Survivor (2000–…): Season 23, Episode 5 - Taste the Victory - full transcript

Starving castaways tap into their primal instincts at an intense Immunity Challenge, and a big betrayal shakes up the game at a surprising Tribal Council.

Previously on "Survivor":

we are neck and neck in our
first immunity challenge!

For the past 17 days,

it's been a see saw battle between two
of survivor's most evenly matched tribes.

This is how close this challenge was.

One coconut away.

At Savaii, Ozzy found
a hidden immunity idol.

Something good!

And thought he was in control
of the dominant alliance.

I am the anchor. They want me to
tell them how to do everything.

But one of his allies, Jim, was
plotting against him.


Jim teamed up with Cochran
and dawn to target Ozzy.*****

If Elyse goes first, that
buys me another three days.

At Upolu, Coach was safe in his alliance.

I think i'm sitting pretty right now.

But not everyone was a Coach fan.

I'm not buying Coach's bs at all.

Stacey was on the chopping block so she
looked in vain for the immunity idol.

Ty immunity challenge, Dawn ********

proved she is one of the competitors.

*****Dawn wins for Savaii!

Upolu went to tribal
council where Brandon,

the nephew of the notorious
Russell Hantz, broke down.

You feel a responsibility to reclaim
the family name in a positive light?

I'm gonna do it.

Fourth person voted out the
"Survivor: south pacific.

in the end, Stacey was voted out

and she passed on a hug from Coach
on her way to Redemption island.

Tracy, the tribe has spoken.

Where she will soon battle with
her old friend, Christine.

14 are left, who will
be voted out tonight?



- Christine, it's Stacey.
- Hey!

Oh, be careful.

Okay. You got it so comfy over here.

I was hoping it wouldn't be you.

I know. But that's okay.

- How are you?
- I'm good, i'm good.

- Them snakes over there.
- What happened?

- Girl.
- What the hell is going on?

Christine, guess who is
running things? Coach.

I-- i
knew it.

Everybody-- they were at tribal
acting like everything is hunky-dory.

It ain't hunky-dory. You who talk to.

I talk to all the girls, i'm doing this.

- Yeah
- lies straight from hell.

All y'all gonna go to hell
with gasoline dropped on you.

- Just survive.
- I missed you so much.

Tribal was so fake, sufficiency so fake.

That is not one big happy
family on the blue tribe.

Coach comhere, and he try to act
like he's just all holier than thou.

He i nothi but aoke.

Enhey fi out t really trut about him...

I'm going to start up a bee's nest

and let the red tribe kno
Coach isn control over there.

I'm anything to spill everything
i know is going on or the.

Season 23 Episode 5


How are you Brandon? I'm doing
good. Good morning, everyone.

I'm sorry to wake everybody
but we have tree mail.

Tribal council was emotional, man.

The way that Mikayla
answered Jeff's question

when he asked what she
doesn't like about me the most,

she sai "i don't like he's a
Hantz" it was pretty prejudiced.

The way she handled that shows she
had very little class at that time.

You know, these are real people out here. They
have real they have feelings, you know.

And i don't care what
people think about me.

It doesn't matter. I mean, i'm
a good person. I'm a good guy.

And, you know, if i can't win the game
like that, then i don't need to win it.

Outwit, outplay, outlast.

Two more from redemption and two more
from your tribe win the attention.

Today, Christine and
Stacey are battling it out

and the other tribe could
get intele from us ******

and and i'm hoping
when Albert comes back

that Stacey and Christine
kept their mouth shut.

We'll now bring in the
competitors for today's duel.

Christine will battle against Stacey
voted out at the last tribal council.

- I'm shocked, are you?
- No.

Welcome to redemption island arena.

Stacey, what's it like for you to see
your former tribe mates who voted you out?

Those-- those are liars, so, red
team, look out for those right there, okay?

It wasn't a team. It is
Benjamin, Albert, and Sophie.

But who are they answering
to, Benjamin and Albert.

- Benjamin is running the team.
- Benjamin makes the decisions.

Makes all the decisions.

When i said Coach, you said, no,
Benjamin. There's a difference?

Adults call him Benjamin.*****

Whether he likes it
or not, it's Benjamin.

So your way of fighting back is to
say i will not honor the Coach name.

What's his name? What was his birth name?

It wasn't Coach. It
was Benjamin, wasn't it.

And the children, 26, 22,

they listen to all the Benjamin's
halloween jokes, chuck Cheese jokes.

They want it.****

Come on, every day he got
a story. I wasn't buying it.


So, like yesterday, like the tribal
was all cahoots, let's give a hug.

Keep that hug.

For me. Because it wasn't real.

Sour grapes.

- You guys ready to get to today's duel.
- Yeah.

Today's duel will require
concentration and coordination.

You're going to drop
a ball down a chute.

It will spiral downward until it falls
out the bottom where you must catch it,

put it back in the chute.

Every few minutes
we'll add another ball.

The balls will alternate left and
right, making it more difficult to track them.

If at any point a ball hits the
ground, you're out of the duel.

Last person left standing stays
alive on redemption island.

The loser is out of this game for good.

This is it, one shot. Take your spots.

- You go, girl.
- You, too.

All right, here we go.
Take your first ball.

And drop it in the chute.

We are on.

You want to live to see another
day in this game? You must win.

Concentration.That is
the key to this challenge.

One ball is pretty easy.

All right, you have 10
seconds to add another ball.

Remember to think about your spacing.

It's critical in this challenge.

Two balls a little trickier.

And they're alternating left and right.

Hard to track.

You guy guys are doing great.
Keep concentrating.

All right, you have 10 seconds.

Think about your spacing.

Stacey drops a ball right off the bat,

not paying any attention to
what the other balls are doing.

You have 10 seconds and
she just throws it in.

So stupid.

Christine taking her time, placing it.

Using the spacing.

Everybody's good. Three balls now.
Very difficult.

Absolute concentration
in this challenge.

Christine with a nice save.

There are no tomorrows for the loser.

You will be out of this game for good.

Christine with another nice save.

Just a matter of time.

You guys have a good rhythm going.
You're doing a great job.

Stacey drops a ball. Christine
stays alive on redemption island!

- Good job, you guys.
- Good job.

- Stacey.
- Yeah.

What did this adventure mean for you?

I challenged myself. This is
something i never would have done.

You know, i'm a funeral director,
mortician is what i am.

I mean, i'm a diva. Who lives like this?

But in spite of everything i
had fun and i'm proud of myself.

Stacey, your adventure
has come to an end.

- Okay.
- It's time for you to go.

Good job, Stacey.

Don't even say anything.

Bye, girls. Y'all stay strong, okay.

Strong woman.

- Thank you.
- Bye, Stacey.

Christine, once again
you seized the moment.

You stayed alive on redemption island.

Head back to camp and
await your next duel.

- Thank you.
- Congrats.

- Good job, girl.
- Good job.

- Thanks, hope to see you soon.
- Hang in there.

All right, guys, head back to camp.

What you share with the rest
of your tribe mates, up to you.

Benjamin's been doing everything
and Albert is his right-hand man.

Those were things i thought we would be
able to keep under the radar pretty well.

It just pisses me off because it makes
us look bad in front of the other tribe

and i know coach is going to be pissed.


- Hey, guys.
- Howdie.

- Hey.
- What's up?

How was it? Bad?

It was bad, dude.

Stacey, she said we're all liars.

She said that you, Sophie, myself
were controlling stuff.

That's disgusting.

- Stacey just went on a rampage.
- Really.

- Benjamin is running the tribe.
- Benjamin.

- Who's Benjamin?
- You're not Coach, you're Benjamin.

{\a6}He is.

Jeff is like you refuse to
dignify him as Coach. He's Benjamin.


If anybody calls me Benjamin
to my face i'll go nuts.

My parents call me Coach. I've
been called coach since i was 18.

Stacey just went on a rant.

Stacey said Coach is running the show,

so now at the merge i'm probably
going to be hit number one.

It just ruins my day. It suction.

Could this day get request worse?


Feeling good?


Yew like my little omen. I like that.

The alliance between me, Ozzy, Keith,
Jim, and Whitney is still pretty strong.

We haven't even had
to talk about the vote

and what it will come down to at the next tribal
council, which is great if you're one of us.

Then there's Ozzy and myself, and
i'm kind of just following his lead.

I believe he can take me far in the game
and i think we see the game the same way.

We feel the same way about the alliance,
about the merge, about making it far.

We're pals.

Trip, cho-cho man.

Good stuff.

I'm the little engine that could, man.

The little Cochran that could.

- Yeah, the little Cochran that could.
- The little Cochran that could.

Hodo you spell
that, c-o-c-h.

You won't have to spell
that any time soon.


Don't worry about the spelling, man.

Don't worry about the
phonetics or anything.

Keep my name as far off your
fingers and your tongue as possible.

They are.

I work my ass off around camp, even though
i'm not a big provider like Ozzy or anybody.

I'm working hard, and then to see as you
and Elyse sleeping in every single day,

they're wrapped up in their love blanket

well into the early--
or late morning.

I find every little thing
about them irritating now.

You're a good guy.

- We're back!
- We're home!

Ready? What do you think?
Who was voted out?

- My guess, puppet dress.
- They voted state Stacey out

- purple dress!
- Yes.

I really thought they would go for
weak but they're going for team Coach.

Anybody who wasn't
with Coach is going out.

- Coach is running the showy.
- Actually, they called him Benjamin.

She's like, watch out.

Benjamin is in charge, Albert, Sophie.

- It's not unified. It's not
- yeah.

- Basically they're all like his puppets.
- Coach, Albert.

If Coach is stock market
he'll get rid of Albert soon.

I think Albert and he are aligned.

Why would he get ride of Albert?

- If they get rid of Albert
- before the herm.

Ozzy made one big mistake. He revealed if
he were Coach he would get rid of Albert.

That's huge information

because if Ozzy is saying Coach should get
one of the stronger people on his tribe,

that's saying Ozzy should get rid of
one of the stronger people on his side.

The two strong people are me and Keith.

- *****
- Stay humble, positive, unified.

Once i heard that, i knew what i had.

Nothing sells like fear.

I'm going to put that fear in keith
tell him to get elyse gone next.


The duel was definitely painful to
hear some of the things that were said--

not painful personally but
painful towards my cause.

Despite how stase senot the
sharpest tool in the shed

she still said Coach
and are running things

and i'm going to have a target on
my back once we go to the merge.

They're going to try it get me out because
they're going to see me as a threat.

That clue is still out there
and that idol is still out there.

I need to find it now.

The clue!

Good stuff right here.

"it's definitely near the
jungle, somewhere by the beach.

The important thing to realize
is it's just barely out of reach.

You could stay dry if the tide is right,

but you'll need to climb
to have idol in sight.

" good things are happening.

The clue kind of told me the location
of the idol is somewhere on the beach,

where the tide comes in kind of high, and
it's somewhere up out of reach in the tree.

One by one, i'm going tree
after tree after tree.

The more i'm looking, i'm starting
to get a little flustered.

So i figured i can kill
two birds with one stone.

I can kind of furnish garner Coach and
Sophie's trust by leteg them in on this idol

and i can also have them be
helpers for me to find the idol

because frankly i think
i can't do this by myself.

I found a clue to the second idol,

and i know that it's
in a tree. It's high.

And it's by the beach.

I'm only going to tell you two
because i trust you two the most.

- This is a huge game changer.
- Yeah, it is huge.

Albert couldn't find the hidden
immunity idol but he's found a clue.

He didn't want to
tell the whole alliance

so only the three of us know
about the clue, Albert, Sophie and I.

It will be our little secret.

I checked this tree and this tree.

I checked two trees over there


but i can't find the idol.

- It definitely said in a tree?
- It says out of reach.

You want to do a job right,
you do it yourself.

So i just said to myself i've got
to take this into my own hands.

Maybe i'm going about
this the wrong way.

I don't troops in it's your will
that i find the hidden immunity idol

and i beg you to let me find it today.

Come on, baby.

Come to me.

This has got to be it.

Ask and you shall receive.

Coach wade has found
the hidden immunity idol,

and lo and behold,

look what we have here.

A golden little gem for
Coach wade to hold on to.

I mean, seriously, are the stars
alining for Coach or what?

- You guys found it?
- I got it, yeah.


This is the most exciting moment in
67 days for Coach playing this game.

Moment of truth.

We've got this game by the balls, guy.

This morning i thought to myself,
could this day get any worse?

But now Coach is a happy man.
Things couldn't be going better.

I have to get ahold of myself and
say dragon, just get back in there.

I'm just so happy i'm
playing the game with you two.

Can't go too crazy.

I'm not running the show, but
at the moment, pretty close.


- Are you ready to do this?
- Let's do it, man.

The ocean is my canvas,

and the fish are my palette.

I don't really have any outdoorsy
skills, but i figure, you know, i gotta step up.

I'm slightly nervous going
on the boat for the first time

because i bring zero experience, zero
ability, and zero confidence.

- So we sit on the left?
- On the right.

I'm not going to be able to prove
anything towards being able to catch fish.

That's left to Ozzy.

But i hope this will
be a bonding experience

so that i'm not viewed as one of
the girls who hangs around camp

while the true men go out fishing.

I think my reputation in "survivor" is i've
been the guy that has been able to go out

and hunt fish and provide people with
sustenance, but fishing's not easy.

It might look easy to
somebody watching at home,

put it really is very difficult, and
it takes a lot out of me.

I get cut up all the time.

Just the fact that i've got to hold my breath
continuously and sort of stay in one position.

It's almost like underwater yoga.
It's very difficult.

- Nice!
- Nice!

I'm totally happy to
play the provider role,

and i think it's going to put me in
a stronger position than anyone else.

It's like i feel like they're
really becoming my tribe.

- Holy crap!
- ****

Awesome, wow.

- Yeah, we got 11.
- Holy crap.

Having watched "cook islands"
and "fans versus favorites"

you see ozzy as kind of superhuman
guy that can do no wrong,

I'm gonna get some rest, man.

but Ozzy, it's this middle aged Ozzy
who has a few moments of glory each day

where he runs out and gets us some fish
but otherwise, he's kind of a lazy ass.

He's packaging the arrogant
fisher boy, jungle boy,

who feels like he can do no wrong and
that he's entitled to our deference.

The more he acts like this, it's going
to come back to bite him in the ass.

Come on in, guys!

Rick, big reaction seeing that pig.

That's nice!

- You guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?
- Yeah.

First things first, Dawn, i
must take it back.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, each tribe
will have a roasted pig on a spit.

With your hands tied behind your back,

you will race to chew off
as much meat as you can.

You may be tempted to eat it.

But if you want to win,
put it in the basket.

The tribe that spits the most meat in their
basket at the end of 10 minutes wins immunity.

In addition, the winning
tribe earns reward

is that bread?

Veggies, spices, big loaf of bread.

We want some carbs, man.
We gotta have some.

In addition, the winning tribe

will have another hidden clue
waiting for them back at camp.

Find the clue, that will help
you find the hidden idol.

- Worth playing for.
- Oh, yeah!

All right, give you a minute to
strategize. We'll get started.

All right, here we go.

For immunity and reward, survivors ready?


Any way you can get that
meat off using your mouth,

and then wring it back
and spit it in the basket.

It will be little
pieces in the beginning,

and then probably bigger pieces
toward the end as you start working.

- Come on, guys!
- Big one, big one!

Double time, guys, come on!

Cochran getting in there.
Elyse getting in there.

Coach's face covered in sauce.

Everybody working
hard in this challenge.

Dawn with a big hunk of meat.

The entire upolu tribe
coming back with a mouth full.

Coach gnawing off something big.

That meat is stuck in Keith's teeth.

He can't get it out.
Dawn going to pull it out.

That is team work right there!

Brandon back for more.

Ozzy trying to get in there and get
deep, trying to get something big going.

So good!

- Good job, guys!
- Rick with a huge piece of meat.

Come oall the way! All
the way, guys, all the way!

Elyse, wow!

Albert almost knocks over
his entire tribe's basket.

That was disgusting,

- *** Jim
- Edna has meat stuck in her mouth.

Coach has to rip it out.

- Somebody rip this.
- Now Brandon can't get his out.

- Rick pulls it out.
- Thank you, Rick.

Both tribes getting to know
each other in a whole new way.

This is a disgusting challenge.

Out of my mouth, out of my mouth.

Brandon needs to floss.

30 seconds left!

Both tribes getting a lot
of meat off of this pig.

Rick drops one on the ground.
Is he going to leave it?

He's leaving it!
Mikayla will pick it up.

She's not too proud.

We are very close.

Come oeverybody get a bite
and go. Get a bite and go.

15 seconds.

Savaii needs something big right now.

Jim with a huge piece
of meat at the end!

That will makey a
difference in this challenge.

Five seconds left,
four, three, two, one, we're done!

Pull away! Pull away!
Let go, Ozzy. Let go.

Whatever is in your mouth, put
in your basket, then walk away.

Somebody has to get
this out of my teeth.

Ozzy gives Cochran a nice little kiss

to get that last little bit and

this might be very close.

Drum roll on Sophie's back.

Start with savaii.

Past the 10 pounds.

- That's a lot of meat, folks.
- That is a lot of meat.

Past the 20 pounds.

We're at 22 pounds, 12 ounces for Savaii.

There's 10 pounds.

- There's 20 pounds.
- No way.

22 pound, 12 ounces is the mark to beat.

22 pounds, 14 ounces.

Upolu wins immunity and
reward by two ounces.

No, way.

Upolu, congratulations.

Hard fought challenge.

No tribal council tonight.

In addition,nice reward to
take with you back to camp.

And another clue to the
location of a hidden idol

will be waiting for you back at camp.

It is hidden as well.

In addition, because you won, you can
take home all the meat you collected.

You better believe it, baby!

Come get your reward.

We'll fry the meat up and get all
the spit off it and we'll be good.

Wash all the spit off and cow down!

That's so awesome.

- This ain't no joke.
- That was crazy close.

All right, Savaii, tribal council tonight.

Somebody will be voted out of this
tribe and sent to redemption island.

Grab your stuff. Head back.
I will see you at tribal tonight.


He's all business. Look at him.

Watching my dad and my mom cook and
my grabbed ma, a bunch of cajuns, man.

They just cook, cook, cook.

All right, guys, the food is ready.

There are a lot ofs of ups and downs
just in general in the game of "survivor.

"today was positive energy, man.

I believe we're a team and a family.

Oh, my gosh! This is so good.

What do you think buddy?

The taste of victory, man!

I'm going crazy right
now i'm so excited.

The best thing about
today's challenge--

we're back in the driver's
seat, baby. We own it now.

I mean, this is freaking
unbelievable, man.


In all honesty the whole back
side of one of my molars is gone.

It just came down to team
mouth and volume size.

My lips hurt so bad.

Yeah, we're all going to have pig
gut breakout tomorrow on our skin.

We're probably also
gog have oral herpes.

What?! What?

I'm sure somebody does.
Doesn't everybody have herpes?

- What!
- Don't 99% of human beings have herpes.

Okay, harvard. I don't think so.

- Getting a cold sore, that's herpes.
- I have never had a cold sore.

You're not living, then.

You're telling uss you
just gave us cold sores?


No i'm saying i'm going
to get it from one of you.

Anybody want me to open a
coconut? I'm getting good at it.

- He's trying so hard.
- I know.

- Anybody wants this coconut?
- No.

- Is there juice in it?
- Tons in it.

- I'll take a little sip.
- Ozzy, you want any?

As soon as we got back
from the challenge,

Cochran definitely made a point
of putting on a display of working.

I'm trying to prove my
worth one way or another.

He worked harder than i've seen
him work the whole time out here.

It just sucks it's too late. You know.

I think pretty much everybody on the
tribe feels he is the weakest link,

and i think everybody feels good
about letting him go tonight.

So that's the plan, right?

- It's Cochran.
- Okay.

Ozzy's pretty clear that
he wants Cochran gone,

but in my opinion, it's time to break
up that alliance with Ozzy and Elyse.

Right now, i think you, me, and
Jim are all on the same page

in terms of wanting to
get rid of Elyse next.

Right, Elyse has to go.

She's fine with Elyse first.

I mean, you know who the
linchpin is going to be is keith.

- Really?
- Yeah. Okay.

I feel like i have Cochran and Dawn
but in a tribe of seven, you need four.

I gotta find that fourth
vote to get Elyse out.

I gotta talk to you about something
that came up that i didn't like.

Something kind of big, actually.

It raised my eyebrows a lot.

The only thing good that came out
of the redemption island information

is i got a piece of fear
they can plant in Keith

to help him vote with
me against Elyse tonight.

Ozzy is talking about Coach needs
to get out Albert beforehand.

And i'm

so, immediately, if he's thinking
that Coach needs to get out Albert,

that means he's thinking he needs
to get out one of us premerge.

And i don't-- here's the
thing, he can't do it--

- like Cochran is driving me freaking crazy.
- I know,.

But if we get rid of Elyse
first, he can't do anything.

I know. I agree. We
need Elyse first gone.

Keith and i get on the same
page within about 30 seconds.

So it's looking pretty
strongly like Elyse is next.


Then what happens? I
don't think we tell Ozzy.

But then he's not going to trust us.

Tonight's vote is supposed to go
Jim, Dawn, Cochran, and they vote Elyse,

and then Elyse and oOzy are
going to vote for Cochran.

So that leaves me and Whitney
for a little room to play.

We gotta do that.

Because then we can kind
of do whatever we want.

The first alliance i
made was me and Ozzy,

so tonight's vote is
going to be really scary

because Elyse gets blindsided, in
a sense, Ozzy gets blindsided.

So how is ozzy going to trust me when
he thinks we're all voting for Cochran?

That's the question that i'm
going to have to try to figure out.

And you're, like, 100% thinking
we should go with Elyse now?

Yes, no, i don't know.

Yeah, i just want to make sure that
we've thought everything through.

Elyse and Ozzy are like this.

And i don't think Ozzy's going
to like it if we all vote her off,

and there goes our alliance.

So Ozzy wants Cochran right now.

- What one so bad if we voted Cochran out?
- I don't know.

- So is it better to get Elyse out now or later?
- I don't know.

Keith i are still trying to figure
out how to weasel our way around this

and still come out in
our alliance with Ozzy.

It's hard.

I wish we could let those three vote
for Elyse and us two vote not Cochran,

just someone else.

We're all good. Elyse is next.

- Really?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Seriously?
- 100%.


For the first time i'm not feeling

that bad about my chances
going into tonight's tribal.

Worst-case scenario, i get
sent to redemption island.

But i really don't want
to get sent to redemption.

I don't think if Ozzy thinks
we are all against him.

We are all against him.

He will be against me when we
vote out his hammock sweetheart.

Which is what i hope
will happen tonight.

Y Ozzy, we're 14 days in, roughly a
third of the way into the adventure.

Having played twice before, where are we
at right now from a game point of view?

You know,a third of the way in,
merge is still too far off

to be that worried about in
terms of the trust of the group.

So it's all about keeping
us a strong as possible.

Elyse, how do you define
a strong tribe member?

I think in this game
a strong tribe member

is somebody who is
strong across the board.

So somebody who can deliver what
they're expected in a challenge.

Somebody who can
contribute around camp life.

Somebody who has got social skills
and graces that can help unify people,

keeping the group together.

- Cochran, you've gotten votes every time we've been at tribal council.
- Right.

When you hear Elyse say
i want somebody strong.

Does your antenna go up thinking am
i once again going to be getting votes

because my legs aren't tree trunks?

Yeah, the novelty of attending
tribal council has worn off for me.


In terms of challenges, challenges
run such a huge gamut of things.

I think we all did a fantastic
job at today's challenge.

It came down to two ounces.

That made it especially devastating.

Two ounces is one extra wight.

Jim, was there any going
back over thinking--

every success one of us did
because we all say we gave 100%

but then it's like


This was one where ironically
enough we all had more injuries

during this challenge than any
of our other challenges combined.

Give me the rundown. Who has an injury.

- From today's challenge?
- From today's challenge.

- Jim, what's your injury.
- I have a bun of cuts in my mouth.

- Elyse.
- ***

- *** Cuts. ***

- Dawn.
- Broken tooth.

- Whitney?
- Just lips.


I haven't been wearing my
retainer as a should have been.


I definitely felt my teeth shifting.

Cochran, are you being silly
or are you 100% sincere.


I'm warping the arrangement of my teeth.

Smile, let me see.

That's not a smile.
It's a grimace, but...

Dawn, Cochran's need
to assess and reassess,

that's not a smile, that's a grimace.

Highway often is that charming
and how often is it annoying?

I think Cochran's endearing. He's
a little bit of a character to me,

but i think this is also a game

about bringing people together
that would never be together.

So part of me is learning
to be really tolerant.

Like today when we came
back from the challenge,

he said there's a possibility we
could have some communicable disease

because we all had our
mouths against the spit.

And i just thought i don't
know where you get that.

It was just hilarious but not.

Keith, everybody else
was kind of laughing.

You had a different reaction.

Yeah, it was nasty.

I don't want a supposed disease
from someone else's mouth.

Yeah, the intentions were to
maybe make everyone laugh,

but i think in the end, yeah, it
grossed everyone out.

Cochran, you can't catch a break.

It's horrible. It's--
it's devastating.

I know these are kind of light-hearted
comments, but they do hurt.

I mean tribal council is always like
next time i'm going to be better.

I could obsess about
everything i do out here--

and probably will tonight.

I probably will tonight
if there is a tonight.

Elyse, can you feel for
somebody like Cochran?

Oh, i can completely feel for Cochran.

I know that it's hard
to be in a position

where people are looking at you

and pointing out things
that you don't want to hear.

I mean, we've all been in that position.

We've all been picked last for
soccer out on the playground, you know.

Cochran,are you typically
picked last for soccer?

I don't put myself in a position
where i'm playing soccer.

But all theneroses and
self-dep raication aside,

i think i get along well with people.

I may have certain quirks
that people find acnig,

but that aside, i think people, or at least
a good number of people, do take to me.

Elyse, given everything
that Cochran's gone through,

the last two tribal
councils and again tonight,

would it be hard to vote him out?

One thing to appreciate about him

is that he so loves and knows
the game that whether he stays,

whether he goes to redemption island,

he's going to appreciate the experience.

Jim, is there anything about the vote that's
personal or is it absolutely strategy?

You know, there's always
a personal element to it.

So even when i go back there and write down
a name that's in my mind 100% strategic,

it's still personal because i know
how it's going to affect that person

when they see their name on there.

Okay, it is time to vote. Jim, you're up.

Sorry, Elyse, this has more
to do with keeping Ozzy weak.

This is the second-to history
last stop on the train.

Sorry, man. Hope you
get that second chance.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Okay, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Cochran.


Cochran. That's two votes
Cochran, one vote Elyse.

Elyse. We're tied, two votes
Cochran, two votes Elyse.

Dawn. One vote Dawn.

Dawn, we're tied.

Two votes Dawn, two votes Cochran, two
votes Elyse, one vote left.

Fifth person voted out of
"survivor: south pacific"

Elyse. You need to bring me your torch.

Elyse, the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get back in this game.

Grab your torch. Head to
redemption island. Good luck.

Judging from the look on Elyse's face, i'd
say that was your first blindside.

In this game just took a big turn.

Next time on "survivor":

Brandon looks like Russell. I'm having
flash backs it scares the heck for me.

I'll play for myself. And you
guys can play for yourself.

I'm what i call a free agent.

I hope he continues to be a cry
baby because it's great for me.

Cochran, help us.

Everything, flip!

A Savaii cannot even get their
coconuts until the trough!

So tonight at tribal, i have to
admit it was a total surprise.

Everybody likes to think that
they're friends with everybody,

but at the end of the day, that's just
not the case so the trust is forever broken

because ***