Survivor (2000–…): Season 24, Episode 7 - The Beauty in a Merge - full transcript

With even numbers in their new tribe, it's anyone's game at the start of the challenge. Meanwhile, a clue to the hidden immunity idol leads one Survivor to new security and an argument between two former allies threatens to end their alliance.

Previously on "survivor.

" We are switching tribes.

oh,my god!

After an unexpected Switch,an even battle between
Men and women turned into a Lopsided affair.

it's like greek gods versus Peasants.

Salani drew all the Strength leaving
manono as the Clear underdogs.

I got on a tribe with people Who suck!

Salani wins reward!

Salani wins immunity!

The new salani were seven strong
And they dominated every Challenge.

Salani wins ice cream reward!

we're kicking their ass.

I mean,bottom line.

at manono,losing was taking A toll on the
tribe but for Colton it was business as usual.

you can quit or you can jump In that
fire,which ever is more Convenient for you.

I'm running this entire show Right now.

If you can't see that
you are Helen keller.

Then a sudden illness Put
a stop to colton's plans.

But even a medical evacuation Couldn't
stop colton from Influencing the game.

he's going to keep the
Immunity idol for a souvenir.

Call me a bad person but all I Kept
thinking was strategy the Whole time.

Colton's departure Sent
both tribes to tribal Council


where they reunited
at An unexpected merge.

You can drop your buffs,we Merged.

The game has come full
circle And we are even.

Grab your torches head back to Camp.

Six men and six women.

12 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?


oh,my god,there's cheese!

this seems like "survivor" to Me now.

It's a merge,it's me against 11 People.

That's what I wanted,that's What
I've been waiting for so Bring it on.

would anybody like my sip?

I don't drink.

You can have mine.

I knew the merge was coming.

I'm sure christina... I don't Think
she'll be in the game much Longer.

It's crazy right now.

That should have been christina
Going home and not colton.

By colton leaving,he screwed me Over,

especially fact that he Didn't
give me his immunity idol

So I have to start all over Again.

Maybe I'll go back to my home Girls
and continue the girl Power run

and really wipe the Guys out.

The back stabbing is going to Begin.

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YTET- ?????

Season 24 Episode 07



we need to think of a new Tribe name.


- ***
- ***

well tikiano.

tiki is god andano is year.

- ***
- *** that breakfast?Coconut?


today for breakfast we have a
Young coconut lightly Caramelized.

Always taste the first
serving For your client.

At the end we're going
to hit it With sea water

so basically We're trying to manipulate the Flavor
of the coconut into the Flavor of a potato chip.

That. that's awesome.

Jonas,I'm excited to have you Here.

thank you.

coffee time?


how many's going on the First,shower in.

if I'm drinking it I
only Need one scoop.

tarzan,this is for the
People that want it.

I want it.

you didn't win this.

oh,you're right.

Sorry.You're right.

I just thought it was a general One
of the 12 people that might Want it.

nobody expected a 12-man Merge.

It was like,oh,here we are Again.

One big happy family all Together.

And first thing I'm thinking is,Oh,man
I have to live with Tarzan again.

All these people you don't
want To live with anymore

and now They're back in the
same tribe And it's just like oh.

last drop,anybody?

even though it is a
one-man Game right now,

I think salani's People are viewing this
as a Chance to vote everybody else Out

of the old manono tribe
Because we have the numbers.

oh,this is going to hurt my Mouth.

when's the last time
you had Coffee,tarzan?

long enough that I'm no Longer addicted.

you're going to drink
some Though,righting?

no,you guys won it,it's Your coffee.

I was hoping that the guys
would Be solid against the girls

but Now this morning I fret it ain't So.

Can I be part of the team?

who's the team?

me,jay bird,troy.



six guys; six girls.


But we have a girl that will Defect.

alicia,she's been colton's Little girl.


We're one tribe now,there's
Been a huge merge.

The manono tribe are outnumbered By two.

Tarzan he is trying to get
the Guys to stick together.

He feels that if the guys
stick Together and use alicia

that the Guys will be there at the end.

you've been with us all Along,mike,so
I'm just hoping You stay with us.

- Are you in?
- yeah.

Guys were better together.


- You okay?
- yeah.

- you sure if.
- yeah.

I don't trust any of those
guys And like any of those guys

but I Told tarzan I'm in
but I'm not With tarzan.

Tarzan drives me crazy.

Come on in,guys!

Guys ready to get to
today's Reward challenge?


For today's challenge Only you are
going to be divided Back into two tribes.

On my go,one member of each Tribe will
race through a series Of obstacles.

They'll dig up a bag of
puzzle Pieces and race back.

Then the next person goes.

Once you've collected all four Bags

the two remaining tribe Members will
use those pieces to Solve a puzzle.

First tribe to get it right wins Reward.

You want to know what
you're Playing for?


The winning tribe Will enjoy an
afternoon of pizza And cold beer.

oh,many I god!Are you kidding?

Plus a secret note.

We're going to randomly divide
Into tribes and we'll get Started.

All right,here we go.

We have our two tribes
for this Challenge only.

and troyzan battling

Against leif,
kat,michael,kim,Jonas and tarzan.

For pizza and beer a secret Note.

Survivors ready?


go,jay,go jay!

Jay and leif the First
two got to do some Digging.

One tribe sent their biggest and
Strongest guy to dig the hole.

The other tribe sent their Smallest guy.

don't let the little guy beat You!


Jay is already trying To squeeze under.

good job!

Jay is through!

Leif now going face first.

that's right!

Get the beer.

Leif is stuck.

Leif is like a turtle
birthing Out of the sand.

Jay digging for that
first bag Of puzzle pieces.

Blue tribe sent the smallest guy
Out and it may be backfiring Now.

keep going hard!Everything you got!

Jay has the first bag Of puzzle pieces.

Huge lead right now
for the Orange tribe.

way to go,jay!Way to go,jay!

Leif wiggling through
There inch by inch.

Leif is out now!

He's got some time to make up.


Clsea now on the Course
for the orange tribe.

Leif now starts digging
for his First bag.

leif keep going,dig,dig.

Leif has the first
Bag for the blue tribe.

He's heading back!

Chelsea has the second
bag for The orange tribe.

on your back!

Come on,leif!On your back!

Leif goes under on His back this time.

Much easier.

Leif is exhausted.

come on,chelsea.

Kim out on the course
For the blue tribe.

Chelsea's through with the Second bag.

Alicia heading out now
for the Orange tribe.

Kim is now stuck just like leif!

That shoal not big enough.

there you go.

You got it.You got it.

Kim is free now.

Alicia starts work on the
third Bag of puzzle pieces.

Kim now working on the second Bag.

There are four bags total.

Alicia has the third
bag for the Orange tribe.

Kim still working on the second Bag.

let's go!

Good job.

Kim has the second
Bag for the blue tribe.

Sabrina now out on the course.

come on,kim!

Keep pushing.

You're getting it!

Kim is back with the
Second bag of puzzle pieces.

Kat is now out on the course.

Sabrina is stuck!

let's go!Come on!

Kat flies through the First obstacle.

Kat could make up some
time for The blue tribe.

go kat,go!

Sabrina is free now.



Sabrina looking at That
fourth and final bag.

Kat working on the third
bag for The blue tribe.

Nice job,sabrina,That's a lot of sand!

Kat has the third bag For the
blue tribe.She's heading back.

Michael the biggest guy now
has To make his way under this.

Blue tribe seems to
have done it Backwards.

Michael is through the first Obstacle.

Michael needs to make
up some Time right now.

Sabrina has lost a lot of the Lead.

The orange tribe had.

dig that sand!

Dig it!

You got it!

sabrina,you got it,yes!

Spwraoe spha has the Fourth
bag for the orange tribe.

Michael that has fourth
bag for The blue tribe.

We've got a race going.

give it everything you got!

let's go,mike!

Sabrina trying to Pull herself
under that last Obstacle.

Michael has gained on her.

Michael has made up all the time The blue
tribe has lost for this Entire challenge.

Sabrina is through.

Michael is through very quickly.

Start working on the puzzle.

Whatever lead the orange tribe
Had was lost in that final round

And we are now neck in neck Tarzan and jonas
working on the Puzzle for the blue tribe.

Troyzan and christina
for the Orange tribe.

This is it.

feel free to start working,Tarzan.

I am.

Communication will be Key in
working together on this Puzzle.

you're right.

Pieces are all very Similar.


Everybody can taste That pizza.

They can imagine the cold beer.

Troyzan and christina
working Together very well.

Tarzan and jonas now starting
to Pull ahead for the blue tribe.

Christina and troyzan,whatever
Momentum they had is Evaporating.

there it is.

Tarzan with a piece W.

I got a few pieces,come on.

tarzan,quit talking,dude.

We are very close Right now.

Either tribe could win this Challenge.

It's coming down the
last couple Of pieces!

Both tribes down three pieces.

Pizza,beer on the line.

Who wants it?

the orange tribe wins reward!

okay,that's it.Ok.


oh,my god!

this is my island!

Nice afternoon Awaiting you.

Pizza,cold er as well as this Note which
you will read after You finished eating.

Grab your stuff,head out.

Enjoy the afternoon.

fog for you.

Grab your stuff,head back to Camp.

oh,my lord!

I've been talking about
pizza Since day one.

you guys,everyone did
a Fantastic effort.

to endurance.

The challenge we had
to do today Was a doozy.

It was a nail-biter but
at the Very end we won.

This pizza could have been ice
Cold and I would have tore it Up.

I don't care.

I know good pizza,I've been
Living in new york for ten Years.

Anything other than this dry-ass
Rice we're eating out here

and a Chicken we catch every blue
Moon,it's great so pizza was Priceless.

they could have brought out Fried skunk.

oh,my gosh!

rock 'n roll!

all right,guys we have this.

what does it say?

it says "open when you're Finished
eating before you get Back to camp.

" Alall right.

"immunity is the only way to
Guarantee your safety in this Game.

As part of your reward for
Winning today's challenge,

only You six will know that there is
Yet another idol hidden back at Camp.

" theless people that know About the idol
the more likely One of us can find it.

So if I were up to me I wouldn't
Go back to camp and be like

"hey,the letter said there
was An idol somewhere.

" It makes me nervous that
the Idol is still out there.

My biggest concern is for

Someone on the manono tribe to Find
the idol going into the Next vote.

And messing up our numbers.

Because we can't have a salani Go home.


I wanted that pizza and beer So bad.

I got sand every part of my Body.

you trying to tell us you're Going to be
pooping sand for the Next couple of days?

we need to get stuff
together Here,you know?

like supplies?


no,just whatever our plan Is,you know?

I thought tarzan
already Established that.

what was that?

that the guys stick together
And alicia is the swing vote.

That's kind of weird that you
Don't even know what that plan Is.


that's what he was saying but He should
probably fill you in With the plan.

we didn't have a chance to Talk.

I'll ask about that later on.


apparently,the bright tarzan Goes
and has a secret meeting With mike

and tells him this Plan
which I'm not even aware Of.

The guy makes zero sense.

He's a lose cannon and does Whatever
the hell he wants we Can't have that.

You tell the least reliable guy The
plan,does that make sense Tow-to-you?

yeah,because we need six Guys.

you tell him right before
the Vote,not two days before!

If he's playing both
sides,what Is he going to do?

He's going to tell the
women and Then we're ed.

This is my point.

We need to consult as an
Alliance before we start Blabbing.

I thought... when did it change
and why am I the last guy to know?

two days ago I told you that Plan.

Two days ago I told you that Plan!

listen to me,I'm not done Speaking.

you are such a confused,I'm
done talking with You.

I'm done talking.

you're accusing me of
Something right now.

don't **ing interrupt Me.

listen to me for a second!

Stop (bleep)ing interrupting me.

I'm tired of your (bleep)ing (bleep).

And you telling me... I'm not
Even in the (bleep)ing loop.

well you know what?

There's so much confusion I'm
Going to drop out of the tribe

And you guys continue without Me.

That's what I'm going to do.

I'm dropping my allegiance with You guys

because every time I Try to tell
you something you Contradict med,

you don't Remember what I say.

I'm done with it.

what are you fighting about.


Jonas,let's admit it.

I don't like you.

Don't talk to me anymore.

I'm out of it.

all right.

Good luck.

I'll fall on the sword.

I'm perfectly wil willing to do.

I can only play this game so
Long before it's irritating.

I do not like jonas.

I do not like that guy anymore.

When I say something I mean it From
my heart and I don't go Back on it.

Can't look at that face anymore.


everyone always sleeps in and
I get up at 4:00 in the morning


So I'm going to find the idol.

These knuckle heads aren't going
To be awake for another hour.


That's it!

Early bird gets the
idol and Gets the power.

I had my eye on the two big Trees close
to the beach and I It this jackpot.

To find the hidden immunity
Idol,that's like winning the Gold medal.

God,I want to,likes,wear it.

Troyzan is safe!

This could be a million dollars.

This is crazy to think about it.

This could take me freaking far.

come on in,guys!

So is there a new tribe name?


What's it mean?

well,tikiano means god and Ano means
year so it's like year Of the god.

Ready to get to Today's
immunity challenge?

First things
first,christina,I'll take it back.

Tribal immunity is no more.

Individual immunity is now what You see.

With this around your neck at Tribal
council,you can't be Voted out.

Once again immunity
is back up For grabs.

Here's how it works.

You will be perched on a small Log
while balancing a ball on a Wooden disk.

At regular intervals we will add
More balls making it more Difficult.

If at any point a ball drops or You fall
off the perch you're Out of the challenge.

Last person left standing wins
Immoonty,safe from the vote.

Losers tribal council,somebody
Will be going home.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

All right,let's get started,Everybody
grab your disk and Your first ball.


Everybody remove your hands.

And this challenge is on.

Right away a big breeze comes Up.

And that causes some
problems For a few people.

Make sure the disk
does not hit Your body.

That is a no-go.

Tarzan is first out of this Challenge.

He falls off the perch.

Take a spot on the bench.

We're down to 11.

Somebody's going to have to
work Hard to win this challenge.


Everybody grab your ball.

You are safe and moving
on to The next round.

All right,everybody
grab a Second ball now.

Take your hands off

now Everybody balancing
two balls on Their disk.

You have to keep
concentration Keep your focus.

Christina's the second
person Out of this challenge.

We are now down to ten
people Fighting for immunity.

Michael with balls hanging on Both
sides of his disk can't Hang in there,

michael is out of The challenge

we're down to Nine.

Even if you're on the
edge,hang In there.

Chelsea both balls drop.

Chelsea is out of the challenge And
right behind her kim loses Is ball.

Kim is out of the challenge.

Seven people are down.

Survive this you move
on to the Final round.


Grab your balls,everybody is Safe.


Third and final round.

Everybody release your
hand,the Challenge is back on.

We will now go until
there's Only one person left.

Alicia is quickly out
and we are Down to six

this will not be an Easy win.

Such a simple little challenge
You could do it in your Backyard.

Only difference,lose this Challenge
you could be going Home tonight.

And with that jay falls off the Perch.

We are now down to five.

Troyzan's balls haven't
moved in A long time.

Get your Concentration.

Jonas balancing two balls on one Edge.

One ball on the other edge of His disk.

Jonas can't do it.

Know skwras is out of the Challenge.

We're down to four.

Big breeze starting to come in.

Sabrina out of the challenge
and We are down to three.

Troyzan,kat,and leif.

Leif drops a ball,leif
is out Of the challenge.

His shot at immunity is over.

You can see it in his face.

We are down to two people
left: Troyzan and kat.

Troyzan with a nice recovery
kat Still very solid.

Troyzan struggling to
get it Back and he does.

No matter how solid
you feel in This game,

you do not want to go To
tribal council without Immunity.

Kat steps off the perch troyzan
Wins first individual immunity!

my my leg.

Troyzan,come on Over.

this is crazy.

What's crazy about It?

you know how long I've
waited To feel this thing,man?

It's like what the hell
is going On right now.

And you're touching me,jeff Probst.

It's crazy.

It's getting better,You're safe
tonight at tribal Council as well.

As for the rest of you,after 20
Days will be voted out tonight.

You have the afternoon to
figure Out who it's going to be.

Grab your stuff,head back
to Camp,see you at tribal.



great job.

jonas,I thought you might Pull
it out with your chef Skills.

great job,bro.


you did good.

we're definitely going
to Have to talk later.

I think a lot of people are Going
to be doing some Scrambling action.


this is like "survivor" to The ultimate.

I mean,I won an immunity
today,I have an immunity idol.

I've got a group that I feel Solid,

my old salani who Basically have
been pretty Straightforward with me

and so Whatever they decide to
do That's what I'm going to do.

I think it's pretty plain and Simple
that we stick to salani Or 7-5.


just pick off their five Strongest to
weakest and then We're back at salani.

so,look,we need to figure Out who
we want off I say jonas Aalicia.

We can ask around,to,but
make Jonas the first choice.


It's guys versus girls but the Way I
see it is we keep it Salani versus manono

we should Take out manono's
strongest People first.

I don't think that... Would You
guys be cool voting jonas First?

let's go jonas first.

jonas is first.

I think jonas is their
Strongest player right now.

Which I hate because he's a Great cook.

Great positive attitude.

Fun to be around.

But jonas I'm thinking is
going To be the next to go.

- hey,you.
- hey,you.

no one has come up to me.

come up to me,girlfriend.

I just think everyone's thinking
Jonas but everybody's like

I hate to vote jonas out he's
so Nice and he cooks good soup.

" I don't care whether
he makes A great soup.

for tonight's vote we want to Vote
jonas out since he's the Biggest threat

and keep Christina and alicia around
just In case we need a girl's Alliance.

To get a guy out and Particularly
one of the new Manono tribe members

it leaves The girls in the majority it
Leaves my old salani tribe in The majority

and gives me two Great
options moving forward.

who do you... Are you
looking At right now?

honestly I was thinking jonas
Because he's real smart,real Capable.

I know.

a lot of people have
been Talking about jonas

because they Think they
feel he's a big Threat

and he's the smartest of
The guys and I was like,geez,

You guys,are you kidding me?

We're going to let this guy go?

He feedss proerbgs
sides are For us,why now?

are you serious,dude?

They're talking about he?

they mentioned my name.

yeah,they did.

why would they want to vote Me?

I have no idea.

when you hear your name has Come up,you
immediately think Oh,crap,I'm going home.

Yeah,I'm kind of getting the
Feeling that I'm out of the Loop.

It makes no logical sense to
me Strategically to vote me out

I'm,like,the least threatening Guy here.

There's mike who's the most Dominant
person as far as Immunity challenges

so they want To keep him around over me
and So immediately I go into Survival mode.

so I just wanted to throw you This out.

I was out of line like
Completely was acting.

- we all get...
- I was ridiculous and I Apologize.

you're apologizing?


- really.
- thank you.

we here in situation Like...

that brings tears to my eyes,Thank you

jonas and I admittedly Are a bad marriage
but strangely We respect each other.

I was so struck by the Personality it took for
him to Do that that it brought me to Mild tears.

it's all right,man.

I never cry.

Since he's done that I respect Him
even more so we're back Together again

and that made me Feel really remarkable.

We got four guys here for sure.

We're still bondd?


We all vote for kat.

That's the best we can do.

That's the best we can do.

We'll vote for kat.

she doesn't do much,I know.

that's all we got.

so we're voting for kat kind
Of as a last-minute scramble.

I'd rather vote mike out instead
But we figured,you know,kat,

She doesn't pull her
weight all A whole lot,

she kind of annoys A lot of people so that's
my Only hope at this point is I'm Voting kat.

do you have any clothing
that Needs to be boiled.

just my undies.


this is not poop,okay,it's Dirt.

okay. okay. all right.

But you can see how that looks
To me how it could be poop,Right?

I know.

I can't even look in that Direction.

- I swear to god it is not Poop.
- it's chocolate,okay?

it's dirt.It's dirt,I swear.

so why is there dirt
Concentrated in one area?

because it's near my butt.

I swear,if it's in pwaoling Water you don't
have to worry Even if it was poop pants.

At least that's what I think.

we talked about who we
Thought should go home next.

I wanted to get a good batch of
Laundry done,get my stuff Clean.

So I put in the the salt
water,Scrubbed it really good with Sand.

I was going to have some clean Clothes.

it's not poop,it's dirt,I Swear.

yeah,but I've already
Cleaned my own n the ocean.

You need to clean them the Ocean.

these have been cleaned in The ocean.

don't do that.

let me clean them in the Ocean first.

- I know all about Microbiology.
- ***

ook ok

let me get my stuff out First.

it doesn't make any Difference.

I have been working about it.

even so the microbes
are dead When it boils.

It's not that contagious.

I'm going to go puke,I'll be Right back.

you don't want to tend the Fire?


if it were up to me tarzan Would go home
because I'm all About who deserves to be here.

Who has a positive attitude?

Who brings everyone up
when Everyone's down?

Who's just a good person to be Around?

Tarzan doesn't fill any
of those Empty lines.

Jonas works has ass
off and Feeds all of us.

Can we spare him a couple more Days?

And take tarzan's ass out.

At least we have someone
around That's feeding us.

Tarzan just pisses
everyone off,You know?

I understand your thought.

Your thought was take out dead Weight.

I completely hate to see
dead Weight alicia,christina,

Tarzan,leif,I hate them
Sitting around camp.

But you have to look at it.

If you set a plan in
place and It gets broken

all hell can Break loose and
come back to Bite you in the butt.

Sabrina,what's the
Single-biggest difference now

That you're merged and it is
Every individual for themselves?

it's very chaotic.

Everyone's trying to predict
Where they will stand,

who's With who and just like,okay,

it Can't be peaceful right now not One
someone's head is on the Chopping block.

Jonas,is it Inevitable to be thinking

"who Do I want to sit next to at the
End and how do I make sure I'm There?

" it is critical but you can
be Thinking way too far ahead.

I had people today say "hey,You're a threat
because you're a Provider and you cook.

" Yeah,but you don't
vote that Guy out first!

Not only that,you want to go to
Immunity challenges against this Guy?

That's not good strategy.

Mike versus he?

as you can tell today I Didn't
really perform that well.

You can be great at
puzzles,I Might suck.

I'm not done,bro,I'm not Done speaking.

I'm proposing to those people
That know what I'm talking about

I'm voting for mike tonight.

well,mike,hot seat brother.

I disrespect what jonas just Did.

I disrespect it deeply.

Giving up his principles,Throwing
mike under the bus.

He doesn't have to fight for his
Life and that's the end of that.

I'm not going to say anything Else.

So,jonas,tarzan is Saying
"relax,brother,you're Not going home tonight.

" I'm not saying that now Because he
may have thrown Himself over the bus.

the fact of the matter is
Despite your brilliant plan

we Do not have the
votes to vote Off kat.

what's I do?

Tarzan,you can tell's ok

he's laying,kat,okay?

It's getting worse and
worse as You go on,jonas.

you did propose that.

you want to attack all
of us While you're at it?

I'm just stating the fact.

jeff,I think we ought to Vote jonas out.

He's worried about it,we
might As well vote him out.

I'm sick of this.

Why the big reaction?

What are we not getting?

jonas has been on my back From day one.

He's always undermining me.

So you know what?

I'm going to go up there
and put His name down.

I'm telling you what I'm going To do.

I'm sick of it,I hope
you go Home tonight.

I'm sick of fighting with you.

that's fine.

But the bottom line is I'm
Trying to play the game.

You can't blame me for that.



on jonas' defense,I think
More people have had issues

and Arguments with tarzan
than they Have with jonas.

Sabrina you're Nodding
your head in agreement.

I've had a couple run-ins
With tarzan like everyone else

I'm sure has but I have
had zero Issues with jonas.

But... the thing is,jeff,if you're Comparing
likability I admit I'm Not as likable as jonas.

I'm awkward outside my Environment.

What is your Environment?

my environment is a hospital And operating
room and I do Great in that environment.

You know,you're the captain of The ship
in an operating room or Somebody dies.

So this is a very Different world for you
because There is no captain of this Ship.

you know,I have ideas that I Think help people
and when they Don't see it,it irritates me.

So,kim,it's very Interesting
what developed here Tonight.

You have jonas who everybody
Says is likable and provides.

He stirs the pot and out comes The guy
on the end who says "I'm The old guy,

I don't really like This
social part of this Game...".

I didn't say I didn't like The social.

I said I'm awkward in it.

Case in point.

Even I can't get it right.

that's the beauty of a merge,I think.

You know,all of a sudden people Like jonas become
a threat and People like tarzan become an Asset.

Depend how you look At it.


Chelsea,where do you Weigh in on this?

I just think there's people You want
to keep around because They're positive,

they're Providers,they help out so
much And then there's dead weight.

did you mean me?


So,tarzan,as this Tribal has evolved are
you Concerned it could be you Tonight?

I came here wondering whether Allegiances would
be maintained And I sense we've fallen apart.

So that makes the whole thing
Totally mercurial at this point

Not knowing which way
or how It's going go.

I mean,if they want to
vote me Off that's fine.

I'm voting for jonas tonight
Because of what he did.

All right,let's find Out how
this is going to shake Out.

You can not vote for troyzan.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is.Time to vote.

Alicia,you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity Idol

and you want to play it now
Would be the time to do so.

Once the votes are read
the Decision is final,

the person Voted out will be asked to
leave The tribal council area Immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,jonas.


Two votes mike.


Two votes mike; two votes jonas.

Three votes jonas.

Four votes jonas,two votes Mike.

Jonas,that's five votes
jonas,Two votes mike.

Six votes jonas.

Seventh person voted out and
the First member of our jury,

jonas,That's seven,that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

tarzan,no hard feelings Brother.

hard feelings to you.


Jonas,the tribe has Spoken.

Time for you to go.

hey,good luck with that food Situation.

Well,you just voted Out somebody

who almost Everybody agrees was
likable,Was a provider and was loyal.

And that means nobody is safe.

Grab your torches,head
back to Camp,good night.

-= proudly presents

YTET- ???Ǽ??????ս???

Season 24 Episode 07

Next time on "survivor."

should we talk about who's Next to go?

jay and troyzan have the Jitters.

he's a big threat and needs
To be taken out a.S.A.P.

there's too many girls that Could
start knocking out these Guys.

With good reason.

we have to decide if we're Going to,

like,make our move Because this
is never going to Be the same.

I'm not sure how this
is about To go down.

so I came here to go big or Go home

and I went big and now I'm going home.

But you know I gave it all I got

And the fact that I got voted Out
it kind of sucks but at Least...

At least they said I