Survivor (2000–…): Season 23, Episode 12 - Cult Like - full transcript

At the immunity challenge, one tribemate makes a big gesture to a fellow castaway.

Previously on survivors

Since day one,Coach has
been the driving force

behind an impenetrable alience of five

We got Rick,Brandon,Sophie,Alber,and
you've got myself

And he added anna as the sixth

I can't lie to anybody anymore

But Brandon shattered any
illussions that edna had about

moving up in the pecking order

Brandon said the other five
peoples and the allience

have basically just tolerated me.

We are merged.

After the two tribers
merged,they were dead even.

At this point,it's a
dead-locked,6-6 vote

You are the most
powerful man in the game

But coach somehow convinced cochran to

jump from six at the old
savaii to seven in his allience

- Who is the strongest,strongest man on earth they called him?
- Hercules

Yep. Absolutely

I convinced cochran he
will be the man of the match

Keith,the tribe has spoken

With the number advantage,the
old upolu triber picked off

the Old savaii tribe one by one

Whitney,the tribe has spoken

Leaving ozzy,dawn,and
whitney at redemption island


Waiting to battle it out for
a shot at returning to the game

The good news is the seven of
you have accomplished your goal

The bad news--
nowhere left to hide

This game is about to change


They are seven

We have eradicated all
former Savaii members

we have seven left and we're all family

so now we have to start
sending home some of our own

I think I'm getting used
to seeing my name at Tribal

- was anybody worried tonight or not really?
- No

Coming back from tribal

At least the sense of paranoia

Because now people have
ideas floating around

who is five,six and seven

and who is not in that top four?

I'm deluded into thinking I'm safe

like i said at
tribal,I'mGoing to stick to it

I am happy with my my decision

no vacillating,no questioning

Tribal council was
kind of alarming to me

because it was made clear I was
the person that was going in seven

Thank you for adopting
me into your family

doesn't this feel great?

It feels like
we're finally--Like

Like when there are so
many people here I hate it

It doesn't feel like we're a tribe

after surviving another
night I realize the family

could turn on me at any moment

so I'll Really reevaluating what I
need to do to get further in this game

to make sure I'm not
taken out by the family


-= proudly presents

-Sync:elequent ????????߿???elephant


{a6}TE TUNA DAY 28

I was a good kid and done well in school

but fifth grade for whatever reason
was kind of my rambunctus period.

I wassed to change my
reputation As a brown noser

so the nastiest thing I could think
of was to start prank calling people.

I went back to my house

I didn't have a good
idea of how sex worked

so I was calling these
girls and saying thingsLike,

"I think you're so hot. I really
want to trade sperm with you."

I'm sorry

and then I'd hang up and think
that was a successful prank call.

I always thought his
personality is something

cochran has going for him out here.

When I first came here I
felt kind of bad for cochran

because I felt like
people were bullying him

but I can see now why
people got annoyed with him

You know,I get frustrated by
the kind of air he puts on.

I think he's really
proud of the move he made

and I think he still thinks that
somebody will take him to the end.

I don't like it.

Advertise your product or brand here
contact today

There has kind of always been this
cult-like quality to the Upolu family

Just hearing the word "family"
over and over you can't help

but think of charles
manson and the Manson family

and the family that created
so many heinous murders.

holy god,help us to stay
strong,stay away from temptation,

father god,don't get angry with each
other and we'll just stay a family

in Jesus' name,amen.

brandon in particular seems
almost obsessively devout,

to the point where it seems like he's trying
to suppress something a lot more scary.

I don't want to be sharon
tate in this scenario

and I need some sort of plan or
else I'm going to be exterminated.

I'm going to be given the poison
Kool-aid and meet my untimely Demise.

I am hoping ************

Coming on in,guys

Basically what I wanted to talk about is

I realize that my name is
probably being floated around

to be the next person
voted out of the tribe

and it makes sense because I'm new here

but I made A big sacrifice
to kind of change my game

and I feel like the upolu
tribe did benefit from It.

So basically all I'm asking
is for the debt to be paid back

just by saving me from
one Tribal council.

I'm not asking you to promise
me final four or even final five.

I would just really,really
Appreciate it.

And it is my birthday in three Days

so I'd love to celebrate
my Birthday with all of you.

If you want to talk about it I'm
Willing to leave and let you all Discuss.

- All right.
- thanks,cochran.

cochran said,"I know a lot
Of you feel indebtedded to me.

" I don't feel indebtedded
to you. Screw you.

He made an awful move. He
should have stuck with his Tribe.

I'll be honest,guys,I'm
not Really going to say much

because I think he makes a valid
point But it's not my opinion.

It's the opinion of us five.

Whatever you want to do I'll Support.

I agree with albert,he
Sacrificed so much for us

and I Want it to be a group decision.

I would say that I would
vote For switching it

to keep cochran Here another day.

yes,I think he made big Moves but

I feel just as Indebted
to edna as I do to Cochran.

So if this is a democracy,my
Vote is for cochran.

albert and I see we do owe
Cochran another day in this Game.

If we could just pull one
more Vote to keep cochran.

We've gotten down to the seven.

Everybody is fighting to be
standing at the bitter end.

*****The competitors for today's Duel.

Ozzy,dawn,and whitney.

All right,you guys know the Stakes.

In order to stay in this
game,You have to win today's duel.

Here's how it works.

For today's duel,

you will Balance ceramic dishes
on the End of a long,wobbly arm.

The more dishes you stack,the More
difficult it will be to Keep them stable.

When your dishes
fall,you're Out of the duel.

Last person left standing stays Alive

and will continue their Quest to get
back in this game For a shot at the money.

Losers are out of the game for Good

and will become the third And
fourth members of our jury.

Take your spots.

All right,everybody pick
up Your arm and place it.

First dish you're going
to put On is a large plate.

Make sure you have it where you Want
it. Get comfortable with that arm.

See what that feels like while You
still have a chance to Experiment.

All right,let's add a large Bowl.

Take your time.

Place it,think about the dishes
That are going to go on top of It.

As this stack growsi
grows,it'g To get difficult.

Dawn went to uconn
an yawn,anr this game.


We're going to add another dish.

You're going to add a small Plate.

This is a milliondollar
Doordie duel right here.

Ozzy starting to wobble a Little.

Nice recovery.

Time to add another dish.

You're going to place a large Bowl.

Anybody can win this game if
you Can just get to the end.

Dawn loses her stack.

Dawn is out of this duel and
out Of the game of "survivor.

" She becomes the third
member of Our jury.

- great job,dawn.
- ******

You're going to add The
12th dish,a large Plate.

You saw how fast you can be out Of this.

Don't lose your focus.

Time to add a small bowl.


Nice job.

Whitney starting to wobble a Little.

Whitney loses her stack.
Whitney is out of this Challenge.

Ozzy stays alive and continues
His quest to get back in this Game.

you just wanted to break That.

it was a pleasure,ladies.

It was such a pleasure.

Dawn,what's the Lesson
that you learned about

What you're capable of in life?

that anything's possible.

That anything is possible. I
mean,it's it's honestly,I Mean,

I think that's going to be Fuel
for me and my family and my Kids.

I mean,I feel like if one of my Kids
says,"hey,I've got this Pipe dream,"

I'm going to say,"let
me hang on and let's go.

" I hope the people I'm
around Will feel this energy

I felt From seeing the
impossible Become possible.

Dawn,your adventure,Sadly
for you,has come to an End.

but I got to take it.

It's time for you to Go. You
become the third member of Our jury.


Probst,I love you.

- put it in?
- Put it in.


Whitney,what was this
adventure About for you?

just proving that you can do This.

It was amazing,and it was
hard But you make it through it

and You push through on those
days That you don't think you can.

My family is going to be proud,

And my friends will be proud,

And so I'm going to be proud.

28 days is a long time.

Whitney,this parent Of your life's
adventure has Come to an end.

It's time for you to go. You become
the fourth member of Our jury.

- thank you.
- See you at tribal.

Ozzy,you stay alive in this Game.

You're one step closer to Getting
back in for a shot at The money.

Grab your stuff. Head
back to redemption island.

Await your next opponent.

see you guys.

All right,guys. Head back to camp.

from this point on,I'm even
More excited to go into the Duels

and beat people that are
My enemies in this game.

I have to rely on myself
Winning,but that is what I do Best,

and that's the way that
I want to win this game.


I can *********** I can
keep getting stronger.

This is my home,redemption Island.

This is how I'm playing
the Second half of my game

and There's no one better
suited to be out here than me.


i'm *******

******** What's on your agenda?

I was going to go fishing
but Cochran wanted to go

and when it Comes to fishing,
three is Company but four's a crowd.

do you have any clothes to Watch?

edna is out there doing the
Laundry and the funny thing is,

You know,this is "survivor"
the Ultimate strategy game.

The flairs my alliance think
It's not outwit,outplay,Outlast.

They think it's

To me this game is about
doing Well in challenges,

creating a Great strategy,and
playing a Strong social game.

So those are what I'm focused On.

I'll leave the housework
to Martha stewart.


it's got teeth so be careful.

what do I do? I'm
afraid of hurting myself.

you're what?

brandon just caught this Giant,really scary looking fish
That have these kind of Intimidatinglooking fang teeth

And I'm in charge of holding it
But it seems to have some life In it

so I'm nervous it will
Resurrect and attack me.

But whatever it takes to feed Our tribe

I'm willing to put our
Plaintiff and limb in danger

and Brandon is doing an awesome job
Of fishing and I'm happy to help Out.

I feel like I'm part of the Team.

I didn't physically catch
it,But I'm physically holding it

And I'll bingly be the one
to Bring it back to camp

and him The one they'll
hoist on their Shoulders.


everybody worked real hard Today,man.


I appreciate you coming
out There and helping us.

I'm glad to help. this guy was so
patient. He was sitting there...

bye,edna. bye.



albert proceeded to lay in The hammock

and watch me for two Hours
while I did the laundry,

And when I stepped away from
the Laundry for one minute,

I come Back to the
fire being doused Out,

and the embers are wet and You can't
get the fire started That easily.

Oh,that was so infuriating.

Albert does pretty much
nothing Except lie around

and eat fish And wait for
other people to Wait on him.

I don't think albert has done
A day of work in his life.

I think that both has been Handclothed,

handbathed by his
Mother since he was two.

he just literally stay on
the Hammock for two hours

and so now I was like there's
no fire,the Laundry is not done

and albert Hasn't done anything.
He al literally sat there.


albert is a kind of
precious Thing in camp.

He's like one of those barbie Dolls.

They look cute because they Don't
do do anything and sit There.

That's why I call him prince Albert. It's
like I'm the prince and you Guys work for me.

It just kills me.

tell me I'm basically next Person to
go after cochran. Is that still true?

I think so,yes.


because it's time to start
Picking everybody off one on One.

I know,but why am I next?

I found out I'm basically the
Next person to go after cochran

Which makes me feel as though I
Am pretty low on the totem pole.

I definitely have to
shake it up Right now

because sixth or Seventh
is not acceptable for Me.

Do you have any suggestions,any Ideas?

What's your plan,coach?

My understanding is we're at a
Consensus that cook ran is next?


Keeping edna and cochran would
Be the best thing for me to do

Because they're never going to Vote
me out so it's really like A catch22.

Which side should I go at this Point.

Do I want to honor my
word,be a Man of integrity,

stick with the Five or do
I want to go another Route?

Nothing is for sure in this game


- ***** This morning?
- why?

to center you and empower You.

- Right?
- yeah.

one of the two of us should Win
immunity today because we're Doing this.

There's that one player on every
Team that you give everything To.

It's why you teach or coach
and It's why I play "survivor"

to Find that one student
that wants To learn.

So I took cochran out to do Thi chi.

I do feel like I owe cochran and I feel like I
owe him some type Of hope going into the Challenge.

You never know what kind of
Challenge it's going to be

and Maybe,you know,hopefully
it Will empower him.

coach,for all the jokes About it
and all the jokes Directed at coach,

it is a Valuable thing for me to do.

Usually I have all these Conflicting
goals bouncing Around in my head

how do I Curry favor with brandon,

how do I make rick like me,
how do I Make coach like me

but now all The stress exited my pours.

All that wins is a singular
Drive to win immunity

and I Think I can do it
after today's Session.

- you good to go,man?
- yes.

I'm just nervous but I'll get there.

Come on in,guys.

******* Immunity challenge? you bet.

First things first.
Sophie,I'll take it back again.

Once again,immunity
is back up For grabs.

For today's challenge,

I'm going To give you a little
"survivor: South pacific" deja vu.

The first stage,you will toss Sandbags
attempting to land them On top of crates.

The first three to get a sandbag On each
of their crates moves on To the final round

where you Will use a large slingshot
to Fire coconuts at targets.

First person to knock down all
Their targets wins immunity,

is Safe at tonight's tribal Council.

In addition,the winner of this Challenge will
be treated to a Nice "survivor" spa afternoon.

You'll go back to camp where you Will
get a chance to enjoy a Bush shower.

You'll then have a massage,

work Out some of the cinches
from 30 Days out here.

Could be just what you need
for These last nine days.

- Worth playing for?
- yeah.

All right,we'll draw For
spots and get started.

All right,three people will
Move on to the final round.

Three,two,one. Toss.

Coach lands his first one.

Sophie lands her first one.

Brandon lands one.

Edna lands one.

Cochran lands one.

Albert lands one.

Coach lands his second bag.

Rick lands one.

Everybody has one bag.

Coach has two bags.

You're looking for a total of Three.

Albert hung on the
Edge and then fell off.

Coach on and off.

Sophie lands her second bag.

Rick lands his second bag.

Sophie,coach,and rick each Have
two bags. Everybody else has one.

Albert sticks his second.

Brandon gives it a go. On and off.

Rick is on and off.

Albert nails it.

Albert is moving on to the final Round.

We are looking for two more.

Sophie,oh! Will not stick.

Cochran's got his second.
Cochran is now back in this.


Rick lands his third Bag. Rick has
moved on to the final Along with albert.

One spot remains.

If sophie,cochran,or coach Lands a bag
right now,they move On to the final round.

Will is that do it for coach? No.

Cochran a little short.

Can sophie do it right here?

And she does!

Sophie moves into the
final with Albert and rick.

All right,for the final round,It
is albert,sophie,and rick.

First person to hit all three of Their targets
with a coconut Wins immunity and massage.

Survivors ready?


You can only grab one coconut at A time
but you can go as fast as You can move.

Everybody looking to
get their First shot in.

Albert just misses low.

Sophie just misses low.

Rick just misses low.

Albert connects with his first Target.
Albert with only two targets Left.

Rick get his first target.

Sophie,gotta get in this.

- Rick hits his second target.
- good job,rick.

Rick now with one Target left.

Albert just misses.

Rick could win it right here.

Just short.

Albert hits his second target.

It is now albert and
rick. One target left.

Rick could win it,immunity
and Massage,with this toss.

No! Can albert do it?

Alberalknocks his third tearing.
Albert wins immunity and Massage.

good job,al.

Albert,come on over

Nice job.

Albert is safe at tonight's Tribal
council,cannot be voted Out of this game.

In addition,you're
going to go Back to camp,

get a bush shower Full of fresh water.

You will then lie down
on a Massage table,

get a Professional masseuse,nice,
Natural oils,work out those Cinches.

Right next to your massage
table Is a second table.

Choose one more person
to join You for a massage.

Big decisions you're making in a Very
complicated social game Right now.

what makes it so tough Because each person
over here is A family member of mine.

I'm going to have to take coach On this.

Coach,come on over .

I gotta ask one thing,Though,jeff.
Is there any way I can pick one More?


- no way?
- No.

can I give my reward away,Then.

- You want to give your Massage up.
- yeah.

- To somebody else.
- I wouldn't mind doing that.

Somebody give me their
food Reward next time.

If you want to give Up your reward
to somebody else In this game.

Absolute,it is your reward.

I need the food,so
somebody Next time,please.

There's a guy here who
has a Birthday in two days.

I'm going to give it to the Birthday
boy. I'm going to give it to cochran.

Come on over.

thank you.

So,cochran,is a Massage something
you're looking Forward to.

yeah,I've given my mom
Macannels over the years

but I've never actually
personally Received one.

I'm looking forward to
being on The receiving end.

My brother is in two days
and This is a great gift.

I really,really appreciate it.

******** Albert wins immunity
Safe at tonight's tooik.

He gives up his reward.

Coach and cochran will go back ******


Grab your stuff and head
back to Camp. Congrats.

albert offered the reward to Me.

There are only two possible
Explanations for his decision.

One,he wants to work
Strategically with me

and is Trying to currie favor with
me Which would be a good option.

Two,it would be a sweet
Farewell gift for me to like him

When I get on the jury.

Either way.*********



oh,my gosh!

walking back into camp,Everything
is laid out for Cochran and I.

We've got two massage tables Ready.

We've got a shower to the left Side.

We've got two beautiful south Pacific
women that are ready to Massage us.

There's oils there.

Everything smells

The water's like it like Smells
scented like jasmine or Something.

Cochran,it's unbelievable.
Let me tell you.

I'm trying not to use all the Water.

yeah,try a little bit Harder.

Up to this point,I've
never had A massage.

I'm thrilled to see that,you
Know,some stupid little white Lie about

when my birthday was Which
actually took place six Months ago

is helping me Somewhat in this game,
even if It's to get a free massage.

how does it feel?

it feels great.

I mean,having a beautiful woman Stroke the
inside of my legs is A new experience for me.

this is just amazingly Rejuvenating to have
this kind Of treatment out here on day 30.

I couldn't ask for
anything Better than that.

Actually,I could ask for
Cochran's life to be saved Tonight.

I will fight for my man cochran
With my last dying breath.

Of that you can be
assured,my Young warrior.

I've upgraded to warrior.
Wasn't I a student before?

you're a young warrior right now.


I pulled aside albert,Not only to thank
him but to Kind of get a feeling of

whether He was willing to
continue Working with me,

knowing full Well that
my name is,you know,

The one being floated around
the Most to be voted out tonight.

quite frankly,it's not
Looking too good for your case.

I was pretty sure coach was on Board.

I was able to sway him a
little Bit and talk him into it.

The problem is I don't think
He's ready to make a huge move

That would be getting rid of,Like,a rick

I know he is.I know for a fact he is.

- you think so?
- no question.

Coach will vote out rick.
He calls him princess albert.

- when did you hear that?
- around the fire yesterday.

Look,I'm telling you I'm not
Obviously,I'm in survival mode Right now,

but I'm telling you 100%.

you don't know how happy it Would make me
to see you go Father than rick in this game.

It could make me ecstatic.

rick,to begin with,he's About
as smart as a bowling Ball,

and then I hear he's
Chirping in the background,

Calling me names,dropping
a Princess here and there.

Are you kidding me,rick?

I have a mind to get
rid of rick On this vote.

******* I just don't know if he'd do it.

I promise you this if he does
it,you can count on me,100%.

what's ******

I just *******


Because he heard about the Princess
albert. That annoys him a lot.

- good.
- he wants to vote out rick.*******

dude. I'm on board.

Albert caught wind that rick was
Calling him princess albert,Prince albert

because he doesn't Do
anything around camp.

Cochran and I trying
to use that Information

to try to get coach To come
with us to vote rick Off.

I feel like if we don't use
you To our maximum benefit,

part of The reason we won
that last Group challenge

and were 66 Into the
merge is because of You.

I think that we owe you
more of A,you know,debt.

I like you. I like coach.

yeah. I like you,too.

I talked to albert. He gave me this
whole spiel it's not looking so good.

SO ******

Rick's *******

He's *****

If *******

we have *********

I mean *******

He said *******

He just *******

********* Way I go

is going to determine
The rest of this game.

There is a tide that is coming.

I either take it and
go with a New alliance,

or stay with my First five.

As william shakespeare says,

There's a tide that comes in
the Lives of men that when taken,

Leads to great fortune.

But when omidst it,all the rest Of their
lives are bound in Shadows and misery.

I want to make sure that
I make The right decision.

I want to make sure
they take The right tide

so that I can Ride that tide all the way to
The end of this game that I love so dearly.

*********The members of our jury.

Jim. Keith. Dawn. And whitney.

Coach,where does this rank in
Terms of all the possibilities

That could happen with tonight's Vote?

I think the possibilities are Endless.

I mean,they really are
because Nobody really knows

if they're Going to the final three,
if They're four,five,six,or Seven.

There's a new scenario
that's Presented to me

and albert and Everybody
here every hour.

It's been crazy.

Cochran,did you feel The
scrambling happening today?

oh,absolutely because I took Part in it.

I'm sure it's going to
fill the Jury with glee

to discover I'm Probably
in great danger Tonight,

and I feel like an Idiot kind of.

I don't mean to sound greedy
but I'm here to collect a debt.

I gave life to this tried
and to Be targeted for seventh

it's a Little bit humiliating.

I feel a little bit duped.

The massage was one nice
way of Paying off the debt

but I feel Like I'm entitled to at
least One more night in this game.

just to comment on that
point I vocalize to the tribe

I Thought it's not in the best
Interest of our quote,unquote Image,

to use and abuse someone,

And I don't regret my decision
Of giving him the reward,

and I Don't want him
to regret his Decision.

Coach,does it Concern you a little
when you Have albert saying,"

I think Cochran's right?

" as everybody knows,we're
in This good standing

because Cochran made a move that
some People considered cowardice.

Others,including myself,Thought
it was very bold and Courageous.

Rick,are you worried At all if
cochran does play his Card tonight

that means it's one Of the other six?

oh,absolutely because
it's a Million bucks,yeah.

I've got my bags packed. I
really don't want to go,but,Yeah.

Edna,are you Emotional
tonight or are you

yeah,I'm a little emotional
Because I feel like I'm sixth,

You know,the perception
that The six were equal.

That was a delusion.

I was led to think that I was Equal
in certain people's minds,We weren't.

So your emotion is Anger,hurt,sadness?

sadness. I feel like I've already
been Deceived leading up to here,

Like,okay,I'm sixth.

That doesn't feel very good.

So,edna,if cochran Believes he's
seventh and you Believe you're sixth,

all you Need is to find
who's fifth and Who's fourth

because they're not In the money,either.


Talk to people and find a
little Crack,and expanding that.

It's a little bit of a publicity Act.

So we have to find certain
Angles and approach them.

- Jeff.
- Brandon.

everybody here knows what's
Going to happen for these two.

That's why tonight
I'm voting Out cochran

and then the next Night
my vote is for edna.

Let's not try to be so gray out
There and just get it out there.

I do believe there's black
and White and if there's gray,

you Might as well be
lying,to be Honest with you.

Coach,brandon now Poses a huge
problem for anybody In his alliance.

He is not malleable.

So if something goes haywire With
our plan,brandon ain't Going to help.

right,the fact that brandon Is not malleable
in this game is Both a blessing and a curse.

If you're with him,you know That
he's not going to turn on You,

but you're also afraid that
He's going to spilt apple cart.

Brandon,are you Exhausted right now?


What has tried you
The most in this game?

I want to do wrong things. I'm human.

But I there's something
stro Stronger inside me

that won't Let me.

Anything worth having
is not Going to be easy.

So that's all I'm
telling myself In my head.

Anything worth having
is not Going to be easy.

That's all.

Cochran,as hard as It is to see
brandon upset from A game point of view,

it's a Spark of life.

Maybe this is too much for him.

I mean,I think brandon's Revealed
he's probably not the Best person

to be in a strategic Partnership with.

Talking strait with brandon is Like talking
to you about shirts That aren't blue blue.

He doesn't comprehend it.
It isn't in his vocabulary.

I wouldn't want to come up
with Strategic ideas with him

because He doesn't
understand that Language.




Character aside,not the Greatest
strategy player out Here?

yeah. I think it's
sometimes unsettle Glg

so if something happens in This game and
your alliance has To make a different move

and Brandon says,"wish I could,Can't.

" I think right now
the way our Tribe is

I'm not concerned about Anything
happening in the game.And I think

if edna wins immunity,what Happens?

then it starts.

This has been a bit Of an
eyeopening tribal,hasn't It

- no?
- no.


So,cochran,how frustrating is It
if the move you made was for Naught?

it's intensely frustrating.

I thought I was being
some savvy Game player

and then I get voted
Out in a worse position

than I Probably would have
if I stuck With my old tribe.

It's extremely humiliating.

I pride myself on being
a "survivor" expert.

I hope this turns out to be one Of the most
idiotic moves in the History of the game.

It has been one of The most interesting
and Revealing tribal councils of the Season.

Albert has the necklace,cannot Vote
for albert. Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote. Brandon,you're up.

cochran,thanks for making The big
move when you made it. Happy birthday.

******** Down.

Hopefully the other three people In our
suballiance will be writing your name down,t


If anybody has the hidden Immunity
idol and you want to Play it,

now would be the time To do so.

Okay,once the votes
read,the Decision is final.

The person voted out will be Asked to
leave the tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,cochran.


Rick. Two votes rick,one vote Cochran.

Cochran. We're tied,two
votes cochran,Two votes rick.

Cochran. That's three votes
cochran,two Votes rick.

13th person voted out of
"survivor: South pacific," Cochran.

That's four. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Cochran,the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get Back in this game.

Grab your torch,head to
Redemption island. Good luck.

jeff probst,just snuffed my Torch.
It's unreal. A dream come true.

see you,cochran.

- geez.
- Just take the steps.

Well,there was a lot Of
information revealed tonight,

And your future in this game Will
be determined by what you Do with it.

Grab your torches. head
back to camp. Good night.

-= proudly presents

-Sync:elequent ??????Ȼ?????????elephant


**** "survivor":

our tribe is honor and Integrity,
and then you allow Such behavior.

Brandon's in deep Trouble.

on a day we thought edna was
Definitely going to go home

That's not the case anymore.

And cochran is in Even deeper.

Think *****

you have a chance.

He really doesn't stand a chance.

the bick move I made at the
Merge in jumping over to upolu,

In retrospect,may not
have been The best move.

I absolutely feel like upolu Used me.

The fact that they did
absolutely nothing to show any ***