Survivor (2000–…): Season 24, Episode 9 - Go Out with a Bang - full transcript

After the previous night's vote, the men continue to be uncomfortable with the growing strength of the women. Meanwhile, the dominant alliance continues to plan its path to the end and the threat of a hidden immunity idol resurfaces.

Previously on "survivor.

" After the merge, the former
salani members set out on a plan.

Me and Jane, Mike, we have this pact to
stick with Chelsea, Kim, Kat, and Sabrina.

At the reward challenge,

a schoolyard pick split
the tribe into two teams.

Leif flies off that slide!

Kim's team was victorious.

Yellow tribe enjoying
your barbecue reward.

Earning a reward away from camp while troyzan
and Jay's team was left empty handed.

With Troy and Jay left behind, Kim and
Sabrina saw a chance to make a new plan.

It has to be all girls.

I say we tell Troy.

Mike is trying to get you out of here.

He's** start a revolution

and get rid of Mike and aphi late them.

After the reward, Kim wasted little
time putting the plan into motion.

I won't be surprised
if they make the move.

Jay became suspicious.

I'm scared of y'all girls.

Y'all get rid of him;
Y'all get rid of me next.

I don't trust the girls.

There's too many girls that could hook
up and start knocking out all these guys.

At tribal council, Kim's
bold move paid off.

Eighth person paid off and the
second member of our jury, Mike.

Mike joined Jonas as the
second man on the journey.


can the men recover from their numbers
disadvantage or will the women take over the game?

Ten are left. Who will
be voted out tonight?

-== [ ] ==-



no way!



that's crazy.


we have a few guys left and
they have the vote challenge.

They need to set the
game, we're going to lose.

- I don't mean...
- Listen, I'm just plague out,

those girls are plotting to
knock us all out one by one

and they're doing it and
it's because we fell apart.

No, I know. But Mike was never with us
anyway so he was basically like a girl vote.

Mike, I'm grad he's gone.

He was gunning for me from day
one and I sot got sick of him.

For me to have Mike gone, that's fine.

But it is six girls and they
could very well say listen,

let's get rid of Troy and Jay

because they've won the
last two immune tease

and they're strong and they're going
to get votes and everything else.

So part of me is like, geez, are
they telling me the truth?

If Kim and Chelsea and Sabrina and Cathy

they're just going to, you
know, waltz on into, like, the finals,

something major could happen
if any one of us find an idol.

There's a hidden
immunity idol out there.

All it takes is one of our votes
to get rid of a Kim or a Chelsea

or a Sabrina or a strong player
and then it's basically...

It could be you, me, Jay, christie
that and leif and that's five.

It would be five against freaking four.

It ain't gonna work that way, I don't
think. I'm just saying, I'm just saying.

- I think you have to start winning
all the immunity. - Okay, fine.

I'm a little nervous but I
have a hidden immunity idol

which I'm banking on if I see something
fishy going on with Kim and Chelsea.

I don't want to be
blindsided going out of here.

So if they pull that, they're going
to get the full on switcher-rao.

proudly presents

sync: 卡灰 加勒比海带




Oh, my gosh!

All right. It says "carry
all of this back to your camp.

Do not open this envelope until all
members of your tribe are together.

The whole tribe went
to treemail and we saw,

like, this big pole, we saw
some, like, balls with string

and we were, like, "oh, cool, so we're going
to have a challenge here on the island"

which is great which mean
we don't have to go anywhere,

try to walk 50 Miles somewhere.

All righty.

"Today you will compete an all
do it yourself reward challenge.

You will divide yourself into two teams.

" It was basically a game that
involved a numbering system of pegs

that went from one to five points

and the way you achieve
points was to throw a bow us

will hoping to get the highest numb spwers
you want to get it around one of the pegs.

You want to know what
you're playing for?

The winning tribe will receive
a boat ride to a secluded island

where they will be treated
to a local barbecue fest.

Oh, my God! I want to eat.

It's for the winners only.

Should we draw first? We can practice.

- We're drawing.
- Ready?

Don't show it.

- Oh, you're feeling around.
- Oh, yeah.

Oh, I guess I'll go last.

One, two, three.

All right, I need the
reds to come over here.



so we randomly drew rocks and on my team
was Troy, Jay, Tarzan, Kat, and myself.

We just need to get those points.

And the other team were all
the girls and leif left over.

Troyzan Probst is hosting the challenge.

So here we are, folks.

We have a great team
and we have an okay team.

I love Troy like cooked food
but he is nobody's host at all.

I think he just nominated himself or
someone said it and no one else objected.

Jay want this is barbecue more
than he can taste it. Big Jay.

He gets the four and goes
a little long. Sorry, Jay.

Kim is up now.

Oh! She hits the middle and
nothing. So it's 0-0 after round one.

Kat is up.


good Kat! Good job.

They take the lead 2-0. Read team
leads. Let's see what you've got.

Oh, wide!

0. Troyzan is up.

- I'll hold your stick, troyzan.
- Hold my stick.

Take your time like I did.

All right.


- all right Chelsea.
- Come on, Chelsea.

Oh, hits the four and bounces
off! The crowd goes wild!

And a relief comes
over for the red team!


Tarzan may be the best player here.

Tarzan, this is for your first reward.


so that's 6-0.

Christina, let's see what she's made of.


Puts her team on the board.

Alicia's score could pull it out.

0 for Alicia.

Sabrina with the last throw.

I'm the last person to go in the game.

The highest you can score on the board is a 5
so I have to get a five in order to tie it.

I really don't want to let my team down.

I'm not doubting myself
but just like lord, really?



Tarzan the all star!


Okay, so that's it, folks, thanks for
coming and get ready for a boat ride.

- Protein!
- Barbecue!

Oh, this is amazing!

Good job, guys, great job.

What is that?

- Rum!
- Oh, it's rum!

- Yeah, I want rum!
- Rum and cocoa, baby.

I want a coconut. That's
what I'm talking about.

I was, like, yeah, just
get away from the game,

go to some island with the greatest coconut
rum tkr *pbg I've ever had in my life.

That does taste good, I can't believe it.

So we were excited.

Yeah, we're drunk on rum!

- Tarzan, how does it feel to go
on your first reward? - Wonderful.

- On our own island.
- It is our own island. Look at this thing.

Yeah, baby, we've reached paradise.

We land in the middle
of the South pacific.

Coconut rum all around.


Hey, Captain.

If we could stay here
a night I'd be golden.

Let's get the girls all drunk.

- You want another coconut?
- Bring on the rum there, lad.

Catch your coconut.

Skinny dipping in ten minutes, everybody!

I can't wait to eat something.
It looks like decent fish.

I'm salivating right
now as I'm standing here

because I haven't had
any protein for 23 days.

Some beautiful crabs color
wise and architecturally.

Now he's cooking the fish.

A lot of fish, huh?

Look at the size of that sucker!

Jay, what are you thinking
right now? What's on your mind?

Well, I was mad yesterday...

I wasn't really mad but I didn't
really want to send Mike home.

It was supposed to be christie
that or Alicia before him.

Because we didn't want to send
another dude home and then,

like, oh, well, our alliance, our
girls flip on us or something.

We're hesitant.

Me and Kat were talking and I wanted to
make sure she's on the same page with me

because at this point
it's hard to trust anybody.

And if somebody has numbers on
you, it's definitely hard to trust them.

You know, Alicia, Christina, Tarzan
and leif all have to go before we do.

- I know.
- We need to stick together.

I mean, that's what our alliance
said they was going to do.

Let's do it. Let's send manono
home and stick with the plan.

Which is the plan.

- Guys, food's ready.
- I'm coming!

I'm a little suspicious that the
girls are playing tricks with us.

- Wow, that is so good!
- That's really good.

Oh, my God, look at the chicken.

There's definitely going
to be blind sides coming up.

I just hope it's not me.



do you not?

Mike went out and the girls are ahead.

I feel bad because, like, I think deep down
they know they made the wrong choice already.

They have to be really worried.

It's definitely a win-win
to have another guy gone

and know the women are in the
majority and, you know, Mike's gone.

So my hope all along has been

everybody will think I'm just
kind of calm and soft spoken

and maybe a little forgettable
and not calling the shots

but I do think at the end of the
game if I can sit there with the three

I think the people on the jury will know

that I was making most
of these decisions.


I just think it's smartest for
us to get rid of Jay and Troy

- and then get rid of Tarzan and leif.
- Okay, let's just say...

But we need them to believe
with all of their heart

that they are not going home because
if they don't they will start...

They will find that idol or they'll
pull some crap and so we just...

I agree.

I just don't know if I
want to know about it.

Do you feel funky about that?

I got a lot going through my head.

The girls had a discussion
on the boat this morning

and said whoever doesn't win
immunity either Troy or Jay

either one of them has to go home next.

Which is killing me right now.

Because I've looked Troy and Jay in the
eyes and said "you can trust me 100%.

" And looking them in the eyes
and telling them they can trust me

and then betraying them, that's
just not... that's not me at all.

Do you not think it's a
good idea to get rid of them?

I don't know, I've got to think.

Jay could win every
immunity from here on in.

And Troy has a good
shot at doing that, too.

So the minute they don't
win I think they have to go.

This is like the part of
this game that sucks so bad.

It sucks ass.

This is the part where you need
to take your heart out of the game

and put your brain back in the game.


Like, Chelsea got all sensitive.

You know, that really pissed me off.

No one told you to mix
with the boys anyways.

Like, we were fine without them

and then you go off and promise them that
you're going to carry them to the top.


She can't get over the fact that
we have to eliminate Jay and Troy.

What she said was "I just
don't want to be a part of it.

I just don't want to think about it.

" I was like, dude, what
is wrong with you?

We could be final three or four.

- So next to go has to be a big move.
- Exactly.

- We can't have a leak or crack
in the alliance. - Exactly.

- At all.
- Exactly.

I mean, we can so go out
with a bang with all girls.

- We can not have all guys.
- I know, and we will have three at... the final three?


Let's take it way back to day one.

We formed this alliance. This is
what we're going to stick with.

We want to go to the end.

Going to the end requires
some big-girl decisions.

You've got to put on your big-girl
panties and make a big-girl decision.

You knew it was going
to have to come to this.

You voting Mike out, I
completely understand that.

But the original plan was
for us to stick together.

If we stray from that,

then if we get mixed up or let people in and
screw us up, who knows what will happen.

That don't guarantee us crap.

They need to pick off a few girls
to let us know they're on board.

Christina and Lisa have
to go at some point soon.

- Next on board is Alicia.
- Okay.

As far as I'm concerned Alicia
needs to go before christie that.

Alicia's more kind of two-sided
working with the guys and girl

so to me she's more of a threat.
She's real tight with Kat.

I don't trust that.

Think about it. If we stick together
me and you in the final four.

Yeah. Dude, that's just...

And we have a great chance, too. We can
win every freaking immunity. Seriously.

Me and Troy are good.

We're still thinking me and him are going
to work together for a real long time.

He thinks I'm comfortable
sitting in the end with him.

I'm going to let him keep thinking that.

But he's dangerous and you don't
want to sit in the end with him

because everybody likes him, he seems like
he can tell a story better than anybody.

But Kim and Chelsea, those are my final
two girls I'm trying to work with.

So you have to trust them a little
bit but at the same time you get...

You've still got to keep them as
close as the enemy around here.

You know, the last two
have been Jonas and Mike

and the plan is to get
rid of the rest of manono,

so that puts christie that
and Alicia on the block.


And I'm pretty sure that
we're going to go with Alicia.

I haven't talked to the rest of our
alliance, but I chitchatted with Troy.

And she's weaker than who?

She's a threat. She's a manono.

She works both sides.

It needs to be her tomorrow.

I had to sacrifice.

Troy had to sacrifice.

We need you to move forward.

Are you down with that?

What am I going to say, no?

Drop it.

All right, well let me get
confirmation from everybody.

I really do appreciate Jay
and I really do like him a lot

but I can't think with my heart and neither
can Chelsea, neither can Sabrina and Kim.

We have to think with our mind.

Strategically that's how
people win with this gape.

So let's get it straight.

I just told Kat that I
was on board for Alicia.

- Are you?
- Yeah.


She just wanted confirmation.

- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Is that cool?
- Yes.

So we can make that set
and not derive from it.

What did you say?

One's Alicia, two is Christina.

All right.

It just sucks.

I really made some close
relationships with the guys

and Jay's one of those people that's very
hard to look him in the eye and lie to him.

Fortunately there's, like, four
girls standing there

and I didn't really have to
look at him in his eye and say

"I promise this is
what's going to happen.

" But I just hate to be that deceitful.

I don't know. I don't
know if I can do this.



oh, I know.

So we have to take out Troy or Jay
and, like, tell the guys it's you.

I just feel like that's
the only way so don't worry.

We're so solid.

We're just playing it all the way home

and whoever doesn't win
immunity, Troy or Jay, is going home.

So just don't freak out.

- Okay.
- Just be yourself.

Jay told us all that he thought
Alicia should go home tonight

and we all just nodded and agreed and said
yes but that's definitely not happening.

Just stay calm and you're so set.


I'm ready to draw the line.

Like, it's been muddy for long enough

and I feel like it's time for the
guys to know where the women stand.

- I'm dead serious.
- All right.

Kim and Alicia were on
the beach watching bowls.

What's going on.

What's... what are they talking about?

I mean, if the girls were
smart and they got six of them,

it wouldn't be hard just
to knock off me or Jay.

It wouldn't be that hard.

What do you think today holds?

- For the challenge?
- Yeah.

I don't know.

You wouldn't skip a challenge or come
off of it if food were brought out?


I just feel like...

I still feel like, I don't
know, maybe Kim or Chelsea would be,

like, you know, it wouldn't be hard for
them just to freaking bring Alicia.

Everybody's on the same page.
We're writing down Alicia.

God, I just want them to try to
pull some fast move on this one.

No, I don't... I really, really, really
don't see that happening.

Troy's just concerned that
the women have the numbers.

They're going to try to blind side him.

But we had a little powwow, we're going
to vote Alicia out as our first choice.

I trust my two girls.


And right now he just
needs to calm down.

With ten survivors
left it's anybody's bet.

One will get immunity, the
rest e l just get wet.

Jay seems to think like, no, I
think everything's fine,

I think they want Alicia, I
trust them, I think it's okay.

But I don't feel the same way.

So I feel like I really have to win.

Come on in, guys!

- Guys ready to get to today's
immunity challenge? - Yes.

First things first, Jay, give it up.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge
is a "survivor" classic.

You will stand barefoot
on a small wooden perch.

Your hand will be tethered to a bucket.

When your arm drops you're
out of the challenge.

Last person left standing wins immunity,

guaranteed a 1-9 shot
at winning this game.

Losers, tribal council where
somebody will be voted out.

To make it more interesting, I'm going
to try to tempt you with food items.

If you take the temptation
you lose your shot at immunity.

We'll draw for spots. We'll get started.

This challenge is officially on.

Tarzan first one out of the challenge.

You didn't have a lot of faith
you were going last, did you.

- Nope.
- Is the feet?

- Failure.
- Just general failure.

We are down to nine
people in this challenge.

I have your first item.

And before I can even get
to it, Christina is out.

Damn it!

Take a spot on the bench and you
can see what you missed out on.

If you're sure you're safe tonight you can
enjoy two cookies and a nice glass of milk.

- I'm out, Jeff. I'm out.
- Sabrina wants out.

Sabrina is out. Nobody else
even gets to share in this.

She took it all.

- Sabrina, I hate you!
- I hate you, too.

So Sabrina, you are
clearly feeling very safe.

- Oh, my God. - If you have
that plate right now I want it.

Alicia wants what's next and
you don't even know what it is.

You take that food, I'm
going to vote you out.

Cookies were good.

Cupcakes are always better.

- No.
- I'll step down.

- I'm stepping down.
- It's Kim and Kat.

Kim and Kat must feel very safe.

Chelsea, I'll jump off on the next
food one and Jay will come off.

All you have to do is
outlast the other guys.

I think that's b. S *fpl.

I can last long, but I'm letting you
know, Chelsea, I will jump off for you.


Wait, let me make sure I got this right.

You could last long but you're going
to choose not to so that Chelsea can.

If she wants to win this one
really bad I'll let her win it.

You'll let me or you just
want so some damn food!

Gonna amp up the sweet
factor a little more.

I want it!

- Alicia, you want it sight unseen?
- I want it.

Step off that challenge.

- Alicia's out of the challenge.
- You don't even know what it is, girl!

Remember, Chelsea, she did
this as a favor to you.

Alicia, you gave up immunity.
Here's what you gave it up for.

- Oh, man!
- A bowl full of candy and chocolate.

I'm good!

Time to find out who really
wants to fight for immunity

and who's waiting for something
really huge to step down.


four people left in this
challenge fighting for immunity

while six people over here
are sure they don't need it.

"I don't need immunity. I'm good to go!

" Leif trying to keep the
blood moving. Pumping that fist.

Troy, you're shaking.

Troyzan with a near fatal mistake.

- Oh, troyzan loses his balance.
- Yes!

Troyzan is out of the challenge.

No shot at immunity tonight.
We are now down to three.

Immunity on the line and a guaranteed
1-9 shot at winning this game.

You want to give it up for
chicken wings and stpwhaoer.

Oh, my God!

Jay is out of the challenge
and we are down to two.

He don't even drink beer!

- Good job, Jay.
- Ooh, that looks good.

Is it better than the chicken I caught?

Leif once again in it at the end.

He's been battling for n these
individual challenges, has yet to win one.

Chelsea said all along "I'm
not stepping down, I want to win.

" I'm still embarrassed about that puzzle
so I'm going to be up here all day, leif.

- All right.
- I've got to prove myself.

I've got to prove myself, too.

Well, I can tell you this, if you step
down it makes you less of a threat.

Wow, it never stops, leif.

- You curious about why she's saying that?
- Yeah.

Chelsea's saying winning this
actually works against you.

Who do you trust?

I could stay up here all day long.

Next item to try to tempt you down,

three burgers, a bowl of
chips and a cold beer.

Do it, Chelsea, you haven't eaten.

I don't want to see it.

- You don't want to see it?
- Nope.

Chelsea not even tempting
herself by looking.

Leif, she's telling you step
down from the challenge,

take a burger and make
yourself less of a threat.

Sounds like a great deal if you buy it.

Chelsea? Is that true?
Yeah, it's true. Jeff.

- Is that true?
- Look at me in the eyes, it's true.

- This is for you.
- Do it, buddy.

Leif steps out. Chelsea
wins individual immunity!

Good job, Chelsea!

Leif, have a seat.

- I just want a chip.
- Chelsea, eat the burger.

- That was fun.
- Chelsea, come on over here.

Well earned and you still
have a mouthful of food.

They're so nice for sharing.

- Chelsea, safe tonight at tribal council.
- Good job, Chelsea.

You can not be voted out of this
game with this around your neck.

Everybody else is fair game.

I'll see you guys
tonight at tribal council.


good job, Chelsea. That was awesome.

One of the best challenges ever.

Today's immunity challenge could not
have gone better for me. It was awesome.

I got to eat cupcakes and have milk

and not put myself out
there as a huge threat

which I was kind of starting
to feel a little nervous about.

I'm glad for Chelsea
to take that role today.

You were, like, I said, oh, Troy.

I was still wanting to go a
little further with Jay and Troy

but I'm realizing now that
that would be an idiot move

so to turn this quick on them

I hate to be that person
but I love money so...

- I was pissed off when I fell off.
- Yeah, you were.

- Took my thing and threw it.
- I just want to compete.

Troy right now is our biggest threat
because he wants to win this game so bad.

I think more than anyone here.

I had in the my mind like
I'm going on the third one.

Jay, on the other hand, gave up for food.

He thinks he's safe.

Troy didn't give up for food so I think right
now he's the smartest person to take out.

I think we potentially
have eight votes for Troy

so we're going to throw
three votes at Jay just...

- In case?
- I hate it but, like...

I think just in case.
Because if Troy plays an idol.

The split vote plan, always
risky, makes me nervous.

I'd rather know
everyone's voting for Troy

but there's a chance Troy will
throw out an immunity idol.

He's a strategic player
and thinking a lot

and he's going to do everything
he can to stay in this game

and he still has some options today.

I feel like people like Christina and Tarzan and
leif are just hanging on riding this thing out

so Christina, Alicia, will vote for
Jay and leif, myself, Chelsea, Sabrina

and cat will vote for Troy.

Here he comes.

- Jay does?
- Yeah.

Please tell me I don't have
to worry about no craziness.

You don't have to worry
about no craziness.

No blondness going on.

I want to know about any
blond strategy going on.

Nothing crazy, everybody's good.

Okay. Cool beans.

It's Troy. But we want to split
the vote just to double check

and make sure in case he plays an idol

so why don't you and
Tarzan vote for Troy.

I'll tell christie that it's Troy.


so three Jay...

I'll talk to leif and
Chelsea, Kat, Sabrina, myself and Troy.

And if they play an
idol nobody goes home.

- It will be Jay instead of Troy.
- Okay.

- You're not voting me off.
- No.

You know, if I was playing the
devil's advocate and I'd say

it wouldn't be much for
the girls just to say.


- Let's take Troy and yay.
- I get why y'all feel...

To me it still feels...

I feel that way with
Tarzan, leif, Kat and Alicia.

I don't trust two of those girls so.

- Anyway...
- So it's definitely Alicia?

You swear to me? You're
not going to blind side me?

- No!
- Like that my "survivor" experience sucks!

- We're good.
- I know, I know.

Kim kept going like "don't
worry. " Almost like to much.

I don't know it seems fishy.

Like, if she wanted to get me out,

she'd want to be extra sure
that I felt like I was safe.

It sounded like that a little bit.

This may go into play soon.
It doesn't sound right.

Like "you're safe, you're safe.

" You only have to say it once.

I think Kim and Chelsea
are pulling one over on us.

I have an idol, bro, I'm playing it.

If they're playing me, I
want the person to go home.

I don't think nobody's playing you, Troy.

I've got a feeling they're playing me.

I ain't heard the
slightest inkreupb nation.

They wouldn't tell you anyway.
You're basically hooked to me.

You do what you want, man. But
I don't... ity you're good.

Would you vote for Kim?

I think it's safe to just say Alicia
because I really think it's her.

If I get Tarzan to vote for Kim
and Christina to vote for Kim?

- I think you're safe, bro.
- Okay.

I think you're safe.

That's news to me Troy has an idol.

I love the guy to death, he's
like my big brother

but he's dangerous

Troy want miss toe vote for Kim.

I'm not voting Kim out
because that's my final three.

Tell Christina to come autoto me.

I knew it was going to hit the fan.
I didn't think it would be tonight.

What's going on?

I know you guys are
attempting to blind side Troy.

- If we were would you tell him?
- Nope.

- But he's debating on playing an idol.
- I I figured.

So I think you guys should vote Alicia,

get his idol out and get him next time.

Christina. Who are you...
Who are you voting for?

He's over there
switching votes right now.

He's trying to get Tarzan
and Christina to vote you

and he asked me to vote for you
and I said I'm sticking with Alicia.

If you all society for
him and he plays the idol

the next four votes are coming your way.

Jay just put the fear of God me me.

Troy does have an idol. He's
planning to play it and send me home

and I don't have time before tribal
council comes to get to everyone.

So hopefully we have
enough people on board

that do enough of the right thing that
the right person will go home tonight.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Jonas and Michael voted out
at the last tribal council.

Troyzan, in the last two tribal councils,
two guys have gone home, Jonas and Michael.

Is that a sign that maybe this
is still a men versus women game?

I thought it was coincidence

but as days go on, the more I'm thinking
it's still a little bit men/women.

Tarzan, how did the men lose control
if this is, indeed, men versus women?

Well, they lost their will several days

and the allegiance was broken
and now it's women two-up.

So the girls are a lot
smarter than the boys.

Jay, is it possible that it's just the
way the numbers fell that it's two guys?

I'm kind of with Troy on this.

My hope of guys and girls
meshing and joining a little bit,

you know, there's a lot of
scrambling going on today

and I don't feel as safe as I did
last time sitting here tonight.

Actually, let me ask everyone else here.

Who here tonight thinks
they might be in trouble?

Kim, Jay, troyzan. Nobody else?

Kim, does that surprise you, with all
the scrambling Jay talked about that

there's still only three
people that are worried?

Yeah, I don't know. I felt
safe at the immunity challenge,

I felt safe while I ate

and afterwards just today this
afternoon at camp there was a funky vibe.

I think you underestimate
how paranoid people get,

they run around and
other people get paranoid.

So I started feeling a lot less safe
after the immunity challenge today.

Chelsea, paranoia.

Paranoia can really
wreak havoc on a plan.

What do you do in this game
to keep your plan intact?

You know, there's a...

As much as this game...

You know, we've all watched it and
we know that people are dishonest

but there comes a point where you
really have to go with your gut

and just really hope that
people are being honest with you

and just look them in the eyes
and just tell them how you feel

and hope that they're being
honest when they respond.

And that's all you can do.

Troyzan, how mixed up
is this game right now?

In my mind it's mixed up like hell.

Did it mix up before the
immunity challenge or after?


You know, just because you
can kind of start to tell like

who decides to step
out first and get food,

who applauds who when someone goes out.

You know, I noticed that when
I went out everybody applauded

even some of the tribe that I
thought would be rooting for me

I think might be rooting against me.

So that meant something.

Chelsea, what's the talk
about hidden immunity idols.

The talk is that we're at day 25
and no one's yet to pull one out.

Is there talk about who might have one?

Yeah. There's some people that
act suspicious with their bags

or their pockets look
a little more full or,

you know, stuff like that.

But you never know who really has it.

Alicia, what about you?
Do you watch people,

how they pick up their bag or
maybe what's in their pockets?

Oh, definitely.

I notice who takes their bags to
tribal council and who doesn't.

I notice what shorts are worn today

and what shorts aren't
being worn today, you know?

Who do you notice
wearing different shorts?

The men.

They're not in their swimming trunks

and he's got a lot of pockets there.

So you're pointing to troyzan saying

"these aren't the short
he is normally wears"?

No, he had on swimming trunks.

Tarzan, what do you anticipate
happening after tonight's vote?

I think the alliance that I
know of is going to strengthen

and the faith will be restored

and there will be a powerhouse
that will take them to the end.

If people just do what they say they
were going to do before we got here.

And other than that, the game is afoot.

On that note, Chelsea has immunity.
You can not vote for Chelsea.

Everybody else is fair
game. It is time to vote.

Tarzan, you're up.


I told you not to step down.

Sorry, Kim. You're the strongest
player, have to see you go.

I really don't want to do
this but I don't have a choice.

I love you, monkey man.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you
want to play it now would be the time to do so.


Some of the dumbest moves in
"survivor" history have been made

when someone gets voted out
and has this in their pocket

and that's not going to be me.
I'm not going to join that group.

All right.

This is the hidden imy idol. Any votes
cast against troyzan will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Troy. Does not count.

Troy. Does not count.

Kim. One vote Kim.

Jay. One vote Jay.

Alicia. One vote Alicia.

Jay. Two votes Jay; One
vote Kim; One vote Alicia.

Alicia. Two votes Jay; Two
votes Alicia; One vote Kim.


That's three votes Jay; Two
votes Alicia; One vote Kim.

Ninth person voted out and the
third member of our jury, Jay.

That's four, that's enough. You
need to bring me your torch.

Jay, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, given that nearly half
of you received votes tonight,

if there wasn't a reason
to be paranoid before,

there certainly is now.

Grab your torches, head
back to camp. Good night.

proudly presents

- sync:卡灰 海带


next time on "survivor.

" Outnumbered and
alone, troyzan fights back.

Come on!

We just want to take him down

but everyone knows he's going
to fight as hard as he can.

I can join you guys to make five.

You can pick them all off.

You think you have me outsmarted.

They don't, you can
not mess with troyzan.

That's the game for you, you never
know what's going to happen out here.

You never can tell exactly
who's telling the truth.

You make the best decisions
based on what you know,

go with your gut as best as possible.

I had a great time. Wouldn't
trade it for the world.

I tried to play this game as honest
as possible, now I'm on the sidelines.