Survivor (2000–…): Season 23, Episode 13 - Ticking Time Bomb - full transcript

A relative crosses the line during the emotional family reunion, and an unlikely secret alliance threatens the pecking order of the Te Tuna tribe.

Previously on "Survivor":

At the Upolu tribe: There was
five of us sit, out by the canoe.

A random conversation on the first
night turned into a final five pact.



Later, Coach added Edna
to the group as the sixth.

It's my job to protect her.

After the merge, when the alliance of six
was in danger: There's a line in the sand.

Come across that line.

Coach persuaded Cochran to flip and
join his alliance as their seventh.

I got Cochran on our side to
play the rest of the this game.

I convinced him that he will be
valued and loved over here.

But on day 29 when he
was on the chopping block,

Cochran used all the tricks he learned
at Harvard Law to make a final summation.

He said I know a lot of
you feel indebted to me.

I don't feel indebted to you,
you know. Screw you.

At Tribal Council, once again
Brandon put his foot in his mouth.

Everybody here knows what's
going to happen with these two.

Tonight I'm voting out Cochran, and
then the next night my vote is for Edna.

He infuriated his allies by
publicly revealing their plans.

Cochran, the tribe has spoken.

Now Cochran heads
to Redemption Island

and Edna has to figure out
a way to stay in the game.



- Oh, Cochran.
- Cochran, has arrived.

Cochran, Cochran, Cochran.



Didn't you learn your lesson?

I got-- you know, I got
screwed. I'm humiliated.

Oh, God. I'm sorry, buddy.

It happens to the best of us.

The big move I made at the
merge in jumping over to Upolu,

in retrospect, may not having
have been the best move.

I absolutely feel like Upolu used me.

The fact that they did absolutely
nothing to show any sort of gratitude,

apart from lip service, is
insulting to me.

- I drank the kool-aid.
- I know you did.

Well, I've got a way that
you can not let them win.

All you have to do is
vote for me if I make it.

If you had a choice between me or Coach?

I'm not ready to commit to that.

And it's kind of insulting that's that it's
already a forgone conclusion in his mind

that I'm going to lose at the Duel.

What if I demolish you in a duel.
How come that's never talked about?

- That's true. That's true.
- As a possibility.

- And if you make it to the end
I'll vote for you? - Really?

How about that?

Do I have a chance of
beating you at a duel?

You have a chance.
Everyone has a chance.

He really doesn't stand a chance.

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Season 23 Episode 13

-== [ ] ==-

- Morning.
- Morning, Edna.

Albert, whenever you're ready, bro,

I'd like to say morning pray
before everybody starts tp disperse.



She said she's not part of
this tribe. So she walked off.

When Brandon announced he
wanted to pray with the tribe,

he made it clear to me yesterday at
Tribal that I'm not part of the tribe.

I'm next to go.

You sleep next to these people

and they tell you from day one
that you're included in the tribe,

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

And we're going to preach
honesty and integrity.

I feel like Cochran has. I feel duped.

Thank you for Edna, father God.
May she soften her heart, father God.

Coach and how can you
be not the leader?

He's the one preaching
it day in and day out.

This is reality. This is real
life for these individuals,

and to treat me like a second-class
citizen, is that true life?

I can't believe I volunteered to come
out here to be deceived by everybody.

Everybody gets deceived.

It's just I just feel
like the deception was that

we were six strong,
blah, blah, blah.

But we were. Now there's six, okay.

- Okay, if you want, sorry, sorry.
- Can I just finish?

We are a tribe. But now it
becomes an individual game.

You guys are telling me it's
an individual game at five.

Do you see?

Edna, please just--

And clearly you knew
and everybody else knew that

I was a second-class
citizen in this and

- that's what I don't like.
- That's not true. That's not true.

I'm going to tell you right now
that's not true, because--


- Wverybody! We have tree mail!
- I just feel like one guy--

Yes, we do!


I'm here, everyone.




Tree mail!

Right in the middle of Edna's meltdown,
Brandon comes running into camp,

"Guys guys, guys, it's
it's a sprint tree mail."

So we open up this cool bamboo case,
and here's the ***

You're all together now,
so the best just got better.

Before the Duel share emotions,
as you watch your video letter.


Videos from home.

This make us feel better, right.

I want to cry right now, man.

Hey, Ricky. I'm here.


The kids, of course,
are missing you.

The dogs thought you fell
off the face of the earth.

And I'm sure sick of feeding
those cows. Hurry home.

We miss you lots and
love you lots, love you.

Hey, Edna, it's me.

I'm sure you're doing really well
out there but we worry about you a lot

and I hope that it's become
everything that you wanted it to be.

It was very emotional to see my sister

because she's a small version
of me-- an over-achiever.

I'm very proud of her.

I don't tell her enough.

Hi, Sophie. I wasn't sure you were going
to get this far in the game, but did you.

You promised you would, and you
delivered, Sophie. Love you very much. Bye.

Hi, Albert. It's me.
Here at the island.

I just want you to know no matter
what happens you're a winner to me,

and may God bless you, son, I love you.

- Coach, what's up, dude?
- My brother.

You know I love you from
the bottom of my heart.

I'm extremely proud of you. Mom and
Dad are proud of you, and you're the man.

Keep it going, brother.


- Hey, Brandon, I'm here on the
island, and-- - That's your dad?

And I've had a long time to kind of think
about how much I really love and miss you

and no one will ever be
able to take your place.

And I just want you to make good decision,
not based off of the game so much.

Make decisions based off of your heart.

Do what your heart tells you.

- Yes, sir.Yes, sir.
- And you won't go wrong.

Love you, man.

To see my father was amazing today.

I love him, man, and I can't
wait to just see him,

whether I get to spend
time with him or not.

We'll now bring in the
competitors for today's Duel.

Ozzy will be battling against Cochran.

Welcome to Redemption Island Arena.

Before we get to your Duel,

this morning in tree mail you guys
received the Evo 3D from Sprint.

Edna, I'll take it back.

Now, Ozzy, Cochran, there is
a twist to today's Duel,

but I'll save that for a moment and get to
what is more pressing for the two of you,

which is what could be a million-dollar
Duel. Here's how it works.

For today's Duel, you will use
grabbling hooks retrieve three bags.

Each bag contains a ball.

Once you have all three bags, you will
use one ball to solve the table maze.

First person to get it right stays alive
in this game. The loser is out for good.

Their adventure over, no shot at
the money. Big stakes. This is it.

One shot. Take your spots.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


Cochran's first toss a little short.

Ozzy's first toss lands his first bag.

On the end, Cochran, on
the end of the rope.

Cochran getting some help
from his former tribemates.

Ozzy with his second
toss and another bag.

- Cochran, can he slide it over?
- There you go, there you go.

Cochran has his first
bag, gotta get it bag.

Ozzy has two bags. One bag left.

That should do it to grab
his third and final bag.

Ozzy has his three bags. Take
them back to the platform.

Envision it, Cochran. Watch that rope
flying out there and snagging that bag.

Keep fighting, Cochran. Let's go.

Ozzy working on the table maze.

Cochran with another great
toss. He's got his second bag.

Let's go, pick it up!
Get that thing back!

Ozzy doing a nice job on
that maze, taking his time.

Knows he's got a big lead right
now. Cochran with a great toss.

That will get his third bag.

- Go, Hercules.
- Get it back.

- Good job.
- Cochran now has his bag.

Just need one ball to
start working on that maze.

Ozzy very calm on the maze
get, closer to the inner circle.

Smooth and easy.

Cochran going to have to
go for broke and he does.

Cochran quickly in the
middle of this maze.

Cochran made up a lot of time
with one very aggressive move.

Ozzy, he's close, but it's very difficult.

- Ozzy falls out, Ozzy has to start over.
- Come on, buddy.

- Suddenly, Cochran is back in this Duel.
- Take your time, he's nowhere near you.

Ozzy's ball drops again.

Cochran in line to defeat one of
his biggest idols in this game.

Cochran-- oh, so close. Cochran
dops out. He's back to the start.

Ozzy now has the lead.

- This Duel is still up for grabs.
- Take your time, bud.

- Get back to it, get back to it.
- Cochran having a lot of success.

It's a crazy, unwieldy
strategy, but it's working.

Take your time, buddy.

Cochran nearing that inner circle.
Ozzy nearing the inner circle.

Very close.

We have a Duel going here.

- Cochran with a nice move.
- Take your time, Cochran, stay cool.

You have to stay calm with this maze.

Ozzy with a good save.

It is Ozzy and Cochran. Right
now either guy could win it.

- Take your time.
- Both guys within inches of the finish.

Cochran very close and he drops
out in the inner circle again.

Ozzy wins the Duel and stays alive!

It's okay.

Oh, man, Cochran!


Dude, you almost got me!

- Cochran.
- Yeah.

You almost did it.

Even though I didn't win,
I-- I was going up against

probably one of the most
challenge dominators

to ever play this game

and to come so close is
dream fulfilment for me.

I love "Survivor."
I love, I breathe "Survivor."

To be here. To be facing you.

To hear you say, "come on
in, guys, " before the challenge.

I'm thinking, I'm one of the
guys! He's talking about me.

It's one surreal moment after another

and I'm talking to kind of prevent
myself from getting teary eyed and stuff

because this has been, by far, the
most incredible moment of my life.

- Really?
- Yeah.

What are the tears--
Where are they coming from?

It's coming from a realization that I'm
not the person I necessarily thought I was.

And that I can be a better person
that's more pleased with himself

and the decisions that he
makes and the things he pursues.

I gotta tell you, Cochran,
because you risked,

because you weren't the most likely guy to
be on this show and you found your way here

and you were ridiculed and people
picked on you and you didn't back down.

In fact you did one of the
biggest moves in this game.

Yoi better be a new guy,

because I think a part of you died
out here and a new part was reborn.

Thank you.

And now, unfortunately, the
adventure has come to an end.

It is time for you to go.

- Good job, bro.
- Thank you.

Make that sweater vest.

All right, Ozzy, you
stay alive in this game.

You are one step closer to
getting back into the game.

In a moment, you're going
to make a very big

decision that impacts
the six of these guys,

but before you make that decision,
I want you to know what is at stake.

Sophie, been out here 31 days.

There is nothing like the love
of a dad to make it all good.

Thurston, come on out.

Oh, my God.


I love you.

Give him a quick hug,
Sophie. Come on back.

I want Reeses peanut butter cups, and
fresh made banana bread and a hamburger.

Edna, here's your sister, Debbie.

Okay, how are you? I'm
very worried about you.

Really? I'm okay.

Coach, a lot of people on the fence
about you. Is he for real? Who knows?

My brother knows.

Your brother, Pete, would know.
Pete, come on down. Give Coach some love.

Man, you look awesome.

That's a hug.

- So good to see you.
- Rick, come on down, brother.

Katy, come out here.

Come on, darlin'. Come over here.

Rick needs some
family love.

I don't smell very
good but you look good.

Get a room.

Albert, here's your mom, Annie.

I love you so much.

Look at you. You look great.

Brandon, your dad, Sean, Russell Hans'
brother, is here to give you some love.

Come on out, Sean.

That was a lot of emotion.

So now, Ozzy, you have
a big decision to make.

Choose one person to spend
some time with their loved one.

A lot of strategy in
who you give love to.

You could curry a lot of favor
should you get back in this game.

I choose Albert.

Albert will get to spend
some time with his mom.

- I'm sorry, guys, it's just.
- Don't be sorry yet.

Choose one more person, Ozzy.


Coach, going to get some
love from his brother, Pete.

Choose one final person, Ozzy.


Brandon will get to
spend time with his dad.

That means Rick's wife, Katy, Edna's
sister, Debbie, and Sophie's dad, Thurston,

your time out here is done.
Wave your good-byes and head out.

Bye, sweetie.

Love you.

Sophie, Rick, Edna, got nothing for you.
Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.

Sorry, guys.

All right, so, Coach, Albert, Brandon,
you have the Evo 3D from Sprint.

Take advantage of it.
Capture these memories.

You're in charge of the phone
because all of you guys

are going to spend your
time on Redemption Island.

Lead the way, Ozzy.

Get everybody and take them to your home,
something you guys have not experienced,

something you guys will not forget.


Yeah, this is it.

- Does rain get in here?
- A little bit.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity to be on "Survivor."

It's a once-in-a-10-million opportunity
to get to the loved ones' visit.

And you your mom. One, two, three.

This phone freaking rocks, man.

First of all, any type of technology,

you could bring out a phone from 1995 and
it would maybe look somewhat cool out here,

and here's this flat
screen phone. That's crazy!

Check it out, man. Check
out the 3D action here.

Oh, dude! Holy smokes.

So this couldn't have
come at a better time.

This is an incredible pick-me-up
at this point in the game.

I think Ozzy picked me in the
hopes I would be in his corner.

I got one better for you Ozzy.
I'm in your house.

I want to talk to you.

I'm not going--
I'm not going to B.S. you man,

I'm always going
to be straight with you

and I want you to be straight with me

- and I want you to keep this
conversation confidential. - Of course.

As soon as you get back from redemption,
there will be either six or five,

and I have a perfect
final three scenario.

You, me, and one other person.

I'm giving you my
word, dude, as a Christian man.

If you'll notice in
this game, I say, hey,

it would be great to
take you to final three.

When I say as a Christian man I
promise you this is what I will do

that's an irrevocable promise. I
want to take him to the final three.

Two noble warriors fighting it out.
This is who the sole survivor is.

- Me, too.
- All right, cool, man.

It's going to be such an example to
people. It going to change people's lives.

Spit on a million dollars.
Spit on the sole "Survivor."

What are you here for, then?

I'm here to set an
example for Christ, bro.

And I'm going to play this game
out with honor and integrity

and like Christ would play it.

I know you're loyal and that's the
way I've always taught you to be.

- But I'm just saying.
- What?

At the end of the day and you know that a
move would put you into the final three--


-Brandon, are you kidding me?
- I'm not kidding you.

You came here to win a million dollars.

- Let's not lose perspective.
- It's changed. It's changed, man.

I'm sorry if it make us upset.

It doesn't make me upset you want to
stand on the fact you're a Christian,

but you're also here to do a job and
that job is to bring home the gold.

I'm seeing Brandon frazzled. I'm
seeing him I don't like what I see.

So I'm really glad that I came today

because if I had to grade Brandon
on the way he's playing right now

I'd probably give him about a "C."

I don't know how he
hasn't gotten voted out yet.

God also wants us to be wise, be
wise and make a good decision.

Put your family in a good position or you
can just go preach on the street corner

and don't worry about money.

Just trust that God-- Dude, our lives have
been planned out since we were born, bro.

He has to begin to play the
game and play it to win it.

It's the Hantz way, baby.

You've got to put yourself
into this final three,

and then at that point
that's when it's up to God.

I'm glad I came out here.

Because Brandon really looks like
he's not holding together well.


So I just wanted to confirm
that you were going to take him,

you know, make

- where you really were with him.
- Yeah.

You're the single person that
he has all his eggs in that basket.

At this point, who do you want
to bring to the final three?

- When it get to five, I have to figure
out-- - you're going to make a decision.

I have to make a decision,
the problem is that--

Before I leave here,

I'll tell him whatever you
tell him to do, period.

It's in your hands. So
there it is. That's it.

Brandon Hantz's dad, a chip off the old
block. They're all cut of the same cloth.

Brandon's dad comes out here and basically
tries to bully me into making sure

his son goes all the way to the
end and wins a million dollars.

Even if he wins a challenge, he
goes to you to ask what?

All right. I'm good with that.
Are we down? Are we straight?

It's all about manipulation and control
and the Hantz family are the kingpins.

I'm not going to have
anybody browbeat me and

handcuff me into a final
three with Brandon.

The kid is a loose cannon.

Brandon is a ticking time bomb.
But guess what... that tick-tock

is not your tikme bomb. That's your clock.
You're about to be expired on ths island.


Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?

First things first,
Albert, I'll take it back.

Once again immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's Challenge, your goal is to
keep moving across a giant puzzle board.

You'll take turns flipping over a
puzzle piece and stepping on to it.

Once a piece is turned over, you
can never step pack on to it.

Once you're out of moves, you're
out of the Challenge.

Last person left standing wins immunity,

safe at Tribal Council, one
step closer to the million dollars.

Losers, somebody will be voted
out and sent to Redemption Island.

Where Ozzy is anxiously
awaiting your arrival.

We'll draw for spots, we'll get started.

All right, Sophie, you're up first.


You're trying to get as big a
piece of this pie as you can.

Once you run out of
yellow tiles, you are out.

Coach, is this challenge a little
bit like a metaphor for the game,

the moves you make early will
dictate your success later?

That's exactly right.
Great metaphor, Jeff.

Took the words right out of my mouth.



Brandon with an interesting
move, moves toward Albert.

Coach is moving closer to Edna.

Circle's getting very small.

Looks like Edna is getting squeezed out.

Edna just reduced Brandon's
options quite a bit.


Brandon feeling very confident.

Rick makes his move, and
with that Coach gives

what appears to be a
dragon slayer move.

It looked like to be--
a little dragon slayer.

Albert has one move to make.

He goes into the center square, and
that will be Albert's last move.

Albert is out of this challenge.

Edna looking at her limited options.

Brandon makes his last move ceremoniously,
Brandon, out of this challenge.


What's that?

I was talking to him about
my little strategy there.

What was it?

I just wanted to cover
enough surface area to where

a particular person
didn't win this immunity.

You can just use my name
from now on like you do.

Edna, they talking about you?

I don't think they were
talking about anybody else here.

It's pretty straightforward.

I was so unlucky enough to be
not on the beach the first day,

and now that repercussion, just
like you used the analogy,

your moves on day one, or your early
moves have implications later on.

Edna, you're up.

Coach. Coach can feel the necklace.

He has the biggest piece of real estate
on the board. It is his challenge to lose.

Rick. Rick makes his last move.

- Thank you.
- Take a spot on the bench.

Sophie makes her last move.

Sophie's out of the challenge


Edna with every move you make, you
seem to get more agitated.

It's a bit of insult to say mildly.

It's been a team sport for some
individuals and at some point,

they're going to have to realize
it will be an individual game.

Edna, make your last move.

With that, Coach wins individual immunity,
is safe tonight at Tribal Council.

- Coach, come on over.
- Thank you, Jeff.

Coach, safe tonight at Tribal
Council. Cannot vote for Coach.

As for the rest of you,
Edna, Rick, Brandon, Sophie, Albert,

after 32 days in the South Pacific,

somebody voted out tonight
and sent to Redemption Island.

Grab your stuff, head back to camp.
I'll see you at Tribal. Congrats.


Brandon's so truthful
he sticks his freaking

smelly foot in his mouth
and get in trouble.

I'm not going to let this make me down.

If she wants to put me as her little
bad guy today, I'll be the bad guy.

Hopefully my tribe will stay strong and
as long as we do have more game to play

and I'm going to enjoy
that breakfast on day 39.


every day

tribe surprise me with
the things they do.

And every day I'm recalculating
who I think the jury's going to hate

who I think the jury's going to love.

And Brandon opened his mouth.
He was really rude to Edna.

There was no reason to tell her
"we're all trying to get you out."

I mean, that's a bullying thing to do.

Do you boys need some water filtered?

Why do you got to do
that, Brandon? And I like Edna.

It didn't need to happen.

She was clearly not going
to win the game so

why kick her in the
guts like a little dog,

calling a dog over, come
here, come here, come

here, and whack it in
the gut with your foot.

You know, that's not right.

Edna, I just wanted to
let you know, I didn't

mean to make you feel
bad or anything.

Well, you did.

- Did I really?
- Yes, I was about to cry.

I feel like I'm going to cry now.

Well, you know me in any
situation, I'm very

transparent with what's
going to happen.

Hopefully you respect that.
I didn't mean any harm.

I didn't want to be rude
we saying someone's name.

The fact that you even brought it up is a
little bit unnecessary to mention. I think.

All I can say is I'm sorry and
I hope you accept my apology.

I mean, at this point, it's
like you already did it, so.

I understand.

I accept the consequences of my action.

Brandon did verbalize an
apology but it's insincere.

It's like beating your wife.

And then apologizing or
buying her a diamond necklace.

I bought her a diamond necklace.
I apologized, and that's it.

In his mind, it's like
okay, she apologized.

Let's move on to
the next insult.

Brendan, I think, often thinks
his apology absolves all sin.

Maybe that's true in church but on
"Survivor" people are not as forgiving,

you know, as Jesus Christ is.

And Edna is not as forgiving
and the rest of the tribe...

It didn't go
unnoticed with us.

I have a proposition for you all.

Obviously, I want to save my own hide
and live another day in this game.

My campaign right now is
at the expense of Brandon.

We've been preaching that our
tribe is about honor, integrity,

and playing this like it's real life.

And I feel as though the actions
of Brandon in the last 32 days don't.

Aren't really consistent with that.

It's day 32, and I ask you to
define what honor and integrity is.

Does it include lying to
your other tribe mates?

Does it include all
these emotional outbreaks?

I just ask you to juxtapose against
the way I performed in this game.

I just cannot accept the fact that

our tribe says honor and
integrity and honor and integrity

and then you allow such
behavior to happen in our camp.

That is almost a hall pass for
him to act irrationally around camp

and emotionally destructive
to everybody around us?

Me, mikayla, you guys, when you guys
were involved in the mikayla thing.

Me and Mikayla, you guys... when you
guys were involved in the Mikalya thing.

My neck is in the guillotine right now.

And I'm just giving you guys--
please, give me one more day here.

Edna provocatively put
something on the table.

Vote out Brandon tonight,
keep me, and the

four of us will take
ownership of this game.

Systematically she just
laid it all the out for us.

If there's any argument for us to
send somebody else home tonight,

she served Brandon up slowball style.
A pitch we can knock out of the park.

On a day were we thought Edna was
definitely gonna go home

that's not the case anymore.

All right, give it to me straight.

You take an independent jury.

And you put Edna on the stand and
you put Brendan on the stand.

Who will be convicted guilty? Brandon.

Who is more deserving of
staying? Edna. Absolutely.

They don't want to send Brandon to
Redemption, have him win and come back.

That's fine and good and everything.

It's just-- I have to ask this question
because it's definitely an option.

Would you be-- I have to ask it
because it's definitely an option.

- Will you play your idol for me?
- No.

What are your intentions for the
idol. When do you think you'll use it?

I don't think I'll use it.

If I use the idol right now, everybody
else in the game no longer trust me.

If I play the idol, I'm for
sure the next person to go.

If I give you the idol they're
going to vote my ass off. Like, 100%.

I just don't want to go down without
at least attempting everything.

I admire that, I admire that.

You know, absolutely, you should go up
and tell, you know, Albert and Sophie.

You should go tell Albert and Sophie I
talked to Coach and everything is cool.

See you at Tribal. See how they vote.

Obviously I'm not going to
be writing my name down.

I'll be writing
Brandon's name down.

All I need is the 2 of you
too come on board and just

I just want to hear if that's something
that you would even consider.

Honestly, I'm not going to B.S. you.
I'm giving it legitimate thought.

I just have to know that
our numbers are there.

Right. It's just you
and Sophie, basically.

You're saying Coach
is 100% in right now.

Absolutely. 100%.

I personally never heard
that from him, but okay.

Coach is 100%.

I'll eat-- the only thing I can
say is I'll eat a piece of his.

That's how much of 100%
I am that he's in with this.

You know, Edna can kind of feel
the heat bearing down on her.

But Edna makes really good poins.
Edna said straight up, I'm not a threat.

I'm not going to win the game.

I'm not going to be very
competitive in challenges.

Just save my neck now and I can guarantee
you guys a place in the final four.

And at this stage of the game,
on day 32 "Survivor"

any time you can have a guaranteed
place that deep into the game,

it's something tha's pretty
appealing. If I can do that,

there's a chance Brandon might
have a big surprise tonight.

Now I'll bring in
the members of our jury.

Jim. Keith. Dawn. Whitney.

And Cochran.

So, Edna, based on today's challenge,
it's clear you're in the hot seat tonight.

When you go back to camp,

who do you target as the person
who should go home instead of you?

I've been trying to target Brandon.

His actions, behaviors, and words have
been inconsistent with our Upolu mantra of

what is it again, Coach?

Our mantra is honor, loyalty, integrity.

And I think of all the
remaining tribe members,

Brandon deviates most
from our mantra.

From the first Tribal Council,

he plotted a lie that
involved Stacey and

Christine against Mikayla
to create disruption.

Today's challenge was another example.

He said, "my strategy was to prevent
you, Edna, from winning immunity.

" How is that consistent
with honor and integrity?"

Brandon, what's it like
to hear this moments

before we vote somebody
to Redemption Island?

You know, it's all right.

I don't really have anything
negative to say about Edna.

She's misconstrued a lot of things.
She's been inaccurate--

Hold on...
I have to say, Brandon,

I remember the first Tribal and the
lie and I remember you admitting it.

And everyone here, including
our jury, knows that.

I thought you were just saying
she's misconstrued everything.

Well, my apologies. Honestly, I feel
like she's just taking shots at me.

I don't mind being a punching bag today

but I don't think she should
take at my character personally.

I've actually been pretty open with
everything, with every single thing.

So, would it hurt your feelings
if you were vote out tonight?

Absolutely. And after hearing the
things that Edna said about me,

it hurt my feelings a
lot because I've never

had a negative thing
to say about Edna,

despite the fact that
she's running around the

tribe and planting seeds
in people's minds.

- Edna. -To clarify, I
wasn't planting seeds.

I am not fabricating the
events that happened.

They happened. I didn't make
one of those things up.

Sophie, take me through the
difficulty of something like this.

Now that you are with a group of people
that you have been together for 32 days.

Right. As everybody
said, we're a family.

We have all this unity.
We have all this loyalty.

But as Savaii has been reminding
us, it's going to end soon,

and I think today is
that day that it's ending.

Albert, where do you sit on this?

Well, it gets difficult when
you get this point you know

because a lot of people have
contributed to us getting here,

but when you look at that core,

it always starts to get thinner and
thinner the deeper go into this game

and we're making a decision
between how the game is played out

and the promises that
were made early on.

All right, let's get to the vote.

Coach has the immunity necklace. Everybody
else is fair game. It is time to vote.

Rick, you're up.

Brandon, I know youu came up
here to cleanse your family name.

You're not doing a very
good job at it. I'm sorry.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Okay, once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Edna.


Edna. Two votes Edna,
one vote Brandon.

Edna. Three votes Edna,
one vote Brandon.

14th person voted out, Edna.
That's four. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Edna, the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get back in this game.

Grab your torch. Head to Redemption
Island. Good luck.

Thanks, Jeff.

Well, from the beginning, you've said
it would be the five of you. Now what?

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

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Season 23 Episode 13

Next time on "Survivor":

We know that we can go at it
with honor, loyalty, and integrity.

- That is not true.
- Don?t you lie to me.

That is not true.

- They told us, Brandon.
- ...throw you under the bus--

Will you ( Bleep) let me finish.

I do not care a single thing
about honor and integrity.

Edna thinks she may have it.

No way.

- Ozzy?

Sorry to scare you.

It's Edna.

Hey, Edna.

I was very disappointed to
see Coach write down my name.

His constant fear of looking
like he's betrayed the tribe

has made me feel
betrayed by him.

Well... what do you wanna know?