Survivor (2000–…): Season 23, Episode 8 - Double Agent - full transcript

With a potential merge on the horizon, one tribe puts on an elaborate show in hopes of gaining the upper hand on their competition, and an unlikely castaway holds all the power at a game-changing Tribal Council.

Previously on survivor.

On day 17 upolu and the
savaii tribe were dead even.

Six each.

Upolu wins.

Savaii loses the challenge
and blames cochran.

With the merge loonling
ozzy proposes a risky plan.

I would be willing to sacrifice
myself,go to redemption.

Beat kristine and get back in the
game and give our tribe an edge.

The tribal council.

I had a dream and i saw my
chance at my own redemption.

Ozzy also wanted cochran
to be a double agent.

I will make up a story,cochran
is the smart weasel,


he vote him out and whips
out the idol,good-bye,ozzy.

And gave ozzy his immunity idol.


In the end,savaii went
along with the plan.

Ozzy,the tribe has spoken.

Now the questions are,can
ozzy win at redemption island?

I am out of here?

Will there be a memory and
can cochran be a master spy?

i hope***

you just***


What what a difference the day makes.

A day ago i thought i was
going to redemption island,

where i would humiliate
myself and go home.

Ozzy came from the heavens
and gave this miraculous plan

where he would sacrifice himself
on the basis of the tribe,

based on the merge that will take place

and the gamble your you prove yourself

in an extremely strong
player at redemption island.

If everything connects
in the way we hope it will

this is going to go down in history

as one of the single biggest and
greatest moves in survivor history.

What is our best option
to stay in the game?


I was willing to go.

You can easily say
you are willing to go,

but to actually do it,step up and
take control,that is different.

i guess***

The way i live my life,

i don't live it for somebody else.

Just step up and prove to
the world what you can do.

What can i do in terms of our plan is.

I presume if i go to the other side

they will ask what bond
exists between all of you.

You say what you want,man.

You just
have to --

i just don't understand what
you don't want me to say.

Another big part of the plan is that
i become the sort of double agent

who will be able to figure out
who the zero po through tribe plans

to vote out in the event of a merge.

Everybody in this game is capable of
being a double agent,if anybody,it is me.

I have already been pretending like i
like the people in my tribe an 18-day,

i think i deserve an academy
award for that performance.


I will play whatever
part i need to play.


I bet you never thought
that was going to happen.

No. That is sweet.

That's a good one.

Right now,my philosophy,to
take from al pacino.

First you get the ego
mania player voted out

and then you get his idol and
then you get the million dollars.

Proudly Presents

Sync: ????



Hello,hello. Did i wake you up?

- Who is it?
- This is ozzy.

Nice to meet you.

Under better circumstances.

What happened?

Oh,man. Idol.

- What?
- Yeah.

- Who had it?
- Guess.

- Cochran.
- Yes. How did you know that?

Well,from listening to people.

The little weasel.

I came into redemption
and i put on my actor suit.

And all voted cochran and
he pulled out the idol.

And he didn't tell anybody?

No. I think she bought it.

I think that she took
it hook,line and sinker.

I get taken out,

i didn't play the
idol this time and --

like what is it with you lawyers?

Are you kidding me?

This is part of the plan.

First step is getting myself voted out.

The second step,getting
her to believe that,

third step,beating her and giving
the other tribe false information.

The move is probably either the
stupidest thing i could have done

or the craziest,ballsiest thing i
probably could ever have thought of doing.


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Now bring in the
competitors for today's dual.

Kristine,the battle against ozzy.

Voted out at the last tribal council.

Welcome to redemption island arena,

both tribes are here
to witness today's dual.

Ozzy,are you surprised to find
yourself on redemption island?

I mean,i gave pretty much
everything to my tribe,

and then we lose one challenge
because somebody can't operate a clip,

and that ends up being the
person that sends me here.

Plays the idol,you
don't even --

i know someone else probably
knew that you had it,

as far as i am
concerned,tribe boundaries,

i mean,at the merge,they
don't exist anymore,

it is all one for one and whoever
sticks together from this point on

makes it the furthest in the game.

{a6}i don't byt it.

But i lik thrive under the prese to come
back in the game for revenge,basically.

- All right. Are you guys ready to get to today's dual?
- Yeah.

For today's dual you will use
sticks and ropes to make a long pole.

You will use the pole
to retrieve three keys.

The three keys open three locks.

The first person to set through
their door wins this dual.

The loser is out of the gauge for good.

There is one significant
difference with today's dual.

The winner of this dual does
not go back to redemption island.

They come back into the game.

Huge sex,one shot.

This is it. Pick your spots.

All right. One of you will get back in
this game and one of you is going home.

Here we go. Survivors,ready. Go.

Your first goal is to build that pole.

It needs to be long enough and
strong enough to reach the keys.

If you panic and make a weak one,

it will fall apart as soon as
you put it through the gate.

Kristine is getting
more out of her stick,

it may take fewer sticks for kristine.

Two very different strategies.

Kristine going to give ate go.

Hoping that her pole will be long
enough and strong enough to reach a key.

Kristine's pole is just long enough.

But not strong enough.

Ozzy is going to give it a go.

This is where the strategy of

how you tie your sticks together
will pay off or work against you.

Kristine very close.

Kristine's pole is just short.

Ozzy,he has the pole on his key ring,

is it strong must have to
get it all the way back?

It is hanging on by
the edge of the pole.

And it drops.

Kristine's pole is
starting to fall apart,

she has to take it
back for more repairs.

Ozzy almost there. Can he hook it?

And he does. Ozzy has his key again.

This time it is staying on.


Ozzy has his first key.
Looking for two more.

Kristine,quickly making an adjustment.

Ozzy stretching out again
his pole,just long enough.

Ozzy has the second key.

Ozzy now with one key left,kristine
needs to pick it up right now.

Ozzy has his third key!

Ozzy has all three
keys. Kristine has none.

Ozzy now has to unlock the
locks and this dual is over.

Ozzy has one lock undone.

Kristine not giving up with that
pole,that pole is falling apart.

Ozzy has his second lock undone.

This will do it.

Ozzy unlocks the third lock.

Ozzy wins the dual and
is back in this game!

Great game!

Kristine,after 19 difficult days
your adventure has come to an end.

It is. It is a good
40th birthday present.

- It is time for you to go.
- All right. Good luck.


- Way to go kristine.
- Good luck,everybody.

This might explode,careful. Stay back.

Ozzy as fast as you were out of
this game you are back in this game.

Congratulations. You are now
back in the hunt for the money,

and you and everybody else
here can drop your buffs.


Because we are merged.


All right,guys. You can head back.

Good to meet you.

I just made the craziest
move you could possibly make

and now i can only hope that cochran
is going to be able to infiltrate upolu

and take the advantage,take
the lead and take us to victory.



i don't**

- Where are you from?
- Houston.

I was born in knoxville.

We merged tribes.

Everybody does their hands shakes
and have a nice little meal.

Immediately it is game on,though.

It is six on six.

So everybody is looking for an edge.

Last night?

It is like a rebirth.

I woke up,and
it is like --

it is true. This is where the
real game begins right now.

Our plan worked perfectly,

ozzy,there was a merge,

we are back to six and now it
is time for me to work my magic

like i knew a i could all
along and be the double agent,.

***change the game.

The way they treated me,

i thought it was horrible.

Like keith,the way keith talked to me,



I mean they
hated me before --


strategically,i am wondering,

if i am working with the
right people right now.

Here is the thing. I am
going to tell you right now.

tribe --

i feel like you guys are
trying to play us. Okay?

You guys came up with a story,you
guys sent him to redemption,

you have an idol in your pocket,

- ***
- and knowing that ozzy would win redemption,

it was a risk,that ozzy
would win redemption.

- Okay?
- Okay.

We will vote six strong,

and if all six survivor
and vote together

there is a one in five chance you
are going to draw a black rock.

And so will i.

- That's the way to play the game.
- Yeah.

I will tell you,whether or not these
people have really treated you like that,

i am just saying,whether
they have or not,

let's say they treated
you like gold,i know,

that's what i am saying,i know
what those kind of people think.

I have been made fun
of my whole life,okay?

I might be the dragon slayer now,

but i know what it feels like

to be superior in one way
to people and they know it,

so they find ways that
you are inferior to them.

I know what that feels like,man,

but you have a chance to
change the game for yourself.

There is a line in the sand.

Come across that line.

All in all,what i took away from coach
is he is incredibly intelligent guy.

I watched him,he is eccentric,

dragon slayer who talks about
business sardz and king arthur,

but he is a smart guy and coach laid
it all on the table for me saying,

i could make us draw rocks
the next tribal council

or what i am seriously considering
i could completely jump ship

and betray my old tribe and join upolu.

There was no illusion.

- I saw some of those people in tears.
- you shoule***

The night of
the challenge --


mean --


ozzy woke up,

he had a dream.

The dream was he wants redemption.

i don't**

you think**


It is not
disloyal --

the writing on the wall is
that you are not in their,

whatever,inner circle
for whatever reason.

You have been mistreated like you
made it pretty clearly obvious.

I think part of the idea right now

is i am supposed to be
gathering information,you know.

Oh,is that what they have commanded?


Who has been giving you the most trouble

and who would give
you the most scared --


that's a tough one.


Keith has been more
consistently with me by all means


you will be completely
protected by me from any of them.

There is a lot of down sides to
jumping ship,but on the other hand,

i do believe the upolu members
are super solid,completely honest,

and trustworthy,you know,i
consider myself a strategy gist,

and maybe even a mastermind
but not an evil mastermind,

so i return to give the
immunity idol to ozzy,

he gave it to me in complete trust

and i am going to reciprocate,

up to the point in the game i feel
like i have been putting my fate

in the hands of tribe mate i
don't entirely trust and who,

a and who don't entirely respect me,

now it has become an individual game

and i feel like i am
in control of my fate.

I have decisions of who i
want to work with and betray.

It is a little surreal but
also a little bit of exciting

that i am the person right
now that gets to decide

how survivor south pacific
takes shape and possibly ends.


What is your plan?

I am vote straight ticket regardless.

If there is a tie,there is a revote,

i just want to draw a rock.


I do feel like there has
been a ton of disrespect,

and a flashback the last
21 days we are on the outs.

Cochran and i went to
get tree mail this morning

and i know for probably a good 20 days
that cochran and i have been out here

i watched cochran specifically be really
treated not as an equal in the group.

That's what i have been
thinking about recently.

Oh,gosh. I am crying at tree mail.

It's all right.

What are you worried about?

I feel like we agreed to stay
with everybody on the tribe

and i just feel like you meet
these people and they are a lot --

- it is frustrating.
- Don't worry.

As a survivor fan and i watch the game

i love to watch people stand
up for what they believe in,

kind of at the expense
of the million dollars.

I mean i feel like i should
have stood up for cochran sooner.


He is a really great kid,and
he reminds me a lot of,

i have a son that reminds
me on of him,with red hair

but you try to protect your
interests and you want to stay.

What i have been thinking is,

up until this point,my
entire state in the game,

fate in the game has been
handed over to other people,

but i have been groveling and
begging not to be voted out

since the first tribal council,

now what we are expecting to do,

expected to do is
completely give of our games,

with the whole drawing rock thing,

from the first moment when i

and i think you too can finally
decide on what course to take.


And i always tried to remember it is
a game for a million dollars,you know,

and that this is a game with casualties,

but i don't really want
the casualty to be cochran.

Yes,it is frightening
how alliances swing.

It is more than paranoid aggravation.

You are cold and tired and losing sleep
only the necklace gives a safe sensation.

- Okay.
- Game on.

And in some ways,this
is a way for me to say

i don't like the way it has been going,

even if it means,you know,i
lose my footing in the game.

Come on in,guys.

So,keith,what is the new tribe name?

The new tribe name is
based from the story

of how the coconut game to me,tetuna.

You are ready to get to your
first individual immunity challenge

and i will take back tribal immunity.

Tribal immunity is no more,individual
immunity is now what you covet.

Today,there are two necklaces,

because two people will leave
this challenge with immunity,

one man and one woman.

Here is how it works.

For today's challenge,you
will balance on a small perch

while holding a coconut
between two ropes,

at regular intervals
we will add more rope

making it more difficult
to hold on to the coconut.

If at any point your coconut
drops,or you step off the per.

,you are out of the challenge.

Last man,last woman standing,

wins munity and are safe
at tonight's tribal council.

We will draw for spots and get started.

All right,here we go,six former
savaii and six former upolu.

Make sure your feet are comfortable.

Everybody slide your
rope over the coconut.

Pick it up.

Hold those ropes taught,remember,it
can't be against your body.

Cochran is already wavering.

The key to this is just keeping balance,

which means you have to stay
concentrating all the time,

it is hard to do after
21 days in this game.

Edna,up against the body and
edna is out of the challenge.

Cochran falls off seconds behind.

The first woman and the first
man are out of this challenge.

Hang in there.

Keep concentrating.


this round is over. You are safe.

Here we go,everybody put your rope
over your coke put for the second round.

Ropes are now longer,it
will be more difficult.


Pick up your coconut.

This challenge is back
on. Same rules apply.

Whitney is out right away.

You are down to two women
vying for immunity tonight.

Sophie's,legs shaking but
still doing a good job.

And with that,sophie
drops out of the challenge.

Dawn wins immunity for the women.

The men still vying for immunity.


Coach drops his coconut,coach
is out of the challenge.

We are now down to six guys left.

Rick was wobbling at the end of the
first round and he is still wobbling.

That is the cowboy
strength holding on there.

Rick can hang on no longer.
Rick is now out of the challenge.

15 seconds left in this round.

Hang on. And you will
move on to the final round.

Jim drops out and keith drops out
right behind him,we are down to three.


You are safe. Nice job.

You are down to brandon,ozzy,and albert.

We will go now until we have a winner.

We have extended the
rope as far as it will go.


This challenge is back on.

This is going to be difficult.

It is one of the hottest
days we have had out here.


Brandon is out of the
challenge. We are down to two.

One former savaii,one former
upolu,now it is just endurance.

Albert looking strong.

Ozzy has got a bit of a wobble.

Sweat pouring offer both guys.

Still fighting for immunity.

Hang in there.

Albert drops out,ozzy wins immunity,

and dawn wins immunity for the women.

Dawn,come on over.

Running over here.

Ozzy,come on over.

Dawn and ozzy,safe at
tonight's tribal council,

as for the rest of you,after 21 days
one of you will be voted out tonight

and sent to redemption island.

You have the afternoon to
figure out who it is going to be.

Grab your stuff and see you back at
camp. I will see you back at tribal.


- great job.
- Hey,you guys did what we needed to do,seriously.

Increase the numbers,big time.

Four to six now.

We better start reevaluating
where they all lie.

- ***
- Sophie would be my pick.

If anything if we are going to
swing any other way it is for rick.

I think we run the least amount
of risk in terms of an idol play

if we go with rick.

One more time.

Everybody is solid? Yes.


- We are all throwing rocks.
- you're***

- Physically. -
swap - you're***


- Okay,now i am worried.
- i said**

- okay,***
- Everybody is okay with throwing rocks.

- Keith,are you throwing a rock?
- Yeah.

As of right now,my impression
is that both tribes believe

that it is going to be
a deadlock at the vote.

Nobody likes the idea of picking
rocks for a million dollars.

But go savaii members have immunity,

it is great for us because
if it comes down to a pick em

there are ten picks and only four of us
on the chopping block and six of them.

So you and i are out of the vote.

We are out of the vote and whoever
plays the idol is out of the vote.

They would never think
that whitney would have it.

Not ever.

Which means i pretty much
basically have to play the idol.

I think they are going
to vote for whitney.

Why? Because if it goes to rocks,

whitney is immune from the rocks

and they want to have some of the
stronger players in there,me and keith,

and in their minds,they can
get rid of whitney later.

Do w we want to have cochran,then,still
be a little waffly today?

If they tell me might be to vote for

then we know that's not
who they are voting for.

Savaii may feel confident that
we have a three out of eight shot

or whatever the numbers are,

but those numbers aren't
that reassuring to me,

even if it is one out of 30
that a rock would send me home

i wouldn't want to do it.

That is not what this game is about.

I love this game and respect this game

but i don't respect reducing
my game to a game of chance

and pulling a rock out of a bag.


What is going to happen is,they
are going to vote for rick.

- Originally it was going to be you.
- I thought it was going to be me.


The last second,ozzy is
going to stand up,give --


i mean,have like
rick flay idol and --


- *****
- right.

I understand,but i think
that this is survivor.

I trust you.

But have got to realize
where we are koching from.

I do,i do.

hope --

don't do me any favors.


Don't let me get eaten alive.
I know it is going to be --

yeah,it is not going to be fun.

You can never count on someone
coming over and never know for sure.

That said,i think i feel as
confident about cochran fling over,

because cochran thinks if he
pushes and comes back to camp

he is going to get beat up,

which is a legitimate thing
for a target to be afraid of.


They are going to eat me alive.
That is what i am dreading.

I think you are going to eat them alive.

Where am i sleeping tonight?

Right between me and edna.

Wherever you want.

Carte blanche.

We really don't have any
twists but to flus cochran

because the odds are not in our favor,

it looks grim,it looks dismal,

so i have done everything i could,

i have gotten cochran on our side
to play the rest of this game,

i have convinced him he
will be valued over here

and i have convinced cochran
he will be the man of the match,

the weak will finally become strong,

that the nerd will finally
rise up to the bully

and give him a bully beatdown.

What are you going to do?


Oh,i am -- i
won't say a thing.

I am just going to let you play.

That is my preliminary plan.

I mean there are a few outs.

Before the challenge,i just thought,

to me,this is like starting a war and
that is not how you remedy something.

I can't make any promises.

They are promises,though.

Why would they watch out for
you over their own people.

If they have two of their
people winning immunity today

they wouldn't be talking to you.

Dawn apparently is now unwilling to
flip her vote alongside me and upolu,

it gives me some pause in debating
whether or not i want to make the jump,

but it is a tough choice,

should guy with a bunch of people who
have kind of been rude to me past 21 days

or ditch the entire rock scenario

and cost myself a million dollars

because i will cause so many
people to be furious at me.

I totally will play your
game i am telling you

what goes around cops around,

the way you treat people,

totally affects the way
that you live your life,

and i think that is going
to affect everything.

- There is no
way that -- - ***

the rudeness,the lack of
courtesy,the lack of respect --

i want to be in control for
the first time in my game.

I feel like i am by saying you
know what? I won't take your crap.


Look,it is not about that at this point.

It is about that.

To me,you are appealing to your emotion.

I am an emotional guy.

Oh,before i went to the challenge,

i really spent some time
like literally praying,

i know it sounds cliche but i kind
of backed off my original feeling

of maybe i should flip with cochran,

because i realized i
have liked my tribe,

it hasn't been as kumbaya
as i think the other tribe

but there are things about
each of those people i love

and i have had great
experiences with them

and i don't want to go back on that,

i want to stay loyal to the tribe.

How are you doing,bro?

We are almost there.

Get back in the fold.

I haven't talked to
the rest of the tribe

because i can understand
why he is behalfing

but i am praying he doesn't and i
have let him know i am disappointed,

i don't think it is
right to phlegm,i don't.

And i feel like he is watching out
for himself tonight and no one else,

but i don't want to tell everybody,

because i think there is hope
that he is going to not do do it,

i have let him know,i
don't want you to do it.

So,coach,six former
savaii,six former upolu,

if you were going to make an assumption

it seems that we might be
looking at a tie vote tonight.

That is correct we will be putting
all of the cards on table tonight.

And you will see most
likely six and six.

Ozzy,ring true to you?

Yeah. Definitely.

We went into this challenge today

knowing we really needed to get
both of the immunity necklaces

because chances were
we are going to tie up

and it was going to go to rocks

and if it does,we better
have the odds on our side,

and we are all going to be safe,i guess.

And the reason the
stakes are so high,dawn,

because if you go to
a tie and we vote again

and you are still tied the two
people who have votes are immune

and everybody else is drawing
rocks which is a big risk.

Big sex. It is worth a big risk.

So the only way to break up a tie

is somebody has to
defect to the other tribe.

Edna,can you see any scenario

that might make sense
for somebody to switch?

If that one individual didn't feel
incorporated or a part of that tribe,

that would be one reason.

Cochran you have said it many
times you are a student of the game.

What are the odds that you would
have two tribes this unified?

I have never seen two tribes

that seem so entirely cohesive
in their own separate ways,

in terms of odds,i don't know
odds, i don't do odds,i do survivor.

Jim,what are the chances
somebody from your tribe

walks over and joins their tribe?

Zero,it makes no sense we
have the numbers on our side,

it doesn't make any sense
for one of us to do that.

Albert is there much
talk about the idol,

whether each tribe
may have found an idol.

We were all present at the dual

and ozzy did his best
broadway production to see

how he felt back stab
and hurt about the idol

and time to find out
if that was all a show,

because if they have
an idol that they play,

that means there wasn't really an idol
played at their original tribal council.

Sophie,is it a consensus
ozzy wasn't telling the truth

or is it a question and you
are hoping to find out tonight?

I was actually offended
at redemption kind

the six of them thought
we would believe that

and i found it to be over
the top and somewhat pathetic.


Yeah,it was a performance,maybe
it was a little lackluster,

maybe too over the top

and you guys are
right,i do have the idol.

Or rather,we do have the idol.

And the fact of the matter is,

i was just trying to fight for my tribe

and give us some sort of an advantage,

and if that was pathetic,then so be it.

And you were very clear just then,
ozzy about saying,we have the idol.

Yes. Definitely for this group.

And most likely this vote.

But you don't have to
take my word for it,

we can go ahead and do this. That's it.

With that,it is time to vote.

You cannot vote for ozzy.
You can't vote for dawn.

Everybody else is fair game.

Rick. You are up.

i will go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now is the time to do so.

I will play it.

Might as well. Ihfe
got it. I have got it.

For whitney.

This is a hidden immunity idol.

Any votes cast for whitney will
not count. I will read the votes.

First vote,keith.



Four votes,keith.

That is five votes,keith.

Keith. Six votes keith.



Three for rick.


Rick. That is five
votes,rick,six votes apiece.

Rick. We are tied.

Here is what we are going to
do. We are going to revote.

You can only vote for keith or rick.

Keith and rick you will not vote.

If anybody is thinking about changing
their vote,this is your last chance.

Edna,go grab the urn and you can vote.

I will go tally the votes.

Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I will go read the votes.

First vote,keith.

Keith,two votes keith.

That is three votes keith.

Keith. Four votes keith.

Keith. Five votes keith.


rick. Two votes rick.

Rick. Three votes rick.

Four votes rick. Five
votes keith. One vote left.


You need to bring your torch.

i swapped.



Keith,the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get back in this game,

grab your torch and head to
redemption island. Googood luck.


Don't talk to him like that.

That's what he is.

Well,that was without question the
biggest move in the game thus far.

And this game is far from over.

Grab your torch and head
back to cavern. Good night.

Proudly Presents


Sync: ????


Next time on survivor.

You totally screwed me over.


You disgust me.

My hope i can get a
couple to vote for cochran.

He is talking about the game.


He knows what will happen in this game.

I will never give up.



Ozzy,there is no way that
he would have flipped,

because i don't know why he
would havewasted the idol,

so really,it