Survivor (2000–…): Season 24, Episode 2 - Total Dysfunction - full transcript

Castaways jump off the deep end in an Immunity Challenge that requires a delicate balance. Meanwhile, a group of misfits band together, finding an unlikely leader.

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Previously on survivor ...

18 americans were abandoned
on a remote polynesian island.

All with one goal in mind.

I just want to be the
greatest survivor of all time.

They were quickly divided into two
tribes-- the men versus the women.

Men,your tribe name is manono.

Women,your tribe name is salani.

But not everyone was thrilled.

I'm the girl within the guy tribe.

And for the first time
in survivor history,

two tribes found themselves coexisting
on one beach in a battle of the sexes.

Seems like total chaos.

On the salani tribe,a group of
young women were running the show.

It's kim,chelsea,kitty kat,myself and a brie
that and it was done in a matter of seconds.

And at manono,the muscle took control.

Big mike,jay-bird and bill.

I'm sitting pretty as
far as i'm concerned.

A brie that thought she had it made
when she found a hidden immunity idol.

I found the idol!

But all she had was
a tu decision to make.

It's for the manono tribe,i have to give
it up before the next tribal council.

Sabrina gave it to the
man on the outs,colton.

A race was cut short when
kourtney couldn't continue.


With kourtney's status in the game
uncertain,the women headed to tribal council.

And at tribal council,the
women imploded.

You're wrong!


So shut up!

And when it looked like it
couldn't get any worse,it did.

Let me give you an update on kourtney.

She is out of the game.

But despite the bad news,there
was a glimmer of hope.

The good news: nobody
sells going home tonight.

There are 36 days left in this game
and if you don't get it together,

none of you will make it to the end.

17 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?


Good evening,ladies.





The guy said that they
were taking care of our fire

when we were gone but mind
you i am the fire person and

if they weren't there when i
got back i probably would have...

I wouldn't have been able to get it...


I would have been able to do it myself.

You didn't have to vote anybody out?

No,she broke her wrist in so many
different places she has to have surgery.


Tonight a couple of the guys went over to the
women's camp to see what went on with tribal council.

Kourtney is the only one who went home.

They didn't have to vote anybody off.

They're all safe and it's all annoying.

I'm going to bed.

See you guys in the morning.



Is it okay that you and i can talk?

We can talk private if you want or we
can talk wherever you feel comfortable.

I don't care.It's up to you.

I think you and i
should clear some stuff.


Tribal council couldn't have
gone any better than i planned.

Thank you,christina,for
making yourself look crazy

and telling me to shut
up and for also lying.

It almost seems like all right then
you're going to tell me to shut up.

I would never talk to you that way,ever.

You just kept going on and on and on and
weren't giving me a chance to explain myself.

I felt like to me that was rude.

Okay.It was disrespectful.

If that's how you feel than
i'm sorry that i made you feel

that way because that
was not my intention.

You're right.

I mean,please,if i saw her swimming in an ocean and
she was drowning i probably would look the other way.

even worry about it.

All right,are we good?

We're good,girl,don't
even worry about it.

I have my five.

Kim,kat,chelsea,sabrina and myself so if it
were up to me and everybody,we want her out.

But we need to win challenges
and nina looks like a bag of rocks

and i don't even know what that
analogy means but she is not moving.

Survivor Season 24Episode
02 one world


Is everyone here?

All right.


Obviously we just came off tribal council and
it was a little fiery but we made it through.

It's a wash so let's get over that.

Let's set ground rules and i
think it can go a lot smoother.

Everyone has a right to be heard.

- Can i add something?
- Hold on one second.

When you talk,get to
the point,be direct.

The quicker we can get
through this meeting

the quicker we can get to business and get
things done how this camp should be going,stock?

Do you think we should,like,have a leader
and say all right,let's leave it up to her?

I say sabrina?


Because you're just
direct,straight to the point,

you don't b.s. you speak
to us like grown women.

We don't get offended.

And you don't bark orders.


I'll take the responsibility.

Managing the air heads
is going to be exhausting.

But hopefully with this new leadership role
i can come in there and just be like shh.

I think there should be three
categories,water,food,and shelter.

Does anyone want to be
straight up on water?


I'm water all the time
and i got all the canteens

and i'd like to get them all
filled up to the grim in an hour.

Okay. Good.

Monica on water.

Kat and i will go searching for food.

If you go,survey the land first.

Make markers,know
exactly where you went.

I don't want to observe the land.

I want to go get stuff.

No,observe and get what
you can on the way back.

I don't know what we're going to do.

At this point it's definitely
the five younger gals kim,

chelsea,kat,sab and alicia
against christina,monica and i.

And i've been trying to find my place.

I'll never take for granted turning
on the faucet and getting some water!

No luck on bananas?

I'm still going to search if my partner
would like to go in the jungle with me.

She was all about going to the jungle.

Now i'm going to go in the
jungle and find the bananas

so when i do find the
bananas everybody will be like

oh,my god,i found bananas.

there's a definite immaturity factor
on the part of some of these women.

I like kat,i think she's fun.

But you know what?

I'm 51 years old and
she's driving me nuts!

She's driving me nuts.

I just want her to shut up and work!

I don't want to tie any
knots if we have a challenge.

My fingers hurt so bad.

where everybody?

Are we in so much trouble
because we're not doing anything?

I don't know.

I don't know what's going on.

I don't know,either.



Hey,it says do not open this envelope or
boxes until members and both tribes are present.

Bring the letter and the boxes to a
clearing in a few federal location.

we went to treemail and
there was an enormous box.

I was hoping it was food.

All right,one...

Hold.Hold on.

It's this huge box.

Doesn't tarzan look naked from here?

yeah tarzan!

Flex those muscles!


Read it.

Hear ye,hear ye.

bring this envelope and the boxes to
the clearing in a neutral location.

if something jumps out
of there,i'm like...

manono and salani you have been
coexisting as two tribes sharing one world.

Today your journey will go one
step further as you complete

a do it yourself reward
challenge here at your camp.

Here's how it works.

You each have a box containing a series of
knotted ropes attached with a metal ring.

The first tribe to untie all their knots
completely separating the ring wins the reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?


You are competing to win a tarp.

you will be getting rain and
this will surely keep you dry.

that will help!Look at our roof.

when the challenge is over
each tribe can get their box

and their ropes and do
with it as they see fit.


Because we have one extra
person,we're sitting out big mike.

He can not participate
whatsoever in this challenge.

The timing couldn't have been better.

We've got to get that tarp.We need it.

The pressure's on.

Here's where we can shine.

Let's get it done.

Survivors ready?


Jazz fingers!


Over there,over there.

Pull it out this way.

Pull it out to the front.

Pull it out!Everybody.


When the charge starts,we wanted to get
everything out of the box on the ground.

As soon as that happens,everybody just
started on the outside,worked their way in.

We had to just untie continuously
and you finally get to the middle

and there's a ring and
you have to untie the ring.

You can brace it between your knees.

We got it,we got it.

I got mine out!

Mine are out!Mine are out!

Okay,mine's done here.

We need this freaking tarp.

Go! Go!

Everybody was in a little bit of a
frenzy because we had to govern ourselves.

It's going to be raining here very soon

so that tarp is the biggest
benefit i think anyone can have.

Old that one,hold that one.

There,that one's off.

That one's off.

Right here!

Pull that,pull that part.


I was so into the challenge.

That was our momentum and that was our
speed as a group to pull all the ropes out.

We have to win this.

Hold up. Hold up.

Guys,slow down.

You don't want to get a
bigger knot in all this,right?

I know.

Make this count.

Get this right here.

I'll get it.



Come on,get this blue one!

Right here.

Right here!


good job.

Good job,man.

We lost the damn challenge
and that hurt my soul!

We needed a tarp like
a fat kid needs cake.

We needed it.

We wanted it.

We were seconds away from winning

so it wasn't a horrible loss but
at the end of the day it's a loss.

No one ever remembers second place.



I thought we were gonna be
there all day doing that,dude.

That tarp is critical.

Let's see how big it is.

Let's open it up.

This is a long baby.

Look at that,man!

Today we won.

It was like it was game on and
we all finished the challenge.

We were the one that came out on top.

We got that tarp which was
like the icing on the cape.

Our camp is going to look great.

The manono tribe,we'll have the
best camp probably in history.

Let's rock and roll.

All right,boys.

Pretty proud of this camp.

Dude,this is perfect.

Who built this?

Colton today has done
absolutely nothing.

He's proved he's the
worst person for our tribe.

No firewood,no food,nothing
with the shelter.

He feels like this is a vacation.

Colton is just here to hang out.

In the girl's camp.

What is he thinking?

He's the only one not doing anything.

He calls himself the queen.


He's got all the girls in his hand like
putty,bro,if we're down numbers we're done,bro.

He's working it,bro.

He's making russell look like
a freaking little school girl.


So we're just going layer
by layer doing two at a time.

I'm seriously about to
walk off this island.

You're not walking off this island.

You've got too much spunk
to walk off the island.

You should try bonding with the guys.

Try a different method,you never know.

I have nothing in common with the guys.

We all have an extra appendage,that's the
only thing i have in common with these people.

But going over to the girls is
kind of like it's a release for me

because it's like god,at least
i have people i can relate to

and talk to and,you
know,find common ground with.

I love the girls more than
anybody on this island.

All right,he needs a
time limit over here.

Colton,i'm going to need
you to move out of my way.

Where do you want me to put
that?Did i do this wrong?

No,we're just...I'm
stacking a second layer.

So... Just leave it.

We're good.

Are you sure?


Colton is like a virus.

Like there seems to be not
a cure for him just yet.

Today i found myself without even thinking
just entertaining him half the morning.

And i'm just like what am i doing?

Colton,why you over here?

I'm over here because i
don't want to be over there.

Seriously,i don't want
to talk game at all.

I just want to...

But we have to have like a girl talk.


Are you guys ready to start?

- Yes.
- Okay,sorry.

That's cool.

Can i come hang out with y'all later?

I'll ask the girls.

It's cool.

- It's a joint decision around here.
- Don't worry about it,it's cool.


Let's have a meeting now.

I relate more to girls.

And i go over there and try to help
them and they're like you need to go.

and they want to have a girl
meeting so i literally feel like

i need to find somewhere on the
island and build my own little hut

and live there and by
my own little tribe.

Basically it's not a real meeting,

- just enough to get him out of here.
- All i know is day four,i'm just about...

I guess i'm going to have keep
digging deep and go over there.

I feel like in order for me to make a move
i honestly believe i have to have some girls.

That's case in point.

We have more rope here!


I want to talk to all of y'all.

Like,i really do.


Like,i want everyone to hear me.


Again,colton has snaked his
way back to our damn camp.

I don't know if he has more estrogen in his body
than testosterone but i swear,what a drama queen.

We don't need that energy.

Like,go to your camp.

Here's the deal.

The real raw deal.

I don't care about game,i
don't care about strategy,

y'all can all call
b.s.,this is what i'm saying.

I feel like i have
no one on this island.

Not one person.

Let that's not true,though.

Let him finish.

This isn't fake.This isn't artificial.

I swear to god on my life.

If y'all would let me stay with y'all
i would not talk about you,you,you.

I will not talk to them about y'all.

Like,i swear...

I don't know if it's just colton's just like
fickle craziness dramatic and now he's crying.

It's just the more he comes over,the more
he starts becoming like a jerk by the minute.

Colton,here's the thing from our end.

It's like...

It's not that we don't love
you and don't want you around,

but you can understand
we are two tribes.

You fear from the other tribe and
you're in our camp hearing everything

we're doing and you have to
be able to understand that

that seems like a really
dumb,dumb,dumb move on our part.

This is our tribe and we have
to start owning our tribe,

owning our thoughts,owning our
actions and owning what the vision of

what we want to look like
later on down the road

without having a guy who
acts like a girl involved.

I mean,if he's running the
show and we lose this damn game,

i'm just going to slit my wrists.

I'm going to list is my wrists.

It's not an option for us to
have you over here all the time.

I know.

We just can't.

I'm going to get water.







Look out!


You are a classic.

Tarzan's,like,so crazy sometimes.

I would never talk to these
people outside of this game

but in survivor you have
to do what you have to do.

Good night,fellas.

Like,i have a hidden immunity idol and i can
kind of regroup and use the idol to my advantage.

Come here.

Wait a second now.

What the hell are you talking about?

I'm playing this at
the next tribal council.

And i'm not going home.

Who gave you that idol?

The girls.

Holy cow.

I just found out some stuff tonight
and it's like my heart is pounding and,

you know,i found out
that colton has an idol

and we've got to get rid of the
muscle,meaning mike and matt.

There's no more talking about this.

We're set,okay.

We're set.


Colton reaches into his pants
and he's got this freaking idol.

So colton went from the first guy to
get voted out to now the ringleader.

And i mean i knew the kid was a freak of nature
as far as,like,the kid is ridiculously smart.

I have to make matt and mike
believe i'm still with them

because if they get scared
they're gonna,like,pull something.

I'm down with that.

I'm on board with the
troy,leif,jonas,and tarzan which is,

like,the most random group
of people in the entire world.

And until i can get with the girls i have
to associate myself with these misfits.

They can call themselves the misfit
alliance,i'll just be their king.

This is my world,they should have
called this survivor: colton's world.

this is it.

This is it.


Come on in,guys.

Guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


Come on!

First thing's first,i'll
take back the idol.

Once again immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,both
tribes will line up side by side

on a very narrow
balance beam over water.

One tribe member at a time must move across a
balance beam and around the other tribe members.

If you fall off,you
go back to the start.

If you touch two people at once you've
got to jump in,go back to the start.

Once one tribe member reaches the
finish platform,the next person goes.

First tribe to get all their tribe mens
to the finished platform wins immunity,

is safe from the vote.

Losers,tribal council where somebody
will be voted out of this game.

Men,you have one extra person.

Sitting somebody out.

Can not sit out the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's going to sit out?

We're going to sit auto tarzan.

Tarzan's going to sit this one out.

Everyone else,we'll give
you a minute to strategize.

Then we'll get started.

All right,here we go.

For immunity,survivors ready?


Bend those knees.Bend those knees.

Nice and slow.

Remember,you can only
touch one person at a time.

Leif,leif,touching two
people,got to jump in and go back.

If you touch two people at once the person
crossing has to jump in and start over.

So be careful.

Don't grab me.

Even incidental can cost you.

She's got these big old
bobs,i can't get past.

Leif making his way past colton.

Just let me go.

Kat and monica doing a little dance.

Starting to figure it out.

Leif starting to make
a little progress now.

Keep doing what you're doing.

Takes a lot of communication.

Kat working past chelsea.

Reach around with your
arms,that's what i did.

You're pushing me
backwards,which is not good.

- Got me?
- I got you.

Leif making his way past
half of his tribe now.

He's got a strategy
going and it's working.

All right,leif,come on.

Leif making his way past jay now.

Kat still stuck at chelsea.

Monica,do you think
you can do this better?

Keep going.Come on,guys,make a move.

The women make nothing progress.

We're in the lead.

Leif very close to the end.

Leif to the finished platform.

Men have their first person across.

Now colton starts the walk.

Kat now going behind chelsea.

Going to try a different strategy.

Kat knows she's got to
pick up the pace now.

Go behind real quick.

Hold me hold me!

I got you!


Christina reached out and
grabbed kat,kim falls in,

kat's got to go in,she
touched two people.

Women are starting over.

Hold me.

Like,hold me.

Colton working around...

Don't drop me.Don't drop me.

Kat making her way around kim now.

Colton getting very close to the end.


Give mike some more space.

- No,we need to give mike a little more space.
- I wish he'd shut up.

Leif,we're good.

Chill out.

Hold me hold me.

I got you.

I got you.

Colton and matt,nice
recovery.Nice balance.

Stay.I'm going to fall.

- No,i'm not.
- You're not.

Christina,you touched two.

Kat,in the water.


Kat,christina is touching two people.

Get in and go.


Make sure you do not
touch two people at once!

Wrap your arm around me!

Michael giving colton a
big hug and that will do it.

Colton makes it to the end.

The men have two across.

Women still working on their first.

Hold me,pull me back.I
need to go further back.

Kat may have not been the
best person to put on the end.

She has the furthest route to go.

Jonas gets around jay
making quick work of this.

Kat now back at christina.

And with that,christina's in the water.

I don't think you have to go back...

Kat just jumps back in.

Kat,you don't have to go back in,babe.

I didn't know.

You got it,yeah!

Jonas gets around michael.

Men have their third person
to the finish platform.

Bill now starts his walk.

Get christine one time.

If it doesn't work i'll go.

I'll do it all.

I'd love to.

You feel me?

You're fine.

Bill falls in.Jay goes in.

A setback for the men.

Maybe an opening for the women
if they can pick up the pace.

Come con!

And christina's in the water once again.

Monica's going.

Monica jumps in,she's going
to put herself at the end.

Bill makes his way once
again around troyzan.

Monica trying to get around christina.

Two hands.

Kat reached out and grabbed
you,monica you've got to go in,too.

Oh,kat,you're about as dumb as a rock.

Once again kat jumped in for no reason.

Women completely falling apart.

Meanwhile,the men are
making quick work of this.

Bill across.

The men now have four
at the finish platform.

Hold me,swim me over.

Monica gets past christina.

Jay working himself around matt.

There you go.

You got this.

Come on,y'all!

Push me around!

I can stay strong in the core.

Monica finally getting something going.

Monica now past kim.

Jay is now through mike.

Jay is now on the finished platform.

The men have only three left.

Hold me,guide me over.I'm strong.

Monica gets past chelsea.

The women have something going.

Is it too little too late?

I love you.

Come on,try!

Troy and michael fall off.

Once againn openior the women.

Monica makeser wayround icia.

Guide me around.

Lift me up.

Monica now past the grn and
the women have their first pers.

Christina now giving it a go.

All the way around!

You got it.

Troy is around michael.

Christina trying to get aund kim now.

Troy gets around matt with no problem.

This is it.

Mike has to get around matt
and this challenge is over.

The women trying to come back.

But it will be too little;
too late in this challenge.

Matt lead him back.

Can he hold on?

And he does.

Mike will cross and matt crosses.

Men win immunity!

men,come on over and grab it.

Good job,monica.



No tribal council tonight.

Head back to camp.

Enjoy the night off.

Thank god!

It's definitely the boobs are hard.

hard to see them walk
off with immunity again.

Nina,you're shaking
your head in disgust.

It's just the way it's been going
for us this whole last five days.

No communication,no team work.

Same old story.

Well,the result is the same.

Tribal council again tonight.

Somebody will be voted
out of this tribe.

You have the afternoon to
figure out who it's going to be.

Head back to camp.I'll
see you at tribal.

Kat jumped in when she didn't even
need to jump in-- not once,twice.

I'm sad.

I'm sad for women.

This isn't the way women are
and frankly i'm so embarrassed.


All right.

Everybody wants to say something.

Whoever wants to start.

I'm sorry for having
horrible communication skills.

I thought i could do
it but it was so hard.

It really was.

You gave it a good shot and it was hard.

I really wanted to do it.

Kat,i always think of you as a
little cracker jack,so it's okay.

I always step up in the that role
regardless of if i'm athletic or not

because i feel like i
always want to bring it.

I always want to bring the
tribe to number one you know?

That's what i always want.

You're very much of a
rah-rah girl and we need that.

But at the end of the day logic
and strategy trumps rah-rah.

So do that on the inside
and listen for strategy.

Kat,i really like her energy,but
it needs to be channeled.

We want to try to keep things
controlled as much as possible--

at least i do if i'm
being the leader--

and kat is very young and emotional.

There's nothing wrong
with being emotional

if you can control it but she can't
control it at all and that's a liability.

However,nina is like the
walking dead around here.

She knows her head is
on the chopping block.

I don't want anyone to think
it was one person's fault today

at all because that
really wasn't the case.

But tonight's going to
end like the other nights,

in tribal council,so
that's the sucky part.

We didn't lose,we got our ass kicked.

It wasn't even close and everyone's
like oh,kat,you did so good.

kat,you jumped in the
water twice,you dumb blond!



Come on!

Quit being such a dumb broad!

We're not going to survive.

I'm sorry...

It's me,you and christina.

- We're out.
- I don't think we're going to make it out.

It doesn't matter what order.

Me,you and christina are out of here.

I'm voting for kat
because i can't stand her.

I think she's a complete idiot.

Not once jumping in the
water at the wrong time,twice.

It's not rocket science,kat.

It's just...

I'm so low on the totem pole,how do
i possibly go to somebody in the five

and say would you guys be
interested in getting rid of kat ?

That's a one-way ticket home.

So i'm hoping they'll open their
eyes but who knows with this group.

Who knows?

We are in a tribe of
the it with it withless.

We are a withless tribe and we are being led
by 20 something-year-old women and they are...

It's embarrassing.

It's embarrassing.

And i have to hear kat run
her mouth one more time...

That dumber than dumb...

She should be going tonight.

She should be going tonight.

It sucks.

It does.It's only going to get worse.

That's disgusting.

Oh,my gosh,kat!

She should be going home.

She's been really ruinin ruinins tribe.

I know she's fun but she's ruining it.


Out last,out with,but you
can't when you're it haveless.

You're too smart to let this happen.

We can redeem ourselves because
right now we look like idiots.

Trust me,i've been embarrassed
since i've been here.

Let's fix it!

I'm writing down kat's name.

I was going to anyway.

I just talked to nina,of course.

She... I mean...

She's really...

I mean,she's really right about kat.

Kat makes us all out
to be freaking idiots.

And i know we need to focus
on numbers,but what if...

If we voted kat out.

All eyes are on kat right now.

We're starting to look at the weaker
players even if they're in our alliance.

I'm one of the strongest
people in the tribe so

if we decide to start picking off the
weakest links,kat will be our pick.

It kills me to talk to nina because
i understand everything she's saying.

I do,too.

And i know kat blew the challenge today.

I'm totally with you on that.

I just feel nina deserves
to be here more than kat.

I'm with you so i'm
respecting you in this idea.

I just think we need
these girls to trust us.

I don't know.

All right.Let's give
tonight's tribal some context.

We're only five days in but you're off to
one of the worst starts ever in this game

because of the absolute and total
dysfunction within this group.

Kim,what do you bring into this game?

What could help right
now from your life?

I think i'm a good communicator and i
feel like that's something that we need.

But i don't think there's
a place for my voice yet.

It's almost like i'm talking
to sixth graders saying

hey,everybody,if you had a group of
people and you had to figure something out,

what might be one thing you would do?

and somebody says we could
talk about what we know.

i can't believe this
hasn't happened yet,nina.

Well,unfortunately,a lot of that
information about all of us doesn't get out

because we're still a divided tribe.

There's five against three.

Who are the five.

Sabrina,chelsea,alicia,kat and kim.

And that leaves you,nina,with
christina and monica?


Well,does everyone here know,for
instance,about your background?

Well,you know,i have shared with some
members of this tribe my life experience.

I was a police officer for the
city of los angeles for 13 years.

With that brings the ability to deal under
pressure and to be physical so i'll tell you what.

I'd like to know what life
experience kat brings to this group.


I mean,i'm out doors and i do sales and
i work with people all the time and,um,...

It wouldn't be unreasonable of you,kat,to
say i'm young,my life experience is limited.

of course,i've never
done anything like this.

I'm young,this is a new
experience for me,period.

I'm the youngest person on the tribe.

And i'm old.

I've never done this,either.

Okay,i'm the youngest person on this
tribe and i'm doing the best i can.

Even today,like,with our
challenge i was so excited

and the worst feeling in the whole
world is to let your tribe down.

And i did.Today.

Nina you look like you're about to
burst so much is ready to come out.

Well,kat is always telling us
what a great athlete she is.

But as far as i'm concerned
athlete is made up of three things:

athletic ability,the ability to
handle pressure and to be smart.

Okay,so today not only did she jump
in the water once,she did it twice.

And the only voice i heard up
there,distracting voice,was hers.

So she can't handle stress
and she made a mistake.

Is she an athlete?I don't know.

But there's three components
and she's failed at two.

Kim,is part of what's going on
that there's an alliance formed?

I think that's part of it.

Does kat bring life experience
to the table in our tribe?


But i do think kat is a good athlete.

Do i think nina has life

But,you know,she's bringing different
things to the table than kat is

and that's the decision we're
weighing out here tonight.

So it's between nina and kat.

That's been the vibe today.

Chelsea,if you could start over,do you think
you guys would form different alliances.

Yeah,it would probably be different.

Sabrina,do you agree with that?


Alicia,there's no girl
power going on right now.

No young women at home
going go women's tribe!

no,there's not.

Is that embarrassing?

It's very embarrassing,especially
that challenge.

Monica figured it out but because everybody was
talking we couldn't hear monica's suggestion.

- And it was embarrassing to watch.
- My fault.

It was my fault.

You keep saying that.

Do you believe that or are
you just being a marter?

I think i do.

It sucks.

What's upsetting?

My communication skills,i guess.

And failing.

I never fail.

You've never failed at anything in life?

I usually don't try anything unless i
know i'm going to succeed,put it that way.

So you really can't
say you've never failed

because the truth is you've never
put yourself in a position to fail.


It hurts.

So,kat,you said you take
responsibility for the loss.

Would it be fair to vote you out?


I thought i could do it.

I thought i could bring it home.

What i can only hope is that
my tribe believes in me the way

that i believe in myself and they'll keep me
around so i can show them that i'm learning.

You know?I'm not calling christina
out but there are people if that,

if anything,could be here to just
be here as opposed to play the game.

Christina,she just
three you under the bus.

You know,you take it in and you move on.

Can i just jump in if?

See,this is a prime example of how
men and women communicate differently.

We're kind of tiptoeing and tap dancing around
and that causes a rift and it causes emotion.

I man would have called another man
out and they would have dealt with it

and be done with it,no many b.

nina,does this give you a
feeling of hope hearing that well,

now here's christina,somebody else
you should get rid of before me.

She doesn't even want to play the game.


Because i do bring life experience,i
am physical and i have plenty of energy.

And they know that.

With that,it is time to vote.

Monica,you're up.

Nina,i think you're a strong competitor

but i would never throw you
under the bus the way you did me.

Kat,i've already said my
reasons why you should go home.

There's been enough shenanigans around
camp and it's just time for you to leave.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you
want to play it,now would be the time to do so.

Okay.Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,nina.



One vote nina,one vote
kat,one vote christina.


Two votes nina.


That's three votes nina.

One vote kat,one vote christina.

Second person voted out
of survivor: one world,

nina.That's four,that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Nina,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,we are only five days in,

but you're two tribe members down
and you've yet to win a challenge.

You've got to get it together.

Grab your torches,head back to camp.

Good night.

Survivor Season 24Episode
02 one world

next time on survivor.

it's men versus women
and chivalry is is dead.

Is is there any way
we can have an ember.

I'm a republican i do
not believe in handouts.

One world is out the window.

And the women of salani
hang on for dear life.

There's girls that are starting
to believe we can not win.

I'm so freaking cold!

I think the tribe made a huge mistake
by voting me out instead of kat.

Kat not only is young
and lacks life experience,

she's very immature and whether
or not the other people know it,

she's destroying the tribe and
she should have gone home tonight.

I wish the gals a lot of f