Survivor (2000–…): Season 23, Episode 6 - Free Agent - full transcript

Feeling betrayed by their tribe, one castaway reveals a potentially game-changing secret, and appalled by the lack of loyalty within his tribe, another castaway threatens to leave the game. Meanwhile, on Redemption Island, Christi...

Previously on "survivor":

By day 14,the two return
players, ozzy and

coach were heading in
opposite directions.

At upolu, coach's control
over the tribe was growing.

Back in the driver's seat, baby.

He was at the top of an alliance of five

and had befriended edna and
added hear as his personal six.

When it comes to friend, can
never have too many.

At savaii, ozzy's control was eroding.


He feels he is entitled
to our deference.

Jim approached cochran
with a plan to undermine

ozzy by getting rid
of his closest ally.

At the immunity

brandon needs to floss.


Upolu narrowly chewed out a win.

Upolu wins immunity and reward!

Sending savaii to tribal council.

It's all about keeping
us as strong as possible.

Ozzy wanted to strengthen the
tribe by getting rid of cochran.

Sorry, man, hope you
fet the second chance.

But the rest of the tribe
conspired to keep cochran

and ozzy was completely
surprised by the result.


Elyse heads toy redemption island.




Blindsides are a funny thing.

How so?

When you're on the
wrong side of a blindside

you realize where the other people are.

Well, so we can either tear
each other apart or we can...

unite as a tribe and win two in a row.

I'm pretty pissed off.

Keith and whitney and myself, we
had a good thing going,

and they just went behind my back

and voted someone out without telling
me and made me look like an idiol.

How you can trust somebody
when they go behind your back?

It goes against everything
an alliance is supposed to be.

Whatever, it doesn't really matter.

I'm done playing the alliance way,

so i am now what's called a free agent.

And i'm playing for myself.

And you guys can play for yourselves.

It's you versus us?

The hand was played.

- No, it wasn't.
- It was, totally.

The hand has been played.

I don't understand why you're
taking this so personal.

It was 97 against you.

It's against me when you don't tell
me something very crucial like that.

It's obviously against me.

Give me a break, ozzy.
There's stuff that

you're withholding
and you know that.

I've got the idol. How about that?

You guys played your hand. I
just played mine. I have the idol.

And there's a whole
other side of this game

which you guys are forgetting
about and that's called redemption.

If you want to go
there, just let us know, man.

Now every little dirty
laundry and every little

aspect of the game is
starting to come out.

I told everyone i've got the idol.

So from this point on, i've
just decided screw it.

I'm just going to let everything hain
out there, try to go as far as possible

and if it doesn't work
i've always got redemption.

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Season 23 Episode 6


I was pretty surprised
that they voted elyse out,

the fact that they felt
like they needed to go

behind my back just
doesn't make any sense.

Especially when you try
to build tribe unity.

I'm just trying to be the provider.

I'm just trying to lead by example,

but they've got to be forthcoming if
they want me to be parent of this tribe.

And i'm a big part of this tribe.

They want to win challenges and
get father, they've got to trust me.

That's the bottom line.

How is he this morning?

He just walked up and
said,"see you later.

" he should be apologizes today.

Seriously, what a
child.This is just not...

i've known him for 14
days. I'm disappointed.

He needs to man up and get over it.

The plan's coming together better
than i could have ever drawn it up.

Now, as opposed to
ozzy being the leader,

he twhreez can only be
described as a hissey fit.

I kind of thought ozzy
would make up this morning

realizing he needs to
apologize to everybody.

That wasn't the case.

He's taking his ball and going
to the other side of the island,

still huffing and puffing
not talking to anybody.

We're 12 hours after the fact
and he's still this pissy? Come on.

And not only that, he revealed he has
the idol and says he's a free agent.

I mean, the guy couldn't have
made any worse moves than he did.

If he would have not reacted
so quickly and got emotional

he would have realized if we
were trying to blinded side him,

- then he would have been out.
- Absolute.

He doesn't realize that.

I don't know if ozzy's temper tantrum
is going to continue well spot future,

but the less pleasant he
is, the better it is for me.

I hope he continues t booing a
y baby because it's great for me.

In all seriousness, he's
behaving like a stupid bitch.


That looks cool!

It looks awesome.

That's good. It's a beautiful day.

There's plenty of stuff to eat.

I'm got the immunity idol, soy
i'm in a good spot in this tribe.

The people that know about
the hidden immunity idol are,

obviously, myself, sophie, and albert.

It's something i struggle with because i
like to have all the cards on the table.

Unfortunately, brandon is a loose
cannon and he might tell anybody.

I know he will feel betrayed at some
point in time but that's down the road.

Jeff told us that there was going to
be a clue to the hidden immunity idol

in our camp but nobody found it.

It is very important
for to us find that clue

because it means almost
the game in the merge.

So i had a crazy idea maybe
it's in this weird-looking tree.

I was digging in there, looking around.

Sure enough, it was
stuck inside the tree.

Having a little deja vu
right now, just imagining

russell coming out
here and finding it.

It's just crazy they found it.


- Look at you!
- Come on, man.

How did you find it?

Right there.I had a feeling
it was under the weird tree.

You know, brandon, he's a hantz.

He's got the nose and the
bloodhound scent for the idol

so he immediately walks over to a tree
and starts digging and lo and behold,

there's the third clue.

***"it's definitely near the
jungle, somewhere by the beach."

i have the idol in my
possession. Brandon doesn't know it.

The thing is, i talked to brandon about
playing this game as christian men

and we are going to do that, but
is withholding information lying?

It's a gray area.

If we can't find it here, one hour.

All right.

You're an animal! I see genetic
traits going on right now, man.

Get out of here.

I'm having flashed backs right now, man!

The determination in your walk!

Dude, he's russell hantz's nephew.

- Do you see it, too?
- Yeah.


Just like russell.

Behind a wall of roots. Behind.

Dude, he's crazy right now.

He's gonna tear this whole
thing down until he find it.

If i were in your shoes, man,

i don't think i'd feel
comfortable telling him right now.

He's so emotional if he thinks
we're 1% dishonest with him,

he'd fly off the handle.******

Brandon is climbing up trees.****

It kind of breaks my heart
knowing he's on a wild goose chase.

He's never going to find anything.

***He might not be the sharpest tool
in the shed but he'll figure out,

wait, somebody already has the idol.


I don't think so.

I want to play this game
completely honorably.

But now, the way that i'm watching
brandon going search for that idol,

he looks like russell.I'm
having flashbacks.

When i see something that remind
me of some horrible nightmares

that i lived through on "here
expose villains" it scares me.

It scares the heck out of me.

We'll now bring in the chem
petters for today's duel.

Christine will battle against elyse,
voted out at the last tribal council.

Welcome to redemption island arena.

Both tribes have sent tribe
members to witness today's duel.

Sophie and rick and ozzy and keith.

Elyse, it's a big departure, isn't it,

to be in the game one day and then out
here fighting for your life the other,

and having some of the people who
voted you out right here watching.

Yeah, it's bittersweet
because you want to believe

that the people you
spent so much time with

that they are rooting for
you and they want you back,

but, i mean, you can't
forget that they are the

ones that decided that
it was your time to go.

Christine, redemption island
really has become your home.

More days on redemption
than in the game.

Yes, it has become my
home, unfortunately.


It's just hard.

You know, that i
appear to be strong...

i mean, i am, but redemption
island can... can break you.

It sucks.

And yet you are thriving out here.

You have won three duels.

- Ready to give another go?
- I'm ready.

All right, for today's
duel, you're going to

play a "survivor" version
of shuffle board.

In this version, you will each
have four pucks on the board.

Your goal...
knock off the other person's

puck before they
knock off yours.

Last person with a puck left on the
board stays alive at redemption island.

The loser is out of this game for good.

This is it, one shot. Take your spots.

Elyse won rock, paper, scissor.Wants
christine to go first.

Christine, you're up.

Trying to knock off all four of elyse's
pucks before she knocks off yours.

Oh, my god.

Christine with the first shot.
Goose egg.

She's tired.


A little bit of a learning curve.

Christine breaks it up a little bit.

Go, christine.You can do it.


- Catch that?
- Yeah.

Elyse with a nice
hit, almost knocks it off.

Damn it.

Well, you've managed to put both groups
of pucks on either side of the board.

Christine trying to get
on the board right here.

And she does, knocking
off the first elyse puck.

Elyse would like to get on
the board here and tie it up.

And she does.1-1.

You each have three pucks left.

Christine knocks off another elyse
puck, leaving elyse only two pucks,

and instead elyse knocks
off one of hur own pucks,

leaving her only one puck left.

Christine can win the duel with this
shot to stay alive on redemption.

That could do it.

Just misses.

Elyse has got to get on the board.

Opportunity after opportunity.

And she does. Elyse knocks
off another christine puck.

Christine is now down
to two.Elyse with one.

Christine gets elyse's puck back
out where she can knock it in.

Elyse knows she's got to get
something going, got to be aggressive.

She's got a shot down the line, and
she gets it, and we are tied.

Elyse and christine both with
one puck left on the board.

This could be it.

Christine could win it
right here, her fourth duel.

Christine wins her fourth duel and
stays alive on redemption island.

So, elyse, you lasted 15 days.

What do you take away from this?

I think for me, i take a sense of
accomplishment, because i gave my all.

I... i

And i never would
have known they could

push myself so far had
i not come out here.

I'm stronger than i think i am.

Elyse, your adventure
has come to an end.

It is time for you to go.

Toss your buff in the fire.

See you, elyse.

Christine, four duels, four wins.

You are still on your quest
for the million dollars.

Grab your stuff and, like it or
not, head back to redemption island.

I don't want to go back.

- Thank you.
- Christine, stay tough.***

Sophie, rick, ozzy, ceegths, you
guys can head back.

Christine, if she comes back, i
think she would flip in a hurry.

I'll guarantee you she's
going to have fire in her eyes.

She's going to come back
smoking, ready to kill us.


- That was pretty weird.
- Yeah.

- ***
- ***

I mean, she's so bitter. If
she does come bark though...


i don't think there's a shot in hell.

At the duel, christine
was really pissed off,

so i think no matter what
she said if she comes

back in the game she
will never be with us.

She looked at me and goes like this.


She's just so negative.

She has no allegiance to us.

I think christine would
be the worst person

to come back from
redemption island.

There's a coconut right there!

Oh, you found some?

Found one.

Edna, i love you!

Ever since brandon told me i wasn't
really a part of the alliance of six,

i knew i definitely had to do something

so i've been cozying up next to coach

because i want to make
sure coach knows i

haven't waivers in my
relationship with him,

and i think it's working.

Edna, you're adorable.

You're very kind and generous.
Thank you.

- My little friend out here.
- Yeah.

I think we would be a very good team.

Unsuspecting team.

We're definitely
vibing. I really like edna.

I don't upon, it's just weird.

You pick up with certain
people around here

and you just feel comfortable and
i really feel comfortable with edna.

She's the one person
out here they think would

lay her "survivor" life down for me.

So to vote her off
before mikayla, who is

not part of the six,
that would be crazy.

I told you i'd have your back.

Mikayla is the next to go. You're safe.

I appreciate it.

Coach is telling me that i'm
safe, at least for a while longer

so i feel a little bit more reassured.

He could be lying to me, but
right now i feel reassured.

We're in a great spot. I'll just
tell you that right now, champ.

Yup.I'm not worried at all.

Are you ready for anything in this game?

Of course.

Are you ready to follow me into battle?

Yes, even if it gets ugly.


I felt like after tribal council, i
really needed to take a stand,

so i had my little temper
tantrum, but i really made a mistake.

I still want to try and make
something happen with this tribe

because we've got to
have some people that

you trust if you want
to make it to the end.

What can we do from here?

I mean, i still think
you and i can take it.

I do, too.

I'm willing to look past it.

I know that you didn't
mean anything really by it.

I think, you know, when
individual immunity comes,

you and i can kick butt,

and whoever we want to
go to the end, *******



I probably shouldn't have
told them about the idol.

I know.

Ozzy settled down a lot.

I think he knows to get
farther in this game,

hey needs the rest of
us and we need him.

I'm sorry for being a jerk last night.

I basically want to do whatever
i can to reunify with you guys.

That was my big reason for
telling you they have the idol

because at this point i'd rather try

and be tight with you
guys than be by myself.

Ozzy finally realizes
he's got nowhere to go.

His whole speech after tribal
council about being a free agent.

Free agent for who?

He's got nowhere to go except for us.

I like having ozzy on my side.

Ozzy helps me win immunity
challenges before the merge.

After the merge he's a
bigger target than me.

There's nothing more that i could
want from somebody on my team.

DAY 16

Come on in, guys!

- You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

- Yeah.

- First things first,
edna, i'll take it back.

- Thanks.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you will
race to assemble a wheel barrow.

You will then push it
through a series of obstacles,

stopping along the way to
collect two loads of coconut.

You will dump the cok martha
coy nuts into a trough.

The remaining tribe members will *****

use the sling shots to
fire coconuts at targets.

First tribe to knock down all
their targets wins immunity,

is safe from tribal council.

In addition, the winning
tribe earns reward.

You will leave here and be taken
to a place called the sliding rocks.

It is a natural water slide.

You'll have an afternoon of fun in the
water and enjoy a nice picnic lunch.


- Coach is already meditating about it.
- Absolutely.

When you return back to camp,

the winning tribe will
have another hidden

clue to the location
of an immunity idol.

Upolu, you have one extra
member, sitting somebody out.

Who is it going to be?

- We're going to sit edna out.-
Edna, take a spot on the sit-out bench.

The rest of you, give you a minute
to strategize and we'll get started.

Here we go, for immunity
and reward, survivors ready?


First you have to assemble
a "survivor" wheel barrow.

Once you have it, flip
it, and get out on the course.

Savaii and upolu at the same
time flip their wheel barrows.

Savaii blows it!

Ozzy run intis post. Upolu
has an early lead.

Dawn and ozzy having
trouble working together.

Something as simple as
maneuvering a wheel

barrow proving
difficult for savaii.

Upolu has their first
barrel of coconuts.

- Good job!
- Good job.

Rick and brandon working
that barrel together well.

Savaii has their first
batch of coconuts.

Ozzy and dawn stl struggling to
figure out how to use this together.

Push it, guys! On, you got this!

In the middle, brandon.

Savaii still having
trouble, losing more time now.

Upolu continues to work well together.

- They have their second
batch of coconuts.

- Good job, guys, good job.

Got to get them in the trough.

All right, next three
in. You three are done.

Good work by upolu.They
have a big head start now.

Albert, coach, mikayla now have
to take the wheel barrow apart

and build a slingshot.

As youy and cochran
working on the knots,

and it is taking a long time to
get their second batch of coconuts.

Upolu is already firing shot.

Savaii has lost a lot of
time in this challenge.


Cochran! Help us!

- Push!
- Everything, flip!

Savaii cannot even get
their coconuts in the trough.


Albert knocks down the
first target for upolu.

Savaii now taking their
wheel barrow apart.

Upolu leads one-zip.

They've had a lot of time to practice.

Savaii finally has
their slingshot together.

Jim fires the first one and misses.

No more mikayla.

She's not even getting it
off the target, just you and i.

There are six targets.

Keith scores for
savaii, we are tied 1-1.

Mikayla going one handed
dsn't seem to be working.

Mikayla, you want to rest for a while?

No, i'm not tired.

Albert scores for
upolu.Upolu leads 2-1.

- you've got to get to six.
- Two hands babe.

- Mikayla still using one hand.
- ****

A little higher mikayla.


- Mikayla, you want to sit out.
- Coach, i got it.

Jim knocks down the second
target for savaii. We are tied now.

Albert knocks down the
third target for upolu.

Upolu back in the lead.

Upolu has knocked down
three.Savaii has knocked down two.

Savaii knocks down their
third target. We are tied again.

- Go mikayla, go!
- There are six targets total.

It is 3-3.

Ica vie making a huge comeback.

Jim knocks down the fourth target
for savaii. Savaii now in the lead.

Keith with the fifth target for savaii.

They have only one target left.

You got this,'s ow, jim.

- Jim could win it right here.
- You got it!

And he does! Savaii wins
immunity and reward!

Way to go, baby!

We needed that so bad.

Savaii, nice win.

Thank you.

- No tribal c tonight.

Nobody going home from this tribe.
- Yes!

In addition you will leave from here
and be taken to the sliding rocks.

- Yes!

- A little break from the
game and a nice picnic lunch.

Oh, yeah n...

when you get back to camp another
hidden clue to the location of the idol.

Congrats, grab your stuff, head
out, have a good time.

- Thank you.
- Well earned.

Upolu, you have the afternoon
to figure out who's going home.

Somebody will be voted out
tonight, sent to redemption island.

See you at tribal. Grab
your stuff, head back.

It's mikayla's fault we lost.

I gave her direction in the challenge
today and she wouldn't take it.

If i'm going to coach this team

i need for people in the heat
of battle to listen to me.

She's a problem.Mikayla should go home.

Sweet, sweet victory.

The most important thick about that
challenge, we just have to stay calm.

- All right.

- Even though it looked like
we were behind, we came back.

- Good job, you guys.-
One, two, three... savaii!

To win immunity and reward could
not have come at a better time.

We were coming off lots of
hurt feelings and lots of drama,

so winning was the best feeling.

Sandwiches galore. Do it.

Sandwiches, i'm going to die.


Savaii six to the end, man.

Having a reward like this really
brought us all back together

and it really made me want somebody
from this tribe to win the million.

It's i don't care if it's
me... i do care if it's me.

I want it to be me.

But if it's not me i do hope
it's someone else from my tribe.

That was crazy!***

Do you agree?

I'm not physically or
emotionally capable of doing that.

You're not a water person?

Not really.
I'm a sparkling water person.

You know, i'm generally not that agile,

so sliding down these mossy rocks is
definitely outside my comfort zone,

but i got into it today

because there is always this kind
of boundary between me and nature

and i had to strip it off.

- Do you think you can do it.
- Come on, cochran.

Be careful.

You okay?

Way to go!


Yeah, baby.

I love it!



We win together, we lose together.

None of that.

None of this individual i
did this, blah blarks, blah.

We lost as a team.

We lost the challenge and it sucks.

Now we've got to come back to camp
and we've got to do the dirty work.

We have to figure out are we
going to vote off mikayla or edna?

Neither one of them was
part of the original five

but mikayla wasn't
coachable in the challenge.

She doesn't follow orders
so she's going home tonight.



Coach and brandon are
going to try to get you

but i'm not going to let that happen.

- Why?

- Trust me, there's
nothing to worry about.

I can get coach to listen to me.

So we lost the challenge.

Now al told me that coach
is skeptical about me,

and it just makes me laugh because
all these people are about strength,

and you're really
throwing my name up again.

The girl who is half
my size, almost

double my age, you
have to be kidding me.

Coach will definitely go
with me. It's 100% certain.

It sucks, ****but i
definitely do trust al,

and when it comes down to
it, hopefully he'll trust in me.

Listen, guys, i know that edna was
brought in as the sixth person,

but edna has zero
challenge values, zero.

Well, that's why we
had edna sit out today.

That's reason we sat
her out to begin with

and if we lose this next one, we're
in a terrible, terrible spot.

If i had to do a "survivor" draft and
had edna and mikayla next to each other,

it's a no brainer.I'd go with mikayla.


Edna is a sharp player
who is going to be tactical

and that's way too dangerous.

My fear is this... she's smart enough
to know she's the sixth person.

Oh, yeah, she's by far
smart enough to know that.

And someone who knows
they're the sixth person

is going to maybe react
desperately when we get to a merge.

Edna has been busting her ass for us

and i don't know if
she's going in the

back of her mind you
lazy, no good pukes.

Are you comfortable with that decision?

I think it's the best for us five.

How are you feeling, sophie.


We're all convinced nais going home

but we need to convince
brandon and coach of that.

Honestly, the way we
came together on day two

was real and legitimate.

And the way i feel edna was brought
into that group, it wasn't as authentic.

I understand.

And, honestly, if i can
change back time, honestly,

i would not vote mikayla off this tribe.

I'm uneasy about edna.

She's got this look on
her face like she's

playing people, and
i don't like it.

I don't like it.

I'm starting to trust mikayla
more because edna is just...

she's acting too, too
sweet to not be playing us.

I don't know if edna is full of
me. I don't know what she's doing.

But i'm starting to not trust her.

But i want to be a
radical for god when

it comes to doing right,
doing good, man.

I would rather vote edna
out of this tribe today

but i'm not going
to, because i am my word.

Everyone at one point in time said, hey,
we're going to have edna for our sixth.

And i'm going to stick to my
word if it costs me the game.

I pray you guys respect that.

Brendan actually wants edna to leave.

He likes mikayla better
now.He's changed his mind.

She's no longer the
whore of the tribe, ******

but he's still going to vote her out.

I don't get it. He is
nuts, absolutely nuts.

This sucks.

Brandon is the kind of guy that,

unfortunately, we can't
talk strategy with.

You talk more than five
minutes of strategy with him

he starts grabbing his
head and is about to cry.

I'm going to tell you right now,

i think right now at this
stage keeping edna is a mistake.

I think the value edna brings
to challenges is nothing.

I love edna, dude, but next
challenge is make or break.

I'm going to tell you right
now from one coach to another,

- i lost the challenge today.
- You department lose the challenge.

Listen, no, i did.Because
nobody listened to me today.

I told mikayla stop
shooting. She's like i got this.

She didn't get a thing.


If i had told edna, stop
it. She would have stopped.

Mikayla has not won anything for us.****

Edna, if you were tatoll
her at the merge,"

edna, iment to follow ozzy
when had he goes a and takes a

- ********
- ***"

*****i think she's playing
us when it comes to loyalty.

Albert, i'm telling
you right now i'd

rather take edna into
battle than mikayla.

The reason coach wants
to keep edna is coach

feels edna is directly
in his pocket.

He thinks she's going to
listen to everything he says

and follow him blindly to the end.

My cap is off to coach for having
a little bit of strategy in this,

but realistically,
keeping edia around is a

bad play for us winning
the next challenge

and it's a bad play
for me in my end game.

- I just want to talk to you.
- Oh, yeah.

Man to man.

I feel like things are trying to be
a little bit railroaded right now.

You know what? Number one is
getting to the merge with numbers.

Number two is having somebody you
can trust through thick and thin.

Edna is loyal.

Albert and sophie might
think edna is going home

but i'm going to tell you right now

if i have anything to do with
it that's not going to happen.

Albert says she's playing us
but edna will do what she's told.

I want to be fortune
unified as the five of us

and if you can me what my gut
feeling is, get rid of mikayla.

I thought we were
going to send edna home

but i talked with coach and
he wants to vote for mikayla.


Cowboy, i want to tell you right
now, man, the vote's in your hands 100%.

I don't think me and soviet regoing
to agree with coach and brandon.

It's 3-3 right now and
you're sitting in the middle.


All that does is put
a big old target on me.

Fisend edna home i'm
going to piss our coach,

and if i send mikayla home, i'm
going to piss off albert.

You're damned if you
do, damned if you don't.

This sucks.

So, coach, big loss today.

You guys had a chance to take the
numbers advantage and you blew it.

What happened?

We just didn't really
compete as a team today.

You know, we had a lot of
people yelling at people

and mikayla and i
were both misses shots.

I said, mikayla, maybe shu
stop let albert do it.

She said no, let me do
it. I got the feel of it.

Mikayla, your expression says
you don't agree with this at all.

Well, during the
game, obviously, al was hot.

But there was never a point where coach
said mucalla, let al do the rest of it.

Mikayla ****

***aonce again, your tribe
sat you out of the challenge.

What message do you think
your tribe is sending you?

Well, nobody wants to be the
scranniest or last one picked in school

but that's just the way it is with me.

Brandon is there much
talk about the merge

and being up or down
with the numbers?

Absolutely. We have to be
up in numbers in the merge.

This next challenge
is absolutely

detrimental to the way
this game turns out.

There are two sides to that coin.

One is do you keep the player
that will help you get to the merge

or do you keep the player who
will be loyal after a merge?

You gotta get there,
but you want to get

there with people who
are going to be loyal.

What's numbers if one or two
people on your tribe is not loyal?

It doesn't mean anything.

Albert, what if the person
you're worried about being loyal

is the same person who helps you
get to the merge with numbers?

If the one person that that s you
get to the merge isn't the most loyal,

to me that's something
we have to compromise

because in this game it's
of the utmost importance

to get to the merge
with numbers and an edge.

You're saying can't
worry about the loyalty

after the merge if you
don't get to the merge.


Sophie, where do you fall
on this merge argument?

I think you go in down
numbers in the merge

it, doesn't matter if
everybody is loyal.

It doesn't.

You have to go in with as many as
you can and be as strong as you can.

Coach, a divided tribe.

A few people think take the best to
the merge.We'll dool with loyalty later.

And some of the others say
deal with loyalty right now.

Absolutely. It does divide the tribe.

For me you know what my answer is
going to be, honor, loyalty, integrity.

The one thing that worries
me is loyalty can be faked.

You can't fake strength.

A really good person request con
people into believing they're loyal.

It's hard to con people to believe
you're really good, athletic and strong.


I'm really trying to
be quiet but i can't.

Last tribal council we were
talking loyal, loyal, loyal.

And this tribal council
we're talking loyal.

How come we're split?

We all made a pact to have six people

that were going to
make it and we were

going to stay, and we
chose to keep edna.

I love you, mikayla abut i want
to keep everybody to their word.

So there should be only one
vote being voted tonight.

Half of us are on one side, half of us
are on the other and it concerns me.

That's not loyalty.

That's a house divided
and a house divide...

that's a difference in opinion, though.

Loyalty and opinions
are two separate ideas.

We're not understanding, man.We
cannot be divided and have loyalty.

Vote me out today if we're
going to play disloyal,

because money you can throw
it in that fire and it's gone.

Character you live with
for the rest of your life.

So, mikayla, it sounds like you are
in the middle of a divided tribe...

at least that's what i
heard.Is that what you heard?

Well, obviously, brandon's had something
against me from the beginning...

because i don't trust you you or
edna strategically in this game.

Honestly, i want to keep mikayla here.

But because i said i would not
vote edna out of this tribe,

i'm bound to what i said, period.

Brandon, one of the things you said

was if we're going to play a
game that's not based on loyalty,

vote me out tonight.

Coach, explain to brandon

the down side of telling somebody you're
going to vote them out before the vote.

The problem is there's a
point of being too honest

and you have to remember that there
are some cards that need to be revealed

and some cards that you
keep hidden for a time.

But it doesn't mean that you're
being disloyal or dishonest.

You know, it's funny because nowadays,

people get the misconception
that we can tell

a half lie or tell a
little bit of a lie.

Oh, it's just a game. Oh, it's
just a cigarette.

Oh, it's just a little bit of marijuana.

Oaring's it's just a little bit
bit.You know that's lasciviousness.

There are no gray. It's
black or white, period.

Well, after tonight's
tribal council, the

only thing i can say
with certainty,

somebody's going to redemption island.

Time find out is time to vote.

Brandon, you're up.

I don't even know how you got this far.

I really hope it's you tonight
or else we're in a world of pain.

Come on, cowboy, vote for her, too.


I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do soy.

Okay, once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked to leave

the tribal council
area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, mikayla.


Mikayla.Two votes mikayla.

Edna. We're tied. Two votes
mikayla, two votes edna.

That's three votes
mikayla, two votes edna.

Edna. We're tied. Three votes mikayla,
three votes edna, one vote left.

Sixth person voted out of
"survivor: south pacific,"

mikayla.You need to bring me your torch.

Mikayla, the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get back in this game.

Grab your torch.Head
to redemption island.

- I love you, man.
- I love you too.

All this talk about loyalty, and
still the split vote.

And that's because loyalty, as
honorable as it may be,

is not always the answer.

Grab your torches.Head
back to camp. Good night.

- = proudly presents

Season 23 Episode 6

next time on "survivor":

I don't want to go to
redemption, but if

it's like a do our die
situation, i will go.

Father we ask for a
rejuvenation of this tribe.

If this comes a time brandon
becomes a liability

we have to put a bullet
in somebody's head.


Just keep going, albert!


We are neck and next right now!

Tribal was a mess, man.

Every time brandon
has a blow-up it's,

like, always pointed
at a stronger woman.

I just don't understand how
edna has made it this far.

I would love to definitely
get some people back.

I'm just going to laugh if the****