Survivor (2000–…): Season 23, Episode 1 - I Need Redemption - full transcript

Having never been awarded the title of Sole Survivor, Ozzy and "Coach" return to compete for the $1 million prize and a last shot at redemption.

Over the ranging waters
of the south pacific,

Two of "suvivor's" most
memorable players,ozzy and coach

Are returning for a shot at redemption.

I played this game twice.I
haven't been successful.

This time i'm trying to control
my sense of self-righteousness

and judgment on the others.

I'm back because this is one more
shot for me to prove to everybody

that i can own this game and that it
can be done with honor and integrity.

I've been the guy that's able to
climb coconut trees and hunt fish.

I've also been really strong in challenges,but
i don't think i had the best strategy.


This time i'm more mature and
i've learned from my mistakes.

I need redemption because i feel
like i just haven't been able

to lock my hands on the million dollars.

I've almost been there a few times
and i just haven't been able to finish.

This is redemption island arena
where their battle will begin.

Thel be competing against each
other and a new group of castaways,

each with their own story to tell.

Im by far the most "survivor"
savvy player ever to play the game.

I've never missed a single episode.

At law school i won a
prize-winning essay on "survivor."

I don't have a great background in outdoorsman
activitieses,but i'm native american.

So i'm hoping that somewhere
in my ancestral background,

the great spirits will
impart on me some wisdom.

I'm 51 years old.I own my own
ranch in utah,cattle ranch.

If you didn't train before you
got here,i mean,if you didn't run,

if you didn't learn how to build a fire,

you might as well spit in the wind.

I'm 44 years old.I'm a
funeral director mortician.

I have four children.

Being the mother they am,i'm going
to have my eyes and my ears open.

You think i'm asleep.I'm not asleep.

I'll be nosy as hell.

I am russell hantz's nephew.

It's like being related to hitler,

but i don't think hitler's nephew was running
around saying,"hey,i'm hitler's nephew.

" i came out here to change the
course of the hantz family's name.

It is the ultimate

18 strangers forced to work
together to create a new society

while battling the
elements and each other.

They must learn to adapt
or they'll be voted out.

In the end,only one will remain
to claimant million-dollar prize.

39 days,18 people,one survivor.






Survivor South
Pacific Season 23 Episode 1

Come on up,guys.

Welcome to "survivor: south pacific"

you have all been divided into two teens
but your tribes are not yet complete.

Two more people are going to
be joining you in this game.

Let's bring them in.


Oh,my god.Who is it going to be?

I'm a little bit
nervous to see who it is.

Let's hope it's not russell.

Oh,my goodness!That would suck.

- I hope it's not russell.
- Me,either.

The lady next to me,she goes,"oh,my
god,i hope it's not russell hantz.

" i will never,ever
tell them my last name.


They're not going to think i'm a hantz.

As long as i keep my shirt on

because this tattoo
says "little hantz" on it

and this tattoo says "hantz" on it.

Hey,so we're excited
for these people.Oh,yeah?

were part of the family.


Oh,ozzy's nuts.He can be on our team.

He can fish like a son of a gun.

- It's coach.
- It's freaking coach.

It is coach.

The helicopter comes in,

and all of a sudden you
see coach and you see ozzy,


and of course off the
bat you're like ozzy!

Ozzy!All right!

This guy can claim,he
can fish.He's fast.

He's just an amazing athlete,somebody
you want to have on your tribe.

And coach,he is just going to be so loony
and out there,he's just going to be nuts.

That's kind a nice welcome.

It's the best welcome ever.

- In a cutthroat game.
- Oh,yeah,definitely.Definitely.

Woman in the front.


Christine,reaction to seeing coach
and ozzy coming back into the game?

Ozzy and the dragon warrior .

it's good to see them.You know.

It's nice.

- Meaning?
- They're temporary players.

- Guy in the back,what's your name?
- John.

I mean,okay,i know that,like,

the players you really like you tend
to call them by their last names.

I was hoping you could call me cochran
and continue the tradition of donaldson,

pen erob marianoiano,cochran,i think
i fit in that lineage perfectly.

- All great players.
- Yeah.

We'll see if you live up,cochran.

Cochran,reaction to
seeing coach and ozzy.

I mean they have so much experience.

This is their third time each.

They have so much knowledge of the
game and in terms of the surviving

that i think they'll
be huge assets to us.

Cochran you didn't even hesitate when you
said they both played two times before.

- You knew that.
- Yes.I am a fan of the game.

So i'm not going to hide that.

I'm-- you know,this is an out-of-body
experience for me right now.

I have a buff collection at home.

I can play it cool but
it's not going to work.

It's going to be transparent
so i'll come clean and say

i'm a huge fan and thrilled
to see ozy and coach.

All right,it is time to find out which
tribe coach and ozzy are going to be on.

There are two eggs,one has blue
paint inside,one has red paint inside.

- Choose your egg.
- Oh,man.

Don't smash it yet.

All right,three,two,one.Smash.

On my heart.

I couldn't have been happy
they're it was ozo my tribe.


Ozzy!Freaking ozzy from "cooks
island." fans versus favorites.

As a huge fan of survivor

it's actually a thrill to be playing with
somebody i watched and to some extentizeolided.

Coach joins the blue tribe.

I did not want to see
coach's egg bleed blue.

It it did.

I have never,ever seen the dragon
slayer and there ain't no dragons.


He's in his 40s.God.

Here's your bag and
water bottle.Say hello.

Hello,guys how you doing?

I'm not feeling a good
vibe from the blue tribe.

I see one lady that's
shooting daggers at me,

the one that said
we're temporary players.

So right away i've
got,like,negative vibes.


So negative that i kind of grabbed a
hold of my cheeks right here and thought

hold on for the ride because it's
going to be rocky in the beginning.

You're going to have to have twice the slayer
charm to get through these first couple of days.

Ozzy,you joan the red
tribe and say hello.


I felt like i was received
a lot more warmly than coach

and i was actually hoping
to go with the red tribe.


They look like a good,strong tribe.

Once again,redemption island is in play.

That means,when you are voted out of
your tribe,you're not out of the game.

You will be sent to redemption
island where you will live alone.

When the next person is voted
out,they'll join you on redemption island,

and the two of you will return
here to redemption island arena

where you will square off in a duel.

The winner stays,the
loser is out for good.

At a certain point,the person remaining
on redemption island will re-enter the game

and continue their quest
for the million dollars.

All right,it is time to
get to our first challenge.

It is a hero challenge.

Ozzy is going to
square up against coach.

- Coach,come on,now.
- You got it,you got it!

Right away.

This is a chance for you
guys to prove your worth.

Here's how it goes-- on my go,you
will climb to the top of a 12-foot pole

where you will retrieve a wooden turtle.

You will then crawl under a log.

Finally you must transfer
your pyramid puzzle

across a series of
tables to the third table.

Moving only one piece at a time

and always moving smaller
pieces on top of larger pieces.

The first person to transfer
their puzzle to the third table

with the turtle on top
wins for their tribe reward.

This is terra.It is a staple
here in the south pacific.

It's the equivalent of
potatoes for us back in the U.S.

Along with fire in the form of flint,

a gigantic advantage advantage
to start this game off with.

- Are you guys ready for this?
- Yes.

- You got it.You got it.
- Tribes take a spot.

Coach,ozzy,take your spots for the
challenge and we will get started.

All right,here we go.Our
first challenge of the season.

Chance for ozy and coach
to put up or maybe shut up.

Survivors ready?


Ozzy's up quickly,has
the turtle and he's down.

Coach has hissy turtle.He's down.

- Both guys now digying.
- Dig,dig,dig!

Both have played this game twice before.

They should both be calm.


- Coach,come on now.
- There you go.


You got it.Come on!

- Coach digging a big hole.
- Ozzy going for it.

Ozzy pulling his body
underneath the pole.

Come ocoach!Get in n-get in!

Let's go,coach!

Ozzy is through.Coach is going
to give it a go.Can he make it?

- Come on,coach!
- Push!

Ozzy starting to work on the puzzle.

Coach is through,he's
working on his puzzle.

One piece at a time.Smaller
pieces on top of bigger pieces.


One at a time.One
puzzle piece at a time!

Move it back!

One at a time.Nothing bigger on smaller.

Coach,coach.You can't
go big on top of small.

Small to top of big.It's
complicated.We get it.

- One piece at a time.
- There you go!

Slow down and just start moving pieces.

Come on,ozzy!

This is a very complicated puzzle.

- Help me out.
- Right to the middle,turtle to the top.

Savaii helping ozzy.They
want the first win.

Turtle on the big starch.

Upolo helping coach.



This is how "survivor"
works right here.Team work!

Good job,man!Good job.

It started as a hero duel.It
is now a tribe challenge.

Far left to the far right.


You got it,you got it!



Bring that over.

why-- no!

Upolo has been giving
coach a lot of help.

Thus far,it is not working.

Savaii,on the other hand,giving ozzy a
lot of help and it appears to be working.

Turtle right.

- Turtle middle.
- Right,left.


Ozzy in the lead right now.



That one over there.


Turtle over here,turtle to me.

Wait,wait,wait.Go back,go back.

- Right,left.
- Oh,my god,you're going to get it!

Ozzy very close.

Ozzy wins for savaii!

We knot it,ozzy!

Thank you,ozzy.Thank
you.Thank you,brother.

- You're right in the middle here.
- Good job!

Ozzy,i feel like i needed to
congratulate the entire tribe.

do.That was a tribe win.

There's no way i could
have done it without them.

I might have but we
would be here all day.

Ozzy come and collect the
reward you earned for your tribe.

Oh,it's heavy.

You've got tarot,flint for
fire and a map to your new home.

Head out,guys.Good luck.

We don't have to hear i got
nothing for you,head back to camp.

I got nothing for you,get
your lame asses out.

Upolo,all i've got for you
is a map to your new home.

Head on out.Down the
beach to your right.

Need some help,coach?

What was your name?

- I'm edna.
- Edna.I like your smile.

Everybody else is just like don't let the
door smack your ass on the way out,essentially.

Right off the bat i have to come
face to face with that biggest fear--


you're going home first.


- Yeah!
- Yes!

- We got the fire.
- Nice job.

i think it's really
actually kind of nice


To have played this game a few times
and know what's up ahead of you.

- So,ozzy,we're looking up to you right now.
- Yeah.

I think that a new tribe like this
looking at me as a returning player,

un,They want me to tell
them how to do everything.

Yeah,let's keep walking
around.Let's keep checking it.

I'm trying to come out here and i'm
trying to play a strategic game this time.

- What do you do?
- I'm a law student.

- Why where?
- Where do you go?

- Harvard.
- I'm a songwriter,i live in nashville.

My talent,my life,is poetry.

- The spoken word.
- Say something.****

I would walk miles and miles to
protect his ageless life of a child,

*****Only stepping on the white ones.



I got put on the spot.

So i immediately had to step up.


I'm not of not going to say that i'm a potet
and then not have anything to show for it.

Soin it's important when people
challenge you that you step up to that

So that they know that they can trust
you and they know your word is real.

Say your name one more time.

- Semhar.
- Semhar.

I think semhar,she's
definitely beautiful to look at.

When she did her poem,i thought it was
beautiful,and i think that she's incredibly talented.

I've been doing that since i was
15,performing the spoken word.

I respect semhar's passion

and i think i would like
to have somebody like her

alongside me for the long haul.

I've had a few tribes.This
is the best tribe,ever.

Really,we have the advantage.

We really don't don't have to worry and i
don't think we should break our necks too hard.

I think we should enjoy this.

Let's go swimming.Let's
relax a little bit.

Swim break!

Come on,guys.It's so nice.

- You can do it.
- You're doing it?

Yeah,i don't have a choice.

Ozzy suggested let's just
kind of have fun in the ocean.


So the only option was to
get in,in our underwear,

and i was really opposed to doing this.

Are you doing this,keith?You have
nothing to be ashamed of,though.

That's the thing.

You can waltz in there
in your underpants.

- Neither do you.
- What do you mean?

I have translucent
skin and,you know--

i have this real pale skin.You
can practically see through it.

You you can see my organs
beating through my skin.

I wasn't crazy about going in the water.

It is just going to make me look
like more of a pathetic twerp.

I'm regretting this already.

It's like a band-aid.Rip it off.

Yeah fake it till you make it.

Oh no!

I look different from
everybody else on my tribe.

We have this bevy of beautiful bikini
babes,these young,beautiful women.

This is what it's come to.

If this is like the "900 2-1
0" tribe i'm one of the zeroes.

I have to focus on the
positive,visualize success.


Come on!

Look at him.Slow motion,slow motion.


When i lost the
challenge,when i got on a tribe

that was shooting daggers and giving
me the cold shoulder,i was afraid.


I was afraid.

- Home,sweet home.
- Here we are.

And so i had to come face
to face with that fear.

You know,you can't run away from fear.

You can't run away from obstacles.

So i guess the first thing is,you
know,we've got to get a shelter built.

By the way,i don't want you guys
to look at me like i'm a threat.

I'm not a strategic player.

I'm straight as an arrow.That's
always been my downfall.


I'm sorry i lost the challenge

but what i really liked about it
is i felt like it was a team effort.

- Right.
- Does anybody have any experience building

maybe we can talk about our occupations.

Okay,how about you?What do you do?

- I'm a rancher.
- Awesome.

Own my own ranch.

I just graduated
college,like,four days ago.

- With what degree?
- I was a russian and economics major.

- ******
- Cool.

- ***
- ******


- Is that it?
- No,I know a little bit more.



I'm a russian economics major.


Coach--**** says a pretty
formal way to say hello.



The first thing we need
to do is pick a location.

******You can't deny
what the situation is.

Coach has been out here twice
before.He knows some things.

I like this spot.

Look at that.You ladies are awesome!

Does girth matter on these,coach.

Sounds like two squirrels making love.

You must live near a lot of squirrels.

I just spend a lot of time by myself.


Just keep peeling it apart like this.

And then you just pull it out like
that and eat it.It's really sweet.

It's chewy.


I like coach.I think he's a team player.

He's definitely working
well with others.

And he's showing us these little
tiny tricks,little things like that.

- Right now i think he's an asset.
- Pretty easy.

I'm going to look for firewood.

I am a big fan of "survivor,"

so i would have to assume that there's
a hidden immunity idol somewhere.


But so far,nothing.

I don't think i need it.

But it's nice to have
it in your back pocket.

Shoot.Where are you?

She's look for the idol,man,100%.

Christine scares me the most.

She said right off the
bat,"you are a temporary player.

" and then she goes looking for
the immunity idol like crazy.

I mean,look,when i got on to this beach
i wasn't thinking about an immunity idol.

I was thinking about putting a shelter
together and making this as livable as possible.

So no question about
it,christine is target number one.


I'm not very shy,so--
unfortunately for y'all.

Ozzy gave the idea of
going to have a dip.

It was the first time we'd had seen this
beautiful,beautiful place that we're in.

And i was so excited.

We've to the three girls on
our tribe that are hot as hell.


Boom!Loved it.

- What do you do again?
- Teacher.

- What do you teach?
- Science.

Actually,i teach forensic science.

I'm the cool high
school teacher,mr.Cotter.

I'm not a teacher.I have an mba.

I've won over 20 poker tournaments and
i own two medical marijuana dispensaries.

But i'm not going to tell
any of them that.Why would i.

- Who is married?
- Good call.

I have a boyfriend.

I've been gay all my
life-- most of my life.

I would not have guessed.

Please,there are feathers
flying around me you know,

i'm here for the million
dollars just like everybody else

but i'm also here
for another reason--


i'm older than most of those other guys,

and i'm experiencing life free of
everything that would restrict me.

I came out of the job because i felt,you
know,if it could other cops behind me.

- Right.
- It would help them.

Being gay,it's who i am.

If they don't like it...

I think i look like a
bear,what do you think?

- A bear.
- I've been called daddy bear.

I'm a bear,definitely a bear.

I'm papa bear from now on.

It's not about being
gay.It's about surviving.

I'm a guy who sia team player and
hopefully they'll see that and keep me.

We need to get fire going.

Fire to make sure we
have extra water.*****

It feels like the tribe is really
spending this time kind of forming a bond


but coming into today,i had
these hopes that,you know,

we'd be really organized,especially after
winning and getting the flint and the food.

So in my mind this day was gog
end with kind of the shelter done.

I feel like every time i watch and they don't
have the shelter on day one,it worries me.

- Well
- it's okay.

- We're going to get through this.
- We'll be fine.

I'm going to try to get through this.

It probably takes a while to
relax and let things happen.

I have six kids.I'm
used to being in charge.

Honestly,if it doesn't rain tonight
i'm so happy sleeping on the ground.

It seems like we should
have kind of a leader,

and for me,ozzy,he's a
little bob marley to me.

You know,i'm a planner.

And i'm not sure bob marley is.


So far,so good.

By the way,what's this right here?

- Loco,man.
- ***

You mean,because you're a bull rider.

I first time i saw it i thought it said
"love." and i was like it says loco.

I was like that's bad ass.********

I'm ashamed of that tattoo,man.

I have a tattoo on my
head that says loco.


In spanish that means crazy.

So right off the bat,

people are going to start looking at
my neck and thinking i'm really crazy.

At one point in my life i kind of was
crazy but it was a childish thing di.

I tried to act like
russell in high school.

I was bullying everybody.And
i'm really not like that.

I'm a different person
now.I grew up a lot.

God is number one for me.

Mikayla's a pretty.

I don't know,man.I think
she's gonna ask a lot.


- Are you up?
- Yup.

- Be careful up there.
- I'm good.

We're doing the shelter,and
we needed to get the top done.

Can somebody hand me one so
i can start doing this area?

Me and my brothers used to climb trees
when we were younger so i got right up there

and was just getting to it,and when the
time comes we have to get down and dirty.


This is a game,like,you
couldn't be a little princess.


I have two coming up top right here.

I don't have patience.I
just want to get stuff done

so i had no problem hopping up
there and getting my hands dirty.

You got some more of that stuff and
we'll do this little corner right here?

I don't feel comfortable around mikayla.

It's just the way that
she carries herself.

The way that she flaunt herself off.

You want a big one?

Yeah,give me what you got.

You know,i grew up in the church,and
i strayed off for a little bit,

and i've come back
to,you know,find god again

and he's always been there for me in tough
times,me being a young married gentleman.

I'm not going to draw close to a situation
that i know i can get myself in trouble in.

It's-- it's
not cool for me.

Step on top of each other
and start lining them up.


Look at these stars.They're already out.

You tonight see this in texas,man.

I wish we had an astrologer
here to tell us stories.

I'm sure coach could do it,but...

The dragon slayer!Yeah!

There was five of us
sitting out by theica me.


It was just kind of like a feel-out
session,get to know everybody.

We were talking about everything
under the sun for a long time.

I would love to go
and win every immunity.

That's goal.

The challenges-- it's great
to win reward challenges.

It keeps your strength up
and all that kind of stuff,

but winning immunity,man,that's
the best thing.

That's the best thing to do.

If you have a strong
five,you can go--

you can go so far,even you're
down numbers at the merge.

I guarantee you,if you have a strong
five that have good vibes with each other,

trust each other,that's an almost
impossible nut to crack in this game.

There's not going to be
another chance in this game

where the five of us
can sit down and talk

and that's i didn't pounced on it to talk
about how we can go and play this game together.

I'm going to tell you right now,the
four people sitting right here with me

are the four people i've gotten
the best vibe from bar none.

I'm with him,brother.

I agree with him completely.I agree.

First-day alliances are the most solid.

You've seen it time and time again.

Now we've got a peace of mind,just
go out there and have fun.

I think i'm sitting pretty.And i
sure as hell wasn't at the challenge.

I was in a bind.It's good to
see the difference a day makes.

Let me tell you something,coach is
here to play the game this time,okay.

I'm not going to do anything sneaky or
dishonorable but this is coach 3.0,i'm here to win.


I'll move it.Ready?I
got it with my hand.

Okay,that's perfect.

- For real?
- No!

All right,whatever.Let's do this again.

I want my mommy.

I think so day two for me is
starting off a little rocky.


I really didn't sleep so i think i
might be having a mini mini-breakdown.

I'm going to be okay
about the i'm feeling it.

Being down on the water
is overwhelming for me.

I'm used to drinking so much water
my calves are completely cramped.

You have to be strong.

They're going to turn o
us,too.Remember we're the oldest people.

They're young and vibrant,they're
going to stick together.

- That's how i feel.
- Right.

Papa bear is saying we're the oldest
ones and that might be part of it,too,

because i feel old for
the first time in forever.

I haven't felt that way ever.

And i guess we need vines,right,because
we're going to thrash.

I'm good.I'm good.

- Don't worry.I really am okay.
- alright

I don't know if i am.

I think i kind of woke up today without
really being able to contain,like,my emotions.

And it really is overwhelming.

I can totally get why
you are,whoa,i'm spent.

I can't see where this is going to go.

I don't crack,so this is killing me.

I know.

- Oh,really?
- No.

- I'm good.
- Are you sure?

No,because this is the part
where i need,like,human--

yes,of course.

This is not-- this has nothing
to do with the game right now.

This is two people talking.

Seriously,the person that
haas the breakdown goes.

She was crying this morning and
that scares the crap out of me

because dawn and i are,let's face
it,we're older than most people out there.

When you cry for anything,crying
is viewed as a weakness.

But i'll support her.

I won't turn my back
on her,that's for sure.

Because everybody has emotions.

I'm,like,15 years older than all of you.

It doesn't matter.

Like,i'm like,where is my common ground?

Seriously,i have it everywhere
i go,but i don't have it here.

As long as you don't quit,as long as you stay
strong and fighting,you'll be in this game.

You have what it takes to keep going but you have
something inside of you that's unsure and you need to--

you need to confront that and
tell it to get the hell out.

{\a6}Ozzy Savaii Tribe

I had a conversation with dawn,and she's a little
scatter,a little bit frazzled,a little bit-- very paranoid,

Listen,i'm here for you.If you
want any advice,just ask me.

- It seems too weak.I hate it.I'm
in a melt-down. - I know,i know.

You don't need to let it get to you.

- Okay,okay,okay.
- Just feel it and let it go.

- It's the name of the game.
- All right,thanks for the time.Really,i'm sorry.

Don't,don't be sorry.

- I'm going to go and try to catch us some fish.
- Okay.

If she can get out of her head and start to trust me
she might be a very,very crucial and important ally.

But if dawn doesn't get it together
she very well could be going home.

{\a6}Savaii Day 3

Do you want a toothbrush?

You see how you need the bristles
to get between your teeth and stuff?

If you guys really want
toothpaste,you can take just some ash,

and you put just a little bit of nature it so
it's pasty,and you can use that as toothpaste.

I don't know if i'll take the plunge and use the
ash toothpaste,but i'll go with the toothbrush.

This morning,i'm definitely starting to feel
like we need to start getting things together.

{\a6}Ozzy Savaii Tribe

I know for my own sake that i'm going
to be okay but for everybody else,

the elements,the stress,the not eating,the daily labor of camp
life,it's going to start wearing on people and it already has.

But right now,we've really just got to keep
a strong tribe.That's just "survivor ten.1."

Look at you. you're
getting into that coconut.

Oh,man,i have to try that next.



Give me advice.Tell may who
i'm doing right and wrong.

Take your hand back.**********

I don't know if i will
get the right spot.

I think i hear it.An almost mishap.

I'm a little skeptical of mr.Cochran.He doesn't seem like
he has the most to offer on the physical side of things.

******** You see it?

I see white stuff.

Oh,my god.

Truly a coming of age story.

I try to be a provider.That's
my real purpose in life.

{\a6} Savaii Tribe

I'm not the strongest guy but i think i have enough
social game to kind of overcome any deficits i have.

Cocktail time.

People seem to like me a lot.

Is charm and some humor enough to
really want to keep somebody around?

I hope it is.

I accomplished what i thought would be
impossible,what my mom forbade me from doing.

Upolu Day 3

I think my uncle russell lacked in the
social game definitely,but i'll tell you what,

{\a6}Upolu Tribe

i want to do what my uncle never did.

I'm trying to provide food for my tribe.

You know,it's just going
to be to my advantage.

- Hey,guys!
- Yeah.

First fish.

Fish? Oh,my god.That
guy's not wasting any time.

I need something to hold him in.

Even though we have our alliance of five i will
never reveal that i'm russell hantz a nephew.

As long as i keep my shirt on,as long as i
make up an excuse why i won't take it off,

i've showed them some tattoo but i'll
definitely never show them this one or this one.

How big?

I don't want to be judged
by my uncle's repitation.

I think i have a really great advantage right now
because i have a strong alliance where i really think,

{\a6}Upolu Tribe

at least a couple of people
there,are really,really sincere.

Brandon i'm a little more worried about
only because i have this gut feeling--

i feel like he's hiding something.

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
your first immunity challenge?

Yes.Yes,we are.

On my go,both tribes will race through zigzagging
path ways and then through a web of coconuts.

You must then work together to get all
your tribe members over a 10-foot wall.

One tribe member will then dig up a masety and use it
to chop a series of ropes,releasing bane of coconuts.

Three tribe members will then
shoot coconuts into your basket.

First tribe to get enough coconuts in their
basket to raise your tribe flag wins immunity.

This is what the game is all about

as long as you have immunity,you are safe
from tribal council.You can't be voted out.

Winners are safe tonight.Losers
go to tribal council

where somebody will be the first person voted
out of this game and sent to redemption island.

In addition,the winning tribe will win one
clue to the location of a hidden immunity idol

which i will tell you
after the challenge.

Also,upolo,since you do not have fire,you
are playing for fire in the form of flint.

You guys ready for this?
- Yes!

Give you a minute to strategize.*******

Going up over the wall.

We need to have two people hoisting one
over to grab two people,boom,boom,boom.

I'm comfortable

i'm comfortable shooting but if
somebody is really,really good,go ahead.

But i'm good.I'm good at it.

I'll be one of those for sure.

I can aim and i can
shoot.That basket is so big.

Okay.All right.

Here we go.For immunity.Survivors ready?


Both tribes getting through the
first part of this fairly quickly.

A little bit of mixing it up.

Everybody's got to get to the mat before
you can start through the coconuts.


On the ground,on the ground.

Coach leading upolo
through the coconuts.


Upolo hits the wall first.

Get up there,bubba.Come on!


Rick is up first for upolo.

Albert's up.

Savaii,you've got
some catching up to do.

Whitney is up first,getting
a hand from keith and jim.

Rick pulling up edna.

Everybody's got to get over.

What am i doing? Get
on! Get up! Stand on us.

upolo doing a great job.They've
got a great system going.

Cochran struggling to get over the wall.

Coach is over.Now brandon's on his own.

Albert pulling brand up.

Good job,guys.

Let's go!

Let's go!

Pull me up.

- You got it!
- You got it,ricky.

Rick is digging,looking
for that machete.

Ozzy pushing jim over.

Ozzy's going to go it alone.

**** Ozzy,he's over.

Everybody on the mat.


Come on!

Ozzy's got some time to make up now.

Come on,you guys,rally.

Look at the sides,too,don't
forget the sides.

Come orick!

Rick's got a hand on it.

Let's go,rick!

Ozzy's got his machete.

- We are neck and neck in our first immunity challenge.
- Come oozzy.

Five ropes to get through.

Rick making short work of this.


Upolo releases their coconuts.Go.

Ozzy very close.

Shoot it,go!

Take your time.

You went through this like butter.

Ozzy releases his coconuts.

Three members of each
tribe.Shooting coconuts.

Come on,keep going.We got this!

Ozzy scores.Semhar scores.

You've got to get enough coconuts
to lift your bag and raise your flag.

Come okeith.Come on,come on!

Keith scores for savaii.

Upolo gets three in a row.

Every shot is going to count.

We are now neck and neck.

Servicemen semhar just short.

Ozzy scores for savaii.

Upolo drills two with alexpert mikayla.

You can do it.One at a time.

Keith scores for savaii.

Mikayla is a scoring machine.

Take your time.

Semhar,way short.

All you got,all you got,sem.all you got

Can we switch out?

No,no switching.

I'm so tired.

Come on,come on,come on.

Brandon misses.

Ozzy scores.

Elbart comes up short.

More oomph on it.

Keith has another score.

That bag is starting to list for savaii.

It's starting to lift for upolo.

- Come on!
- Let's go!

You're neck and neck!

Ozzy scores for savaii.

Brandon scores again.

Mikayla knocks another one in.

It's moving,keith.

Keith drills one for savaii.

Mikayla,that might do it.

Upolo wins immunity!


This is how close this challenge was.

One coconut away from savaii.


We'll get them next time.

One of the closest challenges
i've ever seen in this game.

Truly a great first ever by both
tribes.Only one tribe comes up with the win.

Immunity for upolo.

Give us some love.Give us some love.

In addition you also win fire in the
form of flint.One more thing for upolo.

Hidden back at your camp is a
clue to the hidden immunity idol.

So you have to first find the clue,then use
the clue to help you find the hidden idol.

Make sense?

Grab your stuff.Head back
to camp.Congratulations.

Semhar,how are you feeling?
Are you exhausted,depressed?

I just felt really bad because i was so
exhausted by the time i got over and didn't think

the coconuts would be that heavy to
get through,so,yeah,i feel sort of bad.

Jim,it's like you're doing mime back
there with your facial expressions.

Sort of bad?

I feel like eye feel worse than sort of
bad.I feel sort of bad when i'm out of milk.

- I tried my hardest.
- I feel crap that we're going home to vote somebody out.

i don't feel sort of bad

Tonight,tribal council,where somebody from your tribe will
be the first person voted out of "survivor: south pacific"

and the first person
sent to redemption island.

You have the afternoon to figure out who it is
going to be.I will see you tonight at tribal.

Grab your stuff and head back.

I'm pissed that we lost.She does
two basketets and she want a sub.

{\a6}Savaii Tribe

************ She was adamant
about what she wanted to do.

She did it.She failed.*********

{\a6}Upolu Day 3

Hell of a job.

You guys are thriving out of here.

You know,There are two things people
do in the wild,they die or they thrive.

we won the challenge today but i think underneath
this celebratory tone there is an uneasiness

{\a6}Opolu Tribe

because jeff mentioned that the
immunity idol clue hidden at camp,

people now know that the game has
started,and it might just get ruthless.

Let's just look.

We got to look,too.


That hidden immunity
idol is here somewhere.

{\a6}Upolu Tribe

It's a lot of somewhere it could be.

Looking like i'm looking
and working at the same time.

Turning over rock,looking up high,in big trees,looking
in the holes of the trees.I've been looking.

Probably being right in our
face and we don't even know it.

I probably could have already stumbled
over it and don't even know it.

I probably have already.Could
probably be right there.

Savaii Day 3

I kind of have something to say.

Felt awful that we lost that challenge,and i
knowhat i was a big part of that last portion,

but for someone,you,personally,who
you made us look weak,and i fee like--

yeah,and you n keepaking faces but
it doesn't make me trust somebody

when theye making faces behind my
back when i already feel so awful.

I felt worse than
you did,i'm sorry--

*********** Like,when somebody is
already down,why push them down even more?

That's all that i'm saying.

I really tried to be positive
for us,and i do,i feel terrible.

- You were making faces behind my back,and then you say
- actually,you didn't see any of that.

I did.Jeff called it out.

He said i was miming,when you said you
feel sort of bad i rolled my eyes.I did.

All i'm saying is try not to
just hurry up and turn on someone.

I apologize if that's how it came across.I didn't
mean to be turning on you.Everybody gave 100%.They did.

I don't think there is
anybody that would deny that.

Something that might hold me back
from this game is i'm extremely honset.

I either love you or hate
you and you'll probably know.

I know it wasn't smart to go
off on jim in front of everyone.

{\a6}Savaii Tribe

*********** It's fact.I didn't do
well at the last part of the challenge.

I'm not going to deny that.

- I'm not putting your name down.I'm not.
- No.I won't

You're a nice person
and your heart is here.

Having started the game in a
way that was pretty emotional,

{\a6}Savaii Tribe

i think there's a real possibility that
the tribe is going to look at me and say

that outbreak being emotional like
that is a liability for the tribe.

But i'm hoping people will
base their decisions on,

you know,today forward,especially with
the conflict today with semhar and jim.

You know what? The reality
is she deserves to go.

- You're talking about semhar?
- Yeah.

She screwed up the challenge,which
she should not have volunteered to do.


My gut tells me right now that the timing
of tribal council being so close and then

the argument at camp that it
might be semhar going home.

So it's semhar?

- That's what i'm putting down.
- Okay.

I just think that for this first
vote,like,we really need to think hard.

I don't-- i don't necessarily think because she messed
up on this challenge that she should go,i really don't.


I think it's going to be a
hard sell to the whole group.

Listen to this.

Just from the perspective of
trying to keep a strong tribe

having you three girls is
actually an advantage for us.

Dawn,i think she did really,really well.

- Totally.
- She's strong.

- You know,i hate to say it,but cochran is
- i know.

He's in the middle.And he's not
going to be,like,our strong player.

He's just not as coordinated.

He's just not athletic.

You got cochran on one hand that really is not showing much
in the physicality sense and you've got semhar on the other.

She basically blew the challenge for us,but
it's not fair to blame semhar in this situation.

{\a6}Savaii Tribe

It takes balls to step
up.And she did take a chance.

But she-- i'd rather have somebody not step up than
somebody who is so unaware of their inabilities.

I don't know.

Semhar knows she's on the
chopping block tonight.

Here's my concern,ozzy wants her
around for a reason and it's round one

{\a6}Savaii Tribe

and it scares me that he already
has a reason to keep her around.

Let's just think about this
really carefully.I mean--

i'm concerned that ozzy might get
in an alliance with all the girls.

He has charm.

I could see that happening.

But semhar is pretty much useless.

Her body is mesmerizing but it's
not hypnotizing and it blows my mind

that ozzy might be actually factoring in that
snuggle factor.It's a million-dollar decision.

I'm on your side.

I want to see you stay.

Thank you.

The hard decision is between
you and between cochran.

If you wanna stay here,

you have to do some work.

You gotta do some

It's between cochran and i,basically.

- Who's going for cochran?
- I don't know,exactly.

So i suggested keep me.

Cochran just seems to be a huge fan of the
game but not necessarily playing the game.


So,sad to say,i'm trying to
get people to vote him off.

Who are you going with,me or cochran?

You don't have to worry.

It's not you.

I really appreciate that.

They want you gone.Like,ozzy
thinks that you're the best--

- ozi thinks you're the best target right now.
- Why?

The wakest.

- I'm not the weakest,though.
- **** I went to bat for you.


Who does ozzy think is going to
vote me out and be successful?

He's just pushing for it.

He's trying to see how much cloud
clout he has probably right now.

My achilles' heel is crippling insecurity and
anxiety and it's heartbreaking to learn that

{\a6}Savaii Tribe

apparently ozzy is saying i'm the weakest
person and they should get rid of me for that.

- It's crazy.
- It's explicitly been stated that i'm the target.

So right now i'm on high-alert,paranoia
mode and extremely depressed.

- It's not you.
- ******

I would say you're in trouble
and i don't mean maybe.

That's what i've been thinking.

To be the first person kicked off in the first person when
i'm on a tribe with papa bear and semhar and all these girls?

It's like,this is insulting.

It's now not you.They like you.They
say you're fun to be around.

Yeah,but people don't like
a fun guy all the time.

"survivor" is not meant
to be a comedy routine.

This is a nightmare.

It started out as a dream,but
it really is a nightmare now.

The game makes you paranoid.

******** My name is going to appear.

It's just a matter of how many times.

Tribal council tonight is going to
suck.I'm not looking forward to it.

I'm probably going to hear,"the tribe has
spoken." my torch is going to be snuffed.


It's a sad conclusion to my
"survivor" story.This is how it goes.

Tribal Council Night 3

Behind each of you is a torch.Go ahead,grab
a torch,approach the flame and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of tribal council
because in this game,fire represents your life.

When your fire's gone,so are you,with a slight
exception,redemption island,which we will talk about.

Okay,dawn,has there been much talk about redemption
island and what that might be like to go there alone?

Oh,yeah.I thought today about
is everybody prepared to do it?

You know,i think the first three days you're so
focused on getting the shelter and getting water,

making sure you're prepped for the first
challenge.It's hard with nine people.


How bad did it get these first two days?

Day one and day two i felt like
i didn't know who i was anymore

and i think that's because everything
that's familiar to me is gone

and i lost a lot of confidence
with all that change.

I mean There's nothing about my life
here that is like my life at home.

You lost a lot of
confidence in yourself.

I cried,yeah,and i'm really strong.I don't
know that i cry very often in my life ever.

And i even confided in ozzy to get some bearing and get my
legs back and it's kind of like i had the flu and it's gone.

Elyse,who else here do you think might be worried
because they've just gotten off to a rough start?

I think honestly,i think
semhar is concerned.

Because of the way the challenge went today and because of
the conversation that we all had when we got back to camp.

Jim,what was the conversation you
had back at camp surrounding semhar?

I'm a competitor.I'm going to compete
at every single event,and i hate losing.

You know,she wanted to go out and prove herself and
do it and she was very confident in her abilities,

and i think the only people that are good
losers are people that are good at losing.

Whitney,was there any part of
you thinking i'm glad it's not me?

attention is not on me.

But actual he,i thought i definitely can do it
but when she was so vocal about her abilities,

no one else really had a chance to
jump in and say,"yeah,i can do this."

semhar you're shaking
your head back and forth.

I understand this game.I know
i'm safe if i didn't step up,

and i take complete responsibility for
taking on something that was out of my league.

However,i know i got hurt.I know i'm
going to give it all that i've got.

Ozzy,would you rather play this game with
somebody who has the guts,like semhar did,

to say i think i can do this or play
with a guy that says,better you than me.

" philosophically better to step up with
somebody who has the heart to step up and try.

Thank you

**** to hanas your passion and do what everyone
else thinks is impossible and say,"i can do this,"

it's a huge,huge advantage in this game.

Dawn,who else might be worried
judging from the first two days?

Maybe cochran.

Based on just strength.

I think that he might be another target.

I know her rationale because you look at my glasses
you,look at my sweater vest,you look at my pale skin,

it's easy to say he's
one of the weakest people.


Nobody seems to care about that.

Maybe i had a snafu climbing up the
wall but it lasted half a second.

What happened going up the wall?

- Was that a noticeable thing?
- Yes.


I can answer that.

Mark anthony.

You know,Call me papa bear.

Papa bear?

That's my nickname.I
like it,don't worry.

Yeah,like for two seconds he got confused
and said,"what do i do,what do i do?"

*** me and ozzy flipped
him over the wall.

********* You hisitated.


No.It was a fatal mistake

but you mack a decision and
go with it,you don't stop.

And sometimes you need
direction.I'm sorry.

So,semhar,suddenly the attention
has shifted off of you on to cochran.

You have to be loving this?

Was it a slight relief the fact that some
people saw cochran as a weaker link than me?

- I'm not going it lie
- has anybody said that directly,though?

Your name has come
up.I will just say that.

It's just a matter
of vote at this point.

Only time will tell.

You better not say,"it is
time to vote" right now.

Am i allowed to interject.

Cochran,we will sit here as long as you
guys want to.This is your tribal council.

I didn't want to get this early into kind
of saying people aren't working hard,but

- i think i'm blanking
- semhar.

- Semhar.I'm sorry.I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.

*** I'm nervous right now.

**** It's no indication
what i think of you.

You stand by the pot for,i
don't know,like,10 hours a day,

and it's an important job but i don't think
it's the most physically strenuous one.

- But,I make sure everybody has toothbrushes
- you find a couple sticks.

I'm saying it's not a huge job.

It's a job no one has to ask me to do.That's
the point i'm trying to make.That's all.

You make it sound like i'm wandering
around until you tell me to get wood.

But i'm saying This is
the growing period.********

You know,I'm building a knowledge
base.I cut open my first coconut.

I wouldn't have been able
to do that two days ago.

I'm not having to perpetually
having to relearn things.

I learn it once and do it.

Are you a learner my nature?


I mean This is a culmination
of the passion for this game

and the possibility of being the first person
kicked off is heartbreaking and mortify.

If you survive tonight's vote,what
needs to change tomorrow morning?

I will absolutely do whatever
has to do around camp.

I will be your jeanie in a
bottle.You won't have to rub.


and i don't think semhar has that same
passion for being part of "survivor."

can i-- whenever
you're done?

- You can go ahead.
- Okay

i think works against
you,to be honest with you.

I think you're so mermerrized by the
game that you forget how important

it is to be that person
who is just working.

I don't think it necessarily should
be based on what's happened so far.

What do we base it on then?

It has to be based on
what has happened so far.

- Does it have to be?
- It has to be.

We have only known you for three days.

We only have known
everybody for three days.

You have a small window to
get to know people,you know?

Al right. So,it seems pretty cheer at this
point that it is semhar or cochran going home.

With that,it is time to
vote.Papa bear,you're up.

I'm really sorry,but hopefully this
might make you step up even more.

I think it's pretty obvious
why i'm voting if you you.

You've questioned my intelligence.You've
questioned my commitment to this game

and you've made me question why i should
be here any longer so i can't take it.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the vote are read
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,cochran.


Semhar.That's two votes
semhar,one vote cochran.


Three vote semhar,one vote cochran.


That's four vote semhar.

First person voted out of
"survivor: south pacific," semhar.

That's five.That's enough.You
need to bring me your torch.

Semhar,the tribe has spoken.

You will have a chance
to get back in this game.

Grab your torch,head
to redemption island.

I should have taught
her how to make a fire.

Thank you.

Well,it appears that you made the decision
to believe that a person can improve.

Let's hope it goes for the entire tribe.

Grab your torches.Head
back to camp.Good night.

Season 23 Episode 01

Next time on "survivor."

cochran is at the bottom
of the totem pole ********

and reinvents himself
as a working machine.

New cochran doesn't
follow mommy's advice.

And brandon's secret weighs heavy.

I felt like i was being
dishonest with coach.

When awakens the dragon slayer.

I think he has demons

If you lose your dual,you will be out
of the game and must leave redemption