Survivor (2000–…): Season 23, Episode 2 - He Has Demons - full transcript

The discovery of an Immunity Idol gives one castaway an early advantage in the game.

Previously on "survivor":

16 americans were marooned on a remote south
pacific island,each with a story to tell.

I am,by far,the most "survivor"
savvy player ever to play the game.

I've won over 20 poker tournaments and
own two medical marijuana dispensaries.

I'm a retired new york city police
detective and i'm openly gay.

And they immediatly discovered that they were not alone

I'm a little bit
nervous to see who it is.

They were joined by two former
survivors,coach,who went to Upolu in blue

and ozzy who went to Savaii in red.

They've so much experience, this is their 3rd time each, it'll be a huge asset to us

Not everyone was thrilled
with the new arrivals.

Christine even challenged them.

They're temporary players.

Ozzy wins for savaii!

After ozzy defeated coach in a head to
head battle,edna became coach's only friend.

My tribe walks off, and one person stops and helps me

Back at camp,coach went to work.

He forged a bond with brandon,and
suddenly,he had two friends.

Still in trouble,he worked
his way into a conversation--

i met a dragon slayer!

...and walk away with
an alliance of five,

consisting of all four men on
his tribe and one woman,sophie.

I think i'm sitting pretty right now.

His wild card was brandon,who was
struggling with a dangerous secret.

I am russell hantz's nephew.

I will never tell them my last name.

At ozzy's cochran had no secrets.

I have a translucent skin

I try to be a provider.
That's my real purpose in life.

Mikayla is a scoring machine!

Semhar way short.

In one of the closest
immunity challenges on record--

mikayla,that might do it!

Coach's tribe squeaked out a win

Upolu wins immunity!


At tribal council,it came down to
the two weakest,semhar and cochran,

but cochran saved himself
by promise to improve.

I'm going to be your genie in a
bottle.You don't have to rub,actually.

I'll just come out and do it.

Semhar,the tribe has spoken.

Now semhar is banished
to redemption island,

and the pressure is on cochran to make good
on his promise before it is too late.

redemption island night 3

Definitely like a big part of this
game is like keeping your mind in check

and it's really hard to do that
when you feel abandoned by your team.

I gave them my every left strength,and
they sent me to redemption island.


"life on redemption island.

You will have some basic supplies to help you
maintain your world here on redemption island.

If you win duel,you'll remain on redemption
island and will still be alive in the game.

If you lose your duel,you will be out of
the game and must leave redemption island."

maybe i'm just being over-emotional
but i just have abandonment issues.

I don't understand how
people can be so cold hearted.

But one of the ways that i've turned my
pain into posivity is through poetry.

Sometimes i wonder if i really miss you or
if i just miss feeling loved,cared about,

and important you walked
away untouched and unbruised,

still feeling complete off the love
i gave you while i was left to cry

i'll never understand how men like you
can cause so much damage or even worse,

how women such as
myself can even stand it.

I don't miss you. I miss feeling loved.

savaii night 3

well,we got through our first tribal

Yup. I don't want to go to another one.

i just wanted to say,this
means so much to me.

just that i get to still be around

thank you guys so much.

I mean,sincerely

tribal council was kind
of a disaster for me.

I went into this sort
of fight-or-flight mode.

I guess i chose fight which didn't
necessarily have the outcome i wanted

even though i did stay in the game.

My tendency to get into an
anxious debate mode wasn't helpful

and i'm going to have to turn
on the cool,mellow cochran,

instead of the kind of antsy,paranoid,nerd
kid i think i've been for the last few days.

I meant everything i said.

I'm happy to change.

However you think i
can best help the tribe.

I just want to be here.

i'm glad to still have you here.

Tonight we decided we're going to
let cochran try to redeem himself.

I really identify with his
passion to play this game.

But at the same time,he needs to understand
that if you don't put in the effort around camp

and you don't put in the effort in the
challenges,then you might be the next one to go.

- I'm actually excited for the next challenge.
- Me,too.

The challenges are going to
become a little more different.

Once they're a combination
of physical,mental--

hopefully this is
where cochran can shine.

i think he's gonna.

i really hope so.

And even jimmy,you know?

I think he is actually
pretty good with the puzzles

and he's pretty smart.

We gotta keep jimmy around.

I think he's an awesome
worker which is really good.

Yeah,we should try,us
three,meet up tomorrow.

yeah,we need to

For sure,so...


i really do like ozzy a lot.

I think an alliance with ozzy could be
the best bet to stay strong physically,

but ozzy's played the game before,and he's
going to have to win it just as much as we are.

So i have to watch him like a hawk.

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Season 23 Episode 02

Upolu day 4

i did feel some pretty bad vibes
coming from some of the girls...

right off the bat

You know what? It felt like
you had my back the first day

when everybody was like true
coach and i was just sitting there

- and you helped me out.
- i was like

Are you serious in you're just
going to leave him out there?

Initially things didn't look
good for the dragon slayer.

Right off the bat i'm already
on the outs with my tribe.

However,i feel like i have
been given a second chance.

Now i have a solid alliance with
rick,sophie,brandon,and albert.

But when it comes to friend,

you can never have too many,and edna,

she's the only one who helped
me on the first day,

so maybe i'm just a big fool but she
seems like a genuinely nice person.

I would really like to know
who has the immunity idol.

Do you really think christine
found it without any clues?

She was digging for hours out there.

What about today. Nobody was digging.

They haven't been digging because
they might have found it.

They're very tight,too,if
you haven't noticed.

- Who?
- Stacy and christine.

I think my place in the
tribe is probably the bottom.

I'm not one of the physically
strongest girls in the tribe

so i need to align myself with a stronger male
player and,coach,i think he's a strong player.

He has a history of playing well,so i
wanted to solidify my relationship with him.

I'm one of the smaller females.


you wanna keep the tribe strong

but to me

loyalty,i think,is the
most important thing.

Thank you.

Loyalty sometimes outweighs
strength in this game.

So it's my job to protect her.

- So are you solid with me?
- Absolutely.

- I feel like i can trust you.
- Well,i'm stupid in this game.

I'm the biggest fool in this
game because i'm always hopeful

that i will find somebody out
here that will play honorably.

- So we're together for sure?
- For sure.

Savaii day 4

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This is all part of
the new errav cochran.

It's the cochran that cuts coconuts
without being asked to do so.

My mom's going to have mixed
feelings about the new cochran.

She'll be thrilled i'm taking
initiative and doing work

but the first thing she said when
she found out i was doing survivor,

she said i don't want you to handle
a machete without supervision.

I appreciate her advice but

New cochran doesn't follow mommy's advice all the time

he cuts open a coconut when he needs to, and by himself

with a machete

Delicious. I'm gonna share with the tribe

I need to make them think of me less
as the liability and drain on the tribe

and more as a potential survivor.

It's great.i mean you know

Part of it is because it's the fruit
of my labors so it's like a child.

So i'm drinking your child?

I appreciate it. It's
becoming part of you.

I'm certainly never going
to become the big provider.

I know i'm never going to be
ozzy. I'm never going to be keith.

I'm never going to be jim but i
can at least be the new cochran.

Being part of a well-oiled machine is
more enjoyable that i thought it would be.

I'm just going to go down there and do a
float-down and maybe get lucky and get something.

I'm pretty sure the idol
is already on this beach.

We don't have a clue yet at this point

so i'm just trying to keep my eyes
peeled for any sort of weird sign

that there might be idol placement.

I'm thinking somewhere up in a tree
or maybe hidden in a stump somewhere.

Can't be too sure.

Let's go look back the other way.

Let me look down in there real quick

go and see what that's all about.

What's a rock doing in
the middle of a tree?

Me thinks me found something.

Three times around,you start
learning what to look for.

Rocks in trees are a good sign
that you've found something good!

Oh,this is a great day.

Find another hiding spot.

I've had one of these little
guys in my possession before

and i was stupid enough
not to play it.

I really squandered the opportunity
to get really far in that game.

I am sure as hell not ever going
to let that happen this time

but i can't let anybody
know that i have the idol.

If anybody senses that i have the idol,

there's a very strong possibility that
they're going to try and flush it out.

So if i can make it to the merge and
i could use it in an opportune moment,

this might be my ticket to the win.

Upolu day 4

How you feeling this morning? about you?


I tried to cuddle up
with you last night,man?

- Remember when i asked you if you were cold?
- No.

- I asked you.Yeah.
- Did you put something over me?

I appreciate that,dude.

I really like coach. I
think he's a really good guy

and he's played the game twice with honor
and integrity,and i want to play the same way.

But in the back of my
mind the whole time,

i'm thinking to myself,man,how,you know,

how ungodly or how much of a hypocrite do i
look like having made an alliance with coach

and he doesn't even know that i'm russell
hantz' nephew and it just didn't feel right.

in the bible says if you have
a problem with your brother

go to him and tell him

I've kind of not done that,man.

Lying to coach is tearing away
at everything i believe in.

And i'd rather people know me for me.

- You want to see something cool?
- What's that?

It says lil hantz.

that's why i wear the
shirt all the time.

Wait,but that's not
your last name,is it?

Yeah,i'm russell hantz's nephew.

just Keep that on the d.l.

So i take a walk with brandon

and he tells me that his uncle is
my number one nemesis russell hantz.

My jaw literally drops.

That's crazy,man. I mean,it
was like, this can't be.

And then i had a sinking
feeling in my stomach

because russell hantz
told me as a man of god,

as a christian man,we're going
to play this game together

and he vote my ass off the next
time he could so it scared me.

I just want to tell you,man,

i don't want to be played a fool twice.

I took a huge leap.

The only reason i told you is
because i made an alliance with you.

That's why i told you

If it bites me in the butt i still feel
good about it because i let you know.

Coach played the game with my uncle

and he gave him his word and it didn't work
out but i don't plan on stab coach in the back.

He's my alliance and
i'm a man of my word.

You're going to keep
that between me and you?

Absolutely. I'm not going
to say that to anybody.

you say youre gonna play like man of god

that means something to me

I've been watching
brandon from the first day

because i felt like we had a
connection right off the bat.

And,clearly,he has nothing to gain
by telling me that information.

So i think that he's true to his word.

So let's pray.

Okay,father,we thank you for this day.

We thank you that you
have brought us together.

- In jesus' name,give us strength,amen.
- Amen.

Love you,bro.

So it's going to go one of two ways.

It's either going to be coach way,

duped once again in "survivor" or it's
going to be redemption for the hantz family.

I hope it's the later.

Savaii day 4

I'm hungry.

Me,too,we're gonna go catch a fish.

Like these little guys are
just,like,floating around taunting.

I need to channel my inner
native american self.

- Yes,we're expecting it from you.
- Teach me to dip net, o great ancestors

It's day four,we're hungry,and so me,ozzy,and
keith we went out on a fishing trip.


- Bye.
- We'll be doing laundry!

It's a lot of fun to have the
guys out there doing their thing

and don't think it happened by chance.

I'm a world poker tour champion so
i'm already thinking a few moves ahead.

You wanna amass as many chips as you can
for the coming weeks and the rest of the game

so the fishing trip gave me a chance
to put in place my three-plus-two plan

the three guys,me,keith,and
ozzy as the core,until the end.

And then the plus-two are the two girls
we like,which are elyse and whitney.

Sounds like you have a pretty
good relationship with whitney.

Yeah,we get along pretty well.

She's easy to get along with.

So you cool with the
three of us and then

elyse and uh...


Yeah,i'm down with that.

And if one of
them has to go--

i agree.


Jim has made this little alliance of the
five that he wants to go to the merge.

And he really doesn't suspect that me and
ozzy were already talking to each other

which is great because it
lets him think he's in control

it's a no brainer.cause i don't
see any of the five of us flipping

Definitely,all of us till the end.

I like the plan we have in place.
I'm the orchestrator of this plan.

I put this plan together. I'm architect.

I feel at this moment that
we have the next three people

that are going to be going
home kind of already set.

Obviously,cochran,dawn,and papa bear.

Each for their own idiosyncrasy rasees
or weaknesses. They just don't fit in.

I mean,i've always been the
kid that doesn't always fit in

and so i know how that feels and i'm
probably the least of the cool kids.

I'm at the cool kids' table but
i'm barely at the cool kids' table.

taro and fish tonight

I feel like i've done as good
of a job right now as i can do.

Upolu day 5

I think i might just go get
me some coconut when i get home.

- Who wants a coconut.
- It's hard to get out,is what i mean.

That's good coconut.

Guys,we're going to go fish.

here,i'm gonna fish.

At home,i bartend and i also play on
a professional women's football league.

It's full tackle.

We hit as hard as the guys so they
think i'm a pretty tough chick.

I'll take the country boy weapon.

I am kind of a tomboy so if you see me at camp i'm
right in there with the guys doing all the dirty work.

we gonna row out to that island


We're gonna swim.

The hardest part of the game is the
social aspect. You have to have thick skin.

getting naked over here
just letting you know

You can't be a little princess.

Yeah,you are getting naked.

I thought you were just
getting in your underwear,bro.

I don't see myself as a girlie-girl.

Guys see me as just a strong,solid person and
i think that's going to help me in this game.

There's a particular person i really don't
like in this game,and her name is mikayla.

I don't feel comfortable around her.

You could tell the way she acts,"i'm
going to be a model," and blah,blah,blah.

I call her parvati,because
she's using her seductive ways

and her young girl attitude to kind
of get people in and get attention.

It's the ones that are good looking and
seductive that you want to get rid of.

Being a married man,i have to stay
away from that kind of stuff.

I've made some pretty
bad decision in the past,

but i swear to you,i will get
her voted out of this game.

Ain't no chick in this world getting in the
way of me,my family,and a million dollars. Ever.

At the last challenge,jeff told us that
there's a hidden immunity idol clue in camp.

Nobody is looking for it,so i decided
to see if i can find this clue.

Whether there's a target
on my back,i don't know.

But i would feel more comfortable
if i had it in my pocket.

What's going on?

I'm worried about the idol.

- Same here.
- Yeah.

I think christine has it.

You do?


If she do have it,she
didn't tell me she had it.

One particular tree
looked very interesting,

and it had a lot of ins and outs
and crevices and little hiding areas.

Oh,my god!

Out of the corner of my eye
something looked just out of place.

A stick wouldn't grow in
this one particular area.

I said,that's so weird.

And i went back to look
at it,and i found the clue.

"it's definitely near the
jungle. Somewhere by the beach.

The important thing to realize
it is just barely out of reach."

I'm freaking out.

I have to-- i have to
focus. I have to refocus.

Because now i have this
clue,and i don't know what to do.

Do i tell them? Do i not tell them?

I don't know what to do.

Come on in,guys!

Upolu getting your first
look at the new savaii tribe.

Semhar voted out at the
first tribal council.

Upolu,you walked in and everybody
had something in their mouth.

You're putting it back in right
now,even as i'm asking you.

Jeff,we found some pan dera this
morning,and it's most delicious fruit.

What's the message you're
clearly trying to send to savaii?

The team that eats pandera together
sticks together and wins together.

All right,let's get to
it. First things first.

I will take back the immunity idol.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,four members of
each tribe will race to unwind long ribbons

from the very tall pole
releasing a key ring.

You will then use those keys to
release the other four tribe members

who must then work together moving very
heavy crates back and forth across a platform

until you can release the largest one.

First tribe to get their large crate
on the finish platform wins immunity,

is safe from tribal council.

In addition,you are playing for reward.

I know sleeping on bamboo is not
the nicest way to spend a night.

Hopefully the reward will
make it a little better.

- Comfort!
- Oh,yeah!

You've got pillows,blankets,a
hammock and a mat.

- Worth playing for?
- Yes!

In addition the winning tribe will receive a
clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol.

Upolu you have one extra member. Sitting
one person out. who is it going to be?

- Edna,do you mind?
- Whatever you decide as a team.

- That's what you think
- We're sitting edna out.

Take a spot on the bench.

We'll give everybody else a minute
to strategize and we'll get started.

All right,on the pole for
savaii,cochran,dawn,whitney,and elyse.

On the pole for
upolu,stacey,sophie,christine,and mikayla.

Here we go!

Girls,we got this.

For immunity and reward. Survivors ready?


You've got to untie the four knots
and then start working together.

Upolu off to a fast start.

These ribbons are braided on this pole.

You've got to figure
out how to unbraid them.

- Keep going,run,run,run.
- Savaii having trouble.

Wow girls,you're doing great.

Upolu working well
together. Over cochran.

Cochran getting caught up in a ribbon.

Pull it out,cochran,pull it out.

Upolu with a bit of a lead in this
first stage,trying to release a key.

Upolu has the key. Stacey has it.

Stacey's got to unlock the
four other tribe members.

Savaii still trying to
get their key released.

Focus,guys.You guys
got it. It's all right.

Stacey has her tribe unleashed.
Start working the puzzle.

Come on guys! Let's go,fellas.

- You got it.
- Shake it,shake it!

There you go.

Dawn has the key for savaii!

- Let's go.
- Pull it out!

Dawn needs to pick up
pace! This is not a picnic!

Elyse now working trying to
release her tribemates for savaii.

Let's go,boys.


Upolu with a huge lead.

Savaii still struggling.

Elyse has her tribe unleashed.
Start working the puzzle.

- You got it,guys.
- Savaii has some catching up to do.

Upolu out to a quick lead on
this puzzle. These pieces slide.

You cannot lift them. Or carry them.

Other side,other side.

Upolu really taking their time.

- Savaii is flying through this puzzle.
- Come on!

Savaii does not want to
go back to tribal council.

Come on,let's go! Push!

- Upolu need to pick up the pace.
- Quickly,quickly,quickly.

Upolu just lost a huge lead.

Savaii is catching up.

You've got to maneuver your largest
piece out the back on on to your platform.

Turn the big one over!

- Savaii now in the lead.
- Come on,guys!

Upolu's got to hustle now.
They are running out of time.

Savaii has their final
piece in place. Go!

Savaii with a huge come from behind!

Move over.

Upolu has their last piece
in place. But it is too late.

Savaii wins immunity and reward!

A huge comeback victory.

- Savaii,congratulations.
- Thank you

in addition to immunity,you have
pillows,blankets,a mat,and a hammock,

and when you get back to camp,there will
be a clue hidden somewhere on your beach.

Find the clue. It may
help you find the idol.

Come grab your stuff. Head out.


all right,upolu,tribal council tonight where
somebody will be voted out of your tribe

and sent to redemption island.

You have the afternoon to figure
out who that's going to be.

Grab your stuff. Head back
to camp,see you at tribal.

We were really over-confident
in this challenge.

You get too cocky and you
get knocked off your pedestal

so now we have to vote somebody out and i
will make sure mikayla goes home tonight.

Upolu day 5

I just want to say the women
really kicked ass today.

Really did a great job.

You guys,did,too. That was not easy.

We lost the challenge
today and the reward.

It started out well,but the guys
were kind of just,you know,walking

and i think they could
have had quicker feet.

So now we have to vote somebody out.

I just hope it's not
me going home tonight.

Here's what i say,guys-- i think we
ought to go three,three,and three.

Three,three,and three.

They're going to vote three.

We split our votes,three for
stacey,three for christie.

We need to flush the idol
if the idol is out there.

So that's why we gotta split the votes
We need to put three votes to christine

because i haven't forgotten what christine
said on day one,"coach is a temporary player."

That pissed me off

and i haven't forgiven her for running
around looking for the immunity idol.

Christine and stacey are thick
as thieves. Get one or the other.

I'm gonna say this to you, Edna is totally loyal.

- She's on a need-to-know basis.
- Yes

I'll tell her at the last
second,"vote for stacey."

how do you feel

i feel great,how about you?

All right.

- Just all right?
- No,i'm all right.

Better not be just all right.

I've got my doubts.but...

About who?


Because i'm faithful to my wife

it makes me feel uncomfortable
being around her a lot of times.

Interesting. I respect
that,man. I respect that.

I have a bad feeling.

All i keep thinking about
is parvati,parvati,parvati.

She screwed many a man.

That's for sure.

And being strong like that,like she
is,just,you know,i'm going with the team,

what's best for us,but i
think that's our best bet.

Mikhail's our strongest female player
but brandon has a wife and family

and i think she makes him uncomfortable.

Young,good-looking girl. I understand.

But to vote her off immediately,come on.

I just think that he has demons that we don't
know about that he's facing on a daily basis.

We've got to get her out of this
game. She's not to be trusted.

She needs to go first.

For some reason or other,brandon
wants to vote out mikayla.

I don't know what his deal is.

Maybe brandon is threatened by
mikayla because she's a strong woman

and if that's the case,it worries me
because i think i'm quite strong as well.

- We're going to go...
- mikayla.

Mikayla out.



i think mikayla right now would vote

christine if we told
her to. I just feel it.

I do think we need her in the challenge.

That's the only thing
i'm thinking about.

What could they
possibly be talking about

what's messed up is edna is
over there with no problem.

Christine is not good in
challenges and mikayla is.

Here she comes.

Mikayla,can you give us
a little bit of privacy?

Oh,here's stacey.

I'm just going to walk this way.

I'm getting my bag.

I think everyone's paranoid right now.

What's coach's deal?

Coach is flipping out right now.

I don't think he trusts any
one of the girls right now.

I don't think he trusts you,you,her.

It's like a mad scramble right now,and all
of a sudden they think i'm not trustable.

I'm like,are you kidding me?
I didn't even do anything.

But i'm like you've
got to be kidding me.

what were they talking about?

I don't know. I'm just
packing just in case.

What were they saying?

I think they were talking maybe
about sophie to begin with.

No,sophie was over there,too.

Your messing up your
story really big time.

- So get it straight...
- i don't know what the story is.

We're just about ready to leave for
tribal,and i have no idea what's going on.

I mean,you're supposed to vote off the
weak,so i was leaning more towards edna,

but now,it might be me for all i know.


- who are you going for?
- Mikayla.

Do you think she's a bigger
threat than anybody right now?

She's very good.

- Let me know and i will vote...

- you have to keep your eyes open.
- Yup.

I just say vote for the person who you
think is the biggest threat in this game.

Brandon told me to vote for
mikayla,and,honestly,it confused me.

Why mikayla?It makes
absolutely no sense whatsoever.

If we don't agree with them,it will be
one of our heads on the chopping block.

I feel like one of our heads is
on the chopping block right now.

I'm worried about myself right now.

I have a hidden immunity idol clue

and i think my heart says
you better start looking.

We gotta lock it down now
because there's still confusion.

Right now,you
want to do--

- mikayla.
- Period.Period.

- Mikayla more than christine?
- Let's start out with a bang.

I would love to do christine instead.

Stasey and christine just
told me they're voting mikayla.

I hate to do this to people but i just
walked up to coach,and i lied to him.

If christine and stacey vote for
mikayla it's because i told them to.

Look,i don't like
mikayla.I don't trust her.

She's got every guy around here
wrapped around her finger but me,

and it's just not going to happen.

Mikayla will be going home tonight.

That's so stupid.

- These people are amateurs.
- Crazy.

I hear that christine and stacey
are going to vote for mikayla

and that bugs the heck out of me

because she's done nothing wrong but
brandon wants to control the situation

and if he wants an outcome,he's willing
to risk x,y,and z to get that outcome.

- It doesn't need to be like this,by the way.
- Yeah.

This game is simple-- you find people
that are loyal to you and that's it.

That's just simple.

You're loyal or you're disloyal.

I hope and pray the six
people,i have aligned myself with

have the character i
have judged them for.

If not there's going to be an
ass-whipping at tribal council tonight.

Behind each of you is a torch.Go ahead
and grab a torch and approach the flame.

Dip it in and get fire.

This is part of the
ritual of tribal council

because in this game,fire
represents your life.

When your fire's gone,so are you,with
a slight exception of redemption island.

All right,let's start
back at the beginning.

First impressions.Brandon.

Do you think you made a good
first impression on this group?

Yes.I do.You know,i'm a hard worker.

I'm polite with
everybody,trying to make friends.

I'm pretty sure i made a
good impression on everybody.

Coach,you played this
game a couple of times.

What do you think the
first impression of you was?

After losing the first challenge i
thought my impression was pretty bad

so there was a line being
drawn early on that i felt.

then i thought let's try to pick up the pieces
and keep the tribe strong

because we got a long way till we get to the merge

And so before we started
walking to tribal tonight,

i had heard that christine and
stacey wanted to vote out mikayla.

And don't look at me like i'm crazy

because coach in tribal just lays
everything out on the table.Okay.

- Did i talk to you?
- I didn't talk to you about that.

- You guys did not talk to me about that.
- Okay.

Because you guys have not talked
strategy to me since day one.

- Exactly but what you said was not true.Go ahead.
- I never mentioned mikayla's name.


Now can i... without being interrupted.

As i said,the gloves are off
and let's get down to business.

- So glad you're back,coach.
- It's great to be back.

"survivor" is a simple game.

You find people that are loyal and
you try to stick with those people.

I'll tell you the truth right now,

i don't want mikayla to go home tonight.
Putting a bigger target on my back

but i wanna see this tribe win the next challenge

Mikayla,does it make
you a little nervous

that there might be two people
talking about getting rid of you?

Of course it makes you nervous.You
don't want your name to come up.

Like coach said,we don't want
to be down in number when the merge comes.

*****I'm like i don't get it.

Stacey coach just threw it out there saying you
and christine are looking to vote out mikayla.

I never talked to coach about mikayla.

His honesty and loyalty just failed.

I didn't say they talked to me.

Where did you get it from then?

I never even mentioned the name mikayla

so from whom did you
hear that from,mr.Honesty.

- From whom?
- Simmer down guys, come on.

No no, simmer down what?

He's throwing out accusations
that he can't follow through on.

For the record,not to be fact check guy,

but i'm going to tell you right now i
didn't tell coach you were voting for anybody

- because you never told me.
- Thank you.

But if you're going to
question the idea of loyalty

think about how you're going about that

because him not saying who told him
that is him demonstrating loyalty.

And i think a source of paranoia
jeff,was the whole idea of the idol

and if somebody did find the
idol,how would we handle it?

I think that was the raindrop that
started the monsoon,so to speak.

Coach was there a lot of talk right off
the bat of do we look for this as a group

or did you see people scattering about?

I know christine looked
for it the first day

and i saw today christine looking like
she was going to dig in a couple places.

Christine he just threw you
under the bus for the second time.

He's good at that.

Does it make you uncomfortable?

First he says you want
to vote out mikayla?

Second he said you were
looking for the immunity idol.

- He's threatened by me.
- Totally.

It's apparent.

Do you think any of this stuff
with coach might go back to day one

when right out of the gate you
said,"mr.Dragon slayer,you're gone."

I think so.I think-- you know,

i think he feels hurt
that he's temporary.

- I love this girl.
- Long island attitude.I love it.

There's one question that
hasn't been asked tonight,

and it's not a question i haven't asked.

It's a question you haven't
asked,mikayla,and i'm so surprised.

You've not asked christine
or stacey if they said it.

If you go home tonight,it will be the
quietest exit i've seen in a while.

- Is it on your mind?
- Never.

Never did i say i am
writing your name down,ever.

So you can look at me in my
eyes and know the truth of that.

- So...
- Yeah, brandon.

I gotta come clean,man.

The truth is the truth.

I kind of told you guys
to vote for mikayla.

He the one who said vote for mikayla.

- We was not voting for mikayla.
- No votes were going for mikayla.

- You see how the lie came out.
- I knew who i was voting for.

It wasn't mikayla ever.


Mikayla, welcome to survivor.

You're telling me.

Christine,there are so many fractions
within this big,happy family.

How do you you make sense of
everything that's happened tonight?

I think they are a happy family.

I thought i was part of that.

- But...
- you don't know that you aren't.

Albert,you never really know who's tell
the truth,what's a put-on,what isn't.

Does it worry you that this
tribe is in such disarray.

I think we're all getting a little more
information than we bargained for this evening

but it's great when things come to surface
and people kind of reveal themselves

because a person's
personality will creep in

and a person's character
will creep in a little bit

despite how hard they try to mask that.

All right,i have no idea
what is about to happen.

It is time to vote.Sophie,you're up.

I'll go tally the votes

if anybody has the immunity idol and want
to play it,now would be the time to do so.

Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,sophie.




That's one vote each for
stacey,edna,christine,and sophie.

Christine.That's two votes christine.

Stacey.Two votes stacey.

Christine.That's three votes
christine,two votes stacey.

Stacey.We're tied,

three votes christine,three
votes stacey,one vote left.

Second person voted out of
"survivor: south pacific"

christine.You need to
bring me your torch.

Christine,the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get back in this game.

Grab your torch, head to
redemption island.Good luck.

Well,we're only five
days into this game,

and already the biggest
obstacle for this tribe is trust.

That's something you guys
are going to have to work out

or you're going to be
coming back here a lot.

Grab your torches,head
back to camp.Good night.

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Season 23 Episode 02

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