Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 10 - Whiners Are Weiners - full transcript

Castaways compete for a luxurious spa getaway and tempers flare when one castaway returns with a full belly and a bitter attitude.














***This point.

I experienced more grace from the people
that i was against than the people i was with.

But in the end lisa stayed true
to her alliance and it was skupin

who joined the rebellion,taking
out pete and abi's biggest ally.

Tenth person voted out and the
third member of our jury,artis.

With their alliance crumbling,can
abi and pete survive?

Eight are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?


Too bad for artis.

Yeah,he didn't see that coming.

Trying to think about another game plan.


That. That's what happens when
you fall asleep at the wheel.

Tribal council disaster basically.

Seriously,it's like what the?

Like,i thought we had agreed that tandang was
supposed to be strong and make a big move together.

If we didn't do what we did tonight none
of us would have had a chance at the mill.


So this is all of our chances.

It is.

Voting artis off tonight
was my first real big move,

but i don't believe you can win
this game with just one big move.

I believe that there are several big moves that
need to take place before the end of this game.

I hope that both you and jonathan know
what i'm thinking long term with you two.

Well,i think the perfect scenario is
to have all of us in the final six.

Oh,my gosh,yes.

And then we shake hands
and we say "game on."

and fight it out.

Fight it out.

Which ever way i go,i
need to control this game

as much as i can instead of letting
somebody else determine my fate.

It's -- the only way i've ever lived my life
and it's the way i'm going to play this game.

Season 25 Episode 10



Honestly,i think you'll see that i
never wavered from our alliance of four

because i could walk away having not broken
my word even if it meant we were no longer --

had majority numbers.


How you feel today,though?

Do you think you're
going to align with them?

Well,it's very hard being in
an alliance with pete and abi

and i have never been good at breakups.

I have continued in relationships way too
long just because i didn't want to hurt them.

And so that's what's
felt comfortable out here.

The big part of who i am and who i have been
is someone who feels comfortable to be used.

I feel like that for some
reason i lost that trust in you

and i can't be in an alliance who w
someone who really doesn't trust me.

You know what threw me off yesterday is when you said
that the other side was more gracious to you than us.

They have gone out of their way to
be kind to me and to encourage me.

Well,that's just because they are
smart and they want the numbers.

But,you know,it's all about
forgiving around here,right?

And you do want to go to the end and
you want to be on the top of an alliance.

You do not want to be on
the bottom of an alliance.

You know if you go with help
the your chances are very lean.

I get that.

But you know what?

At this point i'm willing to be sixth and feel
good that the people i'm with aren't going to be

calling me out at tribal council
saying they don't trust me.

All right.That's fair enough.

I'm not gonna try any harder if that's
how you feel,there's nothing i can say.

Clearly you're already
aligned with them.

So good luck.

The really wonderful thing is i do believe
i'm taking control of my own destiny.

I think it's going to make a huge
difference in the quality of my time out here

and really it sounds
dramatic,but the rest of my life.

Come on in,guys!

Guys ready to get to
today's reward stkphapblg.


For today's challenge,you'll
be divided into teams.

Each team will have a total of
three drums,one in each circle.

On my go,you'll race to flip your drum symbol
up while the other team tries to flip it back.

Simple down.

First team to get all three of
their drums face up at the same time

scores a point for their team.

First team to score three wins reward.

You want to know what
you're playing for?


Today's reward is a thing of beauty.

You'll be taken to a separate island
where we have put together a spa day.


You'll start with a bath.

My hair!

You can wash your hair.

Then how about a massage?


Pedicures and manicures.

And when you're nice and relaxed,chicken,beef,shrimp
skewers,fried calamari and some cocktails.

I know it's worth playing for.

We'll draw for teams and get started.

All right,we have our two teams.

For the red team,kwra
*eup,carter,malcolm and pete.

For the yellow
team,penner,denice,lisa and skupin.

Here we go.

First round,carter taking on penner.

We are playing to three.

Survivors ready?


Once you get all three of your
drums face up,same time you win.

Carter flips penner's back over.

Up here.

There you go.

Penner flips red team's
over just in time.

Carter going quickly.

Done!Done,red scores!

Atta boy,carter.

Red leads one-zip.

Malcolm is coming up for red team.

He'll take on skupin.

Survivors ready?


A little schoolyard game on "survivor."

get to it malcolm!Go!

You got it!


Malcolm forgets to flip yellow back
over opening the door for skupin.

Yellow scores!

We are tieded 1-1.

all right,next two.

Abi going to be taking on lisa.

Survivors ready?


Leave it!

Kwra eupb,no!No!

Just flipped over one
from the other team.

Scores,yellow leads,too.

Abi,are you clear on
what's happening out here?

No,not really.

Last person from each team,pete
will be taking on denice.

Survivors ready?


Get her,pete!

Getler right here!

Even match so far.

Turn theirs!

Turn theirs!

He flips the red drum just in time.

Red scores!We are tied 2-2.

with the final round we have malcolm
taking on skupin in a rematch.

Survivors ready?


Skupin got him the first time.

Malcolm wants some revenge.

He can win it for his team right here.

Flip these two!


No,no,skupin flipped over the red drum!

Red wins!

Skupin flipped the wrong one.

The red team wins a huge reward!

My first reward!

Red team,nice job.

Boat's going to come in to take
you to a nice "survivor" spa.

You'll have a bath,you'll have a
massage and then a nice afternoon lunch.

Carter,you might want to try a pedicure.

I need one.

Pedicure would be the feet not the
fingers but either one will work.

Good eye.

nothing for you.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

Carter,abi,malcolm,pete,have a good
afternoon,grab your stuff,get ready for the pickup.

Hey,guys,way to go!

Is this for us?

Oh my gosh!

We leave the challenge on this little boat and
pull up to this amazing little stretch of beach.

They have massage
tables laid out for us,

bathtubs,a couple of picnic
tables under some umbrellas.

Life couldn't get much better than this.

Oh,my god,you guys,cheers again,please.

So we're all in agreement
we're just going to enjoy this.

No strategy.

No strategy.

We're taking a day off.

We have all the young
kids on a private beach.

I love it!

No old people.

No old people,i like that.

When i got here i
just silenced the talk.

The strategy behind that is that i'm
going to need to make a final three

or final four deal here pretty
quick and the people i want to be in,

they're all sitting back at camp right now
while i'm sitting here just having spa day.

Oh,baby,here we go!

Oh,my god!

Thank you!

I love you!


Oh,my god,i'm in heaven.

Thank you.

They came with platters
of delicious tapas foods

which is like little portions of
foods and we ate and ate and ate.

I'm eating like i've
never seen food before.

I've been surviving on beans
and sandy coconuts for the

last 26 days so today i
literally feel like a princess.

A queen.

Yeah,yeah,let's get this going,too.


Feeding my man grapes.

It's a pretty good feeling
to be away from the game.

That's why i agreed with malcolm
to not talk about strategy today

because i just need a
couple of hours to relax,

think about everything and
figure out what my next move is.

I'm smart and i'm fit and those are two
things that with food it's like a boost.

So the next challenge i'm going to be
refueled and ready to kick some butt.

This was a great reward.

Yeah,it was.


What's this,guys?

Is this them?

They're back already.

Wow,look at their hair!

Come on up and fill us in!

It was like pretty amazing.

It was like the most
beautiful thing i've ever seen.

I felt like i was in -- like in
the desert and it was like an oasis.

So we are having a pretty quiet day.

Pretty relaxing and then abi came
back from the reward and was like "oh!

" oh,my stomach.

I feel like i had like a three
month baby cooking in my belly.

I was like eating like a crazy woman.

It was like pretty amazing.

I felt like a princess.

Normally everyone's really super gracious
when they come back from a reward.

But abi's down right cruel.

She flaunted it.

And she wouldn't stop.

You know,it was
breathtaking just arriving.

Like,the site was just like something
from like the cover of a travel magazine.

Like where you see,like,this
beautiful blue sea and rocks

and white sand and then
just,like,this gorgeous setup.

It's just like in the middle of nowhere.

Just like an oasis.

Very neat.

It was gorgeous.

How are you feeling,carter?

What was your favorite part?

Um,the sauces.

There was a spicy
one that i just --

it had like the calamari with like the minty
yogurty like type of sauce and it was really good.

Like they had,like,this fruit
basket that was just to die for.

- It was amazing.
- It was so amazing.

Like i felt like i was in paradise.


I felt like i was a peasant here and
then like a fairy just went like ding

and then i became cinderella.

Yeah,the rewards are cool.

Abi has all the social
grace of a mack truck.

She has no understanding
of how to talk to people.

- Not any holding back for her.
- No.

No social skills.


Me? What?

What's up with me?

I heard my name.

No,we didn't say your name.


Maybe i'm deaf.

But i'm glad you guys stepped up to the
plate because i am done with the kitchen.

- Okay.
- Why?

Because i've been cooking
for 26 days,i'm over it.

And i'm leaving soon so just
enjoying my final moments.

Okay,well we'll continue to feed
you during your final moments.

Oh,you guys are great,thank
you so much,i appreciate that.

Well if you have the idol,which you do,you're
not going home for five days at least.

So do you not want to
eat anything with us?

Oh i don't want to cook but
i definitely do want to eat.

I don't want to starve to death.

You have lost your freaking mind,girl.

Part of me just thinks that's fine,just
let it piss everybody else off.

You know what?

Your time will come.

And i may not get to tell her anything
until i'm writing her name down and it's

that tribal council where she's finally
walking out and i get to say you know what?

Whiners are weaners.

You need to go home.


Man,if we could make bacon and eggs.

Are you making beans?

Sort of.

Because i'm out of the kitchen.

No more cooking for me.


Good to know.


They're just all ticked off at abi.

That sucks.

I mean,i know pete wants in
and i'd love to have him stay

and abi go but i don't
know how we can do that.

It could happen so when it gets to six
it's either game on or we make a plan.

Do you want to wait
that long to make a plan?

With a pretty easy vote in theory coming
up,my plan is to get a final four set up today.

And just be able to kind of coast
after this next vote until the end.

I think it's fairly clear that you and
denice are probably going to vote together.

But who else do we have for sure,

for sure,for sure?


If it's you and lisa and me and denice
it becomes very easy very quickly.

But lisa would have to be
on board for that to work.

I really need to find out if
that's going to be the case or not.

Malcolm proposed to me him and denice
and you and me in the final four.

He wants to go in the
woods and shake on it.


He thinks he can trust us the most.

It could be a big play.

When somebody wants to take you to the final
four,you have to say strategically heck yes.

Because if you say no then
you could end up odd man out.

And all of a sudden you're
on the chopping block.

What do you any?

You know,we're at the point
where we need to trust somebody.

So either we make a solid pact with
penner and carter or malcolm and denice.

Who do you trust more,penner or malcolm?

Oddly enough,penner.

All right,we need to have
a conversation with penner.

I haven't said to anybody other than you two
that i want to go to the end with you two.

Well,i mean,that's --
first off,thank you.

That's cool and i appreciate that.

But i personally am more than comfortable
taking care of business one thing at a time.

I really am comfortable
taking care of abi and peter

but i'm not that interested in
committing anything to anybody.

Not yet.

Lisa respects me and she said i want to
go to the final three with you and skupin.

That's a great option but
it's too early for me to say

who i should go to the final three with.

I will continue to keep them close and
if i get blindsided,more power to it.

I will go out with my head held high.

I don't want to get people squirrely
and get people starting to think

like we're getting ahead of ourselves.

We all agreed we'd go to six
and that's what we should do.

Penner didn't want to make that
"we're true to the end" kind of deal.

He said let's just get rid of these
two and see how that shakes down.

So i think he missed an opportunity.

Where is everybody?

I'm gonna promise on my family this is
my final four and i'm not breaking it.

This is my word completely
to the final four.

This is as serious a deal
as you can make in this game.

This isn't just some quickie alliance
wham,bam,thank you ma'am,he's gone we're on our own.

I stuck my neck out,i'm
sticking with it.

If it works out,it could be the best
thing that's happened to me in the game.

Final four,absolutely.

- Final four.
- Final four.

I've committed to a
final four with malcolm.

I'm not totally comfortable
with it because he's a gamer.

And that worries me.

But i felt i had to.

I felt i didn't have a choice.

So it makes me a little nervous.

I want to be the one calling the shots
so is i'm going to do everything i can

to win the next immunity challenge.

Come on in,guys!

Guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

First things first,skupin,i will
take back the immunity necklace.

Once again immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge ullman tphao
*ufr a buoy through a tangled rope.

The first five to finish will
move on to the next round where

you will race to move your
buoy along a balance beam.

The first three to finish
move on to the final round

where you will navigate your buoy through
a series of obstacles in the water.

First person to get to
the finish wins immunity

and a guaranteed 1-7
shot at winning this game.

Losers go to tribal council and after
27 days somebody will be voted out.

For me it all comes
down to this challenge.

Abi has the idol so if i don't win
immunity i'm pretty much screwed.

So all i can do is fight
right now,otherwise it's me.

We'll draw for spots and get started.

Here we go.

First round.

Survivors ready?


Very simple in design,a little
more difficult to execute.

You've got to get your buoy through
this tangled rope to the finish post.

The first five get-to-get to their
post move on to the next round.

Losers may be out of this game for good.

Malcolm working quickly.

Pete making progress.

Penner getting close.

Malcolm close to the end.

Carter close to the end.

Denice is in there.

Abi doing a nice job.

Malcolm's first.

Malcolm moving on.

Penner's moving on.

Looking for three more spots.

Denice is moving on.

Two spots left!

Skupin moving on.

One spot left!

Down to carter,abi,and pete.

Carter moving on.

We have our five.

Denice,carter,penner,skupin and
malcolm moving on to the next round.

Pete,abi and lisa no shot at immunity.

Next round,three people
moving on to the final round.

Survivors ready?


Penner falls off quickly
and has to go back.

Carter going on his belly.

Denice doing a nice job.

Skupin doing a nice job.

Penner really struggling.

Malcolm falls off,he's got to go back.

Denice is in this.

Right now it's denice,carter and skupin with
malcolm trying to catch up and penner out of it.

Skupin is through.

Skupin moving on.

It's now carter and denice
looking for those last two.

Carter's through.

One spot left.

Malcolm has to pick it up!

It won't matter.

Denice moves on to join carter
and skupin in the final round.

All right.It is
carter,skupin and denice.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


Denice is to the boat
first,out to a bit of a lead.

Carter right on her
tail and there's skupin.

It's very even off the top.

Carter's doing it all
without leaving the boat.

It could be a good strategy.

Skupin now picking up the piece.

Denice slowing down.

It's hard to get around that boat.

Carter back in the water.

Denice back in the water.

It is skupin,carter and
denice all very even.

Carter now with a bit of a lead.

Skupin and denice,you've
got to pick it up!

It's carter followed
quickly by skupin and denice.

Carter gets jammed up a little.

Skupin now right on carter's tail.

It's carter and
skupin.Here comes denice!

Keep moving,denice!

You've got to manage that
rope or it will tie you up.

Skupin now in the lead.

Carter's hung up!

Carter's now got to catch skupin.

This is it.

One last knot to maneuver!

Skupin has a bit of a
lead,carter is there with him.

It's skupin and carter navigating
that last piece of rope.

One knot.

Who will it be?

Skupin was in the lead.

This is going to be very close.

Carter is through!

Carter wins immunity!

Guaranteed a spot in the final seven!

Carter,come on over.

Nice job.

That was a close one.

That was a close one.


Carter safe at tonight's tribal
council,guaranteed a 1-7 shot of winning this game.

As for the rest of you,after 27
days,somebody is going home tonight.

Grab your stuff,head back
to camp,see you at tribal.

- Congrats.
- Thank you.


Nicely done,carter.

Nicely done.

That was fun,huh.

It was a good challenge.

How does it feel?

Feels good.

Today's challenge was
a really fun challenge.

However,i didn't win it.

And peter did not win as well so it's basically
peter,abi and the hidden immunity idol.

It's like an alliance
of three versus six.

Let's keep it simple.

Let's split 3-3.

if she does not play the idol and
it's a tie then we all vote for her.

Got it.

And she'll walk home with the idol.

But i'm assuming she will play
the idol and he'll go home.

Pete and abi cannot win this
game,they don't have the numbers.

There's no reason to keep them around.

Their ship has sailed.

Now,could somebody surprise me
and play an incredibly stupid move?


But i honestly believe all of us
in the six are going to stay strong.

So either pete or abi will go home.

Could it screw up?


But,you know,you can get hit by a car
walking from your house to the post box,too.

You know,there are moves to be made.

Malcolm he has power.

He does.

Then we have to send him home.

After last tribal,the whole
game turned upside down.

I went from the top of the pecking
order all the way to the bottom.

But i'm not going to give in and
be like,"okay,guys,vote me out."

no,i'm going to try
to get something going.

Malcolm is the biggest
threat on the island,

he has an idol and he needs to go home.

Hopefully skupin will be on board.

He's shaky,though.

Or lisa.

We'll be pitching this get rid of malcolm
idea to everybody,especially skupin.

He's ditzy,he doesn't
think before he does things,

he just jumps into it so i
think he could be turned easily.

But all i need is one person to flip.

And it's going to be a whole new game.

I'm sure they are going
to be splitting the votes.

So basically you,peter and i without
knowing who would vote for malcolm.

Abi,let me just say i think
that sounds like a great plan

and if we were still in an
alliance where i'd given you my word

i would be totally on board for this.

But i told them i would vote with them.

But you started a game with us.

I did. And i meant it.

But she's not sure because she
feels like she gave her word to them.

I'm so sorry. I really am.

So that's my plan.

I'm trying to stay alive.

I mean -- tell
me the truth.

I'm in a pretty good spot.

Malcolm's not going to use his idol
and not going to blind side you?

Every single one of them has gone
against me at one point or another.

So i don't trust any of them completely.


But they do trust me.

You see?

Because i have not betrayed them once.

And that is what i am sailing on.

You went far in the game,you did well
and you're not going to win this time.

All right,abi's playing her
idol so do i have to scrammable?

They're splitting the
vote tonight,right?

If they split the vote and we get
one person we can take out malcolm.

Just tell them that you're voting for me or
whatever and that would be one vote less me.

Abi would play the idol and whoever we all
voted for would go home,which would be malcolm.

Malcolm is the biggest
person in this game right now.

Malcolm kind of controls the game
right now and he has the idol.

- He does,he does.
- So this would take out two idols from the game,

take out a big threat in challenges
and a big threat in the social game.

I mean,would you be up for it?

We're both voting for
malcolm no matter what.

Strategically i want to get rid of him.

He's the biggest wild card in this game.

Yeah,because he's got the idol.

I have a deal to go to
the final four with malcolm

but now i'm starting to rethink whether

that was a smart thing to do or not
because he's playing the hardest.

Malcolm's a threat in challenges.

He's a smart,strategic player
and he's liked by everybody.

So if i'm sitting next to malcolm in the
final three i'm not sure i could beat him.

Vote for malcolm and he gets blindsided
and brings it home in his pocket.

Man,that would be huge.


I mean,you've never done me
wrong this whole game and i --


So i'm not saying no.

The risk of changing it up
again is it could backfire.

But do i anticipate our current alliance
staying strong until the final four

and then having this happy ending?

It's not that likely in this game.

She had an incredibly cockamamie plan

which you can probably guessed
the something to do with you.

And i said we have a plan,the
plan's going to go into effect.

Apparently pete and abi just realized
the easiest way to get somebody to flip

is to throw my name out
there and run me over tonight.

They just need one person
to flop and i'm going home.

I have the idol but if
nobody flips and i play

that thing i lose a lot
of leverage moving forward.

Just to firm up what we're doing.

Abi and pete.

- Right?
- Yeah.

This is the trickiest situation
with the idol i face yet

and i'm going to have to keep my i wits about me
tonight watching people and make the right decision.

Otherwise i'm toast.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

R.c.,jeff and artis voted out
at the last tribal council.


A smile from abi at a jury member.

Yes,i love his green and yellow.

Malcolm,when you see abi
smile and say "hi,artis!"

is it really about his colors or is
that an early working of the jury?

I mean,thoughts about jury management
cross your mind at this point in the game.

But right now i'm more concerned about
staying in the game than jury management.

Really?You feel you're
in trouble tonight?

My name seems to get
kicked around a lot.

But tonight the people i trust
have to step up and prove it

because if one person jumps
ship,yeah,you can send me home tonight.

Just simply from a a strategic point of view how good
a move would bit to take you out in one fell swoop?

I refuse to say it's a
strategic move to get rid of me.

But i know it's going
through people's heads.

I have to listen to it everyday.

I have to read people's
lips across the camp.

It's not hard to put
the pieces together.

Skupin,when somebody has an idol and
you know it how do you navigate that?

It's a factor.

You always think of the idol as
you decide who you're going to vote

with and for and against.

You know,it's a factor.

And there is a lot of opportunities
in every tribal council to vote

which ever way you want and because it's
"survivor" nobody really and truly knows.

So it's going to get
a little crazy again.

Pete,what's it like to go from top
dog,tandang,never lost,to beat up?

It's not a good feeling.

I'm pretty much slated
for execution right now

but i've been trying all day,hey,let's
make a deal,let's work something out.

If one person came over we could easily
get rid of malcolm,he's gotten a idol.

So we'll see.


Obvious question question: regrt
how you handled the last tribal?


I'm very regrateful
about the last tribal.

But,you know,i never betrayed
lisa i just had doubts

because of the way
things happened,you know?

Do you think any of
this can be cultural,abi?


Because english is not my first language

and my attitude may be
perceived as not the most gentle.

Every single person is smiling at that.



I have spent much of my life with many people
that english is not their first language

and they're helpful,they're kind
and there are many of these qualities

that are just not a part of who abi is.

Abi,is this the first time
you've been in a situation

where you've had a group of people
say "wow,what's wrong with you?

Absolutely,i'm loved back
at home by all my friends.

The majority are americans and they love everything
that i bring to the table,even my feistiness.

Are you okay,can you handle that
or does it make you feel isolated?

I'm very emotional right now because i
basically brought lisa into an alliance

with peter and i and because i
doubted her she can't forgive me.

Can i --
yes,please go ahead.

100% forgave you.

It's just that i really need to
find some people who will trust me.

Well,i -- i
understand that.

Abi,i'm really getting the feeling that
you don't feel understood by anybody.

No,i don't,but i don't know how
to explain myself any longer.

Doesn't feel good.

And i'm holding back my
tears-- tears of feeling alone.

Denice,she has no numbers,she's all
alone,perfect person to take to the end.

Easy win.

Easy win if that's the kind
of game that you want to play.

We see that season after season where
people take kind of the dead weight,

they take the unlikable
person,they take the --

i never thought i was
the unlikable person.

I'm just saying in seasons past,i'm
not just putting you in that box,abi.

But we've seen that.

- I want to interrupt.
- Yeah?

Abi,you didn't grasp that
you're seen as unlikable.

I didn't.

I seriously did not grasp that
i was that hated in the game.

Abi i'm beginning to believe
very much that it's cultural

because you didn't grasp that
people laughing at you was a sign

in our culture that you're full of it!


Den f.i.s.,you were talking about
wanting to play the game with good people

and not bring somebody like abi to the
end which implies you are a good person.

It doesn't necessarily
imply that i'm a good person.

It implies that in this
game i'm not going to

bring a type of person with
me so i can win by default.

It's like bringing
someone to a poker game

that's never played poker
so you can steal their money.

That's enough you don't
need to say anymore.

Okay.Abi,do you feel like
you're just weathering a storm?


I've never had that much
hatred towards me,ever.

It's not hatred,it's frustration.

Trying to communicate with you.

- We had come back from reward
challenge -- i was honest!

I was honest!

You want know lie about my feelings?

No,can you let me finish
for a moment,please?

- What happened was you came back into camp
gloating and pushing and -- that's not true!

I was sharing our experience!

I don't understand what
you're trying to get!

Can you pause,abi,and
let me finish,please?

And then you suddenly declared
that you were basically on strike.

No,i was done cooking.

I was cooking the whole time.

It's your turn to do it.

- This would be a social -- i'll
get water and i'll get firewood.

This would be a social cue abi where i'm trying
to finish a sentence and you're interrupting me.

You're exaggerating.You know
how i look in front of everybody.

Okay,i'm done.

You're a psychologist,you
know what you're doing.

I'm not a psychologist,i'm a therapist.

Or a therapist,whatever you
are,you know what you're doing.

Now what are you feeling,abi?

It's just really strange because apparently
i'm an idiot that i don't get their cues.

That i'm not -- i'm not
going to stop fighting.

I'm going to try.

Well,any time there's somebody on the bottom
there's this great opportunity to shuft the game.

And with that it is time to vote.

Abi,you're up.

This is for you.Hope
you go home tonight.



I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it

now would be the time to do so.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Any votes cast for abi will not count.

Here we go.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,abi.

Does not count.

Abi,does not count.

Abi,does not count.


One vote pete.



Two votes pete.

We're tied.

Two votes pete,two votes
malcolm,one vote left.

11th person voted out and
fourth member of our jury,


You need to bring me your torch.

Pete,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,abi,it would appear your
back is up against the wall.

But as the cliche
goes,anything can happen.

Thank you,jeff.

Grab your stuff,head
back to camp. Good night.

Bye,you guys.

Oh,i've got to get my torch.

Sorry. Thanks.

Next time on
"survivor" --

i'm not very good at this game.

Cut the crap!

New alliances tear
apart old friendships.

This is unbelievable.

Lisa once again lost her mind.

And the biggest villain in the game
gets a taste of her own medicine.

It's like the worst day of my life.

I'm going to have to just turn my
head around and i'm going to fight.

I felt bad for abi.

She's crying and
everybody ripped her apart.

I've kind of learned to deal with
her but i needed to for my game.

Malcolm has a lot of power right now.

He's definitely someone
they needed to get rid of

but they didn't want
to do anything with it.

I have a ton of regrets but i feel good
about how i i can hear you staring at her.