Survivor (2000–…): Season 23, Episode 3 - Reap What You Sow - full transcript

One castaway reveals a shocking secret to their tribe while another castaway, in a last-ditch effort to keep alive in the game, devises a plan and pretends to find the hidden Immunity Idol.

Jeff: previously on "survivor":

we are now neck and Neck.

In the battle between two Tribes,

- each with a legend Former player.
- upolu wins Immunity!

Upolu,led by coach,narrowly Won
the first immunity Challenge.

So ozzy's tribe,blindsided
Their weakest player.

Semhar,the tribe has spoken.

And sent her to redemption Island.


Meanwhile,azy strengthened his Position in
the tribe by finding A hidden immunity idol.

This might be my ticket to The win.

Jeff: and joining an Alliance of five.

Me,keith,azy,allyce and Whitney.

Jeff: coach built his
own Alliance of five

and brandon Felt so close to
coach,that he Revealed his secret.

His uncle is nigh my number
One nemesis,russell hantz.


After upolu lost the second Immunity
challenge, coach wanted To get christine out.

I haven't forgotten what Christine said
on day one? Coach is a temporary player.

Jeff: but brandon innately
Didn't trust mikayla.

So he took a page from his Uncle's playbook
and spread False rumors to get her out.

Just walked up to
coach and i Lied to him.

Stacey and christine told me
They're voting out miicallia.

Jeff: but at tribal of Tribal
council brandon confessed To his sins.

I told everyone to vote for Mikayla.

- Mikayla.
- ******


Jeff: in the end,coach
got What he wanted.

Christine,the tribe has Spoken.

And christine was sent
to Redemption island.

We're only five days into this Game

and already the biggest
Obstacle for this tribe is Trust.

16 are left,who will
be voted Out tonight?

redemption island night5


- What's your name?
- Christine.

- Hi.Semhar.
- Hi.

- Semhar?
- Yeah.

I have to tell you,i don't
Know what happened at tribal?

I think my tribe was not ready For someone who
wanted to play The game right out of the box.



at all

- Oh,really?
- Yeah.

- What is he like?Really?
- He's a big,fat,pain in the Ass.

He thinks he's king farouk.

I think coach just had it
out For me from the beginning

and he Was going to do whatever it
took To get me out,and he succeeded.

At least redemption island gives Me
another chance to get back Into it.

It's not over yet.
Fat lady has not sung.

upolu night5


We're all here to see another Day.

Tribal council was nuts Tonight.
I didn't expect to see,e,you Know,

brandon to be the one Saying
let's vote for mikayla.

You know,i was just like,wow. I was
thinking what did i do? What did i do?

I couldn't pinpoint a thing.

Brandon may seem like he's
just This little countryboy boy

but He's stirring stuff up and
i'm Really not happy about it.

Coach came out and took the heat
Off me and i hope it stays off Me.

I had no idea. I didn't
know what was going on.

I didn't mean to interrupt You guys.

No,you're not interrupting.

You're not interrupting at all,Man.

Tribal council suction so Bad.

I was almost 150% sure
Mikayla offshore going home.

The plan backfired.

It was a blatant lie,and
i Regret ever doing that.

I came into this game not Wanting
to be like my uncle Russell

and his reputation that He has
of being a villain on "survivor.

" I wanted to be a hero.

I wanted to be someone
that you Could look up to.

I'm guilty,completely guilty of The way
they acted,and i reap What i sow man.

{a6}upolu day6

- Tree mail!
- Tree mail.

Two prayers so far Have been voted out.

Today they will play for Their lives.

Choose two from your Tribe to witness the
Match to see whom leaves And who survives?

We just got a tree Mail
inviting us to Redemption island.

I would humbly request The tribey
allow me to Go to this redemption.

I would like to go.

I want to go,too.


Good deal.

I'll go to the duel Today with stacey.

The best part of this Day
would be if Christine lost

because i Don't want her at any
Point in time coming Back to the game.

Jeff: we'll now Bring in the
competitors For today's duel.

Semhar will battle Against christine,voted
Out at the last tribal Council.

Christine,ugly tribal Council.

Any animosity toward the Two
people that are here Today?

Coach wade,you know,He didn't
like me from The beginning.

I just articulated what
Everyone else was Saying.

Mike: you're Talking about
telling Him he was going home.

Right. And then he disliked Me,and
i think that was His objective,

to get me Out as soon as possible. So
i want to get back in The game for me.

Jeff: tell me about Redemption island,Semhar.
You were out there for a Few nights all alone.

Yeah,redemption Island is scary and i
Was alone. I'm just ready to keep Going.

Jeff: all right,Shall
we get to today's Duel?

Today's duel will Require
concentration And balance.

On my go,you will place A
wooden totem on top of A pole.

At regular intervals you Will
add another section Of pole,

making it more Difficult to keep Stable.

If your totem falls off,

You're out of the duel And
out of the game for Good.

Winner stays alive and Continues
their quest For the million dollars.

Jeff: make sense? This is it.

One shot,take your Spots.

There isn't anything I
wouldn't do for this Man.

I would even take off my Clothes

and give him a Private show
to the Tunes of the soul

Because he's all they Need no more.

I would give birth to 10 Of his children

without Use anything
drugs to Help ease the pain

and Then i would give him One more
just because Our love is that insane.

There is not one thing They would not do
for my Lover,my best,friend,My honey,my boo.

I can't wait to meade Mete
him. All right,i'm good.

Jeff: is that a Little spoken
word? Does that calm you?

Like crazy.

Jeff: christine,You calm?

Let's do this duel.
Take your first pole.

Place your totem on top.

Get it where you want It.

Once you have the pole In place,both
hands Need to be on the Handle.

This duel is on.

Be very careful with Your movements.

It is about Concentration and
Remembering where that Center point is.


It is time to add
Another section of pole.

Watch your balance,make
Sure that is level.

Take your time. Make sure that totem
Doesn't fall while You're doing this.

Christine has her second Section in.

Semhar has her second Section in.

The beautiful thing About redemption
island,It is a second chance.

There would be nothing Sweeter
than to get back Into this game.

All right,it is time to
Add another section of Pole.

Take your time. Do not
panic,and do not Lose it.

If it falls while you're Putting another
section In, you are out of this Duel.

Semhar with a nice Recovery. Both women
in good Shape. Both women strong again.

Keep focused. Don't drift. Don't
start thinking About anything.

Christine starting to Wobble.

The longer these poles Get, the more
likely They are to sway at the Top.

Semhar with just a
Little bit of movement.

Christine slipping a Little.

Semhar lose herself Totem.
Christine states alive.

And continues her quest
For the million dollars.

So,semhar,what's the Emotion?

My tribe sent me to Redemption,

it just Brought back a lot
of Memories from my past.

I've moved so many times Timeses,

and i and i Have felt abandon
so Many times in my life.

I just don't know how
People can be so cruel

And it's how i felt About my tribe.

Jeff: and yet you Sought out this game.

Y exactly. That's why i'm proud of
Myself. I never give up on Anything.

I'm sad to be the first To go

but i know i Played this
faithfully And as a good person.

Jeff: semhar,your Adventure has come
to an End. It is time for you to Go.

- By,sweetie.
- Bye,love.

You did good.

- Be well,okay?
- Okay.

- Be a strong girl.
- Thank you,love you.


Jeff: christine,Congratulations
you have Seized the moment.

You have stayed alive to
See another day in this Game.

Head back to redemption Island
and await your Next opponent.

- Thank you.
- congrats.

As with any duel,

what You decide to share with Your
tribemembers back At camp is up to you.

Grab your stuff. Head back.

Coach was at the duel To see if
i would lose. He's just a dope.

I'm hoping they pull a Matt and
have a run here And then get back in.

I know i'll win.

upolu day7

this morning,god was Chastising me
big time. He was not pleased with me.

I was not pleased with me, and i Know
my family wouldn't be Pleased with me.

I lied blatantly.

I knew that my tribe would
Believe me,and i lied to them.

They wanted christine to go Home,but
i knewimented mikayla To go home.

There's just certain things that I
can't allow myself to continue On.

I don't want to lie any more.

I don't want to play games
any More with these people.

I really wanted to take
off my Shirt really bad.

Is everybody here?

I wanted to talk to you guys and Make
sure everything was out in The open.

Uhm,my name is brandon hantz.
I'm russell hantz's nephew.

- I'm sorry.
- Are you really?

- Are you really?
- Wow.

And i'm not the same person
That he is. I apologize for that.

And i accept the
consequences of What i did.

I just-- i'd rather make friends
Out here than a million dollars.

He comes out and says
he's Russell's nephew.

I'm like whoa.

I knew there was
something Behind this kid.

You say you don't want to
lie But you keep doing it.

I think it's an easy out for Him.

He does something bad and he's
Hee goes,"guys that's not me.

- you have hantz on your arm.
- ******

- really?I feel like nobody noticed that.
- yeah

Maybe he's trying to cover His
tracks before he makes them.

But i don't trust him.
I think he's a sneak.

I don't understand what
his Problem is with me.

Water under the bridge?

water's up under the bridge.


I'm brandon hantz. I'm me.

I love god. I love jesus christ,and
i Shouldn't be ashamed of the fact

That i'm a different
person than My uncle.

I should have told
you before I did it,but

i was really Conflicted,man.

Honesty is the best policy,Man.
I commend you for saying that.

I really do. Trust me,i have
absolutely no Beef with you whatsoever.

Thank you.

Brandon told the tribe that
He was russell hantz's nephew.

A mistake,in my opinion,but he
Need to get it off his chest And,

you know,that shows
Brandon's age a little bit.

He lets things get to him
that Can weigh him down.

It's not a cool thing,man.

When you think about
it,Manipulation is manipulation,

no Matter how you coat it.

It doesn't matter if
i'm Manipulating you,

if i'm not Manipulating you,if
i'm Manipulating everybody else.

Right. Brandon is a valuable
of the Senate my alliance.

I still trust brandon,Absolutely.

But it's just maybe not
in with Both feet now.

I kind of had a relapse of What
my uncle used to do and it Sucked.

savaii day7

Best one yet,i think.

We have a good camp life. We have
food. We have shelter. People get along.

But the reality is,in every
Tribe,there's a pecking order.

I think the minority is me,Cochran,and
dawn. Me and dawn for age,

and cochran Because he just is the
nerdy kid Nobody hung out with in school.


I just didn't click with
anyone Here. I don't know why.

So every challenge is important
To me. I am not safe at all.

- Yeah,baby.
- Ozzy,that's awesome.

myself,keith,whitney,Allyce,and jim.

But i think keith and i, we Have,like,a
sort of Brother-type thing going on.

There's got to be a certain Point

where i have to trust Somebody with
the knowledge that I have the idol,

and who better Than keith?

I just think that he's going to Be
a strong ally,and as far as I know,

he's really trusted Worthy.

I have the idol.


Like i said,man

i trust You,and

i hope so.

I mean,i trust you. If i didn't,i
wouldn't have Said anything.

Ossie found it.

- You're sure?
- Yup.

- 100% positive?
- Yeah.

- He told you?
- Yup.


I'm kind of surprised he told You.

He has to tell me because
it Gives him all the power.


I'm mad that ozzy has the Idol because it gives him
all The power? or most of the power Right now pup know,

it gives him The better
holds on the Alliance.

So i told whitney because
i want Her to trust me

just in case Down the line
something were to Happen

where i needed numbers Because i
thought ozzy might be Making a move.

You've got to be careful that
He doesn't know they told you.


And it's got to be like hard.

upolu day7

Hey,brandon,you got a Minute,bud?

So i want to know what
you have Against me?

I-- i wanted
you to go home.

I think it's funny.

You know,if you had a problem,You
say,"mikayla,what's the Deal?

" Did you come up to my face? No,you
did sneaky stuff behind My back.

Are you trying to mess with my Words because
you want me out Because you don't like me.

- It was.
- That's what it was.

It really was. And i
made that 19 to everybody.

***************Why don't you like me?

Just the attitude.

I don't know why we're
having The conversation

because is Seems like you're still trying
To get the fact that i'm Apologizing to you.

You just told me you didn't Like me.

Before me doing anything,People
didn't trust you.


Mikayla was coming at me like a
Bulldog,like she was going to Attack me.

Hey,guys,can we gather
around For a second?

But as a christian,i'm supposed To be
meek. I'm supposed to turn the other Cheek.

But i'm tell you as a man i Wanted
you out of this game Really bad.

And she walked up to me the
way She did,i was very upset.

What i'm trying to explain to Her, she's
wondering why i want To vote her out,okay.

And you might want to look Around

and see who is really
Loyal and who is really not

Because it sounds like to me you
Don't have much of an alliance,Period.

Anybody has anything to say?

I don't want no more of this From
everybody. I-- just respect that from me.

Keep me out of the drama.

There you go.

That's it.

God,oh,my god. I was in so much shock.

We all didn't say anything
after That. He say loose cannon

and there's A lot of tension
between brendan And mikayla

inspect his biblical Terms he'd
probably call her the Whore of babylon.

I think brandon right now,

he's Torn between following
whatever Crazy beliefs he has,

and yet at The same time he inherently
in His blood line is a devious Jerk.

I was told by my pop aby my
Dad,do not lose your temper.

And it's plain and simple.

Being acarine,i shouldn't
have Lost my temper.

I should have been able to Control
myself and i didn't. I failed.

I just let my flesh get ahole of Me.

I mean,i struggle every day. This is-- this is like a
Constant battle for me? Good-evil,good-evil,good-evil.


I really want to do good.

You just,lord,please
don't let Me sin anymore.

What you're not supposed to Do is say,

"come on,let's just Lay
it all out,screw you,"

and Then you spook your own alliance

And Then you speak mikayla.

That basically did nobody any Good.

This situation greatly concerns Me.

It is the epitome of snafu.

I'm worried that brandon's Outburst
causes uneasiness in The tribe,

uneasiness in the Alliance,

and we are all hoping And praying that
brandon has no Further such outbursts.

It's a different kind of Aggression than
russell had,but It's an aggression nonetheless.

I hate to say it,

the but i do See a
little russell in in him.


I just hope it doesn't
bite us In the butt.

Jeff: come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's Immunity challenge?

- Yes.
- Yes!

Jeff: first things first--
Savaii,i will take it back.

Once again immunity
is back up For grabs.

On my go,one person from each Tribe
will race across a Floating bridge

carrying a body Board
attached to a long rope.

Once you reach the platform,You'll
grab a bag and hang on

as The rest of the tribe will crank A
giant wench bringing you back To score.


The remaining tribe members will
Use grappling hooks to retrieve Them.

Inside the bags are puzzle Banners.

You must roll the banners
down The face of the wall

and arrange Them to
form your tribe flag.

First tribe to get it right wins
Immunity,is safe from tribal Council.

In addition,you are playing for Reward.

Jeff: you've got coffee,Tea,sugar,milk,some
Chocolate, some cookies to go Along with it.

In addition, the winning tribe Will have
another clue to the Location of a hidden idol,

Hidden at their camp.

- Worth playing for.
- Yes!

Jeff: all right,give you a Minute
to strategize. We'll get started.

All right,here we go. For immunity
and reward,Survivors ready?

- Go!
- Go,brendan,go!

Jeff: brendan and ozzy
out On the course,first.

You've got to give them enough
Slack or you will slow them Down.

Slow down,slow down!

Jeff: ozzy needs some more Rope.

If you're not managing your
Rope,it's going to cost you.

Brandon now with a bit of a Lead.

Feed it!

- Jeff: brandon has his bag.
- Go,b!

- Pull,pull!
- Keep it up,ozzy!

Feed the ( bleep ) rope!

Jeff: ozzy cannot run,he
Doesn't have any rope.

Brandon heading
back,getting a Nice ride.

Ozzy has his bag.


Jeff: his tribe now Cranking

papa bear struggling to Keep up.

Brandon's back.************

Ozzy coming back. Upolu
with a bit of a lead.

- Let's go dawn.
- dawn heading out now For savaii.

Dawn is now caught up for Savaii.

- You got it,down!
- dawn has her bag.

Albert has his bag.

Dawn is flying on that water.

Bring it in! Bring it in!

Jeff: dawn is now back in The lead.
Ozzy's going to go again for Savaii.

Albert's got to get back.
Upolu lost their lead.

- You got it,mikayla. You got it,mikayla.
- mikayla now out for Upolu.

*************Ozzy has the third bag.

he's got it Ozzy in the water.

Go,mikayla! You got it.

Jeff: mikayla at the Platform.
She has her third bag.

Ozzy's back with the third bag For savaii
perform dawn back out On the course.

Upolu does not have the momentum Going.

- Mikayla finally back.
- Come on!

Jeff: brandon back out on The course.

Brandon could catch her.

- We are tied 3 3.
- Go,brandon!

Jeff: dawn falls into the Water
before she's even at the Platform.

Brandon has his fourth
bag. He's heading back.

- Go,go!
- brandon takes the Lead.

Dawn has her fourth bag.

Hang on,dawn!

Jeff: brandon is back
with His fourth bag.

Dawn is back with her fourth Bag.

Albert heading out for the
fifth And final bag for upolu.

Ozzy heading out for the
fifth And final bag for savaii.

- It is a showdown.
- You got it,oz!

Jeff: ozzy and albert.
Who will get back first?

Ozzy and albert both reach
the Platform at the same time.

- they're both in the Water.
- Hit it!

Give it all!

Jeff: ozzy's lost his Board.
Opening the door for upolu.


Bring him in!

Jeff: both guys back with
Their fifth and final bag.

Now it turns to the two
other Remaining tribe members.

Coach and edna and allyce and Whitney
now in charge of the Grappling hooks.

Coach very close. He's got
the first one for Upolu.

Nice and gentle.

Jeff: whitney has the
first Bag for savaii.

You have to get all five before You
can start working on this Puzzle.

- Come on,coach!
- Come on,you guys!

Jeff: he's all around
it. Can he hook it?

Coach has the bag!

Let's go,coach!

Jeff: whitney has the
Second bag for savaii.

Jeff: coach,close. Can he hook it?

Coach has hooked a third bag! For upolu.

Come on,savaii.

Jeff: whitney very close Once again.

Coach with another nice toss.

Swing it a little
bit,swing It a little bit.

Jeff: coach has hooked it.

Whitney has her third bag for
Savaii Upolu has one basket left.

Savaii has two.

You got it,whitt,you got It.

Jeff: whitney hooks the
Fourth bag for savaii.

Jeff: coach hooks the
fifth Bag for upolu.

Coach has been phenomenal
with The grappling hook.

Have to untie all five bags
Before you can drop the banners.

Whitney looking for that fifth And
final bag for savaii. Upolu has the lead.

- Coach now unfurling the banner.
- Nice and slow.

Jeff: savaii still working
To get back in this.

- Just get them down,coach. Any order.
- Easy,easy,easy does it.

You got it! You got it!

Jeff: allyce has the final Bag for
savaii. She's going to have to hurry.

- Far right,switch.
- Take five. Go under me.

edna and coach Working with mikayla and
sophie Trying to figure this puzzle Out.

Savaii,you need to get on it

- Upolu having to rearrange their Pieces.
- Under me.

Jeff: upolu very close.

Upolu wins immunity!

You better believe it,baby!

Jeff: upolu,Congratulations.

No tribal council tonight,Upolu.

In addition,nice reward that I'm
sure you'll use this Afternoon

and waiting for you Back at camp,

another hidden Clue that will help
you find the Hidden immunity idol.

All right,savaii, tribal Council tonight
where somebody Will be the third person

voted Out of this game and
support to Redemption island.

I'm sure it will make for
an Interesting afternoon.

Grab your stuff. Head back to
camp. I'll see you at tribal.

Papa bear is the weakest Person on the
team. It's not even that he's a zero.

He-- he-- he slows us down. He
should have been the first One out.

I still think we're the Stronger tribe.

We did a good job.

Everybody did a good job. We just--
you win some,you lose Someone.

It's the way it goes.

We lost the challenge
today,And it does suck.

It's really bad for morale.

We're going to tribal council Tonight.
And we've got to vote somebody Off,

and that means cutting People that
aren't really that Good at challenges.

Dawn did a great job
today,man. She kicked ass.

It's basically between
papa bear And cochran.

Are you nervous about Tonight? Do
you have butterflies in your Stomach?

I think i have gas.

How much easier would it
be to Be in the group,right?

All they're sitting pretty.

'Cause those five have Connected.

We we got put on barbie doll's
And ken's team,we really did.

I don't understand
how you and i Became--

because we look different. We talk
different. We say different things.

I mean,it's obvious,

- if i go Tonight,you're going tomorrow.
- Yeah.

- If you go tonight,i'm going Tomorrow.
- Right.

I'm just hoping it's not me Tonight.

Obviously,i'm hoping
it's Not me tonight.

We are up the creek,bro.

What do you think?

You guys are thinking all papa Right.

Papa bear*****

It's sad
to see,but--

i'd rather just,like,decide
This right now and not--

- i say papa.
- I'm with you.

Tell him cochran.

Tell him cochran.

We have to.

We'll keep the line
of Communication open.

If you hear

just so you know,we're
telling papa bear you...

but it's papa Bear.

So this is happening again?

Yeah. Just so you know.

Ozzy approached me and said We're
going to tell papa bear That it's you,

but it's really Gonna be papa bear.

The fact that my name keeps
Coming up is very upsetting.

I don't want to be sent
to Redemption island.

I know a lot of people kind of View
it as a chance to get back In the game.

I view it as a chance for,un,Extended
failure and just more Depression.

So i might do some
last-minute Scrambling.

The problem is i already have This
reputation as the nervous, Neurotic scrambler.

If i resurrect that before the Next tribal
council, i think It's going to hurt me.

I just don't want to go home.

Cochran's going home.

Why would they choose him?

Because he was gonna
be the First person out.

Do you agree with that?



It's obvious.

He was the first one.

He got saved.

They say it's cochran
Tonight. I'm not an idiot.

Papa bear is on the
chopping Block big time.

You know they say,"you're okay,You're
okay. " Obviously,to stop me from Asking.

It's john cochran tonight.
Sure,i believe that. I'm an ass.

I'm looking for the idol. It's
my only hope at this point.

I'm on my way to the shelter,

And papa bear goes in a dead
Sprint from the water to the Woods.

And papa bear distribute sprint Ever.

So i'm like,did anybody else See that?

Dyou see papa bear just talk
off Running into the woods?

- Running?
- Yeah,

dead sprint from the Beach.

Anybody care to join me?

He's up to something.

Jim and i walked into the woods,And
just kind of peaked around.

And he's just like digging Through
the dirt like a little Gopher,

and he's still at it.

Wouldn't it be wild
if he found That clue.

Or the idol.

I'm in an emergency Siation.

I arched for t ido
Everywhere,i ul't find it.

The best thi i can do is
make Them think i have t idol

and Ay tm andopefully the Vote for john

but i'm gng to Play it like found
it,and i'm Not goingo show them.

I'm st going to mak it like a
Found it. And hopefully,this works.

Do you think he found it?

I don't know. He was
searching for stuff.

I mean,you and i saw him
like He was searching.

- He was digging.
- But it was in different Places.

Apparently jim and allyce had Seen papa bear
frantically Digging for something near a Tree.

About five minutes later,

papa Bear comes waltzing into came
With this big smile on his face

And an extra-large
bulge in his Underpants

and he clearly wants Us to
se to think he has the id.


Papa bear came to me
and said He had the idol.

All of a sudden,that's
the Variable in there.

Let's say he does have the idol?

Let's protect against that.
The plan might have to change.

Cochran could go home tonight.

It's possible it's an act
to Make you think he has it.

I hope my tribemates
see through The charade,

but my fear is even If
they don't believe him,

it's No skin off their back to
switch Their vote to me from papa bear

And i'd be screwed.

It's incredibly funny to Watch
everybody scrambling Around stressed out

that papa Bear might have the
idol. I mean,i already have it.

I can't let anyone else
know I have the idol.

I'm just hoping that nothing Goes wrong.

so,cochran,when you Went back to
camp after the last Tribal council,

you had to be a Little concerned

because you Took a lot of
heat for not Contributing.

I'm trying to make myself
More of an asset to the tribe,

Both on camp and in challenge.

I think i proved today that
i am Capable in challenges.

I mean,i'm the smallest guy on The tribe
but i was reeling in With the best of them

so i don't See how my size was any obstacle Or
impediment to my success at Today's challenge.

Jeff: cochran,are you a
Little defensive in life?

I don't necessarily
feel That's the case.

Jeff: papa bear,what's Cochran's
biggest problem in This game?

I think,my opinion -- this Is my opinion only? that
Physically,he's going to be a Threat to himself.


Jeff: cochran,where's the
Leadership at on this tribe?

There are multiple layers
of Leadership on the tribe.

The most obvious is to
say ozzy Is our leader.

We follow his lead in terms of
Learning how to survive these Elements.

Jeff: papa bear,ozzy the Leader?

Everybody wants to be the Leader and
this is a game with A-type personalities.

None of these people here
sit on The couch all day.

Jeff: papa bear,what's Your
background professionally?

I'm a retired new york
city Police detective.

Jeff: so you are,clearly,A leader?

I like to be a leader,but For some
reason,in this team,I'm not a leader.

For some reason,the five
has Just taken control.

And i really don't have anything
In common with any of them.

dawn,are you Noticing
people start to group

Based on similar likes
or age or Backgrounds?

Year,i mean,i think any Group is
based on similarity,Kind of community.

I think sometimes papa bear,Myself,and
cochran,might not Have things in common.

But i see it shifting throughout The
day. I don't know that i see it as Locked.


He said you,me,and cochran. The
truth swe're not in the Five.

We're not in their group,andun That. So
it's okay to say it because It's real.

Jeff: kim,you're not Buying this.

No,actually,i think dawn Was right o

and i think papa bear Feels he's
on the chopping block Tonight

so i really think a lot Of his comment
are really Intended to stir things up.

I don't have to stir. If i'm in
the three,i don't Have to worry.

If i get vote out,i'm only Three.

- There's not a three.
- You need to worry about it

Because you're in the five.

- jim,given my thought About the idol?
- Without a doubt.

I mean,i see it as a very very,Very
significant tool an idol Played this early on,

for Example,really gives
you three More days.

That is is what "survivor" is All
about. You survive one day at a time.

- ozzy were you voted Out holding on to an idol.
- Yes.

Jeff: so what jim says it Gets you
three more days is not Necessarily true.

Yes,this is possibly that Could be something
that could Change the game totally and Completely.

I know whenever someone takes a Walk
you're definitely keeping Your eyes peeled.

Jeff: cochran,you're a Bright guy.
Do you think you can find the Idol?

It's possible.

I just think that you have to Weigh the
pros and cons of Searching for the idol.

It makes you look very,very Suspicious

and it makes you look Like
you don't trust your tribe.

It's a foster of trust on the Tribe

and searching for an
Individual immunity idol

is not Necessarily the best
way to Avoid the chopping block.

Jeff: all right,it is time
To vote. Allyce,you're up.

Papa bear,just in case
you have That idol.

I think you're a sweetheart,A
really great guys,

but you Make me anxious and i don't
need Any more anxiety in my life.

Jeff: i'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has the hidden Immunity
idol and you want to Play it,

now would be the time To do so.

All right,once the votes are
Read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be Asked to
leave the tribal Council immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,papa bear.

Cochran. One vote cochran.

Jim. One vote papa bear,one
vote Cochran,one vote jim.

Papa bear. That's two votes papa bear.

Papa bear. That's three votes papa bear.

Third person voted out of
"survivor: south pacific," papa Bear.

That's four. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Papa bear,the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get Back in this game.

Grab your torch. Head to
redemption island. Good luck.


Jeff: well,the good news Is,

both of your votes at tribal
Council have been decisive.

The bad news is you're down one
Member and the looming question Is

are you voting out the right People?

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Jeff: stay tuned for scenes
From our next episode.

next time on "survivor": at savaii,

the new mastermind Is

done deal!


This is the perfect
Opportunity to devastate ozzy.

- It's a survivor movie.
- I know.

Jeff: and brandon's
Paranoia hits new heights.

We have a problem on our Hands.

Albert,mikayla and sophie
have Something going on.

Brendan is a small russell Hantz.

No votes when they're
against Are you fair.

I don't think i deserved
to go Home today.

I think cochran deserved
to be On redemption island.

My strategy right now is to do
Every duel i can successfully,

And figet back into the game
i'm Going to go to the blue team

Because i'm**********************