Survivor (2000–…): Season 23, Episode 14 - Then There Were Five - full transcript

Tensions escalate at camp when the final five original Upolu members are forced to turn on each other.

Previously on "survivor":

For the past 31 Days,albert and brandon
were Part of an alliance of five.

it's coach,sophie,rick,Brandon,and

jeff: Plus one,with
edna Being the plus-one.

But during that time,albert Consistently
attempted to change The pecking order.

I'm entertaining the
idea of Running a cue.

jeff: Including trying to Oust rick.

I won't bat an irish lash.
I don't like rick.***********


he thinks he has a great Strategic mind and I
don't think He's come up with one good idea Yet.

jeff: Brandon was also
Infuriating the tribe.

brandon sticks his smelly Foot
in his mouth and gets in Trouble.

stop,dude,look at me.

I'm worried that he's going to Kick over
the kettle at the most Inopportune time.

jeff: When the loved ones
Arrived,brandon's father did It,too.

you have to keep him under Control.

brandon's dad came out here

And tries to bully me into make Sure his
son goes to the end and Wins $1 million.

- ************
- With her head on the Chopping block,

edna pulled out All the stops
to change the vote To brandon.

I ask you to describe what Honor
and integrity is.***********

- And albert considered It.
- edna makes some good points.

jeff: At tribal
council,They hung together.

Edna,the tribe has spoken.

Now edna is off to redemption
Island where ozzy lies in wait.

Well,from the beginning,you Said it
would be the five of You. Now what?



good work,guys.

we did it,man. We've been
talking about it Since day one.

Final five,it's a beautiful Feeling.

Just walking back into the camp We could just
feel faze that Cloud had lifted off of us.

We're all feeling pretty good. We
did what we said we were Going to do.

We know we can go at it with
Honor,loyalty,and integrity.

get in here!

the most important thing for Us to do is

give thanks to the Person
who did this for us.

let me pray. Is that cool?

- this day,this nigh...
- we Knew that this day would come.

More stuff is going to hit the Fan.
We know there's no more loyalty.

We know it's every cat for Himself,

so the alliances people
Have built up to this point,

the Alliances within the
alliances,So-called are,going to be Revealed.

The real game begins tonight.

say ozzy comes back from Redemption.

Brandon or rick?

pretty much a toss-up.

you're lucky you got this Far.

He's just got to sack up and not
Let ozzy win immunity if he Comes in.

I feel like I have a pret Good idea
what I want to do Within this five.

I'm in a good position
to pull Off what**

I think will be the Biggest
blindside of the game so Far.

If only she knew she's next.
She's got no idea it's coming.

-= Proudly Presents

-= Sync: ??1???????

Season 23 Episode 02

**********day 33

how are you feeling?

feeling all
right.I'm just--

my head was just Spinning last
night trying to Think of stuff.

You know?

since early on in the game,

I've been planning to go to
the End with coach and sophie,

but The more and more I like at it,Sophie
is getting increasingly Dangerous.

She's a very well-spoken girl,Very intelligent.
She's starting to build a little Bit of a resume.

She has two immunity wins under Her belt

and I frankly don't Know if I
want to sit next to Her at the end.

My best strategy is adapt to
the Players I'm playing with.

Who am I playing with? I've got
coach,I've got Brandon,I've got rick.

- a couple more days,man.
- six days.

We can stand on our head in the
Water and blow bubbles for six Days.

I just want to tell you right Now,I
know we haven't had a Chance to talk,man,

but I'm Still on pace,man.

The way I see it,man,you and
I Are still going to the end.

I haven't changeanything.

we just have to be careful,Make sure we make
smart Decisions here in the next Couple of votes.

If I were picking people off
Based on how much I like them,

Rick would be the first
person I Get rid of.

But the thing about rick is I Think he's
the least dangerous Person left in the game.

- Are you ready?
- He hasn't done anything Strategically at all.

He hasn't done anything in a
Challenge. He's got no prayer at all.

So the more I think about
it,Man,if I had my choice,

I'd go To the final
three with coach And rick.

Because coach has been the cult
Leader,rick has been the Follower.

I'm kind of a little bit
of a Rogue in the middle.

And I feel like I've been
the Most aggressive player

trying to Garner jury votesand position Myself
to win $1 million and go home the sole survivor

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contact today

The competitors for today's Duel.
Ozzy will battle against edna.

Welcome to redemption island Arena.

- You guys ready to get to today's Duel?
- yes.

jeff: For today's duel,you Will race to
complete a slide Puzzle,releasing a hatchet.

You'll use the hatchet to chop a
Rope,releasing a bag of puzzle Cubes.

You must then stack the cubes so There
are no repeating colors on Any side.

First person to g it right Stays alive in this
game it andd Continues their quest for the Money.

Loser,out for good,becomes
the Sixth member of the jury.

Stakes have never been higher For either one
of you. This is it. One shot. Take your spots.

All right,here we go.

Winner stays alive,loser Becomes
the sixth member of the Jury.

Survivors ready? Go.

First phase is a slide puzzle.
Your goal,slide these pieces Around

so that the largest piece Containing
the hatchet will Slide out of the front.

Ozzy has his hatchet.
Edna still working on it.

Ozzy chops the rope and releases His
second part of the puzzle,The puzzle cubes.

Edna still working on the
slide Portion. Don't give up.

That last puzzle is very
Complicated,too. Ozzy has his four cubes.

He's working on the second
and Final part of this duel.

Ozzy with a bit of a lead now.

- shoot.
- Edna stuck.

Cannot get through the slide Puzzle.

you gotta get two small
Squares at the bottom.

Two small squares at the bottom,Two
small squares at the top. There you go.

jeff: Edna getting a lot of Help from the
same people who Voted her out of this game.

- move the machete down.
- there you go.

- Edna releases her Hatchet.
- good job,edna.

- jeff: ********
- *********

Edna,one chop,drops Her puzzle cubes.

Get them out,get working.

good work,edna. You got it. Concentrate.

jeff: Edna's back in
it,Now. Start solving,girl.

Ozzy taking his time,not Panicking in this
duel. Knows he's had a long head Start.

Each featerical side must have Four
different colors,red,Green,iel oh,blue.

If you see a repeating color on
Any side,you know it's not Right.

that one has a lot of reds,Edna.

- There's a green one.
- green.

jeff: Edna with a huge Advantage because she's got
five People behind her working this Puzzle with her.

- flip it over.
- keep flipping,keep flipping.

jeff: An entire tribe Working on
this duel,taking on Ozzy alone.

see that one has mostly
blue. Some are mostly yellow.

The same people that Voted aetna out

so desperately Don't want ozzy back
in that They're now helping her.

Ozzy truly is alone in this Game.

This will be a major unset
if Edna defeated ozzy.

Edna trying to solve
it outside Of the frame.

that's a good idea. Do it there first.


jeff: Edna out of nowhere
Thinks she may have it.

Now ozzy is stepping it up.



jeff: Two reds. No!



jeff: Ozzy thinks he
has It. Let's check.

This side is good. This side's good.
This side is good. This side is good.

Ozzy wins the duel and stays Alive.

jeff: Edna,33 days you Lasted out here.
What will you take back to your Family?

gosk. For me having just
been out here Showed that

I can do something And I can
survive the extremes Of elements.

I think that is something
I can Show to them.

jeff: Edna,your adventure Has come
to an end. It is time for you to go.

ed,you're an amazing woman.

- good job,edna.
- good-bye,edna.

I smell so bad that I'm
going To be happy to burn it.


jeff: Ozzy,you stay alive In this
game,and with every win Of a duel,

you get one step Closer to getting back in the
Game. Grab your stuff,head back to Redemption island.

Await your next duel.

see you guys



I'm feeling really drained.

when we first got together,The five
of us,way back when on Upolu beach,

we talked about Honor
and integrity all the way.

The interesting thing about
the Honor and integrity card is,

in The game of "survivor" I do not Care a single
thing about honor And integrity. I really don't.

do you realize that now that We have five
people here,Someone's going home tomorrow?

It's impossible for us not
to Make the final three.

- so between and you me and Coach.
- oh,yeah.

brandon really thinks no Matter what happens
I'm never Going to write his name down,

And I've been playing
that role Strategically

becauseI have to Keep brandon to maintain
a Guaranteed numbers lock in this Game.

That means we have to beat ozzy,Man,and
he's got so many more Resources than we do.

That's the only thing that
could Spoil our plan right now.

Right now I think our plan is Set.

We take out sophie next.

We've got to win the next three Challenges.
One,so we can send sophie over There.

Two,so we can keep ozzy or her
From making it to the final Three.

this is fate,man. This
is-- we're in god's hands.

It's going to be okay,bro.

The only thing that could
spoil It right now is us.

Be strong,brother.

I made an agreement with
albert,And I know that to be 100%.

And as long as me,coach,and Albert
stay the course,vote off Sophie,

we'll definitely be in Control
then for sure,no matter What.

the way I see it,ozzy,he's
The most dangerous player.

Every single person that
goes Through redemption,

he gets the Last say with
every single jury Member.

Ozzy gets to feed them.

He comforts them after
they've Been voted out.

Every single jury member
has Gone through,like,

"ozzy's Pleasure dome" on the way out.

The way I see it,

we have to Send brandon to redemption.

We have to put the two most
Dangerous players in the game Together

and get one of them o Out.

I think coach and I are
really On the same page.

We both recognize that brandon
Has done things in the past

but I think you have seen a
change In brandon since the merge.

Superficially,he is the most
Trustworthy,the most godly man Out here

and that's not somebody I would
want to go to the final Three with.


Are you on aboard with brandon Next?

Two people,ozzy and brandon,And
we thought put them Together.

we have to put them
together To eliminate them.

Are you down with that?

I'm down. When I tell you I will,I will.

oh,absolutely. I know that.

I want to talk to you because I know
that you think sophie's Not a threat.

I'm telling you right now,bro,

I've been watching what
she says At these tribals.

To me she's a threat.

I disagree with that goop

I Ride rather to go to the
end With brandon than sophie.

I'm pleading with you to believe Me that sovietef
is a bigger Threat than brandon at the end

*****Because they're not going to
Respect the way you played the Game.

as the group finally starts To scramble,

this is the first Time we've really had to turn
on Each other and it's a very Unsettling feeling.


He just blows whichever way the
Wind blows. It's disheartening.

I've been in a very tight Alliance
with sophie since I Found the idol.

I tried to reason with albert
But he's not having any of it.

He's got a thing about sophie. I think
it's because soviet Sesmarter than albert.

That's the reason albert is Intimidated by sophie.
He's hearing her at tribal. She's speaking up.

She's not this quiet little
Mouse that he thought she was

And now he's thinking I
have to Get rid of sophie.

I'm thinking more clearly,dude,Than
I have thought in the game.

Brandon will win.

When it gets down to the end--
That's a terrible argument,man.

You really don't understand it,Man.

I'm just telling
you,man.You dont understand--

you don't Understand how the jury
works. It's a totally different animal.

Totally different animal.

what's up?

we're just talking about jury
Tristate and stuff like that.

how you doing?

good. A little bit nervous
with the Conversation.

come on,man. Don't sound like russell.

We just told you what the Conversation
was. We're talking about jury votes.

I'm just saying,dont tell me ?

I don't want you to come in
here And try to bully us,man.

Seriously,you have turned into A bully.

We were just talking about jury
Votes and how the jury thinks,

And then you say that's not what We're
thinking about. Don't play like that,man.

Brandon really pissed me off.

I think mr. Hantz came down and
Gave brandon a shot of hantz.

All of a sudden,brandon comes Bullying
up to us,what are you Guys talking about?

" First of all,it's rude to
Interrupt somebody's Conversation.

Number two,bullying people is Not
going to help you at this Point.

In fact,it's going to seal your Fate.
I mean,it's so reminiscent of Russell.

I'm having flashbacks.

that definitely hurt my
Feelings what you just said,Bro.

I was just telling you the Truth,man.

I don't think I've acted like
Russell the last couple of days.

You're stressed out
and you blew Up on me.

- I apologize for saying the Russell thing.
- it's all right.

he really did a number on me.

And so when I see you doing the Same thing
that he did,then That kind of freaks me out.

please,give me a hug,man. I-- I
feel like we've got to Connect again

because I'm still Get ago still
getting the Jitters out over that.

Love you,brother. it's all
right. I really mean that.

the apple never falls far From the tree

and meeting the Father

was double confirmation

Of what I snead to do for my Next move.

cheer up,brother.

I can't it's any more Coconut.

are you sure?

Cheer up,man. God's got
everything under control.


come On in You guys

- ready to get to today's Immunity challenge.
- yup. yes,sir.

jeff: First things first,Coach.
Take back the necklace.

Once again,immunity
is back up For grabs.

For today's challenge,you
will Climb a massive wall,

collecting Bags of puzzle pieces.

With each bag,you'll make
your Way further up the wall.

Once you have collected all five
Bags,you'll sort of pieces into Pairs.

Three of the pieces will not Pair
up. They will reveal a number code.

You'll then race back to the Top,use
the number code to Unlock the box.

First person to get their box Open and raise
a flag wins Immunity,is safe from the vote.

Losers,tribal council,somebody Voted out,sent to
redemption Island,where ozzy is waiting For you.

In addition,the winner of
this Challenge earns reward,

pizza Will be delivered to you at camp
With a soft drink and some Garlic bread.

I know it's worth playing for. We'll
draw for spots. We'll get started.

Here we go,for immunity and
Reward in the form of pizza.

Survivors ready? Go!

Brandon has his first bag.
Rick right there with him.

Coach and sophie coming
back With their first bags.

Brandon in the lead
now with his Second bag.

Rick has his second bag.

Albert finally on the board,the
Last one to get his bag is Albert.

Coach now has his second bag.
Sophie has her second bag.

Albert starting to catch up
now. Brandon with his third bag.

Rick sliding down with his third Bag.

Coach going to burn some skin Off that
butt coming down with His third bag.

Albert takes a big fall,coming
Down with his third bag.

Rick definitely lost
some hide On that one.

Sophie has her third bag.

Brandon and rick both racing
for Their fifth and final bag.

Coach now with his fourth bag.
Albetter working on that fourth Bag.

Rick going to be first down.

Brandon right behind him.
Start working on your puzzle.

Empty all the pieces,then
match Up the pairs.

Coach has his fifth and final Bag.
Coach,brandon,rick with a big Lead.

Sophie has her fourth bag.

Albert struggling,can't
get That fourth bag free.

Sophie struggling to get back up
For that fifth bag. Dig,sophie! Dig!

Albert with another big fall
but He has the fourth bag.

Albert has his fifth bag.
Sophie has her fifth bag.

Everybody now working
on their Puzzle pieces.

You're looking for the three
Pieces that do not pair up.

That will hold your number code And
the key to winning this Challenge.

How quickly you can recognize Matching
lines is going to Really help you out.

Sophie and albert still
undoing Their pieces.

Brandon doing a great job. Coach
in this. Rick falling out of it.

It is brandon and coach neck and Neck.

We are dead even now.

Brandon thinks he has the three Numbers
he needs. Brandon heading back to the top.

- Coach haas his three.
- let's go,coach.

jeff: Coach,you've got to Move!

Brandon has it. Brandon
wins immunity and Reward.

thank you,jesus!

Thank you,father!

jeff: Brandon,come on Over.

- Congratulations.
- thank you,sir.

Brandon,safe from the vote Tonight.
Cannot be voted out of this Game.

In addition,brandon,here's a Pizza menu.

It says two pizzas,because You're going to
choose one Person to come join you this Afternoon.

You and whoever you choose will Share
pizza in front of the Other three.

- You won't be able to share even If you want to.
- yes,sir.

jeff: Who do you want to Join you?

my dad told me to play with My heart.

This this isn't a strategic move Or
else I'd be doing something Different.

- I want to choose cowboy to come With me.
- yes!

jeff: Congratulations.*****

See you tonight at tribal Council
where coach,albert,Sophie,or rick,

one of the four Of you will be sent
to Redemption island where ozzy Awaits.

I believe in divine Intervention. It was
not brandon's time to go Home tonight.

He saved his own skin
by winning Immunity.

Another piece of that.I'm
pissed.But I'm a piece of that.

{a6} *****

Delivery guy.

how are you,man?

today,worst-case scenario Happened.

Woo were hoping to get brandon Out tonight
so I think the way To go right now is albert.

What are you thinking?


coach and I both agree

albert Has just been getting on our Nerves
more and more and more Since the merge.

He's been sneaky. He thinks he's
more strategic Than anybody else.

Everything he does is the Smartest,most
strategic Decision possible

and I am Feeling more and more
albert Should go home tonight.

I just want to smell it.

- Do you mind if I just smell it
- *********

I Was just going to look at
it,But I do want to smell it.

she's definitely game Playing.

when somebody says,"hmmm,I'm going to go
smell the pizza And see what it likes,"

and Disappears,especially a player
Like sophie,I know something's Up.

They're going to try to pull a Cue
over there and they're Coming after me.

I just want to let you
know,I'm voting albert tonight.

me too


he says,now remember,me
and You to the end.

And I just looked at
him and Said,yeah,yeah.

It's like you got to be kidding Me,man.

albert is the sneakiest Person out here.

it's crazy at camp.

Number one,because you got a Lot of people
who don't know how To tell the truth,

and I'm Speaking specifically towards Albert.
I don't know if I can believe Him anymore.

he thinks he's a lot
smoother Than he is.

I got to talk to albert.

If albert puts his foot in his
Mouth,he'll be going to Redemption.

you went up to rick yesterday And said

you,him going to the Final three.

I know they haven't turned my
Back on you one time in this Game.

you have never promised Anyone but me and
coach the Final three,final two,any of That.

- I have no reason to lie to You,about anything.
- that's really hard to hear.

I think albert's a swell guy,But
the bible says when you sin,

Your sins are going to be
Shouted out from the rooftops

And right now I want to
get to The bottom of it.

what I want to tell you right Now and I told him over there And I will
lay outt out? he said he never,ever,spoke Against me in this game.


yesterday you said we are
Still good for the three.

- that is not true.
- you just****

- you're lying out your ass.don't you lie to me.bull .
- that is not true.that is not true.

- ***********
- *********

I'm laying on the line.**********


- I know you would trying hanging My ass.
- you just told me you didn't Say that.

I did not. Why is his
word higher than Mine?

Let me tell you right now the Truth,man.

- ************.
- *********

When you-- when you tried
Throwing me under the bus

- with Dawn and whitney and edna and All of them guys.
- they told us that.

- I Did not throw you under the bus One time.
- you were trying to get me Out.

rick,you're out of your Mind.

Dude,I know you have
been a Straight-up guy

- but those two Things are not true.
- so he's a liar.

let me tell you
everything That's happened.

it's so gratifying seeing Everything
with albert being Exposed so now

instead of a Blindside he goes out looking
More pathetic than he has the Whole game.

Where is the strategic
value-- Let me finish,damn it.

- no,because-- - where
is the strategic mind Now?

It's like he's in the toilet Bowl,and
brandon and coach and I and rick,

we all have a little
Chance at flushing him down.

He keeps kind of scrambling back Up,but I
think jeff will put The final flush tonight.

it's water under the
bridge.All I'm saying-- i

it's not water under the Bridge because
tonight one of us Is going to go home.

- that's not necessarily true.
- yeah,it is.

I think brandon took the lid
Off pandora's box today for me,

And I just got thrown with a Storm of crap. I
I got a heck of a lot of Damage control to do

if I want To have a prayer
of escaping Tonight's vote.

If I did just draw brandon back Over with
me,man,I'm right Back where I need to be.

When you told me that
rick Called me a princess

you think I Enjoy rick as a person because
Of that you? Think I took that Kindly?

Why would I want to take Somebody
like that to the end With me?

Do you-- do you get where I'm
Coming from with that,or no.

yeah,I do.

I just don't want you to Qloirs heart on me,man. I
feel like my heart is closed To you right now,man.

my heart is not closed to You,brother.

I don't know my decision about
Voting albert. He's like a wild card.

But I love albert. He's my friend.

Who am I not to forgive? I'm an
imperfect person. I forgive him.

you think I have deals with People that
were created and Broken a long time ago

that are Nothing compared
to what we Have,man.

everyone has lied in this
Game. Everyone. Even myself.

So I'm really,really,really Struggling
to consider to keep Him in this game.

you're-- you're making me Look like
a bad dude,and I'm Not a bad dude.

I'm not voting you.

I just made up my mind.

The reason I don't want to vote
Albert out is because I see him.

I see inside of him.

I see that he may not have had
The intentions that I think he Had.

And I strongly,strongly believe
That albert deserves to be here.

if I have to,I'll give
you My immunity necklace.

If I have to,I'll give albert My
immunity,and coach will not Vote for me.

Albert will not vote for
me. And I'll vote for sophie.

You know I'm your best friend Here.

And you know that by
now,god Speaks to me.

And you know that I would never
Make a decision to hurt me or You,

more than anybody in this Game.

And I pray that you accept this,And we
will make it to the end Of this game.

If we keep albert here. If I
have to,I'll give him my Necklace.

But I know you'll never vote Against me.

And I know you'd never do Anything or vote
any way that You knew that I was going home.

This example would be probably The
pinnacle of why we're out Here-- forgiving.

If we can't forgive our brother,Our
heavenly father will not Forgive us.

I want things to be easy
and Simple,and earlier today,

it Was kind of black and white
Because we had one man,albert,

That had just completely
lied to The camp.

So it's justification that he Goes.

But then brandon brings in
Forgiveness,and then the Immunity necklace.

And it makes it so hard to
Determine right from wrong.

It makes it so hard to figure Out
who should go,who deserves To stay,

which alliance I should Be
in,which people I can trust.

Who are you guys writing down?


I just honestly believe this
is What god wants us to do.

remember now,this is
what God wants you to do.

- I'll tell you what?
- what I need to do right now

Is I need to pray and I promise You this?
I will do whenever God tells me to do.

I understand you got to
do What god wants you to do

but I Know he doesn't want
you to Write my name down,man.

okay,I'm going to pray.

I bowed down,and humbly sought God to give
me an answer of what I should do tonight

if brandon Gives his necklace to albert.

I begged god to speak to me like
He's never spoken to me before.

I asked god to give me the hole Spirit
of divine interpretation And wisdom.

I prayed,and there was a name In my
head over and over and Over again,

and I cleaned the Slate,and I asked for it again.
And it came over and over and Over and over again.

My soul has never grooefed like My soul has
never grooefed like it does in this moment.

The members of our jury.

Jim. Keith. Dawn.
Whitney. Cochran. And edna.

So the long-awaited tribal Council
where there are only Five left,

and look at you,Brandon,sitting
with immunity.

Very powerful spot right now for You.

I want to give my immunity Necklace up.

jeff: Okay.

what is going on?

jeff: So,brandon,I was Going to ask
how it feels to Know you are safe,

but,clearly,You are no longer safe.

well,I made a statement here Every tribal
council that I Would stay true to the Commitments

that I make and that I would give my
own place in This game up for them.

I started something,and
I'm Going to finish it.

jeff: So,brandon,I'm Guessing the person
you made That agreement with was albert.


jeff: And am I to Understand that you went
to Albert and said let's form an Alliance,

and as a sign of my Word,if you are ever in
Trouble,I will lay down on the Sword for you?


jeff: Coach,you're shake Your head no.

I just want to set the roared Straight.

A couple of hours ago,brandon
Was going to vote for albert,

But then he prayed about it,and He felt
like he should give the Necklace to albert.

jeff: Brandon,you seem Like you have the
weight of the Entire planet on your shoulders.

I just-- I've had a lot of
Time to pray with albert.

And I knew that if I didn't give Him the
immunity tonight that he Was going to redemption.

It's really hard to explain Because
my loyalty's a little Bit different.

Back home,when I was in,you Know,the whole?I
guess you Would say gang scene,whatever.

A lot of my friends would be,"bro,I
got your back. I got your back.

" And I was really willing to
give My life for these guys.

- So this is when you Were a younger kid.
- yeah.

jeff: And you were hanging
Out with the wrong kids.

yeah,and I was always the Kid to be extremely
loyal to People and people freaked out About,

like,he would step in Front of a bullet
for me,step In front of a knife for me.

Is that where the Word "loco"
on your next comes From,

that brandon is crazy Enough to do it?

yeah. It's not in a negative way. My
friends knew that they could Trust me.

But the funny part it is,Sometimes we'd get into a huge Brawl with another
rival? Whatever you want to call it-- And I'd be the only one standing There.


- None of your friends Would show up.
- none o them would show up.

jeff: So it wasn't really a Gang.

it was people taking
my Loyalty for,you know,

what they Wanted to use
it for and then Leaving me.

jeff: Is there any chance
That's happening tonight?

I'd like to think it wasn't.

jeff: But,brandon,this is Your
competitor in a Million-dollar game.

and the funny part about it Is,I
consider these two guys my Best friends.

We have a very solid connection With each
other because of Christ inside of them.

I was drawn to them,man.
It wasn't by coincidence.

jeff: Albert,what's your Take on this?

it blows my mind because
when I got to this game,

something Told me that there's
a bigger Reason why I was here.

And what makes brandon's Decision not look
crazy is Because we feel like our bond is Real.

That's the reason why I strayed Away
from some of the earlier Bonds I had

with a rick or with A sophie

because it was at a
Different level spiritually

when I bonded with brandon
and when I Bonded with coach.

So is there a part of
You as a christian man

who now Wants to take the necklace off And do
the same thing that Brandon just did for you?

firealistically believed
that He's in trouble,yes.

jeff: Sophie,do you Believe that?

uh,I don't know what to Believe from
albert anymore. He's been sneaky,

so I'm not Sitting here relying on blind
Faith from albert they made on Day one.

I have connections with a lot
of People out here as well.

jeff: Rick,everything was Going fine.
Pizza's going down,a little Soft drink.

it was a great life.And then the bomb hit,like
a Pack of wolves turning on each Other.

I'm worried to death
because I'm In trouble.

Eats either going to be one of Us,and
one of us has a hidden Immunity,

and we know who it is,So we've
only got three to pick From.

it's out!

jeff: yeah,I believe that.

- Wait,did everybody--
- we all know.

jeff: Everybody knew. Who has the idol?

- coach.
- we knew.

jeff: So in a sense you're Saying
gauze beaus if he smells Anything

he may just play it
Tonight out of security.

- and I really blew that for Him.
- that's okay.

It's better safe than sorry at
This point,you know what I Mean.

jeff: And you know albert Is safe.
So it's you,brandon or sophie.

so I was curious to see if he Would give
brandon back the Necklace if he was in trouble.

jeff: Brandon,I'm sensing That you
were are not as secure As you thought.

I honestly believe
tonight Might be my night.

jeff: Is there any part of You that
would expect albert to Give that back now?

it's up to him.

jeff: How does that feel,Albert?
That's a lot of pressure.

it's a ton of pressure,but I Hope
brandon feels comfortable With me,

him,and coach,knowing That he can
make a move like This and go untouched.

Honestly,I don't think
he's Going home tonight.

So I'm not going to give
him the Necklace back.

jeff: So somehow,coach
you Got involved in this.

I did. I don't mind the responsibility
Because I got down on my knees Until sand

and I prayed and god Gave me an
answer on what I Should do tonight

and everything That is meant to be is
supposed To be so I am at comet peace.

- Brandon,are you at Peace?
- no,sir.

jeff: What's stirring Inside you?

coach is going to do what god Wants him
to do,and if god Wanted him to vote me out,

I Believe he would.

jeff: With that,albert has The immunity
necklace,you Cannot voteor albert.

Everything else here fair game.
It is time to vote. Rick,you're up.

dumb move.


If anybody has the hidden Immunity
idol and you want to Play it,

now would be the time To do so.

Okay,once the votes are
read,The decision is final,

the Person voted out will be asked To
leave the tribal council area Immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,brandon.

Sophie. One vote
brandon,one vote Sophie.

Brandon. Two votes
brandon,one vote Sophie.

Sophie. We're tied. Two votes
brandon,two votes Soy,one vote left.

15th person voted out of
"survivor: South pacific.

" brandon.


**********Has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get Back in this game.

Grab your torch,head to Grab your
torch,head to redemption island.

Where things stand.

The four of you will witness the
Final duel between ozzy and Brandon.

The winner of the duel will Re-enter the game and
the five Of you will duke it out until The end.

This is it. Grab your torches.
Head back to camp. Good night.

-= Proudly Presents

Season 23 Episode 02