Survivor (2000–…): Season 23, Episode 10 - Running the Show - full transcript

Paranoia among tribemates threatens to break a once-impenetrable alliance, and castaways are shocked at Tribal Council with the announcement of another double elimination. Meanwhile, on Redemption Island, a castaway makes a bold t...

Previously on "Survivor."

Jeff: Immunity.

Savaii, congratulations.

For 19 days two tribes,
Upolu and Savaii

traded victories in one
of the closest battles ever.

Thank you.

When they merged,
it was still Upolu versus Savaii.

It's six on six...

So everybody is looking for an in.

Jeff: But at the first
Tribal Council after the merge,

Cochran betrayed his own tribe,
sending Keith to Redemption Island,

giving the old Upolu
a numbers advantage.

And sending the old Savaii
into a state of shock.

You threw the whole [Bleep]
tribe under the bus.

You disgust me.

Jim, facing tonight's
Tribal Council.

When Ozzy failed
to win immunity,

the old Upolu jumped
at the chance to vote him out.

Let's try this
one more time, Jeff.

Ozzy, once again,
the tribe has spoken.

Sending him to Redemption Island
for the second time.

When people come through,

I'm gonna treat them very nice
and then I'm gonna send them packing.

Jeff: At the next immunity challenge,
Whitney, from the old Savaii,

hung on for the win.

Whitney wins immunity and
she's safe at tonight's Tribal.

Back at camp,

after previously going against
his alliance and targeting Edna,

Albert again tried to take
control by targeting Dawn.

I'm thinking in Dawn,
then Jim.

Albert is getting nervous.

He's thinking a lot right now
about pushing up the game.

But in Tribal Council,
Albert's plan

was rejected by Coach and the
rest of the old Upolu tribe.

Jim, the tribe has spoken.

Jim was sent to
Redemption Island.

And now with seven remaining
in the Upolu alliance,

the question is, will anyone
seize the opportunity

to team up with Dawn and Whitney

and turn the game
upside down.

What's up fellows.

- Hey there.
- What up, dude.


I thought we should see
on the final three.

- Whitney won immunity today.
- For real?

Yeah. They all sat out.
All seven sat out.

They get to eat.
And they gave the whole--

"We'll do this all as a team,
with blessings and..."

honor and like...
are you [Bleep] kidding me?

That is a cult unlike
I've ever seen before,

And the longer that
Coach has them believing

that they're all one tribe,

more likely it is that
he wins a million dollars.

He's gonna bring Edna and
Cochran to the end line.

That pisses me off.

I hate to say I told you so, gentlemen.

So I won't say it.

I shouldn't be saying this.

You guys are gonna roast me for this.

I try not to judge people.

Jim is the most dangerous
kind of person

because to your face
and on the surface

he looks like the best
friend of everybody.

When the chips are down
he wouldn't do [Bleep] thing for you.

That's the worst kind of guy.

Now that he's gone we're going
to grow as a family even more so.

You guys don't have anything
to worry about. Trust me.

Survival 101, rule 37,

anybody that is on the bottom
of the alliance

better not feel like they're
on the bottom of the alliance,

or they're going to revolve
and scramble to find

a better place in the game.

I keep talking to people about
unity and respect.

Because people get scared in
this game.

Blind sides happen every day,

in fact more blind sides happen

than alliances sticking

You guys have been around me.
I don't dictate anything.

I never tell
these guys what to do.

We all make suggestions,
it's equal.

Coach is running the show
like he's Jesus.

All of them think that they're
going to go to the end?

Obviously seven
can't go to the end.

It's so frustrating, I kind of
want to laugh at them.

Be like, y'all are so smart,

Cochran went to Harvard.
Sophie is going to med school.

I don't understand how these
smart people

can be so stupid.

Minutes 0 to 5 - Sync by "Survivor's Team".
Minutes 6 on - Sync by YYeTs.

Right leg forward.
45 degree angle.

Step out.

And push that target out.

Come back like you're shooting a bow.

Feel it as you pull back that string,
then we'll come out of it.

You can come out of
it any way you want to.

Come back to the center.
Bring your hands together.

As painful as it is
for me to admit it,

I am drinking the Coach's Kool-aid,

I'm drinking it very slowly,
not in huge gulps

but taking little
delicate ginger steps.

'Cause, as I am on the cult leader's side
I'm going to meet my untimely death, so

I got to obey the father of the family.

I got to tell you, man,
I'm a little bit worried.

I'm a little bit worried.

- About what?
- I don't know. I'm just worried, man.

Albert's been really squirrely
The last couple of days.

Brandon's running
around in Brandon mode.

Sometimes I think I'm
going to get blindsided.

Do you think everybody else is
going to vote me off in 7th?

I will do everything in my power
to make sure that doesn't happen.

But everybody always says that I'm
in control of the game, I'm really not.

I think you're worried that
Albert is going to do something.

I just think that
fishy things are abroad.

It was kind of alarming to hear

that Coach is pretty concerned about
Albert's mind in the game right now.

I think it's some
sort of power struggle,

Albert he's possibly one of the
two biggest leaders of that group

so it's possible he's aware

that they are gunning for him
earlier than they say they are.

So I'm starting to get
concerned about my place.

I felt comfortable 24 hours ago,
today I'm not so comfortable.

Now bring in the competitors
for today's duel.

Keith, Ozzy and Jim voted
out the last Tribal Council.

We brought the whole tribe
here to Witness today's duel.

Alright, here is how it works.

With your arms outstretched you
will use the top of your hand.

To hold two poles
against an overhead board.

If you lower your hands even
slightly the poles will drop,

You're out of the duel.

Last person left standing
stays alive in this duel

with a shot at a million dollars.

The two losers are out for good.

And will become the first and
second members of our jury.

Oh wow.

Big stakes what you're playing for.

This is it.
One shot, take your spot.

All right. Everybody is in
position. This duel is on.

This is another duel where
you need to concentrate.

'Cause if you lower your
hands even just a little bit,

that's all that pole
needs to fall to the side.

First person out becomes
the first member of the jury.

Second person out becomes
second member of the jury.

Last person standing is still in
the hunt for a million dollars.

Huge stakes at this duel.

Stay focused, Jim.

Who are you rooting for, Brandon?

I'd look to root for Jim, personally.

Anybody here rooting for Keith?

Yes. Go keith.

How about for Ozzy?

is on his own.

Jim drops out of the duel.

Jim becomes the first
member of our jury.

Good try, bro.

We're down to Ozzy and Keith.

They were tribe mates
at one point

now they're battling
against each other.

One stays alive.
One joins the jury.

Keith getting close to that edge.

Ozzy with a bit of movement.

Stay focused.

If you want to win this game
you have to win this duel.

That is it. It couldn't
be any more clear.

Both guys with their poles
on the edge of their boards.

Ozzy flirting with disaster trying
to keep his pole on the board.

Tiniest little movement
those poles are going to drop.

Keith drops out of the challenge.

Keith becomes the second
member of our jury.

Ozzy stays alive in this game.

And remains a threat
to get back in.

Try and win this for us, bro.

Go get 'em, brother.

Ozzy, the one guy who had
no support from the tribe.

- I'm sitting in the best place
I think that I could. - How so?

I don't have to rely
on people's trust

and I'm sitting there at
Redemption eating my heart out,

getting ready for the
next person to come in.

I'll be nice, I'll make
fish, make you fruit.

And then come in I'll beat you,
and I'll be sitting at the end, too,

And we'll see who's
back stabbed who

and who has taken the
higher road, if you will.

- Jim. Huge fan of "Survivor ."
- Yeah, big fan.

Wanted to be part of this
experience for a long time.

I'm hoping there's a secret
Double Redemption Island.

But I doubt that gonna happen.

- Not going to happen. - Unfortunately
there's no double redemption island.

You'll become the bfirst member
of our jury. Time for you to go.

Keith, this adventure is over, you'll
become the second member of our jury.

Time for you to go.

- Good job, Keith.
- Good luck buddy.

Ozzy, stay alive
on Redemption Island.

Grab your stuff, head back,
await your next duel.

- See you later guys.
- See you.

Alright guys,
head back to camp.

I got to say being alone on
Redemption is a beautiful thing.

I've really scored out here.
It's sort of like my mini paradise.

I've got all that I
could ever want in food.

I've got one of the most beautiful reefs
and interesing reefs full of caves.

I'm really glad that Te Tuna
Tribe is missing my skills.

As far as I can tell nobody is able
to get out there and go fishing.

Because they got to spend a lot
of their energy watching out,

Who is doing what and where people are
going and who people are talking to.

They got to watch out for
the conniving nature

that is the normal classic
end game of "Survivor".

Redemption adds a
whole new twist to it.

You have the skills
and ability like I do,

you can come out here and
really refresh, rejuvenate.

And get everything set to
go and play the end game

with a passion and a ferocity

that you can't get when you're
having to deal with a tribe.

I think it's that duel proves that
I'm a huge physical threat still.

And if anything I've just gotten stronger
since being out here on Redemption.

and the next couple people
coming through Redemption

are going to have a big
challenge in front of them.

And that's me.

Nothing, huh?

We definitely have to eat.
We're eating less.

I'd just be happy with some
more coconuts.

I think I was realizing this
morning again how frustated I am.

I jeopardized my own game
and didn't out your game plan.

When our group could
have shook It up.

So, I feel like you
could reciprocate.

I'll do anything to stay in now.

It's possible that our interests
intersect then.

you're still the number one
person I want to work with.

There's something appealing

about the idea of returning
to Dawn and Whitney.

They know it's going
to basically have to be

the act of an angel looking over them
to carry them further in the game.

I think if I were that angel,

that would probably earn
me a lot more jury votes

than just blindly
following the Upolu.

I'm willing to change things up
if I think it's...

- Yeah. I get it.
- Viable.

I mean, I'm not just giving
you lip service here--

I don't think you are at all.

Either way it's going
to be a leap of faith.

I'm going to either have to trust

that the few promises
I have received to take me

further than 7th place
have been sincere

or if I really am 7th in
line I got make a big move.

So, this is something
I need to seriously consider.

Come on in, guys.

All right are ypou guys ready
to get to your immunity challenge.

First Things first, Whitney,
I have to take it back.

You're not going to
help me at all, are you?

Nope. I don't want
to let go of it.

Once again immunity,
back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,
you will balance a bowl

filled with rice
on top of your head.

On my go you will race
across two teeter-totters

and empty your rice
into a container.

If at any point you touch the
bowl while on top of your head.

Or the bowl falls off you
got to go back to the start.

First person to finish wins immunity.

Is safe from the vote and is
one step closer to the money.

All right, we'll draw for
spots, we'll get started.

All right, everybody. Put your
bowls on top of your head.

Find a good sweet spot,
get that beanbag on there,

make sure that bowl
feels comfortable.

All right, here we go for immunity.

Survivors ready.


Making sure you get a good
fit on your head is key.

Albert back to the start.

Coach has to head back.

Cochran's got to head back.

Lot of balance in this.

Use your body.

Rick hanging on there.
Rick falls off. He's got to go back.

Dawn off to a good start.

Dawn almost loses it,
nice recovery.

Brandon and Sophie
trying to win this.

Dawn is back.
She emptied her rice.

Brandon's back with his rice.
Sophie back with her rice.

We got a challenge now.

Coach giving it another shot.

Coach got something going now.

Whitney up and over that first
teeter totter heading out on the second.

Once you find that sweet
spot this gets easier.

Got to head back.

Coach with his bowl of rice.

Whitney, close, Whitney falls.

Brandon and Edna doing great.

Edna almost. Falls out,
Edna has to head back.

Brandon with his second bowl of rice.

Dawn not messing around, she
knows she needs immunity tonight.

Dawn with another bowl of rice.

Sophie with another bowl of rice.

Brandon, Dawn and Sophie
fighting for immunity.

Everybody else struggling.

It has come down to a
three-person challenge right now.

It is Dawn, Brandon and Sophie.

Sophie now with a huge
move, a very full bowl of rice.

It is overflowing.

Sophie has more ricin her bowl than
anybody else has taken at one time.

That thing is filled to the brim.

That could be enough.

Brandon with another bowl of rice.

Will that do it?


Dawn with another bowl
of rice. She's close.

Sophie, will it be enough rice?

Sophie with that wins immunity!

Nice job Sophie.

Sophie, come on over.

Good job, Sophie.
So proud of you.

Nice job.

Sophie is safe at
tonight's Tribal Council.

One step closer
to getting to the end.

All right, guys, tonight
a twist at Tribal Council

which will be revealed at Tribal.

Head yourselves back to camp.

Whitney and I are on the out.

So we had to win
the challenge for sure.

But I haven't lost hope.

Jeff said at tonight's Tribal Council
there will be a twist.

So I think if this isn't the time to
give up because anything can happen.

Good job, guys.

How many buckets did
you get in there?

- Three?
- Three.

I took a little less
than a full bowl...

- She was like...
- It was amazing.

I was pretty disappointed with my
performance in today's immunity challenge,

I thought there was a chance
I would excel at this one.

But again my lack of balance
and agility came back to haunt me.

It was definitely Dawn and Whitney.

Come on man.

Thing is that if Dawn gets to
the end of this game she'll win.

- No question. - That's why we
want to get her off sooner than later.

I think she'll be a challenge threat.

Luckily Dawn and Whitney are in
such a bad position right now.

They know they're the next two to go.

Unfortunately when Jeff mentioned there
would be a twist at tonight's Tribal Council

my first thought was, okay,
there's gonna be a double elimination.

There's always the possibility.

That after we vote out one of the two
there will be another immunity challenge

and if one of the remanning two wins
that challenge, I could be in danger.

So I'm a little bit nervous.

We needed to win that.
So mad at myself.

Yeah, I know. Me too.

I think it's going to be me.

I had to win the challenge today,
there wasn't any way around it.

So I'm most likely going to
Redemption Island tonight.

I feel that the camp so serious
about the issue of trust

and Coach has this loyal following.

But it's not over.

I mean the one thing about this game

is you can lay in bed
and think, I'm going home.

And then the whole day changes.

Edna, what do you
think our options are?

Talk to Albert...

That's our only hope. I think.

Right now we'd definitely
be up for making a move.

Just picking the right people,

Brandon is such a loose cannon
that you don't know what to believe.

Rick, he's not even playing the game.

Edna, she's so far up
Coach's butt it's ridiculous.

Albert at least seems like a good guy.

I think Coach is gonna take
Edna and Sohie to the end.

To thr to three.

We're two votes
that can help someone.

If somebody wants to turn
this game around...

now's the time.

We have no alliance to anyone.

Right now I'm at a crossroads.

I feel like my only real
chance to win this game

is to secure every Savaii
jury vote I can get.

So I have an idea, possibly getting
Edna immediately for a couple of reasons.

A, I really want to credit
Cochran for what he's done for us

by moving him up the ladder,
so to speak.

And also want to curry a little bit
of extra favor with a Whitney or Dawn.

Now I've buttered three
potential jury members

and lost an Edna who wasn't
going to vote for me anyway.

A player like Edna,

- honestly has not done a thing
in the entire game - I get it.

She's basically just been following
coattails and follows him around.

She's a little like zombie, she really is.
And like to me that's bogus,

because I honestly truly legitimately
feel that you guys deserve it more.

So, I wanna see what we get.

Cochran and myself plus you and Dawn
and one more person that would be five. vote Edna at Tribal Council.

Thank you. I'm in...
I definitely am in with that.

- Well, I'm gonna head out.
- I'm on board. Thank you.

A bizarre thing not to
talk to these people.

Not to be rude but when
times come to vote someone out

you can't sit there and
make yourself available.

Ah, this is a bummer.

You're about to take one of
my pieces either way.

- Anybody coming behind me?
- No.

I'm telling you right now. dude.

it's bad, bro.

They're gonna target you
seventh without a doubt.

I didn't see that.

I'm screwed. Big time.

Albert just confirmed my suspicion,
is that I'm going to be voted out at 7th.

Not exactly shocked but I felt that
was a complete betrayal of our trust.

Because I'm the one that
saved that entire tribe.

If they think that Edna is a
more valuable player for them,

or somebody who made more sacrifices
for them they're sorely mistaken.

There's a move that we have and...

it's a high-risk move.

This is if you want to gamble...

and we want to take the game
into our own hands.

I came to play "Survivor"
It's about big moves.

I didn't make the big jump I did
to be voted out at 7th place.

I wanted to move further in this game.

If that means slipping back again
then that's something I have to consider.

How are we doing?

Doing good.

I just want to tell you
what the deal is.

Whitney and Dawn are
obviously dead people walking.

But here's the thing.

Who is Edna going to have the most
allegiance to as a jury member?


We're never getting her vote.
It's pretty obvious.

Why don't we take this opportunity

to make good of what some
people like. A Dawn and a Whitney

who could end up being
votes for us at the end.

I'm going to put the
cards on the table right now.

If we don't get rid of Edna now.

He's gonna go at 7th.
And you know that.

Albert is showing his
true colors more and more

which maybe as similar as my true colors.
That I'm strategist, I wanna win the game.

This is our one shot
to make the big moves.

Because you have two, three
votes hanging around.

I've given no promises to Edna.

They annoy the hell out of me.
They know that.

She brings zero to the table.

This game is not like,
out-organize, out-clean, out-gather.

It's frickin' "Survivor".

Albert is trying to take control
of this game and I'm the swing vote.

So now I'm debating
whether to stick with Coach

or go with Albert's crazy plan.

In the end of the day it's a question
of what will take me to the end.

Albert's getting a little
squirrely right now.

He's really
playing for jury votes.

I think Coach is getting suspicious.

That worries me.

Albert right now is playing for
Albert that's a dangerous game to play.

I've seen him talking to Whitney,
talking to Dawn,

He's either trying to come up with a
plan or trying to curry jury votes.

Neither one is acceptable in my opinion.

If anybody wants to go over
five it's instant death.

There are three types
of motivational style,

there is coddling, reaffirming and fear.

So I feel at the moment
like an old mob boss.

If anybody goes against
the family, they're dead.

We'll now bring in our
members of the jury.

Jim and Keith.

So Dawn, once the immunity
challenge was over

and you knew you didn't have
immunity your job became,

find a crack or create a crack
in this alliance of seven.

Tell me how the afternoon went?

I think it's time for
them to use the two of us.

It's hard, people that I see
in five, six and seven position.

Seem content to stay with the
group at five, six and seven.

- Your pitch is, five, six and seven
come with Whitney. - Right.

- and we've got five.
- Right.

- We've we're now the final five.
- Right.

Whitney, who have you heard
is five, six and seven?

Cochran is seven that's all I know.

You feel confident about that?

I do.

Based on what?

Just observation and
just hearing some things.

Cochran, how does that make you feel?

Not the first time
this topic has come up.

Right, I'm aware I'm in position.

Where I'm a late comer to the
Upolu group and it'd be tempting to

automatically make me
seven because of that.

I'm confident that if I do reach.

That position I'll be able
to do some maneuvering.

So Cochran, you're telling me
as an avid fan of this game

you have not started
thinking beyond seven?

You're there.

This is happening.

There are seven and there are two.

Tonight I'm guessing it's Dawn
or Whitney, or there's a crack

and somebody is about
to get blindsided.

If not you're going
to be very, very late

to a party that not going to be
interested in letting you in the door.

I am planning ahead.

I'm speaking in the future tense

I'm already making plans about
what I would like to have happen

once others are back because
fractures are inevitable.

Let me put it to you differently.

True or false, this is great time
for somebody to make a big move.

This is the ideal time
to make a big move.

There are 2 people that they know
they're in a desperate situation,

they're probably willing to
devote their entire loyalty

to whoever is willing to bring them
a little bit further in the game.

But this is time to make a big, big move.

As a survivor man I like see big moves.

Dawn, what is your best move?

My best move right now is to
say, I've got nothing but loyalty.

I feel like I've been a
hard competitor in the game

I feel like my word has been kept.

And in the people that
I've spoke to today,

you know that I absolutely
would stand behind you.

Coach, how concerning is this to you

that one person changes their mind.

And starts a shift and a big move
happens and suddenly this game

which is in such control
right now starts to slip away.

You know, it's always a concern.

I'm always thinking about it.

Sometimes I sit and I watch
people go off in groups,

we have thinkers on this tribe.

What happens if.

So can these two garner two or three
votes and change the entire game.


I don't do a lot of talking
contrary to popular believe

I'm not running this this
alliance or running the show

but I'm always thinking
in the back of my head

that people have to make big moves
in order to get further in this game.

So I worry, I stress, I believe, I trust,

all of those emotions all day long.

It drives me crazy.

Whitney. When Coach said
contrary to popular belief

I'm not the leader of this tribe you
kind of smiled and rolled your eyes.

Did I?

Well, I just
see a lot of --

Just observing things like everybody
always reports back to Coach.

Which you know seems like maybe that
would be the position he's in there.

If they're always reporting back
that's what you got to assume, right?

Albert, does that surprise that you

that she observed that
everybody goes back to Coach.

No, doesn't surprise me at all.

It's been widely interpreted that Coach
is the leader by a lot of the members --

Is he your leader?

I don't think he is my leader
or the leader of this group

or alliance might just be a figurehead
who represents leadship for the group

or might be pulling the real strings.

It's very easy to make that natural
connection from Coach to leader.

- Coach. - I don't feel like
I'm the leader of this tribe

but obviously I like
to hear information.

Information is the
biggest power in this game.

When people give me information
I take it, I file it away.

Will I use it one day when I think
that my life is in jeopardy out here,

which that day is
coming, fairly soon, yes.

All right.
It is time to get to the vote.

Dawn and Whitney clearly
you two are on the bubble

unless somebody in this
group of seven decides

tonight is the night
to make a big move.

Sophie has immunity.
Everybody else is fair game.

Brandon, you're up.

I hope there's 4 more of this.

I will tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it

now would be the time to do so.

Once the votes are read
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Dawn.


Dawn, two votes for Dawn.

Edna, we're tied. Two
votes Dawn, two votes Edna.

Dawn. Three votes Dawn.

Dawn. That's four votes Dawn,
two votes Edna.

11th person voted out of
"Survivor: South Pacific." Dawn.

It's five. It's enough.

Bring me your torch.

Dawn, the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance to
get back in this game.

Grab your torch, head to
Redemption Island, good luck.

Okay, now the twist I
told you about earlier.

We're going to go right into
another immunity challenge

with a vote to follow.

Damn it.

Okay. We're going to go right
into another immunity challenge.

Sophie, take that immunity necklace.

Once again immunity
is back up for grabs.

I'm now going to ask you series
of survival related questions.

After 27 days out here this
is stuff you should know.

Answer correctly you stay alive.

You get it wrong, you're
out of the challenge.

Behind each of you is an answer cube.
Go ahead and grab the cube.

All right, shall we begin?

First question, to prevent
dehydration it's recommended

that survivors drink how
much purified water every day?

A, one pint.

B, one quart.

C, one gallon.

Once you have it hold
it in front of you.

Okay. Correct answer is
C, one gallon.

Whitney got it right.

Cochran got it right.

Coach got it right.

Brandon got it right.

Sophie got it right.

Albert, you're wrong.

Edna, you're wrong,
Rick, you're wrong.

Set your cubes down you're
out of this challenge.

Just like that we are down to five.

Next question.

True or false:

The coconut crab gets its name
because it's favorite food is coconut.

Correct answer is true.

Whitney stays alive.

Coach stays alive.

Sophie stays alive.

Cochran, Brandon, you're
out of the challenge.

We are down to three.

Whitney, Coach and Sophie.

The soft edible flesh found inside
the shell of a fallen coconut

is called, A, Pacific artichoke.

B, heart of palm.

C, palm fingers:

Or D, cocoa sprouts.

Whitney and Sophie
both say heart of palm.

Coach says cocoa sprout.

Coach, I don't know what a cocoa
sprout is but it's incorrect.

Coach is out of the challenge.

Whitney and Sophie are both right.

It is heart of palm.

We're now down to Whitney and Sophie.

Interesting situation, isn't it?

The one person clearly in
trouble tonight is Whitney.

She's one of the two people
left in this challenge.

True or false:

Although they are quite delicious,

you should not attempt to
remove giant south pacific clams

from the ocean as they
are considered dangerous.

True or false.

This will decide it right here.

Whitney says it is true.

You should not attempt to remove
them because they are dangerous.

Sophie says, that is false.

Correct answer...

False. They are not dangerous at all.

Sophie wins another immunity.

Whitney, so close.

Sophie come on over.

Sophie once again you
are safe from the vote.

Cannot vote for Sophie.
Everybody else is fair game.

Sophie, if you'll take
this back and vote first.

I'll go tally the votes.

Okay, once the votes are
read the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Cochran.


Two votes Whitney.

Three votes Whitney.

Whitney, that's four votes
Whitney.One vote Cochran.

12th person voted out of
"Survivor: South Pacific."

Whitney, bring me your torch.

Whitney, tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get back in this game.

Grab your torch to Redemption
Island. Good luck.

The good news is the seven of
you have accomplished your goal.

Bad news, no where left to hide.

This game is about to change.

Grab your torches
head back to camp.

Good night.

Minutes 0 to 5 - Sync by "Survivor's Team".
Minutes 6 on - Sync by YYeTs.

Next time on "Survivor"
Brandon stops catching fish.

Has been not as successful and
everyone here is absolutely starving.

And start catching heat.

We get Brandon next.

Brandon doesn't have any
business in this game.

And the dragon player
upgrades his name.

My name should be Zeus.

I think Zeus ate his children?

Oh Dawnie.

It's alright.

At this point, it's gonna turn
really chaotic on their side.

Because they focus so much
on unity and loyalty.

And when that's your motto and
then you have to turn on each other

I don't know what you'd do.

There she is...

That was you right behind me!

- Hi.
- Hello.