Survivor (2000–…): Season 23, Episode 4 - Survivalism - full transcript

One castaway is brought to tears when confronted with his past during an emotional tribal council, and another turns on his alliance and teams up with an unlikely tribe member.

>> jeff: Previously on


>> at upolu, coach thought he

Had assembled a solid alliance

Of five.

>> rick, sophie, brandon, and


>> jeff: And tacked on edna as

A spare sixth while leaving

Statey at the bottom of the

Pecking order.

>> I do believe they are looking

To try to get rid of me.

>> jeff: But brandon started

Behaving erratically.

>> my name is brandon hantz.

I'm russell hantz's nephew.

>> jeff: He covertly targeted


>> mikayla will be going home


>> jeff: Later me blew up in

Front of the entire tribe.

>> I was very upset.

Here's evil, period.

>> jeff: Brandon's loose

Cannon behavior put everyone on

Edge, especially coach.

>> brandon just worries me.

You're royal or you're disloyal.

>> jeff: At savaii, ozzy was

Also in an alliance of five and

He thought he was in charge.

>> life is good right now.

>> jeff: They left the oldest

And nerdiest on the chopping


>> I have this reputation as the

Nervous, neurotic scrambler.

I just don't want to go home.

>> jeff: At the immunity

Challenge coach led upolu to a

Landslide victory.

Upolu wins immunity!

Sending savaii to tribal

Council, where papa bear tried

To save himself by steering

Votes to cochran.

>> physically, he's a threat to


>> I don't necessarily feel

That's the case.

>> jeff: In the end, cochran


Papa bear, the tribe has spoken.

Sending papa bear to join

Christine on redemption island,

Where they will compete nay duel

To stay alive.

>> is nerve your family as

Outdoorsy and athletic as you?

>> no.

>> no.

How did you pick that up?

>> when I was a little kid, I

Just was really into


Like the first book they ever

Read that made an impression was

"robinson caruso."

>> I'm thinking maybe lisa and

Ozzy have a tighter bond than is


I know the game well enough to

Know a pair is very, very


And the thing is, ossie's

Powerful enough as a physical

Presence in this game, but you

Can't get him that physical

Presence and that voting

Presenceecause then he would

Run it like rob did last year.

I started thinking, ike not

Going to get ozzy out.

Lisa's god to go.

>> I'm going to tell you my

Whole strategy.

>> okay, I'm ready to hear it.

>> ozzy realizes if he votes me

Out, he's invaluable.

>> even now I think he's seen as


>> now there's a rounding factor

With elyse in the picture, and

He's using elyse to play.

In my mind she's a variable, and

I like constants in this game.

I hate doing this, but what if

We get rid of elyse.

That way the variable is gone,

And the strength--

>> I think it would be pretty


>> and it's a move.

It's a "survivor" move.

>> I know.

>> she's so freaking hot.

>> I can pout a see we'd wig.

He's a used car salesman smile

With white teeth that are

Suspiciously white to me.

He wants elyse gone next which

Is music to me.

If elyse goes first, that buys

Me another three days and who

Knows what ozzy is going to do.

I like it.

I do.




llsing for

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>> this game to me is so jacked

Up when it comes to people's


I came into this game with good

Intentions, but it was ruined by

My pride.

I let my pride get to me.

I started gravitating towards

Eye line of people, and every

Day is a struggle.

It's-- it's-- it's-- I can't

Tell you tomorrow they won't get

Upset, but from here on out,

Decided to be a better person, a

Better player, a better


I really shouldn't have done


I just got a little bit upset

And I shouldn't have let my

Temper get ahold of me like


I apologize and I hope you

Accept my apology.

>> I appreciate it.

You know, I understand, like,

You're doing the right thing by

Apologizing, but, dude, maybe

You should think two or three

Times before you talk because

It's just, like, the thing that

He should have done and he


It just makes him look like a


But his uncle, look who his

Uncle is.

That's what always gets me--

Look who his uncle is.

>> I don't know, man.

I know I'm screwing this up for

Myself as far as the game is

Concerned, but I care about you,

And you've been a very good

Friend to me.

And this whole time I've known

That the people that you trus

Trusted, including me, lied to

You, and I can't lie to anybody


There's definitely a core five.

Like I said, this is probably

The worst game strategy in the


>> there's only a core five and

Not a core of six?

>> there's all kind of cores.

>> I know, there's-- it's like

The onion.

>> yeah.

I'm sorry.

And I hope you accept my


>> that's okay.

I'm just kind of surprised about

The core of five.

>> are you upset?

>> it's reality.

Brandon pulled me aside and said

That I was actually not part of

The alliance of 6.

He said that the other five

People in the alliance had

Basically just tolerated me and

That given the opportunity, I'd

Be the next to go.

It was a terrible feeling

Because you're believing that

You're part of this group, and

It's easier to believe a lie

Sometimes than it is to accept

The truth.

>> tree mail!

>> my bathing suit!

( cheers )

>> ya!

>> being mormon I have never

Felt comfortable swimming in my

Underwear and bra.

I have not felt comfortable

Doing that.

I don't even know if mine are

See through.

>> finally.

>> the tree mail says, "two more

From your tribe will visit the

Arena, a decision which needs to

Be just.

Witness them battle to stay in

This game and watch as one bites

The dust."

>> whoa.

>> who wants to go?

>> I'll-- I'll go.

>> I don't want to go.

>> I don't, either.

>> this is going well.

>> I'll go, I'll go.

>> okay.

I want to go but at the same

Time I don't like cochran and I

Both going at the same time

Because nobody knows cochran and

I are together, and guilt by


>> nobody wants to be alone with



>> not a way to win this game.

>> whoo-hoo!

>> my new swimsuit!

>> I honestly think the thing

That's concerned me most in the

Game is my age.

>> I love it.

It's a very cute bathing suit.

It's a cute bathing suit.

>> yeah, super cute.

>> as I looked at the other

People that are going to be

Playing in the game, I was

Thinking to myself, am I rudeo

This tribe?

I mean, I loved rudy but for 40,

I'm on the old side.

But I feel like I have to show

The the savaii tribe what I can

Do because I think there are

Some really comfortable pairings

And groupings and those may

Already be alliances, so I feel

Like it's absolutely critical

For me to perform, no question.

I can't be the weakest.

>> here's my thought process--

If we have an opportunity, the

Other tribe thinking that we're

Weak might get us some type of


I just want to make sure we're

All on the same page so if

Something comes up, some people

Won at this, some people won at


>> I really think it's too early

At this point.

We need to plant that seed now

And give them extra fuel.

>> if you plan on going far in

This game, you definitely try to

Think a few steps ahead, but

Jimmy's trying to play the

Strategy point too much.

>> all right, guys.

>> bye!

See you in a bit.

>> have fun!

>> ya, they're gone.


>> strait.

>> strategy, strategy.

>> oh, lord.

>> strategy, strategy.

>> jim, con down.

We have, like, weeks.

Chill out, bro.

>> while cochran and jim were

Walking out, the first thing

Ozzy said was, "we're not going

To talk strategy," and he was

Kind of mocking jim, don't think

Too much strategy.

I'm not sure that's how I've

Seen ozzy play the game in the


I think he's strategizing.

He's just done it somewhere

Else, a different time and


He just doesn't want us

Strategizing and that irks me to

No end.

>> jeff: We'll now bring in

The competitors for today's


Christine will be battling

Against papa bear voted out at

The last tribal council.

Papa bear, how does it feel to

See cochran and jim up there,

Two of the members of your tribe

Who voted you out of this game

And are now here to witness you

Fight for a chance to stay in


>> it doesn't bother me at all.

You know, they realize that once

I get back in the game, I'm

Going to immediately go to them

And give them anything they


>> jeff: Brandon, nice to hear

If papa bear gets back in this

Game, he's already telling you

Right now, you got me.

>> yeah, I guarantee that's how

Christine is feeling, too, and

That's that I'd do that myself.

Actually, I would like to say

Something to christine, if you

Don't mind.

>> jeff: She's not looking up,

But I'm guessing she can hear.

>> all right, well, I just want

To apologize to you for the way

That I handled that tribal

Council, and I came clean to


I feel really bad the first

Seven days I played this game, I

Played ist ruthless, and I

Turned over a new leaf.

I'm sorry, christine.

I hope you to well.

>> jeff: Christine, do you

Accept brandon's apology?

>> I accept it.

Whether I buy it or not is a

Different story.

>> jeff: You guys ready to get

To today's duel?

>> yes.

>> yes.

>> jeff: For today's duel you

Will toss sandbags attempting to

Land the bags on top of crates.

The first person to get one bag

On each of the 10 crates stays

Alive in this game, will live to

See another day.

The loser is out for good.

This is it, one shot.

Take your spots.

All right, here we go.

Survivors ready?


One bag at a time.

Papa bear lands his first.

Christine lands her first.

>> ooh!

>> jeff: Papa bear short.

Christine lands her second.

Don't be afraid to give it a

Little height.

Christine lands her third.

Christine lands her fourth.

Papa bear with his second.

Christine lands her fifth.

>> she's on it!

>> jeff: Papa bear lands his


>> oh!

>> jeff: Christine goes long,

Just misses.

Papa bear with his fourth.

It is now 5-4.

>> get on there.

>> jeff: Christine with her


You want a shot back in this

Game, you gotta win this

Challenge right now.

Christine lands her seventh bag.

Papa bear lands his fifth.

He's back in it.

>> oh!

>> jeff: Christine just


Papa bear lands his sixth!

We've got a duel.

>> oh!

>> jeff: Christine lands her


Papa bear with his seventh.

It is 8-7.

Christine is hovering all around

Her ninth crate.

Just can't get it to stick.

Christine sticks it.

One is just hanging on.

Oh, and it drops!

Christine's ninth bag drops off

And she is back to eight.

It is 8-7.

Papa bear lands his eighth.

We are tied, 8-8.

Christine lands her ninth.

Papa bear gotta keep moving.

Papa bear has his ninth.

We are tied 9-9.

Each toss counts.

Papa bear on and off.

Lose here, you are going home.

Christine lands her tenth and

Lives to see another day!

>> you did good.

>> jeff: Papa bear, now that

This journey on "survivor" is

Coming toab end, do you go back

To that time when this dream to

Be on the show began?

>> you know, when I saw

"survivor" I said, some day I'm

Going to be on that show.

I don't know how I'm going to

Get on that show but some day

I'm going to awe decision on

That show.

And all the cops and firemen,

Everybody who was there were

Like, "oh, yeah, you'll get on,


And now to fulfill that dream, I

Feel blessed.

>> jeff: Papa bear, your

Adventure has come to an end.

It is time for you to go.

>> see you in the big apple.

>> jeff: Have a good one.

>> thanks.

In the fire?

>> jeff: Yeah.

Christine, congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> jeff: Two duels in a row.

You live to see another day.

Grab your stuff, head back to

Redemption island, and await

Your next opponent.

>> thank you.

I want the spectators to see

That I'm not out.

At all.

And I'm still in it, and there's

Still a fight left in me, and

They'll see it.

That's what they want to see.

That's what they're going to


>> jeff: All right, guys, head

Back to camp.

>> do you want milk or no milk?

>> frankly, it doesn't matter.

Like, any coffee is better than

No coffee.

>> I'm going to go with milk.

>> knowing what brandon told me

Is going to make me more

Cautious of trusting the

Individuals in my alliance, so

For me it's important to be

Cordial and polite.

I'm going to wash my shirt and


You want to wash your shirt and

Pants while I'm at it?

>> nah.

>> not getting too stiff?

A little stiff.

>> a little stiff.

>> it's a social game and I have

To emphasize the social game

Aspect of my strategy because

Physically I can't win against

Those people.

>> edna?

>> yes, sir.

>> would you mind, like, later

If we're laying on that beech

Over there to walk on my back.

>> I don't mind at all.

I can walk on anybody.

( laughter )

>> it's like ricochet rabbit.

The girl go on and on and on and

On and on.

Does she have an off switch?

I don't think she has an off


She needs to be disconnected.

That's what she needs to be,


>> when you model what kind of

Gigs do you do?

Is it tv or print?

>> some print.

I've been on the cover of a

Couple of things.

>> that's cool.

Like what how do you get


>> they e-mail me about dates

And stuff like that.

>> that's so cool.

I'll have to go look for it.

Get your autograph.

For real.

>> edna asks so many darn


At one point I answered just to

Shut her up.

Yesterday rick was talking about

How he goes hunting and shot a


How many times do you shoot him.

What did you aim with?

Are you, edna, ever going to go

Hunting for a buffalo?

No, don't worry about it.

Zip it.

>> this is incredible.

>> really, where does it hurt?

>> just keep doing what you're


This is amazing.

>> and her little laugh.


It's going to haunt me when I

Get home.

>> hee-hee-hee.

Shut up.

Oh, my god.

>> this is the funniest thing


>> oh, god.

>> and I just think that's


He already has it locked or he's

Trying to get other people to

Not talk.

>> we just need to go something

I think because the forgone

Conclusion might be that it's

Gonna be me, maybe you.

Jim and I developed a good

Partnership moving forward.

But numerically, it doesn't seem

Completely straightforward that

We're going to be able to get

Rid of elyse because right now

It's jim and I on board to vote

For elyse.

There has to be somebody else

Willing to do this or else we're


>> ozzy.

>> I was talking to, um, jim,

And I don't think jim's fond of

Getting rid of ozzy.

Who is closest to ode?


>> I think she's in ozzy's back


>> if they're not cool with

Taking ozzy out now, it has to

Be elyse.

>> it turns out dawn is also

Kind of on the same and I think

Wants elyse out, and somebody

Like me who thrives on big

Strategic moves and loves seeing

That in a game like "survivor"

I've been dying to be a part of

Something like this.

Getting rid of elyse is going to

Devastate ozzy and it might make

The other pretty people feel a

Little bit less secure.

This is finally going to be the

Time when the savaii tribe makes

A move that is going to change

The course of the game and it's

Going to surprise a lot of


>> jeff: Come on in, guys!

All right!

You guys ready to get to today's

Immunity challenge?

>> yeah!

>> jeff: First things first, I

Will take it back.

Thank you.

Once again, immunity is back up

For grabs.

For today's challenge, three

Members of each tribe will have

A pole across their shoulders

Each round weight will be add to

That pole.

The decision about which member

Get the weight will be made by

The other tribe.

When the weight becomes too much

To bear, you'll drop the pole,

You're out of the challenge.

Last person left standing wins

Immunity for their tribe.

You will be safe at tribal


In addition, the winning tribe

Earns reward.

>> chickens.

>> whooo!

( applause ).

>> oh, yeah!

>> jeff: One rooster, two

Hens, eggs or the other.

The winning tribe will also

Receive another note to the

Location of the hidden immunity


Losers, tribal council where

Somebody will be voted out of

This game and sent to redemption


This challenge requires two men

And one woman to be the weight


Give you guys a minute to


We'll get started.

All right, we have our weight


For savaii, keith, dawn, and


For upolu, we have brandon,

Stacey, and albert.

You will assign weight to one

Person to the opposing tribe.

Savaii, who you going to put the

Weight on first?

>> we're going with albert


>> jeff: Upolu,.

>> keith.

>> jeff: All right, lode the


Each bag aways 10 pounds so each

Time you are putting 20 pounds

On somebody.

Here we go, three, two, one.

Drop the weight.

That is how it goes.

Here we go, next round.

Upolu, where are you putting


>> jim.

>> jeff: Jim's getting weight.

>> brandon.

>> jeff: And brandon is

Getting weight.

>> I spent 11 days dropping 20


>> jeff: Here we go, three,

Two, one.

Release the weight.

Savaii, who you going to put

Weight on?

>> stacey.

>> jeff: Upolu.

>> dawn.

>> jeff: Both tribes spreading

The weight around early in this


>> jeff: Here's where we


Dawn and stacey at 100 pound.

Albert and keith at 180.

Jim and brandon each at 200


>> you gotta, keith.

You know you can do it.

>> jeff: Keith really strug

Ling to hang in there.

He's going to have to get that

Bar back up on his shoulders.

You can't hold it that way for


Your arms are going to give out.

Keith trying to get it back up

On his shoulders.

>> dig deep, keith, you can do


>> jeff: Keith is out of the

Challenge at 180 pounds.

Savaii now down to two members


Upolu has all three.

Next round, savaii?

>> brandon is there brandon.


>> jim.

>> jeff: This will tie the

Record of 320 pounds held by

Rupert, j.T., and brandon.

>> no, no, no!

Damn it!

>> jeff: Albert is out of this


>> damn it!

>> jeff: We're down to four,

Jim and dawn, brandon and

Stacey, jim and brandon both

About to get weight.

>> you can do it, jim!

>> jeff: Here we go, three,

Two, one.


>> you got this, jim.

>> hang in there, jim!

>> jeff: Jim and brandon both

Holding strong at 220 pounds.

You're now part of survivor


Let's lode some more weight.

Savaii, who is getting the


>> brandon.

>> jim.

>> jeff: Brandon and jim

Getting weight.

This would be a new "survivor"


>> you got this, jim.


>> jeff: 240 pound squeak have

Two guys showing down, jim and


Three, two, one, release.

>> way to go, jim!

>> jeff: Very impressive.

A new "survivor" record for jim

And brandon.

240 pounds.

Jim cannot hang on any longer.

Jim is out of the challenge.

Brandon struggling to hang in


>> hold it!

Hold it!

>> jeff: Brandon at 240

Struggling to hang in there.

Everything he has.

Brandon is out of the challenge.

>> dawn, dawn, you're awesome!

>> jeff: We are down to two.

It is dawn and stacey fighting

For immunity and reward.

Next round.

You have no choices.

Load them up.

>> hold on, baby.

>> jeff: Stacey's hanging on

By her butt.

This could be it.

This will bring both dawn and

Stase tow 120 pounds.

>> you can do it!

>> jeff: Here we go.

Add the weight, three, two, one.

And release.

A great effort by dawn and


>> there we go, stacey.

>> way to go, dawn.

>> I'm kind of losing it on my


>> gout it, dawn.

>> hang in there, dawn.

You've come so far, dawn.

>> you can do this, dawn!

>> jeff: Let's go.

Load them up again.

>> you got it, stacey.

>> jeff: This will put stacey

At 140 and dawn at 140.

Dawn readjusting.

Not a good time to readjust.

Dawn now sliding down her back.

>> you're going to win this for

Us, dawn!

>> bounce it out.

>> jeff: Here we go, three,

Two, one, and release

( applause ).

>> yes, stase!

>> you can do it!

>> come on, stacey!

>> you're almost there, dawn.

>> let's go, baby.

>> you got this!

>> that is a girl, stacey.

>> you're so strong, dawn.

You're stronger than this.

>> jeff: Legs are wobbling but

Stacey not giving in.

>> hang in there, dawn.

You look solid.

>> jeff: You cannot let go


>> you can do this.

>> jeff: You have to find it

Inside yourself.

You got more inside that tank.

>> dawn, you got it.

>> you can do it.

>> jeff: This is it.

>> you got it, stase.

>> dig real deep.

>> that's a girl, stacey.

That a girl, stacey!

>> yes!

>> yeah!


>> jeff: Dawn wins for savaii!

>> awesome!

>> oh, my gosh.

Awesome, dawn.

>> you guys did great.

>> I did it!

>> jeff: Dawn, I don't think

Anybody will care if I give this

To you.

>> thank you!

>> jeff: Nice job.

All right, savaii,


Come get your reward.

Head back to camp.

No tribal council.

>> I've been through a tough day

One day, came back feeling

Really strong and like I had a

Lot to contribute and then to be

The last person standing in that

Challenge today, I almost didn't

Believe it.

It felt so good.

I couldn't breathe.

>> jeff: Upolu, tribal council

Tonight where somebody will be

Voted out of this game and sent

To redemption island.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

>> the challenge we didn't win,

But I think I did just fine.

I held up 140 pound so I do

Believe I proved to them that I

Have strength, more than any one

Of the girls.

But, you know, last tribal

Council, I got the votes.

So it could be me, could not be


That's what a blindside is.

I could be blindsided.

>> good job.

>> you did a hell of a job.

>> stacey, feeling all right?

>> oh, I'm getting there.

>> that was pretty awesome.

>> what.

>> stacey.

You had 60 pounds, and it was

Like this way.

They just kept loading on the


What was your final weight?

>> 100 and something.

>> 140?

>> it was up there, I know.

>> they both got pretty high.

>> let's not get too down,


>> you did great.

>> what's done it done.

We have fought it in the past.

We have to pick ourselves up and

We live to fight another day.

>> I feel pretty confident

Within my alliance, but at the

Same time, I have that little

Voice in me that says everybody

Perceives me as weakest link in

The tribe, and so I just want to

Make sure that I'm absolutely

Safe and I won't feel safe until

After tribal tonight.

I have a suspicion that the

Tribe suspects that I'm the

Weakest link.

>> I don't know.

>> coyou think I should pack all

My stuff tonight?

>> you do what you think you

Have to do.

I don't know.

Edna is like on an easter egg

Hunt right now.

She is scrambling like scrambled

Eggs in a hot skillet right now.

What do you think?


You ain't talked to me since day


And now you want to talk to me

Because it's either me or you.

That should vote edna over me.

Look what I listed today.

Can edna list 20?

I doubt it.

You can't lift too much if it's

All skeleton with the bone.

>> how you doing?

>> pulling myself together.

How are you feeling?

>> bummed.

>> I can tell everybody is

Bummed, you know.

Nobody wants to go home.

I know I don't.

I don't know where I stand.

Do you know where I stand?

Do you?

>> it's either you or somebody


>> or edna.

>> I can't lie to you.

>> yeah, I know eye don't know

What she really brings to the


But everything that I've done

Around here, I pulled my weight.

>> I know.

>> I didn't massage your back,

But, uh...

>> I really like you.

I'm going to move off.

>> okay.

>> I don't want to fall in the


>> I'm not buying coach's

B.S. At all.

That loyalty, game playing

Stuff, I don't buy that


But you know, I'm not giving up.

I ain't quitting, so I'm not a

Really big liar.

I have to lie while I'm here.

I have to lie to kick it, and

Cha whatthat means is I have to

Lie to get in to fit in, lie to

Kick it with the next man.

>> have you and albert talked


>> uh-huh.

>> what have they been talking


>> nothing.

What they been doing.

>> who?

>> the guys.

>> if you name, names I'll

Figure out what exactly you're


>> who are the people you went

Off on?

>> oh, albert, sophie, and


Stacey came up to me and said

You really gotta keep your eye

Out for mikayla, sophie, and


I would really like to think

That everybody's keeping their


As far as the final five, it's


Everyone's out for theired


It's a really selfish game so

You have to do what you have to

Do to win.

Coach, we've got a problem on

Our hands.

>> another one?

>> yeah, buddy.

We don't have a five alliance.

It might be the end of the road

As far as that goes.

Stacey just came up to me while

We were gone, she came up to me

And said that albert, mikayla,

And sophie have something going


>> stop it.

>> I'm contingent you.

>> no, I want you to stop it.


Look at me.

Dude, look at me.

This game is going to get so

Much crazier than this.

And if you believe somebody--

Tell me if somebody is sneak up

On me-- if you believe somebody

That is on death row, like

Stacey knows she is, over

Somebody that is in our core

Alliance, then you might as well

Throw in the towel right now.

I'm telling you.

I tonight care what she says.

You have one person tell you

Something outside of our

Alliance, and you're biting it

Every time.

I can see that it's, like,

You're already thinking that

It's fact.

Don't worry, man.

Look at me just for a second--

Don't worry, man.

>> I'm just curious how many

People screwed you in the past

Two games you played.

>> because both games I was--

Both games--

>> I'm just giving you an


>> because both games I had my

Head in the sand and I wasn't

Playing the game.

>> I'm just trying to get in the

Game and read people and I tend

To be a good judge of character.

You okay, sophie?

>> yeah.

I thought I had a five strong

Plus edna alliance going.

And it seems like we're going to

Have to do some reshuffling only

Because our alliance is based on

Trust, and just because you're

In it doesn't mean, you know,

We're always going to trust you.

We'll trust you until you do

Something wrong and right now it

Looks more and more like brandon

Is a small, small results hantz.

>> I think that brandon is a

Great guy, and I want to be with

Brandon every step of the way,

But I'm worried he is going to

Kick over the kettle at the most

Inopportune time and ruin the

Game for everybody, and that's

Why I have to also protect


I have to remember that I'm out

Here for the third and possibly

Final time and this has got to

Be my game, and I can't let

Anybody or anything mess it up.

>> jeff: All right.

Let's talk about today's


It came down to stacey and dawn.

Two women who really duked it


Stacey, what finally happened?

>> I mean, you saw me on my


I was on my knees, one arm.

And I held on, hard as I could,

But I know I was strong, and I

Did a very good job during the


>> jeff: Coach, it's good

News/bad news to be person who

Can be the hero or the goat.

You can argue stacey gave a hell

Of an effort.

You can also offer stacey lost

It dawn.

>> you know, I think if we were

Trying to choose between two

People solely based on their

Warrior spirit, would I say that

Stacey was on the fence today?


We all take our hats off to her

For how she performed in the

Challenge today.

>> jeff: One of the things

This tribe has said from day one

Is we're always going to keep

The tribe strong.

Everybody here agree with that?

>> yeah.

>> jeff: So, sophie, how is

Strength defined right now on

This tribe?

>> I think you look at strength

As in strength in numbers as

Well as physical strength

Because you come to the merge

And you're not sure about

Something, that's not a number.

That's less of a tribe.

I think we're trying to balance

The physical strength and team

Unity strength.

>> jeff: Okay, let's try a

Little group therapy.

Rick, answer this question-- the

Most annoying thing about albert


>> he snores.

>> jeff: What's that?

>> he s'mores.

You know, that's kind of a lame


But --

>> brandon, the most annoying

Thing about edna is what?

>> she's got a lot to say about

A lot.

I mean, it's not bad.

It's just sometimes it gets a

Little bit too much.

But other than that, I mean,

She's just got a lot of


>> jeff: Edna, does that ring

True to you?

>> no, I don't think so.

Yoke I'm out there voicing my

Opinion and thoughts on ever

Single thing that occurs at


Edna, the most annoying thing

About stacey is what?

>> I find it very difficult to

Engage stacey.

I've tried many times to get to

Know her, other than than some

Superficial things and I don't

Feel she opens up and that is is

What I find the most annoying.

>> jeff: Stacey, is it hard

For you to open up?

>> it's not hard for me to open


I've spoken about myself to

Quite a few of the people so I

Don't know what she's looking

For, how much she's wanting from


You know, she asks, I give her

What she asks for.

>> jeff: Mikayla, the most

Annoying thing about brandon?

>> he's a great kid, but it's

Always in the back of my mind

Who his uncle is.

>> jeff: Who is his uncle?

>> russell.

>> jeff: So you shared who

Your uncle is?

>> absolutely.

>> and he says he's nothing like

Him and this or that but it's

One thing that's just, darn,

You're such a good kid but why

Does that have to be your uncle?

>> jeff: If he's such a good

Kid, what difference does it

Make who your uncle is.

>> still, blood is blood.

>> jeff: Brandon, it sounds

Like mikayla is saying at a

Census point he'll turn into the

Werewolf because he can't help


It's in the blood.

>>y am proud of being a hantz.

I love my uncle with all my


It doesn't mean we're the same


He came on the show and did a

Great job.

His strategy doesn't have to be

My strategy.

I'm here to play withstandon's


I don't have to prove anything

To anybody but it sounds like I

Do here.

>> jeff: How difficult is it,

Brandon to hear people talk ill

Of your uncle?

>> it's tough.

He's my family.

It's just sometimes we fall to


Sometimes we just-- this can get

Hard for everybody.

>> jeff: What's upsetting too

You right now?


( sighs ).

>> because, man, I jus want to

Be somebody that god's proud of.


>> jeff: What-- what's making

You think you aren't?

>> I don't want to be

Misrepresented to my family

Because it affected my family

Big time when this whole thing

Went down with russell.

And you can only protect him so

Much, but when you see what he

Done, it's like the proof's in

The pudding.

You can't help somebody who has

Done that to himself, but what

Do you do?

What do you do?

>> jeff: So you feel

Responsibility to reclaim the

Family name in a positive light?

>> I'm going to do it.

You know, if I haven't already

Told them already, I'm going to

Do it.

It's not how you start.

It's how you finish.

>> jeff: Albert, pretty

Emotional story, brandon just


And yet, we are still in a game.

His uncle's a master


So, albert, does that mean the

Number one topic for tribal

Council should be trust?

>> yeah, trust is certainly

Something on everybody's mind.

And it's something that is a

Contributing factor to the vote


>> jeff: On that note, it is

Time to vote.

Rick, you're up.

>> jeff: I'll go tally the


If anybody has the hidden

Immunity idol and you want to

Play it, now would be the time

To do so.

All right, once the vote are

Read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

Asked to leave the tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, edna.


One vote stacey.


Two votes stacey.

One vote edna.


That's three vote stacey, one

Vote edna.


That's four vote stacey.

Fourth person voted out of

"survivor: South pacific,"


That's five.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> let's all give her a hug.

>> come on, come on.

>> no, no.

>> jeff: After all that, they

Offered you a hug.

>> it's not real.

Everything was a lie that was

Said today.

So... I will be back.

>> jeff: Stacey, the tribe has


You will have a chance to get

Back in this game.

>> most definitely.

>> jeff: Grab your torch.

Head to redemption island.

Good luck.

>> okay, thank you.

>> jeff: Well, based on what I

Heard and just saw, trust and

Unity are two of the qualities

You're attempting to base this

Tribe on, but as we just

Witnessed, they are also two of

The most difficult aspects of

This game to maintain.

I wish you luck.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> jeff: Stay tuned for scenes

From our next episode.

>> jeff: Next time on


>> if anybody calls me benjamin

To my face I'm going to go nuts.

>> benjamin.

>> benjamin.

>> benjamin.

>> jeff: They're getting to

Know each other in a whole new


Coach with something big.

>> worst-case scenario, I have

Horrible herpes.

>> jeff: This is a disgusting



Captioning brought to you by

Survivor productions, cbs,

And ford.

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>> hey!

>> and they talk about loyalty.

You need to be loyal to nobody

But god.

They are loyal to their god,

Which is coach.

When the redemption tribe comes

I'm going