages have worked out
very well for the people who have them.

Quite often it results in a victory.

It is Malcolm and Denise fighting for an
advantage in the final immunity challenge.

It is very close.

Lisa falling out of it.

Skupin's been out of it.

Malcolm now places another piece.

And another.

And another.

He has four pieces left.

Denise trying to catch up.

Malcolm is very close.

Malcolm wins reward, an advantage
in the final immunity challenge.

Malcolm, come on over.

Advantage in the final
immunity challenge.

It is sealed. Keep it that way.

You'll reveal the
contents at the challenge.

Could have been a
million-dollar victory today.

- Hopefully
- Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.

See you guys tomorrow for
your final immunity challenge.



- ***
- " exhausted after that.

You are good at puzzles.

Dang it!

Nicely done.

We did not need Malcolm
winning an immunity advantage.

He was already a huge threat to win.

Just on his own.

So it was going to be an uphill
climb just battling Malcolm.

Now battling Malcolm with an advantage.

Forget it.

Good challenge.

Today, I managed to pull it out.

I won some sort of advantage in the the
final immunity challenge which is huge.

It's the last challenge, and at this
point I'll take any advantage I can get.

All right, I need to get water.

You want to go up there?

Yeah, I'll go with you.

Everything is going exactly as I plan.

I have the final three
deal with Lisa and Skupin.

I think I can beat them at the end.

I absolutely think I could beat Denise at the end, but
she's the hardest person to beat for me right now.

Her story is similar to mine.

The people from th the tribe that
was wiped out made it to the end.

I feel bad for her but I need to go to
the final three with people I can beat.

***You know that.


My heart is still in my
chest going like this.

I know, but you-- you have a huge
shot at winning immunity tomorrow.

I know you're still thing, but
we need to solidify three.

I'll make my proposal for me.

I want to be in that final three.

Are you willing to
commit at all with me?

Or at the very least make it a tie
so Lisa and I have to make fire?

Well, no, just make a
decision and just go with it.

I'm definitely over-thinking it but I won't
do this to you because I know I'm being awful.

I tried to approach Malcolm about going
to the final three together,

and he's just very hesitant to make
any kind of commitment, so for me,

knowing he had planned so
hard to make sure we had a six,

and planned tow hard to
make sure we had a four,

makes me very leery about his thoughts
on keeping me in the final three.

So this is kind of scramble time.

I need to figure out a
plan and figure it out fast.

I haven't gotten an opportunity
just to talk to either of you.

And so I wanted to feel you because
I don't know where Malcolm's head is.

I'm getting flash backs to Penner.

Like,"Malcolm, are you able to make
any commitment for final three?

" "we've got time.

We don't need to worry
about that yet, jungle mom.

" and I'm like, that's
all I need to know.

I'm so glad to hear
you talking like this.

I thought you
were like this--

we have been but strategically
he has votes all over the jury.

He has the physical game.

He has the social game.

If you guys are on board, it is possible.


Today has been a good day.

I just found out Denise is willing to turn on
Malcolm and go to the final three with Mike and me.

She realizes she doesn't
have a chance against him.

None of us do.

So this is fabulous.

Malcolm is the kind of guy who will
put his arm around you, and stab you.

Stab you.

Then visit you at the
hospital the next day.

And you get out of the hospital and saying,"was
that the sweetest thing for him to come visit.

He's such a nice guy!


We all have better odds together up there
versus let's just let him do a clean sweep.

- Yeah. Absolutely
- .Okay. Okay.

So good to hear you thinking like this.

I hugged her, big hug.

Didn't shake her hand.

Didn't give her my word because I don't know
what Skupin is going to think about this.

So I talked to Lisa and
I'm voting for Malcolm.

- 100%.
- Really?

Yeah, she's like,"I'm
so relieved." all right,

I just want to go cool off and clean up.

Yeah, enjoy.

I will. Thank you!

Denise was thrilled
with your conversation.

Great, me, too.

You and I need to get off and decide
definitely which way we want to go.

Because at this point, I'm leaning
toward going to the end with Denise.

Lisa and I have a pact with Malcolm
to go into the final three together,

but now it looks like we have
the same deal with Denise,

which is great because either way
Lisa is I will be in the final three

with one of those two, depending
on who wins immunity.

If she wins tomorrow, then what?

I can't even imagine a scenario
where Malcolm doesn't win immunity.

But you know what I was thinking?

In the physical challenge I
beat Malcolm today to the puzzle.

I beat him in every physical challenge.

So I can beat him.

I'm not saying I will.

I'm saying I think I can beat him.

You know, the word on the
street is Malcolm's unbeatable,

and he makes it to the final three, it's
a landslide, he'll get every vote.

I don't know.

I think I can beat Malcolm.

And I think I can tell a
pretty good story at the end.

So I just have to keep my cool and figure
out who I want to sit next to in the finally

because that's the million-dollar
question right there.


♪♪This is going to be a crazy day.

Denise is really working it, right?

We can't control jury votes
but we can control where we sit.

So we just can't let her win.

- She hasn't won anything-- what
do you mean we can't let her win.

We have to let her win.

She's the one we have a
better chance of beating.

She hasn't played the game.

She let Malcolm play for her.

I used to hate it when Abi said
I need to keep Mike on a leash

but I think you need to be level headed
to be able to make strategic moves,

and sometimes Skupin is
not that level headed.

Realistically, we can't
let either one of them win.


Then we control the outcome of what
happens in the final part of the game.


Lisa and I are not on the same page
as far as who sits in the final three,

and who that last person is on the jury.

So if I want to control
the outcome of the game,

I have to have immunity in my hand so I can create the
final three instead of just falling into the final three.

Tree mail.

"congratulations final four.

You are almost at the end.

Follow the map to the head land.

There you will find the
torches of your fallen comrades.

At each torch you will collect a representative
name plate of those voted out before you,

pay respect to each their memories as they
each had a part in getting you to this point.

You will then head to your
final immunity challenge.

" that's a fun day.

Very cool.

That's a big one.

Tree mail was bigger than usual.

We are going to do the
fallen comrades today,

where you pay respects to everyone
who has fallen before you in the game.

It's a cool thing to take the time and go remember them
one last time before the blood starts flowing tonight.


Was a crazy guy.

He quit smoking days
before he came out here,

gained 30 pounds, was also
one of the funniest guys.

Appeared to be a little insane.

Put it that way.

I think it was very stupid
for my tribe to vote me out.

That made a move way
too early in the game.

In hindsight, you know
hindsight is 20-20.

as you can see, my whole
tribe folded after I left.

Oh, Roxy.

I think Rox would have to be one of the
people with the strongest convictions

about her beliefs
that I have ever known.

She was a fighter. She was a fighter.

I keep it real and that could have been
my downfall, keeping it real too much

gets you out sometimes, but I was
just myself, and I'm proud of it.

Oh, Angie.

Angie was my sleeping buddy.

You know what?She turned out to be a
lot tougher than we all judged her to be.

Poor girl, all she
wanted was some cookies.

A girl after my own heart!

Being ditsy or bubbly, whatever.

That's just part of who I am.

I'm not a dumb blond bum I'm not
serious all the time or hard core.

I'm kind of well-rounded, I feel like.


the leader, came in saying,"I
don't want to be the leader, guys,"

but he just couldn't help it.

He wanted to win this game so bad.

A cog taijous enemy around camp.

And he was the first
returning player to go.

I came back out here to win this thing.

However, we got our butts kicked, worst
tribe ever in the "Survivor" history

and to go out four
straight humiliations.


I think she could have
been a great competitor,

but her body just wouldn't
let her stay in it.

I can speak on her behalf, being
med-evaced from this game,

it just leaves a little hole inside.

I definitely think I had
the heart for the game,

and I think at the end it was all heart,

but I just don't think I
could have went on any longer.

You can only do what you can do.

Oh, Dawson. Dawson was another very
lively addition to the game of "survivor.

" a little quirky.

A little out there, but definitely
entertainment that I think Kalabaw needed.

I played too passively.

That's my biggest regret.

But having Jeff Probst snuff my torch, I
can't tell you how much I was salivating.

I just wanted to put a wet
one so far up on his lips.

It was a moment he and I shared.

And I'll never be the same.

Katie, great competitor.

Wasn't afraid to strategize.

A little bit of a potty
mouth, which I loved.

I really liked Katie, but, unfortunately, she
had to go so I could stay.

So thank you, Katie.

The only time I've ever
camped is with girl scouts,

so the fact that I stuck it out
for 16 days is, like, huge to me.

RC,my first alliance in the game,30
seconds into this game, RC Was all over it.

Unfortunately, the extreme methods of her playing became
so obvious to everybody, she instantly became a threat.

I sort of was oftrasights because
I took my clue and the idol,

and then turned everyone against me.

You know, you win some, you lose
some. I'm not really used to losing.

Jeff. Sorry to see him go.

He was a good player.

He was the one that wanted
returning players gone the most.

Great, great athlete.

I played baseball with some of the
most spoiled brats you ever met.

Maybe I was one of them at times.

But I'm proud of the fact that
I have been able to get through

this game without pissing
a lot of people off.


Very, very loyal to the Tandang tribe.

I think almost loyal to a fault.

Tandang was capable of literally
annihilating the other two tribes,

so I'm disappointed that my tribe couldn't stay
together and do what was tailor made for us to do.

Pete. Stuck with Abi
through thick and thin,

and it was that which really, really
bit him in the butt in the end.

I'm definitely proud
of the game they played.

I wanted to be in control.

And most of the game I was in control.

The turning point in the game
was I kept Abi for way too long.

I really disliked her from
day one, but she had the idol.

I had to stick with her, and I
just made the wrong decision.


Entertainment on steroids.

Great strategic player.

Nobody wanted to sit next to him.

No. In the find three because
we knew he could create a speech

that would have knocked
everyone's socks of.

I love "Survivor" and I've been one
of the luckiest few people in the world

to have gotten three
opportunities to play this.

I regret nothing.

I've left everything on the field.

You know, I gave blood, sweat, and
tears for this game.

And I hold my head
up high at this point.

When I met Carter, I saw a
young man become a man out here.

And his physical strength and his personal character
is the reason we had to write his name down.

I was who I said I was.

I work hard and I developed solid
relationships with people out here.

It's unfortunate, un, that it
couldn't have got me farther.

Abi. Our little Brazilian firecracker.

Tumultuous and tenacious.

I'm say this for the girl-- as much
as everyone wants her gone for so long,

to make it to fifth place
is pretty impressive.

I was genuinely surprised that
people didn't like me so much.

I learned a lot from that experience.

And still went home fighting
and with my head up high.

All right.

Got it?


There it goes.

Watch the puppy burn.

Come on in, guys!

And now it comes down to this.

One final immunity challenge.

Shall we get to it.

Yes. Yes.

First things first, Malcolm. I
gotta take it back.

For the last time, immunity
back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you each have a wooden
cylinder that has been cut into several pieces.

On my go, you'll pick up the
first piece using two handles.

Your goal-- balance a ball
on your center piece of wood.

Every five minutes we'll add more pieces
making it more difficult to balance the ball.

If at any point the ball falls off the
piece of wood you're out of the challenge.

Your shot at immunity is over.

Last person left standing wins immunity, guarantees
themselves a spot at the final tribal council

where you will get to plead your case
about why you deserve the million dollars.

Losers go to tribal council, where one of
you will become the final member jury.

At the last reward challenge, Malcolm, you
battled and won an advantage in this challenge.

And he doesn't need it.

"you are allowed a second chance
in this final immunity challenge.

Should you drop the ball at any
point, you are not out of the challenge

but will replace the
ball and start again.

" that means one second chance.

If at any point, Malcolm drops his ball, he gets
one free shot to put it back on and keep going.

All right, take your spots.

We'll get started.

All right, here we go.

Pickup your handles.

What you're going to do is put
both sides of the handle against

that first piece of wood and pick it up.

All right, in three, two, one, pick it up.

And this challenge is on.

All you have to do is
keep that ball balanced.

Simple little backyard game
could be worth a million bucks.

Everybody looks really solid right now.

All you have to do is survive another 30
seconds, and you are safe in this round.

Malcolm with a little bit of a wobble.

A good recovery.

10 seconds left.

Five, four, three, two, one, everybody safe.

Set down your ball. Relax your hands.

All right.

We're going to add two more
pieces of wood, one on either side.

Go ahead and grab them and place them.

This round will be more difficult.

All right.

Pick up your handles.

Here we go.

Three, two, one, lift.

This challenge is back on.

Three pieces of wood now.

A lot longer throw.

Hard tore keep it balanced.

Malcolm with an advantage.

If his ball drops he gets a free reset.

Skupin a little bit of the jitters.

Denise, nice adjustment.

Lisa rock solid.

Malcolm drops his ball.

He is not out of the challenge.

He has a second shot.

Everybody, set your balls
down, and we will reset.

Malcolm's advantage
will now come into play.

This is his one opportunity
for a second shot.

And now we resume this round.

Everybody put your handles on the wood.

Here we go.

In five, four, three, two, one.

We are back on.

Malcolm's second shot has
kept him in this challenge.

Now everybody is on the same page.

Your ball drops, you're out, that's it.

Go home.

Everybody very solid.

Except Malcolm.

That ball still moving around.

Arms shaking.

Malcolm flirting with
disaster, but still alive.

Calm your body.

Malcolm with another amazing recovery.

Ball is almost hopping
it's moving so much.

Just like that, Malcolm is out of
this challenge, no shot at immunity.

His fate in this game will now
rest in somebody else's hands.

Malcolm had an advantage, it gave him
a second shot, and it didn't matter.

He's still the first person
out of this challenge.

One minute left.

We move to the next round.

Skupin very steady.

Lisa steady.

Denise steady.

Denise, good recovery.

30 seconds.

Denise drops her ball.

Denise is out of this challenge.

Now we are down to two.

10 seconds left in this round.

Five, four, three, two, one.

You are both safe. Set
down your balls and relax.

Skupin and Lisa survive another round.

Move on to round three.

Two more blocks of wood had been added.

It will become much more difficult.

Come on, Skup.

Grab your handles, here we
go, three, two, one, and lift.

This challenge is back on.

This could be the
final round right here.

We are down to Lisa and Skupin battling
for the final immunity necklace.


30 seconds left in this round.

Dig deep right now.

30 seconds.

Keep it together for 30 seconds.

Lisa with a tiny wobble.

Lisa starting to wobble a little more.

Still have 10 seconds
left in this round.

She's got to hang on.

Five, four, three, two, one.

You're both safe. Drop your balls.

Nice job, guys.

Good job, Lisa.

We move on to the next round.

We will place two more pieces now, making
this very long, very tough to balance.

Here we go.

Pick up your handles.

Five, four, three, two, one.


And this challenge is back on.

Skupin or Lisa will go to tribal
council tonight wearing the necklace.

Very big decision at tonight's tribal.

You want to be the one in charge.

You're in a danger zone now.

Any movement can knock that ball off.

Skupin adjusting.

Something's not
working, change something up.

Change your breathing.

Change your focus.

A little bit of movement in Lisa.

That's about it.

Don't think about
anything, nothing, nothing, nothing but this.

This is it right here.

Balancing that little ball on these pieces of
wood is all you should be thinking about right now.

Lisa drops her ball.

Skupin wins final immunity.

Guaranteed a spot in
the final tribal council.

After returning to a game
he played 12 years ago.

Skupin will get a chance
to finish what he started.


We made it together.

Skupin, come on over.

Skupin, safe at tonight's
final tribal council.

I never thought I'd hear you say that.

You are there.

You are say safe in this game.

You have gone as far as you can go.

Tonight, tribal council.

You're good to go.

Malcolm, Lisa, Denise, after
38 days in the Philippines,

one person will become the
final member of our jury,

the other two will join Skupin
at the final tribal council.

I can't wait to hear
how this afternoon goes.

I'll see you all tonight
at tribal council.



Great job.


Thank you.

You guys did, oh, my gosh.

Good try, man.

You tried.

I just have shaky hands.

The advantage would
have had to have been,

"Malcolm, you automatically
win" for me to put that off.

I needed to win the immunity challenge
to guarantee my spot for the final three

but the minute I get nervous around a
girl or anything my hands start shaking

and when I saw my hands shaking
it got worse and worse and worse.

It's a disconcerting scenario because
my fate now rests with Lisa and Skupin.

You beat him.

Right when we needed it.

I can't believe I did it.

This win means I made to
the very, very, very end.

And what I'm most proud of is the fact they
all said the same thing, Malcolm is going to win.

It turns out it was not even close.

Mr. Skupin, well done.


Now there's a ton of strategy.

Who do you keep?

Who do you put on the jury?

Can you get their vote?

And it's up to me to make that decision.

We're all cool, yes?

I'm so scared.

I've had a necklace for the past week.

And I don't have one.

She's going to want you
all to throw votes at me.

Should we just go along
with her and say yeah?

- No!
- No, no, I'm saying to say it.

If we're all good, I don't care.

This is the first time in a long time in
this game I haven't been calling the shots.

Hopefully, I've strategized well
enough to where it doesn't matter.

I have an oath from Lisa and Skupin that
they're with me, that Denise is going home.

But people are out here playing
a game for a million dollars,

and if they get any crazy ideas I could
be in for a nasty surprise tonight.

Is this a good opportunity.

I'm still on board.

Are we still good?

It's really.

You know Lisa and I are tight, right.

I know. And it's our decision
between you and Malcolm.


So, obviously, if you're on board
with us, then it's three to one.

Then it's three to one.

If we decide to go with
Malcolm, then, obviously, you're gone.

I'll be gone.

I know, so my plan will be Malcolm with
the hopes that you two stay on that.

I mean, I'm 100% on that.

You would be silly.

- 100%.
- To do anything else.

I am so mad.

Malcolm and I could have stayed
together and split the vote,

have it be a tie, but now
that's not going to happen.

So my head is clearly
on the block tonight.

You will write Malcolm's name down.

It's guaranteed.

The problem is Skupin is
kind of the dreamer guy.

His mind is going a thousand different places
and he may not always see the repercussions.

What happens if you take the best
of the best of the best to the end.

So I have to figure on the a way to convince
him that it's worth it to take me with them.

I'm one stubborn, determined woman.

And if I can make it happen, I'm
going to make it happen.

What are you thinking, dude?

You know, there's a weird, instinctive, primitive
side of me that says go against the best.

Go against the best.

- Go against the best.
- I know.

Is there honor in beating
Malcolm over beating you or Lisa?

Is there any honor in that?

I mean, there is to some
extent, but will it happen?

And is that a risk that's
worth taking, knowing--

if the jury votes with Malcolm, is
there honor beating him?

My fear is we won't.

The obvious choice is vote Malcolm out.

That seems like the obvious.

But when it comes right down to
it, I would love to take Malcolm

and beat him straight up man to
man, two warriors, fought to a head.

He won three individual challenges.

I won three individual challenges.

What a great head-to-head
battle that would be.

I have a respect for the two of you.

I just feel this friendship
with you and Lisa.

I'm getting all chocked up.

I swear to god, it's not a ploy.

This is no ploy.

I really care about both of you,

and whatever you decide I will
respect, whatever you both decide.

I feel there are friendships that have
formed out here that will supersede this game.

Malcolm and I may have had an alliance,

but there's a difference between
that and a true friendship.

But this is also a game, and you have
to figure out what's best for you guys,

but you know where I'm voting.

Wow, it's such a big decision.

It is.

I just heard your comrade out,

all the reasons why she
should come instead of you.

She's such a sweetheart.

Right now I haven't decided
who I'm going to keep yet.

I am strongly considering
keeping Malcolm.

You know, my wife said to me as I was
walking out the door, make us proud of you.

" and I would love to get to the
final three by keeping my word,

and being honorable, and come the final
vote, have her say,"you made us proud.

" you know, I've told you how I feel.

Why don't you tell me
about what you're thinking?

Right now.

I think it's Malcolm in the finals.

Tonight, we can either bring Malcolm
or Denise to the final three.

Assuming Michael and I will vote together, which is
a big assumption because Skupin is a wild card here.


He's good at that.

Handing the title of sole survivor on a
platter to Malcolm would just be stupid.

Everybody who signed up to
play this game came to win.

And I did, too.

So after what I've been through, I'll do whatever it
takes to make sure Malcolm is not in the final three.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

RC Jeff. Artis.

Pete. Penner. Carter.

And Abi, voted out at
the last tribal council.

So,38 days, one spot left in the jury, three
spots at the final tribal council.

Skupin, how big a factor are
alliances at this point in the game?

I mean, it's a part of the game that gets
you going and gets you through the mid-game

and gets you to the end
game, and it's always a factor.

You have to weigh out everything.

Denise, does it have any impact that you
and Malcolm started this game together

and Skupe and I know Lisa
started this game together?


You can look at those alliances
from the start, and is there a loyalty

that you hope will take
you into that final three?

Do you look at new alliances that were
formed with the four that got us here?

And you're looking
at each layer of that.

You know, the strategy, the
loyalty, the alliances.

I mean, it's a great place to be but
it definitely doesn't get any easier.

Malcolm, given
how you started--

you and Denise losing, losing, losing, and
you get split up and somehow you survive.

There's clearly some sort of loyalty
to Denise but it's been complicated.

Yeah, the story lines gets intertwined.

Everything gets mixed up.

People you were super tight with on day
one you're not so tight with at the end.

I was close with Angie on day one
and had to cut her throat earlier

than I had to consider
getting rid of Denise.

Denise, that has to give
you a bit of concern.

Absolutely, incredibly concerning.

But we're like separated at birth, and
went on and lived different lives

and built different relationships
and luck of the draw got back together

and you hope that that loyalty
is there, but this is "survivor.

" and so absolutely I'm concerned.

Malcolm, you could read
Denise's comment two ways.

Any guilt I felt for what
I just said is gone now.

But we're in agreement.

We both had to form new relationships
to survive in this graham.

When we got back together we worked
together and worked together very well.

It was always to a final four
end and we both new knew that.


It's interesting that there is division
here, and yet over here with Lisa

and Skupin it's always
seemed sort of harmonious.

Actually, our relationship has been
referred to as an "open relationship,"

because we have not been
together all along the path.

We voted separate ways.

We wanted to be together, but I
didn't want to vote out my alliance,

and so he went with his new
one, and then we kind of reconnected.

So it has not been a true-blue
alliance all the way along.

Malcolm, that's a little
like unrequited love.

"we wanted to be together
but the forces kept us apart.

" and suddenly that's
two votes over there.

That was a sweet story.

Yeah, I can't figure out
what goes on with those two.

That's how they've been for
a really long time out here.

So this late in the game, reading into
that relationship is extremely difficult.

Skupin, let's talk about favors, like
Malcolm gave you this great gift.

He let your son have the
"Survivor" experience.

How big of an impact
will that have tonight?

You know, I told Malcolm
he's got favors for life.

Lisa, how about you.

Do you think favors will
play a part in tonight's vote?

I don't think so.

Because that would have to
be a million-dollar favor.

I don't know that any favors
have been exchanged in this game

that would be worth a million dollars
or giving up the title of sole survivor.

So tonight, this is simply strategy for
you, get out the biggest threat to beat me.


Malcolm, you have to be a little concerned
because you've got a great story.

"I was on the worst tribe.

I won my way back.

I've won some challenges.

I've done some solid favors.

Seem to be likable." you
could be the biggest theft.

Yeah, I think I do have a pretty
cool story if I make it past tonight.

But Denise has done it just
one tad bit better.

She went to every tribal council.

My hands are dirty and a lot of people
are sitting over there because I flipped.

She never had to flip anybody.

She floated in the middle and
she's the only Kalabaw here

so Denise is far and away more
dangerous in the final three.

Skupin Malcolm's story is very clear.

I realize I'm a threat.

She dwarfs me.

It's a strong case.

Malcolm and I, Denise and
I, Lisa and I have run scenarios

what the other person would say
when it came to the final three.

Everybody has a great story.

Lisa, is there a reason you
should take Malcolm to the end?

Don't hesitate that long.

There's not a reason for
me to take him to the end.

Malcolm, how does that feel?

Uh-- it's, uh, upsetting
to hear Lisa's answer.

I've looked people in the eyes
and shook hands and we have deals

that go beyond this game and that's
what I'm hoping takes precedence tonight.

Well, the only person who
feels safe right now is Skupin.

Lisa, Denise, Malcolm, one of you is about
to become the eighth member of the jury.

It is time to vote.

Denise, you're up.

Hey, Malcolm, I completely respect
the way you play the game,

but I tried to approach you, and you didn't
give me a commitment so I outwit you.

It sounds like it's you tonight.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.



One vote Denise, one vote Malcolm.


Two votes Malcolm, one vote Denise.

One vote left.

15th person voted out and the eighth
and final member of our jury, Malcolm.

Congratulations, Denise.

Malcolm, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

I think it's safe to say that
is one more unhappy jury member

you can add to the list of people you're
going to have to sway tomorrow night.

That's the invoice for
doing what they couldn't do.

You made it to the end.

They didn't.

You have a shot at a million dollars.

They don't.

You have one more night under
the stars here in the Philippines.

Try to enjoy it.

I'll see you tomorrow night
for your final tribal council.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Maybe I pushed too
hard, I leveraged too much.

I had them so driven to finally
play the game and see threats

that they finally saw me as a threat.

I'm pissed off that I'm
not going to be at the end.

Right now, it's painful
for a lifelong fan.


- Oh my goodness!
- Oh, that was brutal!

That was my most heart drenching one yet.

Oh, she was mad.

He was mad.

Yeah, really mad.

I feel badly that Malcolm was
really upset, but at the same time

this is that part of the game I can
say, Malcolm, you were a great ally.

You played a great game, but this
is the part where I outwit you.

He really sound like he believed, like, absolutely, he
was going to that final three.

This is the part where I went one step past
you and you can be angry but that's the game.

As hard as that was, it
still feels right.

You got a little bit of a
vote of confidence, though.

As he was leaving tribal council, Malcolm said
congratulations on your million dollars, Denise.

Meaning she was going
to run away with it.

I'll have a lot to say
about that tomorrow.

It's weird that you blindside
your alliance from day one,

and yet you get the vote of
confidence on the way out.

But you know what, tho?

I'm not banking on it.

Some people might not want
to vote for any one of us.

I guess who can plead their case the best is
potentially the one who is going to win a million bucks.


This is the last morning here.

I do want to take it all in.

39 days.

Take it all in.

I'm glad I didn't miss this.

It was great to hike up to the cliff
this morning, un, to have the three of us,

and just to sit up here and
have a different perspective.

Who knew that in 39 days such
significant life change could happen.

Such deep connections could be built.

Here I am this little old
sex therapist from Iowa,**

who actually has played some strategy.

And I feel like I'm thriving out here.

From a guy who has been there 39
days of an adventure you will never,

ever forget for the rest of your life.

Let's go check tree mail.

I see champagne!

Orange juice.

Ice n.



This isn't tree mail.

This is tree meal.

Oh, my gosh.

We walked up to tree mail this
morning and there was bacon and sausage

and I'll tell you, your strength starts to
return just from knowing you're going to eat.

I never had sausage like this.

Oh, I can't get enough.

23 seasons I watched this game go.

And I've always wondered if I could play this whole game
strategically enough to get myself in the final three.

To amazingness.

Yes. Final three.

Final three.

I knew I could make it
to the end 23 seasons ago.

When I came out here, I tried
to tell myself the same thing.

But thought of doubt kept
creeping in because I every time

I got around a campfire I
thought, don't fall in the sucker.

But I'm here, and it
feels good to be here.

Wow, this has been a
great final three, though.

I feel really good
about this final three.

Just the-- the camaraderie
between the three of us.

I like to think there's no runaway.

No, there's no runaway.

It truly could go any direction.

You know, I left show business, got married, raised
my kids, and that was a thing of my past.

And now I'm back in
the game of "survivor.

" and you would think that
it would feel very similar,

but it's nothing like what I
experienced growing up as a child

because on the "facts
of life" I had a role.

I had a script.

I played a character.

I didn't have to worry about me.

All right.

I didn't really realize how
much of your heart and your soul

and your spirit and your body
are involved in this game,

that your head is just a
little bitty part of it.

And yet it's a huge part of it
when it comes to winning the game.

The overwhelming feeling
is one of gratitude.

I mean, of the 18 that started, there are
only three that get to experience day 39.

this is just a rare privilege, and I'm very
aware and humbled that I get to experience

something so incredible.

We did it, guys.


The members of our jury.


RC, Jeff, Artis, Pete.

Penner. Carter. Abi. And Malcolm, voted
out at the last tribal council.

Welcome to your final tribal council.

You have done what 15 other
people in this game couldn't do--

you made it to the end.

Tonight, the power in this
game shifts to the jury.

Eight people that you had a hand in voting
out now hold your fate in their hands.

They will decide who's most worthy of the title of sole
survivor and the million-dollar check that goes along with it.

Your job tonight, convince them
it is you that deserves it.

Here's how it's going to work.

You will each get to
make an opening statement.

Then the jury gets their
chance to address you.

Then we vote.

Opening statements.


Let me start by telling all of you the
one thing I'm not going to do tonight

is make any apology for being
a part of this final three.

I'm not only proud to be here but I
truly feel like I deserve to be here.

I've been able to adapt and assimilate not
just in one tribe, two tribes, but three tribes.

My Ability to do that gave me time not only
to build initial alliances but sub alliances.

It gave me time to prove to different
tribes I had value and a relationship

to keep me around as a workhorse at
camp and a value as strategist positive

I wasn't afraid to make moves in the end that
may have upset people and changed the game.

At the end of the day, I'm
the one sitting up here

that has survived every
think tribal council.

And I'm still sitting here.

I have outwit many of you.

I have outplayed many of you.

And ultimately, I did outlast all of you.

And I believe that I deserve
the title of sole survivor.


I feel like we all
outwitted, outplayed, and outlast.

We just did it in different ways.

And it's yours to judge which strategy deserves
the title of sole survivor and the million dollars.

My strategy was certainly not pretty.

I mean, it was basically run
wide open and then just fall down

and then get up and dust myself
off, adjust, learn something, and run some more.

But I did play my own game.

Unfortunately, one of the
big mistakes I feel hike

I made was not following my heart, but
it wasn't until my brother came

and he said "You need to trust
your gut and remember this is a game".

and it just hit me.

I hadn't trust my gut.

And I had forgotten it was a game.

And from that point on, I switched.

I needed to play this
game worthy of the game.

It would be like being in a boxing
ring and being afraid to throw a punch

because I might hurt somebody.

And so, at the end, I finally got it.

I learned. I grew.

And threw a punch that knocked out the heavy
weight champion of this season, and sat me here.

So I know it wasn't a pretty game.

But I learned, I grew, and I'm proud of
the final game that I played at the end.


Returning player-- after watching the
returning survivors and some of the successes,

I started to think I've got the call
too late because returning players

have found success in this game, and
everybody wanted returning players

to not progress farther than they did.

So I did things with
such fire because I knew

that my back was up against a
wall more so than anybody out here.

I think I played my guts out.

I mean, I got pieces of
mask sticking in my face.

I had to respect the core of this game.

Outwit, outplay, outlast.

I can't play this game any other way.

I love this game too much.

And I know you guys do, too.

All right, jury, now your first opportunity
to address Lisa, Skupin, and Denise.

I'll give you a moment
to gather your thoughts.

And we'll get on with it.


Allright, jury, some of you
have waited a long time

for the oppurtunity to address
Lisa, Skupin, and Denise

Your job tonight is to gather the information
you need to make a very big decision

Which one of these 3 is most
deserving of the title of Sole Survivor

and a million dollars that goes
along with the win

Let's get started

Artis, you're up first

Normally, this is the part of the game
where you'd be congratulated

For making it where you are

Unfortunately, I cannot do that.

Because, you started the game

with this holier than thau attitdue
talking about loyalty

and you play the game totally
contradictory to that

you end up ripping what you sowed.

If you say you're gonna do something

and you don't do it

you suffer the consequences

Me? I made alliances

But I held true to all of my alliances

and the beauty of this game is

when it's all said and done
Karma is a bitch.


What's up, guys?

Hey, Carter.

Lisa, people kind of looked to you as an easy
target right away, and yet you're sitting here.

And I say good job for that.

I truly mean it.

Skupin, same boat.

Hit the beach, and your name was
tossed around more than anyone's.

And you didn't go home.

You're here.

I know there's bitterness, and
I know it sucks being up here,

the pain people feel
and pouring that on you,

but I do feel like you
guys played a good game.

Skupin, we were really
close, and I kind of want to know

what your thought was on when
you found out I was going home.

I just want to know what
you have to say about that.

Carter, I have to say I can't imagine
you could have played the game harder.

You were so likable and so selfless.

When we talked about
you, there wasn't any reason

to keep you if any of
us wanted to have a shot.

Friendships and game at some
point have to be separated.

And the hardest votes out here are a vote
like we had to get rid of you one day.

Thanks, man.

I appreciate that. Seriously.

Pete, you're up.

Hi, guys.

Lisa, I feel like you have been
hiding behind the fact saying,

"I never voted for Artis.

I never voted for Pete.

" but it's kind of like a Judas situation
where you kind of didn't vote for us,

but you kind of knew
that we were going home.

I did not know that Artis was going home.

So that night I wrote
down Penner's name.

I did not know Artis was the
one that was in the cross-hairs

and I had made a decision
to not go with them,

knowing it would cost me
probably a million dollars.

So I'm glad I had a
chance it clear that up.


Denise, I'd like to hear why your
game was better than Skupin's

and Lisa's and why you
deserve a million dollars.

Going from tribe to tribe to tribe,

I think I was definitely forced
to play a much more strategic game.

That social part of the game became
vital because I had to figure out a way

to show that I had a reason to stay in the
tribe air, reason to help them stay strong.

Getting to the merge, same thing.

I should have been, along with
the rest of the Kalabaw tribe,

we should have been the
first ones to go, not RC

I mean, truly, had we come into
this tribe of solid seven,

you guys could have
picked us off one by one.

But there were fractures, and
I worked with that.

I was forced to by changing
tribes multiple times.

Thanks, Pete. RC

Lisa. The woman from day one, second
one on the raft I wanted out

because you were so smart and so sort of sneaky
and sweet that I knew this was going to happen.

So I'm not surprised you're sitting
here because I identified day one.

And you were able to out manufacture, out
wit, outplay, out think everyone.

So I'm everywhere proud
of you and congratulations.

Thank you, RC


On day 19,was there something
that you maybe should have told me?

On day 19,Penner was going home.

I had no idea you were going home.

You didn't know my name
was being written down?

No, I knew Penner was going
and that's what I knew

and I thought it was a complete
blindside and that's the way they voted.

I would never have
wanted to get rid of you.

Thank you, guys.

Congratulations again.

Thanks, RC, Malcolm.

All right.

Hi, guys.

I didn't have questions
until this thing started,

but Lisa came out and gave her opening
speech she was swinging for the fences.

I didn't think she had it in her but it
was exactly what I wanted to hear from her,

and for the first time I really
considered writing your name down tonight.

Denise you
needed-- don't nod.

I'm telling you right now, don't nod.

Don't nod.

This appeasing everybody
thing has to stop.

You've been doing it since day one.

That's what you do for a living.

You're a therapist.

But now I want to hear how
you're going to win this game,

how you played better and
why you deserved it more,

and I don't want this appeasing
thing, this trying to play nice,

trying to keep friends
through the entire process.

How did I outwit or outplayed these two.

You're right, being a therapist is
what I do, and some of that is appeasing

because there is value in this
game to playing that social piece.

But there's also value in just listening
and observes to what people say.

That's a part of who I am that I
couldn't not bring into the game.

So it may seem appeasing but I was
playing the game every step of the way.

And I'm sitting here and
you're standing there.

You got hung up on one word.

That's not what I asked at all.

The question was how
did you beat these two?

By the strategy they played.

By the strategy of being here.

I I don't think they played
that kind of a strategic game.

- Thanks.
- Thanks, Malcolm.


There's no doubt that we all
share a little bit of bitterness,

some at different levels than
others because we're sitting here

and you guys are sitting there.

I'm a little bitter, too, but
I can handle it really well.

Skupin, I've learned throughout my life and
career that there are three kinds of people.

People that make things happen.

People that watch things happen.

And people that wonder
what the hell just happened.

Which one are you?

Give me some examples in the
game of which one you are.

I would definitely
say make things happen.

I mean, one of my family motos is are you
going to watch the news today or make the news?

And one of the things they think was huge here
is my neck was chopping block every single day.

When I look at Lisa and Denise's game,

I didn't see parts of their game
where they were having trouble

she was on three tribes but
never heard her name brought up

Lisa's name has hardly ever
brought up after day 4 or 5

When my name came up, I had to
shift or create or try and do things

and my name came up every
single time until Penner left.

Lisa, give me a reason why, maybe some
examples of how you didn't play in the middle,

how you did float along like Denise
that separates the two of you?

I can't even recall a time
I floated in the middle.

I maybe should have floated in the middle because
because I was pretty wide open the whole time.

I was the first one to make a major move
when I found out Malcolm had the idol

and I went to Pete and said
this is time to blindside him.

We had it all planned and in
the last 15 minutes it blew up.

Pete had a plan b.

And that was to send you
home, which still was good,

because it would keep
our Tandang numbers--

that's fine on that. But I think
that proves my example here.

You tried to make something happen.

You couldn't make it happen, so you just agreed
with everybody else, which means you just floated by.

No, that's not true at all.

I agreed because it was still, along with my
plan, which was keep Tandang numbers strong.

So you were on Kalabaw, so that was a
great plan, and I played it hard from here.

I said we've got plan B, guys.

Go with plan b.

That's not floating in the middle standing up here
and saying we've got plan b, let's go with plan b.

That's pretty vocal.

All right. Thanks, Jeff. Abi, you're up.

- Hello, guys.
- ***

I was called to be the most unlikable
person in the tribe by the three of you.

7 my heart's broken.

Lisa, why do you think you're
deserving of a million dollars?

Why do you think I should
write down your name

because I really don't know who
I'm going to vote for tonight.

I believe I'm deserving of your vote because I was
absolutely true to the end with this alliance,

and planned to go all the way
the final four with that alliance.

Until it disintegrated.

And if that had worked, you and Artis and
Peter and I would be sitting in the final four.

That's why I believe
I deserve your vote.

Michael, why do you think I should
give you a million dollars tonight

or do you even care they would
write your name down or not?

I believe that I deserve your vote
because what this game is about,

it's about outwit, outplay, outlast.

And I believe if you look
at those three principles,

there's nobody sitting up here that did that
remotely even close to what I did in this game.

But I don't believe one of the core
values of the game is out-disrespect.

I don't believe it is, either.

Thank you.

Denise, you made very clear that
you did not respect my game,

that I was an unlikable person, being the
most unlikable person is not the label

that I wanted to leave here with.

I was demoralized.

I was made to look this little.

Hindsight is 20-20.

and as much as there may be
many sentiments in what I said,

that I still stand behind, there may have
been a different way for me to handle it.

And I do apologize.

If you were truly traumatize by that, if you
were truly demoralized by that, I do apologize.

Because that's not my attention.

But when we present our
strategies, just didn't mesh.

Thank you.

Thanks, Abi. Penner.

All right, let's end this thing.

Guys, hi. Congratulations.

Obviously, we all wish
we were sitting there.

As Jeff says, there is
some vestige of fury?

Of course there is.

How can there help but be.

We've all given our hearts
and souls to this game,

some of us a tremendous
amount of heart and soul.

And to see anyone but ourselves sitting
there looking at anyone else is painful.

That said, you have my
heart felt congratulations.

I know what's going on tonight is hard.

Smart people asking tough questions.

I will hope to continue that tradition.

Denise, we've had a lot of time together.

I'm a little confused by
some of what you said tonight,

appeasing is what happened.

You shared with me
once that the one thing

that you were sort of afraid
of being seen as was a bitch.

You can rest assured that you
have now shown the world that side.

Skupin, you're sitting here telling
us how your name kept coming up

and how you were
threatened all the time.

I don't think your name-- and you
guys will correct me if I'm wrong

eye don't think your name has been
written down one time in this entire game.

I have the proud distinction of having
my name written down I believe 15 times.

Which may be a record-- no, I think
Phillip Shepard has more times,

but I may have close to a record,15
times my name is written down.

So I know that you're sitting here saying
that there was this big target on your back,

but however you scrambled or dissembled,
back-stabbed and flip-flopped,

you were able to avoid having
your name written down even once.

You may find that you have a
perfect record, even after tonight.

Lisa, my friend, we got close out here.

We both know that we did.

Would you like to share
with everybody or shall I?

Either one.

I'll be happy to
because I-- I mean,

I don't-- no, no, I don't
want to shame you, summer.

It's not a shame.

No, no, of course not.

You should be proud. Yeah.

Lea was a television star.

She spent nine years on the
television program "the facts of life."

from the age of 12 to the age of
21,she was America's sweetheart--

still may be.

You guys deserve to know that
when you vote or don't vote for her

that she has kept that from all of
you, and I kept your secret safe until now.

Can I ask you a question?

Anything you want?

Did you reveal to any of us
what you did as a teenager,

what job you had as a
teenager, like 25 years ago?

Or did you talk more
about who you are now,

what you've been doing, and
what you bring to the game now?

I didn't talk about when I
went to the bathroom 16 days--

there's a lot of things I
didn't talk about, either.

My life, would you
really like to hear now?

Should we take the time and I can
talk about what I did when I was 12 to 21.

if you guys are interested, I don't think
it's going to affect the outcome tonight.

Maybe later I'll tell you all about it.

I think that one of you has
ridden the other two in here.

Like oxen.

You have been yoked to a cart and have been
ridden in, and now you will be led to the slaughter.

And you hear the cheering.

You think the million dollars is yours.

One of you is right.

One of of you is
standing in the chariot.

And the other two are actually just the oxen
listening to the crowd cheering the other person.

I'm done.

All right, jury.

A very lively final tribal council.

Hopefully, you gathered the information
you need to now make a very big decision.

Which one of these three--
Lisa, Skupin, or Denise--

do you think most deserves to win this game
and the million dollars that goes along with it?

I'm going to give you a
moment to gather your thoughts.

We'll come back and we will vote.


Lisa, Skupin, Denise.

You had your chance
to address the jury.

The jury has had their
chance to address you.

We now get to the vote.

Jury, you are voting for a winner.

The person's name who you write down you
think is most deserving of winning this game

and the million dollars
that goes with it.

39 days of "Survivor" can take
a tremendous toll on a person.

For one of you, it's
about to be worth it.

For the last time, it is time to vote.

Jeff, you're up.

The minute I got on the raft I wanted you
gone because I knew what a threat you were.

So you certainly deserve this vote.

You played a pretty flawless game.

My congratulations to you.

It hurts, but did you great.

I hope other people recognize the
type of game you played out here.

I'll go get the votes.

Thank you for a great
season of "survivor."

I will see everybody back in the
states for the reading of the votes.


Thank you!

Thank you.

Everybody have a seat.

Thank you for that nice welcome.


We are live in Los Angeles, and
tonight I will read the votes,

and there will be a winner of
"survivor: Philippines.

" but before we get to that, we're going
to take a moment of silence for the victims

and the families of the tragedy that
occurred on Friday in Newtown, Connecticut.

Thank you.


It is time to read the votes.

Lisa, Skupin, Denise.

Here we go.

First vote, Lisa.

Denise one vote Lisa, one vote Denise.


One vote Lisa, one vote
Skupin, one vote Denise.


Two votes Denise, one
vote Lisa, one vote Skupin.


Three votes Denise, one
vote Lisa, one vote Skupin.

The winner of "Survivor:
Philippines," Denise.


I'm so proud of you.

Go hug your family.


The live reunion show is next.

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