Survivor (2000–…): Season 23, Episode 9 - Cut Throat - full transcript

After a shocking betrayal, one castaway faces the wrath of a former alliance, and a double eviction rocks the newly merged Te Tuna tribe.

Previously on "survivor":

on day 19,the two tribes merged.

- Drop your buffs.
- Yes!

And ozzy returned from redemption
island and was back in the game.

I'm alive. But at this point
it's a dead-locked 6-6 vote.

To get information to break the tie,
cochran promised to spy on the old upolu.

Now it's time for me to work my magic,

become the double
agent,infiltrate upolu ******

But coach seduced
him**** into jumping ship

Where am i sleeping tonight?

Right between me and edna.

At the immunity challenge
there were two winners.

Dawn and ozzy safe at
tonight's tribal council.

At tribal council--
it's for whitney.

Ozzy gave his immunity idol to whitney.

First vote.

Ut whitney didn't receive any votes.

We are tied. We will revote.

On the revote cochran blinded
sides his old alliance.

and *******


Sending keith to redemption island.

Keith,the tribe has spoken.

Now the former upolu tribe plus
cochran has taken over the game.

That was,without question,the
biggest move in the game thus far

and this game is far from over.

-== [ ] ==-

TE ******



What's up,man?

It had nothing to do with,like,getting
back at you or hurting anybody.

It was-- i didn't-- you know,i've
been obsessed with this for 11 years.

To have my fate decided by
picking a stone out of a bag.

Cochran,you totally
screwed me over. And,also,--

i'm just trying to talk to him alone.

- I'd rather- - that's
all right. I'll tell him.

I just want to make sure nobody's being
aggressive with him or anything like that.

Come on. I'm not going to be aggressive.

- I know
- ********

it's just me and him. We're
not,like,gangsters out here,man.

I mean,you gotta understand,like,

i put my ass on the line
for you directly,personally,

and you just turned tarnd and you
just stabbed me in the back so hard.

This was

cochran said it was all
about self-preservation,

and sure,that's the easy way
out. That's how a weaner plays.

I hope you make it far. That's too bad.

You're a coward. You're a poor excuse
for a many. Don't me ever again.


- so you're-- you're
the vote? - Yeah,yeah.

And you realize keith and i¡ª
keith and i saved you three times.

You were on the chopping block.
Keith and i saved you three times.

And that's what you do.

It wasn't--
against you.

Really? Really? It wasn't against me.

- No.
- And that's what you do?

You throw the whole tribe under the bus,

and now we basically
might as well just¡ª

we're going to be
knocked out one by one.

You've got a lot to
learn,buddy. You disgust me.

Cochran. Join us,buddy.

I don't know.

You okay?

getting a...

frosty reception,which
is understandable.

I'm kind of having
mix emotions right now.

On the one hand,i'm glad i
kind of stood up to the people

who repeatedly referred to me
as indecisive,weak,even annoying.

But it's kind of a weird
balancing act i'm doing right now

between the upolu members who are
now embracing me more than ever.

Don't feel guilty. You
didn't do a thing wrong.

And my former tribemates who seem
to really,really hate my guts.

He just ******

We *****

Piece of nerd.

-= proudly presents

-Sync:º£´ø ♪¨·ç²¨

39 days

one survivor



We pulled off an amazing feat
at tribal council last night.

Our tribe of upolu
members stood six strong.

Against all odds,and it's
cause for celebration.

It's cause for walking the beach.

Saying a little prayer.

Starting the day off right.

Do a little thi chi.

I feel like if i can just
be confident and not arrogant

,i can be humble,but not weak,

i think i have a good
shot at going all the way.


In terms of,like,challenge,ozzy
is obviously¡ª

if he doesn't win,it's probably
smart to get rid of him.

On a personal level jim.


"survivor" can be really cut throat

and you have to trust
people at certain points

and those people can turn around and
just stick a knife right in your gut,

and that's what cochran did.

So my total strategy is gone.

I have nothing more i can do.

I'm just going to keep fighting.

And going to bust my ass
today at the challenge,

and i'm just going to keep on
winning until there's no one left.

Come on in,guys!

Guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

- Yes.
- First things first,

dawn and ozzy,i'll take
back the immunity necklaces.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you will toss coconuts
attempting to land them in a ring.

The first four move
on to the final round.

Where you will crack
coconuts using a rock.

You'll then get a mouth
full of coconut water.

You'll make your way
through an obstacle tower.

You will then empty
the water into a tube.

The first person to fill their tube
with coconut water wins immunity.

Everybody else,tribal council tonight

where somebody will be voted out
and sent to redemption island.

- Make sense?
- Yeah.

All right other we'll draw
for spots. We'll get started.

Here we go.

First four to land a coconut in
their ring move on to the next round.

One toss per round.

Survivors ready?


Dawn lands one. She's moving on.

Sophie close.

- Next round.
- *******

Dawn is moving on,look for
three more. He were we go.


Ozzy just misses.

Rick just misses.

- Whitney lands one.
- Yes!

Two spots left.

- Jim lands one,and sophie lands one.
- Yes!

Moving on to the next round.

Everybody else take a spot on
the bench. No shot at immunity.

Good job,guys,good job.

For the final round we have
whitney,jim,sophie,and dawn.

Three former savaii,one former upolu.

This is it. For immunity.

Survivors ready?


You gotta crack them open
then get a mouth full of water

and start heading out.

Dawn has her cracked.

Sophie is first out with coconut water.

Dawn right behind. There goes jim.

Whitney gets a good mouth full.

Got to get over that obstacle,
then empty it into the tube.

- Go!
- Good job!

After the last tribal
council,you want immunity.

That a girl,soph,good job.

Sophie coming back quickly.

Jim quickly coming back.

Sophie sliding down that pole.

It is jim and sophie neck and neck.

Jim is pulling ahead.

You got it,jim.

Dawn trying to stay in this.

- Whitney in last place right now.
- Keep it up,whitt.

Jim and sophie are making
runs right next to each other.

Dawn need to pick up the pace.
She is falling out of this.

The more coconut water
you can get in your mouth,

the faster you will finish,and that's
what this is going to come down to.

Jim getting closer.

Sophie trying to catch jim.
That's not going to do it.

- Go to battle,soph.
- Opening the door for jim.

Could jim do it right here?

No. Jim,just short.

Opening the door for sophie.
She's got to pick it up.

- You gotta move,girl!
- Come on,sophie,you can do it.

That a girl,soph.

- Sophie almost vomiting.
- Control yourself,soph.

- Sophie almost spitting it it it up.
- ******

Here comes jim. That door is back open.

Sophie can't keep it down.

She loses an entire round on
that. Huge setback for sophie.

Jim jumps once
again,celebrating already.

Jim wins immunity!

jim,come on over.

g- ood job,man. Way to go,jim!
Good job,jim! - Congratulations.

Jim,safe at tonight's tribal council.

As for the rest of you,somebody
will be voted out of this game

and sent to redemption island.

See you tonight at
tribal council. Congrats.

- Good job,jim.
- Nice work,jim.


So there's no if,ands,buts about it.

It's going to be six votes toward ozzy.

We just have to go for it,dude.

How many chances do you get
to vote him out of this game?

Apparently two.


I don't want to go. You know.

That's really all i can
offer is just who i am.

Ozzy knows that there's a good
chance he could get voted out tonight.

And there's a huge difference between
yesterday when he held all the cards

- and the cokeness that he had,and today.
- That's it.

I don't want you to leave,man.

I don't want to leave,either.

I actually appreciate ozzy's humility.

If it's fake,if it's too late,

or if it's just borne out
of desperation,that's okay.

Some of the greatest inspiration
is borne of desperation,

marcus arilluous once said.

But at this point,it's
too little,too late.

- It was a good ride.
- Oh,you're coming back.

I'm convinced of that.

- I'll try.
- Come on,man.

Coach,you gonna try the bungalow?

Just try it.

There's a pillow,too.

I think¡ª don't you think you should
have a blanket and a pillow tonight,

- now that the happiness is
- i think that would be awesome.

We go to tribal council tonight.
There's really four savaii members.

Jim has immunity.

Ozzy,myself,or whitney
are going to redemption.

- ****
- *******

We either have to really stay
loyal to the final four of us

and just go down in flames

or i'm going to need to consider
flipping and voting with the upolu tribe.

That's a little pillow.

It will be like a day at the spa.

I'm easily the most hated person in this
camp right now because i speak my mind.

Everything i said about cochran is true.


He's the poorest excuse
for a man they know.

- I told him he disgusted me.
- He does.

I could never have ever thrown my tribe
under the bus like cochran did to us.

I call a coward a coward.

That's me. Because i'm not a coward.

******I have an idea.

I have nothing. Here's what
i got. I'm going to do it.

Don't say no. Just listen to what i say.

I'm going to give you the
necklace tonight and say,un what?

There are 11 people here.

And 10 of us have played with
complete honor,stuck with their tribe.

There's only one person out of
the 11 people here that's turned.

You guys still have
a 6-4 advantage on us,

but i'm asking you tonight
to vote for cochran.

I think we've got a shot
for two people tonight,

especially if they all go
in thinking voting ozzy.

Then all of a sudden they
don't get a chance to talk

and the last words that they hear are "vote
cochran" with a pretty compelling case.

It's crazy,man.

If i don't go tonight,i
go tomorrow night.

If i don't go tomorrow
night,i go the next night.

I really don't have
many nights left here.

So my hope sican give a rousing
enough speech at tribal council

to get a couple of them
to flip over to cochran.

I need two of them to go for it.

That's all i need,two of those
seven people to vote for cochran.

Then all of a sudden,we got a game.

Jim,all i gotta say you want
to make me cry right now.

Everything's pretty
surreal to me right now.

I mean,if jim honestly gives me
the immunity necklace tonight,

i don't-- i'll be-- i'll
feel like i'm dreaming.

Knowing jim,i believe that if he says
he's going to give me the necklace,

i believe he will.

Who knows whale happen in
this game? Who really knows?

And i'm never going to
give up as long as i live.

And certainly not here on "survivor.

" so the theme of the last two
tribal councils has been big moves.

Cochran,what was the reaction to your
huge move at the last tribal council?

The reaction was
understandably kind of chilly,

a lukewarm reception,to put it mildly.

Who from your tribe barked the loudest?

Jim is is generally a pretty loud guy

so it wasn't surprising that he was one
of the more vocal critics of my decision

and basically didn't want to hear anything
i had to say in support of my decision.


I said some things that were immature.

This is just a game but ditake it
a little bit personal? Yes,i did.

Cochran how did you
deal with the reactions?

Mainly by staying silent and listening.

It was a personal decision.

I viewed it as an opportunity to take
control of my own fate in this game

to play with the sort of group
of people i wanted to play with.

I don't mean any disrespect
to my former tribe mates.

I know it sounded horrendous.

- Yeah,it can did.
- Yeah.

Didn't mentally prepare
for this for 11 years

to have my fate decided
by drawing a bag.

**** The last time people
draw rocks was in season 4

because people realized that's
not how you play "survivor.


" it's taking control
of my own fate ******

I can add one thing that
i think will round it out?

I saved cochran in the first vote.

I saved cochran in the second vote.

Keith,whitney,and i,saved
him in the third vote,

and ozzy saved him at redemption island.

And i've gotten to know the upolu
tribe the last couple of days

and there's not a single one of them

that would let somebody
fight their fights for them

and *******not somebody

who would do something so dishonorable.

I think proof is in the pudding.

If you remember from last tribal
it was a way different tone,

we were being made fun
of to play with integrity.

It's kind of poetic
justice,to be honest with you.

I can understand that feeling of
getting tired of being made fun of.

Enough is enough.

The smaller people don't
have to take it anymore.

We're not ing to be bullied around.

- I just-- i just want to note,did i ever berate
you. - The whole tribe is standing behind cochran.


I feel like i'm being villinized.

I just want to know,diever make
you feel like you were small?******

You made me feel like i was small by
bases your first several votes against me

and trying to get people vote me
out on the basis of my weakness.

So,jim,very powerful
spot right now for you.

Sitting with immunity.

Without a doubt. I know,i win immunity.

I immediately think i'm going
to give it to ozzy tonight.

Why would it make sense
to give ozzy your necklace?

********I have gotten
to know these guys.

They consistently say honor,honor,honor.

I know they respect us as competitors.

I know they see i have a warrior
heart and a warrior sole sowell

and there are 10 of us that have
not waiverred from our tribe once.

There's one person who has.

Today as one voice we can send a message
to anybody who ever will play "survivor"

that you can go through
this game honorably,

and if you're a turncoat
you got no place in my tribe.

You can say that right
now by voting off cochran.

Coach,jim's not giving up.

Yeah,i mean,absolutely.

I mean,jim starts talking about
warrior this and warrior that

and i stand up a little bit straighter

and listen with a more attentivear.

If you voted out cochran
tonight,would it change the game?

I think it would send a
message to everything that

if you stick up for yourself,
you're going to get screwed.

And i'm not-- i'm not
going to see that happen.

Does voting cochran out
chronicle the name game?

No,it doesn't. It take one person
out. You still have a 6-4 lead.

It gives these guys an opportunity
to really say beyond this game

what is this game about?

Sophie,whoever you leave in the game
is as important as who you got rid of.

I think right now,there's--
there's no good vote

because we're not
eliminating somebody for sure.

Let me just throw something out there.

When i'm at redemption,i'm
not feeding 11 people.

I'm feeding myself.

I'm going to be full. I'm
going to be well rested.

I'm not going to have to worry
about everybody scrambling.

Eventually,these numbers
are going to start to change,

and you will only have
yourselves to vote out.

And when that happens,it's
going to get a little funky.

And,ozzy,if it is you tonight,

i'm guessing your message will be a little different
than "i've had a great time.than "i've had a great time.

" my message is i will be back.

I will be putting every last
ounce of my soul into redemption.

I hope to see all of
you coming through there,

and i'll make you a nice fish,and
i'll send you on your way.

So,before we get to the
vote,one pressing question--

jim,you have the immunity necklace.

As you know,you can assign it
to somebody else,if you want to.

Or keep it for yourself.

I'm going to keep it tonight.

You cannot vote for jim.
Everybody else is fair game.

Whitney,you're up.

I just really don't like you.

You have been trying to
get me out since week one

so i don't think it's that inappropriate
for me to be voting for you.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden
immunity idol and you want to

play it,no would be the time to do so.

Once the votes are
read,the Decision is final.

The person voted out will be Asked to
leave the tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.Ozzy.


Two votes ozzy.


Ozzy.Three votes ozzy.Two votes cochran.

Ozzy.That's four votes
ozzy.Two votes cochran.

Ozzy.That's five votes
ozzy,two Votes cochran.

Ninth person voted out of
"survivor: south pacific.

Ozzy.That's six.That's enough.

You guys fell for my master Plan!

Let's try this one more time,Jeff.

Ozzy,once again,the Tribe has spoken.

And once again,you will have a
Chance to get back in this game.

You better believe it.

Grab your torch.Head
to redemption.Good luck.

Well,for 22 days,this game
has been unpredictable.

For Whitney,Dawn,and Jim,you
just gotta hope it stays that way.

Grab your torches.Head back to camp.

Good night.

I played a really hard,hard game.

I played and made big moves.

And I'm pretty much proud of what I did.

I took big risks.

They didn't work out in my favor.

But you gotta take big risks to

get big reward and I'm ready
to do really well at redemption.


We got to friggin' betrayed man.

- Totally.By Cochran,right?
- Of course.

When people come through,I'm
going to treat them really nice,

And then I'm going to send them backing.


I just got to redemption last night.

This is my first chance
just took explore the reef.

And the reef out here is magnificent.

Where the reef drops off,it

drops off probably a
solid 20 to 30 feet.

And then from there it
just goes straight down.

The tide rips out really
hard and there are big waves

but that's where you
get big fish hanging out.

Biggest fish I've ever caught.

We're going to be eating well tonight.

We're going to be eating
well right now and tonight.

I mean,it's like-- it's
got to be,like,15 pounds.

So much meat.

Sushimi on "survivor."

Freshest fish I'v ever had.

I'm happy to be here.

I wish i was in the game,but
I'm just as excited to be here.

I wonder what they're eating today?

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

Yeah.First things
first,Jim,I will take it back.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today'shallenge,you're going
to stand on a very narrow beam

while balancing a ball on a wooden bow.

At a certain point,you'll move
even further down the beam,

making it more difficult.

If at any point the ball drops

Or you fall off the beam,you're
out of the challenge.

Last person left standing wins immunity
and is safe at tonight's tribal council.

Losers,somebody will be voted
out and sent to redemption island.

There is a twist to today's challenge.

If you are so confident that
your one in 10 spot in this game

for $1 million is secure that
you don't need immunity tonight

You can sit this challenge
out and instead you can feast.

oh,my god!

One of the biggest cravings
when you're out here are sweets.

You have pastries and iced coffee.

This is a chance to
satisfy that craving.

I gotta pick up on the obvious.

Everybody is celebrating except coach.

You look like you just got
the worst news of your life.

I'm just know-- I
want to compete today.


There are seven people who
don't need to compete today.

Let me do the obvious math here.

The three former savaii feel
in trouble and i'm guessing

are going to play and upolu and Cochran
are thinking they may not need it.

The thing isry with a
family and we stick together

and we're unified in our stance.

Who here is going to
compete in challenge?

Jim,Dawn,and Whitney.

Not surprising.

Upolu tribe and
Cochran,take a spot here.

Dawn,Jim,Whitney,we'll draw
for spots and get started.

All right,Dawn,Whitney,Jim.

The only three participating in this
immunity challenge take your spots.

One foot in the first section,

One foot in the second section.

Everybody else get ready to eat.

The eating will end when
the challenge is over.

Put your ball in your bow.

If your ball falls off or you fall
off,you are out of this challenge.

Everybody looks good i and this
challenge is on,start eating.

Quite a contrast.

We have seven people chowing
down,all kinds of sweets.

There are three people left from a
tribe fighting for security tonight

while the other seven
enjoy the rewards being the

tribe that is right
now the dominant one.

Coach,still wishing you were
paymenting in the challenge?

Yeah,that's what I thought.

Stay there,Dawn.

That's creamy.

oh,man,this is ridunkolous.

This muffin looks so great.

After 24 days,Brandon,how
good does that taste?

I don't want to talk.

I want to eat.

Try to block out the sounds
you're hearing as best you can.

Jim,drops out of the challenge.

Jim has no shot at immunity tonight.

I know!

It is now down to Dawn and Whitney.

Whitney and dawn,you're doing awesome.

Yeah,please,stay focused.

I'll stay so you can eat.

So,Dawn,let me get this straight.

You're saying you're going to
fight to stay in this challenge

as long as you can so these
guyies can eat as much as possible?

Yeah,I really feel like
it's one tribe right now.

I guess that there are three of
us from the former savaii you tribe

but it's not that way.

Eat as much as you can.****

Dawn has been incredible.

Absolutely,I'd like to second that.

Stay there,Dawn.

Dawn with a little bit of
a slip and a nice recovery.

Five more seconds left in this
round and you will step down.


You're done.Grab the ball.You're safe.

You'll now move down to the
next section of this beam.

This is going to increase the
difficulty because it is very narrow.

Now you're going to have to really
balance while balancing the ball.

Place your ball back on your bow.

Find some place that feels like center.

This challenge is back on.

You're going to have to
really concentrate now.

Very little room for error here.

The slightest shift in your balance
will knock you off of this beam.

You girls are doing good.

The eating has slowed down at the table.

I think i'm out.

Lots of full bellies.

You can rest your head on
my shoulder if you want.

The winner of this is guaranteed
a one in nine shot at the money.

24 days,you do not want to go
to redemption island right now.

- Stay strong.
- Dawn with a wobble,can she recover?

- Stay strong.
- Amazing job!


Awesome,awesome recovery.


You can tell who brandon likes more.

Dawn couldn't hang on anymore.

Whitney wins immunity.

She is safe at night's tribal council.

Whitney,come on over.

Good job,Whitt.

Good job,Whitney!

Way to go.

You did it.

Whitney is safe at
tonight's tribal council.

You cannot vote her out of this game.

Everybody else is vulnerable.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

See you tonight at tribal.

Finish what's in your
mouth and head out.

Personally,I department
really like the way

we treated Dawn at the challenge.

I thought we were a little
too inclusive with her.

I want to nip this in
the bud as soon as I can.


Dragon slayer.

Look at this guy,man.

What is up?


Cochran,what is up,man?

We are seeing this side of you,Baby

Cochran right now is
playing the most brilliant

third-place game in "survivor" history.

Every one of those nine people would
love to take cochran to the end.

Cochran,you are the man,Baby!

I think he looks like a stud.

Now you're fully
incorporated into our tribe.

Cochran ain't going nowhere.

But it's not looking good for me.

I am 100% going to redemption island.

Unless I make some moves right now.

So here's how I see it.

We've got coach with Cochran,Edna,and
brandon underneath them,

and rick is the only guy who probably
would never go back on his word.

We have you two,the only two
people who aren't drinking the

cool aid and in the cult,and we
have Dawn,Whitt me,and me over here.

Now,here the thing.

We have the five of us voting
Edna-- this would be my plan.

Five of us
voting edna--***

Jim approached me and Sophie
and told us,listen,I have a

plan,get rid of Edna.

And he j.d. drew up something
that was pretty creative and pretty

you know outside the box,so to speak.

I need to entertain Jim's offer

Because I have a much better plan than
anything he could offer me right now.

I kind of like the bucket.


I think Dawn,even though she doesn't
seem as overtly dangerous as Jim is,

is maybe more dangerous
than him in a lot of ways

because she's more
likable,and she's somebody

that's slowly but surely eking
her way into our alliance.

- ***
- Okay,got it?

One blue shirt.

Minus coconut.

I've always seen myself as a person

that can bring together
different types of people.

So for me,it almost couldn't be better
at this stage to be that kind of person

because I'm probably a good
person to try to get myself in

with the former Upolu tribe members and
see if there's some wiggle room there.

It's just a matter of whether
I can hang on long enough.

I'd rather pick off Dawn
before Jim.Don't you agree?

She's more likable.

Jim,I can beat Jim in a lot
of those type challenges.

And Dawn is somebody that people
might gravitate to,out of deperation.

I don't think anybody
gravitate toward Jim.

I think she is fine.

We shouldn't worry about this.

Albert,he's getting nervous.

He's thinking a lot right now
about switching up the game

and I think those are
important things to think about

in general "survivor" strait snee.

But d like to stay pretty
ridge wide the plan.

I'd rather get rid of Jim.


Do you think make more
sense to pick Dawn next

Just because there's a
greater chance of people

gravitating towards Dawn.

We're in the jungle here.

So I think an analogy to the animal
kingdom would be suffice at this moment.

You have Jim bow who
is like a rhinoceros

that just comes charging
in straight towards you.

And then you have somebody like Dawn.

You know.She's the serpent on the snake.

They come sneaking through the grass.

I have to make sure I
have my stuff just in case.

Today at the challenge,Dawn
was getting most cheers.

People are starting
to genuinely like Dawn

so I see Dawn as a snake
and Jim a rhinoceros.

They can both kill you but hopefully
we'll send the right person home tonight.

So,coach,given today's challenge
and the fact that everybody sat out,

except for Dawn,Jim,and Whitney,is
it fair to assume that since

Whitney has immunity it is
Dawn or Jim going home tonight?


Sophie,is it fair to say
that if you had to pick one,

that Jim is maybe more of a
threat in challenges than Dawn?

I think they both have their niches.

Dawn has shown herself
to be really strong

but if I was choosing a roster,I
would choose Jim every time.

Albert,if you had to
choose,would it be fair to say

that Dawn may be the
more likable person?

Yeah,I think it's very fair to
say Dawn is the more likable,

and she's also a tough
cook nechallenges.

I mean,she's proven that she might be
the strongest female player on the season.

So,you know,that within itself
bearaise pretty imposing presence.

Dawn,for as frustrating
as it is to you and

Jim and whitney,is it fair to say
this is what this tribe should do?

No,it's what we would
have done as savaii,also.

Although,I don't think I would have
eaten the foot today to be honest.

I really did see this as one tribe so
that was hard for me to watch them eat.


I love you,Dawn,but you told
us you would want to stay

- up there as long as possible so we could eat.
- For sure,for sure.

You just contradicted what you said.

No,I'm just saying it was hard for me.

That's all I'm saying.

I don't buy it.

I mean,that's why savaii
tribe,cxcluding Cochran,

is going to be picked off
just as exactly as they think

they're going to be picked off.

We're trying to be nice about it,

but sometimes it just
gets on your nerves.

I'm not sure I understand what
you were saying they had said.

I'm sorry.I think it's
just a miscommunication.

I don't think it is.

Just like she said they would
have done the same thing with us

but it would have been
a lot more ruthless.

- No,brandon,that's not true.
- I do.

They're being nice because they have to.

- It was like I'm so excited that you guys got to eat.
- I was happy you got to.

I can't believe ***

That doesn't make sense.

That doesn't add up to me,

either you are okay that we ate--
do you get what you're saying.

But I was just saying
it was hard for me.

That's it.I'm sorry.

Look at me.Because I
apologize if I've offended you.

- I forgive you,I do.
- I mean it.

I've been genuine and I really
do want to get to know you gites

and I understand that you're a majority
and that's the way the game goes.

I can promise you,Jeff,none of us

are going to stop until that
whole savaii tribe is completely...

Whitney what,do you make of all
this,because you're safe tonight

but tomorrow you become
potentially vulnerable again.


Will feel like we
definitely have been vilified

but yet I feel like Ii've played this
game just as honestly as they have.

And I get what Dawn was saying.

It was just hard because we're
hungry,too,but we have to fight for our lives,

and you all don't have to do that.

What has made you emotional?


I feel like I've been
completely vilified,and they--

They don't even accept
as,like,real people.

We were painted as bullies.

I never once was a bully.

It's hard to take.I'm not a bad person.

Brandon,is it hard for
you to see Whitney crying?


I don't want to see Whitney cry.

I have nothing personal against anybody

but at the same time we were
excluded until we got power.

Then we were the villains.

I mean,I don't mean to make
you cry,but it's-- it's--

it's a no-brainer for me.

All right,let's get to the vote.

Whitney,you have immunity.I
don't have to ask.

I know you're not giving it up.

It is time to vote.

Rick,you're up.

I'll go tell the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol

and you want to play it now
would be the time to do so.

Okay,once the votes are
read the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,Edna.

Edna.Two votes Edna.

Edna.Three votes Edna.


Jim.Three votes edna,two votes Jim.

Jim.We're tied.

Three votes edna,three votes Jim.


That's four voes Jim,three Votes Edna.

Jim.That's five votes Jim.

Tenth person voted out of
"survivor:south pacific," Jim.

That's six.That's enough.***

Jim,the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get back in this game.

Grab your torch,head
to redemption island.

Good luck.

A lot was said tonight,and the big
question is was anything revealed

that might help Dawn or Whitney?

We'll find out.

Grab your torches.Head back to camp.

Good night.

Next time on "survivor":
Albert makes a big move.

My only real chance to win this
game is to secure every savaii vote.

But coach is on to him.

If anybody goes against
the family,they're dead.

At redemption island Ozzy lies in wait.

I'm here eating the
best protein possible,

exercising every
day,making myself stronger.